Exclusive: DeMarcus Cousins w/ Matt Steinmetz

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, July 19th
Warriors center, DeMarcus Cousins, joined Matt Steinmetz for an exclusive following his introductory press conference with the Golden State Warriors. 

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Let's show this DeMarcus Cousins interview that I did earlier. Today and the first thing I asked the markets cousins was. What kind of day he was haven't. Then occurred either. Early morning there's. But it's been good if it's exciting. No glad that finally be a part of that officially kill the good on the floor good people in mobile team Grata with the team. This is big news site you know around afterward we'll let let's get right to you still think that you're going to be. Ready for trading him you know out about that now we've communicated we'll management the militant thing. No we'll figure out notables me personally that's not Mo Michael bloom bloom we're gonna be Smart about it. I hate to present itself and they happen you know we'll figure it out so that's gonna to be determined when I do return I'll give him and that's. One thing about the words they are very conservative about this kinda stuff they've they've been resting players could there be a point where. You think you're ready to do more and there are kinda holding you back a little bit too because that's their MO in Europe most of the wanna be to get back on the court. I don't think got to be the case. They know how about a little. And play ball again. You know I'm also being Smart about this not this about the moment I have to think long term we'll but I think now more return for a moment to defend. I think will be grouped communicating and figuring out the perfect time for classical losing you. His mother is not a good film about a mile from. Depicted. And there's a perception about you that some people have not a good guy. Good teammate. Do you think the losing has made it tougher for you. To show the true person player you are. I think that's the biggest things around them you know not been in the situation that's. That's when the situation it was a it was a good year last year. He didn't in the way we wanted to to boot you know the good yes I think I was overcome and her movement you know. Unfortunate situation and so. Not experience that a little bit. Love the film but. Can we get back to. You've been in the league for awhile now you've never been in trouble off the court. Got along with Mike Malone Alvin Gentry Iguchi made to a lot of people who say that. Does it ever (%expletive) you off that. Your reputation is what it is for some people obviously not for everybody but you've been a model NBA player in a lot of ways looks like the technical flat. Honestly I don't live from. I don't Lou. Reputations. On the fact. I'm not looking for the next person Pennington threw. Defense stroke my people like that doesn't help me on the person. Somebody's Shanna Moakler peppers. I. Carolyn I don't know about to a normal heart is more powerful and rightfully. Thought in film. People like I've dealt with gobble come home to my right. I came in as leader William gates I've seen I was in the beginning that if social media here. And it doesn't. I'm quite others to do is sit back and think. I mean to immediately personally I can never. I. I don't knock him never to. Be so matter so angry at somebody who were out of the negro. So fan page and his wife and the most hateful thing you know our I don't feel that we right. I'll make technical fouls or one thing really good guy or bad guys are completely different thing. It does feel to me like you've been unfairly portrayed over the course your career and I'm I just wonder sometimes if a resentment builds up or now it seems like what you changed. He's the wall on imam known to many of us. It's harmless. Harm drive but with last Buick has a lot of people who can't let it be harmless they let me kind of absorb them. Mike Malone and that John how are your two guys who I'm sure that you enjoy playing for. I think you did anyway what was it about the grave diggers one of the session so I shouldn't do but look let's just talk about Mike Malone how will what is it about Mike Malone and other coaches that you enjoy playing for that makes you. And short play form what is it about this about. All this about basketball that's is that not a boat no patrolman situation room whose. You know who booted it and how often know little of it is about winning games to play a ball way. Thus welcome thus welcome work to do everything right get very much crafting and and put in the work note to me in the lingering that's what I've come every day. To do well or content so. If you and your post on the same page like that and never be a situation. Room. You know mark was about his business and so with the guys were what 990 he got fired. He found them how do you approach to be upset when they let him go. In lower than. You know is slowed but. You know I think my excuse. Though an incredible job in Denver there are successful team that is young talented very competitive that he's done a group grew so. You know everything habits were read I'm a firm believer you know I believe market. Gonna get his due which is you know have a form and can you describe what an average day of rehab as life. If the I mean among poor golf. Animal world court workouts. Pilates classes. There's the rehab they're being journal. Just what do you really hard to stating a kind of shape with that injury. Utilities immunity get this is as far as you know being implants they haven't win it is. But I'm in a small things you can do is just comment Trotta main thing but. That's nothing compared to be in shape when you're. You not able to actually. Be very mobile live is maybe a minute stuff but it it is what is the reality play devil's advocate for executives that you talk to Rudy Gay. Dominique Wilkins Jonas about this particular injury. What always comes up with view is you know you 611. To 7275. Whatever it is and that's going to be that could be a factor. How do you process that part of it. This attitude that everything goes negative and who came here to. The I've I've heard it I've heard everything negative to allow Waldman right. The bad accident which you're out what's the best case scenario that happens for you in the Golden State Warriors this year when no time left for you. When a championship. Thoughts on both. Have you thought about Spartan. Helmet off the bench when your back any of that kind of stuff I'm sort of out of these kids you know arms unsure of I mean once I get back through me being alone room. That's not even question. How many times so far have you thought about you being on the court without that those other four guys I don't what you may do to fit in and and things like that I think we're all players. Q and you have a collective group we. Good accused it's that part comes easy that part hound him so well. My roots word I always thought that the one thing in basketball that if you can do you can always plays basketball. If you can say good screens play hard. Everything else comes we'll would you look at because they're too good pastor because you know a lot of big man or end in itself to that seemed to come very naturally it is comment. He came early Foreman our pals got a forced to learn and I mean I have been placed him. Don't lose certain things tomorrow. It's our shoes off sort of polar ball right vote. I'm now gonna foursome learned like what you really big when you were young people were big girl because I know a lot of got you aren't always follow the world. He knows. Pretty decent player so I'm not faced something where you we're gonna live in the thing. Probably along the creators. The couple players are are out there already so. Listen what can take up and the more time of those a lot of people wanna talk to an old thank you for sit down with me. And I'll welcome to the bay and best of luck to you sir thank you.