Final Hour 8-13

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 13th
Urbs and Guru talk to Eno Sarris and then play killers and kooks.

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Because live radio it's fun it's unpredictably got just laugh about it. Young Nick Brown flying solo as our executive button pusher for the first time today and he has weathered the storm. Masterfully let's see if he's figured out how to make his voice heard. On 95 Sony their fault though if it doesn't line on nick give you figured it out. Nick the work yesterday they scared though I can hear him during the break but I can't hear when the show is on and so. More technical difficulties more I don't know citizen texting and just for everybody involved we won't read it right. Now what was it what was it about I didn't see it yet. On into the controversial now is just about the the root of the food day. Yeah and I don't know that I don't wanna I wanna turn this into rip DA's food service and what would never do that I love my time. Over there at the Collison and or go to the unit I just I'm dreaming of the new state. I think one of the problems in this is this a slight you know detour from what we're gonna do for this entire segment. Which is good from about ball killers and two to anything else you would like this talk about. But. Do you think maybe the fact that the variety of menu items has expanded so much that maybe they're spreading themselves too thin like. Hate to go Lavar ball but staying in line. You this stand does let's say AT&T park you do garlic Fries and brought worst. This stand idea sushi in that whatever that the other one not Joe's right death but. You go to some stands and like they're trying to be all things off us that haven't seen active I give Oprah credit in that Betsy it's. The not Joes the not too narrow the focus yet that pizza the pizza would there. I don't see that makes it like when you go to these gas stations and as children donuts I don't want my donuts for. I don't know he specializing gassed but you just named the gas station right off the the exit closest to my home and the billboards league you'd like to do now. And it's like it's did you make of I fell for the trap right I walked in there and it was like a week after. They installed the stuff rodeo bar right up with your own topics. And I thought this is great so I went in there I got my due. My my swirl I got my swirl on the that the chocolate and no other herbs into rue right. It's I threw some gummy bears on top bit. I threw some cookie crumbs all let me hungry now what I didn't realize is that gummy bears her handyman. And all of a sudden an ice cream and I thought I was gonna pay like. Three dollars for 748. Because a gummy bears are so heavy in your charging by the and I don't like that because a gummy bears did hall or in the need to write this off Demi what was I thinking of putting gummy bear on ice cream as bad for ball thank you very monotone. I argued Tommy could Miami town. Miami Tom viewers Miami Tommy come from he's a dolphin there and so that's when a storm iPhone are. She could suffer nick since my wife has across autumn opera why ethnic. How subtle go to nick algo Y from the wife Nanette. That's big time and I put a pitcher operative who is just okay so sir your wife has a crush. On women young studs here in 957 game lump Limbaugh with this week you know who my wife has a crush on. Art forget now. Are now would pass a man nice eyes yeah pain keeps himself in fantastic shape but. Really our panel catches my hundred when my favorite guys in baseball where I'm at now. Berlin I think he's doing. Houston Astros baseball some on air cellular and again dude he's one musher guys and all of the game ever had a beer with them yes I made a mistake of telling him my wife had a crush on him right. These are regulated how. Here's how mariners out cannot go peers out into baseball I was one time Wore us out we covered more games than any other beat writer. On the be right. And in the offseason. Where is this Susan saucer would get most of the offseason off because she works a much during the Susan. We had to keep the web site fresh so we had to work three to five times a week. During the season I had a couple of days off which was rare. But this is during the time with the hottest Chavez died Hudson Moeller cedar Ramon Hernandez I don't wanna miss that tee long right and so I'm watching the game at my house. Right on my day autopsy is down left and already my practicing their whipping. And they show Art Howe on the top step of the dugout. And my wife just like is almost like a reflex and involuntary. Expressions just hearsay under her breath but loud enough for me here when they zoom in on our how I hear her ago. Just stopped ago you met art house just he's handsome. Likewise she's always liked older man she likes power lunch money on everything and I'm not a lot of that last night but I make the mistake of not so funny that I tell art about it the next time I'm with Iraq when I get back to the beat. Are to funny dude he's underrated in her stack clintons so when I transition from beat writer to other platforms in mount yet. Radio for instance I would have him as a guest the first time I had him as a guest I introduce him he says hey Michael nice to hear for being. How is your wife doing. Every single time now how's your wife during every single time there's you don't want. You don't want a cal Ripken Kevin Costner thing I asked when after the streak was on the line and they shot like laugh. In my I'm buying that are you really and a aren't so we have organ that we're done with the food