Episode 1: Season Preview

Gameday Tip-off
Wednesday, November 8th
Roxy Bernstein previews the 2017-18 College Basketball season with USF Dons Basketball Head Coach, Kyle Smith, before breaking down the Pre-Season rankings.

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All right so on this initial installment of game day tip off. I'm not a five point seven game organist at a visit from the US at that coach. Cal Smith joins us a little bit we'll take a look around the national perspective this season outlook as were less than a week away. From the games starting college basketball is back and it tips up next Friday. All around the country internationally believe it or not. Because you seal is gonna play Georgia Tech game. Next Friday night here Saturday in Shanghai. And I will be there with goal to provide the coverage on ESPN. Of the actual game feature music alive. Against Georgia to but wouldn't get into a lot of things on this show well let's start off in giving it just it sees an overview. The Bay Area teams. Here and at a five point seven game and game gates hip bop. So we'll look at. Was elevated he's now they head coach any runs the program. But there's been a lot of change and it's unfortunate for liking Jones because. You lose eyed rabbit out of the NBA grant Marlins graduated. And then also you las Cayman rooks a grad transfer. He transferred to San Diego State your best freshman from a year ago member of the pack troubled freshman team. Charlie Moore decided he wanted out so he transferred to Kansas Jabari bird graduated. A lot of changing cal lost their top recruit to Kentucky. So it's going to be I think a rough first season for liking Jones yes yes and nice building blocks in terms of kings of coral markets Lee is a transcript from Kentucky they're gonna anchor the front court they're gonna depend on some freshman. To be able to put the ball to basket my question is where's the scoring connect come from 21 harassed nights is probably the most talented freshman at cal has. This could be a rough first season from liking Jones is because of the changed eternal over in the cal program stand for Stanford cardinals this year the terrible pass in the cardinal breakthrough you look at a pac twelve it's very top panic. In terms of looking at Arizona USC. In UCLA at Stanford has an opportunity to crack the top four in the conference this year things up the pulled placed. Jared pass here in year two as last year and is the cardinal went fourteen and seventeen he's got three starters back they are awfully close at a lot of games last year. Injuries were a big problem for Stanford you look it would re Travis has had to deal with being on and off the floor the last couple years if he can stay healthy. That's a big key for Stamford along with Michael opry in the front court. Dorian Pickens a terrific three point shooter is a good wind player for Teri asked the question is the point guard. What point guard play will stay at forget will be Robert cartwright. In the freshman deja on Davis stepped it. In your Q I think there is some good days ahead for Jared has very challenging nonconference schedule which includes North Carolina Kansas and a game at Sacramento. By the way to Tar Heels will be on the farm that's coming up on November 20 out expected big jump for them and I do think they have the potential. I'm not saying they will be in the big dance that they have the potential to be an NCAA tournament team. Seen me the first time in a long time in the W ccb target is not on Mark Few and guns act is back. It's on rainy day edit in Saint Mary's is back. Is they are near unanimous. Pick in the WCC pre season pulled diet that and first place votes went to Saint Mary's is ranked. 22 in the initially people. And for Randy Bennett alma how comfortable is that it it'll. With the target on his back but unfortunately or fortunately had ever you wanna look at it. That's the way it is for Saint Mary's a great year last year as the gaels went 295. Saint Mary's went sixty needed to finish second in the WCC. Two losses were to gone Zach. Daddy did have a couple of key players move on grads it's not Glendale one of the premier players in college basketball and many people are feeling could be an all American. Had a break out season last year as a junior averaged seventeen points nine and a half rebounds per game is set to have a terrific senior season. Per Saint Mary's who again is picked to win. The Debbie CC and in addition to landing out Calvin Hermanson and as a first he able w.'s easy guy last year an dinar. Had a great year plus lot of good pieces in place or Randy Bennett who are legit player and threat to guns act it. To win it NBC's University of San Francisco looked just like it's easier to offered Jared pass at Stanford it's a two for Kyle Smith on the Hilltop with the US athletic. Successful I think a really good year one. Last year for the US at Johnson Al Smith won twenty games they won ten in league play they finish in a tie for fourth place in the competitive daddy's CC. And Allen a year to I think there's a lot of excitement building and there's an expectations for Kyle Smith in his second year. Last year the dons they went twenty games or just the third time in 21 seasons. And also set a program record for the most three pointers made in a season they may 