Draft Show live from Raiders Draft Party Hour 1

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Thursday, April 27th
Greg Papa, Joe Fortenbaugh, & Bonta Hill are live at the Raiders draft party in downtown Oakland. Joined by 49ers correspondent, John Dickinson  & Raiders correspondent, Rick Tittle to prepare you for the NFL draft at 5pm PT!

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Here. I. It's an important thing. From downtown Oakland California second straight years the raiders are having their annual draft party. And the fox theatre on telegraph avenue I've not been here since the premiere money at all the years ago Brad Pitt was sitting right there. Jonah Hill play in all deepened justice character. Was there as well and Paul David Gest is now out of based lot of money vol. And he's going to be on the clock you're coming up and gonna pick for the Cleveland Browns. Niners were go to amber to the raiders logo number 24 Greg Papa bond. Is baseball the right side air we got Joseph Ford bought to join us who's working what do you work like fifty hours in three days we're gonna go thirteen in the next 28 words this morning this morning that tomorrow morning your name on it. You're admit men speaking a Lexus is three years in a row for you you. This bond they welcomed the draft show me excited is my favorite part the pop pile of notes. Old school with I just I just started doing this this week this year is been in the first of all we've we've gone to. A Mari Cooper. When we were it was a place calling play like indirect Lenin square Lester the raiders of the party here we were invited Burnett the death at the facility when they. When Terrell Joseph number fourteen Carl's going to be here today so in India and a chat with him though it's an ensuing year. Has gone on so the raiders go on for fourteen to 24. They are getting better we will reach surge the entire address perspective from the raiders side of that and the 49ers but speaking of the Cleveland Browns in deep hole. The Jonah Hill character Paul wanted nothing to do with money ball at all. Now he's in the front office with Sasha brown. And the Cleveland Browns would tell me if you get a run this charade. Four weeks and weeks and weeks and not tell anybody where you got a big instead of Egypt is he. Is it eighty miles scared a lot why would you league to Mary Kay Cabot in Cleveland a few hours before the draft and in fact you are. It'd take miles scared why would you take this all the way out too when you're on the clock to think maybe it has something to do with giving her kronor a bone now someone who covers not teen daughter bound and I would go out there. Cartel here you're trying to get the word out that you're gonna take miles scared. So that do you have a trade with somebody else to gauge Robiskie. The only trade you'd be comfortable to add to divulge he would take geared. At why and would meet with the niners in two otherwise somebody would trade up so I I don't know he's not they're not tuna salad for Mary Kay Cabot too much is on the line here. So I honestly why would they why would they divulge this information at this point. Smokescreen to assault smokescreen that's all speculation and announced there had lied to the I think they will. There is Roberson SR rip that may be too risky as the guys from Ohio but. Kabob pot we've been talk about this for weeks now and Joseph there's no real first round quarterback in this draft. So while cheaper smokes release may be to get leveraged maybe they're not sold on miles caribou. Greg Williams a new defense coordinator Cleveland did prior to work out with a couple weeks when he said there wild wild. Now I don't know fun while by mayors miles Garrett but he's too consistently want pity. I don't get it I don't get want to smoke screen are or draft. I'm in the US so much a smokescreen against division within the organization you've got a front office and head coach hue Jackson that wanted to go with Garrett and then possibly use the twelfth pick in the rest of the arsenal. To move back up and grab a quarterback meanwhile you've got Jimmy has. The owner of the Cleveland Browns getting involved in the eleventh hour making a push for. My Mitt Stravinsky why. He's a good looking quarterback who's from Cleveland that's gonna put butts in the seats. So you've got a faction down the middle and according to both Mary Kay Cabot the last hour and out of chapter Gary is going to be the pick at a final meeting earlier today. And they finally came away from it saying Garrett is going to be guys. I just don't understand why you'd say that like what you just agreed if somebody. It now if you know they're gonna take dared not trim risky and you wanna trade up to get Robiskie. Now you know where you gotta go I mean that not exactly because they're another try to trade up from twelve. And they're they're doing that. At the same time and less they have a deal to get to chew. That's the only way I'd sell the world on ticket miles Garrett won and I know I can give your misty to visit to go to three somebody can make a deal would giant ledge but. That's their problem and Cleveland flying. The best talent in this stressed to me he is the second coming objective in clowning. You wanna talk about his work ethic a little bit cloudy did play always for the snap. Interest of the NFL level they rotate players or you're not gonna play hard the pitcher off the field and hit a fresh body in there. But we are to fox theatre in downtown Oakland a big a huge raider draft party will be here until a baseball starts and hopefully the raiders will draft for right around 730 or so and double to get on the Internet and the website after that so what would deny your perspective GO. To me it's between two guys and I think really ultimately. Is between one guy I think they're gonna take Jamal adams' safety out of LA issue we put it. Wrap your brain around taken Solomon Thomas and just