Elliot Perry

NBA This Week
Saturday, December 30th

The Memphis Grizzlies Radio Analyst joins John Dickinson and Matt Steinmetz to talk about the Grizzlies and their struggles heading into their game tonight against the Warriors.


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Howard number two NBA this week here and I five set in the game come to you live from ORACLE Arena. As is the warriors in the Memphis Grizzlies tonight 5:32 at 4 o'clock. With borders warm up next time it's a have that let's get to our first guest stated is the one and only. Elliott Perry Memphis Grizzlies radio analyst grizzlies in town for the second time. In eleven days in Elliott thanks for joining us on the program actually got cute academy and I like that. I don't really looks like we're we're talking about what who what was our favorite Elliot Perry as far as the teams the that you played for an eye I liked. Burst onto the scene Phoenix Elliot Perry presents that you guys had some fun teams I think Matt said. Meg delighted what did you like a like Memphis Tigers though reckon tiger GAAP. The fact and it still figures of Milwaukee to an end back to Phoenix at towards the end Memphis. As well less Elliott tool. Where everything go our rise for this grizzlies team by it it seemed like they may be could hold it together. Conley went out and now they get a different coach units is they're the bottom of the Western Conference quarter to go wrong for these guys. Well yeah I think anytime you you know make this significant changes that we made throughout. You know at the beginning of the year do you gonna have a little kid back Adobe we think we would be. In this situation I'll obviously give economy being out and we got we knew we don't really don't have the room for. Margin that we we've always had you know having people are having Tony Allen having get Carter. The progress of our best players he you know he looked real those guys. And I think also you know which sat. You lose two different things illusion locker room guy and get Carter who who really what a great locker room guys who could really carry out a lot of coded messages. And I am still can play you know. Continue with Jack Randolph I think. You know what we've got out of that six or seven years it would all things go. What politicians fail you know we've sort of ball down and Zach Randolph and he he makes something happen so you lose that's going powered down low. Can Tony Elliott best defensive player you emotional leader. You lose that. Can tell you go to these guys have been together six or seven years and now we lose three of those guys. And clearly you don't have a sit back. I think equal you know what really happened is you know now he had a key to market solid unity keys to my coming in now they're driving really. Overall for the first time without a backup of gold we got it had mentioned. And then also to add to that you know most of these players we have a really young players. Or order a player dead dog teams that either they've been kicking unit players or they have played really really significant significant role and tell. You know we we don't we found ourselves with Mike Conley out in our current situation. LE one thing that I'm a firm believer in is that it. If you're around the team every day you really know what's going on. But if you're kinda watching the team from afar you may think you know what's going on which you really don't and so on to tell you what I think he's going on with Memphis and you tell me. How wrong I am. You know it's a team that played the half court style the grit and grind and it felt like over the last year or so. They wanna do incorporates enough lettuce is in some youth they wanted to be a little more athletic more up tempo. Then they had the coaching change and now it almost feels like. There reverting to. Kind of what they really think they are which is maybe more about half court team and they're kind of in no man's land. Right wrong or or to halfway right. Yet again yet again I think you're right I mean obviously. People knew how we've we've we've played well the last. You know 567 years and actually had quit basketball would grind it out we were good good defense routine. And now we have big guys who really could could could could punish cash and you're right I think. Going for weak dollar. And I think we still do think that is you know we need more athleticism we need more cash decade. And the basketball we need captain can go off the dribble we need to actively discuss the floor. Knock down three point shots. And given that you know we we we've done that really quickly. And obsolete again I mention letting people when they Tony Allen go into the car letting all of got to go. You know has has has played a party and it did in fact this being Canada and in no means lady talked about. But I think right now we just Saturday don't look back we have to retool. And I think it Australian he makes a coaching change. I think they still wouldn't. A really good coach who who who really operating out sac margin to be a guy who would always pushing his player who would always thinking about you know. How we want to play and if you are going to play a different way. It's going to take from Paris particularly if you've been playing one way or you know 567 years because it's gonna take some kind of deal that changed. To build a park near you really wanted. You know like where where where he's dealt was going but unfortunately things didn't work out. Pillow would they be doing right now. Elliott Perry our guest here on 95 cent in the game. A Memphis Grizzlies. Radio analyst. Elliott what why didn't it worked out with David is the only hear things about her relationship with this all in. The other what they were trying to deceive their season. So with the timing of it so why didn't his don't work out because from our our perspective we tell likely was doing to. Yeah I think you know for for whatever reason I think he gets our way he would he would begin Marquette got shot weigh in. Can I wasn't you know totally involved in. Indicated a good data date locker room complications or how they paid their relationship with the progress toward it progression. But you know that the leadership felt like. Really can't seem to let him go I think don't go there more going on then. And I really know about partially show so you know we can move gone from from coast this villain in and I think you know there were big shock to. Pretty much everybody he did community you know that it happened so quickly. But you know hunt had been