Derek Carr LIVE from training camp

Raiders QB, Derek Carr, joins Papa & Bonta LIVE at Raiders training camp in Napa!

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Because Derrick was drafted here yet here earlier to not go to the spots that he has a chance to be the greatest quarterback in history this franchise and he does know the the legacy of raider quarterbacks. And or operator famine is dead and he knows the mad bombers well so we welcome Derek character the F candlelight with pop and Vontae. How does that sound when I say you have a chance to be the greatest quarterback in history has franchised. Man this it's very humbling. You know to. It to understand what they did understand the legacy goes left before me. You know I'm very it. Much into legacies I'm very much into tradition. And I think because like then college obviously with what my brother in Stanford and Billy Volek and Paul finish your dollar and Tom Brandstater I mean the list goes on and on of Trent Dilfer have guys that were no those kind of guys and when I came in at a situations the same thing here is. I notice under a woman named to be among those and and you know obviously is competitor above those. But there's so much to do between then and now from now and then and so is the same mindset I had because as always I come in and work hard every day. It worked in college and I'm sure continue to grind my tail off here in the NFL. You obviously know reached in and when he does raider games and you know plot from hanging around and traveling with us you see him all the time did you get a chance to meet snake stabler before before we lost under. I did not and that's one thing you ought to say yeah I've got there was talk to all these guys like Darrell like he says in. All all of our grades. And that's the one the one thing I didn't get to do is get to talk to him. You know and same thing mr. Davis you Arafat and those are but the two guys I was so excited just had no 510 minutes worth you know just to pick their mind. Let them just get to know me a little bit because I think that that's important you know I think it. Those kind of things are very important want you know the guys that came before me to understand who I am. How I go about my business so when they turn the games on. You know they know me you know it's not just the quarterback is not just some guy you know they've had a relationship and they know me. Amare and LT shirt today things and you know I wonder if if he was alive if he'd make you change numerals to three. How this all the great great record of actually brought over a three start of the Monica. That he obviously had a great history with the fort tell me about what does it mean. Labor Day Saturday right after the pre season winds up a week before we go to Nashville for the game to have your number retired at Fresno state. It is again as one of those things it and think what happened for like years who you know so when they sprung an army no surprise those caught off guard by the same time. Every time I walk down that ramp every time I went for practice a conditioning workouts a game. I would look up. You know at that press box and NC car number eight. And every time I looked up there I'd tell myself my name's going up there right next to news and now it's happening you know. And at what it's an amazing thing with the mind can do you know. We're not gonna send their day in the struggling times of summer conditioning and I looked up there and I would remind me. Or during a game where I thought picking a look back up there and I would remind me that there's a bigger goal here you know you have to respect the process and the things that happen along the way but. If I wanna get my name up there I have to go to work now and so. It was something that always reminded me and now that it's happening is unbelievable you know it's going to be an emotional day because it's something I dreamed of when I was eleven years old Watson my brother play. You know because we saw Amanda there we obviously knew his name was one up there and so it's some that I thought of since I was little kid. Just political they have car for our Adrian next to each other Fresno state decorator quarterback joining us on the as Hitler with and Daunte here in 95 point seven again us. That was kind of teasing the audience earlier I was getting off the practice field they knew where the four and in training camp you roll up to sleeves the and you had a a pack of cigarettes tucked away there with the feelings. But as well you know she got so big in the weight room that he's busted out here. What why do you roll your your number four red and the practice and training camp by the sleeves up now. No the only reason obviously I've been working out a little bit you know obviously that's a big part of when I got here Fella every year one to get bigger stronger in those things. Nobody you know me in right most things and everyone thinks that that's the reason and to be components is not at all so. The reason I do it is because every time we term pre season game on. You see these quarterbacks and you see their tan lines and my wife says you are not allowed to go out there with those things. I. Yeah I saw us viral my Jersey. But it how to childhood idols and ordered it. To analyze go figure. This offense he's got some new toys now Jerry could climb ball for who we just talked to who is healthy the tight end position now. It's gonna open up things for this whole off its ending added -- to talk about the way you guys vibe in here early entry camp. We Jerry Cooke and Clive offer now how much fun it's going to be have a you know Marcus you guys are the tide has less of an idea who really good basket to targets. You know it's going to be it's going to be a lot of fun it is and it's gonna take a lot of stress off carbon coop you know that vertical stretch. With the speed. With a guy like Jarrett. The way that he can run this for three or four for whatever runs. It's one of those you know down the middle of the football field you know cover two is kind of out the window sometimes you know if you wanna double the outside guys will OK you know. Now we have two guys inside they can win for us so. That's one thing coach downing is really good that he's he's been on offices where they've had number one receivers like Calvin Johnson you know he's been around. In Minnesota when they had Randy you know hey Chris Carter and those guys. And he's seen the concepts that work when you have guys like that you know you still gotta get those guys the ball. But it whenever teams are really trying to take that away those guys may have 45 cancer sometimes maybe even two or three you know but if geragos for eight and five goes for seven. Let's can be good for the raiders so you know he he's so Smart and being able to see what they're trying to do defensively systematically and get those inside as the ball. You know years ago on this team was coming like the raiders fans hope you'll do this year