Final Hour - Joe and Dibs are joined LIVE in-studio by Kelenna Azubuike

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, June 11th
Joe and Dibs are joined LIVE in-studio by Warriors TV Analyst Kelenna Azubuike as they do a complete breakdown on the NBA Finals. 

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Welcome to the championship rounds of Joseph blow and did here on 95%. In the game it is great to have you with us. On this dynastic Monday. In which we are on air for the first time since Friday night's show lacking. Of the Cleveland Cavaliers your final score 108 to 85. Your final tally. The warriors go sixteen and five it only took 21 games to win this championship. Pregnancy simulator C yeah. Colonial CN he's not in today. He's he's and a golf tournaments. Warrick Dunn in Atlanta will be back tomorrow apparently we got word he did post a message to us. From the golf course in Atlanta. Takes shot you'd blow to dale probably taken no shots alone he'll. He still firing back to jail that's good now I am sure he posted an Indian in the Fresno bee so all this rundown of Fresno and spent my 25 cent deity copied a paper could we know he doesn't do social media itself. Every quarter hour you have an opportunity this hour to an dot com three T shirt in addition. You have a chance every hour from now. Through 6 PM. To not only win championships wag but to qualify for a chance to be all on the 95 cent in the game float in tomorrow's championship parade. We'll probably. Give that opportunity at around 925 so make sure you lock in the warriors assistant head coach. Ron Adams is gonna join us at 930 and from what I understand we are going straight through. Now to the end of the program no commercial breaks so hang with us here as we get set to cover everything and to join us to break a lot of the girls. Getting 'cause he'll be back from Cleveland. Feels great and happened with the granite city at at at and really had any good memories there so and this. In the wars is winning saint said that as well of all people seen on Friday is like I just can't wait to get at a Cleveland yeah. Or those while the last stop in my career that's where I got excited when I deleted building it was raining outside it's a little racing days you know means is. No the amendment is there. Popular with the edit images the fly is that dodges those I ate at least eight of. That could attack at a credible. Take me through it there's so much a wanna talk about Friday's game and beyond but. I'm watching you guys on the post and it is just going going gone on Dickey did it pop insane and Collette you guys are just grinding grinding Asia they're all like to and interviews. The best interview and his idea was Jordan and Alia I mean how hammered was he when you do you guys on the set he is remembered. He he told is that he doesn't eat on game days. And I'm like you know on game days how do you not clean out their work. How is that no possible and no food it only says that it's too nervous to eat on game days I don't know it maybe if he told her up I don't know but he just doesn't he dug in its I've never heard of that. In my life and the I think he says he's been doing it since college. So of course he's on empty stomach after the game mis. He's thrown back champagne lawyer whatever. And he's gonna be filled it pretty quickly if he's identity stomach don't care how big you without a doubt that yeah. What's he gets in the bloodstream with no other food for your stomach to break down just break down straight alcohol ready and he gets pumped throughout it's a it's pretty do is 0200 broke so he was who is stated what you are there a lot of the great. Very candid interview. Called it called a trophy aside piece. I'm. Didn't seem like they were having some fun place long by Nellie guys for a minute Steve Kerr that was a great interview. I take us through it so you're in the building game floor as it. I'm on the confetti falling but as the the aftermath is taking place there what stands out to you is your covering this like what are the moments over the biggest for you that night. Everybody just kind of talked about how old different this season was. This was not an easier ride from policy to just swept in the finals but. They had adversity they had overcome and and everybody kind of echo that same sentiment that. It seemed like you guys were a little more proud and had a little more satisfaction. From getting through this season because it was harder and there was injuries and had to figure out ways to win and and yer David West talk about. Lo names the stories come out about what happened in the locker new guy's going to be surprised and and world try to figure out what that is and I'm sure there was some heated arguments there's something going on the log on to the times you can see on the floor that. They were always feel like in that Houston series is skewed view a little bit of an identity crisis on the offense aside and we talked about that year. And it just goes to show you that it's not always easy. Bringing great players together even isn't the most unselfish players in the world and it's still going to be a battle and you think the second year with Kevin Durant should be easier chemistry is there are always different things and actually got harder and and then you throw in the injuries and in the middle fatigue from the year before in the game they should drop. It was a slow season where they really had to. The grit their teeth and fight through it. And and they were still literally get it done in and did the day it's it's Warner supremacy I would need to lock in London and when they actually star player and during the playoffs is obviously their regular season and the regular season for the in this town like the pre season when they actually block in during the playoffs. They can really handle their business and even when they do locked in sometimes they have lessons and go back and and in the new struggle in and we see what happens. When they do that and the Houston Rockets series but it it was a really. It was really one of those nights where Jesus. Sit back and then think about what they went through and that's kind of what everybody echoed in and coached or talked about that how tough was he said my job is is easier than the other coaches that. It's still not easy because who's is a tough road we are the fight and get through. If you didn't hear and after the game here's David West talking about the adversity. This is just one