Dell Curry

The Greg Papa Show w/ Bonta Hill
Friday, December 29th

Charlotte Hornets TV analyst & Steph's father, Dell Curry, joins Mychael Urban on the Greg Papa Show to discuss Steph's upcoming return from his ankle injury & preview tonight's Warriors-Hornets matchup at Oracle. 


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We are thrilled to be joined by the father of Steffi Currie Dell curry a broadcaster for the hornets. I'm awfully damn good sharpshooter in his day in the NBA himself Dirk Dell curry joins us live what's a Dell how are you thanks for your time and happy holidays. Are happy about it he got it's it's great to be in the Bay Area my thing and that would be great kids right now where there are ways to turn. A little Korean. Yes sure it wouldn't have forty gig so it's so good. So tell your coming out here Seth has been ruled out for tonight. Does that make it how does that change things for you because I'm sure you look forward to watching. Your son play but I'll I would also imagine there's a little bit of anxiety and mixed emotions when you're watching this does this make it actually easier that he's not on the floor. I think they've done a little bit they're good about that forward you know what I call a game when I'm watching I watched. Built the warriors and whoever I watched the majority of the time but. No I called gave up got washed into the whole political regarding Kirk. Repeatedly and as a broadcaster and analyst put. The law what do you do well on its multiple loved ones who Cleveland. Dell you surprised at all exactly how good the warriors have been I mean they were without KD. First spell last year and it ended up being maybe one of the best things that happen to the lawyers do you see this being a blessing in disguise allocate these injury last year. Absolutely. For a couple reasons one you know everybody in Clooney organizations and coaches talk about the gaps. Plain ol' board. Throughout the recklessly in new ways to you to find that motivation to weight gain or not our ground. You know you missing a great piece in the other got sucked up about. Do those star players in the role cluttered look of concern about a week Coca. It they're playing you know the best basketball is to maintain the tackle play according to start out. Until that debt that motivational fact about how well. Look at our Hoosier grass. Rotating that let you have already are I can't quote out of gingerly Monte Vista the views the rest there instant step. At wolf when you lose you live in mechanical and hopefully he can go build up your rescue reorganize. Real job you got star player combat ready to play. You know the new majority feet from the well it's a motivational factor the arrest record well. Bush years out of Dell curry is a broadcaster for the Charlotte hornets and of course the father borders guard. Stiff curry Dell although step didn't play I would imagine youth took a peek at the Christmas Day game. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers I didn't see anything did I didn't feel like I already knew even if the cavs had gotten those calls played. Says the cavs win that game by a point it wouldn't it changed anything for me I went into the game thinking even even with stepped out and Isaiah out. The lawyers are better team than the caps that even if the cavs have won that game based on what I saw the lawyers are still a better team did you learn anything from that game. No I ballot that big game of portion that Maryland have some time off to come out and then go do mcdannold holidays so. Oh spare that'd be bringing out in order to increase will play a lot in the east to order it there are really routine but. Well more is still best team in the NBA in my opinion a little little orchard at the been the final two three elect. Two straight years until. You don't throw them in and they beat them there although they are the best even then to have stepped out there and what he brings to the game is still ability to. Two did it Cleveland team that home again I think it shows that. The versatility that that the fifteen. And you know whoever the warriors played on nightly basis have to play perfect basketball epic beat thirteenth. Dell curry didn't have to join us on a Friday afternoon here 95 semi game on Michael Irvin and for Greg Papa and Vontae hill. Dell as as I've mentioned a number of times staff has been officially ruled out but Steve Kerr who joins us once a week on the show that comes on after this show. He said yesterday that he can you expect staff to play tomorrow do you expect him to play in do you think she should play because. They do have a few days off three more days for stepped arrest if they opt not to play him tomorrow. Well thank you radiate out by a mere no would become clear that it be known as and you don't split could blow up Myers. Soldier they had a plan in place. The one thing. There you go to Russia got by but the word nuclear for the postseason or regular vote very looked so when gains in and it. Murder received a Republican they have gotten down. Slowly it's drug inquiries. Yet they keep huge swell up or he can play tonight but who in the bucket but actually here in the world well while. Well put it really like that played in the back to back situations so I think it's very Smart. Well for them to do that he would look to play your own county but we have a spare. The long haul here this or you know bringing. June and does not you know there will work. Dell what what what steps to me in the immediate aftermath of the injury. She's been through that ankle stuff he he he's a bright guy he knows that any time there's ankle is an issue the fan base is gonna panic a little bit. Was deaf indicating bird did he know that this was something different. Then back in the day when you were always worried about his ankle. Well I don't think panic is right we're concerned obviously until he got the samarra there at the final statement about the bill that structural damage there at the thought. A beverage brain wouldn't. Go back look at the pictures of me because whom. Turn that ankles is so. You know blackout they have instruction there was there were no ball call you very give able. I don't play OT where you can really take the time to make sure you're courageous comeback. Most teams don't have that luxury with star players who got you know is 80% that they need to win game and my question about it you know game to Eric got to doubt that. Back to that big you know that they need to engage but there's not a case for the warriors. That's a luxury. There any organization has a chance to keep a guy out install clear. Until we gain and then one of handling the whole schedule critics who wasn't quite favorable well they terrible business so don't. So to deal to have that luxury throughout the course record the very closely you'll pay dividends but oh well scope. We're talking to a Dell curry the father of staff and a former NBA marksman himself and a damn good one at that Dell I wanna ask you about comparing eras cream Abdul Jabbar was good enough to join this very program. Last week and a question here all the time is. How would these warriors have done against your team back in the day whether it's Charles Barkley or at any player from back in the day who's on a really good team. With cream obviously it was a showtime lakers. And creams answer was very simple he kind of chuckled when he says. Depends how the rest are gonna call the game I hadn't quite heard it put that way it was always well it's a different area its position was basketball verses. Back then there's guys with a back to the basket and who's gonna guard this guy that guy he went straight to house the game going to be officiated. You agree that. Our I don't disagree where there are great the weren't able to play. How the game is officiated smuggled to other great you're great adjustments. Allegheny would be to call their physical players. But I think the thing that that had warned that the played any error. If the way picked up spin on nightly basis the versatility that they have been they have the best. God starting deposition in the NBA. And then the pressure they put on you sort of basketball after they get off state court. Could bear guy that can create for themselves got to make three got hooked up British. They'll play together they weigh you down without it quite so patiently on the opposite compared. So you put out the other plate. On the defensive candidate depression including without its all the you do conquer our conclusion we'll be called the break they have got food or smuggled to be able to adjust to that so epic. The core listing what we're here. Well that's great stuff tell we really appreciate your time before that should bounce. New Year's resolutions are you past that and you decided it never never works on a commander ordered you have one. You want I have not about that you're. He's pretty good Pollard good of honor and a great clip of your grand dead in the press thing. It's long the these girls avert crisis while pork you know Paducah and hang out with a they like you know each edit well. Nice enjoy that time family's always gotten many cases mobile them forever thank you so much. Three time Dell very gracious and enjoy the ball games this evening. Footnote Robert you won't. It's Dell curry the father of warriors guard Steffi who has been ruled out for tonight's game against the war.