Draft Show live from Raiders Draft Party Hour 4

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 27th
Draft coverage continues at the Raiders draft party with Greg Papa, Joe Fortenbaugh, and Bonta Hill.

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Tomorrow night. We will be joined by Walter Payton NFL man of the year award winners. For rapidly. We salute these players for their excellence in community service. As well as on the football field. More than being great players they are great men. That represented all that is great about the NFL. Tonight. To make that at this election we are honored to have with us the 2014. Walter Payton NFL man of the year. Thomas Davis. Okay. The stream live not a team you are. And Brooke is that didn't want to pre NFL man of the year can not think the NFL the dates well enough to allow didn't do booted tonight. And with best fit. With the eight hit it it some thought the seventy NFL draft pick Carolina crowd does have selected. Kristen McAfee. Christian McCaffery silly. Stanford Cardinal had two. In a tap eight settlement Thomas to the united to average three and a Christian McCaffery goes eight to Carolina. Not directly as a quick story yeah I don't yet theory trek and I think I owe you dinner because sly about an hour and a half ago. We both front of the bathroom and one of the parades pops in their look at that means talking about what he thinks happened Chris McAfee comes out this what happens in the year target opposite cap that. He types them up so much I may or may not have made a phone call to a bookie somewhere someplace on the over under eight have Orlando's pick eight. Under eight and a half plume winner to you Yankee pop going back I just. At the fat man can't just say I'm not ask for. I don't know what I like Mike Shula I think he's there really creative. Offensive coordinator of the complexity. Of the Ali they've run the football. I don't know if McCaffery skill set is really going to be. This utilized by Cam Newton I think for him. He you know he wants to go somewhere his size he could I think. They're back and utilize him the best of his skills by point Leonard four and that's a lot better yeah it's I just I just think cam is that you know he's he's a different quarterback these different scheme. This guy is just a match yet he's a good running back. Please kind of a slot guy and I'm just glad that Denver and you know I was worried about that I was working to city was good again. I thought the turkeys make ticket ever said a word about Mike Williams for the rays who have to deal with. And I was texting you last night not say how much it is these wide receivers. I think you're the strength of the draft I did not think the league thought that. And we that too wide receivers though it's not set Corey Davis went five Tennessee and now Mike Williams goes seven the chargers. He he has perfected it. Perfected the art of the fact shoulder faith which she's just completely defensible. Route because he has yet to what you have to hold all the way to do worth he salt flexible. He's just excellent and Eddie's excellent and jump balls they'll throw bubbles he does fumble a little bit. He's a limited route runner I saw just got that put out about Synopsys slams. But you know Malcolm Floyd with that kind of player that you give Philip Rivers it's this kind of a special talent. They will start working Devard on the back shoulder faith and Philip Rivers though little recorder released we'll just. He's got a guy that you go to that Jackie finale when the shortstop the side. They've got a lot of weapons offensively the LA chargers. They're back and win the AFC west this year but they they decide who wins it by who they eat there going to be a pain in the ass this year. So called a lot of headaches deal with honey you re Keenan Allen if he gets back to 100%. Notorious the other week when it's Kansas City Mike Williams Soledad. For a while I thought it was or Calvin it's meant what he's not gone as well as an old man he's not as physical and does one crisper. Routes that's for Carolina I'm a little shocked that go deep east particularly what's in your division you know look like Netflix still narrow they're opting out red celebrating now let me look at the weapons in the war Latimer has gone look at the weapons that we. Look at the weapons at Tampa Bay now careless and it doesn't have a secondary that was a little shocked to think we McCaffery I think they might pick that they wanna regret. I think they got zeroed in I think they zeroed in on the running back position and it's an example where a player they probably didn't expect appalled that fell there. And they sent to help with a crystal ball McCaffery we need to get Cam Newton weapons especially after Cam Newton just went for men BP. To a less than stellar season. Last year. For the chargers I don't know what's weird but given at least a little bit of credit at the end of Philip Rivers career they are pushing their chips to the center trying to get him the necessary weapons the given the chance to compete. Why these guys in Vegas like this year the smartest of the Smart love the over on seven. The charged with that they suffer so that I loved it easier to open to Vegas with a into the golfer I don't know I don't know if it's bad for. Limited shows a week let's get itself that's a deal done and I dig dug up the win. But but don't put they had so many injuries favorite team that didn't live up to those expectations quietly pot you're exactly right they are gonna be healthy this year they're upgrading its gonna be a dangerous team to contend with the AFC west are loading going to be blown dangerous excuse me while while last anywhere on the outward ducks out of. But at the raiders draft party again. They have got to be delirious at Oakland and Alameda. That out of these orders are getting tickets and glad apparently thought he may go as nice three he's he's available at