car who went through some stuff. You know one of the things I learned throughout the news. This group missile tighten up and got out that we dealt with some some internal adversity and nobody said people who have never never doubt. Yourself tied together this concludes. This turn it was a little bit in May not seem like your from the outside but as far as we know how hard it was to give you. There are problems improved from what we've accomplished. They went through some stuff Cullen and he talked about internal adversity because there are so tight. Nothing got out and to me that's got to speak at least in part to Steve Kerr and Bob Myers in the whole staff and their ability to. Not only create an atmosphere where there wouldn't be some leaks but also to have it be. Where if there was a disagreement. It wasn't allowed a situation where reporters outside the locker room herded or I mentioned Joseph earlier that Chris Paul James Harden thing where. Chris Paul tries to give them adapt it hardens classes and a way. They didn't even have a moment like that so whatever happened to. How impressive to you is it that none of it got out. It's pretty impressive it is narrow surprising it is they've cultivated that kind of family atmosphere where everything is tight and kept it out they don't wanna air out their dirty laundry and and make guys look bad and throw each other under the bus is just not the warrior way it sits now what they do end. I think the players are appreciative of that. Days they love coach Steve Curran and you heard. Staff talked about Steve Kerr didn't. Is kind of talked about over communications. To everybody based arm. This may assure anybody knows their roles and his ability communicate and his ability edited to get through to other humans and he's. He's one of a kind of that way and I think all that helps. When you're having dispute when your have a disagreement because. You know. Deep down that he is gay guys Steve Kerr is began only stock and you always trying to calm you down always trying to explain Sumter explain his side are exploiting other players' side. He just has that genuineness with them. And and you tend to gravitate towards that or you tend to listen at least in just give them an here and and of course Steve Kerr is a really wise prisons or use are probably what he's met the same make sense that. It is is really not surprising that. There was some disputes to me because. Even though everybody is unselfish we're human beings and and human beings are flawed and no one's perfect and and everybody makes mistakes and people get heated and you'll get Madden and it's it's up to. The players and teammates that. To figure out how to deal with it and move ahead and move forward and understand hey we we are from the we're in this together and at the end they would guys on his backs and I'm. Pretty sure. At DNA that's way came down to it didn't matter how many disputes or how heated arguments got probably the next day here a couple days later there are donating my batter. The dreaded mom basically is getting Katie say east is Katie is not playing that consistent and doing Katie claps back and now we got two guys squared off and so they stand down. And the next day and a great friend they moved beyond. This is my theory I'm not only lesson that you told me this exact. So I have my mind was going crazy because Livingston is that everyone touched on it then west really hit it I start thinking like. It's something that girl is something off the court is it out and I was going everywhere so you think this may have just been dudes basketball stuff yeah. Really just basketball stuff just basketball stuff just arguments in there reduce the news. When they lose to Indiana by Ford right was it Indian in my four year and the outcome I actually think yeah the back to back turns where they got beat by thirty and I forty this dynasty you watch your mouth. Sorry I ask how it's time I'd like the kind of meaningless we dump data on the path of an attack and I was gonna have to live but. Maybe it's it's one of those moments were Steve crass to come out and say that was embarrassing. And you know things are in the locker room where. Not every player I'm sure was was agreeing with his assessment or some people I'm sure were outraged it's hard to tell exactly what the discord was but I would bet. It had to do with some of the flat spots in season maybe I would that'd probably had more to do with the games that they were in. Or they are close to winning him. Or can we see it in Houston series yeah vote is that because maybe we all felt strange in those rights but what is going on in the fourth quarter or the loss to. The pelicans and that's series does does games that they Phillies they should have because. During that stretch of the season there there are god they were burnt out they just when he gets the post season I maybe there isn't this and you would what Steve Kerr is an inch. Arrived goods. Beyond that I'll think there's really much of an argument they they didn't come to play it very very game everybody can agree on that are really know what they'd be arguing about their eyes. I think Davis they games against Houston that they should of won. The identity crisis that look like they are having on the offensive side. Do we go to Katie is ice so mid post for the whole game. Or. Dooley once after on the offense in and go and his ball screens and beautiful basketball on let there buddy touch it. Why are we so stagnant how come no one's moving like we normally do this is not how we play but Katie is a great option. He's got game he's got mid post game he's tall and he's seven foot no one can really touch him. That kind of stuff like the identity crisis type stuff where you're actually in the game and you felt like you should've won I feel like they're some arguments to be had there. Do you think that Katie deserve the NDP overstaffed they got a little heated their by halftime we kicked it around this morning it was heated in here I think we both kind of felt. Yeah Acadia won it with game three but seven have made a big socially he did I wouldn't have been mad if if they would had Cody. But Katie deserved it I. Yeah he had. He averaged more bodies of the game a mocha mocha no cut things that no doubt they averaged more points in the series he had a huge game 3COM. Which I thought was. Tougher than game two or four. Big huge game three where he went off 43 points and and really kept them in the game and that first