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Saturday, March 3rd
Anna Kagarakis takes a look at the 2018 Oscars and chats with ESPN's Adnan Virk about which films will take home the trophy.

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Feeding the world. It's Oscar time it can't be vote. And it has thank you welcome that Vilma is hot has that even dedicated towards them in court. But this week because it is a huge time the year especially for me. I absolutely love the Oscars and so this is an Oscar focused show I'll be talking about my best picks. Some of the best things look far too at the Oscars this week in and also what will be speaking with add and Burke from ESPN. Also the house of senate cloudy at NAND Burke movie podcast at fantastic podcast if you have not had a chance to listen to me yet. I highly recommend you do is not one of the most. Beloved reviewers of films he does a fantastic job and attend the controversy surrounding this year's event from the Harvey Weinstein scandal the meat to movement we have going nine times out movement. So it's going to be really interesting to see how they're gonna be handedly. Everything this year in Hollywood when it comes to the Oscars we see a little bit when it came to the Golden Globes are some the other awards shows. Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting for his second year in a row. I think you'll do a great job when it comes to directing. Everything directing and of the controversy in the things that are kind of difficult to talk about. So I think you'll do the job at keeping it. Very classy but also addressing it at the same time making. Light at the same and I think that's important we want to honor. Those in the industry who deserve to be honored but also don't forget. That trials and tribulations and many have gone through yet assi dad who will be presented this year says she was the heat part and you know proud of bringing down the huh Harvey Weinstein and kind of bringing to light everything that he's done. Last year's best actor winner Casey Affleck he actually ballot at a presenting at this year's ceremony says can be interesting to CD damage control. That the academy is going to pack two and a work around and we'll see how they handle another thing will be talking to add and Burke about. Let's not let them in the movies first up there isn't many great nominees this year. One that's really stood out to me I really enjoyed three billboards of outside adding loser at a group rate now absolutely wonderful felt. And not really stuck out to me was this people water it was a really beautifully done it is a fairy tale. Modern fairy tale kind of strange and I think it'll be an instant cult classic. I'm not sure it's up for it'll be best picture but it definitely deserves. Best in the top of being named best director it's going to be a very close race this year it is the ninetieth. Academy Awards it will be a nail biter for sure we've seen a race this close since 1999 when Shakespeare in Love and saving prior private Ryan. Were up for best picture so it can be really fun to watch out three billboards. The instinct about that is they have director Martin made Donna. What I snubbed for not being. Nominated at this year's events. So it's for that movie to win best picture it's. It's a feat that only has been accomplished by for best picture winners. Some of those are weighing back. 71928 grand hotel back in the thirties. Driving Miss Daisy and also recently Argo another film. That is improbable win. Jet Alex. Because of sexually released a year ago but but the thing is that. Even though it's a year later this movie has not been gotten. And they've been a very good job kind of keeping in everybody's mind keeping in the forefront. So there's a possibility that this still could win best picture I person Levitt both basic resentment at love three billboards at that it was very well done. Fantastic acting and great all around great movie. Attitude Jordan he'll go to he has. One blog Daniel Kerr lea a great actor he is a phenomenal actor a fortune he has this Perry Mary tough competition in the leading. Actor category. I think the clear front runner this year has to be Gary Oldman for his. Physical transformation as Winston Churchill in the darkest hour. But it's more than just the great make up work. Omen puts together a spectacular. Performance and he's never won before so be really interesting to see if he will be able to take home the prize this year. Up against Daniel Day-Lewis who by the way made. The movie that fans can thread his swan song I never would have thought that this would have been a film that he would have made his last film is come out saying that he can retire from acting. I personally was not a huge fan of phantom credit that it was beautifully done as a beautiful film that was not a big fan of the story in the pacing of the films so. Not each candidate to win best picture. It's it's kind of been 5050 whether or not win best that we have many people say that they absolutely love it. Many people saying that they'd just that is absolutely boring eBay it I think it was a Jennifer Lawrence said Sheila can watch for three hits. Humanity to Marshall and line them up Christopher Plummer has received his third nomination. For his performance as Jay Paul Getty in all the money in the world at the last minute replacement for Kevin Spacey after the sexual harassment and assault allegations. Now. Went plumber came in. He actually came in back in November and they re shot all these different scenes with between him and Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. And they actually were able to re edit the film in time for the Christmas Day release that discuss to show you. The total professional that Christopher Plummer as he came into his