safety. You're not gonna die if you buy food at the consensus. On golf as yet that's that's your take away from our fruits it due date. Is it hot dogs the other. News there he was a large Caucasian man houses two and we've got a surprise guest from the athletic at 1115. Pretty excited about this I know we've against his. You might not know Maria you do you're seeing the same screen that I have no idea that different in listening to me lately you know that avenue. Sports media man crash we be hearing from him at 1115. You do not want to miss it. Right now we're staying on you know. Most radio stations you have a break it every fifteen minutes here on five certainly game. They kind of acknowledge the fact that host sometimes get on a roll you wanna keep Monroe also the top of every hour we go. From the top of the hour to 45 about that we can stay on a roll. Sorenstam on our role is not to be interrupted it's going to be enhanced fire surprise guest. What I wanna start out with this because we've done good for ball back for ball sort of we haven't been pillars in coops at all. We're gonna kinda national together what I wanna start with. Is some sound from the Little League World Series now and the first one let these kids down though. And Tommy are producer pointed this out. They they're Smart enough now there media savvy millennial enough to know. That when they fill out this little questionnaire at the start of the term that that's going to be on the air right. And so here's my moment to shine here's my fifteen minutes I'm gonna make the most Obama made it so. We put together some sound here. I mentioned Lavar ball earlier write one of my dudes listen to a one of these kids as to say. Hello. Steady clearly you don't have to take your word for it when I can't hear it all put this has been a fun show and owners. It's creation that we need to move our ball do we have the Lavar ball clip from the Little League World Series. We do not we will move on we have big daddy hacks from the Little League World Series. You got offensive to me it's written into law today is getting tax do we have that. We have that I am Richard your Mac won't take all your card and a big big daddy acts. I like that. All right now we have a little marble all right ago. Aren't there turner just under her role models of marvel. Mon. That's bad for ball and guys that bad pub and the bar ball be your role model really role model. But look at. Yeah he was they were about did the same size the little boy who was on his way to be Lavar ball you do that pretty descent and output here on this kid that said that. He probably aren't have a mental image of Judy Blume we have the Judy Blume body you have a mental events of the evaluate it hot dogs and oppressed by a tractor. This guy who some of our ball as his role model that the younger version of this Gary. In other words he's a pudgy little Caucasian kids saying when hardball is his role model you know. So it could be the hustle the person the personality. The this guy's not break it down every did the kid he he he laughs in this that you wanna do in this world urges lap we take everything to dances around what's going on. And that guy that little boy snapped his fingers good it is that the camera with love to change your. I'm love in this crowd letting he would don't don't levoir all right and please tell me you'll know you did because I should do this morning the kids from Georgia. The little leaguer who hit a Grand Slam now. You watch these all these Little League World Series or in the tournaments running out to the Little League World Series. You've got defense which is typically about 200 to 250 feet. From home plate and then you have the would typically the grass berm that goes up about maybe fifty yards a slope right. And then at the top of that slope you have trees on the downside of this one so we're talking about 350. To 400 foot shot right are correct. This kid steps into the box in the announcers with the bases loaded say we're talking their coaches earlier and they they say this guy could hit a ball into the tree we're gonna hit. Any sense yet remain here but. No sooner had those words escaped their mouth. In this kid goes and does this is my favorite clip of the year so far it's here. Keeping in very good running game period. Jeff flight Brian belt line this week. County it's them or it's just I. Had to be amazed. It's. A Grand Slam I know it's just it's in the tunes. And he looks yeah. Probably 370. I'd be okay. The 375. For a youngster for thirteen year old. While they knew he'd look like that does say the sarge. Yeah yeah I Matthews I had a more as the Ryan Howard in my hand it. I know but just the body type to me his nickname is the wagon when as Andy hello I guess he's just carrying the load for a right why did it insures up dude. I mean just the fact that he did it right after they talked about it that's right. Iowa State's sports is the best reality show. On TV right you can't script it most reality shows and factor scripted a lot of people don't know that. The creative editing on that they create a lot of controversy that didn't really exist but to take it away from that now not this Capra naked it. And I'm down for the cause. It's it's creeping in this sport where used to be beaten me personally. Mike's Gabe now you have to deal with trying to watch sports in deal with the enquirer. And social. It's all combine him and I don't like dead gumbo I like to do is give away. But I can't get away anymore so I have to sit and suffer. Listening to people give their two stints on. Everything else besides ball aren't and it's bad for ball. I've from all way