night. The Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock they're picking Zain Mike brown and Marvin Lewis now they can go quarterback here. I mean out of mores and play that I or editor Atlanta Rubin forces in play Hassan Redick from temple also at play here usually I don't have to date it's white is still out there. Two biggest markets are allotted him let him drop lift the stock ticker liquid gold wood no not of these quarterbacks have gone here. Part of this continues to happen what like the raiders and the big about a potential trade. I think Joseph that if they quickly if he if he keeps going this way there's going to be a run at cornerbacks at some point you'll want one it's taken. The law goal and it you have to get it play but I think there's enough good ones you know the kid from Alabama Ireland Humphrey. The guys I was look at matter Adori Jackson had. Intraday the as whites and you know if the top guys have not gone yet. Quincy Wilson out of Florida stuff he's a player that is a big fan of Kevin he gets McCain is still out there. Colleen the guy for wonder who took who forget to go quicker what's he felt was pleased he didn't want him doing so I. Actually get to. Trip this he was quoted after talking with Brad Biggs that the Chicago Tribune just a few minutes ago. He surprised the bears took them because the bears never really showed it users he'd barely. Any conversation maybe they'll flip book there's a theory floating that affairs and browns might get a deal done over the bears are gonna pick up a bunch of picks including the twelfth they might grab Watson from what they've got twelve. And the browns and up which Robiskie but either way the NFL's become money ball pop you said to Billy big they're drafted a trait of a draft him because every coach and nobody wants them and then I'll flip of the outright you said at the beginning of the show if you look a guy why don't you go take. They get caught up in this well we'll take Gary that we can make a move it will be fine because right now you got the report that they're talking about trade Parker. Coz seriously don't they do they they want to win the draft seawater with the what do I gotta give it third or fourth with a third next year how are not doing nets for Chicago way is so then if you watch the play here. Don't worry sometimes you lose focus of what you try to do the exercise the days to draft football players and the players you think you're the best right. Like Corey Davis anybody have a vote five bell got Robinson tried to trade back. Because he said it's tough to take the guy a lot about your take all the guy you'll waters to take the Bengals pick is in the here's the commissioner for Cincinnati's. Thank you never done it in the 2017. NFL draft. The Cincinnati Bengals select. John Ross we'll. Receiver. Outfits what do bashing by so what can debate goes through here. And they're all eyes on a tricky thing I thought it was defense to get his Marvin Lewis and corners but they can't. Losing steam on offense actually enable Rodrigo tanker they need a big big now and we'll. Hopeful I love Jon Rauch I tested a text that you Derek last night. What a lot of hours I watch I watch williams' first. I watch Ross I kept saying I loved. Everyone I watched I loved the one before. And John Ross. Is DeSean Jackson. What I what I heard and read you read the 422. I was looking for just a straight line for two to GAAP. But when I watched him I didn't see abuses straight line speed and all he was a polished. Route runner. I think Mike Wallace had never run around like this guy he runs as fast as this guy this guy is that you straight lines fast. He is indeed out change of direction fast and what he really is. Like to shot. If you if you make the call to press him. Heaven help you that because if you don't jam them peace. So if you do get up it champ we have betray Kansas City is open up the chain while after they moved up but he got what we talked about to tap it and with buffalo for Kansas city's gonna pick on every chance in buffalo spots but. One is going on I don't know how much so they're not gonna give every so I'm cool with that 187 to ten do you know what that wants to get to this here capitol. If someone rumored that twelve plead the latest on Watson is this maybe be going after the second coming in his eyes of Donovan McNabb. Alex Smith there's only so much less than now and I can do. Pocket what I don't think according to ask you something you're gonna trade up from 27 to ten do you know how much this is gonna cost what other than a lot to be targeting. The quarterback class is deep in coming up reporter so what quarterback he gone for gorloks it. Michael college you're right now we have a ball. I look at I have so much respect for Andy Reid if he does that. And that's it. This offense is so complicated. I know you'd look at Alex Smith the lack of throwing arms. But did that offense he had me you have to be an Alex ready graduated from Utah off its three day after here's. Or you know he's he's a Smart guy I I do not see to Shawn Watson Hamlin looks. Like here's an update to the me about it because I know it's been at odds not all right you're the program and we don't try to get a little. I got kids you deserted their first. And our round pick in next year's first round pick lot move up that it would. We traded let them here's what the picture of what withheld and they want this can't be anybody but at quarterback which I thought he's not given. That up for a quarter or wide receiver or defensive tackle well how much truly love and belief book got you know the thing is it's got to be a quarterback's gotta be some Watson capacity model about what is what is and he reads CNET. His hitting two picks back it well maybe it's multiple whatever it may be Cleveland a city two picks back you know to. Our offices and homes is Scott's fifth or he's nuts. He's like the ultimate ridiculous quarterback. Everything about it is flawed but his