half and then one in the game late but it. If not for his performance tonight game. Can have a different Sunnis who knows maybe the cavs did lie Finn and their go one or maybe we didn't make a run at this here but he kinda. He kind of killed all of their hopes and in game four you can tell there are demoralized although they did fight though they did fight. For the first half yeah yeah like six or did not believe the Garcia home to show the path I got him tip of the cap to Cleveland for showing up for half at all well that automatically. They did quit but but the warriors took the fight out like that in this. When they ended at second core the first half. Win a staff could net three Javelle blocked JR Smith in the corner I believe and then on re all right Al's incredible. And they go up by I think it was nine. And then. You look at the box score you realize Klay Thompson and zero points. I'm gonna okay and is this to get out of hand in the third quarter. Because at that point the cavs are probably everything about their summer vacation destinations in their likeness. And back and come back in this game who in the water start going. Mikey I'd like to say dot com three as that is both in the third quarter Spiegel lays out a three announcer did not by seven not about seventy color number three right now. I'm 57957. With the dot com three short sort of erupt I think it is great to have our lord Buddha 1003 and then those great interruption. The stuff that's just a start doing this thing there in the third quarter even more knockdowns and the reason in those pretty much over and LeBron James couldn't seem to get brighten rested team followed Suton. They kind of quit but the worst of the five atoms that was surprising which make it hands. Which may give an yeah corners in the changes of the LT. Well it's first of all if you can't control your emotions. And you're gonna hit something that's really hard and breaker and you deserved of whether it's a series with a broken and I'm not gonna. Give you any creditors say are all year term like Michael Jordan playing with the flu you played through some then you're soaker is well. User to play that way and he seemed to be good enough to get triple doubles and and still have solid gains as it is she percentages worker Abed. Amok and give India credit are. You're a puncher or you an item thrower as they say that men when they get angry they fall into one of two categories either you throw an object which on the thrower. Or Europe puncher like your guy you'll punch a wall pushes the Miller never. I I tend to gravitate towards the things that don't break bones so. I'd rather throw something I had smashed. At least a dozen PlayStation controllers in my life. The night playing feet gets my brother to set up just smash that mother off the ground until late match I don't really you are gonna drag on the street I another one and I really get the north like Anita through things and break day that is. Federal mileage under assault happened. He's mature even even when I've seen him play golf needs him the ball 127 yards I look you know we deal never could never have I wanted to throw so have been more than what I'm on the golf course yeah shank wander. Yeah apple plummet and also broken quite a few sand wedges in my video gets shot out my sand iron and I currently resting in peace pieces. I putters since world besides just chucked over Arafat's you know slop by the public my driver the rest the way I get a driver and upon a couple draw upon I have to tell all of the it is balls and into the pond after like good eater and I am entitled to hold his balls no good yeah who controls at Augusta south. Who gave me these days. Taylor may what does he think it was a little bit of on the soft move then to show up with a within a little soft cast. So slow the brunt it's LeBron. And obviously of lo is here to be defending them but it's it's a LeBron James thing to do little series and then. I heard actually that actually got much better for game two so I don't even know if it's as bad as people think it is a broken hand. He played durden and I saw some pictures of the swelling you know whatever the whatever it's it's LeBron James and they were gonna lose this series anyway. That's gonna be an issue. That's going to be an issue for the legalization of sports that all these leaks while their cot they all want the integrity in the NBA said they even wanna be involved in this. You can't have this and keep this quiet win horse Brian we Norstrom yet again. He knew about this and he kept it quiet because the cavs didn't want to tip the warriors off to the injury didn't want him to know he was hurting slap right hander too so they kept it quiet. Through this series and then of course ten minutes after it and here's win horse breaking the news. He's going to be a big problem for the legalization is sports betting if you want control sports betting. And you've got a handful of people who have that information and they don't release it to the public do you think the public is gonna buy into the legitimacy of your products. They're not but now on the other side of it is the hip but protections that we all share as patients that. Your medical records at what point does it become public record and now if you have a broken hand if you're I have a broken hand. There are certain restrictions that the public can your employer certain things that they don't have the right to know about point if you're talking about. Gambling on the one side the gambler should have a right to know all the injury information but as a patient. You have some protection under hip Utley is there an official governing body that's gonna make sure they divulge these things and Emeka publicly would. State by state. Just as a now state by states right now it it am I mean yet the NFL giving out their injury report. Hockey does the upper body injury lower body injury it's just something to keep an eye out cosmonaut and says they want their cut they wanna be involved. All right so now you're involved in the sports betting we are also keeping certain information quiet and some reporters get to know but others don't. Leave your window and amounting he would do this but if I'm the reporter and I have that information. And honest where it's legal like what I'm not just a turnaround try to unit. Probably not mean but others to share certainly others friend out there he gets has refused to let him out of our order and yeah after. Ever what to do something