Final Hour - Jim Kozimor, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, July 16th
Koz, Lo, and Dibs share their thoughts on Aaron Rodgers stating that he wants to play in the NFL until he's 40. They also speak with SF Giants Pre/Post-Game Analyst, Randy Winn. 

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You have to sound funny but the sound is time to play golf. Is that it is still slow in being a big game on. That was doing what goes on I'm gonna calculators and detain those and other education. God knows oh. Usually goes when you went there. Every mixed W. Hunter yeah here we go Cole's turnaround the volume above the game don't. Now I don't bore everybody welcomed our studies at three hours this kind of fun it's nonstop and four minutes yes exactly. Giants and eighties just finished up what percent of the go ahead. On. That's a expo days companion everybody will see him I mean you know was it like in five Indian. Can. An ace take the first 32 games to one moving forward. You wanna pick a's or giants what does it mean. I think is huge this this next series I think it puts that much more pressure. On the giants now I think when you look at what's going on because his next time around I really believe you're gonna see Matt's mom aren't you gonna see Johnny quite. A number two spot so I think that you saw a game where you saw an ace team. That are motivated to win a series. Because they have a better record they've been weakened boys now do you exhale. The ticket reference it guys happy day this week all of this week off. You don't think guys and we took down the giants the phone to ring in the phantoms a caller we got. Just got sleep with this this some pills well. It's always fans they're out coming out growth and now big a's at all we got this they're coming they've become a dog ballpark based on what would ticker this there now. Lot rays fans are the ballpark. Oh surprising right over eighteen tee yet tickets. You know available and the giants resale market has been pretty good as far as fans wanting to get tickets to giants' games you know you're not seeing as many sellouts as he once was those tickets are available on. Ace fans rightly. Are stoked right now they're team is hot to anyone in sixth over the course of the past month name inject themselves. Very much in the conversation. In the American wildcard here on 957 the game mini review here in the Bay Area. Enjoy Randy Winn on television NBC sports Bay Area part of the pre and post game show he was there yesterday. Flan and I'm at work with them. Many if you enjoyed him as a major leaguer five years for the giants twelve years in Major League Baseball. But like and a a proud graduate of one of the great high school. Programs there is over San Ramon valley high right right that's right green in comedy one of the greatest walls of all time great Randy when joining us here on 957 the game Randy. Howard had the all star break are you or do you need to break yourself Randy is that all we are. Yes yeah I definitely mean the current. I'm glad it's theater I need to wrap cover you know you wondering how many other EU it is going to be current. How many euros a golf will you get in. Low the SE exactly. Exactly as he goes does not wanna be on the on the record and Allen paid this week is last weekend when the a's and giants were gone when it. What was the sense just the feeling. Of the series at the ballpark I got a sense watching it on television. That it was more than just an average series in July that there was a little something at stake for these two teams and it's didn't feel a little bit more than a regular wrote a seizing game. Itself that way all all the come out all the players coaches staff where are there. It isn't just another series there we've looked away and just we were. So you know they. Unions and other medical your client at all. The politically correct now but I look into what we're really well played. There are some emotional ball size and you know as good you know a senator been honored under one much. Pretty impressive performance by the game is getting over on the giants but at first opponent well on a just the margin for just a moment with a shoulder injury now going to the ten day disabled list. From what you've seen from Jeff throughout the course of the season when he returns from the DL. How they proceed they put him back in the rotation for one last chance at being a legitimate starter they immediately move an oval the red. Well I know I I kind of I mentioned a little bit on our outpost in earlier spirit. Is this a reliever to starter currently are in their. Carmen are both characters here I I don't think that's an ideal situation I think now or another subsidy. No matter who bombed our didn't hurt which on the critical are Smart to hurt our deterrent I haven't been keeping a deep. Are the stars eaten all been like they've been accustomed to over the past years. And the Balkans Raikkonen. And extraordinary low I will go forward. This team would much rather have started school in Britain. Us market is one of those are either in either you don't or of course he does those underpinnings or as soon as the Balkans and so the ball. I could well I don't think you can be great to go to the favorite to Volcker and eat you are different every opportunity. Come. Where did you don't because I hear once a margin name's dawn around it's always about innings eater is is it when you when he's eating any does that mean OK I'm. Given up only two runs what's what's what is people like to hear what they say OK this guy can eat up innings what's say 88. I don't know what take OK number Amara runs or what's the inning leader in your opinion. Marat you give up to say okay this guys serviceable innings. You know what there is no number and their lot. Starting pitchers and are both wearing their one could not everywhere and their parent and you've got to keep your cool in the guru no matter what parent. Acting right in recent history Carter. Managers are in order book are our starting picker. It's been crippled pan. To keep the correct you know not everybody has 8090 Eric there's. The spurt which you