Eno Sarris

Mychael Urban
Sunday, August 13th
Baseball Writer at The Athletic joins Inside the Bigs to talk about the Players Weekend and Bryce Harper's injury.

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God there's creativity in Major League Baseball writers. Our surprise guest is mine new baseball media man crash if you don't follow him. Unita follow him his name is Enos terrorist and he is a contributor. For the athletic you know thank you for joining us is is now the third time I've had you on national mine and I appreciate you making time on inside to big to tap demand. I'm doing good habit you know I think I think trig. Such economic. Like now. Know that there are shall. You for that thank you Don liked that one too I had put have a c'mon you know Chapman is choppy. Blackburn is Lackey. Me come if if you're not gonna try doing that we'll pull out. Now so my question you and again if you wanna follow you know in you should I'll give you money back guarantee it's pat Enos airs the NO SA ARR. I asked you know did you have a nickname I mean your first name is. Pretty creative to begin with a I don't know that I've ever heard of another you know by do you have an eight game. Yet. Maybe on the radio eager. All in this OK now I understood that's not a very fun nickname for any game. Baseball. Allan the other. I'd not like which would think because I started out I'd school at five foot bureau on your town and left it put 220 pound. I started I'd put five wood bureau underground and that I could fix that 201. That is immunity is that. You grew us foot and a gain twenty pounds over the four years of high school. I would have been. Yeah well when he did the foot long we got them on the flow we got to find you know when they're sitting on the ballpark. You know if you paid any attention to the the food safety rankings in Major League Baseball that recently came out. No I would I I had gotten. Food poisoning white. At old Rocco I'm guessing that. Dollar ninety you know treat hot dog in the truck bock. While we were talking about that are there you know. When I was on the beach I was I was beat writer covering is for mlb.com. And you know how provincial beats can be you're right I mean if your beat writer in your mind you were up there and everybody is not the writer is down here. So when you notice somebody who's not a beat writer doing something out of the ordinary you noticing you track it. We identified. Not so young man and not exactly a beam Paul. He was eating hot dogs. Incessantly and you know the only hot dogs out their couple innings into the game. And then they pull him with a couple innings left so you have the middle of the game to eat hot dogs we had a guy eat eight hot dogs in four innings. Is that many are sick. I can't believe you never got that now I got the boat that pop art why that might the five day. The big deal. While it may be just have a sensitive Paladino. Well he irritated Oakland Alameda number 27. Out of thirty though. Look at that got another vote. All right so let's get into some actual baseball stuff last night big story at least here. Bryce Harper slipped on a web based and look like he was done for the year now we're not quite sure first it was. Torn ACL MCL and now all of a sudden it's just deep bone bruise which sounds a lot better. But we're hearing that it may keep him out longer than you expect. The bone bruise to keep due out my question is is reactionary. Is we are particularly when one of the stars goes down. Do you think already on park avenue they're talking about how can we fix this date safety issue. And you know why would be in a rain delays safety issue. Because of the date was. I think and that day they'd put the game on. I get that running into trouble conveyed did you call begins at war. They couldn't do it double header yesterday. And so they knew that they called yesterday's game that it apt. Somehow at the giants back to Washington. Before the end seasons though. I bit Q there's a little bit like watching in the schedule watching the rain that you're okay about what I heard was based start again but in our children. So that the order was still wet so. You know that. That is something they've been a lot of stuff like that that you're actually in the column called the game where all of these grainy at all and the brewers called Allah said. We should play that game you didn't want player that we're we're playing well right now. Now so there's obvious like a lot of tension and apparently the national bird known her market around rain delay and being weird they had called the game. On Friday and the guy that left the state player about stadiums so. You know with a lot of I think it might be more rain. Fairly compensate. Speaking of the offensive foul word to pose the question to you if you had to give me your three. Mainstays cornerstones of the this young franchise right now how would you answer that. You know I and actually I think I'm right about whether do you play this week. To me that Chapman band out. I think he's got. What looked like it lead level these fans and and you're good power might be at the sort of modern day action. The bat. You know could be. Lukewarm. Yeah I think he's the number one and and his number one among us for sure. Yeah and look out beyond me battle and could be part of it could be a bit