Eric Davis joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Monday, March 12th

13-year NFL Veteran & Super Bowl Champ joins Joe, Lo, and Dibs to share his thoughts on the 49ers' signing of Richard Sherman and what he brings to this new-look 49ers roster. 


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He's a Super Bowl champion. An all pro quarterback who spent thirteen years in the league ladies and gentlemen Eric Davis joining Jolo in dibs on 957 game ED good morning how are. Okay trying to get my coffee here what you judges woke me up with. But spicy takes here his bicycle expo will will bite you look at. And I. They were quite what to think that is on Saturday about Richard Sherman coming to forty that is a number 25. In the red and gold it looked quite good in the past that it not. Well I mean you obviously don't follow me on Twitter because the mall that is always start putting out that he. Possibly going to hit the that it BO world which is it exactly where to change it do regardless league ruled should've been the first order no industry debate shouldn't go. For the media. A lot of people that you were complaining about that but that's that we should've been done. But the moment I saw that I just sort of sit and I'm a little bit they're saying go. That you don't Wear it 25 Cordoba reported up with a knotted is not a bad Spain you sprinkle but. So. Outlook I'm I've been on I've been on that bandwagon or while you that you've got to get more play makers that second period and opportunity D. J. White. Are an outlet their journalist what are we. And they did for a guy who's coming off Achilles tendon surgery and he likely won't be close to a 100% till July how much is that a concern you Eric. Having played the position knowing that he's gonna become an in office surgery of this nature. Well I'm looking at the guy who do it well and who have an upsurge in the level playing. So reluctantly direct HR come back he's thirty now he. I think you're left them this is to secure police but he just now heating. Probably. Of the crime of his career so that it injuries they're so let's say you get 75%. Of retreat sure. What 35% of Richard sherbet to become back and that's what you have that only better they're 85% of the quarter and a leak right. So you still come out old copy of your peacock back in he's able to play the game. Close to the way he was playing the game looked ready to lead back at that level. If you could do those orange peel have upgraded the position and you look at the big corners bet that the niners have right now they got the young guys that have that. Have a similar body eco. They're going to get. And intelligence. And that group that they that they don't necessarily have their gonna get a couple of them that wrote it on their they're necessarily have. They're gonna get. I guy that Burton leadership and championship level of play your spell idiot that wrote there a break everybody better. I don't think it's a good oh. Yeah I was gonna go there you just started going on the next question I was gonna ask. You alluded to what they're getting on the feel we understand them but off the field is that the things you think these is going to bring the toughness the film study. How much it wouldn't help the coaches was some and other things in your pay your professional opinion that that term is gonna bring the disorganization. Well they're very good thing I mean you know that knock on where the Sloan would bet he will speak speak player big guy after note. Not dispel this guy but he you know tall lanky but he bluntly. A willing Packard reported that will not call him good ebitda certain book pro or older their. It will be vocal coaches too and an error or political play well you're virtual world do that is or think low milk or coaxed just to say it. But when you have that coat sitting next do you would you beat him actually prolong his body you're rare or CEO. Peddling it bit of a certain way for real perspective from practiced respective battle getting they see it got clear circle wait it seemed to. Green the younger guys along to that level. Because you understand that they spent their. And there are certain standard regardless of what sport of Spain and great feel about about Richard sherbet in the past because he was where Tokyo color color. You have to accept the fact and understand it and know. That is true and you say he'd play the game at a certain level you would low deceit. The 49ers secondary player and I think he's going to be bringing that Andy's going to rogue operative permeate the road. Several champ Eric Davis joining us here on 95 cent in the game. A bit of a contentious relationship towards the end in Seattle we saw what happened on the sidelines and Darrel bevel in the one game and there reports that he Russell Wilson used to get into it a bit at practice. Some of the fans are concerned that. Sherman could take a great locker room in San Francisco and create a problem within do you see that being a concern is the past the past in Seattle. What's great about the locker room and order and they're go. Usually they get bigger great locker room from a great locker room who underwent right there. OK so that locker room haven't been so great lately. So you need to give him any players in their own. Becky help you make it a great locker room so. Forget that he we go for war. Whatever read that are