Draft Show live from Raiders Draft Party Hour 2

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 27th
Greg Papa, Joe Fortenbaugh, & Bonta Hill are live at the Raiders draft party in downtown Oakland! Breaking down the quarterbacks, running backs, and check in one last time with JD in Santa Clara before the #2 draft pick!

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Led. To go to. That's my choice that are Davis whereas this accuses sleeper industry but we shall see Mitchell trip risky issue on Kaiser to show on Watson Patrick Holmes. Third and every series loves him and Arizona needs and Peter men. Davis way red tie. And John gruden spent a lot of quality time and all the while we're here downtown Oakland they fox theater. It ready for the raiders draft coming up which when he for the niners logo number two Greg Papa but today he'll throw to rejoin Nigel for those working and mostly. If you're gonna get to tomorrow morning. She's thirteen and one in ours made the and this popular an excellent timing your regular tour I know we you know we're all this tech must look my last two years we got a Murray to what I got a bonus check I get rewards like drama. They're the boss right he did ask that. Source life jackets or life flight what do you and now where the niners take on these quarterbacks too though. You know what you do if you could any that this is the whole point trade down is the stock the picks for next year's you have the arsenal to get the one for Sam Arnold. That's what you think at quarterback. You're not gonna get your franchise guy in this draft class is too weak and everyone always talks about next week for next year and it would watch seemed Arnold this season what that it brought USC game against Penn State at the end of the year he's a player. He's addressing USC quarterback. Weekend you Carson Paul everyone's got to look to liner Palmer to a guy like Carson Palmer John David Booty was miraculously sort of an old time candy and Rodney Peete. The and you really was to go back for more acreage and it'll smacked a house what you got you Maurice how critical last IC. A Merrill lot of edge. Of the gods want is now walking on stage naked. Looking for DOD. So what should. Which quarterback will go first and where their quarterback go if you look at the odds that they put up on the board Stravinsky is an overwhelming favorite question would be where. Right now from what we hear it's gonna be Garrett one. A potential trade at number two. From everything I'm hearing five Tennessee already has it trade in place for someone to come back up. The question is do the chance to sit at six bacon interest and quarterback San Diego sit at seven they could be looking for Philip Rivers to Sasser although how do you look Philip Rivers in the eye and say here at the end your career were drafting your back up not someone who can help you win. This or. Now it is gone back to what you said. Or yesterday a report was from Mike silver and Mike is very close with huge accident of cal guys. That Cleveland tried to contacted five of the top aide to move up in the draft right. Now the report only we were act we're now moving up for moving back. But we're telling the whole world. There we want miles scared. So you understand we wrapping your brain. Is that if anybody goes it's going to be the folks in northeast Ohio. And they're gonna go from twelve to five in his new deal is they're lying about trading back they've been trying to get up all the while you buy that. I don't. I don't know by gonna Google out of Cleveland alibi and become an adequate or write a lead at the equivalent. Outside of miles Garrett knows what they're going to bills what they want happy that rule war broke out there and Ortiz Ohio is divided. I'd be. He Jackson. Part of what straight back. But the great Williams probably fellow global miles Garrity he's probably being on a door we got a gate here we gotta get scared get a premiere pass filter that helps Alter defense but our. Again would Kerry. I don't wanna dive into defense and or talk about quarterbacks are prepared us. This distracted so open down at me because he's not a Kansas number one in the other gear up to get maybe two top ten talent but consensus number one is pretty it is good. He's a lot like two giving sign of sometimes you watch cloudy and government might man killed him. He spit all over microphone. A good thing I. Jake clown he's lazy and every wanted to you want a Mac to go on he's very similar. He may be in May be better than money here while I just remembered Alabama game this past year you probably lawsuit GO taxes and then went down under Tuscaloosa. Pam Robinson by himself now watching held down that's how you haven't got quiet. It doesn't matter how he does you know have to sacks came against UT seen any entitled. That's it that's where your success is coming back to be concerned you want to evaluate the games against the camp Robinson but he he he had a very productive yet last year a little up and down. If you're Cleveland now I don't think five's good enough. I think you might have to go higher I think Jacksonville fours and play for quarterback. The bears might be able to trade at three David taken at quarterback in the first round gave Michael and and all that money bright but that's not really all that much on a two year deal and the guy who could hold it down for a year and John Fox's got to be thinking politically because he's on the hot seat right you grab yourself a quarterback you buy yourself a little bit more time although he is that the offensive minded head coach Solomon Thomas would make a lot of sense for him. As would Lattimore the quarter out of Ohio State. The raider draft party here and at a five point seven again Greg Papa Vontae Helen Joseph Ford brought the F fox theatre in downtown Oakland will be here for hours and hours until a's baseball and even after. On the website giving generator pick the raiders a picket about a 735. We'll see each team gets ten minutes actually he says something. Really interesting and weird more and more about it that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tom Coughlin. May take a quarterback or traded but I'm hearing they may take a quarterback which leads to. United I'd like Blake portals at all she's GQ when a guy his faulty mechanics Tommy got its ever fixed