arm. It's just maybe the best we've seen. He's got a Jeff George arm he's got a kick out of Iraq it. But what he read it all led up and then spent time to mold them to be a player you know if he's the only time I said this before. I was wanna like Chicago moved up the only move up to take quarterbacks. So it is Andy Reid moved up to chain. He did it to get ahead of bruised area to thirteenth and Cleveland as well frankly that twelfth so easy to take Patrick Holmes here. All at home being called on gave up his one next year to fight Jack Dorsey did well whoever it is or they well. You Tom Brady's killing your division you're not gonna beat him you might as well stockpile picks and try to figure ultimately got to put Tyrod Taylor Gordon the you know what they're all gonna fired up about it if Shahzad boarded a rocket fired at is this the most insane drafts of all time. My god we have no idea. I love going at all I love chaos this is the best we did did you analyze the angle to hit before we took it became like it but I love the job the battle of the load offs and AJ green I felt it got your little pill it's your body but darted back field I hyper excited or your player pools into your quarters ago. Be it safety sake he did feel I lost got Ross I would have said before a's before the kid his ability. To. If you just I've seen of optical line. Did you guys fans like what he could use have been inside the comical like he is so quick off the snap of the ball like distraught Jackson. That he's not just fast he's incredibly sought him I saw himself. In England cut several times to get to the back by line. And he's just does it by he's like you know I wrote down last night. He reminded me a Penny Hardaway the basketball player where. Penny Hardaway played basketball like he was attempting to answer it in Ross when he makes a catch. He will chair his feet so it sets up which Marc Cooper were there that scale. So the point is. What are watching him I didn't see any speech I look at this before you do if I see we're two Q I saw an incredibly. Refined. Professional. Route runner it's not good quickness guys that are straight line fast like there actually to direction quick fast he is quick. He's the shot now the issue is. Is he get a hold up his biggest thing helping and I didn't see the Horry in game out text that you do is argue game was so damn good. And then what you want Colorado Colorado will sound off deputy gave Colorado beauty right of one wanted catcher where it's. But he sucked that game it looked lost any judge who weigh positions is seems to catch the ball is weird. But it that you could teach him. And if you put it next AJ green out your lord. The one big knock on Ross thirty million that if the concern but the Alabama game he went and I came in college football playoffs not remember. The quarterback was under so much regret the time you know it's not a that he was gonna find wide receivers but that's the game where they would've seemed authentic in what and they beat up. Why haven't you gotta you've got to choke him if he gets off the jam he's gonna hurt you he can run channels stopped. Decently he could run the whole rock tree at what the rover on who lady traded up or else tell him but the rumor economies will Patrick multiple world. Only when it makes sense wow. Wow he's got. This case. Alex missed it somewhere going day he might have twenties have a good chance. What I think out of all the well not actually that could play this year don't you take the home. At least a year. Maybe a couple but this is not this guy did his draftees just beard who gives up themselves up to ten to take his quarterback yet. Think about it was is insane we're gonna have to quarterbacks taken at the top today. Three wide receiver taken in the top ten EO Rucker wrote wide receivers for the entire first round was what I had actually less than it was. Right up this look I I thought well wide receiver position. Those three guys and goodness I mean quarterback this is great for the rays. There are guys that I'll put it back for Joseph I get an idea that have not yet know not that you're strictly right here repeatedly gone in the second here. What. Exactly. Are we gonna yeah we're seventeen at an hour and a candidate city chiefs select. Patrick the second. I get Novak called his dad. As of baseball pitcher what do Minnesota Twins yankees pitched against the a's a lot Patrick Holmes was a good. Good pitchers this is this is it saves his ideals of parent vibe of Jon Gruden at the end of it. Lauded the home. Bruce Syrians say they love home silly Andy Reid did this to get ahead it. Bruce Syrians and also. Cleveland. Now Patrick Holmes. He's gonna have to study what did you read does. He reached Everett a quarterback like this to know where his arm every Donovan McNabb was. In basketball player it's Syracuse she learned to play quarterback witnesses that gives the he as a rocket. Rocket arm but these aren't our rocket into reckless the guy's nuts and despite all the myself place backyard football Goodell on ovals NATO's. He footwork is a question he arm slot as they would say pitching is a question he gets a little antsy and he plays an assistant that is specifically designed. To make quarterbacks look better than they actually all our that is the Genesis of the air raid offense. Made the quarterbacks make average quarterbacks look better than they are but sometimes the guy goes out there. And he throws the football eighty yard and you can't help but fall in love now appear it be re. You just gave up the first you had this year which is 27 overall. Baxter's first round pick which again if you could cheats it's probably a final one well yeah I think they're good football team. If you're given up the third to move up I think buffalo probably could've done a little bit better would you consider with the tigers got right to just lit spot once with the Chicago Bears one spot. Kilpatrick my home renovation get used