was rich at quarterback which candidate Jon Gruden as head coach and a lot of times every cent on the bus behind you than they would they would finish. Each other's sentences like an old married couple yeah and I read the same line from you that you're doing the same thing. Which out downing. So what what does it mean to you'd had your quarterback coach the last couple years here not elevate. To play caller I was that could help to speed more quarterback friendly offense you guys know each other so well. Yet you know it's always hard because when someone gets a promotion that means someone else's leaving so obviously we love coach musgrave. And his family you know has boys were always around. And so it's always hard to say bye to somebody. But you know I honestly worked his crazy man who knows may will be together against somebody who knows right but you know for the time being goes down and is our office coordinator. And we're so excited you know because of my relationship with him he's like a Big Brother. You know we don't have like a player coach kind of thing he's he's like a Big Brother they can tell me the honest truth and I you know am completely fine with that and to have. The ability to finish each other senses and know what he's thinking. Means for our team is when I step on the field I know what he wants I know when they play certain coverages what he wants I know in this game. Hey maybe this game when their plane to pile when she gets this past concept line know that because I know him and that is so vitally important because if it just stops on the sideline. And when it comes when that play call comes on the field and that's it. But that's not assign a bode well you know you can never be the very best offense you could be Boehner play comes in. And coach downing mind is still on that field that is when we can be explosive. The day that had got that you have your brother David was was interviewed and he said right away I think they're gonna let Derek you know displayed more or check with me system a little more at the line of scrimmage a little more. Up tempo are we gonna see that because you know you've gotten good under center you since you've really worked out a coveted for Fresno state and all the gun stuff but I would you like to be in the got more and more. Try to run that the line of scrimmage. Yeah I you know so funny is now like we added twist they've gone under center guy and former players now under center that's how much you know we've gotten so comfortable with it so. It's funny how you get brainwashed you know when you drill is so much but. If for me to to play fast and you can still huddle up and play fast you know frank you can still get the huddle we get the playing fast and get to line her. That puts a lot of stress on some tee to sometimes you may get changed the personnel and people that you want for certain place. But even that puts a lot of stress so whether it's no huddle or whether it's just in the play call fast goes down does a great job of that you know some of these times if you watch a practice. He'll shoot me the play and there's still were breaking bottlers 34 seconds left on the clock so 34 there are getting it in their affairs. Do it it's amazing wow and obviously that's not every each time but you know I've polled they look at the clock. 34 seconds ball says he's very dominant player cause we're getting now where we have we have not from time to sit up there and I guess I happen now. I can let those be alignments and their stance for thirty three seconds and all these different things come and factors so. You know I think that you'll be able to play both understand or gun fast. Slow and even huddle and play fast is gonna notice that terminology brief image on a Jack Rhodes play caller you couldn't calling six seconds right no yeah definitely they're another show breaker there's some more we try and because suburban job. But there's also there's there's still a few out there have been. Can get an atypical play call it it and it fast. But ultimately secrets could you know obviously you get to coddle you call a play. I mean and without telling us you know our verbiage. You say like the water bottles are formation of the Mike is our play. I can village to save water bottle might you know that's the formation that's the play in three words you know three words like three hours each just total total you can just do it like that because. Everyone knows the concept Iowa we can take some of the verbiage out because. Obviously in that concept I need to do this motion in this protection right so guys just kind of learn like well obviously that's what we have to do so we've been able to do that. Why how much is are gonna held this office last year obviously you averaged what six point two game there's a lot of games where you guys started slowing yet to come back he got to the no huddle and came back. How do you make you know. I guess the question that isn't how do you make office more consistent but Bryant wouldn't woody go to work on acted to stay consistent play a full game offensively has really I don't wanna bring it up with the Indianapolis Colts game was the most complete game passing for you guys I'll office. As you know so funny because you're exactly right those the most. Fluid that we were planned this with pace and we were really hit our stride at the perfect time you know we really were. And obviously it is what it is but. You know. All of it. All that that was was us working on every single day guess like. Guys we just are faster hey guys our third quarter was awful or hate. Actually had a good first pass second half but we won you know but as long as you continue to point out those things in wins that's what our coaches do really well. Is even though we when they don't let things slide that'll let things fall through the cracks because I heard today on the road what they did every win leading up to Allen all eleven before Michael's game. Is say a man we need to start fast or we need to get this point and we would stress whatever we messed up the week for fixes will work on it. If we mess up you know keep working on it but. All you can do. In those times is even though seems like Groundhog Day is safe keep going back to work keep doing it. And then we were able to put a whole piece together and game. Let's go have talked last year was your room it was a Marc Cooper with this new contract do you like it here on floor Chicago Philadelphia everybody knows somebody about not only via the dire meg is getting the overtime but yet not yet coop Cooper has a new room I'm by myself. I'm getting older I guess they are removal she's most no they don't wanna room Marcel shall I walked in and I and I have my own room felt really old. Yes adventures get this is just no room social comment I made against them that now they think is so much you're attached it is a great year career record of turning a short of the practice field here in Napa and that netted five points in the game.