Draft Show live from Raiders Draft Party Hour 3

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 27th
It’s 5pm PT and the draft begins! Listen as Greg Papa, Joe Fortenbaugh, and Bonta Hill talk you through the top draft picks!

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Whether raider nation has shown up big time in downtown Oakland interest in timer out here with the raiders. Make their plans to go to Las Vegas what kind of I would at the it's. It's a regular guy think it is the raider draft party even though they're not ticket 124. Great energy here. And we're back Greg Papa can afford. And that's a hill downtown Oakland get set for the 2017 NFL draft will be here up until late baseball also last. Here we go to Cleveland Browns are on the clock we've been talking about this for the last two hours Hollywood talking about a for the last two months before the NFL draft it's amazing. Is the popularity. This stress no other sport and any NBA Santo his appointment is tonight the pretty much they cleared his schedule anytime they go up against the NFL draft they get. They get tripled but in the ratings it's just amazing the power. The National Football League another move them from city to city in this year's show for the first time since 1960. It's back to the original home philadelphians learned is that the leak started in the draft started years and years ago back in the thirties. Have you seen the pictures from Philadelphia yeah it looks like it outside like that fact that it looked like outfit later the arrow up posting in the draft indoor and that the in the theater he's gone over all this must have closed the six figures showed up for it. This is become that big of an event in here where we are not subtle but at the raider draft party. Raider nation showed up the silver black is everywhere pop it's crazy three years at a road and I've been doing this. We've got to wait till the 24 this year got a Mari who wore the gal. You really pick what the raiders are unity afterwards the other top 43 gulf I don't see them trading up they may trade back. But Cleveland is going to be on the clock here moments. How we are convinced. That is going to be miles here though at a. For a while there has to be miles here. That's the right. Does it how money that I make the Atlantic I should be great to be sued if if it's not record it corrupt. You're going Maria wing is that a video Robiskie. If you make him the number one pick whenever they want it and the fans that Gary is the best player in the draft but it doesn't matter if the injury is that the perception in Cleveland is that Garrett the guy that's what we've been fed for five months people will fall along with those company life it switch it up in the midst Robiskie they're gonna wanna see it in year one and he gonna get his. What bashed in by Pittsburgh by Baltimore by Cincinnati. That is going to be a real bad spot for young kid that after just thirteen starts the ACC right needs a little more seasoning before April global box and activism and a. C north with Cincinnati Marvin Lewis puts that defense. Pittsburgh we know about their linebackers Mike Tomlin and company in in the Baltimore raid it's we know harp on that defense brings you ought to hear that bit of a transition as well. Don't wanna trauma to the wolves right there and what does Clinton had in last ET used to think come back into the NFL was between six would have a good quarterbacks. I mean they can Michael Jordan otherwise what took this if he's not a franchise guy like the win it's you know if he's not that guy you got the pass on. We can't take this is number one. Is there any other possibility. Is scary in trip risky candidate date and we. I'm only way to get my analyst perpetually here so you really got the American camp but it really well connected. Quickly when she's been covering the Brown's forever never. As somebody that organization linked to we're that is going to be definitively miles scared and you think if they were destroyed thickened and try to think. If they would do anything just completely. Off the board if they go with a player. Other than scared or Robiskie and distances all that a ruse but I. I don't if I don't I don't know the elaborate regret I didn't feel wonder what you have the big that this issue really don't know what these two draft boards are. You know what the media liked what you really don't have a feel for what's not cheap route that they run things differently there I think the bottom line. Is the value of taking your miles scared he's just a more special commodity. Berkshire Visteon adding. You know he could be decent quarterback in the NFL that miles Garrett. And I don't necessarily believe the compares to do on Miller are telling you back I see more of its as they get to to Evian cloudy. But if it's even if he's cloudy body to help the players and the commissioner is going up to the up. First time. Here go there. We're in the first round. A year ago. Tonight. We celebrate the great game new wheels. And we celebrate as NFL dreams come true. Don't sound like you're ready are you ready. The NFL. For 2017. At the personally don't. The Cleveland Browns are on the clock. A. It's. Quite why does she go through this every year there are seriously there's got to be a point where he stopped doing that is that is that Super Bowl with. It could throw your I mean I'm absolutely. Yeah how many people show up for this coming at Philadelphia. Good god not god here we are. Harry how are you not going up to the podium with this heart are ready. It's like a wedding it's achieved I don't either TV show Cleveland has found a way that ended six months they still don't know think how that venue and other they're actually told not to not to put this. It's a TV show apple the NFL network and ESPN funeral home. You know the talk about miles scared today it's it's like it's like watching the Olympic Games. I think they they give you can't get under your time if it couldn't do exceeding he'd pick the single day coming up little wait until early and now and it's deadly that the ethnic Albania and then they'll announce that. The Cleveland Browns have Pasternak and take your pick this year I want it actually pop you guys mention UH oh. It's in house speaker strap it's become how to speak has