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Friday, March 16th
Post Oscar wrap up. Anna also talks to fellow film buffs Derek Papa and Albee Filous about the 90th Academy Awards highlights and lowlights. Plus, NBA players are the buzz in Hollywood! Kevin Durant is starting a new show for Apple, Lebron is bringing back a 90's favorite, and Anna talks about Blake Griffin's role in the comedy "The Female Brain."

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Eighty in the world. The Oscars are over we know all the winners just to recap we have the shape of water that won best picture this year Guillermo del Toro won best director also for the shape of water so it'll with a lot of big prizes this year. The Oscars themselves we're gonna go and talk more about the Oscars with. Al people lose and Derek pop up front and by seven the game both of them are big film bust themselves we'll talk to them in just little bit get there. Inside ion. The awards show and everything the just kind of to recap every day we have Francis McDormand she won best actress for three billboards outside adding Missouri with a spectacular speech he knows kind of that. Women's powered go women movement. Especially this time with the time's up movement and meet to movement right now. But a beautiful speech from Frances McDormand Gary Oldman winning best actor. For the darkest hour heat is spectacular job as well Daly City is now on Sam Rockwell also winning best supporting actor. 43 billboards and my favorite Allison Janney I loved her in I Tonya I said from the beginning what I saw the film a Napa Valley film festival she won best supporting actress and another big moment. We have our original screenplay Jordan appeal winning forget Al huge moment as he became the first black screen writer to win the Oscar for best original screenplay. Cell of but Oscar show wasn't very spectacular very exciting I know there's a lot. Again with the whole controversy with the meat to movement going on. But they gave a classy job with this show Jimmy Kimmel. He can't Dick. Pretty straight lace he kept it very straight show. But they did a good job we have Chris winning best documentary this is one I talked about before bright locals they'll Mets stumbled upon one of the largest sports scandals in recent memory. The Netflix documentary actually began with local who's an amateur cyclists. Actually attempting to prove how easy it is to be drug test while he later met a doctor out of Moscow in an anti doping lab. And helped expose Russia's widespread doping. And if athletes across thirty different sports they had been banned from the Olympics this last year so really exciting documentary deathly deserved the award but. So much more talk about with the Oscars and then later in the show talk that's the NBA's story lies with movies so there's an NBA players who are really involved. In the movie industry are on Kevin Durant here in the Bay Area. We have some great stories what they're doing what's happened grant doing what prompted losing in light grip and well they're very involved in Hollywood. And we'll talk about that a little bit more later in the show but first we are going to go ahead and talk what happened at the basket and joining me right now I got a great Derek and I'll be food and I'm here from 95 cent in the below what's going on you visited bill must yourself basically so you guys about the details on what the Oscars and are your initial thoughts first off so go ahead. Outlook the gophers and I thought it was Lou. Exit you know considering last year with a handle snafu with the best picture. Envelopes but I thought it. Veggie Kimmel wasn't as funny as last year and I think the producers of the show probably told them. Don't don't go all in on the the controversial jokes and one not so I felt like. The show's gonna rush to yet known years past they've been like behind the clock like mean that two hours. I think this year they were like an hour and thirty minutes behind but still that's kind of like pretty quick for the Oscars. I don't know what's really there wasn't a lot of pizzazz to the festivities and get to McLemore PC. Than normal but I mean ala Jimmy Kimmel I think he's great regardless. I thought this year's batch of movies was pretty solid here I was. Funnier you know miss all the marvel stuff that was going on and all the super rumors that we costly it shoved down our throats at. There's a Goodyear for the Indy films. Yeah a lot of the marvel movies you have like black panther made a big showing when he came to the red carpet itself so that three saw. The severe movies kind of make their big notice and both suck up best picture disable water did you guys see worry about. Did not see it but I note is a movie about a woman in a sex with a fish that pretty much yes so. I'm interested in it. It rarely Alley has seen and I have seen it I enjoy it and in the was best picture worthy but it was it was different means your month of Toro. The opera yet but he's got a very interesting style. You know pans labyrinth in the past. And Michael chance fantastic and it he's really really it just. It was a best picture the DN it to us we wanna hear how's the fish sex with the sex was awkward I thought Islam it. There's no they he did a really good job the cinematographer was beautiful in my opinion that is absolutely stellar as gorgeous movie I'm with you I didn't I thought it was my second choice not honest the other to invest picture I had