role so quickly delivered an amazing performance. And all in the short time span. Now plumber also becomes the oldest acting Oscar nominee at 88 years old less forget that he's 88. A plumber becomes the oldest person to receive an acting Oscar nomination. Who held up before 11998. Remember Gloria Stuart not. She was in tight ten the only woman in Titanic. Who is 87 years old the times that she was nominee. So plumber has already he holds the record for the oldest winner of an acting Oscars set in 2012 when he won best supporting actor. For began he was 82. Time and yes I can let's quickly go through some of these here's the for lead actor I many give it to you. Gary elder for the darkest hour lady actress. Frances McDormand for three billboards she's just she delivers such a heart wrenching performance. The actor. Give it to woody note to Sam Rockwell for three billboards I know it's kind of what are those performances people hate him because he plays that racists in just. You just hate him so much innate and no people don't like the idea of him being redeemed at the end of the movie. And can you just don't want like them for all the terrible acts that he had had performed by. He even put that aside just look at the ruled that he played he delivered its so while. Supporting actress I love Allison Janney emblem on the in I Tanya I think she she does such a great job and what's added I wish I had more of her. In that movie. Animated feature. So many beautiful movies at Coco is actually I think it went for its beauty alone. Enemy short got a co write it up for an Oscar this year it's a dear basket blog and get into a more now add NAND Burke when he joins us in just a few minutes. A cinema photography. Seep water at 100% has been issued watered them movies is so beautifully done right I can't say it enough eighty's so. Beautiful I I would love to watch it again and just the study everything that they do in them movie I mention best documentary feature. One I haven't seen all of the documentaries the 1 I am very in England as. The documentary acre despite bright and all those are actually about. The sobriety is a cyclist and he decides to try. Doping. And see if he can actually get caught doping because you hear of these stories about all these different athletes who get charging at. We're taking these different drugs and he wanted to see him get by its and he actually ends up working with somebody from Russia so it's very juicy story and the scandal that goes on with the Olympics and watch it. So if EP haven't seen the eight it's CNET on Netflix actually. At some great movies I think it's going to be fun to watch the Oscars this year and if he hasn't seen on movies and that's really cool. Is believed Amazon is actually offering on the movies for rent seeking catch up. On all your favorite Oscar pictures and you know kind of getting into the race you know take public Oscar party do the polls with your friends. When it comes of it wasn't so many great movies as there and if you haven't seen it I Tonya wonderful movie staple waters to we have film but really it's a cool film you're really isn't really cool down three billboards. I think it's gonna end up winning best picture this year. Get out outlets in another great would be kind of it's kind of dark horse candidate but I think in my Connelly is something. But you really knows a lot about the Oscars and has seen all these films and really has a good take on everything is ESPN at Denver. And host. Also the host of the popular podcast in the cloud be added and Burke. Movie podcast I didn't think so much for doing everything. And likewise throughout the Bay Area all the top spot my apartment light they minister Jose. It up a couple times years I'm well equate to how often riveting is out there. Most got those in detail let me let it I don't return them attrition and war perception the local golf got enough of the war but. Love it out there and I appreciate the confidence. You know I've always appreciated the work with a beautiful area it's fun I have two boys two young boys so it's always a fun trip you know day trip to go out to the war together is now. I love it's you no matter what Justine even hear from the Bay Area born and raised. Well it's amazing that it really curious central Connecticut now like Priscilla went from there and out for Toronto originally so whatever route they're Great Neck and of course although. Terrorist cause so much city region the type not this is amazing. But it also depend on never been Alka tracks it's just always been you know just too late it's gone so well that's a lovely state that not top aka drug that's gonna there was that. I am going to admit I have never been there either we've actually been talking about it on the morning I'm on the morning here in ninety buys them in the game and we actually have a called the prison that which is. If your very confidence in something would you. That a year in prison. Or three million dollar that nobody has the nine dollars and we actually that actually banning it that we had our joked that at the spent the night. Mean I'll address here and yet. The look. At our ratings as I am gonna make a trip out there that was so quickly not that from Toronto. Yeah I was born Toronto and remove when I was young thinking it was as a few hours away. So there's not much real kink in it like happen between Ronald Montreal. And so I'm about what restaurant you might talk to you standard that I went actual auto preschool. At Ryerson and it worked there are up Corcoran the states so I just senator I'm just facility too much writer any connection. If you leave are we up. Well he gets all excited whenever I talk Canada hockey and he's Greeks so I grabbed Greek yen. My dad's from the big area of Montreal apparently it's all French in