Tim Tebow. Byron Leftwich. Talent gap Burnett getting the wanted to Aaron Rodgers ready set in place for years in Green Bay and they were of a can of away from Chad furcal the ball up by easier and all that stuff. What it. If they ticket quarterback but they do it portals. Just caught him off the roster as they come back up what have you portals they haven't picked up the fifth year option potter and tackle the raiders went ahead and jumped at colonial back on the figure option immediately that's what you do with a guy you love the Blake portals Europe in the or maybe they wait until after the draft to see what happens to show on watch rate however it's the name it's not extra base in on Watson at their interest in the word on the street is that Tom Coughlin has become enamored with him over the last couple weeks. And he's one of the power brokers in Jacksonville right now. So guys. Tell me this two bit ski all the hype we saw a lot of Watson the last two years he was a guy coming into this college football season as the top quarterback midway through season it was about two shot Kaiser into sharp Watson. It's biscuit come out of nowhere. What separates Robiskie from DeShawn watts and cars apart. Travis he's got tremendous feat he's he's. He's appease a pro quarterback when you were I watched a lot of his games at Stanford game you cringe he didn't see the rovers and he got he got fooled. He hasn't played enough. So he makes young mistakes. That thirteen starts is what it is in any there was there was a time he'd never take anybody was in a four year starter. But you know dark guy Andrew Luck left after thirty or he's not Loch Ness and that but he is his ski we see. Clearly NFL caliber placed her time she looks really good. Other times he just looks fool the same role over that he threw to. At Stanford on the pick six over the middle later he thought he had a fullback. Not opening at folder that is not it was meant it was on. So he's got to get fooled. But he it when you look at as it is still set clearly he's an NFL caliber players got a good enough arm. They'd like is accuracy I see a missing a lot of throws on outs but he's got great feet he can run any system. It's just you know this is the position this is where you. You even consider Tribune if you ranked all the players in this draft Robiskie would be like thirtieth or forty at least thought Jerry Lee apps so I don't know but I don't like. They're shocked Kaiser that guy he could he'd look you're hearing of talk. Hit the guy is stimulate cancer Reno he's at home I felt like Annie could it reads hello but he really I mean he would go into your room and think wow. This guy is so Smart he's good looking guys Notre Dame Betty the film's got there I don't like to shop Watson at all. Patrick a home are homes I think. You know guys like Jon Gruden and Bruce area and it's. That love the throwing arm Al Davis would love Patrick Holmes with a guy. It's just reckless it's not even if cavalier and Brett Favre is playing backyard football he's got to drive your whole offense right off a cliff and get a verdict correction erotic. Yeah I mean if you did did quite a coach who years maybe you could talk them down. But he just read to having you watched him don't throw off his back foot this guy throws like his whole bodies on the ground and he's. In there's no pressure he's just he's so mechanically flawed but his arm is also so all these guys you can make a point show adjuster. But their quarterbacks. So somebody's gotta go I think the over under on quarterbacks in the first round is three. They are gonna get picked today absolutely especially under the new collective bargaining agreement not guaranteeing him sixteen million dollars what you did with Bradford and like you did with Matthew Stafford you can swing and miss and that's like Davis Webb could slide into the first round. Because of the fifth year option the team control it'll be the raiders wished they had a fifth year to use on a guy like their car right at that point that they did. And they struggled so you really care advocate or not he got a franchise quarterback. When I can't get over which of its Q is he gonna say it a year to learn you make it a huge mistake he's not ready. Pop said at Wrigley ticket that I instead of what are you gonna do he's personally not built for the AFC north the AFC north is division that needs big physical. Durable quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh Joseph Flacco Carson went would have been the perfect fit coming out of North Dakota for the brown you bring mixture based he 621 a good day to want he'd get his giddy up with his left foot back in effect his accuracy. Thirteen starts now everyone focuses on that. Find me a starting quarterback in the NFL that's had success good success the last ten years with that little time in college. Because a lot has Sanchez Sanchez rat so anyway he can't play. Tom Brady may 25 starts Russell Wilson played an NC state at Wisconsin a season Brian outstanding mentally AMOCO in nineteen when he sat rate Charlotte tale he's comes around Littleton Republican how long it's taking for and the color product brands part of the reason. The only at nineteen he played quarterback at AM when he started this guy receiver wide receiver part watching Torre went to court at all right I think is and I've got to played wide receiver and can be a better quarterback that he. Understands what receivers are doing Iraq Cabot nations easier we are at the F fox theatre in downtown Oakland Greg Papa Joseph Ford ball. And not to hill. So is just trying to. Figure out what Kyle Shanahan is your video and I think at a Chad lanchin. And I'm Peters and Martin Mayhew gonna make a lot of calls but when it comes a quarterback. I think they shot head coach is make a lot of calls here. That I had to take him to there was shock me but I as I watch all these guys I'm wondering which which one Unocal Shanahan really likes for that tonight. But tomorrow. And I don't know but there is uninteresting game it was we were talking. Last week to many may Yoko about today any receiver Greg computer Greg cosell and get a guy from Ted Nathan Peter men. Is a guy that could run his offense now. Peter and is he strangely he actually looks just like now Shanahan like his son. He looks just like a he does not have a great arm as far as rip