as such we shall not be passable halftime the the we can't do them demo I got to tip on that that was shout to hand them we did this earlier I wanted to get your thoughts. Take a hit inside out of the equation go back over the last four years. You're not Hamptons five all dynasty warriors team. Now did you don't have to have a point guard to shooting guard the small on a power and a senator. But your five favorite non Hamptons five guys the guys who may have contributed the most you've gotten your last four years. They don't have that that you don't have to have been a part of it for all four but they can't be a member of the Hamptons. Joseph I give him mine's only as good of their time didn't put together let's Doritos or else you can weigh in if you have APEC. I don't want him to be persuaded 'cause I know we're catch them off guard a little bit then let's see where the scotus and would you go McGee's and there you to have him as one of the five okay dips. Yep without a doubt. In my five on on my top five pence the bell yes thank. If you do things yeah if you got an idea that I got Livingston and there. Scott Yunnan are added exposing people. And he played amazing. And the sponsors and he was kind of like that one shot yet on one side and got wise I'd like to talk to him about I can't agree there just grill him because he came in the Hamptons six to meet as many dollars out he was in net finishing line gains one into somebody threw him in there. You do for two right now bookie. I gotta have Leandro Barbosa there who go day it. Forward for the dimmer I had the world and analysts and he's a fun guy and are we going to open ship. App at a cost and border you just come and games and engines go under the sentence and score a lot those great. He's incredible. Championship should we. I think I guess yes you are going to be. I also have. There brutal. I'm going with. Mo buckets and buckets I think and I'm not nearly so. Joseph actually got him in his spot my Vladimir finalize favorite player when buckets left she was here is the first game Chevrolet to. Buckets checks into the game and I'm like this small buckets yeah Ali you immediately sets put up the Reese do. You're never publicly via an accident and either white hot or his ass went right back to the bench that was a night where he went white hot. He's always been buckets and a busted again guided the fifth at. Who else and I got four we grew out of mobile broke this one out we both went with Harrison Boortz. I almost think that started all 82 games at first year they went to the senate now people he took a lot. Lot of heat but he was still a member of the starting five when they want their first race. He was. I'll I'll throw him in there I'll give him. Our I was thinking about him. You left there wasn't his fault in minutes money yeah and he was key before he left. And you know people are the only win that first rang that first drink remembering very different back that step was banged up they had never been their before the snow cave the it was Steve's first you're coaching the team yeah and me but the guys that are on the team they deserve a lot of credit until you goes think him. David Lee to. But he's the top fifty so I ask don't ask don't I don't know what I is that a plus there's like to actually out of work but I chose. There is a bars instead this thing on me so I give David Liu modern. Somebody actually on the tech slide earlier said that very thing because you've got to build that bridge from you guys and we believe. David Lee won Monte lefty was all we had left exactly but then. He got injured and injure him on he just took advantage in this kind of stepped in there are so. He he wasn't a huge factor in the fir his way and that he was a huge factor in acceleration. He had that would got a cap that would mainly in LA to Vegas it was either game for game five he had that 67 rough draft where he went white hot. And then they figured out they could exploit him on the defensive end right eventually that rule came to an end but he was bigger you are crucial game at some points what about Andrew Bogut. That's another tough 100 off. Has it tough on a leave off the heat he was really get on defense and at times and then at times use a big problem like he could really get exposed. It's just switch Bogut was gonna show up from night in night out some nights he was common rated work he brought his lunch though he was gonna move his feet he's gonna defend you is going to be up on the ball screens and other nights. He was on an up and he was stiff and he was stuck in the ground like use feeder stuck in cement itself. It's tough but he he he had a big role in a big gorilla news here and he was a wonderful pastor. Had a few between their legs or believe colleagues that he he was a really good passer and a good screen here but it. And in those games where he was just a problem. Those really stuck out to. We'll jump right back in this and a second but it's 925 callers 1920s. And 21 blackjack AAA. 9579570. Callers 1920s. And 21 triple 8957. 9570. You will wins and championships wag courtesy of boys Jolo in bids but more importantly you also qualify. For a chance to bring a friend to the 957. Big game float in tomorrow's championship parade you when a friend if you win. Will go on to ride in the flow knighted by seven float. For the break did you did this last year held a moment for. It's an unbelievable moment inside it up there among the greatest moments for me as a sports fan my whole life to be in Bahrain more it might be in a moment mark. I certainly being at the masters of the gust and 2010 is one of those things you never forget. But being a parade in the championship parade surrounded by more than a million people. With the confetti cannons going off you absolutely need to stay tune in get a chance to qualify run Adams set to join us in about three minutes here at 930 on 957 game. How where does that we're gonna get tomorrow. I am going to be. Confident from float to Florida I think you're going to be. Out all the prayers I am via our morale for the first time last euros in studio with Satan Papa. And we had a good time now they were me out there so could you on the scene that's how I'm gonna have a good time. Yeah I the first I was asking what Lou is when his cares gonna do but apparently she's yet other duties that fiesta and it is so. And it excellent excellent you need some good material filthy to pop on and ask us why I. Yeah. You don't have a cigar