not majors right now yet because. You know Franklin pareto you know at the chance to keep you make the more contact. You know and then the two guys they just got dump the dollar could be an appeal to the future and more in the tail you'd shortstop in the future though. You know termed the load up here now and I think we may not see many guys stick around may be shun an idea. Could be a part of that although recently Milwaukee open down lap to start. And he had an injury issues and you know bad it would be Becker or bomb suit. Starter you know long term so. In terms of where I'd look at pick up look at that map all the Matt Chapman and and one of the guys. You're getting credit for being the first got a notice that some guys' velocity is down I'm looking here Twitter page which I look at while a couple of times today just make sure I'm not missing anything entertaining he put out but. So I see jet Conroy says I have to say you know sitters had it. My eyes velocity is down big issue has stacked hash tag athletics. Is that something that you just kind of it didn't pass your eye test NC started checking the radar gun or was it your check the radar gun and that's where it came to your attention. I reporter's notebook bird the athletic on down and in that one. I do little to hundred no word yet little thing that note that are quite full story. I didn't actually writing about and I. New use of his slider. Putting it doing real good job even though the lower. Even though he dollar war. Via harder why are they cute sort of settled in with this soft you know eighty mile an hour back foot fire that you wrote. And in that Doria noted that that has a lot Hewitt is blocking out all last game for the ones were the worst. The worst of his career. So that was good ninety point three in the last game you look around there. So. Figured out a couple blocked it lost about one the first thing that you talked about in terms of injury recognition. And and coupled with the fact. Equities have you know some time off this year I think he's going to be fifteen day take a little rest I mean they got to protect arms nectar. The bush years that have you know Sarah she is one of the contributors to the athletic that Tim cal coming led new. Web venture it is outstanding full disclosure I contribute to their. As well and that's not why I'm saying it's agreeing adventure really as he goes after the best of the best. Dino is one of them follow him on Twitter at Tino serves the NO SK RR IS. You know let's go across the bay I know that I've asked you this on one of our weekday shows but for the baseball specific audience that we get on into the bigs on Sundays. It's a disconnect to mean to each year now I don't know this for a fact but to hear. That the giants ownership has told giants management which is two different things. That we want to contend in 28 team in for my money. If you're gonna look at it like that vineyard your factoring too much hope in the equation you're hoping that Johnny Quaid no gets back to Johnny quitter your hoping. That branding Crawford gets back to the backing his baseball card I just I don't see this team. We have. Anything less than significant tweaks being contenders for the same cast of characters that it's too much hope for me. Yeah. Yeah. We'll see that a lot of back and starter that are going to be on the omni. Created in this great art this year so Vick could fill in the pack in the rotation. But it's hard for them the how big and that change. The out that when it comes to you know start our power all of our they've got locked into long term deals are. Are. Post peak they're not so they're not young guys on a statement knowing that all of that they want your camera all the older. But I like baseball peak can point five point six. Though you know when we're talking not only 829 year old that we are. Know those guys. Apparently waited to get better we might get slightly better health outcomes in the giant that you know among the worst five. In baseball in become. Injuries and player law injury so that that could get better but they'll need to get better count why even right now. Let the seed and projection from paragraph is there 500 K I think if you look at this team you say there are under care and hardly see. You know what how this team is gonna get that much better. You know with a couple acquisitions though. Yeah LI IQ why they say that they add that allowed they have people in there all the time it's it's a market where. You want to have a good team all the time but if you look at without the Yankees even when that it was great I'm. But in the Yankees hat you now to get back where they were you know they've been great. And they were sort of middling for awhile and are now sometime and come back out and then it really took selling Chapman. And settling Miller two to sort of reduced the group built up but I expect. The giant that sort of middle route 500 below serial date matters to sell pieces and and get some of you. This is why I wanted to get you on the show you know you always breaks down better than anybody that anyone knew that I've had on my show your by far my favorite will be new up. Is this season continues keep up the great org ran in thank you for your time on short notice that you. No problem. At Enos airs again follow him on Twitter at OS AA RR I asked.