to work it back in way to bring me back to discussing now. We started to do this and then we got derailed shocker have been derailed a number of times this morning. The nickname weekend I don't know what baseball's calling their official name of the calling it something to this desperate weekend. Players we that's not that's in the eyes wide out without that wrap reports wonderful players in a weekend have a season. Last week as they call it spans a week you right. Or call nickname we candor whatever but here we have railed a number of times on instead of bigs about the lack of creativity. In baseball addict named it used to be the mad Hungarian for Al her about ski in the used to be I mean there urged genuinely creative nickname and try. Rickey Henderson some people called in the man of steel that's creative right it business. He's the dog rock Greg barker to the cobra bright though Carlo colorful thank you on and on and on. But these are all players who have been done playing for what couple does it review the key now here's what you get. Army air producer gave me she could she battled to get I know they don't care but I care the cared deeply for Tommy and they know nothing of the players don't care about this week's fit. But the nicknames are about to spew off right we'll know it's I think all of you may be right they probably don't care but here. My problem with a baseball nicknamed these days and I believe you have the same problem is that. So little thought this put into them it's basically. A bastard is station a variation. Of the person's last name right. So. In this is that I have as she is just goes to be wrong but I haven't seen it shows me all of the days okay what they're nicknamed her going to be all right. First exit jumped at me is the numbers. That the a's. Are are rocking right now right. Number here's some numbers. These baseball numbers to 38. 6049465739. 63585655. Baseball numbers are you kidding me what do they get new numbers for this date two I. I don't know I think those of the numbers that DA's have yet so many guys I get in Europe from AAA right. When your guy is probably not gonna make the roster in spring training that hasn't happened yet and Albania you're gonna be rocking the number. Where 6060 starting to yes like that but here's here's some of the nicknames on the a's roster around let's get creative. Number 38 is rugby. Broaden price pasteurization and lessening. Heels really master position that there the last negative. Shed. Jesse that is Larry yeah that's on his thoughts on his back the jazz and after so fought single biggest buster that's not a mean come on that's what we know him. You say a busters is bust as busters those under their own arms justice first and this committee. Do you think that is that Smith of course. Smile. Smolinski and they don't care if that's if this is this is wrong about Roger Davis what Susan came on the back there's speedy note rush. On does the nickname they don't care there is no creativity in Major League Baseball thank god there's creativity in Major League Baseball writers. Our surprise guest is mine new baseball media man crashed if you don't follow him. Unita follow him his name is Enos heiress and he's a contributor. For the athletic you know thank you for joining us is is down a third time I've had you on a show of mine and I appreciate you making time on inside to big to tap demand. I'm doing good habit you know I think I think trig. Such economic. Like that. Know that there are shall. Are you for that thank you Don liked that one too I had her but how about c'mon you know Chapman is choppy. Blackburn is Lackey. Mean come if if you're not gonna try I don't even know what. Now so my question you and again if you wanna follow you know in you should I'll give you money back guarantee it's pat Enos airs the NO SA ARR. I asked you know did you have a nickname I mean your first name is. Pretty creative to begin with a I don't know that I've ever heard of another you know by do you have an eight game. Yet. Maybe on the radio eager. All in this OK now I understood that's not a very fun nickname for any game. They ball up Allen the other. I'd not like which would think because I started out I'd school at five foot bureau on your town and left it put 220 pound. I started I'd put five wood bureau underground and that I could fix that 201. That is immunity is that. You grew us foot and a gain twenty pounds over the four years of high school. I would have been. Yeah well when he did the foot long we got them on the flow we got to find you know when they're sitting on the ballpark. You know if you paid any attention to the the food safety rankings in Major League Baseball recently came out. No I would I I had gotten. Out food poisoning white. At old Rocco I'm guessing that. Dollar ninety you don't treat hot dog in the press box. While we were talking about that are there you know. When I was on the beach I was I was beat writer covering is for And you know how provincial beats can be you're right I mean if your beat writer in your mind you were up there and everybody is not the writer is down here. So when you notice somebody who's not a beat writer doing something out of the ordinary you noticing you track it. We identified. Not so young man and not exactly be named Paul. He was eating hot dogs. Incessantly and you know the only hot dogs out their couple innings into the game. And then they pull him with a couple innings left so you have the middle of the game to eat hot dogs we had a guy eat eight hot dogs in four innings. Is that there are six. I can't believe you never got that I got the boat that pop up