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Gianna Franco
Friday, March 2nd
Tour of all the great food options at Oracle Arena!

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No contestants. Comes from. Can you. Louisiana regularly this force the issue we had a oracle the lawyers aren't action on the court right now but worth checking out all the yummy food options out here. When he's taken it game joining me is Tim myself to oversee the W club but just. Lot about what's happening here on the main concourse. We have 55 locations in the arena where you can get food and beverage for a time money list of what's line executive shop early you restaurant for oracle arena football team orders. So critics say get sore at some of the highlights they offer here for culinary delights out of Oracle's let's take out. We're rather than Mandela did not show bar on the main concourse at oracle. And it this is not the kind of not just I think of when I think they have a game and game food usually it's like they illegally yellow cheese. But this has all lot of stuff going on here my favorite scenes that would opening at six good. We have these are the loaded not show so these are just kind of an upgrade of just your everyday not too which are also did not show. These are amazing this is that full meal you're sitting down. I'm really ready to power through this I just got through some Bay Area traffic on the little stressed about a minute knock these down so we got some chicken king. It's a braised chicken. Lots of peppers and onions. Some caiso fresco fresh cilantro. Optical Alipay innocent Somalis out of drama. And and just has not seeing a left speech now spies enough doing things going on. Makes it really really enjoyable you can still sit down. Still watch the game still picture. Your McDonald's here to go with it it's fantastic. I write him and you gave this explore about the lovely whatever things you got here at the BMW plant but I have to say this sandwiched caught my eye for it's not anything wrapped ever shadows begin playing blades but there's this story behind this sandwich is well. Yeah I I think this is what actually got my job with the Levys. The executive self wanna me to put together menu it's a fun little spin on a traditional cities so we wrap the Baikonur the pursuit on the outside. Really really crispy got really see pizzas on the inside. Suppress local mozzarella fresh bagels and and it's just a touch of Marshall farms honeycomb right up on top it's a really sweet. This the kind of crack sleeping going on really really bounces up the latest fantastic. Yeah this planet the most popular I didn't see. Yet it son think yeah it's one of the fan favorites it's funny is when we. We started to introduce it into the club didn't know how it's gonna go and it's just been a huge hit some very excited now. Let it adds I can't stomach still I was gonna go for bigger and ended up right finance. It's the fact that they're like come on it. Well. You do get that salty sweet and a little bit of my. Taking my toy. Please visit or we'll continue. Now is pretty much. Which you come to a game for political I yummy burger and the delicious prize for peace prize is special like the little garlic. We have I'm actually not a little garlic there's about 65 cloves of garlic on these little fees a lot of garlic value here and the vampires are going are are going away tonight with all this stuff what stuff it's a double murder that up murder. Couple onion rings some barbecue sauce of some really really good chatter a great embryos fine. Great kids here at my job I'm gonna do it I'm gonna you hear about I figured out I'm not gonna get back to. An eight day visit to really get these guys that incredibly pricey. They are and it's not a Garland. So that is the trick now now the other trade. It's gracefully heated. They're not gonna be graceful regular mail the other we'll yeah. There's an injury and neither am I didn't have a site. Barbecue sauce it's got some Budweiser mixed into us we get them really good thing we'll we'll hear things going on and patty. You've got a couple of they don't counter. Nice. So it's not always an unhealthy things to eat at a game because sometimes you'll I just think I thought them pretzels and popcorn you apps its options. The U. You watch your waste my just a little bit this is step like that you could eat here out of work going to take in a worse in some a little bit about this. So yeah it's really funny. At oracle looks at a at a basketball game it's really surprising to see how many people. We're very excited about leading us out we really really see it right after the first of January 1. Where become very popular stand in line becomes very long but this out is our super salads. Really really healthy some Napa cabbage going on them. At a mommies some blueberries really really good antioxidants going on. We do a Chia seed vinaigrette but that hasn't really really good sweet. A little bit of local honey going on there it's all these fun local flavors going on with the some toasted walnuts that are happening in Damascus tonight front do it. I really good Omega threes help nothing else carrying area. Not often you think that police. But he did enough. Might very fresh. Tim I'm a little sad this is the last out of our tour of all this wonderful food and it off she's got here at oracle. We and it in the night with some delicious coffee and a celebrity guest port. I drink a lot of hot coffee not want copies of. Mean treatment at the end of the night you know this person here gets really really did that. I need that quick little burst of energy to stay. Make that drive home whatever it is and you're gonna find it you'll stay up for the next three days after this. We can't wait to get that email yes I personally. It honestly looks almost like the Guinness that what makes it's so dark and give it like that. I don't know that. Home on the top I know nothing about it but I can. Tonight throughout the nitro is what makes me yes it's just keep up with the good guys go with the flow. I and other about copied at the match is tight as this it's really having. That led. It's just a really big shot at us so an accomplice killed. Got that night streaming probably. It does look entries along like Dennis but the pond. Pretty cheap and all covered here at Oracle's he got championship caliber player on the court and championship caliber of the upstairs at planet.