have it's a hell of a good front four. And just terrorized Seattle and their outside zone running game does get a feel what power and slam them but it to me. I think the most solid pick at number two is Jamal items you see the niners don't ever. Are gonna have an opportunity to put together one hell of a defensive backfield if you take a mall out of safety LA issue with the number two pick and then come back tomorrow at 34. With the quarterback class that has this much depth. To grab it got to replace what to remain Brock they had issues there and at a coroner's you can go safety you can go corner and suddenly you've got five in four years of team control on two guys are very important positions put those safety better than what John Lynch pot. Who would know that it's a little high. It take is safety at number two the late great Eric turner which ticket in 1991 by the Cleveland Browns he won't have been at a raider before he lost his life later he was such a tough guy. That's a little high and they've already got to me and a couple of good safeties Eric reach across to charge. Chart to me is kind of a wild card they're gonna make pair agreed a box safety but I don't see that I see him in center field. And energy you're Jimmy award out of their play him as a corner so if they do draft. The kid from LA issue. How to they pieced this together with the all Baton Rouge they all Alicia tigers safety. For what they can move Jimmie were backed corner media slot corner when he drafted him I know while he wanted to be in the Warner got roasted. Our Brenda Marshall early on and that really didn't work out but that the two wars and natural corner and you get Jamal adults who we Agile clad arms said. Can play anywhere in a box in her field can double cover over top I mean that's the guy you gotta get because you don't want it. If you're niners do you really wanna got here draft reached repeat its line I know your arms as a question mark we haven't seen a lot out of yet he's been hurt. Popular player I like. How many years they've taken a safety. And taken greed and tired and wore it taken a lot of sesame. I don't worry about that. You can play Armstead Buckner and Solomon Thomas is just woes to better football player Tomas or Adam. Thomas just I don't hit this was a normal draft he would not big on number two number three straight Rita good player he's had a great players special pop Apple's special. Two more Adams is a guy who. Those close to the LSU organization also the same thing in the entire time that less miles was coaching at program more than decade longer than a decade at. Adams was the ultimate team guy the best leader. Bet ever existed under less miles an elegy. You know how many NFL players have come out of LSU since last miles got there and to say that this guy's the ultimate team guy you're not investing in just production on the field you're investing in a guy who's going to reshape the locker room which is something this organization desperately in need. Moving for lawyers gonna be your leader what this year because he's your quarterback how much longer does that last the one knock on a move that Adams diners at two. Economically it doesn't make a lot of sense since you had a new collective bargaining agreement put in the place. Taking an extension reaching on a quarterback makes more fiscal sense because not guaranteed now sixty million dollars. What you'd have to pay Adams at number 20 vs what the top safeties nick now puts him right in line with that or as a quarterback at number two what 2830 million. No where near the range now I think that you know. Quarterback astronomically here he says that that's where I think two people that run the NFL draft get in trouble. Because they worry about things like that and I understand what you're saying and it is this it is a league with a hard salary cap. And you worry about you know where he would take a guy you just take the best players. The guy that you feel is the best player and Jamal Adams is the best player you take him at number two I don't think he's a free safety I think he's a box safety. We had Bucky Brooks on the show afternoon delight Cilic. Vontae and I we were. Curator answer by the way and stage propulsion fabulous females are there are a lot on our right out of it distract us Internet but it is definitely a lot to the table all of those posts are made for walking back and correct that I can play. The lake although it looked like I I know what you're saying but I think desperate people get into trouble. Is it now so John Lynch is sitting there and he's there they're nicer to Elena and I would agree Jamaal Evans is the second best player. In this draft but like Joseph say it any rapper brain around thing is safety that you don't typically take safeties that hi so what he's doing right now. It if if the people in northeast Ohio for whatever the hell reasoner telling everybody we're Jacob miles Garrett. Then hit job ledge is it business if you want Mitchell travesty. And you really wanna go one spot you can't you can't go up to Janet. Robinson in Nashville and taken it five somebody to jump ahead you and go with Tom Coughlin at four if you really launch Robiskie you better come opted to side bet that that's what they're doing right now on in Santa Clara. Is trying to trade back to do what you're saying. Sheikh Jamal Adams later in the draft were makes more sense economically. And from a football standpoint to take its safety giveaway at the browns are trying to partly that's wolf route that's well they they are in cola. To the top that may be too risky guy. Maybe Watson's the guy. Maybe my holds as the guy at Texas Tech repeat Jessica's here lot Watson and I kind of agree with the shots and I know you're not the biggest had a thing but. Watching him the last two years I've seen more of a signal or gets impact player to get in fact it's. He's better than he did this I've seen enough of this executive