Episode 31: Warriors wax the floor with the Spurs in Game 2

Wednesday, May 17th

Zakariah reacts to the beat down the Dubs put on San Antonio.


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Welcoming and Bay Area it is the debates of the C cast I am your whole sect riot. We have zoo maybe he is effort in right now he as the BP as the lyrics he's ready to rock. He's got to get that all signed off on he will have the intro for the podcast coming up here shortly it's time to react to game two. Gregg Popovich who was very animated after game one. Talking about south saw it being a dirty play him closing out uncle while Leonard first the ball. That was not a dirty play. All right I played basketball my entire life I'm 33 years old that happens all the time that's called a normal clothes out. And obviously upset and you know Porsche are going to be upset when you as the best player that was not dirty. At all and have a guy like Bruce Bowen that you were the culture of 43. Championships. And your saying that that plays dirty and Bruce bone coming out and saying that it was thirty. Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous and you can see if nothing else and up I haven't heard anybody say this anybody in the media. Say this that. His reaction Zaza as your reaction to the play was not one of which. Somebody that did something dirty would react to heat walked away from that play being upset that he was called for foul now he did alum. And sell the valve was justified but that's not a dirty guys' reaction. Somebody that does something dirty watched Bruce Bowens replays. All looked up his YouTube clips of how many times he undercut guys. That's how you react when your being dirty south sought to not do so he went crazy and then of course last night. 136100. In absolute blow look that's how the game probably should of looked. From the gecko I don't think Leonard being in this series would have changed that they might have taken game one which would have made it more interesting obviously. But I think ultimately. There's way too many better players on the warriors squad then what you're seeing on disperse war and Tony Parker being out obviously. Does not help Tim Duncan being retired does not help. The war is a better and they would have won in five or six regardless of whether or not quite Leonard got hurt then I think we'll see moving forward. After. Gregg Popovich makes is very strong stance on that play being dirty you'll see what this team's better. And now it's gonna come down to what's gonna happen with the cavs. And the Celtics and who's gonna have more losses going in that series I'm guessing the wars that none. I see the war is when the next two games in San Antonio. And I don't think the cavs lose game the cavs lose games going to be tonight. But outside of that I don't have the moves and again we do this in October when these two teams. Work clearly the best teams in their conference and the broad has stayed in the eastern conference for a reason. And the warriors are the best team in the west. The rockets. Not so much you saw that game six. No why letter dispersed still beating Houston in Houston and the spurs are not the warriors saw all the wars or clearly the best team in the west. The cavs the best team in the east and you're gonna see the rubber match. It's been three finals in a row that has never happened in the history of the MBA. All see it together who's gonna win that game and they're gonna albeit for help we all hope. Kevin Love was out of first series ivory Irving who was out in the second series trademark green missed the game the second series. Game five. Came back as the best player on the court game seven. But we're gonna see them at their full strength Morgan and over the best team does. And I think most people expect the warriors to be that team Zack rye ads exports on Twitter is the AK sports.