in the ball down the field. But everything has a spiral. Everything is on time everything is right here and he does it would tremendous movement you got to have movement. If you're gonna play for cal Shanahan and execute his is bootleg outside zone stretch run game and all the complimentary movement the quarterback has to have. Peter van would not be a lot of people's taste but I think because of his feet and his accuracy on the short to intermediate. He may be at play you know I I personally love the Connecticut from Cahill and I think Davis wherever it is gonna have a huge upset he's got good feet he's big. NEC he let that he can rip it as well source I'm looking at it. I'm just trying to figure out what they're thinking what you Wear your point about you know this for years as a second round pick percent five is that there's not enough to pull the trigger too. But I am wondering where he's gonna draft a quarterback at some time to distract. He's he's gonna try to go to Kirk cousins in the off season off if Bruce Allen's gonna let a lot of DC. And you know Hoyer and partly you're just gonna play this year but he's gonna bring a young guy in here to develop before he gets his mitts on thousands of feet. Does and I'm just trying to figure out which guy do you think he really likes. I Qaeda Miami. Brooke hi empire ever Obama down he never should it come out as soon as I saw that it out I kept thinking to myself Mark Richt must let him know he was gonna lose the job next year because there was no reason for Brad tie it to come out this season he did the shaky year project. More moral ability to get more time sees yourself does have the tools all right so he's got some but he didn't come along two years ago to last year the growth wasn't there that was the stinger because last year. The talk was off when we get to next year's draft last for about golf and went next you got Brad kayak and get this on lots kind of flamed out a big way at Miami but again. We got flawed quarterbacks the top. Of the positional group but we're gonna talk about the third and fourth round the flaws get deeper and deeper Peter means a guy popped who caught a lot of steam coming out of the Diaz Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama hit a great week a work everyone started talking about a and in the height died off a little bit the arm has some concern but he does throw a decent ball he's got a natural the way he steps forward with his left foot. It caused the ball sail a little bit Ottoman times and then driving to the ground but again. How much we want an epic we're talking mid round pick and Bill Walsh only said. Every year you should take a leave one quarterback in the draft you never know what's gonna happen Dallas when it Conner called they settle for that press got that worked out pretty well. Not mound that no doubt about it Qaeda is your right it is stroke will be enough Florida State game we lost in and out went start off pot. Was drawn spirals throughout Roswell bomber McGahee does it feels like whenever he gets hit. That's when things start going down hill and I were about cornerbacks like that who can't take it can't handle pressure. But Davis left a guy you've been on and watch a lot of talent. That system do you worry about that house on the air system that holds now and that's system now Davis led in Jarrett golf. Webb does have the size he did it look a bit better in that system to junior golf to be and how we start to get a lot of buzz is there any way web gets drafted late. The first yes I'm hearing might. I am I don't know I've been Pittsburgh I think has got to look at a bit replacing Ben having vents are not the kind of wait a little while this offseason as Sam to come back and play. So use it they they clearly got to get. A younger quarterback I think Arizona that's too high for airs on the ticket thirteen Pittsburgh you know thirty. As far as Davis where have been a part of me wonders if the niners would have its say he doesn't get chosen today. With a goal after a burly tomorrow. I like Davis well a lot like the way that an injured guy off an electric golf because bodies just frail. He's got a good arm but he just each is just the way they played right. There was so much a word about him making the converse they've all the bottom plate Anderson yeah I hate these guys were talking about besides Biederman. Really go under center. Kyle winnings and a little bit under Rick but other and that all of Nagano and the sideline and you're just awake out gain is that a lot of projecting you have to write the web in a web work with Jim Zorn. Who I watched him closely when he was the quarterback coach in Washington and it for a little while he was the interim there it was a disaster. He's one of the best that quarterback coach his former seahawk was Steve large and he workmen have a lot on your upcoming from under center 35 and seven step drops finally blew the scouts away when he went to his pro day in Berkeley and it was a monsoon. And he just let it rip in a big hands big feet buddies and aptly so. Of all these guys I think he has a chance to be the best parole but. It's chest Wendy do it in its forty year that it a lot of football people. Worry so much about the the chart and the value we well I just keep electing judges take that. So he made you know. YouTube you may be alone here take this guy he may have been able to get over the fourth round but hell ten years from now you got to remember. Nearly Medicare you know that Brady was 119 I look at so you'd just you'd take a minute if he had to take him early to take the guy you like. And so I'm sure I'm always trying to figure out listen David account Shanahan talked about natural thrower of the football the other process information. Quick feet he goes on and I love the game. In try to match up who that guy might be with him and then be able to execute everything he wants executed. At a dead as Davis Webb could be that guy but you know you know if somebody else trades in the first round. And take some late twenties you know early thirties that he won't be there tomorrow. 