can trust that'll keep the ball in eagle and is that sure we're in the cabin or into their. Whatever squirted a key is your chance to win took the aren't or weren't enough. So when you look at these these just these two games in these two will. This series a's won ports to perspective. How do you view beast through different teams you look at the east went to over twelve different starting pitchers you look at the giants all the different injuries both these teams have. Obstacles that they had to overcome. You see wanting to seem like they're there they're competing three downed on the manners you look at where or where that where the giants are they're still nitpick at things. What is it a better team in your opinion all Wear around right now and she's added the two bit teams in the bay or you sticking where he where were you we stay and you play. Well there are extremely committed art and also these cloud. Are are are playing. Very good baseball. They have a better record. Our I believe our look closer and it could go where are and not hurt percent Herbert prepare correct. I wouldn't say that they are really impressed with the open. Coming into this series we've heard a lot about their boxer. Their ability to school ruined their ability to combat their ability to include loans. To occur in Boca. And then look at this I believe it's three diamonds where sixteen normal Oman. So a lot of talk about power and they're also saying that I can only where it's been very impressed with what they're both. Our trip you know trying to who saw. Too cool and I hope regard the speaker of the series because the two that are absolutely where he. So. Pitching purple parent. The ability for a film to show you apparently written. It around and come back with something that no wasn't talked about him really well. To get given its due respect. Openness you know in religion that you could content outside which is. The giant that's been well documented. On the chip in Bogota and some don't quite know smudge in the I think it's a bowl parent also has been really cute bright spot in the younger it would come up kind of don't wanna talk to our current current trend. Come in and so would apply to women. Given them our energy. And hopefully those such an outcome that I happen to me. There are always. Randy when joining us not a five sim game Randy last week Bruce boat she was on the game talking to Michael Irvin and he said flat out of fact if I could. Get a wish list and add something I'd like a right handed bat should we believe Evan Longoria is gonna be enough. Or if the giants who are now just four games out of the second wildcard. If they feel they might need an extra bat did they go hunting for one. Our I don't wanna put words in both two is now. I would believe Eric. You're saying only listen to Evan Longoria coming back to it like to have a right to okay. That is something you know you on our show where you would vote. Our problem returner starter Aaron that several times over a couple of days. And the helicopter or boat mention. There's scrambled furcal left and it and it looked to offer the ability to look at the runs but we'll never know what specifically work where it's. I don't know the numbers. That we don't do not have a good record personal and pitching that's the simple kind of odd to them in the last I don't know to deter either. So. I would be in addition and Longoria couldn't. Is one of their better. Hitters first let tent pitching bolt from may it's power or in addition apparent. I think you'll and darker dark it is growing that are. Person out there it's Pablo. Is that ever critical witching hour here and I believed. Battle for right or pitching you know who knows who they're. What top reserves so. Somebody else who come in and give them a spark are sent to recruit an excellent job here this week you have a couple home runs. I don't know if that are believed to get the locker salute you both in the short term economic. Menuing on 957 game Buster Posey starting to see is offensive numbers really start to slide he's had a hip injury. We know we said concussion issues throughout his career what do you think the timeline is for Buster Posey to be removed from behind the plate. How soon doesn't happen and how much of that help his offense. Well you know the thing about parking. About moving current record a record earlier prediction. There as soon as we move barker from behind the right now you're searching for somebody who can equal productive on all our. Suppose you want. If not the top two it certainly didn't. I know our records where. By now I talked not potentially with Google itself at multiple spoke out the bunker at the garb or they're. But you know Brandenburg orders or bowl caliber defense a player and has offered to now that's not what. So when you are not moving monster well you're you're weakness yourself or eat coaching position and then you know you're in the strokes out there so. Keep him behind where it while it's possible that we are excellent that that they're neat they're simply aren't being managing you know. We're throwing out runners. So. I don't see that the opener on the near horizon you know. Every every year or your mind you know but not on the media arrives. You Randy they are we talking mob buster you look at a guy that this team said okay we'll press in the reset but it does hypothetically. Hypothetical you think about Madison. Here's a guy that you know seems like he's still in ascending player guys you know shown he has the moxie Sony's able to do in game one in the series. If there was a value of this seems hey we're trade. What would be the value for a guy like the number and seller or you know at Buster Posey and no fan favorite. Our medicine won't be the value for a Posey in particular drug money team to take. That I know it's guy only has a year to. What would be the value as far as return on a guy like that. Our our bank although there entertainment in regard it would be. You mount it then. Obviously with actors play out recommend. I'm would be hard demand that it was ever going to allow their arm in certain group were in court and stop or