DB Show - Warriors steal home court & the souls from the Rockets, Five before Five, draft lottery

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, May 15th

A fired up Damon Bruce breaks down game one of the Western Conference Finals where the Warriors stole home court and the souls from the Houston Rockets - featuring Five before Five & a little bit of reaction to the NBA draft lottery. 


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All right all right so old wink can worry about the Houston Rockets Nomar. Notice it really good that they would view hello how are you your warrior fan you're doing great if you're. An ace and you might need an umbrella this afternoon and we might need some more time than we originally were planned again today I thought we were gonna have a 24 minute long show. Get you down in the bottom of the hour and we're gonna send you out too little ways baseball and indeed that is what we're going to do but it is. Threatening. A whole bunch arraigned tonight in Boston and so we will be standing by. Ready to go. With more they show if it keeps on raining and and that sounds pretty darn good to me no matter what happens because we got an awful lot to talk about. The Golden State Warriors. We said them you know they're they're they're like the biggest monster. Out there in the NBA but they. They didn't show us their tanks in on Dracula. Is all about things forget about the tape and turned into a bat the widow's peak in the eyeball on booze audioblog. Like. In less I can see the fangs I'm worried about Dracula. Worries it shows their fangs all darn season but for one or two games and it Bennett the season if things. From the Houston Rockets and on this guitar player right now. They're done. They're absolutely. Done so they might winning game in this series had they might win two games new series. But dame when in this series and I know that you know that everybody covering the series knows that Houston Rockets know that you'll listen in my DN Tony speak last night felt like he was up acutely aware of how this is going to end. And that was a scene goal like that that was sold snatching victory in the city of Houston last night that wise. Impressive. What do I told you the warriors won game one of the Western Conference finals would Nick Young hitting more threes in the game and staff curry. On the road game one would you believe me because that's what happened. The warriors started wins. The lineup of death and it looked like that might have been a little bit of a miss calculation could give the rockets credit for coming out with all the gusto and enthusiasm and energy at the beginning of that game but. It quickly. Dissipated. End of that first quarter the warriors are down just won the rockets are playing. Eight plus rockets basketball the warriors are somewhere around C plus B minus. Houston by one end of one and at that point I tweeted the rockets should be absolutely terrified. About what's coming their way tonight. The warriors unleashed the hounds day played. Unbelievable defense and I'm gonna tell you right now that the Houston Rockets. Are the biggest defensive frauds. I've seen come down pay attention to this team plane in a real long time. They got nothing. Absolutely nothing to slow down Kevin Durant. Who was dominant last night got everything he wanted to you know you talk about greatest player wants to eaten and they do the stupid Super Bowl thing when the run up the court. Well that guy I mean he might as well bend pretending to slower global Rama noodles a hole my lawn because he just absolutely handed every rocket that tied. If you are Houston rocket guarding Kevin Durant last night Kevin Durant handy Jew York asks. He was unbelievable I understand it's curry steamboat went to rant is pushing them over the top like that they're not to be beaten. Absolutely not going to be beaten that was. Decisive. Biggest sequence of the game of course defense is all over I want you to sit back and enjoy this is where I knew. I'm game once in the books. Hold on let me turn on the value here a little bond they always turns it off for me right before my show starts. They do so black uniform begins to rock guitars and goes like very dried my buildup. Kafelnikov for Brad reback hurry hurry up the other way period transition that town to town it's opened fire. Playing from downtown. Quite tough to double the lawyer's advantage we'd like 45 begin with a third what's amazing to. Pardon go into the congested and his message. Joseph great of them didn't really get down curry switched so we get down the middle of the guard hardened. And the lack of torture what to do doubted the reasoning the greens are very stepped up this steel capacity hard the bundle it hard to get that. He steals and again. That's a great yeah. Largest they gave it my kids all they want took time out and find Tony to to go the third 7870. Lawyers. They needed a timeout and done nothing during a timeout that was disgust came in to action. Now and again. I think you're the final was last night it wasn't that close. The warriors. Are back to being the best team on planet earth the Houston Rockets I'll tell you this I'm not gonna guarantee anything other business. The Houston Rockets will not be