Greeks out there. Yeah I stopped real lot in the your Greek and I knew Atlantic suckers try to linebacker Larson college and of course the import as a prominent area trawler it's great and it's amazing really that would cult. A tape that import the first week in a lot so it's like you know. Oh but happen in the food is unbelievable Saudia shout shout to the Greeks outlook. Hey next time he conducted there you gotta come and made as an Oakland Greek festival biggest festival around. You'll be my guess that you come on up here out acute all the Greek food for you in your car. I love right on men's. Are you will he's now first up. I love the fact you have a fantastic podcast this in a battle and then Burton movie podcast what is left for films originally come from. Well it introducing an 80 I'm sure everybody at some level I was privy to some extent for that you know that was the podcasts and certainly haven't sets up well book then edited should try to look back into one's own mind and psyche realize the what do you have a passion for something and I think part of it stems from my mom she always love movies it's negotiating you let's watch a movie together. If you want to watch the most is no violence and no nudity at no bad language I don't watch The Little Mermaid again so like. My dad is an avid reader he's out of it with a guy at all it was able hyper sub titles like dat. And they have great release section there and all resembles this is VHS cassettes but I would feel better and I would secede and offered movies to rent so that really led to a lovable old cinema that would pick up on Citizen Kane or whatever labor government watch of a volatile brief look at George appreciate what you don't keep focus mr. quick torrents of photography Orson Welles once. I quickly got politically that I love which of course the instrument we saw about James Cagney and offer folk art locked on the wars Robert Richard again libel law because those always yeah again that ensued my interest but it cavity. Are above the step of modern blog would have in it so it was a nice spot experts urged its best popcorn watch it together. And go from there and I just got swept in that spell of motion pictures and I would if that's double from the historic first side goodfellas. I'm I'm who turned forty ministers I was taller circuit solace obviously I was not. Able to see it in the theater of my brother my older Brothers shot the likes movies too but not my level. Up we both watched it felt lives to stop others don't rapture by that film I think. Anybody who watches could felt the first summit just churns you want all the capabilities of movies and because this source says he's camera work in the music in the performances and everything about that movie can be just just gets me fired up and then that got me in DuPont were sent me and I always found that when our actors directors and people ask you know at least that stuff. I would go to the rule of threes and now I'm you know entering high school I don't let. I find it directorate always watched three ruby's a corporal was expelled it very quickly OK go back to the court direct more interest so I watched. Three all the the movies in a week again eagle library has a fine. Cool in Lucas being whatever it is okay not an appreciation for all of them. If you like the free what little more but at the three are good you know that'll work for that's fine so I don't Ingmar Bergman has that are famous no automaker will agree to all I'm. It didn't work for me I saw prior to whispers to what was so port in the seventh seal wild strawberry did you like the most looked great but okay posters street's biggest films so I appreciation for Ingmar Bergman helped elect still education. Out but I only to go any further word electrically through movies begala got this guy is brilliant. I'm I wanna watch more more so I think that's how it happened I think it's obvious for people like you'd be preached or stand Doug Stewart in the business. I'm much exports which accountable open. What you can open metallic all the way NCA you know you you go to your games giant games Kindle you like. Apron daddy remember all that they're learning about the issue of baseball in the UK and up so I think that they kind of intertwined as sports and movies. Would love now and a big part of my podcasts here is how were being house sports. And the film world has really come together a lot nowadays you have all these athletes are getting involved in movies. And even. Not to confront as we also behind the green is wealth I love how it's all coming together but let's talk Oscars right now Oscar Lieberman is upon as I know you have. You're asked by many many people to give your take on all these films is their picture that really stood out you as your favorite. Yeah but movie that I thought was the best you saw in the figure it took about what might well be that most regal court but in Surrey. And right now is it like you've got to win best picture I thought it was. The world were to describe papon's ferocious. I just thought it was just took so leaching is Priscilla predict. Well I didn't know anything about religion about Corsica on strip a lot and ask you re up a lot Q why you might controller you're never I know. I'm not all on the interest and Kindle but it Lewis make their first or so I don't watch it a threat. I don't need to read you were used to watch it sort of equals here that for that diving stop in the case of critical or all I knew you know what is working on applies. It smartly done I know in order director Indian brutish. I know assertion that the dormant in Iraq well Carol about debt so I didn't know anything about Stewart here which is always that that's a watch film. And I thought it was amazing record that's excellent chances now about the script