boost. Immediately you'd be at the top of their guard. Not only for what he's done in the regular season but specifically the post season. Is grit and determination. Who's just didn't go out there right student Asian. You know he'd be the top of the whistle it. It's only with Buster Posey you know they're they're now are our river is also where the you know realistically. Being recaptured it cost to put up middle lineup number and that's why the guys that are so special. You know what Al the home run power they're still production in. Saw him get on out there in the first game of speed. These giant series welcome to to boost that would run the squat position. You know change the car in the moment little suspect it'll. Still it took pressure situations occurred at port to eat sensibly blocking their own colonies in world. It is your player caliber to. Compare the current one of those guards are because they're very rare commodity. To repair the copier requests so. But would you give up that much starlet peace if he only has like a year like you do saluted the gonna move them on dips and sand from maybe I'm catching two firsts. You don't mean would you still go. There's a clinical. You really need all these rumors out your all beaten to go there and are going to hear about cost. In all the stuff they're your experience earlier when it comes right down to it will give credit where the grand and you got a window that. You are hoping and expecting you to win in particular. You can publicly. That certain guys. Don't cut the value and you don't want to get it out there. Well it's all positioning in you know can't talk people out there that need a political right down to. If you've got a chance to win in new detector. You're gonna get on the prospects could be a Buster Posey or they'll prospects to American Carla Berry is gonna put you over the. Randy winner on 957 the game one more Randy before we let ego and I want to give back to the all star game in 2002. You appeared as a reserve UN one fertility game ended. In that I what are your memories from that. All an all star game some sixteen years ago. What Eric bring it all start. I don't know how true ones for sure we'll do is go yeah exactly and he had himself okay. Yeah I don't know that hurt our bird personally. I loved every moment there are another a lot of discipline at the outcome and all in most literate. I'm in terms of their being something. You know they've repeal or can't buy as well. I I really enjoyed it it was in the lockyer and here. And could it be their heart. Our. Opener grow more. There are convenient. Market got a great putters in the Midsummer Classic in either myself. Was really truly an honor winners. You know I remember riding on the bus on the way you are to be picking him. Literally. Whoever you are now with men who believe Mike felt. Let you know I was really wants to eighteen in baseball and I looked around the arts. That's where guards that were there are increasingly you know that the they're either all or were our. Mariano worker in it. A consistent greatness. And you know it humbled me a little bit of look around Petrino and it should concurred and great great as this is what your card or acquire so. Be honored grade students particularly and other politically hard but. Google Julian. In their own that's. Did you get any ought to Grassley here there'd be guys she'll swap autographs or jerseys or things like that you have anything now that you look back and go that's pretty cool you have up on your wall. You know I don't have them up among wall but yeah I would if it what. You're yeah you're. I don't know because we're gonna turn that you know the sanctity of it to the worked out there is basically a brutal flu are going to go out article. It and and I was able to cripple you in order to put them aren't part of an article around. Are individually. So yeah art and I was able to get our crowd. One EE. RC are not all that well there is no ma. There. And wow that now that I'm you know those were the three. Our shortstop some merit. Triumvirate and you're on a first name basis with them as a fellow all started so great. This Derrick I don't know Marlins hang in out. Barack and I mean look at the World Series and are there we're you know we're in the you know where we eat her for many years so Lotta Lotta battle. Got put back or there. That was awesome that's cool stuff all star stuff for anyone who thinks forgiveness and time juggle it the course you know play this this morning inflated and I had no current hot bath I've. My thought. Mean exactly way to go Randi thanks for joining us would do against him pal Eric I'd steal it and the best anyway thank you so much on the plane on plane later today. Nice in the Joseph Morgan are looking at and hopefully in the Joseph Morgan don't hate you behind nine now. Bad and it's impressive impressive last year at the at the Joseph Morgan I had a chance to interview him as a last minute thing I was super stoked because I had a day. Interviewing Dave Casper and others some of the great I. I did fifteen minutes of Jerry Rice one on one just mean to go to play he appease you know appear throughout the season Fossum on right here on 957 game awesome and then it comes down and have a chance to interview Joseph Morgan. I don't Joseph doesn't move around that great anymore he. So he comes over in his golf cart and he pulls his golf card gym as close to my tent. As he physically could cycle outside of Milo broadcast table and I'm interviewing Joseph Morgan while he's sitting in a golf cart. That about seven minutes without with a legend. They don't feel it that's amazing and it's cool that he got out there very it was really awesome might Clayton and Joseph Morgan a couple of years ago when he wasn't able to go. He was there last time yet it is it is amazing. To see one of the greatest of his era one of the greatest of all time. Asia is hanging out scene is just really easy going nice talk to it's really fence and the legends cannot to support yeah. Now knows this is low place and a lot of these events and it's you know when the call goes out yes you see a lot of these same guys like