winning an NBA title this year I am 100%. Sure of that as sure as. I am most prominent go to sleep tonight I I know that the Houston Rockets eight winning crap. Nothing nothing. You'll not be taken seriously ever again. I'm sorry that at any point in time I ever doubted what the Golden State Warriors might have been doing against what the rockets were doing right in front of Maine we now have it. Just. Laid out. Clear as day right in front of us there is no information we will ever take from the NBA in front of may first to apply it to. After may first. It just does not matter the Golden State Warriors will officially. Be here game one of the Western Conference finals. Until further notice that's just the reality. I'm gonna be cool would that you're gonna be cool would it. And this team. Is just rolling competition right now I get the rockets might win a game they will never threatened in this series not for a stinking remaining minute of it. What a bunch. Of absolute jokers. Well we have. My buddy nick right tweeting halfway through the game looking for some sort of leg to stand Donnie saying you know. And I care this thing turns out James Harden out playing Kevin Durant. What drug are you on if you think that this guy who is out scoring Kevin Durant is out playing Kevin Durant. James Harden. Played less defense and an NBA game then I did last night I did not play in an NBA game last evening did you I was there again did you check in any NBA game out there how I did not yet you still play more defense yes I did it isn't ridiculous. It's ridiculous my damn Tony is sitting here after the game talking about united we just got to be a little bit more aggressive we're gonna knock down some more shots this idea yeah oh. Well for fit the rest of this series your team has horrible habits. James Harden. Improve defensively. Right here. Right here by the way I grabbed my crotch for those you can't see under rated a pair you've got nothing. I wanted to be a little frosty today one can now buy I I did a serious I'm gonna tell you right now if it's raining in Boston that's good for us to sign I'm more is after all this hate Robinson Goodell suspended for PD's shirts just all a misunderstanding does nothing to do with guys who hit more home runs and have more power make more money. Clearly a misunderstanding. That feels like a tomorrow topic. We're gonna have an NBA. Draft lottery happened tonight. Somebody warming up and and below for the Phoenix Suns in. Phoenix Suns have the top shot at the number one pick in the NBA 25% there's 64% chance they'll be taking in the top 3-D. Number one pick odds for the Memphis Grizzlies who have the second best chance of picking number one overall there at nineteen point 9% followed by the Dallas Mavericks with a third best odds. At thirteen point 8%. So we will see this all go down tonight in terms of draft lottery obviously the Eastern Conference finals picks on up and beat. Cleveland Cavaliers would like to win a game in Boston because as you all know. Oh NBA playoff series starts until someone wins on the road. So I guess we can say the Western Conference finals has officially start the and at the end of the night I don't think I've ever heard a better answer. From any professional athlete when asked a question. That was about stoking their. On the post game show which I. By the way left so little to say that the very first sentences out of both Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley announced last night is that the series is over. And they're completely right post TNT network exacts got a lot of hearing that from their post demos no reason to tune back Denver any of this. Right. But this series is essentially all but mathematically over. And I do believe the that is appropriate to say it like that and then Charles Barkley. Came it clay from the angle of you know we sit around talking about. Great Golden State Warriors. Your name is not the first to come up nor is it the second nor is it the third. You are they've basically we're looking at that the four most popular Beatles your rained out. That is what Charles Barkley is trying to say to clay Thompson last night Klay Thompson looked shocked straight MEI. And gave one of the best answers I've ever heard from a professional athlete about his stature. What he's meant to his franchise and the kind of life he's led and not so great missed the best term you pardon Maine there is Soledad and here it is. Your name comes up third or fourth yeah that is the good is that it's good for you are just so I don't I don't care. I get paid handsomely played a great place in the variants and beat people essentially junior out. And honest hard to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity so grateful dispute on this team from day one I've. Been a warrior and known arms to include Peter Max who is such a good thing going. So I'm appreciative of the situation I'm in. I know that I help build this house it's worth I wanna live all by the way I get paid handsomely and I live in the greatest place in America. Top that more money doesn't top that and any direction. Hey you can make an awful lot more money by going to Detroit in competing for nothing. That's a good deal no. One who wants to compete for