to it that's going to be the guy you face. Following this season went out that this done about the whole field next to their data they had how's my whole structure can be good you know a degree in the West Coast offense. Does this study one wicket but I bet a lot of Texas Tech overs because all they do let's go to our expert to watch a lot of it brought all over the it all fall off. That kid is really tough that people like to watch it TCU game. For two seasons ago yeah he took a beating and it was played with a fluid that game and still put up big numbers hung tight to the idea when it. But they hung tight to the end he's got a lot of rocks again right to use not a game again anyway it's got. A lot of moxie he era night outside Patrick altered or flat footed it could throw off his back foot constantly. Slow to react to the rush his pocket presence is poor he turns his back a lot. Like man is now a Grand Cherokee to both keep twisting his shoulders and wind up going back. He changes his arm angle unnecessarily. And throws the ball side Aaron. His feet. He's just rambler he's a runner they don't I wrote at the very last part. He's a gamer that's pathetic guy competes. So with your guy like Katie Reid. Here's your putting your stock in. Your football acumen to be evident that this is development. This is that the NFL the day it's hard to develop these guys. As they close the door after the year. You can't touch of the the OTA start April he can't get here on you can't get out the field we can't really get a better for your body get this guy. Bettors but. Andy Reid knows what the hell he's doing obviously there's a monumental. Reach who we saw. Chicago give up to get your history. It blows you away but he had he read Jack Dorsey and I know what the hell they're doing. What they gave up to go from 27 to ten to get a guy who really is. Is it culture Olympic athlete he's just a reckless play. I don't think about it this team just won the AFC west they're really only maybe a couple players away from being that. It deep packet knockoff doing putting here they are looking what's the future drafting a quarterback. And it's small homes coming up without a lot of pressure on Alex yeah and that's about gonna get to keep Alex Smith lead this team. To the promised they can take him he's got that let your journey yeah. See this guy if this is why it's amazing to me. Are you could not have two more different quarterbacks stylistically. That Alex Smith. And Patrick Holmes Alex does everything textbook correct he's brilliant he's fundamentally strong. And he's just the value going to this guy Andy Reid wanted to go different direction. Unbelievable I can the opposite grant us. It's not a threat it is reckless this draft is Patrick Holmes of Africa. They might be that as weak as I had a life of a couple of years all the all the strings broke loose at that then this is what this its once this what happened. Outspent and the Alex met you know that there are what seven offensive coordinators for seven years ago that app and any goes to Kansas City gets its moment here comes Patrick Holmes he's. I've made quite a career for self but the game up. Your kids city right now your stated she got to be thinking wait a minute wait a minute of first round pick we could use that to get ahead I think for the traditional what's in right now. That's one thing to look at how do you feel you're the saints would march sun coming out of your market not let them hope. But that's all but he wonders editor that one cornerback has been select that you I'm really surprised in Alameda there happier not really surprised Carolina to go that route would be be considered what they avenue that is. I'm really surprised that the saints are a great spot for. We break it here. The FB well here we got legally here. They'll they'll they'll not break I think now what would typically. Not look like they got not I'm still trying to process what we've seen so far but look how much you guys but I did not have this many offensive players. Going in my purse I. I thought the wide receivers or the strength to figure draft that'd victory although this I love you guys John Ross but we're Kansas City just did. We're in shock on her back to my home to give up let next year's first round pick right. If they gave up a bounty thickness of safely in one last year gave out next year's one and this year's three as well wow there's a new area who's gonna take of you was gonna take rates well is that the biggest surprise to you is the chief straight up for. Home so far because it's been a while top ten well the biggest surprise for me is. The host job that Tom let's do Chicago where yeah. I mean they gave up a lot for both people did not consider it to fifty to beat top secretary could dry up Donna what's the umpire. We've got a guy you and give up now about having the public it was four picks of Obama's gonna bundle department sort of organize their legs here. Be crazy it's whop when he's about what you wanted to get niners the exact. That blink you know what's crazy the reported that Robiskie to hold their media he had barely talked to Chicago leading up to that sometimes that happens here. That's just not have to be that you're gonna invest in a franchise quarterback can barely knew. Well you know here's the thing sometimes these days made everything you'd be exposed you don't wanna play your hair growth. Great point and he did anybody have Chicago trade NAFTA future it is you know no one know by now that's why just follow on that jet to find out everything you need to know immediately. You can imagine good outside plant was on the phone with some might say hey look we got a lot of people went through that topic one question. Price with Cleveland rather draft capital I'm surprised they didn't just go one pick better. To get together they want that maybe they want Robiskie but this is this is insane or. Very impressive the Stanford cardinals. Though I