Ted quality of the guy who have gotten a note to Alter any. At these events begins ten is a guy former niner and former raiders area. Who comes out to these events and you know he get to know lot of these guys accordingly and replace Joseph more income with me. I'm visiting. Our embassy is just he just won a championship and let the guy arrest in the gala he's he's. I don't know you just wanna change digitally when to keep playing. I would love to but there's a certain amount espy also reparations that must be made after my four days ago. He's your good man must also account right now has over John and I know that finally. Our we've got more coming up on 9570. Gamely really yet we do is we're gonna talk about quarterbacks who are aging is that do you wanna talk. That's you wait that was the show we gotta talk about the aging quarterbacks like I got to say about this and number you know but I like I cannot think Bigelow was not an. Arnold that's kind of how it's how we do it pump you up at 530 in room when you at 9:30 AM bush never hit back hit. Harsh here we kill gives pathetic at their ass I cannot pass a and it's every man for himself only need a third gun for and now the TV I. Yeah fire engulfs an upper over there yeah he did see stuff Fareed it's time for the twelve caper date cash contest. Here's your chance to win a thousand dollars you text the code word phase. To 72881. Of that's phase 272881. This is a multistate contests message and data rates apply and cozy like that would he hit that in a kind of show you elect doesn't expect cash registers that goes forgive now thousand dollars cash. Thousand bones of their work and it's working for Maine cold hard cash we gave the cat we get a thousand around and we we had a listener who was the show was able to win that means that we were really fired up about. Odd off the attacks line for relates to just wanna make sure everyone knows eighties at the close of jingle playoff spot than the giants hash tag facts. Its sending three to three and a half giants are three and a half out of the second wild card the a's are three out of the second wild cards is that the case at that it was four and three and a half. I thought it was three in three and a half an you know I thought it was the all star break ground Cincinnati where the Cincinnati comes up. It's. Lead are crazy he's Cincinnati jacket I was fat chicken in its fourth three and a half. I like to have the audience know fat hash tag facts as. Jim the a's are eight out in the west the Mariners are five out of the last how many games behind Seattle does that put Oakland three thank you this John. And it's our four out of the last the threes they're right there and a half three and a half and it says for over there see their four out all the. It didn't you this. I got it up already they are giants four out they're gone that Israelis were happy to let this chair just walks over to his. If you seem to throw at you it's wrong Jim. Thought all right is that I'm fine I'm fine now did we want to let go we didn't let up. He goes yeah come to gives a stroller around right now he's got as you may wanna hit F five. Really that was the Seattle loss will be added yeah that'd be this cable over. All the and it goes he goes and it jumped 10 imagine yeah. A lot of he pallid and what it gives he gets out of his chair walks over its Max who's a who's your daddy yeah or else I can't refresh it enough. Now states right and it does and it is still back thanks so I don't let the courts did ESPN and LB dot com and a you know mine from the update person. I'm my and not wrong or right it's not. Break us farther right now since liquefied. Scurbel Lama and all right I'm the judge. Did when we go to break our we're gonna step aside we continue. Low once talked a forty year old quarterback asks why they're playing so long. Is it because there's a lack of good young quarterbacks in the game in these guys and get the job done. Joseph lo and did 9570. Game. Yeah. I leave here. Key. Have you ever been what are those unhappy customers walked away thinking if I ran that business I know what I do. 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Switch to sprint unlimited plus win for just 42 dollars for line put very for a limited time it's now 22 dollars to line when you bring her by her own phones. Business resource for that comes less unlimited local 101. Precious time goes from a totally discount one who limited commercials clippers recount features differ over coverage not available everywhere extra taxes fees and roaming pars new line subject to credit or dollar activation fees before Waxman's whose rules and restrictions apply. The only thing were interest in the what you heard is what you have to. Curious watch insightful intelligent and editing and DirecTV channel three point or you can play intelligent dot TV. Not least like seven the team. Cringing now made red hot and it could get keys here is the odds are there's quite tried and out of the scratches while I'm not a master. Has gone on strike that is that want to. Vanguard where the car you heard it here on knighted by seven to gain a sixty a final round one of the neighbors series goes to the green and gold after taking two of three from the giants. Oakland enters the all star break 55 and 423 back of the Mariners the wild card. Eight back on Houston team and finished fourth at 1548. And are in fourth place Indiana was four back on the Dodgers just the march 5. Lands on the DL with shoulder inflammation and many in the China trade is reportedly expected goes down during the also everything Dodgers Phillies embers are reportedly leading the race for acquiring the Orioles shortstop and we've got. Home run derby tonight at Nationals Park in Washington DC and friends when the fifa World Cup after taking down Croatia. Fourth did Ceylon manic had an idea here I'm mad at bat seventh and game. Chill blowing teams continue. On 9570. Games. 