why that might the five day. A big deal. While it may be just have a sensitive Paladino. Well he irritated Oakland Alameda number 27. Out of thirty though. Look at that got another vote. All right so let's get into some actual baseball stuff last night big story at least here. Bryce Harper slipped on a web based and look like he was done for the year in our not quite sure first it was. Torn ACL MCL and now all of a sudden it's just deep bone bruise which sounds a lot better. But we're hearing that it may keep him out longer than you expect. The bone bruise to keep you out my question is is reactionary. Is we are particularly when one of the stars goes down. Do you think already on park avenue they're talking about how can we fix this base safety issue. And you know why would be in a rain delays safety issue. Because of the date was. I think and bit date date date. Put the game on. I get that running into trouble conveyed did you called the game wore. They couldn't do it double header yesterday. And so they knew that they called yesterday's game that it apt bit. Somehow I champion giants back to Washington. Before the end seasons though. I bet you a little bit like watching in the schedule watching the rain that you're okay but I. Blackbird was based start again but in our children go lower than where it was still wet so. You know that. That is something in the Belmont like that it's here actually in the column called the game where all of these grainy at all and the brewers called Allah said. We should play that game you didn't want player we're we're playing well right now. Now so there's obvious like a lot of tension and apparently the national bird known her market around rain delay and being weird they had called the game. On Friday and the guy that let their players about stadiums so. You know with a lot of I think it might be more rain. Fairly compensate. Speaking of the offensive foul word to pose the question to you if you had to give me your three. Mainstays cornerstones of the this young franchise right now how would you answer that. You know I I actually I think I'm right about that whether do you play this week. To me that Chapman stand out. I think he's got. What looked like it lead level these fans and and you're good power might be at the sort of modern day action. The bat. You know could be. Lukewarm. Yeah I think he's the number one and and his number one a mile that's for sure. Yeah and look out beyond me battled and could be part of it could be a bit not majors right now yet because. You know frank liberate though you know at the chance to keep you make the more contact. You know and then the two guys they just got dumped the dollar could be an appeal to the future and more in the tail you short stop the future though. You know termed the load up here now and I think we may not see many guys stick around maybe chew on the night out. Could be a part of that although recently Milwaukee and down lap to start. And he had an injury issues and you know bad it would be Becker or bomb suit. Starter you know long term so. In terms of where I'd look at pick up look at that map all the Matt Chapman and and wondered admire. You're getting credit for being the first got a notice that some guys' velocity is down I'm looking here Twitter page which I look at while a couple of times today just make sure I'm not missing anything entertaining he put out but. So I see jet Conroy says I have to say you know surge had it. My eyes velocity is down big issue past Jack hash tag athletics. Is that something that you just kind of it didn't pass your eye test NC started checking the radar gun or was it your check the radar gun and that's where it came to your attention. I reporter's notebook bird the athletic on down and in that one I do little to hundred no word yet. Little thing that note that are quite full story. I didn't actually writing about and I. New use of his slider. Putting it doing real good job even though the lower. Even though he dollar war. Via harder wider I think he's sort of settled in with this soft you know eighty mile an hour back foot fire that you wrote. And in that Doria noted that that has a lot Hewitt is blocking out all last game for the ones were the worst. The worst of his career. So that was good ninety point three in the last game you look around there. So. Figured out a couple blocked it lost about one the first thing that you talked about in terms of injury recognition. And and coupled with the fact. Equities have you know some time off this year I think he's going to be fifteen day take the rest I mean they got to protect arms nectar. The bush years that have Enos terrorists he is one of the contributors to the athletic that Tim cal coming led new. Web venture it is outstanding full disclosure I contribute to their. As well and that's not why I'm saying it's agreeing adventure really as he goes after the best of the best. Dino is one of them follow him on Twitter at Dino serves the NO SK RR I asked. You know let's go across the bay I know that I've asked you this on one of our weekday shows but for the baseball specific audience that we get on into the bigs on Sundays. It's a disconnect to me teach year now I don't know this for a fact but to hear. That the giants ownership has told giants management which is two different things. Then we want to contend in 28 team in for my money. If you're gonna look at it like that vineyard your factoring too much hope into the equation you're hoping that Johnny equate Joseph gets back to Johnny quitter your hoping. That branding Crawford gets back to the back of his baseball card I just I don't see this