become a must see that. Now when the district district is harbor what's important for thirty you don't look my third hurts but Elway to Reno what people's elements of little ballroom. They were handed out cards to do this wind it's it is we're and I felt trapped become became so to speak. Well clinic put on prime time which is spent several years before that I think when they decided to take the draft. To make the first round. Only happened one day I'm ever been at the JaMarcus Russell drafted that was ten years ago by the latest rumor we are today in the downtown Oakland. Feels a lot like the drafts I've been in New York so it's just cool that you're talking about outdoors in Philadelphia what they have good weather there there's. Now 200000 people there. But this five right here over 3000 miles away from Philadelphia that race or ethnic it's money for this feels more like. A New York draft so it's it's happening all around the country. But I would say that draft which are markets lasted sold. Law as you picked two rounds that day and it was hard for Al at it that late in his life to deal with that took like five and a half six hours after that. They they isolated the first round in and I think because of that. And that you put them on prime time TV and now it becomes almost like it gained in the middle of late but the good of the game his every team is playing the game. This is the genius of the NFL. I was talking you guys about this earlier this scheduled release and the draft. They're nothing more than two administrative task. It's the Internet and the biggest events of the year about it and that's good. Will this really just hey here's when and where you'll be working and the draft is nothing more than an elaborate college fair for war for the workforce you're just picking your next employee. It's from a labor but it but this event has been so well marketed spread out now over three days. You've got to credit the sports media for turning this and that's something we consume. From the beginning of January all the way up until this moment that's why it's so big lots I mean it's it's become a style. It's amazing watching the draft in two years and I remembered first round they would do three rounds in one day. In a given that the last four the next day you're sick mayor Watson it directly upload to the Madison Square Garden theater where New York it NIC. Philadelphia over 200000 people here. Out here in downtown Oakland all triggered fans and audience jerseys on like nothing tap in their written for the season. And talk about the scheduled release we put the whole short run scheduled release. Isn't saying how marketable NFL blitz especially got salt last year have a lot of that teams I thought he played the most. Pretty bad last season and the ratings are down in the ratings were down first time in my lifetime to ringgit slid the other direction. It's while it's wet that trump phenomenon early and that kind of blew weighed down and out of the word you when you play out of that they have I got a panel that have been there. I don't put it right now the way that we're back and again. I'm just I'm still stunned that while we have a feeling it's gonna be Garrity one at the niners when it straight back into the bears are trying to trade back at three Coughlin to go audition on lots of it floor Tennessee reportedly had to trade already set for a team to move up to five the opening ten. We got a race ready to get Peter King said earlier this week expect the unexpected in the opening ten. Cleveland Browns are on the clock hit five minutes and 45 seconds ago. Until they they make this pick they have not had a good history. They've drafted a kind of the draft or never you have to realize the Cleveland Browns. Are essentially any expansion franchise after they they lost a chain of Art Modell moved the ball to monitor that they've been. In the interim so that they just not been able to get any traction at all. But this is going to be and I think you know you mentioned Gregg Williams the defensive coordinator their respected enough. Attention the guy who's a blitz heavy guy and you look at it that you know Pittsburgh Steelers in what they have offensively. In Baltimore. And Flacco was hurt last year but they've they've got a lot of weapons offensively Cincinnati's always there offensively so. I think we're all the opinion that miles scared will be the first pick in this draft and how much of a real difference can he make particularly the browns immediately. I think you need players around him. You sought and we we trade him Cheney colleges I think it's a good piece to build around you get Collins in spirit here together I think that's a solid foundation. Home care I don't know how I don't see this to get beyond cloudy. Bob Miller difference I don't see it and I didn't see it up battled at Joseph mentioned earlier happy sex can one game that it's essentially a one double A team I know we can't look at that when I think of see them play it's the big dogs the Alabama's. He got shut down they Alabama to air of they would put Kent Robertson on the island it keeps your tough guy. Let's see which can do you think Garrett did show up that day and there are some validity to what works out that part. Where his motor. Babies and always running not worry about that when a guy's motor pool what's your motivation below the game three wanna play every snap. I need that worries me a little bit so it's just it just beats it is draft where it is while we don't have consist of one bit. If you look at for one thing that's bankable here except probably 365. Days from today Cleveland's gonna be right back on the clock there at number one. There's no reason to provide them at the drop of the draft every year and you fight Green Bay and Pittsburgh in New England. At the bottom of the draft every year some teams get it right. At some just can't figure out this is a team that can't figure it out and. A ten years ago when I was at the draft in his yard for them I was running news coverage for ESPN he said. If you guys take JaMarcus Russell. The good evacuated a few of them that I. I think I think we had a second. Place let's pick is Dan it's a this is a money ball. Cleveland Browns front office. People called keep the desk. There was Billy Bean's right hand