Final Hour – Final Trivia Face-Off, Matt Barrows joins, Free SWAG

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Wednesday, April 18th

Hour 4. Joe, Lo and Dibs are joined by Matt Barrows (covers 49ers for Sac Bee) to get his qualifier for claiming you’ve visited a city or state. We talk about the upcoming NFL draft and get his take on what Bucky Brooks had commented on earlier about a draft shakeup by the Patriots. We get into search history advertising, free t-shirts, and whether or not your city/state visit counts. Hmm.


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Sowers ever you didn't get out of the car however if you stop and you have a four hour lay over an airport you can't count that. How could I just I feel like you don't really get to experience at least a little bit of the app at least when you're driving three years seeing the sites you're seeing everything but he's got an airport. So where where is it where does it officially saddle. Yeah I don't see it counts if you're they're physically on the ground it counts whether or not you're in the airport. Or when you're driving through in your vehicle you're in the state and to think about it in more complicated terms and that you're just trying to hurt yourself. Yes and in the air flying over the state no it doesn't count your 37000. Feet if you're driving. In pursuit of love and yes I slipped on account Sloan thank you for that the constant reminder of my heart break makes me Philly really gonna like this morning and what did you live. Here and I think there are a lot of people driving around that can relate to that story if you feel the the only one that's suffered heartbreak you don't. I'm really wanted to go from Baltimore to self growth and Vermont for love I can guarantee that and when I went through Pennsylvania. I can say that I I've been to Pennsylvania but I won't say I've been to Philadelphia even though I drove through there because I didn't actually physically get out and look around I don't know the first thing about. Downtown Philly other than what I soft now on free but no one's asking you about downtown Philly run them over say have you been to Philly you would say now. Right you've failed I don't know what I did their subsequently so I'd have to say yes but at the time I would've said no because I just drove by. I just skirted. Screwed by a all 95 tangential yes on 95 and wasn't backed up that day is kind of nice flown good. Matt barrows covers the 49ers Sacramento bee he's joining us now here on 957 the game match you do a lot of travel for your job so you Obama will bring you into this. What's the qualifications are saying you've been to a city or a state does a layover count. Oh I have a much stricter. Litmus test than you guys do but I do we have to spend the night air to count that as a state that you you've been through. What does this Castro's Cuba. You know I got I got a good list going Natalie got a few states that I haven't done that poor show yeah I thought I thought about this and that the spent the qualifier that I used. But I mean do we should only be gotten on you that leave the qualifier. Way to get an airport that but finding its. There it is that it Italy qualified that's really nice job lazy when you're able to jet set around to some of the finest locales such as Green Day in Sheboygan. I disagree they do yeah I mean I'm not all of us can be like you mad but. Yellow diamond peak is 56 should be. They're rednecks know lavatory and I'm thinking yeah and I'm writing style here. Are you got mad male co sleep and on your on one side and Sammy in the drone on about how great his life is on the other side. You bought into. You know that you just nailed this seemed perfectly right there. Does it you gotta love us like you take shots at them let's be clear mad temples here and 9570 game all eyes for us here started turn toward the draft next week. And what the niners might do. At nine what do you think the likelihood is now of them selecting a linebacker in light of the trouble that room fosters and. I think it's I mean you have to add any had to back bad. They going to be a couple of really good linebackers right around that kick in and you put those together and I'd say that. Intimate Edmond from Virginia Tech. Broke once men from Georgia and then probably link of Fitzpatrick. The defensive back from the Alabama. Our year to read motion likely guy is that a gonna go pick nine and obviously it'd depend a lot on what. The Buccaneers in the bears do read before patent suits going in both of those teams had you'll basically been looking at the same. Guy age. They have very similar need the 49ers so it's it's going to really come down to what the puck from the bears do. These video of The Who the 49ers take Connecticut that have Alabama you think this can be a pass this year even admits there. I think that. EU you have to look at the Alabama guys a little bit more carefully scrutinized in more but. They could Fitzpatrick from appeal everything I've read in and seen and heard it's just. A great guy and does not have any of the all the field baggage. Coming out that wouldn't Foster did choke in this case I don't think that that would be a problem. There are guys fell in the trap that do you have red flagged the 49ers had spent a lot of time we had. LSU defensive and ardent heat for example. He's got the red flags attached to him initiated the good questions they like him they like late does a lot they eat at a