three billboards as my favorite and who I thought was gonna win. Likewise. But disable water at such as was vividly it was just beautiful it was actually beautiful and it was basically a modern day beating these. So don't tell I have not seen indicted C three billboards. I think three gold billboards is gonna win actually I actually picked get out yes. Which I thought would be kind of like a shocker upset kind of thing but I thought there was enough momentum to get at this best picture. But I saw three billboards are thought it was best picture worthy. But just tell me who I am not seen ship water like wood is there reason why won best picture. I honestly think that the big thing was a cinematographer Ian just everything how it looked it was a very artistic Alcan it was more of an artistic pick at picture to me in my in my mind so that's one of the things I like that it was. It was more artsy Braly then just a story the story was great it was fun Soria like OK it's a fairy tale but to meet the reason why he'd want back. That picture was VCR you kind of surprised it won because I've. Who's watching Oscars and seen on the movies to the years but I've noticed that the movies there are more on the technical side don't necessarily win best tighter. So movie like was the one with suitable pushes lost in space. You're low gravity the gravity at that can win best picture in name and a great movie visually but as far as a story MySpace just you know kind of plan. So I don't that's saying we ship water. What big the big thing is when you notice a lot there is a trend that usually when and when the director wins the movie ends it went as well. There's been four times I believe it hasn't happened and that Argo was a recent 1 PM glad I was even nominated exactly I think with the Martin McDonough who he wasn't even nominated for three billboards and I was even nominate a lot of very well also he was not be getting a lot of these great. Other movies he's down was that life of pod that win best picture now how did that but one analyst Betsy got to deal rather wanna rent ranked player which on. That was that represent. Oh eight marine. Mainly Anglia in. Doesn't about a boy and a tiger veteran. Now the time it's as simple stories that when I really enjoyed every billboards in Israel I thought it was great Sam back. And I was the best acting across the board yeah of any movie. Agreed. Martin McDonough a big fan and like his other movies and brutish and seven psychopath so. This movie you cut reminded me of those it was more of I would say like more mature. Own story and man it was you know the subject matter. But I thought it was really well done it needs you it's very sad moments given the subject matter but also was surprised and very funny. Yes 88 and that's I think I liked about it too it was one of those movies MED almost uncomfortable yeah meeting of the subject matter. And but they also make you think at the same time hit. Now to give anything away but one big knock on the movie is that Sam Rockwell's character was terrible person from the jury the movie. In any makes one decision in the in the movie to kind of get you know it's got to reduce that readying itself. So. Aaron was did you like that or was a crime like an easy way for YouTube and for the audience to like him in the hands. That's what that's where I help I think the whole idea of being uncomfortable not make you think like DE at the end of for me a good movies on them makes you think it makes you think. OK this guy was at a terrible person should I like him no because of this so you have that almost term called you have to feel when your. When you're watching this movie I almost think that's a big reason why kind of like the fact that he was. Best supporting actor because you sit that they get I still hate this guy but I'm happy it would it. Right it's actually I had those. Different different action are actually. Liked him at the end of it I never hated him again actually toll like them. I thought he would welcome you saw the transformation. I am kind of you know he gets the letter from woody girls than you know he kind of he sees the guy that he beat in the in the hospital and kind of goes through all the emotions of you know step by step with the mom and everything I thought it was a thought it was really cool Christmas. He just goes to show you that things aren't always black and white and I know that you know not really trying to bring the whole race into credit is great. He is in life as well and so he was kind of that gray area and that's ref had a really interesting. Also reflect just talk about best actors while Gary Coleman did you guys see an up he says darkest hour to not darkest hour with a peak of his any his. As I could disappoint a lot of people are not so aren't going to be a couple of I do you love the Oscars I do love good movies or do I talk about the death. Thought it was fantastic. That definitely having it off I was looking at the odds he was like 6000 to one to win the entering it yeah. Which you know 6000 dollars to 100 dollars that's our economic at bat very often write it again no brainer he was fantastic. Nailed Winston Churchill role. I was really cool watching Don Kirk first 'cause it basically darkest hour was about the behind the scenes of Dunkirk. And to see that on folding getting those those guys off the of the beach the Dunkirk was really look on if it. Yeah I don't on this and I've always been a fan Gary Oldman on