nothing when all you know is championships so what does he ever done with the Detroit Pistons three. The pistons soc for Detroit Sox five. This place doesn't suck why would you way. You may not be the first second or third name on the list but I guarantee you you'd take a poll everybody would love to be clay. I don't care neither does quite Thompson that some Yahoo! blogger writing a story. About the warriors might take about fourth or fifth paragraph to bring up your contributions. Pope cares. Anyone who understands the game of basketball is completely. Aware. Of what Klay Thompson means Klay Thompson. Is so much better basketball player than the guy who's about to win the MVP in the NBA this year. James Harden and enjoy your MVP take it to the strip club try and get all sorts of motor boating action out of it whatever floats your boat. I guarantee you there are more and vigilant defensive strip burns in the club then there are Houston Rockets on the damn court. Women know how to play defense. Yeah. Got grabbing and slapping way there's only and checking in the strip club there's always had check names aren't anywhere. Got a job Bob defensively. Eight Peru brilliant offensive player James Harden can stroke it from just about anywhere he is all day long deadly heat went act curry every single time he put up a lot of points and the rockets lost convincingly. Eric Gordon did nothing Chris Paul looked like he was afraid to even be there looked like it was all too big for him. Golden State Warriors with stood that opening salvo that wave of energy and emotion. And it was all Golden State the rest of the way drain on green huh. Drain on green like I really didn't wasn't insurer. If he wanted to finish that game last night the way he started he was pushing the envelope all first quarter. He calmed down a little bit in the second was in total control in the second half. But I really thought to drink just right wanna finish this game tonight the way he is starting at our love Jeff right. We'll still ran down the way to tell that story about the way I can jump right. If that's okay on my mom were shouting Martin Labonte flip debate. The first ninety seconds and again. I think came out. And it looked like it was going to be chippy it looked like drain mom with setting himself up for a second technical falcons normally. When you get that first one you but you'll let. Trade I didn't what has slipped last night he kept on flap and he everything that he didn't like he's yelling at officials last night. Last night. You know here's a guy who absolutely need still to build a fire to get his own fire going and he was strong on logs on that fire last night he was flirting. With they second technical. Pretty openly pretty brazenly. I've seen that brazen of flirting with anything until I saw a guy hit on American woman and a bar wants. Does brazen flirting this guy's brazenly flirting with a second technical. And then he just comes down. In the second half looks fantastic. 21 minutes of no fouls. He was plus seventeen in those minutes. Dre mongering can win game one can can can win basketball games without scoring points he is so so good. You talked about intensity the further you go the more you need him. Further loan due in the playoffs more interest you have to bring in order to win the momentum that we've been fun posters share yours understand that so I know what we're monitors should loan used to be in order to help decision wearing to have someone does not try to do. And then after words coming everyone was feeling so good did you sit by the way did you see the any Houston rocket press conference. That is a defeated ever every single Houston rocket isn't making vacation plans right now to date every rocket. Turned to his significant other wife girlfriend. What ever. Said were about a week away. Were not will be hot I'll be ready to go wherever you're ready to go and about a week this is this shouldn't take that much longer. It is time to consider the reality that there are facing. There's not a single Houston rocket who believes that they can win this series you could see it in their faces last night. Meanwhile the warriors at the podium making jokes Steve Kerr. Gambling dog take in the warriors plus one and a half. I. Sorry. I read I read that whole story about gambling this morning and night. So I guess now on the London announced Mike my picks for the week. Stay away from Boston tomorrow you didn't really going to be careful almost game Jews coming its. Adam silver on line to him and I'm about to get find it. Lets them let's start over there. Conscious fantastic it is fantastic he's got that entire room in out of the palm of his hand he really doesn't. I mean come. Nick Young. Nick Young did exactly what you want Nick Young to deal comic nick come on and hit a couple threes and not ask for anymore we're not gonna put Charlotte we're gonna sit you down thank you very much for coming and checking and great great chip great shift set out there's a bench rest tonight where you want it was perfect. The perfect opener for the Golden State Warriors on the road it truly truly wise. Everything was quickened and this is a game more stab wasn't even click. So what's gonna happen to the rockets on steps starts