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This is the Rick tittle shall. On 95 point seven league games. Thank you for that Blue Man Group welcome back to 957 the game original way if you got another half hour together. Coming up next segment. All sporting topics welcome of the tall rely on triple A 9579578. Penske outsells doc Comtex line 95795. But has promised. We're very happy to welcome Erica mosque he'd of the show he's in NBA and feature writer. For the Bleacher Report and he's written a book for Anderson called beta ball how Silicon Valley and science and built one of the greatest. Basketball teams. In history and I know Eric some people have said. Hey this is like money ball except it's the NBA is that way too simplistic to make that comparison. A little bit and take it because totally far off but you know this thing with money ball. You know what billion. Looking forward mark and patient keenly it at Hewlett. You know that it takes and you know actual you keep quiet conflict that ended and that gave the ball into the real that the books that are all around idiot that. Then Julie didn't Peter Guber Kaman had been stripped down your nations start to scratch but still the sort of you know organizational you'd goes kinda what you were operating or Silicon Valley start up. And so you know these DP you know that the way to rent a reaction search started up and turn to trickle down all your areas of our nation but. It was that mindset that sort of instilled itself trouble seems so. That's really turn that piece that really kind of a point about trying to get Crockett the title it might be a little bit putting it below the art rock and it. That turn of the generally he would when it and I couldn't work. One of the things Eric that I I think that the warriors do that not all teams do is that even after winning championships they've put high value. On second round picks and they went out and bought a couple the last two years. And you look at the team like the bulls who just traded Jimmy Butler and are rebuilding they've they have the pac twelve defensive player of the year but they'd rather have the three and a half million dollars I mean is that. Like just one of those little things. That keep the warriors on top. I mean it's incredible you know normally happens to now acting you know about he went to had a tree years but it just. Talking about are smartly and one you know partly what happened and I championship. He's her price up your own guy that economics is being checked you know and then exported it. Knowing your guy and that being worked more you know until you get out of then and I look at that he's active. No he's not only been in sort of really cute and get there just you know bring back everybody it easier some hometown. This count crop report sir Elton regard. The fact that they are able to you know I just saw the actual call would be legal but it can get it out to our bill. And the fact that only our Q what 3.4 3.5 million dollars. You know theater about five. It's ridiculous now. You know I mean it is tied into the they're really our only issue you do look at all now. It without our awhile cute he's got a new but a lot of talented team in the back home ground so. You've got. Talent and bond champ. To lick is willing to it that the money. An attractive here there and again you can get a little jammed erupted and you know you can you can build for the future it. There's not just one way to do that pressure. You mentioned the summer league and that used to be a place where you would take your picks and some other guys that might end up in the developmental league bad. Bomb outside of your Reno first or second round pick there was an. Huge interest and and now I mean it's just you should see the interest here in the Bay Area on the warriors and of course the Alonso ball the lakers and the Celtics wanna see their guy and the sixers wanted to see faults of course he got hurt but. How can you believe how huge. This summer leagues now is now they can this not like spring training spring training has the star is released 23 innings. I mean this is crazy there's not a lot of stars and the interest is through the roof. And I guess what it wouldn't you know twelve and thirteen appears that we. I'm really in need jet and what that the public helped him get hurt and they're sold out in game at a time and completely ridiculous but it. But he predicted that sort of generally speaking to exploding popularity India again this week it is. Almost quite literally printing money and you'd seen it that that popularity soared explode especially in the last four years and. Especially with the new chief medial now that the rights holders are incentivized to you know promote the sport much they can sit. To put it too hyped you know something like summer league had you seen. More you know are virtually nobody leak it BG leaders have called it. You know these these these are all. You know of the catcher go beyond NBA cropper and certain hostile promote the product at the putting up there much you know these guys that are. Indian has to start you know they'll grow fewer than we've got a lot you know every triple double a ball that apparently. You know that put a lot more money again is copper so. Yet ethnic it to everybody and split is crazy you know he had aids is almost pretty much common eleven months out of the year sport. And I'm not sure anybody really saw that coming it's mixed Kirkland. And experience. No doubt about that we're speaking with our mono ski a feature writer for the Bleacher Report is written a new book it made a ball how Silicon Valley and science but one of the greatest basketball teams in history whenever somebody. Does a Buchan dives into the research I'm sure there were a few things. That either alive ball went on over your head or you just. Plainly said I you know I didn't even know that or some of the surprising things you learned while writing this book. I think it. Mostly have to revolve around in certain ball gently at the church is light and. Porky got a warriors I mean it actually are you know I don't think that there's been no IP for a New York Times. Teacher from a year ago you'd like years. Teachers story in the times. Not much has been a real proper profile and yo and he really just had a Buick I think it really varied life and upbringing and now for example you know there he was under credit ease your mind Nicole published a couple of scientific journal articles. That you know and science journal I was pretty interest union. And you know I knew that in turn your putter Kirk and that the venture capitalist and that is fingers into sports ventures that. I didn't and you'd big investor for example in B note is that that all the late nineties that that directly competed with the government via this is an upstart egos trying to. Trying to compete you know. You know that the big lesion. And it kind of flamed out recruit really what a joke and certain ballot on the Internet. It didn't quite pan out so you know we look at turned its export yet have the word last five years but I. They were a lot of your support and we certainly was very much trial and they're out there are accused sort of learning. Out how to go on and it. Kind of looking at all of this research literature from a macro level. There really that by the time you're in the position by the warriors yeah the first couple years go so well by. Yeah he was able to learn from those things pretty quickly all part B could actually be quite