Drew Brees

Joe, Lo & Dibs
Tuesday, April 18th
Saints QB joined Joe, Lo, and Dibs to discuss what he does in the offseason, his thoughts on Derek Carr, and what his approach is to teaching young players. 

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He's a Super Bowl champ Super Bowl MVP. Ten time pro bowler. And the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints Drew Brees would Jolo Indians on 95 point seven the game drew good morning and thank you for your time how Chelsea's junior. And good luck to our family that pretty pretty good roll about policies and programs started. Now I'm sure you saw the news recently that former team meteors seem Diego LaDainian Tomlinson. Not only going into the hall of fame but choosing one Lorenzo Neal to introduce him any advice for Lowe's introductory speech. Oh yeah. Hers. And her. Shoes. And. It brings us bet tell me man how is it when when when you look at just your career in in the way that you've been able to pull about it. In the consistency always chasing greatness score from San Diego when you know in in draft and Philip Rivers and and your process is to continue to stay the course getting injured. It change your whole course mandate do you you future of the San Diego was you know dwindle close game getting injured. In going the Miami thing and that was gonna happen they turn to do you offset the door and then. New Orleans. Win a Super Bowl. Is this soon is a world when a variety and in in how do you keep that grounded you know to warn this process as you continue to chase sheer greatness. Club and yours and my twelve your normal. Wichita affordably and it's gone by that fast it really does feel like yesterday. Made the transition from San Diego YouTube world and six. But that's been made in writing has been reported coach shortly which are consumer so very lucky that he's the best coaches in the league. When it comes to. About waiting. Talent in regards to communicate message seen in reverse too. Putting all the best position to succeed according urged drinks and that was something that I identified immediately. I've been around a guy like him what's. You know using it take all the things it was great to have from San Diego. And then incorporate that in the things that come you know are his background being the West Coast offensively. Gradually evolved assault and fill all the strength for the guys we have here and which sat about audience now we know offensively you've got. Five draft picks coming up here in the first routes this upcoming draft. So we'll see how that Plato. It continued at good young talent arcane. I would played really talked vision you know with the Atlanta Carolina and Tampa so. We got to continue finally do occur include myself. Is this partly what keeps you motivated the idea of working with a head coach you've had for so long and being able to help mentored younger players and your team in the West Coast offense. Yeah actually dusk and every. Every year is challenging to new team and he and you have to we've Balkans you know everybody take a look at the film from here or there trying to make adjustments to stop you and in your offense and so. You're you're always people. But yet with young guys. You know opportunities to. Go back chemistry that camaraderie and and also give them. And understanding of where this offensive style from. You know from where it started as a sort that now is yet wants that they concepts in it to people so much whether it's just a little slightly losses hurt. Certain adjustments are certain checks or just whatever that is tunnel task in it takes stick to practice. That Portland is is what you can. Put it that that that work and that time together by the time you go to the entire offseason. And increased season and into the regular season matter rep that you you do have confidence that you building gain. You know really paid dividends which you get to the regular season you're able to Crocker excuse. Super Bowl champ Drew Brees would Jolo and dibs on 95 point seven a game. New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the country the French influence. The good times the laws everything that goes on down there. That's why it's such a hot travel destination. US and unique insight into playing there and what it's like in terms of possible distractions for younger players urban street and all that comes with it. With the raiders moving to Las Vegas. When they get to southern Nevada they're gonna be all Disney be a whole new world a possible distractions for younger players who may have just come into money. And as a veteran as a leader what are you try to impart on some of the younger guys to to try to avoid that temptation. It from letting it you know didn't get in the way of the job at hand. Well. An argument it's it's going to be interest and hero all that policy. From an agent acting now. Maybe that the best advice that was given to me that I've heard. Was early in my career is actually at first you're in the world. We the speaker come talk to a kind of don't set a better. In the by Tuesday no no we're going to work and no where and how far. And and and then also. Heed the advice of you know you'd better guys the guys that come before you. In regards to build that mistakes that are out there that you could. You know avoid making. Because of their their advice and their membership. And that's that we were put to play this game on the takes a lot votes. Hard work dedication focus sacrifice. In order to be great at it on a consistent basis. And then and that we're trying