34 that's the only pick where you can use in Matta it's not going to be too is he won't be available for your third pick in the rat. It would be 34 and you've also got to be concerned about the New Orleans Saints at pick 32. At some point they're going to be looking for troop in breach replacement and again like we had hit on that. At value teams lob that concept of trading back and get the QB because of the figure Davis led 63 to forty. He's got the size. Get the arm strength there's so he's got the seasoning the age maturities transfer he's dealt with two programs but the question. Consistency in terms of accuracy. Only about 62%. In an offense were receivers are running for re right consistently and at one chatting it's went down the offense fell apart for cal. Early in the season via web look like a stop at some of those games and Ann Hanson went down and he couldn't find anybody that's always a concern I wanna see. Accuracy. At that come when it comes to completion percentage because if you can't hit 65%. Or higher college and it just didn't the national football when everything moves three times fast you met today he. Actions cal guy. What the Cleveland Browns sit back polls taken tomorrow take on the more what their first pick in the second round. Why not why not why wait because you can't. Know the beast he seemed to be sold on Watson Kaiser. To his ski. The top pick Hubble still feel a little eerie little queries about. You know take you to this gadgets don't think he's a first round tablet in the other Jeff like you mentioned abort the big board. Probably the fortieth best player overall yet there's a light at least the first round pick counsel my tools but he got. Forgot they that it could be held player he really could and you just watched some of the play the big thing is they all show flashes of why that guy is really good. In an issue boat chases. This guy can't play that took place there either in college and is that what they're there to get better coaching sit Joe's point about accuracy. A lot of people believe he can improve accuracy but I have seen guys get better as stars accuracy because you're doing this for a living thing you're doing it all day long. And so they they do get better and if you get around better coaching. I ask you guys we are talking to Joseph Ford by about regular at the raider draft party downtown Oakland at the F. Fox theater get set for the niners at number two when the raiders had to. Number 24. What. Which Robert shot Watson. I was gonna fire that right I I don't like I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll let you buy you got no Y like league a lot of a lot like that like I love. But here's the question what's the problem. He won. Against Italy competition completed 67%. Or more of his passes three straight seasons he's Smart he graduated three years he's a team leader he hasn't gotten any trouble. What's the problem and it's a punishment son and that's Entebbe to game development in there he took some cute shot and on the final play of the game. Where you needed to execute on the biggest stage in erratic play it was illegal if you can affect a I thought yeah at a Nick Saban a two year wrote a lot and we before they take one off they'll they pulled it off so what's the knock I think the reason people are quiet on him. If he was as bad as some make it out to be he would be the ultimate smoke screen we love dish on lots more coming up for lots of we'll talk about it. I think they're more teens just may be conspiracy theory more teams that are interested in him than they're letting on because no one's saying anything. Generally a few years ago right now has about a Syracuse notre omitted everyone's talking about massive that's it that's it like the third or fourth round. But everyone jumped on because it was a great smokes. No one's talking about Watson watch. Their chance eagles' four tracks the nice thing happened let I think Tom Coughlin likes him. Allen Brothers are down there to have organ lines forcibly the question is what else is in place for him. I've seen mock drafts with a great I think it's Bob again and the Milwaukee aux channel has every 3132 they got a slight. As he multiple people haven't sliding all the way to Houston but then their other saying there's no way he gets past Cleveland the second time around twelve maybe Hugh likes and I don't know if B eight a city like Cleveland that's spot for a cold weather Connecticut that the biggest guy you need a really strong arm in those northeast cities but I I don't I don't get. Why you're not hearing more hype for a guy who did at all is it is it because he's talking. And always come on the last few days later it's a slap in the face it over I laughed as he over the public NFL doesn't matter tell me and they don't care that they anybody tell idol as a guest sleep I I don't I am a soldier from when Iowa I just don't IE. I think he's everything you're saying I think he'll be a good leader. He can run your franchise she'd be good guy don't have to worry about anything that I don't think you can win with them. Now that he's good enough I think he's ultimately and you'd be you have to have a hell of a team around him and take a lot of pressure off of him. To assisting him. I don't like to compare players but he reminds me Tyrod Taylor and he is not throw the ball well enough I think he's more of a runner he's a hell of a runner. There are times I think she helped make them a running back fifth and he runs Nat. Just like Cam Newton can't predict Rhonda because they're so big they gobble up ground he actually slide to move slightly behind bill. And he's a tremendous runner. But I I just don't they and ultimately you can hide it and his running ability. Will really aid your team Ronnie Lee got a quarterback that can run there's a great value. Net just that pullout should read element. Really improve your entire running game so he can't just he can't play man against a guy like him because all talk at Enron. So I I learned to accept the value of running quarterback. But at the end of it and you get a pitcher back for a third down and stick it into a spot of you know this may. You know like half a pizza and you don't put it in there and go back the other way and just I don't see him being able to do that so. He probably good guy he'll speak well the chamber of commerce luncheon and kicked off the fifth but I I can't wait I cannot win he's that good now quickly. If he's available twenty cent in India read like the mobile quarterback Alex Donovan McNabb I would hope he takes them. Blake and Andy Houston in bed