don't think and I set it up on the stage at the Christian McCaffery. Very versatile it's it's it's a stretch with this the because I don't see him be in between tackles. Definitely get outline of the slot catch the ball out of the backfield at the tremendous amount of mystery game. But I see this offensive utilizing between the tackles run game between the tackles I thought that it would have been better off for reports or Charlotte. You know Carolina since I been. They were surprised. Bradley. The subject of maturity shoulders they let Mike Tolbert go Crennel today. I don't think I love Mike Shula and what he does the complexity of the run game right Rickie if you Ted given he's gone the always a fly sweep back to the quarterback in Poland he can give it he could bullet throw it right they got you coming all different angles. But I don't I don't golf the good utilizes skill like McCaffery the way. Another team border. To take a step further when you talk about player management that cam all the hits that he took last year affected as they affect your battle with body. We're in the here I keep trying to get it done to get away from that zone read stuff. You gotta kinda get the ball out of gas at so you gotta have more of the definitive stealth already gave it to me I think that broke both between the tackles and it. It's just stretch at all. You'll be seeing you this month. As he picked. Whitney eleventh pick in the 2017. Yet pilgrims but. New Orleans select. Marshall on the floor. It always banging the table there was dead assailant. Big win for the New Orleans Saints at Lattimore falls to help the defense at Phoenix rats. He would have helped her lightly at a time you Joseph for ball Greg pop up but they'll 95 points of the game we're back with Lincoln Kennedy right after this 95 points of the game. Now back to a special edition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven the game. They most insane NFL draft of all time is getting bored or. Insane that Cleveland Browns. As you said GO. We're not gonna trade up they gonna trade back and they may even try to trade up they cut it seems just got there before them. They have traded back with the Houston Texans the Texans at the pick after the raiders at number twenty fives in out of Houston Texans are on the clock. Quickly let's pick at number twelve of their obviously take a quarterback here. Shawn Watson is what it looks like that's the report online dish on Watson just a heads up in a few minutes we're gonna break over aids coverage but you can continue with the draft show all the way through the raiders next. Follow us on the 957 to gain and on the website history. 95 point seven the game but it looks like Cleveland it's gonna be arming up with more picks for next year which I've put in the position late. For USC's Sam Arnold deal I could say I'm Donald eligible to come out of this is the Libya's third year he will be eligible to automatic sees it. What he's phenomenal he's probably gonna be there early highs were picked for the for the West Coast represented quarterback people more about your credit watch. So I I do like I like the upside you like the betterment Josh Rosen Donna UCLA. All the because Josh Rosen finished the year with an injury who knows what is taught come back Sam Arnold took over the next week it took it to a new new area. Tickets did for the Houston Texans at number twelve. Pick in the 2000 at seventeen NFL draft. The Houston Texans select. The Shawn Watson I tour. But three quarterbacks three wide receivers. In the first twelve watts CN whipped another Clemson boy at the Andrei Hopkins already in the mix down there and he can make some plays. They got the defense already built that yeah will cooler. Rusty Miller marry owed I guess mortal and if you block on a nice little quarterback in the light quietly down a you know what I'm. I like him like his pedigree because he won game to these champion I thought it was on a lot higher than that it's. And investors see about the what is the third or fourth quarterback taking third out there are quarterback taken but Robiskie Helms at but but you know what with the bigger surprise was a home Saturday at the biggest upside but also the biggest project. Oh quarterback so but I if you like lots. So from a raider perspective we are joined by generator focal right tackle Lincoln Kennedy and her partner generators radio network for the game here right here in 95 point seven a game. Islamist cornerbacks are not getting chose to blink I'm happy ending there have in Alameda. Twelve fixated only one quarterback has been taken our Sean Lattimore. A lot of people thought would go as high as number three. Went to awards at eleven so a lot of good quarterbacks are still there integrators for coming up either fix shortly never taught a course. The adjusted to see if the raiders would be able to pull the trigger big victories. To jump up put the 1516 ring to give one of those high profile quarters to admit. Or linebacker some little beasts that are still available defensively. Really surprised. But as much as we talked about the SEC or college football we've only had two guys go so far that's available from Ellison about the book for all that you don't program out apple. And that tells me that there start buying it's a little bit of hype that a lot of these guys are used up. We talk about what he saved programs and he works so hard he puts when he doesn't do the job would be going the next level I know that's not his responsibility. But that's sort of sort of adopt. Talk about what you heard about on the ballot and you talk about river falls and those guys there's a little bit but not surprised to see builds studs not even be about one of the ticket. It also link this is our first public. Events in Oakland since Vegas right where wondered how she could it be. Next year just divide in this room and we are right here in downtown Oakland. There's a great drive about how good