299. Threes. But a twenty win season. That wins against BYU in Utah but they have some talent back we alluded to achieve its postures senior. We looked at provide leadership a couple of guys run the past WCC all freshman team. Last year Charles Millon in Jordan routine out. This is an exciting time for US at the house and the typical rates job last year. In his first year the dons I think they have potential to make a run at the top three. In the wc seats to be awfully tough to unseat. Gales are gone sack yet. But BYU right there and I think US have to put pressure on the top half the WCC by the way their coach. How's it joints and a bit here on game day tip well that's the opening tip for this additional shows to take a look around the Bay Area landscape in college basketball it's shift to get to the prized recruit yes that's or calling our interview every week here on game day tip off our first prize crew are five star recruit maybe it's Kyle Smith then head coach of the US have done to joins us here on the show Kyle appreciate the time great to have yet. You excited tip. This season on Dolly actually and it's not factored out excited about your team now it's studied out of business. You're undefeated. It's been practiced against each other while he just wants you to you know what what we got. Well you got four starters back from a year ago so. I know you probably stepped up putts and people last year a great year first year on the Hilltop you won twenty games last year it ten conference wins. It now and year to I think people know what to expect from you but how nice is it free to have four starters coming back from a year ago. You know a great. An arrest or get insurance and do the same thing hopefully just better. I try to you know just get a quality that are out you know we shocked herself a little bit to know what to expect. And I'd been great. It is just nice to have guys do in. The same things little experience. In I think will be little better for. Chase foster's coming back in when he key players a senior but who are you looking to do. On this team to be big guys it really step up and informed the leadership role for. You don't surprise did you take Foster but I don't it is that you really. Trying to get another year police early so far I think he's ready to do that equity. We parked on a whole lot scenes like this program needs. Good senior leadership we need the stories to be about Archie Foster went from being a part time player to part time starter to a you know the thirty minute game guy that we can count on and thus far is done now. On any good leader and an opening. The people watch Don would know better wrestlers but he's got a really did polls as teammates in the program audience and work side about. Is this ballclub last year he played such an exciting style he passed the ball really well. And moves it but you set a school record for three pointers made two Regan expect. The same type boot scheme from news that. You know looked to opportune eyes ticket and it's a three point line and really. Take advantage that's out that you got to guys can knock him down for long range. Yes I think there's. What we do it I'd like to think a little frustrated and felt so back. And we should have a benefit have a lot of guys on the back and we need guys who played the program we do offensively. First second third fourth two years you really can be special on a kinda. We're kind of the situation well and wanting last year at once this year and we have a little stretch in my previous stop the Columbia where we have some guys it. Really confident. Joked together. In bankruptcy more that you'll you'll dep policy. A lot of three. It's just it's just how we roll. USF coach Kyle Smith here with us a nice five point seven a game in you go way back to rainy bandit is one of your closest friends you work through them for a long time. Was it weird at all last year going up. Against Randy. You know what an estranged about it being on back tool used to play pick up. It'll blocks down Bill Maher resupply we get it up played against each other about the plight of Africa. But it what is it was a straight at think you can absorb your own team program in obvious losers there's going to be good that the it'll might change we beat them. Well 2000 agreed and it got off. It differently then and there they are a few went I did the pre season Paul there. Almost unanimous pick to win a daddy's CC do you feel even though guns Agha went to the national championship game last UB do you feel that Saint Mary's is the team to beat the conference this year. Yeah I don't know that I'd. Think coach used sit on a couple guys there believe that's counts in her program at eight legged it out they lost to really. Heart soul and with rain on and that'll. Blot. Lawndale back. Plus I think some young guys are really talented maybe more counted that I think they'll be really tough. What does it do for the league Kyle when you get. Gun Saget to the national championship game in the WCC. Is right there front center. I'd also. I'd really attract better talent I think it is obviously obvious recognition that I think. I think are legal little baggage sort of a little bit as ours in the united. Can I can gamers into the top five teams in the west the last nine years ago last year's policy on the like plus. I'd like to