jail basically at the right that expertise in this and toss it iiroc you'll have to catch it off his ankle. I've just been Matt Miller from which report real quick that chiefs apparently trying to move up for a linebacker. Ben Foster Gerard de camp to. That's isolated haven't covered why would they let god can I call out why the word out on who it is they want rumored flushed out of the X beyond great Washington good luck they do it a replacement for their charter rubbish or they're out on him and they'll fall. But I hope they take root Foster pop when he Rogers a great player and he with Jacob what are your biggest man crashes since Andrew Luck Stanford running back Christian a app free. Where is he gonna land. Especially when you factor in letter for at Alvin Coke and she'll mix and we're talking running backs necks it's Joseph it's Popeye it's my tape the NFL draft show. On 95 points of the game. Now back to a special addition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven the deem and yeah. Yeah. He. Doesn't prove. It. Injury gash Kelvin Cooke. Christian McCaffrey. And Leonard for a net and it's up three picks three running backs available on the strip drama action obviously would be in play as well he's got. He's getting huge situation he's gonna have to resolve he will not be chosen today we are. At the raiders aside their draft party in downtown Oakland Greg Papa not to hill Gerald Ford and law and his skills scared and read that any Reid wants to trade up. All the way into the top ten. But he's up to it's the only thing that fat man's and I know he's up to this report on their network last address to care for any drops out on. Bridges and wrestling and he's coming up linebacker new opposition can't keep working it through his mind as you stand there and any us. Expletive Chris McKay while he sees this and hey this is Kaye K Christian McCaffery maybe forgot you read this. He you'll scheme you to death if he has hammy and Tyreke feel this could be a problem. So before net is a guy we talked about with the niners had to I think it was a smokescreen and of the Iran's outside Sony doesn't fit. You know he may go Jacksonville may take them for showed a pair him with. If they don't take a quarterback in portal to take some of the pressure off of portals we will running game going but. Who we each one of these three like cook I think it's between the two. Could McCaffery. Though before I hope and maybe Chicago takes McCaffery threes of the Fed bank changes in the benefit. What do you think goes first year if most people think for net that I I love Christian here for. Well I think. When you when analyze this for nets floor it's eight to Carolina. I think the Panthers would love to put a running back with Cam Newton not only takes some of the pressure problem. Would imagine spending four quarters trying to tackle Newton and trying to tackle Leonard format and trying to tackle Kelvin Benjamin trying to tackle health freckles. Eventually you will be worn down in the background question is born it's not their he's still feel it McCaffery could be the guy that could do what you wanna do coming out of the backfield. The beauty beguiling Christine McCaffrey is how do you stop. You know they try to stop running back in the running game but if you're gonna move them in the slot on their that was covered him. Because if you already got a couple wide receivers liking the city might have or like San Diego hats and don't be surprised based on what they've done with any look at it that chargers will wanna make a plan Christian McCaffery. How are you gonna cover him on third down. He got to bring another quarter ended account for the running back. Not a lot of offenses have that type weapons. If you get the bat. And Kansas City unsecured Brian Westbrook all over again from them all well yeah what eighty deal with in the debate Westbrook into a star out of the little. McCaffrey's in the we so Joseph clack yesterday's that he believes the African gold three. Early ought to should try to pop Ritter till the slope first round maybe second round if we have to come by it gets a great quote a downfall off till. And all suddenly skyrocketed to the top ten so anyone beats teams to chargers. The Panthers. You don't tightens what Marcus Mary go to and that's spread office. McCaffery scored top tens and it's like you said people in the slot and run routes. You don't want to put them in order for the linebacker on him in the slot we'll kill you look all guilty billion you read the little bing bang route he goes up the flag issue back in over the linebackers you wouldn't be able to cover him he would kill you one. He'd kill you on. Each guy that I haven't really fascinated with for a long time and I it would would treat me and I talked about it or more a year ago. Holiday NFL value Christian McCaffery and I I. I wasn't sure he was even going to be taken in the first round by the asleep. You know Wes Welker. Julian and oh man how these guys even drafted. So. But to me. This is where the league is dead in ten years ago Christian McCaffrey we're not and then you know he would have been chosen. You know you would look at him exclusively as a running back what you get data show off the creative people he is that he is a better than I thought he was running back. But his real skill set. Is at Yankee immediately comes in the NFL. And he could be. As good of a slot receivers Julian element he's been working out with Brandon Stokley which really got a concern. Historically was the original slot machine right the original in and out change of pace so Christian McCaffery. For a good team if I'm a bad team. I don't necessarily take him if I'm a good team and creative offering support Italy and he read it. This guy is the ultimate chess piece he's not a three down player he's a four down player because you can return punts and kicks in I what I. If you break the huddle and McCaffrey's in the huddle. You immediately look at him as a running back right. Like put another running back back there with them as well. And now we break the huddle and McCaffrey is not lining up in the offensive backfield he's going in the slot and he's matching up with whoever whatever joke that you wanna put on him. He better be a really. Good it's nickel corner that could move his feet does this guy in his skills at. Beyond