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Franco & Kags Podcast
Wednesday, April 12th

Devin Williams is a basketball player and film maker who created the popular YouTube series called "10,000 Hours." Anna talked to him about his passion and goals in the film industry. 


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Well today on the film buff I'm joined by DeVon Williams filmmaker and basketball trainer of the popular YouTube series 101000. Hours. Now dead and I know the with the present state you've had. Ambitions of being in the NBA but at what point did you decide to go to the academy of arts in San Francisco is there a story behind that decision. Yeah definitely slow. Our blog they see at a few different division two school and these scholarships loans Chico all the rubble of the academy of law more and all like you know on polymarker may consider Garrett. Our home. Maybe you're the person they've got to grow our. Our Brothers as those little something different. Sort decides to go to grow after the aren't broke there when I started picking grounder desire some. Sort ought that'll be easier for me I got shot. The ball where do their job and academy of Borger urges the Wii well. They did all of golf the first semester bullet. I treacherous of their did a different major which multi media and that's what I'll learn how to edit out sort of documentary reveals a well. You know they went are aware that he's got edit starts so we're in love actually start to look at that board about law.