Derek Carr Exclusive

Raiders QB, Derek Carr, joins Papa & Bonta for an exclusive with 95.7 The Game right after his press conference announcing his contract extension. 

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Well I I saw your Brothers quote you know five years 125 million you've got lunch I think you got breakfast lunch and dinner with the to tell me the reaction of your family your dad and your Brothers your whole family when he told them about this new contractor. They were just so happy for me you know they're so excited. You know that they're not sure that moment with my life no man. You dissimilar to our borders to be taken care of and things like that's what I think it's exciting test but. Just so much and was sick all of them into the so epic obviously. Missing loved them behind closed doors and know how hard you try the war content like natural. They were just you know really extremely happy for us. You know in in their mid may Mike silver had a hit a report out there there you were dissatisfied with the pace of negotiations and then after that when he got into a mini camp situation it's all the media to turn your phone off. And you're back to do anything come out training camp you wanna concentrate on the season ahead. And I thought this would drag out to mid July Garrett and here we are in late June and you already got a contract extension so tell me. About the pace of it how involved you were within to have this happen so quickly. Yeah you know it was easy because both sides want it done and we knew about where it would have to be. Hulu hasn't you know not and it's really harp on America who really go our you know the brain drain from me in the whole situation you know I was very heavily involved. Don't my agent and ask him to report in forming and things like but the main thing distributed across is just give our team an opportunity to sign an effort by the only care about her garage structure. I don't care where you put it and he just do whatever doesn't matter. You know I wanna make sure. That my that my teammates. Will be taking care you know they have the opportunity to sign him and so. You know. That that there will defend took pride the most time could you know it was. You find in the number neglect that shows just how do we make it work. To help operators out. Yeah now that you are signed in and healthy just to get a little update on and where you are no you're pretty much jumped right in the first day. But the guys got back for the organized team activities that but how is the the foot how is everything going are you feeling going into the new year. Almost feel stronger on Muslim. Actually and stronger than. You know full faster. Rules. You know don't talk about the ankle itself stronger criminal obviously come with a golden they're enforced hunger. And but yeah policies win great. That rather sit back and any of the practices. And you know when you know full go out you know and you have to put to a test to make sure that we keep guns and can't comes. There's no Serb actions so that we made it through. I know for endorsements setbacks not even when they were Avago you're bound to check itself known Palestine. Lesotho and so you know I feel that. Real nice and not stand up for the. After tell me about some of the new choice you get on offense starting with with the beast mode what's it been like to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch and what do you see from your new your new running back. Common even with such aggression. It is not. Want the first guy to tackle them for the second orbiter could you know he. He runs like that without problems so I can now look who look like with the it is. Is an angry downhill runner that sometimes I'm surprised me was. To have good and mostly tedious I don't know what more background and so when he made his first cut. Comes first ball like me and this guy can do whatever. You know and you know he's very talented back that and I look I very much look forward to the point. Jared Cook the new tight end to tell me about his skill set than what it means for you to have a tight and that could run the routes that he runs and give up that seem vertically care. Yeah he's crazy fast. You know you can pull out a song you know divisional opponents you know that are controlled government linebackers in its. He's truthful instead whenever you can put him receiver route. And then go to Cordoba and they bought. You know sort. That struck me that is not what you don't want him on this. This will only directly and I don't get it but more pay you know you know he's an amazing athlete. And even more scrutiny in person who really cold beer. So what do you do know what your time frame and earlier in the middle of an off season in the NFL and you were actually trying to get away a little bit when the contract extension came down so what's your time frame for the the rest of the month in July and the rookies report July 24 of vets don't have to be there at a later in the week on July 28 at imagine bigger role in two and amp or pretty early this year there. Yeah obviously with I was the youngest. You know it's gonna do every year I'll be in the early and I always will be you know I'd. I give the conditioning test them soreness the way for four days in available on the scene shows you know you know we have we are parks as a little you know we're not let them back by the sword in off on time. So. Yeah normally be workable public greatly. Trying to get ready to turn. But material to make sure that we go out there and put you know the best best team out there that we can. Funeral in their training camp for the new car new set of wheels what's what's going to be the bigger smaller or anything besides chick filet for you'd care about them. And I. No pride not. You know obviously that would be don't even know to stay in the garage on the field. There'll be destroyed interval. Aaron thank you so much you're attacking regulations to get a highest paid player in the history of the National Football League that's got to sound cool. Well thank you Greg appreciate America books.