anything else is the in and out change of direction where it is that a slot receiver. Hands I saw take their bowl game at this finished the year before it took a little. Quick one over the middle and I'll I'll buy everybody at first I thought dodges those guys at its I was he has running now when you get on the ball he's a running back. He's an he's a really good running back I didn't that he was negative back. He's got really good he's a patient runner knows how to set it up. So he has changed you don't see this kind of directly to a senior running back with this chaotic in and out change each so he took me I think. I was scared to how to compare. This got to me. Is a difference maker. So I I've not knowing when Megan and play for this guy doesn't have to draft picks of the mathematical form they loaded up on the people they they traded for. But it's scary me too thing. Inning Andy Reid gets up and get this guy in again Andy Reid is think it. Mr. at a Denver John Elway he's gonna try to get up and get them I know this kid he hop around practice for hours for fumbles to his son so. You know if if if my kid every goes to Kansas City. The raiders needed. Should maybe just light Adori accident in all of how is the automaker and I get a cover retiree kill. Travis Kelsey. Think Christian McKay have to forget about it all I let it happen for whatever they're offered to give up its integrated got it that you could not let McCaffery go to Kansas City I'm not going to be happy. Darren Sproles was born ten years too soon because he was coming into the draft now teams would have a better idea of how to utilize right and as a result the players like Darren Sproles in the success he had in New Orleans. As Sean Payton knew that you idolize them and in Philadelphia where the Eagles glad that you are seeing Diego usually Chip Kelly. You now see teens. Taking the next step in the evolution of the NFL and that is defined personal players who could hurt the fences in a variety of ways lender for nets old school PT AG Peterson case between the tackles he they powerful running back McCaffery it hurts you everywhere. And this is what you're seeing at the counter on the defense side of the ball. The Jibril peppers in this year's class and the Tyrod Matthews from a few years back. Versatile defensive weapons who can play both safety positions outside linebacker yelled at slot corner that's the natural counter you're not looking at. Wildcat offense is anymore you know looking at base defense of Bristol you're looking at Jack of all trades type players who could come in and purchase a lot of different when African Dubow. And that's you know what it also he people around like like they like the queen and the chessboard he could play outside receiver actually could lazy could play the slot at Y and then you know what. What is played itself back that we can lied about where to die and. And the ball and he's a really good at running back I don't think he's an elite NFL running back but he knows how to rod doesn't set up for you could come in at. He could easily go a thousand pounds. Yeah I Ali off although he may even go more at the firewall between attack NATO light camera between the tackles we saw the Stafford saw these really cool you'll run eighty it's all us Africans went down here that's what took it to its. The NF well they're gonna lose him behind offensive line that thick. That if he was running behind K go at some of the guys all know that right you would lose to middle linebacker because they shipped in this he's so quick. In and out of a hole 34 yards if you need to pair him up with a physical guy who can handle the third one more like you move him out of the slot extremely dangerous especially in that in the AFC west broke. Quickly was thought about double click here Mike I have Florida State went for net at. I like Burnett I do peak yet assuming these two down back I don't know if you complain about her doubt but what about doubt because because I do believe we can play off recounts he read between the tackles a forced against east let's eat he has breakaway speed what about doubted could that you like and don't like. I do I do like John Cook I think he's an NFL starting running back or worry about mr. ability I don't think necessarily he's a lead dog the cute after share with him. Four net is as Joseph said he's an old school. Just jumpers 240 pounds 45 speed. When he gets in the second level. No one's gonna wanna tackle that guy he she has two easiest. He's he runs angry mean he's just but it Calvin caught that worry about your ability a little bit I don't think I'd necessarily. The average home every down like Q what if you if you draft four and at that high the draft. He seasonal he's kind of a throwback so notes Coughlin makes sense. The way he ran Tiki and just the way you know bring him Brandon Jacobs CNN Thomas More of a move the clock so it makes sense there I think Delmon cook he made jacket trip to the day he could go tomorrow. If he did get drafted to be later on I think for an exit better prospect but I went out and cook will be decent. Part of a running back room but he won't dominate the room like like for network. I Lanka at Florida State he made so many big plays especially in the Clemson game late you can bank on the hit but the problem is. Go to Sports Illustrated if you've got some time read the Robert clinical article there's so much going on behind the scenes there there's this runner he may or may not have got mixed up with. Who has been at. Actively trying to sabotage it because of something that went wrong talking to teams telling him he shows up drunk he's not serious is a problem. They it's his team didn't do a good job he did it and how. Habits he didn't bring in a tutor to get him set for the come by an interview so he didn't come off well with teams he has an answer questions well and that's why you're seeing him slide in terms of projections for the draft look what I saw on the field at Florida State but there are a lot of question marks surrounding down. What what are the point about McCaffery real quick of those guys are fine but McCaffery it's different Spencer but I'm happy the NFL. The last several years in New England took a two and our four actually Harbaugh did at Stanford. That's tight end position it's the one position you really cannot match up. He