man in I'm in this theater here for the first time since. The money ball premier Brad Pitt by the way it was down there in the court behind the railing. Which only guilty against his character was Jonah Hill in any way the Cleveland Browns. Had taken the baseball money ball philosophy I think you'll be intriguing and that they could take care here that I think the way they recruit somebody draft picks they traded for. Rock got one look at that rock gods about it right and is getting caught him I think I yet I think that's where they're headed with that that was simply a grab for a pick even if you read he's nuts okay man. He's not ready but he's not that and I mean he could throw over the walls three year if you wanted to have a young guy like to misty develop a watch that go with Cody Kessler he at least so its profits of at least more promise than not why would take they they took us wily salary to a sixty million dollars in the second round draft him. Featuring Dianne Kelley does that did you Meet the Press release that it they mention that when they had to move they were very very proud to bring in the pit and I think that's why I like the fifth. There whitish color as I rob what holder brook got violent although swept into Houston. I argue we go for the big differences line and here. In the 181070. Bill that. The Cleveland Browns select. My experience. Yeah. 65262. Pounds 31 sacks over 34 games during his time at Texas a and M yup site to miles Garrett. Versatility to play in a 432 plane at 34 he's got a very quick first step he's got an explosive punched the downside to what extent. Not an elite run defender at this point it's rare to see how he develops moving forward pop. You've got five thicket of our friend Warren Sapp the the mouth that roared never stopped at the or it's only got a could make the hall of fame and do play by play the same time he was playing. He was critical of miles scared this week. In a lot of people were critical weren't saying would you watch miles scared I do understand. What Warren Sapp was flanked. He just got he is explosive off the snap of the ball and he comes with power who come from a full four point stance he plays right defensive end. Can afford three that's the way to get used to inflate led. You're not me a lot objective the end cloudy. But like loudly at the college level as South Carolina. He will often not play to the whistle. He will get locked initially and then just kind of stand straight up. And they're gonna have to coax that out of them off the ball. He's a monster. He's different to MacKey is different that Von Miller. I think he's more like Lowney some people think he's better than clowning him back to say that it's cloudy when he finally healthy is a monster in the NFL they will rotate you. And get fresh lied about it. If he's not playing hard the one thing is though the people who watched it and on better safe late last year with a high ankle sprain. There are times when you watched him. He just quit on the play fairly. And you can't type it's those guys get tired defensive linemen get tired you have to rotate about so I think if they can just get his boulder. Your rant that. He will be a monster and being around Gregg Williams if there's one guy they can get your defense of motor ran it. It's Gregg Williams from the bounty gate and all that nonsense he's a tremendous defensive coach he will also bring a lot of pressure. With a blitz package so you have to fan out to block somebody else this beast is gonna get to the quarterback the question is. Can't they get him to play consistently. Hire hired with a high motor and I think we're looking at hall of fame type talent. He's that good little player. What has got to do against Pittsburgh two games against Baltimore two games against Cincinnati Roethlisberger Flacco all you need a boy dog is low O'Neal would say you get after the passer to governor alert the Chicago Bears. Have traded up the number two the taken niners' number two pick then I moved back to carry who back the three. So the niners make it straight it's straight down to I don't have to buy into one spot. So why are dire scenario straight on wording arbitrary why would the bears trade up to two with it's because they're all out I'm sorry but your eyes without anybody else was coming they're terrified someone was gonna get ahead of them to grab the spot it was never about the niners the bears were worried whoever they like. Someone behind them what's gonna jump ahead of on the get the player this must be someone Chicago absolutely loves loves to go up one spot that. Gonna slide back one you could still get either Adams or Thomas may be both will still be on the board. It you're at least get a pick up a couple picks here somewhere down the line big move for the night. Sick pulpit who broke quickly with Cleveland. He can work because weapons out there daily show that he tackled while the coming out of college Jamie Collins which we were all surprised I think when Belichick decided. Hey we're gonna shoot you to Cleveland we don't need job wanna pay your money in the offseason so he does have some weapons around this is. As this is interesting here is Chad lynch moved back one spot. He could be thinking. That I can take either Solomon Thomas or Jamal Adams or whoever Chicago. I don't know Chicago would be truthful with a exactly who they wanna take thin may be part of why you make to deal with the with the Chicago Bears. And right pace but that this is interesting why. So the niners. Whether they would just let Chicago pick they'll get nuclear pic of Adams or. Thomasville why do you think Chicago or Chicago targeting here that they were worried that somebody else would trade up to number two to change. What you're talking about John Fox defensive minded head coach maybe at Solomon Thomas the word out of Chicago with that it wasn't gonna be some all utter surprise it was gonna be defense it was going to be the defensive line or corner. Maybe Marseille a lot of more out of Ohio State the top rated corners at play here Solomon Thomas may be the guy is just reeks of John Fox Jonathan Allen maybe Alabama can I know I didn't. Router I think he has it and get your own. Over your future Andrea and others try to live up to seventy if you wanna put him inside that's got to be you're gonna need an errant Donald that there O'Donnell can make plays. He was undersized and that one man his age. True for three interior linemen a guy who can kick outside to get past us as well Solomon Thomas is probably the test it out rep at that outside Garrett. Is there any way. That they traded up to take McCaffery. I. Scott of circuits I I heard who got a lot of the ticket mystery. Wow they do then pilot John Lynch may be saying somebody else about the two when tickets off. I'm just a lot like what player. Today feel the need to trade all the way up to number chewed it. Have high Q we got to go clap on its border battle would have feature risky so quiet and targeted at biggest made Mike let it. So it straight up for a quarterback who reel in niners got an extra third at the 67 overall pick they got an extra fourteen Michael. Got 111. And they also got a 20183. Pick another title gave up 67. 