his best role in my opinion was from true romance. As the drug dealer. Who top and black Jackson thought it was black but guys that that's the spot in my funeral from derailment but I hear he did a great job. But I wonder who'd probably the second best out of this it was it was just going to be so obvious he was gonna win yeah so who do you think was the bad the second best in that category. Well I enter I have not actually the only one I haven't seen wasn't at but I've only seen snippets of themselves. Yeah up performance no it's I don't if he saw his movie. I'd not just Roman that Israel there on the I enjoyed they get out performance yes oh yes very good I thought I would give and the second hangs is painfully I believe OK he was I just I I is Hussein did you call Lula. Just because that's what's really remaining and get a pro in my spirit Gary Oldman movie is the professional. Oh with the yet they're big one that's my they're really port which is like six yes yeah it's a little weird like kind of relationship with the. Doesn't go in and out and they get serious black fan from Harry Potter college and also Brad stoker's Dracula well that's true as well Allison Janney getting in the shadow for her I loved I Tonya if you have not seen yet I really recommend seeing it as a what I want movies only they're really wanna see that not that that's a movie that has not got enough play a lot of people have not seen yet because. I wish that one had actually been nominated for best picture because I love. The direction and that as loans and Stephen Rogers actually wrote her her role Allison and our cause we're on a full specifically like this I did for her. I I'd Alley tells me it's like good fellas lose with skating. And agony without yeah yeah I was really admitted that she was fantastic I destroy amber heard in it was that you know. She is the mama you know yeah how she how long future career and I'm Hampshire shoes and deceptive WinFS but I remember her front. Choose grade Margot Robbie talking about second place finishes the Frances McDormand I thought she was fantastic as Tonya Harding. Touched you know I think any other year if press was an in this category she would want. Yeah you mean her Meryl Streep me that was a stat categories best actress category completely stacks Merrill Streep every year out that don't seriously. Love her I think you know she's like she's like Maclean and I love her. Real quick the president dorm and ahead her her Oscar was still at the governor's ball the about the noble so there was a guy that after she got her Oscars next with her and AM some guy basically took her Oscar left. With beta was like doing it faced a live video of himself with this thing this is my Oscar going no if she started crying somehow they found it was so Wolfgang pucks photographer who think that our own. Who found the guy and got the Oscar and got him back in everything she said the let him go but he ended up getting rest. Well Frances McDormand from seeing the movie three billboards and watching her Oscar speech that's one lady you. Bonus with no. Or you don't wanna Wolfgang Puck with that says it. An area. She's attempted to Atlanta I lover I doubt very loved her speech and no woman in the room here island Ansa news editors after that I guess and it is gossip or we got. Real quick an Arab guests on the the disaster artist. That is one movie there really dug in its just because I've always been a fan of the room which is a terrible movie. By James Franco kind of like morphed into. A really fun movie and I don't happen with him with his allegations but I would've liked to see him get nominate because at but he did a good job in that role and it's there but given the circumstances and thought it was for the best. But any any of Kobe Bryant winning. Prefer his enemies and I know there's a lot of controversy with it I did enjoy deer Basmati lot and a BI's side I didn't. This album for the Jersey retired idea yet debt John William when you have somebody like John Williams working on your project done Williams drastic prior to demand in L Star Wars are great music. So any great animation as well let. He got on my last thoughts are arousal disappointed that Daniel Day-Lewis chose this final film to be spit he'll be back. There will be blood issue or two he'll be more blood and in order to make it more comedy with the Farrelly Brothers which are hoping to do my right foot. Well I like him. That's big brick and I and I'm with you on that family really disappoint me as much to some people love today's says really artistic but I just I. And I try to get my uncle gets he works for the Screen Actors Guild and we get he gets all the screeners and every every Christmas time me. Go to his house huddle or on the couch and just been watch movies and we popped out one end about fifty minutes or we walk around with each other like defrost Dunkirk. Yeah yeah. I think come I got a combat video is just too depressed at them and that's I decide to retire. Two bad knees he's. He's the go in my opinion at a actor sighed the especially our generation he he is amazing I'm usually hoping that he does like a silly comedy when these days. We candidacy that. He's done wanna believe there will be blood. Well OK if there might be in the mix in a good laugh like that the state is performance is fantastic but just. Just the delivery of everything's like O Gary Rogers Rogers underwent which. I was slit your throat milk. She's. A awesome and