team. We have. Anything less than significant tweaks being contenders for the same cast of characters that it's too much hope for me. Yeah. Yeah. We'll see that a lot of back and starter that are going to be on the omni. Created this great art this year subject could fill in the pack in the rotation. But it's hard for them the how big and that change. The out that when it comes to you know start our power all of our they've got locked in the long term deals are. Our post peak they're not so they're not young guys on a statement knowing that all of that they want your camera all the older. It's a but I'd like baseball he can point five point six though you know when we're talking not only 829 year old that we are. Know those guys. Apparently waited to get better we might get slightly better health outcomes the giant that you know among the worst five. In baseball when I come. Injuries and player law injury so that that could get better but they'll need to get better count why even right now. Let the seed and projection from bankrupt is there 500 K I think if you look at the team you say there are working hard to see. You know what how this team is gonna get that much better. You know with a couple acquisitions though. Yeah well I acted like they say that they add that allowed they have people in there all the time it's it's a market where. You want to have a good team all the time but if you look at without the Yankees even when that it was great I'm. But in the Yankees at duke it out to get back where they were you know they've been great. And they were sort of middling for awhile and are now sometime and come back out and then it really took selling Chapman. And settling Miller two to sort of reduced the group built up but I expect. The giant sort of middle route 500 below serial date matters to sell pieces and and get some of you. This is why I wanted to get you on the show you know you always breaks down better than anybody that anyone knew that I've had on my show your by far my favorite will be new up. As the season continues keep up the great org ran in thank you for your time on short notice that you. No problem. At Enos airs again follow him on Twitter at the end OS AA RR I asked. And even if you're not a baseball fan if you were fair and of home brew of his deer in general. So is you know he's actually written a book. Let's you don't have a called out but go to his Twitter page that geno ENOS. A RR I asked. He wrote a book about ballparks and beer and it's just all good stuff he's a very very good writer check him out on Tim Telecom is. The athletic I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson urging guru we have two more segments to go. And we still have so much good for ball bad for ball to get to we have so much killers in Kooks were in the break we're gonna come up with a creative name for all. And when you come back you'd be astounded enemies time herbs is your group this is inside to be examined folks and again. The room. Now captain Michael Irvin and who room on 95 point seven. This is midmorning Sunday group and I wanted to say something to them coupons this idea between seventy dollars a line Ritchie with. Why armies and from the easy choice on the morning news the modern day equivalent right bright young. Brooke hey guess what Chris baskets nicknames can be on the back of his Jersey it's super creative to regain what it is now. It's remember the name the real name Chris Bassett. His nickname in air quotes sea bass. I'll give you that that it's quiet kid but it's a playoff of those. There's already sea bass in Oakland right is better than winning the rotors. I don't know black key home you are yours would be error herbs right mind would be John. Johnny for Johnson this'll become a dead in navy who killed when did he frankly give you the viewer and acting the first call like what you're. Nine these Fox News yelling. Or he yells at us and that's with sustained but he definitely get diet you sent tied a two room. And every time I caught that a delivery job all around the bay and I couldn't stand the radio. And I just kept calling every time your ripping someone used that same voice. We realize that and I know that he's yeah psychology it's a gimmick actionable Bob to BIT voices you know I mean. Okay. We I don't know how this escaped my notice but were kind of jamming everything together with a good football basketball killers in Kooks. They're dazed and now there's one here. That it slipped past me and I love new love it it's good for ball no doubt about it there is going to be a battle of the bay trophy. So the winner of the annual series between the giants are as it gets this trophy. And what makes it significant I don't know that it's made. Of steel from the old favorites is who who get to create fright it's a bit it's beyond creative. Somebody should get a raise edits from the old you know we tell ask what did they do with the old neighbor we made a trophy. Man this is a distant you know here's how to count now because I look at everything from every angle and here's the one angle that. It doesn't really sound all that great it's a four game series. The odds when it comes to baseball of a four game series being split. Are extremely high. Right MB and that is what a day by somebody three years in Iraq yeah so it's not like somebody has to keep it if you were a tie right. I say throw fifth game in that bad boy. Right he's been very lucky victory but they're not gonna do that because each team wants to have two of those games at their yard for financial purposes right. Margin of that would that victory. So we need to hear him okay funding UB that