went and decency they have forty Clinton last or for whatever reason clubs with a non that's got to. So two bit just haven't seen enough of thirteen games is not it's like Mark Sanchez or Pete Carroll you know mark centers like go to Jamaica state you stay back he's better. Inches. Nestled Carson went only for only a partial west was only add to your starter and I think that's the whole reason Cleveland's in this situation Jose didn't big wins when they could have them last year you think they regret that I'll tell you. Where do you come ex wife really don't they are elicited as your Jackson that. And I really trust this guy is evaluating quarterbacks that needed like are you member we had a draft show last year and others I did not like your golf I can't think Hawaii which should take off number one to me once was way. Better physically stronger work to assist to market system. So if part of your brother they're trying to make up for the mistake they made last year and that drafting Carson went sort of the order. Party is there we trust you Jackson to evaluate quarterback Tony Lester cars and once Campbell. All right so what do you make of this that we're gonna talk about the browns at twelve all the way up until yesterday the report was consistent. That they wanted to take Garrett one and then use twelve to come back up. Yesterday you have multiple guys connected to the NFL reporting that the browns are making phone calls about the twelfth pick. Nothing surprising right until you find out that they were calling down teams below them saying twelve is open for business if you wanna come up. And trade up with a us because we're already set at number one what do you make of that. So Mike silver was wrong again. He had them talk in depth five of the top speech right exactly so that's all that's disorders say they're going back that's completely alive and then that was the report that came out yesterday they have been all over the place with the information they've been leaking where do you wanna leave. Where he won only because they said we're set it up one we're OK to move back you know at. I tigers but it is trying to scrutinize your everybody else or what what what what is the point two dollars to just one week and all this stuff. I expect to look. We weren't good luck lately but I Cleveland is gonna Cleveland it's what they do best. Not even really flavor of the Baltimore Ravens and that's our hope Art Modell is set twisting. It is. Straight sides in the water never let dale leave open thought somebody went to LA with the raiders of backward downtown Oakland. Marshawn Lynch is having his gathering today and your steps very Kevin Durant. Re about green maybe stepping diagnose these bone may be here in fact these most mama to Lisa lynch is gonna be at stake little bit later on April that are around. Two days in a row but we are right here. In downtown Oakland the site of the raiders draft and I could've picked a number 24. Other really entry obviously at the top of Cleveland is gonna take miles scared number one at what of the San Francisco 49ers get into that second overall. They're getting boots are on the ground in the south bay. JD is down to Santa Clair to give us a feel for what's going out as John Lynch JD is get in his first NFL or Roman on the on the clock at about two hours from now. Yet growth in the draft it seems like it's gonna start with the forty Packers are now with the reports and everything indicating that they care it's gonna go to oracle while we went. And the 49ers. You know all the speculation in recurrent discussion out here is the fact that they. Are looking to tree down well all hell is beyond Eric they're rebelliousness. Can sense that stick up for that number cute spot so I I think. The child which is gonna be working the phones that are hard over the course the next couple of hours. To try to find partner. To move down rather they beat Carolina Eddie heater in local people to want it to you something what that that the twelfth pick it well so I think you're gonna be looked at it but not look at the X group but. After Cleveland expects election. JD if they can't find the return on investment for trade back who do you think is the front runner to land as the picket number two assuming of course miles Garrett goes number one overall Cleveland. Optically probably comments at this point but I think it's evident you'd think it close. To speak that they're really into that upper. I think you just start what the guys to beat him what what are shocked and outer layer or that beat art to this ridge here it is it's more of that. Based not eat cat but I think you'd that there are all essentially on the on the same couple a tactic by at the one. The thing that matters are on the clock and apps that make the pick I. Resolve all the. That's why this trip is so hard you know we knew what I want Solomon Thomas play he reminds me of -- Donald not not quite bad. Good but that kind of player when I watched Jamal Adam's play he reminds me the minicamp changed or not they had good. But that kind of a player are you pick who would you rather have Aaron Donald. Became chancellor I wanna both committed completely different players right they do different things that's why this thing is so hard. To wrap your brain around because there'd there'd registered to different. They're all football players but they're completely different athletes they do different things for yet honestly who was more valuable to heal Erin Donald. Or came it Horry came chancellor type they're not exactly that kind of lets rightist and we know Donald is. And we know chancellor is we don't know who these guys are this is such a hard thing to do Aaron Donald I'd rather build and attractions and and worked my way back that's not a not a Jamal has that was that he got at defense and they don't it can't change that they don't win Super Bowl they'll eventually true that's one of the