and went right when the cameras on them. The probably have his phone out so you can't see him right under the symbol of the big dome that was the famous story last year the bosses the big bosses yeah. Came out when the TV production of the started and they wanted to see lol when did there. I'm gonna look they're closed. The marquee attraction here 957 eye candy and as the look goes by you can't see look at these phones up directly in front of his face the big boss doses. The phone down storms all. So they'll be back tomorrow he that it is and I think and do really be shot alone and Oprah I'm seeing some message that apparently he's left for me. Now might be is get a time is that media is reality all right so did look put this on Twitter or instant. Which what are you put on the like. What are you can join the show was going to be Imus as an intern I was in a nightmare that he's put it out on the golf course on instant. So big he's he's network does charity event he shot this on the course and then he sent it to what on its Graham yes okay go ahead play it for. It's official I'm pretty cool injury depleted at east lake golf course. Yes this is the place where the big boys play so. Here's my little background. Don't hate. Yeah so kids don't get jealous Stoops. From living the life at east lake golf course here in Atlanta. The sort of big boys play voice. Not exactly in debt class in salaries and he himself Arnott doesn't fit big boys is blameless sounds tired and oversold and under delivered through. Down there and I we we want to go hard lol get up and we'll PT yeah. We really don't really out there wasn't really that big of sedatives either why I don't I'm jealous though because that is where they have the tour championship every year at east lake in Atlanta as this week course and he knows I would love being planned there but yet in all honesty I don't need to be their Washington ground balls. I'll go just roll it up there with the song goes the branding Crawford and easily that if the job the drop that David was. The alluded to living since that kind of talked about it as well. Do you think there's any chance something like that can leak into next year or is this an opportunity where they had it. They learn from it they won in spite of it and now maybe they all move forward and this is behind hammers this something we have to keep an eye on for next year. I don't think it'll leak in the next judges filling next year will present its own problems. I don't remember maybe some of the arguments they had. And maybe next year they argue the more I think there'll be the last though next season because. They have had the experience of this season if the only way to get through so. Easier to years it's just tough because. Some people call it organizational fatigue like guys your round. For a long time and sometimes there's stuff gets a little more knowing yummy in my when you first joined its trainers I moon phase and everybody loves each other like yeah everybody is gung ho let's make this thing work. Annually guy for 34 years' time and you're anointed. I can do your dirty locker dirty locker. Your tantrums. And you know means is it everything gets a little more noise so it is and got to figure out awaited deal with those things and and they will. Last year at Oakland should that be enough at oracle to really. Serve as the motivating force because I gotta be honest we kicked this around. Last week you were an enhancement of the year take on it Clint Azubuike joining joins us here and constant in the game. I'm on the impression that you've just won an issue now you got three and four wheel jump back and innocence that we got the assistant coach Barry is. The man the Mitt the defense of mastermind Ron Adams joining us here on 9570 game coach first and foremost thank you so much for your time. And congratulations. On another championship run tight until this morning. Thank you. And congratulations on the defense of performance I'm just looking at the numbers right here for the third quarter a quarter of the we've nicknamed or dubbed con three. That you hold Cleveland to four of seventeen in the third quarter and another incredible defense of performance. What the defense delete at halftime in the locker room to where you guys makes a great adjustments. Well what I can say we've made great adjustments I think sometimes we. Simply. Focus better on the game plan going and and you know our our we held a lot of experienced players they know where and things can be done better. And so. If they pick up their own individual games send do it needs to be done as well as so. I think is as a group pull together more so. You know it's we emphasize what's happened the first chapter in some cases brought to. Guarded each many startling adjustments at half time other than refocus and. They coach. The so David what as statins some of the guys talked about how they were. Things that you guys had to fight through. It was a tough season maybe some things that happen unlocked group net you guys made sure. Didn't come out and you guys can tighten an in house and in aired that dirty laundry have how're you guys. Able is stayed together through all because obviously this is a challenging season besides injuries and all that sometimes. Things break on the locker and that she just got the fight your way through how'd you guys do it. Well first of all of a little mystified by that comment. Actually when I read last Mike brown and Mike did I miss something this year. So I I don't know I'd. Quite frankly have no idea what David is talking about. You got our year was Smart to buy some inconsistency. And and then some games. Not plane door to potential certainly playing after the game our. You know perhaps more but you know not always playing to our potential. I think. That trouble probably led to some frustration and but in terms of anything in the locker room that I can recall I got just. I don't get that. I have no idea what it whether he stepped to refer enter. I mean any season is. You have your ups and downs. I thought for the most part. Our guys stayed together well and so I'm a bit mystified did you have to consult someone else so not because I need I'm older sometimes I know. Thing that I heard you and I am elementary. Who warriors assistant coach Ron Adams joining us here on 95 cent in the game back to Houston series for so it's just a second from a defense standpoint. Over the last four years during all these playoff runs. Where did that