position of need. And structure for them. Does this Ruben Foster experienced now making a model that. I would have to guess that the injury yet. But it's it's gonna be a you know we shall see type of thing do they bring in any guys with two those nine picks. They have this sort of similar off field character concerns. Matt barrels from the Sacramento be joining us here on 957 to game time to revisit this conversation. What's the likelihood in your opinion that the niners end up on hard knocks this summer. And I think it low. They don't want beyond it it and I do think though that they have escaped. A lot of the things that he might wanna avoid Nokia want to be a hard knocks no team wants to play in the hall of fame game. No team wants to go to London or Mexico City lower or somewhere else in the forty niners really in in recent years have. Avoided all three of those so it's gotta pay the piper at some point. And I just wonder what it's going to be there's been a lot of talk about a game in Beijing. Or somewhere in China. And I just wonder warned that is put in place whether the 49ers are going to be. One of its routine that that that plays over in knots but Fareed. What happens if both teams land they play and then they get on the plane and fly home if god didn't spend a night. They don't think you are. Oh certain that they you have to spend the night at least 198 if you're gonna go to bass. That's true we'll check with an account. For it doesn't he play Jamie is he didn't spend and I had love that map browser. On the 95. Point seven began as we look toward the draft and we see. The 49ers at nine and you look at a team particularly in New England Patriots who might be looking in a succession plan. At quarterback do you see a scenario or the patriots may. Try to trade up ahead of the 49ers and perhaps the 49ers are a situation where they might look to deal that pick and move back and draft. Yes absolutely immediate it'll depend on what's offered them but did they don't have their own the 49ers don't have their own second round pick this year. And bill a lot of guys that they're looking at. Our our in that early second round range in the I'm sure. The 49ers would love to sort Greek week who debt taken maybe gain. One or two other ones. Bill to begin at midnight bigot and have the 59 pick that the that the big gap. And I'm sure they would love to armed pill addiction and make up for that with a trade. The other but we'll still have to Bertram picks that the patriots have 21 round picks now they're not very high. The patriots in the 49ers obviously have a good. Front office to front office relationships. Given what happened in October show on BI I think that's that's definitely. A paid eighty scenario to consider. He definitely an and that's what I was gonna follow up when you think about Tom mentioned in you know Belichick their relationship do you think that this is something that. That could happen with the patriots and they they're they might trade and other teams but don't you think it's more likely with the patriots that. It's. Right you've you've you've got that relationship would put hawkish and it is also a good relationship with Denver's front office. Event that's stepped oftentimes how these things work hoo boy know who like crushed who go to work within an obviously there's the 49ers and patriots. Have their relationship. I forget what the number is from last season but Alex David John Lynch made at least. For maybe in five trade. Though over that the three days toward one of them to acquire a player could pre bid say a running back. So I mean he is very. Willing to to jump around and I'd be surprised if they end up would the exact nine picks that they have right now at the end of the day. Matt barrels from the Sacramento be joining us here on 957 the game. We have got to be really close to the release of the 2018 NFL schedule. Comes out every April right around this time so I'm assuming we it's going to be within the next week or so. Any idea how the league might handle a few of the niners key games for example when do you think they might slot that rader at niner game. Well it did they scheduled coming our op on Thursday at 5 PM the way they always do it with a big broadcast and stuff like that's a little lower real fast. But yet that's that's one of the marquee games means. The 49 years we're one of the hottest teams at the end of the year everybody's talking about them they got paid I'm very. You know a lot on TV photogenic Kelly today. Quarterbacks so they are going to be on national television they're they're probably gonna before games on national TV. I think the raiders indeed a very good candidates I I think that. To me that rammed are the biggest candidate. You know especially to maybe even start out the year on Monday Night Football they would like to have a West Coast game. In net the net leader's slot for that Monday night game. Bill that is they wanna play up this new north counts okay our rivalry to writing team. Make good neighbors to Shanahan go off first is garrote full well there are a lot of storyline that did the national networks in. Cannot jump upon. With the 49ers this year. Check him out of Sacramento bee is one of the best in the business at covering the 49ers. Barrows joining us on 957 game mad as always thank you so much for your time we appreciate it take airmen. So the schedule on Thursday if I yep tea sighting yet here already and April virtually. And that's gonna make for crazy