best defense is in pro football history. Buildup Astros still mixer beat it to backs better you get up front seven like Houston Texans where. You don't yet they had great DPs but their front seven was so vicious in major secondary that much better self building for me interior. Are not a because the best way but let's may be weak safety is the safety. Robert Salem new Pete the court that it was up there with the legion of boom. They may want. Adams because he's that much of a difference maker. And judge considers joining us from the 49ers facility and ascetic players talk about how they. They do wanna trade back JJ and obviously with the with the interest in music player that would tell the world what they're gonna do. Four hours or not two hours before the draft but it happened but an hour so ago. As they're gonna take miles scared number one it obviously if you watch Robiskie recorded back in history after anybody you'd go up and yet. You deal with John the mention all the people there Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew. If they do trade back JG is there any talk there in the building and what which player. They're looking into obtain the later in the draft and how far back they may go. Well I think you know. It it would be bitten a couple of options they look at the top and I think that the couple outside the top and whether they Welker are seen. It's been in that area they're part of buddy. Operatic. You know those that the tide began that maybe if you look at that they added that go back. You know that got to hand it over the scene which Iraq so tricky because what mattered that so what if for. I did your doctor about what I want here you want for the 49ers release that you guys which you that he or all. We talked about it Alec now church and it worked well and I bowl guy I well. At sixteen. Bit outfit the beat or locked up coupled with the opposition. Aaron John Dickerson joining us live from Santa Clara he will be there throughout the entirety of the draft to the niners in a couple of hours they'll make their selection for the raiders definitely. It's about four hours from now you have ten minutes between each pixel will stretch out a little bit Rick tittle. Is not gonna join us from Alameda lifetime raider fan I know how exciting it is for you. Just to have the raiders wrecked yet not be picking five Aybar for war on her too but. Picking 24 for the first time. Since 2003 as sub big mural of Nnamdi Asomugha. As I walked inside the fox theater Rick that's the last time they chose so late in the draft. Well later. In the twenties that means they. A pretty good season but pop I think it's it's got to be he spent when he looked at 26 rank the bands and hemorrhaging. And an average of 375. Yards. Per game I think maybe at a John op is dangling out there that might have them but I think it's going to be out obviously order first. And then now and then backer. Yeah any names I got a whole list of names that I want but hey anybody your collective thinking about as far. As the quarterback position for the sovereign electric. Yeah my favorite marlin we have somebody I think he might be gone by 24 but I grateful all try to agree a guy who track star all world. Winning now hurdler won and the 400 in the use world track championships. 61. 193. Great size great program with the Crimson Tide at all but he Kevin can name pop up from Washington on prom with him. At 63200. It's like kind of think maybe another key McGill who they got the you'd and you know a lot of times guys will run right by that but those the two quarter earnings and I'm hearing. Right now but then linebacker wire and a lot of people. They re gonna go for drive Davis. Fla. This guy is kind of eye of the be holder title back to meet epic its side not that out but you liked though for the spectacular. Misses. A lot of tackles as well and you know as a group and Foster dropped you know yard it would dilute chapel he played that don't you know who I am. Arctic calm mind that this guy at all American with a bucket award winner and and then another one we keep her about it coming out of Andy it was unanimous all American. Upheaval today. That he's got he's two lanky place to hide he's got backhand you know every now and how strains and weaknesses cell. A lot of the we're gonna keep McKenzie and his. Get single second. It what about Cuba Foster do you like her but also total. Think it's a good fit here. He does have silent a silent speed us ominous clinching game message every chip he did have trouble guarding the tight end in the scene legged. A look at were about defaults editor here that you like. Well now why I mean he won the bucket award. And he was the captain of that defense and eloped. The Rutland last year in the trap heat shall it right in that over. And I know it it's not really his fault that you make. Eleven McLean comparisons remember. Can't say them all the wool over the raiders aren't sure that's Smart football player and no one I ate slept well all like Rolando McClain and we came to find out that created a ball well. He shouldn't make a comparison does because people like for the Crimson Tide. I don't know the guy definitely the strong personality election yet now that Howland quiet if if the officer who. It'll bump into our and mocked his ties to the San Francisco. If he all the 24 and yet the take your chances and snapped him. Rick let me run a scenario by you the raiders are sitting on the clock it 24 right behind him at 25 is the Houston Texans who are in need of a quarterback. Two spots behind them at 27 is Andy Reid in the cheeks who may also be interested in at quarterback the heir apparent to Alex Smith. What would you think would happen with Reggie McKenzie in the raiders if Andy Reid makes a phone call trying to trade up to LeapFrog Houston to grab the raider pick. You think Reggie would wanna deal with a division rival knowing it could result the quarterback. I think you'll look in the comic greater stronger champion here cheap gonna do it and we keep hearing that maybe they ought to be heir apparent. Alex Smith I wouldn't mind raiders trading down he picked it maybe another round pick because then you get a guy. Perhaps like that are illegal I really liked football Richmond in the my Brothers are objecting to Concord college UCLA. The fact that he sees that you run. For ID which is what ever. Is gonna run and a lot of people like leak out of Michigan State they'll still be here on each initially Kelton and better. That in some people's they place to hide but because he's 65. 