task stack up for you in terms of challenge was that your most difficult challenge from a deep sense of perspective over the last four years. Well was one of them. You know that three point shooting is. Phenomenal. And our guys throughout the series you are indeed the only series that we struggled a little bit defensively. In and is the O Norman series. They were so they were playing so well and and we we cooled them all but two. And look at the numbers of but of the playoffs for nervous scattered interested looking at that series. The last two series were just what our guys just did a phenomenal job of field goal percentage defense and three point. Percentage defense which to me are the two critical. Stats. Above all else and where that you know this Houston serious emotionally tough but I thought we defensively we did. Really good job you cannot. Take away everything from them but. These are our goals were met our defense or goals are met in that series. And there's just series of moves in under is really critical for us. I personally did to not think to serious would go to seven games are we had Andrei know they were. Making comments about not having Paul the last game and I think in my mind. Colossal laundry in that series was every bit is. Significant is not having Paul for the last game. Because I don't think in my mind at least that's series would have gone seven. And today and just how well did come on looney play defensively not only in that series but. His improvement throughout the course of the second half of the year talk about battle coach if you would. Welcome phenomenal story it's one of our best teams stories. The guy changed his body over the summer came back no one was expecting much of him and he provided much passion is so. Sort of it's a real feel good story our story I'm really excited for him. And that is progress this year it was very good in the Houston series. And with each series it's interesting. That. Some people fit him well him and others don't and you know JaVale didn't do much for a long period of time because we did not have match ups form in the Houston series and in the change form in the Cleveland series. Jordan came along in. Cleveland series. And loomed. Was not quite the factor that he was in the Houston series so this is remarkably good seeing that people can. That fit in on the given series since you have the blue at all to see it in and play the right people. And Lou no getting back to him more and so one of our great success stories I think Fisher. So LeBron James gets it you own poison in the first game and then the rest of the games you guys. Found a way to make it much tough problem obviously aids he's a tough guy to stop bit. You guys did a job outside the last three games there. And you touched on how you give your players. Some freedom on the defense is silo work. What was the key factor in kind of making it tough on LeBron James those last three games there. Well the thing that helped the most is you forget about. When you start a series if you forget about O'Grady has let the first game was. Is. He was certainly ready to play these gonna have a a really good game one way or the other but I thought it was our worst job in. Probably in the last four years of of defending him and and being ready to defend them so. The adjustments. That we may differ. We wanted to use that term was simply we got back to. Kind of how we play them in the rules so we help them. The intensity that it takes an awareness that it takes and so it became. Easier if that's the sound really good word to apply when. Talking about LeBron but it made it to. You know we had some some good defensive games that don't we kept him in check well. And so the rest is history but the first game I thought where is kind of a surprise game pressure we've played a really tough series with Houston. And now you go to a different team work day. Phenomenal. Player who's had a marvelous player out front I think. Cleveland does not get enough credit for what they get in the playoffs and how they play and who they had to overcome to get to the finals. And I personally. Think. Debt they've played well in the final. I think I think they were well organized I thought they executed executed well and they've. We're distant dynamic is between the year before would carry Reeve but as far as. That team best aspect that I thought they played better of them pundits gave him credit for. Three time NBA chant Golden State Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams joining us here on 957. Game coach we know it's been a long season. We thank you very much for your time this morning enjoy the parade tomorrow and now hopefully we can do it against him. It's much I will enjoy separate. And that is racing fans at the airport there are number of people out there and undersea. They're trying to see the joy on on their faces of people so that's. That's a big part of what we've done here and it's it's really rewarding. No doubt thank you so much for your time coach take care thank you vote. Clinton as a routine studio when Joseph and games here on 957 million low will be back tomorrow as we are out on the parade route broadcasting live from Oakland. Here on 997 game. You can wait T shirts every fifteen minutes during the show's so caller number erred. I just get Merlin overnight triple 89579570. Wins a dubbed con three T shirt triple 8957. 957 also shot up qualifiers. For a chance to earn a spot with a friend on the 957 game championship float tomorrow. Jonathan in Santa Rosa sharing an Alamo. Olivia and Santa Clara were our 9 AM qualifiers. Keep it here every hour at 6 PM this evening. Will continue to qualify more people for that opportunity. Whom I now right on on today. So much going on an as you start to pick through just game four and just the series is just the season. Let alone to go back four years and look at how the dynasty was built and you had a great breakdown earlier of all the things from the dream on green incident. From a couple of years ago in the end it didn't KD in and things build from there and you look at the future and he can't help but think. Next year you might have a good chance to win one more in Oakland and then. Officer Eran Cisco and he could really see what this dynasties and end up looking like. Today Kelenna we talked about what happened we dream on Andy LeBron incident from a couple of years ago when you really think about it. I'm not saying it was the right move by any stretch. But