this football team is here tonight to saving product for the silver black of the fact that they are winning. Everyone loves a winner they are close if not right on the show on the cusp of will become an national champions or that a championship caliber team. A target because of so horrible that I. I look good that's might that that's where they are absolutely euphoria excitement that surrounds this team is still present in the city right that you made a great point earlier. Surprised how many offensive players have bought three QB's three receivers two running backs. Hit eight picks right there aren't supposed to be defense of trash and that's what I thought was wanna beat I thought that especially the teams in the top ten we're tired of being beat up while bibles in the office. They're going to try to get some edge rushers of defensive backs secretarial. And it hasn't happened for whatever reason that it for the raiders to slider right we want to talk about the shop fought Watson real quickly. Out of all the quarterbacks that were trapped it's probably the best situated to serving. Both sides of the ball that deep into JJ watt clowning on that side in the weapons yet Houston. Hopkins Braxton Miller to install will bullet Lamar Miller in the back field. If you go there I can't repeat all. All outside your door niners are we gonna do we're gonna dive into that and as well as the Arizona pick that's coming up and the raiders not too far for now here's others go to work every one we're switching over right here to aids baseball you get the pregame show at first pitch coming up in about 25 minutes first 125 minutes. Pregame show coming up now. We are going to be on the app like I've said negate and you can stream the rest of this show through the raiders it. At the website not by seven to gain dot com it's great pop up but they hill Lincoln Kennedy would Joseph Ford bought 95 points of the game. All right welcome back to the great. Party in downtown Oakland right pop somebody's ill children born multi. Had they made more of the big you know run 95 point seven to gain it has been a Y. While opening twelve picks in this year's NFL draft. He got three quarterbacks off the board great receivers off the board hit this city coming up for Patrick Holmes Houston just came up. For this on Watson at a club to deny that the Arizona Cardinals on the clock stopped. But the good news for raider nation the quarterbacks continued to slide their way towards when he wore. So we're not actually out here Lisa this is gently HBO. It's like it sooner than how we want to keep your pants I should say which I was just taken a whiz next to win his success after the language who's he. They have picketed for the Arizona Cardinals the thirteenth. That the background. Every count temple cry baby outside Redick. I've got a lot of versatility he gets you guys have been our affiliates that not. Sarasota bay to give up what Daryl Washington who's been reinstated to the so the league right there are watched that big if brigades at 1 o'clock loads will look to see him in silver black. Other people don't Arizona wanted to quarterback you're till they wanted to either hold. Watch that data did either so now what is errors on the view. You know that the country to move that happened right before Kansas City lineup to get a home is rumored to be a target for Bruce variance as the Carson Palmer back up plan. And then Houston comes flying a producer on Watson didn't wanna waste any time it was clear that the work without. Arizona was very adjusted quarterback. Could find a way to make a move back they bring in outside radically keep up with the feds they get a playmaker and that's another rumor. That through Syrians in the front office were split here because aryan alternately wanted any. Quarterback while the rest of the organization said you know what you might be retiring a couple of years we've got to think long term what you might think sorter so here cubs Arizona. Out with the sun rabbit which leads proven false the from Alabama it's Atlanta next on the. Yeah and for the greater perspective that they've had no interest in his son Redick he's more of an eye on the ball guy. And you jacket that can do that he's not an inside linebackers he's got speed and actually played safety grant for five to. Forty foot jumper 36 and a half to these kind of a Tweeter he's got short arms and not sure what he is it to sell a quick careers and they want he got the quarterback. But now. Another cornerback he's not been taken by they've only that want our shot Lattimore so. Let's let's look at this now Philadelphia is gonna committed never fourteenth. They could take a cornerback here there and play. They are in play for a quarterback or local mechanic Indianapolis could take there's a lot of good cornerbacks. They have not been touched I thought the wide receiver was that what position the job to be as we the strength of the draft. Biggest over value quarterback so you get three shaky here. But I think that. Quarterback. Is where you really can get a lot of football player I was wondering you know with these guys previous life a Tory Jackson. The young man hearing Condoleezza a lot of problems with David Villa available the raiders a 24. I think optimistically now investors just a run and thought cornerback cynic could come right here clearly. Indeed Indianapolis. I think the raiders are gonna be able to pick the guy they were hoping to pick when this day started. Jackets into Vegas might be in the pits here for Philadelphia considering what to ethical thicket in your division we don't talk about matching up. With their divisional opponents did you write in your giants. You look at Dallas there's bright New York Giants Beckham junior and now breaking Marshall in historic shepherd in the slot. Corners in the Washington. Aussie into that air that. A scientist and his talk thoughts and it would come on last year for teens view but Jerry is