can't match up which tied into this guy OJ Howard is a monster and you'd be much better player in the pros that he was in Alabama Lane Kiffin used in a strange way. Let a guy like McCaffery. Shakes the match up position at the running back and makes it so you really cannot match up with him. He is just ease. He's at its height in type of player in that we can create a mismatch. In his mismatch is really gonna hurt you Theres after he catches yet if any has the quick in and out change direction speed to catch the ball. And I got to tackle and he's a running back. He's a running oh by the way maybe you let them returns of Ponce may be a lot of returns kicks ridiculous put forth quarter you could. I think he's just average on those things he's got great hands with your backed up insider Chad. He beat you gotta go fair catch upon. Had enough I use of a chaotic he's just average at that and every he's a rookie league to play him off for the elderly get out. He's gonna need to rest a little bit that he's it's gonna be me gets him the night that he fortunately. That's. And I am going to leave David saw it used to break with McCaffery into the ground here responded really well three down back. And have some big moments every single Saturday I was she would play an apple game it's North Carolina sealed one less volatile what even beats obviously doesn't need to now. I thought there would cause in the drops really that bothered me of the guy could you know he's thinking about chase at the end of his contract his first contract guys getting hit the big body. You know maybe I'll I'll take that came off the presidency if that's that's a bit frozen solid like him and his father that it bothered me was going to watch a play all right. Are let ago that we sought out cook played the artful would be didn't have to. And have a big game because this can't afford it didn't play either you can ordinance in dual Israeli artillery banged up but he really need to consider play apple game last went on McCaffery at least for me. Last season if you watch Stanford they couldn't throw the ball to him they struggled at the quarterback position. All year long that's it takes some time to replace a guy like Kevin Hogan but they couldn't crawl. We've got opposing defense is all yearlong stacking the box gets Christian McCaffrey always knowing and get the rock. Eddie still averaged six point eight yards for carry Kryptonite we'll take them to. How would you got a job avalanche half off or start building a lot Solomon he would really cool we'll take one last look out an organ collectors and again everywhere and what level. People welcome it's crazy out McCaffrey's catapulted all what are the I don't know ended and Freeman are not in Atlanta you Paramount with Carlos idea nicely once it was on the site itself. You do will take one last look at what the 49ers could take. At that number two pick pork in the trade down with ticket with John Dickinson whose lives in Santa Clara 49ers headquarters is Greg Papa Joseph fort ball bunt Leo for your NFL draft so many parts of the game. Now back to a special addition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven the game. Feel really good about where we're at with the numbers you can in terms of us yeah yeah. Really good about where we're at but I have been very transparent from the beginning that it can listen I think they'll always be the case. Yeah certainly is limitless right after the draft statement that otherwise would benefit from players to. And we feel is a cornerstone for this franchise for years. It will be very. About. What that players can you want. But when I hear that voice so I think it was like those seen that since Super Bowl 37 John Lynch a hell of a player to quite make the L hall of fame and I think he will. One day exploits really getting you get back to hear the trash can start and about twelve minutes I think be a Cleveland Browns will be on the clock and then after that. John Lynch what Greg sop up Vontae hill Joseph fort vote here at the raider draft party in downtown. Oakland so John Lynch this is it man. But he said he'll take this job and leave the fox number two TV analyst Jeff this was it. This is what he wanted to do and it's going to be a big moment here he's gonna have people around him at a Peters obviously with Denver before that New England. There's been a lot of draft rooms mark Mayhew has been a general manager with the Detroit Lions that this is. Gonna be a hell of a moment for John Lynch right now as we get straight to make his first ever draft pick in the NFL. What's the mindset. What's the mindset knowing a lot of people wondered how you got this job that you were able to jump to the front of the line he came out of the Booth surprise people and you sit on a six year deal with the rookie head coach. Do you think yourself. Maybe we go a bit more conservative just to make sure the first pick is something we can really get behind how much risk are you willing to assess if you tablets the moment. What do you mean by risk I think he just take the best guy today's caddie easy because it's just one night its prime time on the East Coast addressed by the ways in Philadelphia for the first time. Since 1960. I'm sure he's fielding calls as far is moving back I think towards getting your hair he did. His tomorrow and Saturday when the picture fly in and don't have ten minutes. I think the key right now is we'll be just drafted number two. Or will he be able to do what he's been trying to do but today. Since he took this job I mean we're open for business he wants to trade back is so this is it can he trade back overly after drafted to. I think it's gonna have to drive the two because there's not consensus number two pick look at all the teams do they'd really be safe. They really need Solomon Thomas are they attractive enough to work its future picks where that number two pick this year. I don't know what about the civil way and at two or it's gonna have to. But he give up a little more to treat that in maybe get a couple more picks up answer what Charlotte's gonna do the number two pick. If you do have stayed up about Joseph I think yet take tomorrow I thank you well I think you gotta go to ball out stinky taken safety. And that. That's that is safe pick for a ticket safety. That's the guy who can play for a variety agreed