932 the time welcome everybody Chilo did Diane Jim Cozumel or seen for the vacationing feels forced and boss. I did in low are here to hold it down. I want to start some more not conversation on the National Football League you've got training camps opening for a couple of teams. On Thursday you've got. Forty niners raiders a little bit later on them and their camps look at Roland. One of the stories that comes out. Comes out today from the great Peter King. A pleasant new beaten used to be Monday Morning Quarterback. And now he right NEC and SI and now he writes for NBC. Right biggest create remove the offseason if you ask me how. Huge at a regular read for you. Now I like it. And I give them an imminent quarterbacks always good full of information during the season entering camps not only through top story here Aaron Rodgers the age of 35 B 35 in December. He tells Peter King you like to play until he's forty. Timor more quarterbacks playing upn H Brady do when it. Three's opening age. Your good buddy Philip Rivers holds Philip Rivers threw phillips' third he went 35. Wives and it was a little and it's great I love watching and sling it. Yet to see here injury was to was and league for three years before he got here and we drafted Phillips so he's 36 yeah he'll be 37 and December so right in there so I was sustained and that's Obama mad turning in his arsenal will house. It's a bold those guys get you looking helmet Philip Rivers. These guys get older but I think it'll more more quarterbacks now they see exactly their their their their. Self worth in their bargaining power and earning power and you see guys like Jimmy G. Give a hundred plus million car give hundred plus million in he got Aaron Rodgers all these guys are out here to Drew Brees is the Philip Rivers in Michelman got. These guys are making way more money than than than than someone like Aaron Rodgers and he's look at descent OK I want to say a six year deal. Why did these guys say six year deal here Tom Brady here Aaron Rodgers sometimes Drew Brees. These guys don't wanna play and a 45 in the senate well and our forties. And Tom Brady's not campaign is 45 Tom reasonably may be this year next two years Max. I really surprised Tom Brady after this season he's got. And ended in following years without a doubt he's done. So two years absolutely maxed out and played his 45 like these guys say that. Eight you know they love the game they still play at a high level. I don't think Aaron Rodgers want to plate usually forty I think that you'd they wanna get these countries here Enron's man been underpaid for the last several years and haven't done anything. He seemed car get a hundred points a million C and thirty million see all these guys you see what happened. My main got to lower their Minnesota. This sort of you know Euro your quarterback and you've been in league quarterback edit. Up for that long a time and and seen these guys surpass your. I don't think it's necessarily about the age it's about CN eight I can play till I'm there is that we act and get the amount of money that I feel gonna hold my. He's no question a big piece of the puzzle but if you're Aaron Rodgers you've won one super bull. You have been deemed up the last couple seasons somehow he can't finish sixteen games in a regular season and that's stinks to citing a good Aaron Rodgers is good for National Football League. But the guy he replaced. Brett Favre had a good season at the age of forty kind of won out. Competitive. Don't you wanna compete at the height. Everyone thinks of Brett Favre is that one of the greatest of his air right greatest of the great competitor. Or Roger don't you at least one equal. You want to but can he do here's the thing yet choice but I told you. Jewelry Tammy sue both he wins yes yourself how many Tom Brady went you look at certain quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers Jew breeze. Look at look you know you look at who else is another old Ben Roethlisberger you seasick how many Super Bowls have those guys want. Did you go look at a guy like car and symbols he would all due respect. Have any Yemeni Super Bowls crop a little Jimmy he he went net and he might have got brings but he didn't let them right. Right how many its quarterback to just let this old who just went to Minnesota. So when you look at certain these these amount of quarterbacks that are out there that make it a hundred million plus. And then look at the quarterbacks that once Super Bowl that our they're still making less than them. How do you think some of these guys feel so when you look at their body of work. They're not playing cornerbacks anymore for the body work they're paying him because. Potential they're kind of because they believe speculation so when you look did you know even you know mom guys over there of many eyes got paid you also look look for the did Detroit. Look at the money that's out there that these quarterbacks getting played eight. But are they giving the ultimate ship and that's a Super Bowl. In so allies court next to Aaron Rodgers and lie these guys that are one lies guys look at the San what are they paying these guys or. Is a difference in guys wrestling madame ball but are they winning championships. Look at Aaron Rodgers numbers compared to Jimmy garrote a little last year. Rodgers played seven games or apple played six games IDC Rodgers with the injury that was the big issue there it's funny because for drop below. He only plays because there was an injury. Is that right. CJ got third in have a concussion. He goes he goes in anyway maybe not that week but they're gonna get a look at drop out no question I don't think didn't they kept saying though that well we're not sure we. We get is a good chance of semen practicing right. Right I think once he was up to speed they're gonna put him in regardless it was maybe just a little bit more convenient for the team that. An injury was the one that forced his hand Alley you're not thrown. CJ bastard completely to the wolves in injury knocked him out technically. But you're gonna see Jimmy G before the end of the year no doubt and we hope CJ veterans all right yeah I could back up because edit the 49ers really did like the guy and I think it was a very good. Odd draft pick quarterback coming in place so young. And I think he did a fine job that was an expensive concussion hopefully