slightly excellent they also think we don't want them going play not to be like but it is wondering. I'm very interested to see what Indianapolis is gonna do two picks are now at fifteen. Chris Ballard the former personnel ace in the city has gone Indianapolis camp and working overtime but none of this is the guy that acquired. Starter after starter starter he'd won at. Eighties personnel man in the business so for the colts you got to figure it must finally get some help but with the trap being lied in Philadelphia. Philly on the clock what it. This had to get a flu the standard that we are to have the Budapest and get a big tradition had. I'd been Redick they would love because the temple guys pull off a little bit on energy and got a lead Philadelphia Christmas night. So I've I've right read about it a job years they have Kuwait Santa Claus I get to watch it if there it is late there but and I thought well on Christmas night. But this is then it just it is keep saying insane it's beyond insane it's ludicrous this is then. Nobody may act nobody nails the first 1520. It doesn't this year he was issued glide that are. This this draft you really had no idea where anyone was gonna go ever it is didn't know there was fabulous the move will follow but it's it's really saying. You came in did today it's like. Just amazes me. Came into the day hiking the wide receiver position nobody. Nobody was hyping the wide body and Ridley and all the technical but it was bull we gives. Of the investment group I'll watch the GI's die what does it look at that build up opposite your text about wide receivers. I'm thinking. You look at their wives sport and all the till look at I knew we had a talk I don't know I got. When you talk about John Ross that I go will watch the Colorado gave might well heeled Corey Davis eighty jobs that Corey Davis reminds you JR. I go walls and I would I bar watching bill they. 04 I checked the job Ross is really good with the fifth and then the I checked the report to shoot it well though shortstop and Brooke techniques because wonder where he's gonna go. And then I had to keep going and I said Torrey Davis is even better. And that I wrote Williams is good to come so I had to spend text each other guy. I have a lot to look as he watches college football I don't. So as the only tab and ridiculous to watch these guys when I'm looking ahead effort I'd like to know the drafts a lot of work for me. And I don't watch college football is Saturday and get ready for Sunday and Oilers open this time and again that's going to be hard to slash Q we had a study for five guys but the rate to pick and I will question was fourteen a year before. It was for the five op that I needed over twenty minutes two years ago they got to DiMarco I don't celebrate it turn our anger did not hit the rescue was Harold Johnson has been the pick and economically and frankly. Have a little worried about is like inside his durability he's not have a good rookie year and it seemed to target him. So we don't believe cooker is another guy he's got what I say about legal duty that day and always got that ball. Yeah it's gonna fall don't like but I didn't think all right TVs would fall pocketed say that hookers going to be that guy and his strap is always I don't know every has got all you know we are all sort of fallen right. I don't look at how. I definitely a lovely guy from Ohio State they believe I know he said that because he told his son Derek Derek told me and I bet the over on six and half hours after I don't know their line up. Up on the prop up just in the beating he winters ago the last few to Philadelphia Eagles that picked. He's seen as negative Booth for the good of who we dealt with the kind of wounded officer. There's drag your what does he do this. In the instance of the Nielson headlines now exceeds it bring other people leave the Catholic I'm brought to obviously this into the Carolinas picks they've improved. Want to bring up Boy Scouts and there. There were could feel. Here's how well. Yeah it's pretty close election members of the Martin Luther King high school football team she's not here. Coached Greta. Regulations to you when your team. Distinct McDonald's and getting hit fourteen. In the 2017. Yeah. The Philadelphia Eagles landing. Derek coordinate. All right so here we go it's Russert. Volunteers. A guy who's always going to be linked to miles Garrett because they both had very. Productive careers on the biggest of stages in the south EC top Tony it's great offensive tackles we get a week out I'm done I know. You watched that game between Tennessee and Maine and yeah that went overtime in College Station dale did that that being paid back with the multi overtime gave it to five dollars. But it was a thriller so the Eagles go pass rusher Derrick Barnett. And again as squeaky. Creep closer to pick when he floor the quarterback position and they. It remains intact outside of one. More shot Lattimore from Ohio State the rest of their for the raiders you've got to be sit there feeling real good right now. Now now you feel rule that if you're raider fan right now. All these corners and safeties coming back to you because you also that not only yep it's about quarter to start thinking about a replacement for Reggie Nelson. Probably as Ricky Nelson did here at free safety. Carl Joseph with the durability issues you really wanna think in on that for him play for you for a long time of Cornet. Good motor out at Tennessee really loved it coming off and it's a solid solid player but I'm a little shock the league with its the Christian. I thought that we would go secondary or they would go doubt we cook here all the support replacement for Brian that he's that they'll back its role as goodwill. A little longer and it's and fear of Philadelphia so. A surprise pick for V Joseph I. I don't think strolled wants to be in Philadelphia I think it's a what you might see him try to force a trade a little