and I think it's gonna went for screenplay it's over close registry that get out and I think Rick Dorman at rock or vote group where practice supporting actor. And the big intermediate it won the sag award for best ensemble. Hackers at the biggest threat to the academy so that's why it's critical court has yet and also on the back to which the British Oscars for best seller about it is not in British about a so this sort it shows how much. That that was capped it audiences it's a two horse race right now a look at not rebel or going to be the shape of water which one. For the producers guild award in the director's guild award at your volatile political ought to work faster rector. It's a wonderful so that was my second favorite would be so quick shot a wonderful story about outsiders being accepted at the best description of bill. That people like Michael and what that would that W will would have Fishman. Few of the best ways to adult court style and Beauty and the Beast a beast ever changed. And it's a wonderful film I I think. From mainstream audiences as probable we hadn't slept in the centric film and it's gory and I think separate movie movie lovers which Wright hit a pivotal roll their eyes but I think it. Early hearkens back in the forties and there's a musical sequel to flee. Don't Tora went with it and I had Richard Jenkins and sit a while he's a wonderful actor. He's not an advocate for best supporting actor on a regular disclosing the tickle like they've dealt tore think it would go to all the is that that argument as. But I said to it to work apart here we have all your passion so I looked all was built. It's gonna be one of the other that that they don't have the Republican there's a bit of backlash that don't like it say about rock well Eric C bureau of racist. We're gators and police brutality against blacks they don't like the fact when they're really feel like. He called heroes and it is redeemed and I don't agree this article react to each partially redeem you can see that spilled out last cubicle what he McDormand are going out. It was not could be a recital because and he can gel like I think like anybody like he has on his negatives. Other written but it backlash to it so it doesn't win that's because people don't like that aspect of the film. And even people loved that movie that they're not creek about yet but it is Leanne just kept you know stop squat to them but. The ship of water the detractors say it was a little too strange to get a best pitcher but you know the other I thought. Early on that immediately people are not are you why. Nobody is likely to burden of people lot a lot of really good site up with a population of votes they'd eventually came but no not people that listen to really all spelled. And it's a wonderful mother daughters Jordan it's a little too slight it's not weighty enough to be true best picture winner. Yet what I love about this even watering through the it was beautifully done picture I love the green everywhere just. It was so beautifully done but again like I love the music as you said you know I'm back to three billboards. It could be very interesting to see is always weird when a movie is at our best picture but then Martin McDonough got snubbed for best director when he got a lead like that. It's a great point you made I think only 85 times twice as the best picture won it without that stricter nominated most crucial of course. Was Argo which is too big controversy that Ben output was not a professed rector. As a real Kelly that helped restore restrictor divorce so. Outrage that like during another look at our area is a faster so. I think you're right that adept police and that is rare to see the because are the sole reason I don't think it's not a entrance to a still winning best picture. Any dark horse candidate that actually may surprise everybody. Well I look at that I think latest report by had a chance to the woman as courageous thing is get out I don't think to win best picture plot. While the best race is going right now is faster original screenplay and I checked McDonnell wins because it's just such a great script in the morning and its growth Boehner let's. Well violence. Get out nobody saw coming into that it was made for separate million dollars in resort to rebellion to best is enormous success. For Jordan peel and so wonderfully satirical and funny and irreverent and I or comedy genre is not a genre that people can do very well someone I'd uptick or interest in. And so I didn't run out to see a labor of the rave reviews and 90% rotten tomatoes network this is tiger's here. And I thought it was really well on in the it was a personal my top ten list like what was really Smart movie. And Jordan goes a good chance of winning first screenplay original script that I don't think it has enough momentum to win for best picture. Now Daniel Day-Lewis has come out and said that he's planning on retiring from acting. Why do you think he shows phantom threat to be his swan song. Paul Thomas Anderson I love is a molecular filmmakers. You wrote directed at the threat that thicker vessel as the preakness cooperation with you know it was which is the holy blood which I think in New York Times at their best still to this century I believe the Republican that number. One or number two on the list basically but didn't win best picture 2007 lost in the country for old men. It could rip Robert dealt with some photography and deal that was to win the best actor but I adore that he'll repeat in person or engine can watch yesterday or some big trek question to ask me. And it could hear a lot of it was great expert evidence I can never match again. The chemicals Oregon or it was so there's nobody in the order was again. On but I think people those actors that you don't work on which