Friday we got a warrior game. Thursday night so the schedules coming out right when warriors warm upstarts because the game is at 63010. Out so warriors warm up all star race here and to present in the game at five. Will come in the next morning. We're going to be hot on the schedule out on the game without a doubt everybody's written just show up at 559. Pretty mindless pretty much don't have to hand tomorrow we can get into us some of the projections over a bit like Mike Mattson how many prime time games. Where that raider game might Pollack says at bats yeah. You have that set beds and let's get some real good funeral takes ready for Friday at oh yeah everyone every Taylor is possibly set for a funeral. All right. Hard knocks is possible and everyone goes on hold we will turn it over to you next here on Jolo and did I present in the. Now back to war wins he appears Jolo and did some. That's right career Wednesday's Bucky by Porsche a Walnut Creek 181017. Premier portion dealer. And Freeman the client is just name in the Bay Area since nineteen points do. Embark on a journey into the hidden world of coral reefs of any new planetarium show. Expedition wreath at the California academy of sciences in San Francisco get tickets at cal academy dot org. Four visit the contest page at 957 in dot com for a chance to win a four pack of tickets to check it out. Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that if you search for something on the Internet. For the rest of your life every website you go to is gonna have advertisements for that product. Yes yes it's a reality in it makes you think twice when you're working or you're trying to like Google on the slides it all man fight if I knew that. I might get ads and pop ups and everything geared toward that one. Search Mike. I search for a pair of sunglasses and everywhere I go I inundated with ads for those sunglasses until I eventually just relent and by those sunglasses Iman and even like him anymore but I need the ads to go away yeah and then you buy him and sure enough I rarely see the ads are we don't go away. I mean I'm right now I'm faced with ads everywhere for a product I have not purchased and I'm wondering where the ads for all the stuff I recently purchased yeah noted we found it's interesting I. I'm kind of thing with New Zealand I do a lot of New Zealand radio so I do New Zealand searches to see what they're talking about some up to speed for example there. They're prime minister is pregnant she'll be just the second sitting democratic leader in history to have a baby. While in office estimating that absolutely fascinate she's going to be on The Today Show either today or yesterday. But I do a lot of New Zealand search this all the pop ups in my various feeds are. Why does human error New Zealand coming New Zealand they want me there bat. Because of my Google searching that kind of what kind of material do you write down there you run political material mainly American political stuff a little bit James color me you know little bit economy in the Russian. Election packing and in a lighter material we're talking about the southwest. Does the plane got claiming yesterday accident there I am about that. Some just that kind of thing so sent me text that one of these pilots was from the war. Or get a lot of flying at an Natali Morris or airport there yes yes we do have that in any hassle more than naval air station you play he's a naval pilot yes yes to wars when the largest military bases. In the in the US. That's eighteen to their that is bringing in another 101000 people come in more it's like Astec final ROC there because it back there's another 101000 people come into the local area you try to take advantage of the situation. Of the military pit baby places that you during the military favour yes that's love man American Greg okay that's that's very noble. So you're gonna buy the property and then rent free in the military can use it I had no idea. Didn't score that well the UV I'll. Timmy Joseph Schultz by the way hero okay seized the pilot unlike. Mr. monopoly over here trying to snatch up all the properties and raise the rants on the military in a hug which will trickle down to the taxpayer so thank you. The military unaccountable taxpayers military and they would pay that you despite in the Leos go to our human human illness when he got a he's getting their stagnant. You're gonna take their statement their statement comes from where the taxpayers exactly Muslims they summer I'd love to have to say somewhere I'd look for you to step up and use this land. Help all of this land held our military this and is now I NN. Indeed our d.s a stipend that's more money that he views elsewhere and it would lower our taxes and that people would vote trio. The noble cause. I use the word look noble and these are laughing. Says you're me you never cease to amaze well. Wells for the holes and an entity here can get yelled at for the trivia contest we just it is if I intentionally gear it towards the man rather than the woman I'm looking at that thing actually I'm reading a script it. That's the case to put it I mean issues and I had me in Napa heavy bags for the phone call your thoughts on the warriors. Yet there's a ticket McCall and thank you goes for doing what you do every morning and especially thank the original expert and her. But yeah I I I'm predicting they're in and three they might lose a game in the coming period that that article in the game. Our