currently the coral may have been in you're not necessarily going to get along with everyone won't change but it you have until the respect dorm to work getting the job done. Then that's all anyone ever care about other like oh great but it all like what we all had a common cold that we worked to war. Now a lot of it and understand the right Sheen and the locker room that Hal. Pollute you beyond the great locker room understand that the that the Seattle Seahawks were built don't eat it because Ted aboard the defense were the players that. That we're reacting unity of that organization and that little bit championship are marker that they have looked there. So those guys were the ones that set the standard. When offensively you're not scoring course you're not doing anything you're going to kill orbit now the question or beat what type locker room you're. Established for the forty matter as they move forward and start winning. Because if you're if you're with a great good where and when it greed and our rate would repair it would called out their office. But if you're playing war. If you're playing for the colts. You have patent grant or you can call well the off that boat all about the locker room but let our call that their great locker room and not worry about which industry double lock coral. And Philip are quitting OK but don't get caught up in bed and that is docket court open their perpetrators go. Yeah especially when you look at the defensive coordinator Robert Salo who obviously vouch for him from their time together. In Seattle how much of that do you think is becoming the identity of affording better defense trying to create. Though not necessarily a locker room they had Seattle but that image of a tough defense. Well wouldn't that fit your traffic about look at your general manager and quick about the way he was raised in football think about. The tight games he played for in the way he lowered his rating he had hurt a lot of beat that beat them how to play a certain way. And have an have a certain mind that it could assert strike the circuit court of fear into the air. Opponents for you to consistently win that's what they're got to believe and that's what they're gonna try to where it would that would be good quarter greater and so in your tech. Thinking about that you'd look at the other quarter. And they try to get Ricky. Okay he's cracked I mean you're not over but either OK if you hit it there but they're trying to do you play maker tough guy. That also. He expression at what they do consistently. Play at a high level and they may police BQB. So that's the thing about it being you look that he used throughout the locker room you multiply. You wanna play hard. All the weird. And that's the thing about it is it you don't have to write all the current late game with quiet in completely blamed that rightly. What do have to have guys that go aren't although they're district aren't that aren't saying this is what we have to do. And we're gonna get it done no matter what and I I think that what they're trying to great there. Eat you know using the owner you know gives a shift money for him to buy whatever he wants to put in just do whatever bitter he's going to create. CNN henin. They did they went out to dinner for four hours home in Sherman how much was that. Doing with what did you think was accomplished in their was that the that the defining moment that they wanted to get that done you think before or dinner what do you think transpired over the time. The world Yugo you've been you camera chairman I'm sure that was sort so so conversation right there picnic Turkey gonna be real. About what it is that well to do. And I think a lot of it also had you would know. Number I'd epic which are in every conversation I had that there would of had a lot to do with the direction of the organization. Our repeated that position when I was leaving their cars as a free agent. And going to would seem that the Carolina Panthers that they have the governor were cooked several teen just keep going but it are that there are ever talk with the older our talk with G are awkward the coach. And it my whole deal is what I. Well the organization about what we're trying to do. What what what your ultimate goal. And how were you planning on getting that don't tell me you're cooped up. And I'm sure sure what we're all about a quick about it right now. Good Garrett Brit aren't. Kuerten under the game yarder there have been sitting around try to see what are guys trying to do. I could beat it got a lot of places to play football. What you wanna go would you wanna go to a place that has a similar model to what more cut that to be around every day or you weren't yourself crazy. And eat at an age where her that's what you look for. And are pretty. Keep her under our big but it felt being multiple but good at table. That the boot and allow them to meet the middle and I'm glad it did because of Arctic to start well. And even Google would be a good thing for the next few years political. Super Bowl champ an all pro cornerback spent thirteen years and National Football League Eric Davis who Jolo and dead zone 957 game. Edie we always appreciate your time thanks so much swing and I afford to do it again so. Very no problem then I'm going to finish my copy now and you keep giving your vice Perry. I cut. That we give personally guarantee T thanks Eric.