111. And next year a third round pick to move up. Just one spot that was that was a tremendous trade tooth Nike idling or you got mixed up to the reason enough for tonight glad you're still getting out of your guys and why strength of this draft. Is the second and third rounds this year direct. So John Lynch years. He did a great just totally not go. That's the Chicago Chicago's gonna need to get this one right you don't think anyone in that city right now the players fans are looking at this going what the hell did we just give up or the Solomon Thomas this is gonna have these last. Wow wow great blueberry have a doubt if it went straight back once but it still takes Jamal Adams who gets all that that would be great work. Fantastic a minute forty to look there's pick it has to be a I think it's gonna be Solomon Thomas here that are that are lets it might take a look at three brightly. What was going on that lynch lynch and company mostly flopping it once series of street got there it scared the hell lot of teams in the stopped they did a tremendous job over the last month making you think everything errant play for quarterbacks their plea for Leonard for that they love the wide receivers they left defensive tackles. They have done a tremendous job of shading their true interest and now to pick up two thirds and fourth in exchange to move back one. The pop end up getting a guy you want it all along anyway why am how many times do you trade up and had taken quarterback. While they're not gonna take rocket because they have like blood could decide Michael I don't sign Mike Bossy decides well you hear team trading up did not take a quarterback. And to give up that kind of a cloudy graphics its cheapest its been without work bother right. Looks like that if they're not good indicator of his tee because they they have Mike might. And I'm excited Glavine got what it two year deal at about seventeen per that's. That I needed to infer it seems like big money and that's partly franchise quarterback money anymore especially when it's only two year deal. Yeah I know a couple of guys we're gonna find out hero Roger Goodell I think it tells go to the podium and actually happen. The commissioner. The second pick in the 2017. NFL draft. The Chicago Bears select. Written note to his feet I. It fits gun or oh. To watch the trade for Mike let me Google still not go I like my no hot this is perfect because finally you've got to let it hold. Get down for a year for a kid who has only made it to hurt my playing career starts in addition to that. John Fox has bought himself to do. Maybe three more years of goodwill in Chicago I was on the hot seat this is as political as it gets great for the bears if you're looking to save your job shot clock. There's there's your answer why they did at the end they had to get up in front of you Jackson who thought you took him replied that's like it then. If you're godly and played this well Lou it's played well stated John Lynch that in television. It helps to have out of Peters there. We're gonna do my largest order ever a bit so we can come back and make sure we catch the niners take its Greg Papa but failed to affordable. Live on location at the raiders draft party that he five point seven the game. Now back to a special addition NFL draft shell on 95 point seven dean. Jeff Francisco 49ers are out the clock and they got about three minutes to make that pick John Lynch just made a bold move that. And just day it's the power of the quarterback in this sport to move back one spots he had an additional third this year number 67 additional court. Picked number 111. And made that third round pick next year. Figures why with the Chicago Bears give all that up to move up one spot. Obviously evil simultaneously. John Lynch the forty uniter brands negotiating within other scenes. There was also look at him move up to number two that's the one spot you could guarantee getting trip is ski after Cleveland took miles Garrett. So it's just it just blows me away for this. I got a couple flock quarterback and a highly inexperienced quarterback to get this kind of a return to. Have you gone never to an out gently just sitting there and he could take either one of the guys he watched Jamal editor Solomon Thomas hit a home run. The rig slammed the biggest in for the niners this is brilliant on behalf of John Lynch because it you process that all the smoke screens. Cleveland making that big case forever well we're gonna take Gerut then we're gonna trade back up this and that. That got the bears' active that got the bears to give up two thirds and fourth goal once but everything is a slight back they're still gonna get their guy a huge win relates early on in his tenure and for the bears. That's a fit for Robiskie for two reasons one. Thirteen career start to UNC he needed to be c.s that Mike glad it came in. Two year deal seventeen per. He hold it down very dear to each group this he gets to learn first he did it flies John Fox about three to four more years the political move from the head coach in Chicago. Mean my clinical study team guarantees from the bears a three year deal 45. As a place holder and you bring to this idiot who doesn't have the strongest arm. Played a little to do what that we come true. I mean this is it high stress for that there's gonna be role in the couple years if this doesn't work out. Mike