experience at all on that that group and this does not mean. To play the first half but they did come back it looked. Come out what the outcome that they did just proves that they're is that there is about which you know and down. No I have one thing alone wanting to do it. Low you keep talking about well brought. You're gonna go. Two Ohio injured Peter king of the 0% of the no and did about it and and about Fisher epic game. You're wrong. I'll bringing material back from a few days ago right interest and I'm wrong loyal listener right then integrate Lesnar right there are even nice had gone wrong. You know you can win a teacher if you want to feel like you're going to be pressured into it. You spend as much money you spend to go away or game only to be ridiculed on the video board. Isaac customer would find that to be eternal. The power. Of something that's free. We'll never cease to amaze me especially the free teacher. The year the saints and the colts played in the Super Bowl in Miami and it was 2009 with. I'm down that I'm covering for the website used to work for and we get a much T shirts and and yet it was given out spread the name of the brand we just launched this website. Some sit there and I'm like man I wanna be given out shirts Saturday night in South Beach but whatever you do you do it's like how Moses and take out of that we 5060 shirts. Maybe like thirty minutes or so. We walk out to Ocean Avenue. And we just kind of hold one up we get somebody. And then were attacked like that seen in black hawk down. And five seconds later all the teachers are not. Surprise you did this don't did you deal I didn't I started chucking them up in the air and watching people scramble with one another old front and it was just fascinating to me from that moment forward. The power of the free T shirt. It will get people to do things that would never ordinarily get them motivated to do anything. Leave we needed to get congress to pass the budget just dangle free T shirts in front of everybody the budget will be passed later that day. It is truly fascinating you've been to a game you know what the warrior playoff games lower bowl is still with individuals who for the most part have means. And yet when they fire the 86 T shirt up into the air everybody jumping these individuals will stab each other they will risk incarceration. For manslaughter. In order to get their hands on that eight and teacher that they probably will never winner. And I've never been able to really place my finger on why that gates. It can I feel special and you feel like a winner when you get that she shared with launch in the sky and it's done randomly for the most part. And it's Cumming Georgia there's that brief moment where you can reach up and grab that shirt and you feel like you're somebody is not about that the shirt. It's about the emotion that attach about a moment it's about feeling like a winner and I always think back to. When the sharks went to cal house the first he seizes San Jose Sharks hockey and they had Fan Appreciation Night. And they were throwing knees give way for his knees into the crowd. After the game I want and one of these and I might have been liquefied might have been like vacation sensation no way for is because over my head. It's loose our younger fan goes forward. I might a gotten their first might have been a jump ball situation but I wanted to frisbee more than any else slide. I went to war I wrestled with a child it's how I wouldn't say it did look good deals so. Jump of course I am is 82 and a then make you better. He said he was young guys and little that I did yeah and in feeble helpless blind actually in both this best turns out it's the getting the president or any of the frisbee. Terrible is it's not because I wanted to have this seven sentry did it because and that fleeting moment I wanted to feel like I got something for freeze the power free. And does that it's okay visits to apply those to a guy like me just handing he shoots out. On Russian Avant. People were swarming me you know we also have these really crappy hats. People work we're doing anything to get peace deal if there's only one or two that people will mail that no matter what even if you had the shirt you're given people gonna grab they believe that it that's the last one but that but people think but even and and that's I don't disagree with that I don't disagree with within this thing but when I'm standing there and I got. Fifty and I can't want to the first person clearly there's a a large amounts in front of me. The next person walking away what all what is that other one I had it didn't notice right why. Why are we want so hard wired that if someone dangles a promotion and trying to view we need to work really hard for six months you might not do it. That if you don't get on this prescription and to see the doctor you could dot. We delay these things we honestly do there's this great study about how how a large percentage of people are more likely. To go get medicine medication for their dog and give it to the ball properly and to do it for themselves. Why. Make excuses it's out there. But the fact remains is free T shirt. It's like you dangle free teacher and people will go wild for. What is that about us because I'm not saying. I've always wanted to free to shoot I had my way and I'm not gonna trample anyone at this age but it becomes an in my vicinity I'm probably gonna try to make a plea for why we like as free stuff it's just because