a few mistakes or all that so. Elected timing that was pretty sure that that there. Yeah he hires. A former NBA guard to coach would no coaching experience he gets that team to play defense against some. To the playoffs and then these old dysfunctional Lehigh is enough hires another former NBA guard. To come in and they hire is a you know he gets rid of Larry Riley who drafted this the splash Brothers and he puts and a former agent. To be GM I mean I'll give them credit these guys did not come what great resume is and it worked. Yet you know that thing you know Bob Meyers I feel like mine and I look back and read read read the main strip no it's pretty much done that a couple of months to the book is pretty much done it and when I read up right now. No I think you know Bob Meyers really assert the secret star of this book concerned really it certainly last years well we wouldn't hurt you know drama in what he says that the Ricky can everybody give Obama some credit. Actually you know I need to do the electric to that because it. This is the guys really turn pushed all the right the last five years you've only been on the job you know replacing Larry it can't. Obama got really year and he had to you know negotiate TP Audrey the dollar sign and trade which country retreat technically good. You know that it keeps you really just very little experience and the executive position would solve that experience and he's been huge for fifteen years. So that's the guy who you know Serbs will mutate what do you think. You can put that guy in charge you about while ops. Wouldn't think about experiences the EU is able to bring just knowing he was able to translate all that strategy and I think that certain really inspired choice and and you know these two time NBA executive of the year so it all worked out pretty well put. Yet at the Pentagon that is it just legalize it decisions that and that credit that the GO credit that the bop in and invade these are. I think the guy with the lakers should send bombs from flowers like yeah the new trend is hiring former agents thanks for being a success. Cub mark questioned her trek are around ousting of the Bleacher Report. You look at the last now. And you've got to use that of course making news that Chris Paul maybe they get mellow you gotta Casey bring an end Paul George and of course San Antonio as the second best team. The regular season record and now the three we know that bell actually try to play. Some defense and co wildly healthy again which team do you think his second best in the last coming up. I mean Serbs by default not super crazy yeah I'm a little confused and some of the moves that spurs in the adult you'll come the past fifteen years he took earned the benefit of the doubt. But he certainly no brainer adding bill I don't know why SP percent leader to call on hookers and instructed them to simulate didn't get away. Know how to solve it is money so the spurs are gonna do their usual head scratching stressed out you know. Crystal ball and you know fifty you know 59 would lecture content to do. I really feel at ease and you know at least of acceptance to meet this year. I bit there's there's a higher risk high reward c'mon you've been there all I hear you know just the publicity Klain reporters all act. I feel it at certain Alex than certain that the integrator heard a lot you that team I'm available or weapons expert. I think it's great concern try to get a pair TP trio in hard but it. Thank you get a little bit about potential I really think act like you know that Dwight Howard Steve Nash caring and the lakers in that very much Apple's arch is but the idea pairing. A couple superstar gathered beside a war with Iran among the word here that. It was such as solid and large court and police already that we kept got here so. I feel like they're being there isn't real potential meeting could do sixty and 62 immediate got it to now and be able to do that. At fault and I look looking at what the defense I mean you know if they're gonna put you really great defense and the rest the western side and beat him to play the up and. And you know pregnant caught George hunkered books and everything they can play really allow that I think Billy docket. Sort of an underrated coach Gil he's really search or get its legs in terms of coaching this week's. I feel like a piece he could makes an improvement so I think you know Cuba expert skeptic and I think. You kooky kooky at eighteen get better when pressed to even speak up and receded. And he's an entrenched in that number cheese eaten. You know look and feel warriors rockets conference final you know ten or eleven months from now I think that. That all Indian really kick. Yeah and England that say that would be a rollicking affair for sure. Lamar question yeah I'm Omar question for you Eric when you look at some of the teams are on the outside looking in. Last year one of them was New Orleans now law have cousins and you know brought together they finished tans. In the last are they gonna make the job because of him Portland got an F 500 last year in the eighth seed it can New Orleans get to the playoff section. Man I mean. Is it looks like it got a lot of peace and trade is Katrina a lot of money picture holiday took a big contract in there they're really gonna be expecting. A lot of in terms and I I I I I am under the market could stand like the big game he'd bring I think it. You know he's he's still at the answer truly been able to unlock you know certain what entity could be at duke really well partly. I mean IQ these rumors about you know Rajon Rondo and partly India in New Orleans one year deal and now they can myself. Is that really the best he'd do at that point and he does. Richard you'll like it then that it serves and what happens in Chicago last year but I. Anthony it is just a week and he district so much of the game at all and then. And they didn't act and that certainly can have the talent to do and I'm sort of glad I was expecting them certain pollutants you know after the C America that you know pilgrims and that kind of debt and and what contributed to it that he's. The fact that they are brought him back in or out packets that electric and give it's one more solid go round. But they're putting themselves in the position where they speak and make it happen. He would be nice if he had you know I would I like that on yeah I definitely answered sneak in and get their troops talent. Should put them that that you know six separate these days should be a playoff for the. That's Eric Mallon now ski NBA writer for Bleacher Report looked for his book coming soon beta ball how Silicon Valley and science bill one of the greatest basketball teams in history fall on Twitter. At Eric now all that's ER I KM AL. Eric thanks you're time especially at this late RE really appreciate congratulations on the book and we'll catch up soon. Think you would think I hadn't. All right good stuff and that we have one more segment together has always all sporting topics are welcome football basketball baseball hockey Soccergirl tennis federation boxing Olympics neutral about chess checkers. Rugby cricket that kind of stuff. If you wanna talk about the boring draw between may because. You talk about that as well I was kind of this new user. It's all a new man. What you've gotten we'll throw it to the network got eleven try calling them triple 89579570. And the Penske outsells dot com attacks like 95795. I'm correct it'll come on back and out of 57 again.