Lannan is this generations deep bird because I. You ready. But here there. Pick in the 2017. And a pilgrim. You sit Francisco 49ers like Solomon Thomas. He bent bend to. Are approached. At Stanford Cardinal taken to Stanford Cardinal Chad links for this first pick does not take Jamal Adams. He takes Solomon Thomas it was a really solid overall draft pick there's not really. A weakness in his game I think if you have to play inside. At the NFL level he could lied about really anywhere he'd lined up all over the front for David chew off this is gonna give them enough ferocious. And they are going to a 43 defense had a 34. They've got arms that they got up there and it got this monster so if you wanna come and if you're at a with a four man front I thought he'd go to Bali Adams. A little high to take his safety Solomon Thomas is a good football players. It's a great fit yet you do worry about them taking three streaky but why did in the first rob look this is where it starts. Pushed up hockey. You do to pass throws in India with the secondary play it looks like we're gonna really try. Jimmy ward at free safety here Nazi allied defense. It and Eric Reed in the box with no air we can't tackle have to worry about because it's in the past some of these angles there we don't play in center field as a safety but. This is solid pick you get a pass rusher you get a good run stopper in this division where you know Seattle will took on the ball Scott McCain got an LA. Will probably try to run the ball without quarterback Todd curving. This is good it could say it. 63270. Pounds he went from three and a half sacks two seasons ago to eight and a half sacks at the cardinal last season he in Mitchell's trip this evil be linked together throughout their career because the final game both of them played college if they gave you wanna watch you wanna evaluate Solomon Thomas took the final seven minutes of the ball game against North Carolina he's on the sidelines sucking wind. Going in play. After play after play blowing up the North Carolina offensive line in the final game of this collegiate career. And he stopped Robiskie with a sack on the two point conversion to preserve the victory for the cardinal Solomon Thomas number three overall to this he number two they're linked forever pop. In a single play really bothered me which Robiskie after you made a hell of a play. To score the touchdown to bring it went into I think what you're leads Mitchell Robiskie he doesn't see it he just it's a hard thing man. If you only started thirteen games of the NFL. To you know you have to learn that the NFL level so he goes to Chicago. And now Solomon Thomas. Is that choice of the same Francisco 49ers and I I you know. They they have copied what knowing what is dot as far as rating players and you don't want to start well. Putting people leave it. Infiniti take good flyers but I I kept going FactSet Chris Reid had a bad year last year but he's a really good football players to me he's a single high out of box safety just watch T chart as it could go wild card. As a blitzer and I I gave him all the field together for maybe you make war. A single high different readout I don't see it that way. The catalyst for our safety play a figured out but it is just wanna go with a ferocious four man fronts you've put solidly atop a sit there. With the existing guy I like airplane. I think Atlanta was hurt last year I don't know how he fits his. A 43 and he could stand to profit rush about a two point stance you've got long arms your avalanche. Here's equality. NFL fans rushing you may want you to have a Hickel. Kind of know what Ronald that you play up linebacker in the face I'm not sure what you build your team that that he lied in real life John Lynch knows that. And now he's got Solomon Thomas is a guy. Who could play outside and your basic movement sided rush over guard not elect Michael Bennett doesn't Seattle but I think ultimately he's an inside guy. You know what's nice here you're niner fan. Because you haven't got this over the last few years you just got a first round pick. Who can calm amid and start on day one no it's not. Not about whether or not he's gonna go to ten straight mobile at the moment Trent walk ease air out over the last few years developmental projects guys would be concerned. Guys who can't get on the field guys who need time to work their way in. Thomas can come. Now in week one. And play football for the 49ers at the very least. It just dedicated to play you picked up to third round picks and a fourth rounder as a result you're in good shape moving forward. I would afloat this conspiracy theory by you. Mitchell to misty to Chicago right what's the likelihood now Chicago's picking up the phone call in Cleveland sand is still well this guy right next to deal. I thought of that right away I thought it is gave Michael out of all that money and I like Michael and I think it's our hope play. At Soldier Field so you know part of me thinks they should just let you have to be allowed to victory tonight drafted. Just wrapped. Penetrate later. It would take all is lying out of it and setting up that's all it takes the fun part it does make a climate and most by a guy chaotic as well. You know we were praising John Lynch. A lot it was this really wasn't very hard. Where he was sitting analog a lot of people thought she was not a good spot to the end. This is not a great draft there's no consensus number two. But it's just the overvaluation. Of the quarterback position in this league and his pitches to the south of the guys that like they took your this piece and he just sitting there. Most of the thing I want to when he realized he could make this field. That was yesterday do you see it or. Earlier today and we re going to take it and got seventeen and a belt strap check. Here's the Jacksonville Jaguars select. Leonard for now. And. I call what's got its Greg Jacobs. Blake morals you have no more excuses that he got a defense got a lot of money it invested in both the draft picks and free agent contract offensively. You're not gonna go offensive line despite the fact that you could use some help there because it's not a great offensive line last. You've got Alan Robinson as a receiver you've got a guy like Allen turns you've got to play makers