without that move they probably wanna win and if they win they don't get TV and if they don't get TV today end up winning three and four. Because they probably don't want to win that year which is to do what do they went another one last year or this year is Katie would have been elsewhere possibly looking for revenge in Oklahoma City. So does Harrison Barnes Dooley yeah. In hindsight where we had right now do you think without Katie they go on to entry for. Probably not assuming Jamont doesn't get suspended. So they probably actually you know. Maybe because this carries stays lit the cavaliers heard is he still mad. Is is that had nothing to do with the warriors so is he still mad and and Lee used to the Boston. Cleveland. Wasn't as good. Without carrier ring as new or with them when they won in two dozen sixteen. As tough to say man has got to say they probably because they're really good treatment they won Sydney Sydney three games. That you when they lost and if not for injuries and bogey it was her reloaded staff curry was an all lawyer right after that Houston series. They would one a year and then they come back who comes back the next year's question cocaine no Katie so. Do you find a way to keep Harrison Barnes you get in the little more in the off from the same thing is as you Alice they get by this rockets team this year without TD and I do remember stuff wasn't a 100% right do the rockets. Form this team. Without the lawyers doing what they did with Katie liked. They were built to beat. The Katie warriors Yemeni so. As not to say menace like butterfly you ask you go back in total lending everything else changes is what this shows. All about video go back whenever we pick one small moment of what diversity to the restroom and then Iran ripple effect while hypothetical for college say that and it's interesting you did that job because two years ago when that happened I was doing middays with Greg Papa. Ponting had yet to be hired in net is the interim from the previous guys I was doing some mid days and public totally went off that day as one of the great rants Claudia in the history of sports talk radio. Your partner Greg Papa did a 27 minutes unanswered on the whole thing I was thinking in the moment I remember thinking this well dream on kind of cost him the title. In a way if they come back it was the next two. All is forgiven for drain on dream because that would be three in four years and even though you could argue it should have been four in a row. They got to India as a result and now this dynasty without telling Joseph earlier. If if you would have gotten that one was straight month let's say Katie doesn't come here maybe you win the two and and you don't win these two. The dynasty would feel like it's it's over but instead. You've won three of four and it still feels like the sky's the limit for this group. Yet would anyone say that had a dream might not got suspended they won that year that they would have won for tomorrow. I don't think so so nobly got a better situation. It could be tied but would confront I'm not gonna say that they don't want for her out right yes and caught his -- and other butterflies because we don't know of Chris Paul would have gone there and Joseph was saying earlier that. Maybe LeBron a C. Didn't win you would a lasted maybe you would have gone somewhere and you never know what would have taken place yet but I don't see that team without Katie winning for a route right N in this team. Without Katie would not have beaten. The rockets. The way they're currently construe yes. I mean think about it it was a tight series that not a 100%. Get physical with them clay gets in the foul trouble you know we're gonna get scorn dropped yeah. And if Chris policy doesn't go down and you know factored that into the other that rockets team was really good and they got to fill like. The files are rockets and I'll fill yes Chris hall and goes down we we would had a good chance without question but. Without question you're rockets or anything and just like we laughed at that run just like everyone is not a warriors fan. The B word all about how all this is played out. So many people in the wake of what happened Friday in an eating get to see because you're on TV social media is just fiddle. Well these people saying the warriors ruined the NBA this isn't any fun first and foremost the ratings are fantastic brat and that Jersey sales is fantastic so don't give me. The evidence doesn't support your claim number two. You could make a case that this is better for basketball. For years people have always complained about the selfish pro athlete trying to make every last dollar one. How all these dudes are called each other in the off season trying to figure out how they can form a team to beat the warriors yeah winning has come first mr. green you really think LeBron James is he gonna have an eye on our. Where can I go I can have a chance to beat these guys. Humiliating that hole for the second year Iran he didn't break his hand 'cause they would want Nancy. Airplanes that are out fortuitous break he had intended for the warriors were united breakthrough LeBron talked about some Kevin Durant that'd. Was really interest he said. It's tougher to be the best player on the team with other great players around who was he taken that shot. I want to thank Ron and everyone had rostrum right. I don't think he was shot at somebody into UPS and he's definitely taken a shot you went to a subtle shot here's the quote. I feel like it's easy to be the best player when you don't have good players around you. I feel like it's harder to stand out when you have great players around I pride myself on standing out wherever I am. I pride myself on working hard rim right now and I feel like these guys embraced me and I feel like I'm a warrior. I don't know you. Got LeBron but they never once said not to shut it rust who like a clown had his little video rapping along to know Vasily. On Saturday morning that he sent out to socially while I was solo and all of you have. Why he went so well I rob whatsoever I. Yeah I really feel like there's a chance that he wasn't taken aside anybody and may be kind of had. Some of the stuff that they went dude this season o'clock group which Ron has has no idea about bodily that's that's but we've thought about that too that was great lie that is your right. Make it you know what the only thing McCain ramadi says that was. A lot of times players will be in the locker rooms by