think that where are on the rise in sparklers prominent Pepperdine. In the year remotely bickering and also I think the league. It is is also on. I mean they were. Properties in some some leases on it isn't it outlast. Let you know that a that we deserve that and we need to fight in which liberal that's what they got cute but that's championship game like beat they're really good. This is our season preview of the season starting next Friday night you've got long beach state coming in challenging. Non conference schedule look at that came down the road you've got games at Arizona State you're gonna play Stanford down on the farm. You playing to turn him in Las Vegas what is what we are looking for when he set the schedule. And it chipset access but also achieve as a child or so and and try to Alter ourselves. And up a little bitten ourselves and you know category programs. Old. You wanna call it used terms on your mid major step but weather today it's in Mexico and trying to Egypt. That level. Figures on the State's Stamford Nevada do Kane lobbied state. UC Dayton essentially term achievement think that's worked we're trying to get there trying to poker and that makes a point in. And you gotta do it yourself ready for one. Playing BYU all clear and Mary's and etc. it's it's terrible we need to do your top on the program last year but try to. Try to get better and in. Get that top forty. I'm this year but its goal to put yourself and that. It is but bubble watch it. In the need to start like people like that they get there. Now appreciate the time and no catch up soon. On the show and home of the US at Dunn's 95 point seven a game in Europe opener coming up Friday night you can hear that game right here in 95 point seven a game. Best of luck Kyle catch up soon. Truck. Duke for the second straight season in the AP pre season poll voted number one in for the ninth time in school history. Matching North Carolina for the most rankings all time in the top spot. It's a six time the AP poll that. For the first time since 1996. He said disinterested that each of the first seven teams in the top 25. Come from different conferences. As the ACC leads all. Conferences with five teams ranked in the top 25. And for the first time in program history. In Northwestern. Wildcats. Are ranked in the AP pre season poll. And is the only major conference teams now that I've never been ranked in a pre season Paul you're down to two up northwest from a selected this year. You've got Texas Tech. At Penn State those are the only two teams that never been ranked in a pre season poll. As northwestern who made their first school appearance in the NCAA tournament last year. Now in the AP pre season poll for the first time. And the top five teams in the AP poll. We're also the top five teams according to Las Vegas in terms of the odds to win the national championship and you look down the top ten will rounded out with Villanova six Wichita State. At seven they've switched conferences this year they're now in the American. Athletic conference via Florida eight in North Carolina defending national champs there at number nine. Ed USC number ten of course if you probably know there's a cloud hovering over both Arizona. And USC because of the off the floor issues. An investigation going on is the FBI looking ended navies and improprieties going on May be. We don't know what's going up but there is an investigation which could cloud things for both Arizona. And USC's we continue to top 25 suggesting teams. On zag. Who made the national championship game last year they're number eighteen UCLA number 21. And in Saint Mary's the gales number 22 even though they were at the near unanimous favorite in the WCC pre season media apple yet guns Agha ranked ahead. As their number eighteen in Saint Mary's at number 22. Coming into the seats around the. A lot of things change in college basketball because you're not not by the NCAA doing this investigation. This is the FBI. It's not the NCAA. And you don't lie to the FBI so at this thing is gonna keep going you're still gonna hear about it but. In terms of what's actually happening nobody knows there's no leaks in the FBI doesn't leaks of the NCA. This investigates is going to be going on I think it will change the landscape of college hoops. But when you look at the individual schools will see how they approach this season starts next Friday. And if players are being held out I think they're asked to beacons some concern. But it's gonna involve the coaches BAT's the compliance people. So switching over to a conference that is primarily known as a football school but is this the best maybe not that's the most competitive SEC has been in years. I think it's yeah I think this is the best we've seen the SEC in recent years Kentucky's clearly been a dominant program. Was seen arise that Texas CNN of the job Billy Kennedy's done in recent years. Florida is in the pre season top ten they're ranked for the first time the pre season polls and Billy Donovan left. There's some programs at the bottom of the league attend the struggle. But we saw South Carolina gets the final four last year but I think there're some serious inroads at the SEC finally. Is getting things back contract after some rough years what about Missouri and old for an quantum Marten. First up I'm happy for