Episode 30: The one & only Mistah F.A.B. joins Zakariah while also debuting the new intro!

Zak and Guru
Tuesday, May 16th

You see him court side at every Warriors game & he joins Zakariah to talk Dubs & hip-hop!


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Lindsay yeah. Whose cause like hey it is stayed sucker around Ohio shall favorite team how would the lawyers and days and fewer than it was shortly. Really should've. Well like pre election marketing. As trek TV and so I mean. Yeah Brady go back in the wrong and I. Feel what you blackened on this beast left for real what I'm rampant on Saturday. Pleasure to be joined by. Freestyle king you don't believe that I defy you to Barnes somebody. And mr. travel mostly clients and I'm saying this because I know for absent. He's got tons of going public that is reopening its hard to burn down. Parts of Stewart so they're going to report. John Lynch mode check mobile services fantastic I was out here. It was a party out here before he gives portrait you were on a lot of bogeys there was no climbs to be had out there. He's got a podcast coming Abdullah Arab podcast dope Eric clothing line check them out on Twitter at is the fab spam problem joins me miss the fab or use our. Also a good man to murder etiquette and watch it while it was great. And have a dismal report apartment everything on what he said have a debate ought to go or are Eric Booker or. Well that lied on the music and everything else Beltran got a real unity in our our everything on but not content by the department. May get a lot of love today and deservedly so whether it's backpacks for kids whether it's gone back to school whatever it is you do the community a lot of people recognizing that. And your putting yourself out a lot of different avenues which gob bless all self made as at least break here I love and respect. Everything you're doing out there you're also every damn warriors game now take me back to game one fatty. And a lot of people have been talking and was that play dirty on Zaza are sought as a normal clothes out played you would normally do wanna jump shooter was a dirty that. Who the reporters at the speculation that the plate in the thirty players at. And a player ever a current player. So they are criminal act and that being a dirty player. So I'm in a normal clothes out are out which are at this in a second recount. Now that looked at at the start like. Leaked out on the ballplayers let's ankle already father. That. To happen or are in the past week to Ridder which is important to let. That's a great where he won a vehicle that go out here. The level competition I would have liked it but what an eight a dirty play out of elect there were any. In and outside on a block a shot. Barca defender out of pocket are a lot of remember now. Let you know but it does doubt about it album bat rack and it is that open up the tech scene you're about. Now the warriors tweeted out a video Oakland native and rapper mr. fab talks grown up a dubs fan as he heads the warriors ground. For game one I mean just talk about how much you being in the spotlight before this team was great before staff. Before clay for Kevin Durant came into the fold and you talked about Yunel I mean Montae Ellsbury what are your favorite players on had a reunion you've been on the Mike in front of the TV talk about your life as the warriors fan growing up and open. An award for years and I have eight hours on the opposite craters. Or. Eight man at at Oakland and the Los Angeles greater Altman eight hours illegal and it's an and the war on next. I did it matter about where we had a look I'm like city wide out in court. All he ordered and like dollar and it's great game and go against free up and in the moment a lot lot of work work. Two to get that he would you know at players and it's gonna last. About a lot. And thought oh that's short years later I need orbit and import. Great is that we are it's rates and I. But now it's gone down when the ocean county could look back everyone straight out there are typical order written out at ED and just being and yet. You know the unofficial official slap at bats are pissed me on the CD it's our court color. At a I don't have an ability are NetSuite support McCain anymore so immediately able to orbit. ID humbling that somebody is not the most by it or. Mr. fab joins me Yi is the maker of the intro of the ZING cast. Your fault him on Twitter at mr. fab check out he is clothing line. Delta air it really is dope and I mean that not to be corny at all I mean the clothing line is fantastic the bees Mozart but I got down about fifteen compliments and about 152. The day that I wart he joins us now map don't we humble here OK so be like be cocky if you will okay. How long did it take you to make that intro which a lot of people more collapse but I'm guessing you all of about fifteen minutes. That about it here in and it should not get out and it's you looked at it and it was one