it what I respect about these are so it is war. Caution about I mentioned earlier sourced or deflect ever so maker. When they don't it was after the boxer which is not so he was pleased with the 1990s that could prevent lines. There's out during calendar your debt Jeffrey lines and so in New York they were to. What do you attribute in open wheel in the publicist said two things one. You can't ask local when he was a cobbler and to don't ask well the boxers not happy about that movie so approximate and 97 apparently was not happy with the which I didn't know opened only that. And that he was aware of the story it was sort music Koppel in particular outburst. And Marty to track him down to convention to play bill the butcher in gangs of New York. Only because it was percent in the editor excellent cooperation while underrated so I look the age of innocence. Which is a great costume dramas that night infantry New York there's a look at Marty could convince you they look to do the rule and he was amazing of course doctor of the court is a butcher. I think Leonardo DiCaprio that epic film so you pick on this. He's very selective bug at the other word it uses a centric look ought but I love them I I think is I don't some people are not movie people ought gut here a realist I think he's. Brilliant I think everything it does is great and I think stepped in front. The at this final film he repair clobbered heavily repeat innocent script I think it's got to Pollack responding I think it's quivering at times. I think he's understated it so it's a wonderful performance related lastly I'd rank it is and I think it Alec boxing are they owe it to their dog. And they come back you know you're at the right he's. He's sixty years old he's got three boys like I do and I think that when these 6570. Simply cannot from the king Lear type role there of course sanity that's why I hope he comes back at least. I really needs you I mean there's got to be some script out and he looks at. OK name and come back for just Wal-Mart is one mark got to do one more big one here. Look at the lead admiral's right now. Day-Lewis is the Getty have Daniel Day-Lewis and Merrill Streep out there again so you always bagels they're the favorites to win. But phenomenal categories phenomenal actors and actors is this your meeting take take. Gillick all locked and forcing me acting categories you want surprises but all great like journal would never won an Academy Award he's going to win for darkest hour I thought the well Allman was better than the movie. But he's long overdue McDormand the lock first or persons Fargo. Supporting actor but all of war and met up with her performance related were truly wonderful three dimensional or. And Al continued great issued for anyone know she's a mother from Alan she's still listens. Darkly funny. But that's it and she kind of disappears and moved a lot about one Luby's you try to emigrate before all the time which is is like this is appear from the steps and the but look she's could open at. Actually hilarious so stop where she's gonna wind she's won everywhere are too and rock ultimately it and I love well that always results and Obama pot and a wonderful guy he's mediocre movies I was really hoping it went to the Florida project which is the only nomination to that film. Which it did it was a portion overlooked but it Rockwell just cruise right now and he's putting everything he's got a lot of swear that I like a lot to it done literally Goodman will be going to a single villain. But he came on talk shows responding and hearing about are the game what got you Bill Clinton crowd the replace better than George Clooney a retinal swelling of the debacle. Like I go back the house and Danny here Allison Janney and loved her role also Muslim wanna. That movie by the way had surprised me I went against the kidnap and arrogant that Google and it surprised me and Howell. How good that movie was I did not expect to be as great as it was. Yeah like I purely gear in the we're generally well represent the I was so thrilled that I got through professed picture peaking or so that the best director both of those surprises. But otherwise the bestseller here were my favorite movies a year which is shape water which street belt or what you Gordon Dunkirk. The one glaring omission I an icon of firmly in my top ten. And that will of course was not not a professed spiritual not so it really wish I had I hope people see it would be twenty million at the box office. Margot Robbie was great elect podcast she's really audience sparked so it was definitely knows now. I appreciate it but she's very ambitious and she's very eager to make her stamp on this Jews. God he can do in this ruling that got sick of five and Australia playing five straight and hard to pretty gutsy. Decision part act make current Ginny I know it was shock critical optically looks consultant what I do a lot of jump cut a lot of thought. You could musical choices and moving cameras so I'm I would unplug your side by side. I absolutely loved it I'm with you I thought it kind of got snubbed out of death picture. A lot of controversy though surrounding this year's event yet Harry Weinstein. Issues that meets your movement times that movement you had last year bent at best actor Casey Affleck who's actually ballot out from presenting it is yours there money how much damage control will there be on the academy. And Heidi can all be addressed during you're. It was the opposite major issue the Golden Globes a lot of actors were black it was it was a critic radar curricular rode out mystical post pictures ceremonies every woman who went up there. Pocket the beaches were open it was very impassioned every guy out there. Didn't mention it Olympic village and it's it's an opportunity a white male because even