now you've got here every down eighteen plus carry game Bakken letter for net if Blake morals of the starting quarterback next year it's you gotta win at least eight teams you've got to threaten the division you've got a threat a wild card rates over if it isn't over already. Score back to this you real quick with Chicago. You have a beat George Howard that nice little running back Kevin White out West Virginia hasn't been in the economic field camera narrative that the okay receiver. Gonna take on hot to go to round. You get the two to this you know weapons to ride it out all things in that it isn't what you gotta go for instance right now pipeline office. Green Bay air drops going nowhere at Minnesota Vikings plus we have witnessed that this. In the NFL. That's a tough thing with flair for that that's they'll pop. Right time. Coughlin as really put an impact on this team they were much more aggressive in free agency that I thought they were they took our guy but today AJ foyer. Went along with the latest Campbell they also signed Barry church has been a 150 million dollars. Their defense and what they're trying to do you know they had those two yard wide receivers. And portals where his delivery. Yeah I just don't think you can women that gap he just he has a terribly elongated. Delivery he could you see when he takes his left hand off the ball he can drive about it. So they tried to make it a pass happy team and he's just not good enough. So now if you give a back like coordinate and give them a little play action. Wary if Cornett is a quarterback under center. I back. Power I. Old school he's way better than Brandon Jacobs if he's a monster so what he is in when he's going to be a tailback position either by himself for offset higher true life. You're gonna have to bring a safety down and just that little element of play action. We'll five portals kick it used to name that was second in the NFL for him to be a negative fallout on time so it's a good call this is John Paul would get back to the roots of football. Defense in Jalen ramseys little plates that guys like that that body is safety in the NFL he is a monster. Physically tough moves his feet well. He shot to autumn articles repeat the crap out of him. So this is the chopped off with him for about his team getting better defensively. And getting a running back that can take the pressure off his quarterback who's really a flawed player. Bring them to a division where other than Houston. These fronts that it doesn't like Indianapolis they can't stop Barack Tennessee hasn't visited most popular lately to recoup powerful back like that. It will take over the if she's definitely a lot of quantity and Megan gets out front seven. It's good that felt good pick protective boot let's go out to dig Elden it's not yet been able to play every down Chris Ivory and what do what they'll do with him products out right out of right. 61230. Pounds for Leonard Cornett for his career at LSU in the SEC. Averaged six point two yards per carry. You mentioned yelled and out Alabama nice little SEC west rivalry right as for neck of the and he takes his job that speaks to the running back position coming out Alabama. You run behind such a great offensive line while you're in college you looked better than you walk. Mark Ingram Eddie lacy. TJ yelled hey Trent Richardson Derrick Henry none of the guys that ever lived up to the hype this is for next job moving forward. Now I gotta wonder are they better served with Ford networking with portals or better served had debatable for a guy like maybe this on Watson. Patrick Holmes to upgrade possibly open. Are like I don't think they're quite ready there to pass on morals and I think that they got to Asia is a high draft pick you gotta give a little more time as far as the complimentary snacks for next in the needed. I checked out the space and satellite back he's he's kind of he's kind of stiff catches the ball he's not horrible attitude there were times that Alicia was able to scheme and get it open. Southern and he's gonna be competitive the bank here but I think they're gonna need a couple of complimentary snacks yelled it could serve that role. I don't wanna say slipping Tennessee by the way it's got Robertson is on the clock. And they got to get a ticket in two minutes but today it's early but Jamal Adams. I thought would go to alana the players solid saliva for safety like you know you do take players five. It's safety Eric Berry went five I don't know what Tennessee's thinking about it it's too early to say Jamaal Evans is sliding. But I think a lot of us thought that the niners were gonna pick they would have chosen in the suit they dropped down to three and they still get taken vale tell us. Last point on Leonard Burnett to Jacksonville the last time the jaguars took a running back in the first round was. Fred Taylor Fred Taylor 1998 so worked out pretty well for Tennessee the rumor is what's the trade back pulpit. That either team moves up the Christian McCaffery knowing Carolina. Eight is in play or traditional and Watson because he's the next quarterback off the board in the eyes of some with Patrick Holmes float around out there too why would. Took a seat take that chance on the guy like Mike Williams makes you believe your receiver but there were scenario that it Delanie Walker if he'd outside for Thai massage chair target servers OK but don't would you wanna put. Another weapon out there for Mary over the horizon to go to call ups it's a week wide receiver unit I have. At least a little crosses a hell of a player I think it's a little early for that I'm not building now a no concerns and is there a built generals yeah. Yes but he he is DeSean Jackson all over again. Before 22. I don't think she's fourteen to icy out of the witness nobody's quick. He's he's DeSean Jackson Ricky can separate out game coverage gap Ross is a good player Mike Williams is he's a very. He has perfected the art of the neck shoulder fade any he has got it down. It is yet failing to watch that guy spin his body to the outside of and as well placed you can operate. But I see him as a limited route runner he man he runs outs it's it's Lance Lance Lance and back shoulder fade idea keeps the the least of the guys but. It's dangerous and could job calling her