they gave them a bag of unmarked non sequential bills as Joseph likes to say as as a token of their thanks for his effort is when he was out there jam. He was getting absolutely punished and battered. Behind me somewhat makeshift offensive line yet he was taken his lumps no doubt given credit eyes get motorboat and the guys get actually crashed out no question six games or Jimmy garrote flow. Completion percentage 67 point 4%. Aaron Rodgers and seven game 64 point 7%. Rodgers threw for 16175. Yards grapple for 15160. Yards as again who came in. And learn the playbook mid season is that far how hard is that today is that a simple. Think special court battle it's it's that simple I mean you never Regina different things you gotta. Go through so no it's not as simple is 23. Is that they're you better remember what it means a different guys when their lineup who's run on what's route. We you know missing will be decided you you know trooper right I. 495. Is whose run of four who's got the nine who's got the five it's a numbering system what you got to know where this trend side is in the who's got the first numbers so. It is different for quarterback who's got a book Demi sure is watched the play clock watching different defense is the defense you see. You know to ice safety once are walking down. Being able to check at a place yet I think that's very good what he was able to do and how effective Jimmy gee was was unbelievable dozen were. Does it merit 2224. Million dollars a year in fact that's that's another question you know I'm saying here's a guy Scott 34 you know 67 starts in his whole career. Did and now you given this guy would Aaron Rodgers what Tom Brady. Took for them to get and had to approve it for 5678. Years to go to make this got money so it's changed it's there. There are certainly in your right guys get paid now on the prospect of how good they're going to be. As opposed to a guy like Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady who should be making the most money but they're not. And partly they understand that it helps to strengthen your team overall if you end up taking less money maybe Aaron Rodgers is in a situation where he won't do that again. But Tom Brady Shoney's the blueprint where if you take. Middle money if you take half of what you should be getting and that money spent wisely elsewhere you're gonna get rewarded with a championship. You put Tommy does still timing goes in get that deferred money what Tommy says that I got my base at 1215 million you know what 2030 a bit of front so you think about what he's done. So yet it's based number comes down but he's making sure these get that guaranteed money up front so. It's different ways skinny cat and guy that lets. Your view is its money related. I think some I think these guys are in far better condition and can compete at a higher level. Later on their. I'm not saying these guys can't play. Imus and all I gotta. I don't good I'm guessing and a lot of times you hear the reasoning or wanna play five years on at least six years they shoot high because if he'd say I'll wanna play two years at three years. Now you can't stretch out the length of the contract and get more money up front sold with football you got to realize a lot of these contracts aren't guaranteed. So now these guys are saying OK if I do a five year deal. I can get 506070. Million guarantee and now my bases. Eighteen and twelve doll to a million a year fifteen million year because what I did has got to guarantee money. I have to get it's I can get it spread out titans say pay homage to a a six year deal worth 240000000. And thirty million but you know what. I am I the you don't have to give it to me all up front. But I went 75 over 75 million guarantee. And I can defer you see him pay me out on it but that money is guaranteed so a lot of guys that's why I'm saying goes they want the long term this second place 67 years. To get that guaranteed money. All right fair enough I agree. As well files yes follow in lock step up its counter right there right to bear down and out you know I'd like to Brady's Brady's in his forties right out. Roethlisberger really played as Ford until he's forty. I don't think so I think he's really start to break downfall part I think he'll be he'll be out before it turns forty breeze. Drew Brees he's 39 right lol yeah he's right that's thirty nights he's gonna get these are making he's gonna make it make heat's on a two year deal he's gonna make. Russell Wilson still too. Right I'd Philip would be the next logical one down the list up 36 with us seven children so I think he's got a good chance of a continuing to install only needs to play this Edwards and so I just a quick Google pretty he's guarding may ease the sign amid a hundred million he's already made Clement but here's think. Philip Rivers that this team which I believe they'll get to plus they don't Philip Rivers will not be charges after this year really. I've moan imprisonment it you'll prison deadlock prison that they don't go to the playoffs. It rivers will not be in LA. After this you know by the prison that right jam in you have to risk either a year of your life in prison. Or you get three million dollars on the other end so if you get your bet right you get three million dollars okay if you lose its one year in prison. Not when you're in jail it's not a deferred sends where you get house arrest now you go to San Clinton for 365. Days in room with Bubba are gonna get good time. And irrigated time off. Unity I get one day in prize money and are once served right exactly are you at the same church and saint here with me that the Phillip rivers not take or you were you ride. Boy it would be. Disastrous. For him to finish his career in another uniform he got a he's got to finish in the ball ass would do it again ask a question I mean are you. Locking it up you said Philip Rivers I just said if they don't go to prison baton. The right we we editor guy who that your guy. So that some tells me you're you know something. Isn't this isn't yet it says its own training hard and are present the plane. He's prison but in their eighties you know