so what's the idea that it's just three that I can get something. For nothing. It's the idea of getting a win because in these days. Hot cakes and funeral takes an and a jumping on me for taking a frisbee. How old was young men and you feel that constantly surrounded by losses in this world is bad beats your in traffic. You get a parking ticket he and feed the meter in the big visa. You wife is on yet. You kids get bad grades your car needs a new tune up everything's a loss and then for that brief moment that fleeting moment whether it's you wanna save wearing your plan monopoly. And you open up your monopoly take you need a free bagels like you don't want. I'm not they can about the fact that 64 cents for a bagel I want. I am a winner in this moment if it's a free T shirt that's worth nineteen cents or if it's something that's being handed out. If it's free and you can get it you feel like a winner of that brief moment. If this show if they show had established the opposite of the funeral take you be getting that right now because that was tremendous job right there is trying to shop I don't care. We did you what the funeral takes either of you get a break your mind yet is bring them off I guess we don't have the opposite her funeral to be you would get it I think that's a that's a very well they live out rationale as to why. People lack like I if what if we right now if we walk outside the studio and on that coffee table. Is free food which happens sometimes and radio stations Timmy surrounded by our coworkers not because they're particularly hungry. But because you want free food OK I don't I don't know if those two go hand in. I don't know of those who had killed a funeral music you can almost always find a way to eat a doughnut or bagel or piece of pizza when it. Right almost always if you I know that's easier if you put a sound as and 25 cents for a donut or even ten cents people wouldn't even pay a dime. Because they want free they wanna feel like. This is free. I just came up on a free whatever is it they want freer they want lack of effort because he give you ten cents chances are they don't have a dime. So now they need to one car truly need to go somewhere and find it now I know me a dime can get you out of the academy are army Newser Cody who. If you owe them that and then my lap and we immediately now my guy paid me. Ideally these days it is interpreter architecture had everybody yeah I talked. Now if he's down. Guess what. Silence radio silence it's almost like your McConaughey hey float around in space in the movie inception just hoping someone punch out. Now news flash no one ever collection out. Among them and say there we go. The suit is is is movies eight. Actually be eight installment of the moon base franchise or is it about the eighth moon base on the mode. I was wondering. Have there been seven of moon based movies or is this a movie about. All these moon bases and it's specifically focused on the eighth one that movie district nine lot of districts but they're focusing on district night. Miraculous this focusing on the eighth the moon base or is it the eighth installment of the moon base franchise it's gotta be eight moon base ago that's it but you audition for this movie and don't now. Gay days and over the script this and mr. Neil would love a few partition for this and musical partner and article that Ethel was ready and they didn't the only search no character development and now he's pay for ball drop everything you're doing and come over. And I appreciated as its back it mr. did you did do a great you're good to get back to what it was a big you know let's assess people have been asking for this. For a while. Lets you roll reverse yes you become a host that'll make immediately. And did you become law. You wanna do it. You you're a reversal to rehab yeah you stick it in the U I know that this is major interruption into everything that's going on back there but do we have the music for how the show starts. Now we can queue up and play like ten. And this will be the start of our segment demeanor around Baghdad yes sorry about that guys that's on Amazon may. I'm mellow until about one time you posted up on accident let's have a look at that. Love you're gonna play gel did your gonna be lull not gonna be dead Zaria. Absolutely I could agree with you more I cue the music when you're ready. Videos and don't tell us. Honolulu and kids on 9570. My home. And I ten and I ten and I. Good job that was good long way to go way to go boo welcome it's Wednesday it's not taco Wednesday what is he using let's go with a keel Wednesday. Welcome it is Wednesday you know we're gonna do already get invited topics you know what did is most dumpster cooking. What do you think about New Orleans the other night. Hello mr. diddley who are. I'm sorry I just had a couple things going on here at the moment. You're getting could hardly know what date they might not win I don't know time will tell time will tell. I could agree with you more dips. To Russians. And it he had anything to say because it right now we're trying to do radio only got two words that it were until they're mean this is a radio I'm out of words coach enough. I'll sixteen years the ring him up well with that being said sue let's go to commercial break note guys seriously let's button up what we are we in a button up. You know I look at this war your teen guys delicate invention look at the role players in this team I think they have a great