bush John Roberts in Tennessee like he did last year was gonna trade back. But John Lynch. Stroll it's not your care I don't often is pretty straight up the ticket would get if you trade up but take a quarterback figured tell make sure these quarterbacks coach top five. Well remember him that jets its six regardless jets are not. Happy with Katzenberg out of that state probably. And a quarterback at six their thoughts at seven McCaffery could be in play as well as the eventual successor to Phillip rivers. As we work our way down the board don't forget about a guy like OJ Howard tight end on Alabama portable polished off the prospects in this year's draft last. And pop we might as well do these updates as we work our way towards the raiders. Ailing economy still available marks on lap. Lot of for the quarter out of Ohio State possibly getting ready to pull out of the top five at Tennessee beat the knicks that's striking looking that they just couple one of forty. Jason Horton to support Hewitt still make it a I don't know if Bryant played inside mode and I don't know what New England welcome right to have a lot of why do on the slot as well as a good player. I Tennessee's pick its answer they're not actually. The shirts are both volatile the market indices were befuddled they want it straight back now they have to keep the pick Derrick that spot here he took his seat tickets. They need help all over the place well. And the raiders opened the season there. First game of the year will be in Nashville Tennessee as a unit of the tenth anniversary your grocery your calling their that we opening your last your New Orleans they got to be thinking because the bottom of the track you down at seventeen and a pilgrim. The tendency to conflict. Korean and its. Wow. Seated as is the beauty and address. Everybody got their box. But the teams at their own draft board and I love Corey Davis took in Atlanta I not a lot of people that don't like about having his say so ridiculous. He reminds me of the note. He spoke yesterday that it at least five reminds me to hear you realize these Iran acknowledged as an enemy that's been smooth Jerry Rice didn't go find it. And it became my attitude about as high school these are people like Robert Davis this guy is really smooth and there we lost a lot of college football Cho gets what Scots isle was a press corps big on tell you what I. He could fly a book with the epoxy actually that's I think about it JR. I'll look back I liked all bill achievers. It's like wall all right the New York Jets are on the clock we're inching our rate towards the raiders the trade coming up for Christian McCaffery Carolina and they could be in play of the charges that seven. Popped up but hey Joseph we're back in a flash 95 points of the game. Now back to a special addition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven team. This may be the most insane in the unpredictable. NFL draft wherever gonna. Observed miles scared whenever law that's kind of what we thought after that the niners traded out of member Jill. Come back when an extra third fourth this year 67 on eleven. Get a third round ticket 2018. To drop back one spot Chicago moves up takes the quarterback Mitchell Drabinsky. The uniter strapped to three takes out of and Tavis Jacksonville as we thought. Her letter Ford net that are real shocker Jack Robinson could not trade out. Number five skinny chicks Corey Davis is 63209. Pound wide receiver from western Michigan. I love. These forward lean it at the line of scrimmage reminds me so much Jerry Rice a little bit of CEO. But CEO was violent disguised as smooth that I also saw showed some toughness running over quarterback after a catch. They they obviously featured him I saw elaborately try to get him the ball. Basically. When I saw guys. Are gonna pick up and have become the jets jets at numbers six and coming up sixth pick in the 2017. And a pilgrim. The New York Jets alive. Jemaah. The guy we got the niners would say anything. Cornerbacks are afraid. Of Corey Davis they could not backed up. Far enough because he's just so smooth that. In his route running but this draft is just insane at the nick Davis would go that high I think they were trying to trade back and do you conceivably could have gotten Corey Davis. In the teens that because John Robinson could trade out of five. He just wanted to take my guy at five and habits and Corey Davis this. Going Y four years that western Michigan 331. Receptions for over 5000 yards and 52 touch out of not only this market marry Dodi get a weapon that he can grow when it. The raiders will be contending with Corey Davis on day one it's almost an interesting subplot at the raiders come out public you've been talking about slot. Corner and it was greater could be going up against the newest heightened. We want to play action pass. So the market play action with DeMarco Murray Garrick in greet the Corey Davis Delanie Walker and he just got a hell of a lot better in the AFC south that logic Schuerholz talked to start with a player Delanie Walker additional got there young. Our mark Ari paving the way for Derrick Henry young often a lot of spinning around here right. Why did John Lynch takes all of its opposite number three it took class with all of this this classic Stratford. If it group project got error pop up that structure inside your look. Tell leads to a technical meeting on Solomon Thomas. Popped out. Out is harder than me why the two of them in the though were economic group president that look like whether or not the Washington NFL teams to change its name. Thomas told the professor that he did not remember their verdict although my guess is he is trying to avoid controversy that he. That can come from discussing about cash from a city got a B plus. Let's grade he gets gotten dates so. There's a group on key elements that's Alameda bus dropped them from two to three to grab. I had a lot of credit of that to be America which jobless physician assisted sale what about the latest report we heard it doesn't work. Cleveland Browns tried to trade for converter period that's their indicate. Whatever whatever that we know exactly what Chicago gave you completely needed the extra one extra ticket. But you're watching right it's like sure we'll take after high percent