to work you've got to feel blocking it and yeah focus war. And we've got to relax and have a good time and you can do that I also know how to. No no no where the problem lies and no end to order and you know seek the advice of the guys that came before duke. Because it's bait they probably made mistakes that you know hopefully they'll be a little pupil. Julie you have a huge sphere and pointy headed arousing your hand and came to the charges and still bad it was still leader to wave that you commanded certain things and put pressure on guys and that's just who you war. When you look at these young men and Derek Karr. What similarities you know he's a man of faith but what similarities and what do you see when you CA a young quarterback. In in on the path of greatness what are you see when you look at car. I think he's a phenomenal player and I think he's only scratching the surface and still very young player he's got a lot of good pieces around him. No with good offensive line a good run game out like receivers. But his abilities were at the ball around. He's he's he's one of the mortality guys just draw it like to Bewkes said hey art talent. You know his ability just to get it up and out very quickly with good velocity and good accuracy at least. He's got to those physical tools but. I don't know their caller. Very well at all but just from everything I've heard. Com teammates and guys that know him is that he's very dedicated guy would comes to his craft. And preparing to beat capacity can be practiced for games. He seems like the intelligent guy and very charismatic guy. Who commands that respect from his his teammates got great leadership ability. And he just approaching the right way he goes he goes all the right things off the field as well which I think is just as important especially as. At the quarterback position where you know you're the leader in so I couldn't be more impressed with him and I think he's got. Extremely bright future obviously crow. Drew Brees joining us are not a 57 game Giroux at 38 years of age and word of Tom Brady won the plane was forties Aaron Rodgers wanted to play deep as well. Do you think about the rest year career in those terms like how many more years you are still get up and do this. The I've I've. I've made that statement he I readers who licensing thing about playing 45 but in our honestly. I'm on I'm so focused on the here and and just on this year. If that's that's that's the replacement has that was my body it was great. On feels great. My mindset. Is great so a lot. I'm I'm I'm happy were about right now but man I'm just thinking about the next challenge and think about what's right in front of me you know for the offseason. And all the things I have on my checklist which some experimental booklet now about what will they go oh you guys. As everything a little complex of this policy going in that sequence. It is. You know I understand a window of opportunity is is you know becoming smaller and smaller just because something you know later in my career. In some closer toward being electorate than the beginning. Treated don't know how many African girls left him actually maximize each and every law. Jurich and agree to more continue to think young do not. Worry about how many more years you don't play live in the moment and that's why you're great brother and that's why you continue to be great. Well I talked to you about one thing why is it such as. That why do you always feel the need necessary to come out when you talk about player union and the different things around the league. You you know you step up for players in in a way that I haven't seen a lot of guys to you you always challenged certain things when you don't you stand for things digital. Phil did right in the league. And with that question. Why is there are so many wise are such a a a huge outcry for athletes to step up and be more boisterous. In Indy when he deals that politics EYY is that game how do you balance you know politics and sports because now use you see the world we live in. People always torn a microphone in front of you guys is face and they wanna get your perspective. And sometimes it can be too much and how do you guys seek to balance now. Why America I think the end of the day you leave you have a great platform as a professional athlete and he couldn't for a lot of people Tokyo handled. And listen there's a lot of issues that confront us on a daily basis whether it's politics or whether it's social issues. Where that player union issues. But. An interesting day. I'm involved in a lot of things there's a lot of things are important from the arm on the husband and father first and foremost forehand anything else. You know so. Failing is very important thing. I think that that's not an outspoken now a lot of you know in regards to. I think that family dynamics our country have been deteriorating. And that's something we all need to be very aware of and find ways to six. So I mean the bottom line as well whatever is important to you. Those are things that you know he should talk about and should. Gives people. Perspective so that it might be something that they could change in their own lives to help themselves are vocal others. But a contentious again just being real and authentic and but it didn't they just understand of course that you have the impact it should make it possibly. Roy Joseph until he meant thank you so much for your time and tell the wife kids who says hello love you brother continue to chase cranes to go. Wrote. Barbara thank you Joseph Carter.