right Garrity without a doubt you take. I've been back more. I know you were honored I don't. Build alliances wink wink you're my guy that's very telling all week I coach is not a something did you or did you not play with the quarterback in question. But I it are you still in contact with said quarterback. That's dad and can't confirm or deny it but I've never yes yeah. Never Philip Rivers has never told me that ever it never indicated anything like never. So he ever indicated do you his frustration over the chargers San Diego Los Angeles and their losing ways they're constant losing. Know the role as perennial losers. As December door mats. As after thoughts come playoff time it'll. Your honor I have nothing further to turn off I think he finishes as a bull and lock it up but he's saying if they don't make the playoffs I don't. Then he goes elsewhere you're saying even if they miss the playoffs. I EU president dissed him on the imprisonment this I don't know what we're games you win you house arrested at both that would get us not to spend eight hours in your room or you get seven dollars I. Yeah I. Yeah house arrest Ellsbury took him. Mike and give you want I'll give you one name when he camp played at least forty within you know what this is great. Under the radar Alex and plane goes sort out how does that how James. He's got to be around the same age as one early rival heard 35 AM right in there right eight Iran Rutgers is about the same. Old 88 Iran that I heard in the 34. Well I think he still got some left in the tank I think goes a good move by the Washington Redskins about that that's good that's a playoff team that is good. I think that was truly how. Big Q. Those pretty hot friend played it Alex Smith would plane was 46 more years and remember. Alex Smith was number one overall back when you got that big money so we got a massive first contract. He's made probably close to a hundred million on field. So may be easy guys besides do. Tang a lot more. And a million in some pretty good deals that knee got the money like he Sydor early. Yeah I'd be interest and see it see what happens to Alex Smith like he's a very serviceable quarterback like Alex Smith I like 494. Million dollar deal. I thought that our. I did is he the guy who only was gonna get into the playoffs which can't write them all the way through the playoffs this year act which I'm not saying that's bad I'm saying that's the knock. Right here I think that certain situations. You putting me in you know you're you're asking yourself the failure. You don't put a Shetland pony in Kentucky Derby that you don't win. But he put shampoo only an engagement in the outfield and put your kids on the back and letting my eyes around he's a winner. You can't guess Alex Smith bought their rotator tear it up for. I think a lot of times coaches changed it's changed a scheming change everything else when he imposed OK Alex will win games. Now dual what got you there play lows due to things you got they got there and I think a lot of times is coach has put out Smith in a position a failure. Our good uptick to finish that 1947. The timing or 957 regained Jolo and dibs Joseph Fortin ball off on vacation ion Jim cosa more. Head down the homestretch a little bit more baseball is a report out of the athletics at Manny Machado. Is expected to be traded at some point during the all star break there was word that ball law was ready to trade him. But they would not allow him to Wear a different uniform in the all star any did not want that so they were gonna wait until he wore the Orioles uniform. At the all star game and represented them and then they were gonna move them. Which is kind of weak if you ask me if you buy you're gonna get something in the child pretty much say goodbye to everybody in Baltimore. After the ballgame the other day right so he gets moved there are three teams said to be most likely to look at him one as Philadelphia. One as the Dodgers. I think the third team and it's no rumors brewers are the third team right. If he goes to the Dodgers. If you're the giant your hopes of one of the dovish Earl. Right. Are the Yankees stolen. Yeah he's still in the mix in order channel services. Perhaps I Tutsi. And that. Starts to look at what are you put it right dirty so stacked around where I can put them and if you're the Orioles Jonas stare at that eighteen times a year. You don't but when your Baltimore. And you look at your situation and you are 28 and 69 let that marinate for just a minute blow Baltimore 28. And 69 and you're not even the worst team in the American League oh dubious honor goes to your Kansas City Royals well with the city rhyming with about how they've played for the majority of the year while which is to say quite poorly. Two teams and a dreadful two teams racing to the bottoms of your Baltimore. What good is much shot though. Get a bring you if the homers and every single out that the rest of the year. For Baltimore you still bombing the playoffs they'll think about that a few it's 300 home runs in the second half. Single handedly. Every time up in the bomb's key. You're still 25 games back I'm sorry you're 39 and a half back of Boston at the break forty games out that's trades. And it's almost time to put up their tragic number 'cause they're close to being eliminated sign on. That's ridiculous that's. Cabinet so bad in the game when teams are just so wretched because they wanna re rack everything and start from scratch intentionally ratchet and intentionally wretched. And you still gotta pay the regular price to go to the game but you know your team is gonna stink for that could be three to five that work out for the eighth ending the day Astros. You know it worked great for the Astros they were great for the cup 'cause he's right. And now look at these hardy mean to cease to fan base is still there though doesn't furlong time and for the Astros it was pathetic. It was a worse going to Astros game there are fewer fans and hold Astros game when they were trying to stink. That was going to these games in these games can be difficult we got 121000 fans at the. Yeah they they they bright and no I