ownership in the franchise and every picking up for the next two years why the hell would you wanna help that now that's it. Absolute panic mode on behalf of Cleveland and also shows they might not be adjusted edition on. Watson I you know what every salads they decide she ground mr. money ball number what I need to move up to get RG three and that bowed out double. Double both passengers who is actively contribute to meet the LA chargers didn't sound so strange to say. The only charges they were there originally 96 either go back there on the clock it about five minutes to go to optimize for the GM. A lot of people hadn't appeared. In his spot. In Middleton is given never senators need to start dropping had a maybe he would rapidly filtered what's the chart to say to hell with it what it's been hurt he's getting older. Let's give Philip Rivers nice looks like that let's little play maker that's it that's at. There don't don't go I'd rather have a though there and he insisted even if from analogy there got a under every device looks tight and don't. Don't forget about the idea also bringing in OJ power to get paid an old pair up with honor Henry at right Keenan Allen on the outside the raider defense wants to pay very close attention to this pick another story pop. Corner you like out of Ohio State Gary economy accused of rape just a few days ago according to Ian Rapoport. One team that's interstate asked him to submit to a polygraph he said yes he passed the polygraph. I don't know what that means for the rest of the league I don't know if this is the only team that has that proprietary information. But there you go he passed the polygraph according to a league that report pot though the less I think tomorrow we. Would oppose the truth machine. I got a polygraph we have our own collide a second faster because you disagree with this draft is insane. There's a good cornerback. They're having downtown Oakland Raiders draft party that is a picket 24 every time a quarterback. Is not shows it is good news for the raiders absolutely great. Eat all you put them back he Carolina leads corner because it brought out two rookies last year. They also took the franchise tag up with Josh Norman Eagles watch in Carolina rolls out to rookies at quarterback. You know all cocky individual you got Leo till it's a new you got the wet it's in New Orleans Tampa Bay now has Mike Edmonds and distraught Jackson. Upbeat Carolinas look at quarterback your prop Joseph. Corner they also need running back help particularly you've got to get in some weapons they'd be aging at that position. You need a running back who takes a little off Christian McCaffery Natalie play at seven CDC's meet Los Angeles. But I have a weird way at the industry could be your buddies are they had to part of satellites look I don't have played out we bartenders. Clark. I think he got. I want so we have a better but I'll tell anybody else that's reflected ranch well what is there to the big. A bit of a big deal with it video they charge you hear John telescope or your hand. Actually things are going nuts. And yankees go to your board take the best player I mean who. Marchand Latimer is going to be the best player. March on a lot of more Jonathan Allen is slipping a lot of people like that physical a lot of you are alike who put the one that fits what Joseph we also. Yet jumped Alec Joseph both Democrats. Joey abolish them. Melvin Ingram opening you can also start thinking about Tennessee's Derrick Martin that that yet another pass rusher you can mix and that front seven. It's too early for him lot of options out here for this team Christian McCaffery OT Howard. The leak hooker San Diego you're right pops India does that you feel pretty good about sent San Diego again it'd be your does that mean I'll pass fail you I guess slept late charges for the stuff ups and here. Where you should not be rigorously guard on their upgrades is that you see the maggert played a ransom in LA they go to the raiders for the first Ireland all the Ohio. I've been at about it and I hold a polite than the Rose Bowl game that sporting event I've ever been to got to go to Vince Young. Against the national championship if this case against him winning field well I've never been to a better game in my life that went down their acting as a false I went down into the first playoff game for the state or Davis who has been Mary go to Africa fumbled a couple times for the city popular love I went the real. All of my source of all their ethnicity haven't been an actual Rose Bowl game where at the raider draft party downtown Oakland. We invite you over but it's a private affairs right. And Portugal like all of these years earlier this year the draft is that just insane thing LA chargers I think suspect he's seen it. In a question now they have Jason Beretta got hurt last year they had a lot of injuries would they take the Ohio State quarterback Marshall and let him I think it's probably. It may ax doing his best available. And the campus a wildcard it's hard to quantify that this Candiotti thanks myself the LA charger that. That's I was in its. The what do you think what Joanna -- first pick last year Ohio State Lattimore Ohio State boasts a probably knows that kid particularly excited the base as to whether or not he's if we didn't overly hooker I think they're going defense at the third or second one of the Glock nineteen the buckeye corner a book I see the red flowers is not hear more right to create itself is not a typical and he be here. It's stressing in his division when you look at the flip it's it's got and you got to look at the weapons that perhaps you look at practical work yet to go deep he's got to have a second torn. There's a huge receiver that is that you don't have this active gang. He's getting his victim. Look how exactly you want you gotta go you. You got to contend with Derek Karr for another ten years if you're at the total dollars you're gonna need a couple that LA chargers pickets in 2017. And a belt wrapped. The Los Angeles chargers select. Mike Williams why we're we're off off off. OK another shocker. From. Here's what we're gonna do Greg Papa but they held so Ford ball fat in a flash don't go anywhere we're gonna analyze the pick the Panthers on the clock 95 points of the game.