day it will wall every color ordered every team every color every team. Was. Parties. Like it's not comment on that. But remember Ratner language on the car up and don't so all. Of them. I mean look it shouldn't it shouldn't. Ever come that easy it's never question a different. I know the dairy bonds never be able to easily at a home runs to have courage never easily be able to hit aft quarter like I know and I'm saying you're great what I'm guessing is what you soak ads literally a free throw is something that people here in the studio. And I talked about salespeople and higher ups all of them are marveling. Your intro to the podcast I'm like dude it's too bad did that probably half a sleek. You're not that complement the balance when it makes them that all incorporated. And our approach art and that we do applicant technical and so all it to look at it and and and they're technicality in the air it's hard to say man I've been so long and out in practice and not put on to keep getting better. At it and it. You're really you are basically Brad Pitt talking about getting a woman which is why not. Let's move on to game two after being up 25 and then losing that game polite letter probably not gonna play that rolled out I'm not sure yet we're gonna release this podcast before the game starts. Like why Leonard is probably going to be out there don't have a chance to right I mean that was the only shot game one. Mean apart and then back. A real purist basketball player who are my 88. So. We go on there what 2 o'clock outlook on the now. Now presenting at the the number two like Houston Rockets are very not like out our players. So what it means that on any given Ike hit iron off the ball in the air mark all are at a. Great role players that aren't and I went on line that we ought. To be active. The issues. Occur conference right or a lot at all. They're mistake at Atlanta and and we do that work out and bought. A whole lot at one. Wherever I go out ot quite. He got a lot on eighty you know an article or work. Eat and out. All our. In which players are the way to act on it in action in particular but 1 o'clock that we. B issue where about. Eight EE. There you go Abbie you RB freestyle kingdom me for my money I will put you against anybody wanna cut that I'm sure you've taken an L at one point and you watched the warriors take an elegant the cavs. Last year how much motivation you could is specifically based on losing that 321 lead which had never happened in the history and yet. We all lose you know great remember. We Ott went the other one. Knowledge. I asked do expect. You know that I get my act out. Like that oh yeah some great. And I bet on it yet sixteen and one out in an amazing. Number. On the metric that anyone would ever happen that but you know he'd never looked at the optical and an author Margaret at all. So I want a requirement that we bubble that should know you know pop up right you can buy it. So we capital when we're at the chip about shorter which aren't so all are now have a quote well. Were content on your are right on our main outcrop. That one out. Quick. Three time platinum artist and songwriter founder of forever after music and dope era. Clothing company check it out on Twitter at mr. fab also a what does this why don't write you know I would not think Ronald Reagan would be your Twitter avatar what is this about a 4506. It what do you got going on yet and who makes neighbor new album I don't know. Baghdad I don't doubt that caught it with black or darker pork coerced or other stores or. Street Oakland California. I'm at anyone who had any knowledge about. American government activity. Like air. Poke. Important street though when Contra. And the court of law and they act or that or what they went. To the let me. What are critical. Documentaries that I'll watch it. You know what we're not. Rocket or what. They like that. But what our goal that lie what. Does it dealt to the street and the L record at. Don't know where actually people all over you are creativity at the creative and and up arc in that we accidentally. Let let street. Called a lot caught the belt here so it. Ronald Reagan at the bottom with the flooding and I am not a kernel are called it still oh and I don't. Black eyed about. It. I didn't realize you were doing. He had the great missed the fad the priest Al king again. I will put him up against anybody I love Syria's Jones a lot of freestyle guys out there mr. fab will destroy you and knots and that as a Berkeley kid. The city next Oakland I'm promising you that based on results on Twitter at miss the fab check out the dope Eric clothing line. What's the address in 4506. Or I thought it. Download it right now actual street on. Are required it might. I gravity and they keep the intro people on war alert people are in all of it I love it does court. Court. Or. I absolutely enjoy the game tabby. More missed the fab on Twitter at as the fab in my. He drove the. Yeah and act.