280. And done so in the Michael Becker reverend I think the raiders. You know that like popular like what Lleyton gave them that actually Ellis the Arctic. Our structure and mentioned Al and calendar and it is and that there as well. So I don't think the front line in the first round. It'll live from Alameda at the raiders facility will be checking in with them all night long if we here at the fox theater in Oakland California. Pot he beat the raiders would go slot corner of a lie back. Joke or what would you think of writers wells walked one over linebacker the medal which linebacker Foster falls that would be the guy in my opinion but I don't see him falling even with the problems in Indianapolis getting thrown over the com behind. It is a very peak inside linebacker class so someone eat just eat one team. Wanna take a shot conversely you've got a very deep quarterback class. And corners of the guys that are gonna get you. That's the New England Patriots a spot you were talking about the other day you got to think big picture you got to think about getting by New England supporters of the ones that can help you you'd. Go back to literature analysts say there's no way in hell you make a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs you don't even anything getting in a note here go to the case seem always but you don't accept the call and Alameda and I held that I have not found them. Do you realize when the raiders are doing the marsh on thing. Judge Snyder wanted to take his 26 pick and move up to 24 he won the raiders and Seahawks to flip spots. That spot is coveted what Joseph was talking about is the pick ahead if Rick Smith and bill O'Brien in Houston they have a championship football team ready to win they just need a quarterback. So that spot is going to be coveted if the raiders. They're not gonna take a linebacker Alex played the detail later they're they're gonna try to get a corner there's also a very interesting development with the legal world that's really good impact but they do here. But if they have a lot of these corners are available. And they just keep falling to them they have a pick of three or four that they like. Then they could trade back. But as far as the linebackers linebackers are way overrated either Rubens Foster fell to 24 I wouldn't touch of he can just doesn't Evans movement skill so I think singularly they are looking at a slot corner and there may be one. That just falls into your lap that it would be the best raider outside corner shop Smith wouldn't have to play so much and you can move this guy inside and a nickel we'll talk about that later. The NFL dress show with Greg Papa Joseph for Bob but say you're right here on 57 again. Now back to a special edition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven game. It's. Wrong. And Gary Kelly maybe the most uninteresting guy today and it's really a question of your security department in each team to do as much research with a very. Disturbing allegations this week the rate. Going back on April the ninth in Cleveland that he is a tremendous play here we will discuss him because they think he does. He clouds things a little bit speaking a cloudy Greg Papa but take village of port just saw linked command with the Laramie to console. He's. Gas mask that. In reputed drug system we had neverland but yeah last year we don't have anything like that particular faith that would cause you're talking about Connolly that's a couple days before the draft this was five of its client for the first panic that would agree sit there and watching implement that you don't know it yet seen the stat that ever felt like out that would look. Yeah a sanctity of the that was we get in an inning like that back and edit their package we got the picks before right and analytic tools in at least a week in the commissioner good food they don't want them to but there are always a couple of reporters that'll lay you don't advance they're doing it on follow on Twitter united Justin that's. Parents let's talk about. Cornerback and you heard you heard some of the names and also believe cooker initiated. In my may action in my kitchen he did draft he dropped a lot but he did not drop to 24. He'd be interest to you know I go back to last year trouble we did about restrict Papa bunting hill. Joseph Ford bought the raider draft party here. At the fox theatre downtown Oakland. That will be here for hours taking uniter stick right after five address starts in the raiders' way after that it 24 but remember. US and Iraq Carl Joseph and elected the size does it bother you. And I thought about it all year present to you know couldn't they key was that small but then. But he got where her in training camp but I first that it has is that all you like is the smallest safety have ever seen in his lack is size really did it. Bother. Bothered me and adding opponents went right at him Egypt even knowing the cover well. He just couldn't play the ball and that's where a guy like the league cooker. I think comes into play it's little like staff and play staff works to Jeff placed side so. If there's any way believe cooker would drop but I think he's a flawed player he's not a very good tackler at all. There are a lot of holes in this guys Gainey plays like a basketball player but he's got little