the cells without the coaches in there. And and maybe some arguments can happen then. And when coach Kerr and all the coaches lock in it as I sure until the constant shock etc. he's been out like this stares at cozy Stafford dated they just argued themselves out by that point it just kind of quiet when the when the coaches arguments that way but I don't know that you have the media player only meetings those things that. You can just air out yet you're stuff there just put everything on the table and deal with bitten may be gets all dealt with before the coaches come and that I really felt like. K these comments make a lot of sense because everybody talked to load the heat that the easily out really. It's really tough place is a stick out when he got staph curry do you basically 2000 it's even these guys can take the game over at any given time. It's tough to win the NB PMS now people are saying world staff turn to god in those guys have a legitimate argument because that was really good in this series but. Katie just kind of stuck got a little more and it's kind of like. Trying to be the best player when you when you go play flute USA basketball. Not easy I LL a right. Yeah is that the first it's not a yes everybody's really good in an everybody. Is used to having the ball on their hands and and scoring when they went to and pretty much do what they want to be in the focal point offense in. As a great player Plano great players you got to figure out how to may be sacrificed some times and and that's not easy. So I I agree with the Mets. That's definitely a valid point and you know odd if if if he's not taken if he's taken a shot at LeBron Jane I'll yeah partnered. Russell desperate I don't know I doubt it adds a and I just like there's a chance there is no shot intended to show doesn't work like a timeout I think you just talk about what the clintons. Eight thought it was a two you know it's one of those things where he's talking about his own experience but the same time. He knows out there that Bronson LeBron those guys they know that they don't come I was directed a Demi was talking about Victor all the depot with the Indiana Pacers closed the question that he's at the what what prompted him to say that. Irrelevant. Completely and yes I did actually read the article I just read the court I was like we'll go with us Israeli villages for awhile after eating a lot of suppose today nowadays you go constant rumor that question I don't think that they taught everyone though is. The new super team era is it about three guys or four guys the new super team era is it you need to bonafide superstars who can go back and forth. That's the key to all of this LeBron can't go somewhere like Houston and then be vowed guy every night. Or have James Harden neither guy every night when you learn from these guys was game one. Who wants. It was LeBron he had that game to game two it was sad that it was to rant then it was staffed they can trade back and forth. That's the killer that's the killer in your going into a scenario no matter how many all stars you have it it's always gonna be LeBron in the sport you know what's coming. Or it's gonna cause some sort of rift in the locker room at the other stars don't have their time to shine these two are so good. Passing the torch back and forth passing the Mike back and forth and that's what everyone can understand and that's why people hate them for that they're making it work. So based on that day he was taken a shot anybody it would have to be arrested as. LeBron tried with iron carrier ring finally now obviously people say well he didn't cultivate that relationship and he made carrier wanna leave that. Yet carrier ring and he went there when carrier ring was there and he tried to make it work for awhile and and maybe that's the bronze fault that it didn't work but are really feel like you'd be taken a shot LeBron I. That's his guy yeah I was just wrong I think whatever was said Ross I I think that yeah. I mean what's rust doesn't he's left he's brought in his mouth he tried to fight of faith and new tall and even. Knocked out the first round each of the last two year average it tripled off the bats are usually on the idea peace and a day he's not established by the star Ricky Rubio worried focus his attention on Ricky yeah exactly exactly what the jazz was in the do. And regulars like great news you out there shut down rubio in this next game. Good that's right and everyone. That that our guest on the Mitchell's decent fight emailers are him mentally I don't mr. and mrs. linger for radio but here's why it may not a minute SATA rust because he agreed to have Carmelo and Paul George how do you feel your Paul George and it was about they're saying and I went settle analysts' yeah outdoors what's. Classy and you try to get we come back this you know without a doubt in OK CA at that I don't. The whole thing to me speaks to a sudden you mentioned planet which is the idea of these guys being able to assemble made their ego for Kevin Durant to. Go to a team like Golden State and realize is not can only be about him he has to do what he does but. It's not gonna be the ball in his hands every single thing at the time down the floor and. How do you deal with that how do you take less money the less taxes and a chance to score fewer points. In the interest of the greater good you have to finding unique people the villages that. And more work. Play longer obviously and just got the Western Conference finals and he never got the finals before so he chose to play longer to work harder defend. You have to have some brownies and and some one to Enron Adams he knew run doesn't mean much tougher on him on the defense and anything and they get nor cars and your were connector on the defense that. Go work voice we don't want my shirt too giveaway color number six triple 89579578. Color number six. Triple A 95790. Nights and you'll win the final dot com three shared. Of the day couple reminders an opportunity for you to qualify for a chance to win a spot on the championship float tomorrow with ninety by seven the game at the parade. Every hour to 6 PM so keep it locked here. Week will be out of the parade route tomorrow starting at 6 AM Lorenzo Neal will be back signing and a good rule are coming up next Jim Barnett will join them. At 11 AM it did dynasty people for did for Collette I'm Joseph thanks for hanging out with a us. Back tomorrow 6 AM like we said on the parade right here on 957 the game.