again I'd even has performance that Lincoln Alabama went anyway so many great things that pleasure. The entity or Coke or that's one of the dis Chile and yes Schilling. I'm a big guys so much for Demi today that. Guys got shows gun on tighter together I think you against you out the index for joining me and giving their takes on the Oscars but now we're gonna panic. Poverty and BA. And wrap their NBA players that are involved in the entertainment industry. Am getting ready to explore the world of basketball with Kevin Durant Kevin Durant is preparing. It that's a drama for apple called slacker it's produced by imagine television and is actually inspired. By his time playing a U basketball. And the tech giant has put together in development a basketball being scripted drama that was actually inspired by accurate early career playing youth basketball. No actually explore the world of a basketball in the nation's capital as well as players their families and coaches and all those who walked in between. Their dreams and ambitions at all talking about the opportunity. And corruption and well Reggie rock bite to it is going to be the one that will write the script. His name sounds familiar because he also contribute but it for the 2000 down love and basketball which was written and directed by his wife Gina prince by. He also penned the script for swagger and derail and will executive produced via his 35 media company. Now the latest scripted series will be put into development at apple apple has landed. All kinds of great media said their get ahead on this whole thing you've heard about FaceBook that's been doing getting involved where it. The the ball family and and also Tom Brady and his ducky series that he did apple has landed some hot morning show actually add drama series. That's involved with that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon is it to seize and straight to series order it's also. One of the first two original scripted series at apple so. Apple is getting involved in the movie business and you've also heard about Major League Baseball that's getting involved. With basement they're going to be light streaming as well so of these social media companies are really getting involved in the sports world so it's really it's in the seat. How it's changing in its gonna make a big impact when it comes in the cable companies. Alice doesn't go to LeBron James a LeBron James he's also back in the movie business he. Spearheading a revival of the 1990s. Comedy movie franchise house party. Now the Cleveland Cavaliers star and spring entertainment partner maverick Carter will produced a project while Stephen Glover who's the brother of Donald leopard. And Jamal well Lori will write the screenplay. Now rally onions out there the original house party was back in 1990 start hip hop deal kid play. In his bond up actually two sequels now LeBron said that this is definitely not a reboot. It's an entirely new look for a classic movie ever when he grew up with love's house party he says. And to partner with this creative team to bring in new house party to new generation he said and believable. IG is may also make kicking you in the moving no plan yet though but Hampshire Stephen Glover will find her role for the king. Hope that he brings back the big care was the key right that he's one of the big hair maybe. A Blake Griffin you know he may not be an LA anymore black. He is still involved in the business now the Detroit piston. Had a role in the feature films the female brain it was a tongue in cheek comedy that looks at the differences between men and women in relationships. If it was directed and co written by Whitney Cummings also stars in the film with Greg and he plays a pro basketball player house it. Game he's made two woman who's struggling for career independent. He was asked about. How much of the scenes were actually improvise and he said yeah there was actually a lot of intra improvisations and in this on the secret that every scene. Once he got out there he said he really does need to get down discount on a day and you sell a lot of cuts actually made in that now. And he's a one of his favorite part was being able to play with the scene and just see where it got a lot of improvisation. And Italy. According to rotten tomatoes the movie fell flat getting only 29%. Rating. But. Looking at some of the other views and look like people actually seem pretty happy with Blake's role in the film saying that actual pretty good comedic timing so. I have not CD and I may have to check it out just because you know it's got it. And I like comedies you know it's funny is biker and is actually said that if he didn't play basketball he probably would have been in the immediate. He's popped up in all kinds of TV cameos he's. Sketches for Funny or Die he's dabble with in province in a comedy. So how he would be off the court he does have a personality and EC in some of his commercials now and entry is in May make is based. You know I know LeBron is talking about doing that one as well so. I'm sure he'd be good and bring into the movie. He also did mentions a rotten tomatoes when they ask him what his favorite movies are he said his spare batteries are super bad old school the Dark Knight in glorious bastards. Know. Doesn't this week full learn the film I panic at Aggies hope you enjoyed the Oscar and a bit info on the NBA players involved in Hollywood and the entertainment industry will see you next week.