he innate to. You know you have an opinion you're gonna there is it is not baseball gods Byron and up to score to trump is gonna look like based on a batter away. I've heard Dallara and the is this is the bridge. Out rideau. If it was just like the old baker. The battle of the day a winner you gotta. And where do you display displayed on the concourses or aren't sources ago and the executive offices like I think the World Series trophy or the mayor the mayor is off. Miller might work on I don't want the Oakland mayor had a trophy in her office. I'm sorry just. I like her life issued entry it was she's done for sports in Oakland. It's not our job is not about sports and Olympics I was about the community and all the trash we see. All around. Oakland and she's trying to fight it but it did it's it's it's it's a big job but it's more than just. The political leaders are a few have you gotten off the west Oakland here lately there eucharist kids everywhere. And I know every major city has approved this is beyond this is like it's okay we're sitting in the message it's OK let's help these let's help people. The sewing up our streets. From where we are right now where you and I park there where your third were on third street work up a lot of solid pro market. If we did in our car and it's maybe two blocks to get to the highway to get across the bread which is we're both go our. Coming tents and sleeping bags knowledge do you see in that like maybe five block drive an abundance right. It's just a black guy men know it's a problem it can't be addressed in baseball showed any sort my dad when parents not your bad at all it's it's it's an issue in these major cities on dissent. When I think of a mayor. Oakland I did the last thing I think of is what they've done for sports all I hear is blah blah blah blah blah it's it's Charlie Brown's teacher talking. I don't understand I just hear noise. No Oakland mayor has got. Gone back to Jerry Brown I was just going there and kill our nation he couldn't care less about sports anyhow. Now releasing ward honestly right here is open about it. But we got. Who was the oh my gosh mayor Quan. The worst mayor for sport even the worst thing Jerry Brown is Jerry Brown says she needs over yet. It picks up. Garcia popped all right let's get off that lived up the politics. Let's get into something that's equally divisive on inside the bigs because I'm a fan event. Discuss its circus your not a fan of it at all because of the circus Tim Tebow and professional baseball you. Are not in favor I'm fine with it. How can you be against this you root here's the latest of the Tim Tebow professional baseball player. News walker. This week using the on deck circle in my early game. A child with autism was trying to get his attention news in the front row the second row whatever. Tim Tim Tim Tim wanted to ease tension right. Tebow hears it. Looks over. Walks over to the young man with a autism. Shakes is India's in his bid price goes back steps in the batter's box and hits a homer how's that anything but good for ball. Got it. Maybe he does tend to rise to the occasion and hit home runs when they would mean the most. No that is staying home run first off. How we remember a snow I would never assassinate his character so the gesture with two Q without tis and shouldn't be surprised anyone so I argued Tim that. He's hit a home run right after a phony and he has no jobs. He did not earn that he did not R&B and on that where he's at now baseball so don't give me he hit the home run our kids Jacqui give a rats to who who cares he did our own net. Executive director who missed. It's did Lamar ball earn anything. He's what how he kept his three sons out of jail raising them in in in in inner city where there's a lot of crime and gang a lot of people have done that. I don't care this is Lavar ball a lot don't have Alonso going in the top five. He's a good day before anything else. He's a good dad before anything else vomit and there you are docile men and eighteen he doesn't charge that even though he brings tales tales from the get optical death saying does bring attention on himself intentionally but today you won me over it good dad really that's all. Like if it to end of the day. When I'm dying if the first line of my tombstone that's been good dad. That's enormous I've done right on time. Hawk Harrelson won my favorite voice he's done. Owned them Britain and that's why bad because I use that every day all the time in my daughter she receive they'll actually repeat that on occasion don't. Well you gotta get it right fiscal elicits thoughts and also dropped it from about from all my youngest throws out on anybody but hawk Harrelson as beef with Wrigley Field. That's our rival or is it up you know what I'm wondering is he. Trying to make the rivalry even more heated by saying he's never gonna go back to Wrigley look. The White Sox and the cubs have a nice little interest I write it's real it is outside it's real but do you think Caucasus fanning the flames are officially within us. I'm not trying to hijack the segment. I fell in love with the lore of Wrigley Field I went three years ago with my brother lot of watch the pirates my nephew and my son. He was one of the worst baseball experiences ever at Wrigley and watching a baseball game due to the seats being cramped. They had the. Like a cartoon they had the polls in front of the plane field I have never felt like I was it's you know back in time dot com. Yeah but this was supposed to be the Mona Lisa the cathedral so whatever he's deepened about you the story about the rats a what what has been way. I have never ever