arranged like a basketball player like KD. Is there anyway he would fall to 24 because they can about what we talked about Lester a leak hooker could make Carl Joseph were here long term. First off Serena Katie he likes Lee hooker number two to the up and organizing apparently a big college football he came out like yesterday that we get longer believe Coker to be up 49ers out of the Katie screaming in the decision it's got to but it played. I when you're looking at building your roster especially secondary. Look at the rescue division these of the 1616. You're going to be playing in the three team could it be competing went so when it comes your safeties in your quarters what are you gonna face from Kansas City. What is their receiving you know look like they're tight end Travis Kelsey look like tower hill and what I was able to go look like. And on and on down the list with Denver and you wanna build the calendar now with corner becomes X it becomes even trickier because you wanna have versatility. You don't wanna stat your corners all beat. Similar it's not what I mean by that is 63 to fifteen physical but can't run. And you run into the trouble we shot Smith vs branding cooks in week one last year. What you need are smaller speedier corners just like you need bigger physical quarters to match up accordingly and I think that's what the raiders need to look for is more speed at the position more than anything else they've got the size now they need to speak to keep up with the rating puts the world. World sort guy like Marlon Humphrey got Alabama say no to because Alabama quarterbacks I've seen them last two years when he played man. They get exposed. When he played teams that run up temple and have big time receivers they could exit polls wicker man coverage or TVs and rolls out and really turned out well it's cornerbacks safeties they've been solid with a guy like or Humphrey. On the raiders I say no to be guy liked has McCain got to Iowa he's solid he plays ball he's physical but. What happened to him. Two seasons ago everyone loves Dez yeah I think they were wondering why he was even going back the plea for the Hawkeyes and have another season you can hear about right now as the first round this class is so deep position. Jalen taper out of Florida what do you think about a pop. But I had to go back to what you said about you know programs and I hear a lot of people say this end it there is some validity to it because it's such a coach like Nick Saban is that they're forever. He you know he he recruits and brings guys that he wants to Alabama. Any as a place in a similar system so they all title look alike in you know like you know like I fallen victim because I don't like root Foster. I like Dudley high tower await more his Belichick knows how to use and obviously Rolando McClain it's was a gigantic bust. But when you just want to generalize about marlin Humphrey faced another Alabama corners I don't like to go there. These are different people may play differently they need to look that way in that system but when you get a lot of that system. You can make him play the way you wanna play it was as far as Marla Humphrey. I think he's a really he just looks like a professional quarterback. But he does not have any ball skills he plays flat footed a lot and to your point about matching up in the AFC west and Al Davis said that Matra forever. But I think we have to expand it a little bit. You know Al would try to beat the teams in the AFC west but he also had to beat the Miami Dolphins every year is to beat Pittsburgh Steelers every year. The raiders got to beat the teams in the AFC west and I'm worried what. And mr. Reggie to do in Denver today I think he may trade up from two wanted to go after McCaffery. But he he you've got its team you've got to beat is at Foxboro. The team needed got to be is in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. So you've got to cover slot corners to it sort of your point yeah Shaun Smith and David Emerson and her big long. And they do not have great change direction so at the end of this day but I want the raiders to come away with a 24. I lectured hideous white better than a Tory Jackson. Because Richard Davies white to me is just a little more physical. Any does go into the slot I want a guy double goal in the slot in match up I hear and to Mary's Thomas adventurous at the new coach in Denver. Is gonna move Thomas in the slot more. So we know the old days you got a little slot Korda match up with brain Stokley and Wes Welker the little guys to leave entitlement. But they're gonna movies monsters inside your debut as white is tough he's big and strong he can play outside he went inside. Willingly and where when I see it Tory Jackson go inside it was only because the guy he was shadowing that Saturday went inside so he would go with him. And I think the raiders like Adori checks and they may like him better. The entry devious white I'm worried about his basic reality and whether he can tackle but I think what I would I was looking at before. The events of the week you'll get into what's going out the young man from Ohio State but I what I was hoping Forster Davies white. Or Adori Jackson now will either one of those guys or both possibly be there for the raiders a 2040. Maybe it maybe I helping to Davis went out to eat get snatched up and a top fifteen because he sat at the exact goodies physical and look at the history that. I don't wanna Jim arise again put. You know LSU does have such success in the corners to the NFL. The Tory Jackson and Pete will be there because I think teams will be scared of his size but he gets ball skills he's explosive he can return punts and if you wanna. Play a little gimmick offense have a run at jet sweep here and air you can do that would Tory Jackson he's that explosive I think Adori will be there and update why it's going to be a topic for. If he is his instincts are what