bit their rooms probably get a stated that these about a money on the clock. Don't be surprised if he possibly ends up in the mix to land with a team like say Arizona. For some reason they could use another weapon the cardinals beat the guy that could fit that system I'm not sure. If he's meant for Philadelphia for the next next few years but that just some speculation I think Billy goat and a different direction how much are scrolls that's what they wanna do there. Bottom line. But pretty Eagles they cowboy with a pass rush and now we turn our attention Indianapolis again pop this could be a cornerback Chris Ballard. These personnel man his first pick as general manager Paul. Yes yeah I mean I I have quarterback written down for them is in need elsewhere and outside linebacker there if you there. It's just amazing to me that cornerback is just not I thought it was an area in this draft when there were a lot of good football players when I looked at this draft it was kind of inverted right thoughts and it's kind of the way it's going. Where the guys that I thought were better players were the guys that everybody else he had going in the teens thinning guys that I thought were just so so we're gonna go early and I think it dates. They kind of they they're taking the guys we thought would go on with seeds earlier and now those players are dropping. So what letter more guarded. And to Conley situation out there I guess Arlen Humphrey for Alabama. Would be the next quarterback that could be at play it's all what we're seeing here. Is the media has a little bit like cattle. Fifty once they you know once one guy they think follow what the top guy said about that many guys there really are qualified to be doing this you know it used to be. And up by for junior by himself and now they get out of shape many accidents but they've really kind of gravitate. Towards what everybody else is saying they regurgitate. You really don't know which he individual teams are killed and as I was saying earlier and compared. You know here and dot all the camp chancellor. It really is hard did you think you're seeing VP he died Burgess. Draft board that each team hands of the value they put a lot of guys but there was a a tremendous affinity for Patrick moments which. I think we kind of heard that buzz before the draft but it's shocking him to be because he's just soul. He's just not textbook he's dies technique is all over the place so if you now look at it. There there's going to be a lot of really solid. Solid football players that are going to be chosen here between fifteen. An attack and the raiders speculative ethical to fifty Baltimore. Washington John Roberts in Tennessee go again. Tampa Bay we've heard a lot about them that's right it's great that it may be good guys that they. They thought would be gone are still going to be there at nineteen and they made a trait that Denver we thought was gonna trade up. John Elway mr. redstone had nothing he could got Pedroia adequately yep Miami is that he got the giants go right before the raiders picked it says. Twenty fourths let me throw something that's yet do you think the raiders figured at this point the draft. OJ Howard tied at Alabama would still be out there helpless and OJ Howard's L player OJ Howard Hawks are getting out ugly give and Andrew Luck OJ Howard's fifth. They just lost the white balance they did have not given an OJ and OJ Howard can block. But I watched OJ Howard I wondered what the hell is Lane Kiffin doing when he's playing like an H back trying to plan a block of kind of the way the raiders used Michael Rivera feed a lot of taking out of which is half of body movement. He's a good line blocker and he's a really good to tight end. And that's a position that's kind of been a match up deal Kirk Morrison when the great raiders are stipulated date and and a great hopeful before we start aren't a bottom month and a half months. You talk you call. And you were all up in arms about Kevin Durant and I'm a little about that I thought I. But I want the jury of all the warriors and what's going on Kuerten looked and I mean. Does that look there are right now I think he should do that margin got a little ideology they and asset and I'll say it again. Just relax its home. We're not organized as you just it's just real well this is what that's when I told the Barack had eight weeks into months look at that when the finals. At its fifteenth. Delve into the by the Philadelphia couple litigants are probably I don't. KG is saying get out I think tonight with that we're are struggling yes it's it's that it is 83 and out there all there Ahmet go down a little bit you are down you know I was thinking about this the best hope would born. Football player John Brody Gordon low who played for the niners. I obviously thought you Sam Williams yeah. The great marlin Briscoe first African American quarterback was a great receiver buffalo later when the Super Bowl in Miami MacArthur lane. Who are lover regularly about Arthur lane they showed us to talk about that hit media always hear about the basketball players the kids yet to statements. In the history of oak wood or football player if you're from here up Marshawn Lynch. Is at the very top of the list so what's so great that regional the greater five he's he's the mayor. And I go back to his. Cousins up the original list former right hand in port 47. Hard to be safe for the raiders. No it was funny a lot of people call me simply and it. What do you think abortion on an asset mrs. He's the miracle I was born and raised here people probably went out of the jam it and kicked output of the beast mode if more time from. Here at Oakland he will win but if that's. You know might right now mostly try to find references for what he means is that this team right now. I think if he gets in us Indianapolis Colts ticket holder factors could spell out first they couldn't go grass. The Indianapolis Colts select but Lee hooker.