felt ripped off after leaving that pirate game. Going to the the holier than now Wrigley Field are you what it was like a rip off one. I told you and I worked for CS and it did a lot of the Mueller of the calls. Not. Foot kicked right a flip cams used to be a big deal hopefully so I did a segment that ended up being on top a show CES and it was flip camp Friday does some people got a kick out of what I was doing I would just walk around baseball ever go walk around yards and make. Entertaining observations apparent that like I tried to do to Wrigley Field in the bleachers because the bleachers of Wrigley Field are supposedly deep place to beat. If your baseball for everybody so four hours before game I get there early so I can in the bleachers all to myself. And show the fans exactly what it looks like when it's not packed with people. And maybe give some funny observations. No they wouldn't let me go in the bleachers I was trying to basically give Wrigley Field. A free Anna work him in four hours before the game I've got a credential that says all access and they say I'm so are you can't what was the reasoning no reason. I just can't go spinning it Mary's and not as bad for ball I even when Johnny letter when I got back to the Bay Area and wrote a letter to pick it was rickets. So I got the email address of somebody and I told them what I've been through I'm expecting an email response saying. I'm sorry that happened next time you come out compliment it's up to me all the Cuba not ghost. I don't know his beef is gist. The people or Todd Harrelson yes or how they how we treated picture hospitality that the black I think it's everything just doesn't like anything about her in Toronto Jim and that it is far zombie announced. And this one about to mention real quick can get to bad rep wouldn't talk about do I love watching a baseball game of the policy. I'm sorry I'm just so I'll go do is I cannot remember before about Davis. That's a good lots Democrats say that it was better before Matt Davis to mount Davis didn't ruin it like so many people say I don't think it ruined it anyway. We've got one more segment together and we still haven't and killers include anywhere and talk to the lawyer in Texas and we know we've got our company since it and we Gary tell. Right down. 1140 fives I did today my first ritual reference to that you are she's your roof instead of eggs and touch him. Welcome back I'm Michael Irvin he is Darryl Johnson herbs and guru and we are joined. The great Rick tittle it is my second reference to Rick channel cards programmers room I'm way behind the curb my normal rate is. Shooting three ritual references per hour this is that he might say that's Clark can't. It is not a lot for this therapies. It's important that's Bulgarian actor what are you guys don't today and contractors and swindle is a little recruited hello I just the color it's a big foot chess big Chestnut Hill immigrant comes up with. What we've got. We got candle we got to opening day starters of course Alex and opened for the phills and now he's on those who we have to opening day starters can agreement. A bit of a lost season for him and two stints on the DL and was absolutely shelled by the giants when he came off so. After last night and I was there as fireworks not dot YouTube and I said the pregame can we knocked on nineteen. Can we have a quick game craze kids who are freezing of course before the a's even done again face one John Elway there were down seven to nothing. Let's hope this game last more than an inning as a contest. And I ask you one quick question and you know me Rick I'm going to win in my first hockey game. You know I love baseball argue for these uniform weekend at these baseball and make a name to any views re we have some of the names there it's like they don't even hear the body begin creative with your thoughts. I it's just another way to make money and I and I think I'm not gonna lose sleep over at. But I do think it's kind of dom. But I guess I'd rather have that in the NBA patch with Harley-Davidson. Powered G1 and sponsors and I've got. I have a harder time of its players we can add up these he's obviously they don't know anything yet this is the first time they don't even know how to make up and liked to at Larry's name Jack dead as you if you easement payments. Heels so that's what I brought him and they came Brody. Robert. But still Chapman stick game chatty it's just about today's edition of your last name like they don't care Rick that's all I'm so I think what it was is like what what would be in at them on the back of the Jersey three to one Greg. Like I don't think they had timely creative I but my point is I think this is league wide. Nobody puts any thought in their dire every nicknames that bastard position of the last names of place you know what would you have. Back in the day that my nickname is not creative either herbs that I would have the only thing. Beggar was my nickname forest came here got shortened her would have she hate me she yeah. They have benefited over the rights. To. Because I rip off for Rick is much as humanly possible I'm gonna change my nickname it's going to be I hate me. Are you guys Rick particularly a hard time we were pretty young killers and two X 2000 troops were in Iraq but first we're gonna hear from a let's go to you now yeah we got the warrior in Texas he got but her last time we made him stay on hold for a while we no longer. The war I would ask Rick about a martian on. That was when I sit and listen to separate based on strike killers and troops. Army jump on the Mike you're the one who's worked so hard the tenth time