initially along carrying it did not seem you know great coaching. Come and go. Ellie what do you say. The grizzlies need and I'm not talking necessarily about a specific player but if you could drop. One kind of player on that this roster what kind would be that would help help the most you think. Yeah I think you need get tech. Well media I think you need that we got victory. You know I can guess who who really can't put the ball in the hole really can go to different things. Well what's your basketball out Saturday having to run pick and roll I think Tyreke Evans plus pitch didn't really feel would have rolled this year. I think what we've been missing you know probably over an actual fact either you know we've been able to mask it. Patting people when did it Tony Allen belt got it Mike Conley and remarks also we've we've we've got Beckett got. And the re spotters to spot who really can just go get to a basket. And you guys were fortunate enough to keep pulling down I kept to rent out you know Albert. Again again like dead and you you happy to book and I think we have really good center and market far I think we have really good point guard. In my economy and we just we just don't have to gag sandwiched between those two guys. I could take pressure off that. So we'll look at a player is Dylan Brooke's second round pick. Houston telco may when winds up but what Memphis. He sets and some decent games here there are obviously played college ball in Oregon and blow to the fans expect from him as it guided. You know it has been you had to step into a bigger role for you guys. Yeah I think he's going to be a really good player initially I think he. Obviously he can shoot the basketball he had a he had a really really good basketball IQ. And what they have to like about him is he's got a guy who panic. He'll he'll step up and take big shots he he embraces the moment. But I think you know right now we're we're using Ahmed salad dish defender on the perimeter. And he's having to go out there and guard the best players knighted in night out and now he's getting from foul trouble. The one thing I have encouraged him to do this you know if you going to be a good defensive player in the league. You know you will have to build that reputation and right now. Read tried giving you are making that call you I think later if you continue to be aggressive defensively. And earned a reputation I think the ball long term. You'll start to get the benefit of the doubt so I really like the book. Elliott what what's the status with Mike Conley and when he might return. And have we gotten a sense of just how important Mike Conley. Is this Memphis Grizzlies team and and I don't want you just fall back on. You'll like him because he's another left handed alert on known problem like guys like I had to do that are we seeing how much Mike Conley means this thing. Absolutely you got that thing hopefully. He's been. Kind of a two week evaluation every time he got to leave there really evaluation and he's he's been out on the court he went to a great. Practice yesterday. And then he -- deal worked out a little bit after practice gets stuff done and so that they showed his progression. Hogs I think my company is tremendously important in this basketball team he's always been that way can mean we've lost Conley. You know we were really good team that we we we we failed. It's bad that we felt he'd get his presence not being here for our basketball team you know I hit a fortunate part was that we had a lot of early got it really didn't go up. If absent and now we really don't have that in a lot of pressure volatile market solve that. My current one or talk point guard initially in down. And I think you know. Probably if you if you polled in tears mean most of those gas have a tremendous about respect for him it didn't if you look at it nobody gonna hit and hit some of the best point guard in the league. And how do some of them Indians in its name. Get out played and right there. Elliott or the grizzlies you think headed for some kind of a major rebuild and I think they were certainly a team that thought they could make the playoffs again. When the season started but now that the bottom of the Western Conference and are they gonna have to take a look can you in your mind dead. It may be you know getting into that situation where they're trying to get significantly younger and in the obviously does sauls the guy that other. Other teams are gonna be interested in know what you think though the longer term. Plan is gonna be for the greatest. Larry I think I always think if all options should be on the table. Do we we don't we look at our team currently. Bill would you mentioned with Canada and had no man's land you know we we really don't have that in eighty daddy I had the last 56 years. Would Lou really turned into two we were really trying to retool its shelves now is different opportunity for you to rebuild. Or else you don't know. If you don't get access to you know what I want to thank god it's changed you know earlier was few I knew we would have a sit back. You know they got resolved. But if we don't make the playoffs you know they really dollars gets in this club that we can continue to keep my guess markets happy and healthy. If we can get channel partners to particularly to really. Give back Chelsea's an if you got hijacked the peace deal may have an opportunity to really each. Conceding Koppel incorporating young guys. Along with how exactly he can you may have something but. In terms of rebuilding right now I think all options should be on the table for the basketball teams. Elliott final questions for you oh Los Charles Barkley like is today. I'll fantastic man and never dull moment in the locker room on an airplane on the bus. You know it's how fortunate enough that he really come to me and I have a great relationship with them we still communicate now but it. The one thing I've. Do love about quality you get an entry you'd actually got to kind daddy these speeches in my back. He guided stick these like few can be really like he if he did he would tell you kind of guy who really autonomy we have a lot of opportunities in Iraq won't Wear. You know he did give up what some are probably don't teammates and didn't he would tell them you know and a but really overall in the I just love playing with him here after basketball IQ was really really high. He loved his teammates he can but but also he had fine. Really great stuff than we appreciate it double CNN tonight. All right look portrait Dickey got to have beyond.