if you haven't heard any malfeasance you're not sure you should be the one talked about it Alex. You know addition of civil rights do you still as the white guy who once talked with issues affecting people callers Olympic cradle it's awkward for a lot of these guys are total spew. I think certainly we've electorate that dog is going to kick raptor which is certainly discuss something to do the nature of Rupert. But it is weird right now for all you when you're looking at the exact. Actors like I adore what turned jail. But that I read that story but it with urban and I was appalled that I and I. The question myself particularly I think a minute when maniac director like church you know I was so upset suit. Which is while others movies. It really that surprising that you beat tyrannical enforcing Uma Thurman to try to call which is so we'll be like well what do you think like he should be short realize these guys are necessarily hero to you about their belt so. I started to stay out of what you put into perspective while a look back at what should engage in hero worship because all the sudden. Are we want instilled which included getting you're probably good luck. These horrible people to these people are couples so I think it's really tricky I think it is going to be addressed I think that it will not Kurds corporate corporate guy. You're gonna do it back astronomy jokes and try to find some way to address the issue could it be open in the room there's no doubt about it. 100% thanking you for Jimmy Kimmel hosting the awards I know just looking at the is looking at all the takes idiocy are there any couldn't take that you would like new. You know they really hoping that you really gunning for to get to the award this year. Not a great question and every I would there's a couple ugly or or or parts of course to beat in a bit looser all of the historic as rector. Now those are gonna happen if our sports bit Kobe Bryant it would Oscar for your basketball is up for best animated short. People wondered who watches the short or like me. I. Ought or ought to interpret all what it would get finally. If you go on the regular but it great cotton ball to elect separatist culture there's beaters you know Marion County reverend you can find that the brother people please go check look at. First of all or shortly animated short particular nauert watch all and the live action short but now when he. And a documentary short about three hours a local longer an honest I wanted to be always interest in engaging this year's crop is very good. Think Kobe didn't like out at that this just all about the fall. I the favorite went pretty animated short John Williams to the score to future nominations for Spielberg or time composers so. If there's one caddie Robert that there is that reciprocal rebel lakers in a sport stands sportscaster. I think it can be really cool to seek a report I'm on Tuesday collected. That John Williams and we have like Don Williams that happy to have read the main they're doing I minute video or Kobe Bryant you know it's gonna do well beautiful artwork in that piece as well about it here apparently there is any rumor that disable water's gonna have a spinoff TV show. I I ever had and that there. The people you know are here all I'm going to be called a court that chemistry this year Dell but unlike what moved solitary about what. But doesn't surprise QBs always regret and opera movie's creators like a big load it up. Yet seems like it's going to be a cult classic definitely from the here's the cup I let it let us know where Ken people here your podcasts in a file. The ad and Burke movie pod has working people find it and find out more about all your wonderful movie going regard. There's so much it could happen and I candidly confide in a while the IN EE ILE site as. Describe to look at that we keep this thing going and if you put rave reviews and iTunes. That will help as well and I'll be there at the Oscars so when you're watching your curriculum this week and in all in all the listeners. On his second hundred tablets under I'd add on all the quick cut off or dot com OPR. In your opinion what penguin suit talking the entire time with Alec or culture all they are. If you watched you can look at the big cap back it's an experience so. During the Oscars all we married in complicating just the people will be at all so check locker dot com this Sunday and now you got ultimate. Aaron well looking bored to thank you so much at him for joining me today and enjoy the Oscars this Sunday. Topic so much and good luck go warriors. Yes thank you so much in pop up when you come out to the Bay Area will take ever Greek food. You've got. You. Well that's an idea for me today the Oscars again err on Sunday march 4 on ABC the boats are Ollie I'm so excited to see what's to come for this year's Oscars don't like eat steak. You know which movie did you like the best are you a fan of the shape of water at three billboards the policy fans and meet you disagree with Mimi really like instant threat or maybe you're one of those who. We love lady bird. Don Kirk get out darkest hour comment by your name all great them I'm really excited to see who's currently at the big award. This weekend against Anke to add and Burke for joining me today on the podcast and ego to not by seven game dot com T hear more. And find out more about my podcast go to my Twitter page at and a ten yankees KAGERAKIX. And I have more speed and 957 to gain dot com and that's different it is sweet. I've and a cut yankees thank you so much for joining me on the film buff enjoy the Oscars we'll recap them next week a lot. And B day stories. And what they're doing in the film industry lot NBA players out there. Getting busy in the film industry in Hollywood thinks are joining the film left.