to help these all know now we're asking Tommy na nick nick has already shown. He can't handle them I'd just yet. Tommy what would you like us to address first. Oh we got the lawyer now all right he's got to go to the where you're getting hammered who's on our I don't know what's going on order what's under my brother what's happening. Well personally I wanna apologize or feel bad about all workplace violence on aren't aren't all right now you're seeing it all. I dislike it it is. Is ignorant I don't like all the rhetoric that it's one would have been in and it's been today I'd put him to a real quick. Should I become at least nicknames stripped the ball out trouble. And there's been bitten and Scotland poverty what I mean it's patrol. And trophy. You are. I don't care Kuwait desert giants need at least I like ha. I don't get all. The champions. Are champions. In his. You are side. Caught that our locker I don't know and the fingers. Here you can. And here are we might have brought and a I'm Michelle and I. Went out and drop. I can't wait a machine. Output the I don't. Mr. arbor on our arms around. I don't think Jesse I'm going to be an injury and one eagle five birdies and will I'm. Because of vehicles are. Not a liar anymore eking out you're warrior luck show. I got out. Outstanding on the jurors are Ali Q what you are and teller you. A bogey. Were appreciate it. A whole lot out there we should call where he loves him because there's no reference though unknown and Tommy was begging me to ask him how many goals you scored by. The base. Not a big fan. Of the battle of the bay trophy did what you are clearly yeah though he doesn't live in the Bagram I'll but he obviously intimately familiar with the ban baseball teams and there is some validity to a like. It's a little bit sad that year putting everything on this. Kind of a fictional title. Know every now it's it's not your fault that you live where you live the Yankees Mets the giants ace. Give me one more deep dig up Philadelphia Pittsburgh to Cleveland. And Pittsburgh you have that so you got up. Only it's not that you win made this up in his fraudulent it's where you live Vista demographics so go. Let me ask you this question off the top your head who with a battle of the bay trophy mean more to winning a's fans are giants fan. Gonna go. I don't the giants and to give a damn about ultra cut of the world's if you have one more recently. They've won something of significant they want the sabres series recently. That's all this is about now. When you start to win that algebra content and take care and that chemistry. All my point is I'm not end of the day it's about the base not the battle of the World Series of about the big east you have to play it two counts. I'm I'm saying I'm not saying the giants fans are right for this feeling I'm just saying it's. Another snapshot of how the giants have a superiority. Thing. Going over the days the days are always going to be that little brother in this market there are always gonna feel whether they admitted or not. Inferior to the giants. Given that idol they're winning that series. Will mean more to and its fans will to a giant's we have nothing to back that no data to back data now but it's arming anecdotal evidence right when tanked. By the way I don't think we touched on this date cattle. He Bob during its series to become a kind of home and they came and took out. I kind of liked that I loved it gave travel can do no room that's not what we gotta now the ball are telling you you're right if you doesn't announce there's no he doesn't know if they haven't settled on something that rumor is long it's his deal people act like it's gonna be built the disease it's it's currently. They're working on why would you believe that we because we've been hearing their work to protect the blue ribbon panel with your friend Bud Selig appointed was that it decade ago Robert. The blue ribbon panel do you really think it exists I don't articulate. I don't think they issued to get over and it's Fremont. It was this action in the media guide backcourt that was at the Ryder Cisco Field I. That would today coming to a neighborhood near you. And uh oh wait we have to do an environmental impact report Cisco back in the day. Cisco retirement differently to different idea about mad dog torn torn the year ago there 2000 expected to during day when I was playing semi pro basketball after college Claremont for whole race express we are one of those teams like athletes in action. It goes and gets beat up by division one team in their first game of the year right. So race express out of Daly City every got a team and played college basketball in these JC. It was a good time is is away look we got to go play. Keith Van Horn Utah utes team Utah fans mourn army and we flew into Vegas and rented a van and drove in the snow did Julian to get to know we got our ass kicked out of the deal. We had few things in our contract we will lose that game. And we will make sure your team scores a hundred points. Those were the two guarantees react we played nobody and we Jack shots wherever we could. Our coach was he was like Lavar ball before his time off after I get that anywhere flannel. And warm ups and had just throw on the back of it just gives you play into the crowd I was just throw. Dosage. Know you were that team that was the same league I believe the lawyer played as the hockey. That's steep pay you know or almost I'll answer Ozzie this week ago Richard Lewis coming up next to make sure you check this out when Zulu and herbs we will beyond any number of times this week starting with a win tonight on 957 point.