July. That's wells what's pop pop is talking about versatility in the slot and outside it's got a plate 48 games at LSU and he covered LSU. You Mari Coopers and a world the big time receivers that find their way to the National Football League its competition. In the 48 games he played second to none for a lot of these wars more on that as well as Leonard for that Christian McCaffery. Where are they going to land in the issues NFL draft yet about draft show on 95 point seven big game. Now back to a special addition NFL draft shelves on 95 point seven games. Desert mostly office of players or for an action here amateur that's cheaper supplier will offer drafters Richards Carter approach what are as far as workers. A proper report. We don't think this color is. But there are some good defense players in the Easter we won't follow board. Ago. You bet play until what you did pretty doing papers they've constructed Presley already. Plays in June period. I. Good players coming out. On both involvement office and we have good people and players. Reggie McKenzie when he met the media last week dictator the chronicle should note asking a question like that he's gonna. Best player available that I think we're here in the federal raid user and now it's a match up time and it's time to. Find a way to slowdown new England and in Pittsburgh in Kansas City and other slot. Threats were back at the raider draft party starting a little buzz here optional some good food here get hungry and stuff like don't get thirsty to their senses are just yet. I was told that B cocktails there will be. Usually that is salmon and enhance the ourself. At the facts are right up front of this center. Actress but they handle it Joseph Ford involved. Reggie when he was talking last week was also asked about Joseph Nixon and that was rather surprising that he said it. That he overall thought he was a good kid and indeed the domestic violence and in the video that is really disturbing and I don't think Joseph makes Italy. Chosen today especially. By anybody in the league but especially the raiders after they got baseball. But Gary and Connolly is a different story I was talking earlier about. I'm hoping that the raiders take one of three drag. Cornerbacks today that go on the slot your data is white. A Tory Jackson and I think it either one of those guys are there. You take them. If they're not there. Then and I a lot of these people got there early to John Lynch was tweeting this morning at 3:30 AM. As their security people at 6:30 AM in the east 330 for us they have got to do for some quick work here. And it's not the head coach you're the owners the security people they have a staff of people that research these things scaring Connelly is Bennett. Accused of rape and is an ugly ugly four letter word. And is it is a huge concern. But the people in the league think. That he didn't do. And up and I get a proving didn't do an appearance gonna bring and he ain't dead DNA sample in the Cleveland police on Monday. This is a really did delicate situation it's different in the Laramie tussle thing was happening in real time. This happened a couple of days ago and the people around the league given called the Cleveland TD. To find out exactly you're not gonna have a it's an open case it's not going to be resolved. By the time you draft tonight. Now if this guy does not get drafted tonight. And he didn't do any wrong you really have to cry for not he committed rape and it's a different deal. But if he's wrongfully accused so as as as football people yet to rip your brain around what you do. Because when you watch this guy the first of all hi this whole Ohio State bunting him all these defensive backs Coker and Lattimore this guy. And pot at a liquor there I. Animal gets passionate Columbus, Ohio this is the year after they won the national title to dump a bunch of guys in the first round last year and they came back with another solid trap if I took off three those guys that could be the best defensive back from the national Urban Meyer can recruit his ass off if Florida beauty you already built that program now he's doing that and Columbus huh. Her last year only I love it's it's out of place process that's Gary and Conley last year in every game played combined. Thrown his way a lot of grand total of fourteen receptions for a 159 yards and watched them all this for the season and depressive. He wants he's. I saw him get beat over the top I think they Michigan for touchdown but. They want Adam does a great back shoulder throw in a great catch you really back shoulder throw certain you can't stop them if they're well executed and they did. I've liked for data is why I love like Adori Jackson liked them both I love hearing kindly. He's by far better I think he's ease in the use that NFL people like Latimer more I like this guy better than Humphrey from Alabama. He can play outside. He does it with a variety of scale he can play bail and off he can play press in move his feet. And he goes into the slot. So he's the guy you're looking for I I think if if he if the raiders get Gerry Connolly today that's gonna create a headline tomorrow is accused of rape. So they may not just be able to do it and it may whoever's on the we've Cleveland Cleveland the first day to day 20 yeah they would have extra time in their right there in Cleveland to work this out what Conley could do for you Joseph is. He would immediately would be your best corner he's better than David Emerson he's way better than Sean Smith. So would limit how much on Smith is on the field he would be with the opponent's coach who wide receivers he would be one. Pending Emerson will be the other one and that when they go three and Sean Smith goes outside in this case goes inside. So he she fills a specific role in the here and now and it is covering slot quarters in and get ready Sean Smith and if I eat that money and move on at. And dumped him than this guy