gotta get it again it and get it goes but. As people taint and for long term they're looking at big turnaround so. You look at what Daschle's and able to do it wants and and a team solid they got control a lot of guys he still can bottom make moves in free agency. It's a very good team that's built the way that a lot of teams wished they could go look no further and even basketball and fort saying you see the way. Brigantine Zurich Philadelphia 76 or right you see the way this suns do it. So currently don't have Owens won in the NBA do it that's they've won. In baseball but no one's won the title do when we go to Boston as a team that may be able to do it I know they've added pieces Gordon Hayward and carrier ring but a lot of those guys are homegrown players and based on more draft picks to come. So that is impartial. When you do in the NBA but to baseball and your point about earlier in the giants if the giants were to try to undergo. Some sort of a dramatic. Rebuild. Like Kansas City is like Baltimore is like Houston did it. It took Houston more than a couple of years and Houston didn't have that high bar of attendance and revenue driving that these giants team does so. It's gonna be much more difficult for the giants to do that in Houston. Cultured did a year you're you're you're warriors coast bank about beating tank intentionally. But think about what motivated to get Harrison Barnes and educated player but I know you're saying now and extended a monetize it you see with what they got. Let you talk about Boston home drafted guys in now because they drafting well it afforded him to butting get a Tyree. Look at where the worries is afforded them because they drafted well not a formal gaga Katy if you. Are giants. How disappointed are you that you don't see. You know the Phillies are going after on the Dodgers are going after you don't see the giants. How disappointed you're not that disappointed if you have a circumspect view of the organization and where they sit because they are right up against. The luxury tax threshold and if you go into that then you're gonna have to pay more money you are as a fan that team we'll have to pay higher luxury tax is exactly so. You're not looking at this team this year and thinking if we get much shot though. All the sudden for the team to beat the World Series favorites I think you looking your team right now below the threshold. And you think this team is may be good enough to squeak in at. As the second wildcard in a people with the China we are to argue better than. May be the team to squeaking and for the well are possibly but what's the risk the downside is next year would you try to go on get Bryce Harper if you try to re sign Manny Machado is going to be a free agent. Now you're over the tax again and the penalties becomes steeper sell the team clearly has. Maine an internal decision to stay below the threshold. And compete as hard as they can with what they have and you know what. They're right there there are only certain what four games out of the wild card right now OK sit at. I sometimes wonder the offense is hey come off. We pay a lot of email a lot of money over the time we've paid a lot of money over time you're right in the thick of things. Now's the time you got Adam you said you wanted to right handed bat right. Here it is you don't have enough pieces to get much auto without trading one of your Major League mainstays you're not going to be able to go Helio Ramos and Joey Bart no and a player to be named later that's not going to be enough. You did throwing Chris Shaw. You did throw in. You know Chris Stratton Indy Suarez now we're looking at actual Major League pieces to make this deal work and for what. For many would shot over sixty games and its ideals which otros if the Dodgers get him in your giants fan. But you hang your head just a little bit. Yeah I think you do but you already look at Max Muncie in you figure. Jay is what this guy come from ultra DA's Adam. So Yuri scene at dodger team that is so stack and so loaded that they you have to deal with other teams only the Dodgers are your worry it's Arizona. It's Colorado. It's Atlanta. That odd that I've done. Lol you get not geared up tonight you know what he got to where we going to be when you watch the home run derby well I know you're excited you're gonna have you go where your Macs Muncie Jersey. I actually don't noodle soup will soon. Did you go to their due to a is that how you want my patio and he wanted to end that he and not delay it meaning you would we had a good show though did. And Italy these guys you know I'm gonna head probably down LA and in just they'd just get away from mule goes he's off for a couple days come on writing where and you gonna be off your going to be away. I gotta get it does he wanted to run. I'm outlets now justice and is it when things you do make you make a decision about 839 today. I made about two minutes ago senior watching you been a while I'll pose honestly you're making a personal I'm Kos because I love you you're great person. I look both you guys show is absolutely amazing. It's a joke it is it's it's a show for busy folks that are up we've really Avalon and move on we keep the moment. I think that we had a lot of great topics what are you gonna do and I'll let me well I got to meet you know you'd find. At. We feel John Rossi for the you don't exactly are you mean you're gonna totally unknown I don't know but it did there's some issues things I need to take care but no I'm definitely back it just because we're hidden some hot baseball topics tomorrow baseball probably in the charm we gotta top thirty. That Reynolds we got rich sermon his comments about Seattle in that corner of new direction there's so much. Baseball we got that's like every which way to get more and more stuff in today. Because he's not going to be around you want to try an unlikely all week to talk about the new topics on there validates this it are that's gonna do is that it is that it. Colonial until it lays out. I'm Kim though some are in for Joseph support Obama by the time. I some game. 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