chance of when in this NBA title can't. And we think about what Livingston was able to do in 92 number two guy this really sticks out the new show on Livingston. And it's time that I'm sorry the dollars Joseph when you look at the dollar. Do you think that this guy's gonna head into another MVP of the NBA finals. I can't do it again they're not sorry as I get good. Puzzling Peta puts John drops a candidate Nash yeah. I don't happen I was looking for my could not find your. Job and and quite frankly and honestly just enjoying. There's so much I'm just I'm sitting back. You can sell me short right now you make it seem like an emergency if it's got actually six I'm interested to see how this plays out I just kinda wanna watch okay. What is gonna watch it Coke and a half ago. In other words you know I'm not I'm out of words oh my words I'm out. Or since you guys are both down I guess I'll have to take on the job. I look at it tonight there's going to be great game tonight and I'm really looking forward to seeing what how LeBron James responds. It's been called out the situation where the Indiana Pacers are up one game they lost at home. This a big moment for LeBron James in the cavs. Why is all. He really. The and I blow with your LeBron this guy over the last eight years to come back. I'm gonna make it. It's going to be interest in the seat because of the fact they are down. To put together this team that doesn't have a lot of suspects. He's got a riled. Hood different guys come from different places the lakers can he made this teen step. And beat up. So if LeBron is going to do this he's gonna have to carry this team tonight on his back and it's gonna take over thirty from LeBron and I are. I could agree with you more now I he's an easy constant pro he's one of the great athletes we've seen he's never been to Pittsburgh but I. Whenever he handles it in and and Toledo gives the okay oh they're just lending. To push more buttons they did you notice that bush right we'll see also. Jamont. Well done yet dream on I love trees are. Carl Lewis had there. I love Carlos. Thank you to push and drove OK okay now. I read this on a monster well I don't know doesn't get. It's got to leave the buttons along your stern and little overboard you know lucky. But no over their dips in Banda but anyways I really believe tomorrow I'm looking for I'm looking for the looking forward to another game tomorrow. The dubs it's going to be interest in you see how they going to San Antonio. And show the world that they're gonna be three they're gonna sweep and no and oh did you don't think they're gonna sweep I don't think you think it's gonna move in DC instead of five maybe six. But I really believe that this is going to be a sweep I think if you look at what the depth is up against. Against the team that is older they're going into Tina doesn't have the death. They don't have the youth. When you have to depend on LaMarcus Aldridge to carry your team for that long pass and Christmas. And they were you looking at that Jamal do you give it to an anomaly he's old and over forty years all its can be interest I just don't think they have it did I think that this is. And over rose by Sunday Mahan by Sunday said he thinks anti unable leaving get one of the two I know they're so solid home and home records there you you think it ends it's asleep they go on like that this. You have to play you know you have like they did the other night no one of the first half they played well kept it close but. Even need to solid paths finally set offense entertains but defense wins championship just look. And then and what are they showing a guy I get to understand you Sam Lowe but what do they show you these two games I mean I think the plea to paper path. What do you showed why do you think I think this week. I think they can shoot the ball a little better dean I really don't need to what do you. Mary get it right there. Get argumentative joke right they're dialing down. Nicely done to compose yourself well you bushel well a lot of curve balls are thrown your way it's not easy he got a paving yet to move back and forth to get to deliver analysis you did really nice job. Hold on. Car. Okay. Yeah. A shut out cold Steve this is his page of buttons I kept scrolling I don't know where did it because I have no idea. I was just hitting all these buttons and apparently this thing popped up and I just started smashing all of that was pretty good actually I got into them he's pushing buttons after a while smoking ads but it does keep talking pigment on Leno is difficult is the timing of the budget got the right buttons in the right spots and had mauled the right kind of did it's an artwork. In terms of timing it's comedic timing it's it's at its highest for you put yourself very well over it. I do and I would say now that's a nice thing to save and that was items and at that point that you made some face it was like most evil look on your face of polarity is I found a paycheck it works at a bunch of warriors clips. And these clips of women do play a highly from the sixth inning is don't you don't hell's going on you got that I had a victim and a posted up great means I'm sure you get from the would amass a lot. How exciting is a bit confused as to how to handle all of that. That first died in the guru who are coming up next. For did strata for a while I'm Joseph thanks for hanging out with us today everybody we really appreciate it back tomorrow at 6 AM right here on 957 game.