can be an outside player but this is this is a huge problem. He's being accused of rape so how if you're an NFL team what the hell do you do with this deal. Ran a 444 at the com mining and clicking close with the best corners in the midst of what I mean by that is in his back panel any separation he can close the distance like that he's one of the best in the business. Not the best run defender out there but that's not exactly with the raiders need. At the moment from the corner positioning meet elite. Cover guys and this is one of them. Flashback to last year whale Collins who tied up Dallas cowboy ever got drafted right before they draftees. Questioned about a murder that happened everyone pulls them off the board the guy who loses millions turns out to be in nice pick for the cowboys additional depth along great offensive lineman this kid. Because of this situation was removed from everyone's draft ports that you think because of that. Turned out to be completely in this well. Again every case is different but if you're an at there are scrambling right now yes. And the Cleveland TD shut their doors at 652 and he's cosell. You're trying to get as much soul. I mean if you take a draft pick in a guy has a trial in Asia this does not go away. He just lost a first round draft pick on the guy. But he's a hell of a player if this was not brought up where would he noted. I'll I'll stop he stopped hat topped once all that and now outside entity would not halt the raiders are one for what I don't let the lawyers say he goes for 24. At the raiders and greater say no no good while look at Houston. Kansas City. Dallas Dallas three delay everything Jerry Jones may both teams these corners and just pull which currently turtles have a problem bill would distractions like down at all. The politically it's firm a first round draft pick it what do what do think guy goes to jail this is not of clothes not a lie it's true. And he just cool draft pick away I think what what I LB do with this guy saw the raiders I think you answered your own question white avoid them why even take the risk when you have this much depth at this position. If your security people have really checked it out enough and they've had enough they've had a point bombs his first accusation a couple days ago Rezko just I've ever happen during our shown having really no I don't wanna bring it up then because it was rape. But when you watch this guy he he's way better than why it's a good player Jackson's good player this guy is a future probable player. It's amazing it's amazing I think you passed I think you pass and I don't really think about and I had it. You'd have to wonder how much do they know compared to us because I remember when Del Rio joined us last year we're talking about Carl Joseph were talking about the state of the raiders and at the end we ask that question. About Lara console rank and ask them about console because we wanted to see you know he could've been there for you what were you thinking did you change your draft board. Gets quiet for a second looks at us he says let me put it like this. There's certain things the media certain things that stands. Might not know about until this moment. That we've already known about for quite some time console and everything that goes on it'll miss people know it's a corrupt program yeah forget about the -- situation that happened last year Ole miss had been paying players felt and had been running at thirty program and they leak in the teams knew about it we might not have known about it. But the teams knew about it so maybe he's still fell to thirteen now he did a recent. Posted lower addictive but to go out there was talking about one overall we're what does that what Ohio State program over the years they've always got some type of situation we know about running Meyer may take its energy guys to take sketchy guys and Columbus getaway where every day Urban Meyer was at Florida with Hernandez get a county Brothers and everything else they offset Tebow. But at the same time he left there and you CN you know when you wanna win you not gonna bring in choir boys that's exactly how. But this is this is rape as it is for a deal that talking about we hearing you know I think that's a concern because they get in the program should get the benefit of the doubt I'm not no no you have to really researcher but I think that's why. The issue is they are ready for this draft they are really. I think David spending day and I I read dead 24 of the 32 teams contacted the Cleveland TD. To find out I'm surprised at 32 tours the eight I don't I don't know if I don't know if that's wild probably was 32 and it is to count right thought this. This is gonna be so if they've white's gone. Injections gone. And you said marriage money for this is going to be a really tough call what do you do with Gary and cuddly because he's a hell of a football player that this is an element is a. Should assume that it deep corner class which is beautiful one for the raiders what you've got to love this season you you don't have. Fifteen pressing needs like 56 years that I mean this is the team that's so close do you really want to risk of the kids and I want online reporter I now got an idea of. Still I get a deal as an adult men and hone in and Ali's playing in big time game each that I keep tackles then you'd think he'd and I think he's a pretty tough guy he's got good size to. Yeah I like them against clubs have been asked back hooker was the guy valves like that'll get the hype with him because he missed he does miss tackles and if you want strong safety like that. I got that happened at I gotta have been late in the bowl mean mr. Lee tackle Lester let's move over quarterbacks are any of these quarterbacks were taken in the first round. And will what the 49ers addressed the quarterback situation you know those jobs so republic to port while. But they go right here on my certificate.