console that he's there and is a believer pretty classy assembled heat probably as the best freshman. In college basketball Michael Porter junior. Helps when you hire his dad and if this adage which is completely illegal. But I I do believe that. Console will do good things that misery he's a great man. Look on the cal won you know that. And I'd love what he did account he's a terrific represented the university think he did some great things brought in some great players sick now live in rat Jalen brown. So it's been a pleasure to watch his program the last three years I'm sorry to see him go but Missouri's gonna have a lot of expectations the consummate your one because of the young talent some. Ides Alonso was gone I got to ask you because you're going to be there and you're going to be colony how excited are you to see Lee Angelo ball. I'm anxious to see you. Because. If he's watching blonde so it Staples Center that means he's acting to be politics Billy. Although it would shot me and happy got a helicopter. Was able to find a way to get over there but. This UCLA team it's a bit of a transition in terms of what they lost not just lawns. They lost easy relief who was a first round pick in the NBA each example who also was taken in the NBA draft leaving after one year. Isaak Hamilton has gone price offered is gone so it's a whole new cast of characters. Three UCLA yet they're still ranked at number 21 of the pre season polls despite only once started coming back but there's talent Thomas well seems like he's UCLA for about twelve years. So the seven footers there but the great freshman class led by Jalen hands Chris Wilkes Cody rally you know aside and mentioned did mention me canceled ball. To be a part of that equation for UCLA but there are three. Talented Overtown depressant. I had a communities heal. Some last question for you I got to ask you give me your final four. Predictions right now. Because it means so much coming from me before one Morgan a basket isn't authorities are you better Roy L hold me to a season starts next Friday that are right. Well floor for me I'm sticking with Arizona I think this via the Sean Miller finally breaks or gets the cats. Into the final four we look at what he's got to that seats on going Arizona. Duke who has Marvin Bagley who could be the top freshmen along with Porter Missouri or eaten at Arizona. Coach case got a great team loaded at a terrific class so Arizona duke a widow Kansas Bill Self what he's been able to do it Kansas is remarkable that the run of and it seems like it when the big twelve every year and then I know your big Kentucky guys somebody go with Kentucky that counters to get them back all right that's the fast break. Now as a wrap up the shell each week here at 95 point seven gaming game day tipoff presented by US at John's basketball we're gonna take a look at the featured games in college basketball for the coming week in the season starts at Friday night there's going to be plenty of action going on. Both Stanford cal US deficit action right here at night by point seven a game as they open the season against him months and at long beach state which is pitching matchup. On meet state year in year out right near the top of the Big West Conference but the two games at anticipating and looking forward to in the opening weekend. We'll start with a the armed forces classic game that's gonna be played at Ramstein air force base in Ramstein Germany. And it's a couple of top 25 teams we have Texas a and M. Against West Virginia is Bobbie Bob Huggins has pressed for Jeanie go and edit scene at the press will travel over to Germany. That's a really interesting game and Howell and and deal with the in your face defense that Bob Huggins and West Virginia throw at him. And the game that I'm really looking forward to the most is because I have this game. It'll be in Shanghai in the pac twelve China game. UCLA. The Bruins 121 against Georgia Tech Josh passed here at Georgia Tech is a nice job since going their from Memphis but I'm anxious to see UCLA. And it's always of interest experienced many travel internationally with the old. And you hope to avoid an international incident in China with bill. Just yet. I know bill Leo as best behavior but this is always a fun event for me I'll look forward to it third yeah third straight year a gun in Shanghai that is pactel China game last year stamper went over. In one at the first year Washington beat Texas this year it's UCLA. Against Georgia Tech in the Bruins had a great freshman class which and excited to watch. And we'll see how many jabs at the Walt indebtedness Steve I'd that'll do it for the regained it tip off here and Heidi five point seven game art debut hope you enjoyed it were going to be here every week. Bring you the best in the landscape of the Bay Area in the national college basketball scene. Hearing fanatic five point seven a game as that of making him a producer Tommy call Roxy bird's team with few. As were here all season again college basketball starts Friday night you can catch the US at don's. And a long beach state forty niners right you're mural for US a basketball. 95 point seven a game and until next week like Stanford coach Jerry asked joining us on the show next week. Rot seabirds in sync sold on game day tip off presented by US at John's basketball.