that he racked up a lot of games at LSU but more importantly all the years last miles was there the one thing you'll always see when it comes at a ball items. Less miles in all these years never had a better team leader never had a better locker room guy. All the NFL players that came out of that room I'll never had a better guy took the leadership that you ball out of that's a cornerstone type player that helps the rebuilding process no matter what you think about the value. Solvent Thomas he can never go wrong building in the trenches with the disruptive force of that nature. But the niners want to trade back the bears won a trade back the rumor is that Tennessee at five already had to deal in place for someone to come up. I don't think I can remember a trap that had this much uncertainty at the top never did while close to the to the trigger time. Never can recall any draft worry are really had no idea who's gonna go to number two or the team pick in two. Was he really know we don't have any idea which to three point oh here's Mike may got nailed the entire first round. He took a shot last night. But we really have no clue where in downtown Oakland at the raider draft party Aaron FL draft coverage here and at a five point seven again let's go to Santa Clara. Bring boots on the ground John Dickinson joins us from a they 49ers headquarters so what do you think JD do they pick at number two of the today trade back get out and averaging. Over. Like camp yeah I think to a trait that. Yeah and try to get out of them are cute but I think that back we can be question. It because the and I heard you can't talk about Adam Adams to. The post cents it would it would get safety. When you look at the leader when you look at that it. It's that the high character. Room that they're trying to get built here in changing the culture of the forty got the they eat all the bowl X like spill. It pink color right in capital wire. Right it's helped make the clock ticks to zero. Where the 49ers are try to keep anybody that they want to make a movement get ahead. What can that he's given you what that reported to the circuit at that they kept separate rated about it except he wants to channel that. And it matters oats or all our options to try at Uga. What's the sense you get that at the niners can't make the trade they are already solidified they feel great they're unified as an organization about who the pick it too would beat you think there's any indecisiveness. Still in the building as to who the player would be should he need to pull the trigger too. You know what I now actually in and that comes from that the meeting which shop which earlier we got on it would eat that the media have adequate but yet the trap group. And you know that question with that you know get a break. You have air now. Two. Players in it he said it was Q3 GAAP. Yet at their altitude so it's it's down at that. Could it while it's down toward. It took it upon what. Cleveland Browns Hewlett now obviously they're gonna pick out scary but aren't the tigers are in a position where they go they're going it take its just a matter of they get the Il they can get to move out. Port due date decide between solve the public what they torture all that's because the tickets now what goes you guys. Better upon what they've now topped three that they happen. JD do you get the sense that wins Kyle Shanahan are intrigued with these quarterbacks enough to say maybe three back down. Into the top ten maybe the top twelve or each week that up with this scheme which are watching the patent homes. Yeah I I think they are potentially but again it's more about the bigger deal I think that it it to not get quarterback tactic they. You know Adam to take out of it beat it take a look at. You know 89. And range of it would still be around the problem we dot. Though many on fox you re you know may be could be around the artery it if they wanted to go back but that's prop. With apps are not yet you know I had Cabot the Il I think they you have quarterbacks that are on their radar it's just a matter or you can get in the huge chew it. About a net to predicted and it Catholic we agree it's it's that seem like it's its staff while for me equally necessarily. Written law so they paid very well be stuck a position where they are apt to make it. Right John tickets in 95 points of the game reporter with pop up body and Joseph here on the draft special ID five point seven gave thank you JD we'll check in with you again soon. Are we got our. Connection all right so where a few minutes away from the start of this entire thing are we sold as a group 100% that miles Garrett number one overall the Cleveland pop. Hell I don't know if flying. We he may take Johnny Mandell ovary and he still have his rights yes I think durable good number one intriguing thing is if your. If you John Lynch annual trade out of it too. Then you give it up Kamal Adams you really wanna do that so if you added it keeps and we were so much about where you pick the guy in the slotting it. Don't you want the best player. And I don't know if it's never Solomon Thomas I think a lot of safeties in a lot of defensive linemen it's hard to compare but if you are gonna trade that we trading. We had a game that's available players yeah or players that I've got to have somebody you're targeting would have before now you have so many great back at what what's he doing a good he did today Carlos hi. Has struggled running the ball when the quarterback has lined up under center when he's not the spread in that got run. His average per carry is particularly well there. Remember one thing though. Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan. And they've made history of finding running backs you know Kylie productively Terrel Davis sixth round of Monte Freeman in Atlanta last year at Florida State. Fourth round so who knows they probably figured this system makes them back out there that makes the system is what we're gonna do. We're gonna disappear for a bit and be back in a flash and when we are after may be having couple Beers here really get your way behind me that this. Hang with baba god I value of the Ryder Cup. But it's like puppets but they'll still Ford ball it's about a five points of the game draft show where at Oakland we're live we're back in the flat bartender praying for the fifth.