knocking down threes roof of look at that what's next. What do you think there's a better chance of happening in game two step starts hitting threes or James Harden starts playing defense. What what what are you most concerned. Frauds I am in what 48 minutes of basketball's all I needed to see this is a fraudulent. One seed. And the warriors are going back to the NBA finals and you can book that ticket right now it is guaranteed. Houston Rockets can even in this series it won't even be close when game three starts. This can be an even a series leaving Houston. The rockets are no closer to winning this series then they are right now. Any game they win is a meaningless exercise that will only postpone. Temporarily. V preordained outcome of this series the warriors will be going back to the NBA finals I know. Defense if frauds I can see it a mile away I thought maybe this is the year where the rocketed over about it now. Now. You can zoom in on everything from what I can tell you must. Regarding what he's doing this guy starts I don't yeah. Including one from. Police Whiteside. There and cinema and order. It's indefensible I'll speaking of indefensible. Every time Kevin Durant touched the ball. That's pretty indefensible. And the red it just came full grim reaper mode. You know it's really funny when they say you got you know if you if you look at the key. Inside the key is the house. Outside the key is the yard. The three point line is defense. And normally go about beaten teams by keeping him out of the house. Keep them off the fence. May complain in the yard. Golden State Warriors love the yard the Golden State Warriors knock down on defended mid range jumpers in your face all damn night long. Exactly what Kevin Durant did the wide open looks that play Thompson got what four but like you might wanna have someone on that guy. I mean being employed to step curry be like OK so here's the number one shooter in the history of the sport. Where where we have to go to find the second best shooter in the history is always right there. To a play defense against until. I don't play defense at second to. Klay Thompson. Gave you what you needed offensively. Defensively. He did everything you ask. LA is so and he's a machine he just comes to work every night and defends him and make shots and moves without the ball and there's a gray dust off color rate to a player. And in this series he's got just a huge responsibility. You know guarding Chris Paul James Harden whoever it and and still making shots at the other end and that's what. This would placement du forage for years. And clay summed up perfectly on TNT afterwards. Well we're lucky we are so many playmakers on this team I mean every position and we got a guy can shoot. Passenger removed and when he's moving on. And Silverman took the shot. Make the cut it's as simple as beautiful view part of Chris you've ever watched as is contagious and I must have thought you when you just touched the ball issue won't. And I some auto SI think like Kate Katie came on board a couple of years ago we saw. How much money hating lesbians since into the gets easy looks and he's not the most efficient player in the community. And you saw. Firsthand. The difference between isolation basketball on ball movement basketball last night you had conflicting styles going right up against each other and what we understand is the better style of basketball. Won that game a lot easier than the score even indicates. The rockets who were tied at halftime. Were never in that game after halftime. Now I don't care how close they got it that was an easy win for the warriors. No doubt about it I mean come on yeah. Seriously Sarah let him come. I is just unbelievably. Well executed game plan. Off at the though. Death lineup starting the game looked like the war is tripped over something here Ed or I would like to congratulate the rockets from really being in the series for grand total of eight and a half minutes. That was impressive. Worked six months long and six months to have eight and a half minutes of worry in this basketball. And that's that so here's the deal were about to send you out to Fenway very good chance it comes on back here so I'm not even gonna bother with the sports don't build characters they reveal it. And like that he's gone design might be right back. So let's get you out to a little eight ease pregame baseball right around the corner we got tencor acting company coming to you from spending way. Yesterday. The a's picked up a win to date they might need to pick up an umbrella we're standing by proceed accordingly. This was in could still be again the Damon crucial. Well I told you there's a really good chance we'd be back to you a very ugly weather. Afternoon. Well afternoon for us evening over in Boston and now we still got rain at Fenway so we're gonna keep on talking for at least ninety minutes and then we'll check back again. With the boys in the Booth at Fenway around 530 tonight welcome welcome we got. Right back to game one. Of the Western Conference finals. And basically what I wanna say about the Houston Rockets is this day is sack happy defense. All game long there is second best defense this Lithuania broadcaster. Has given us more to work with the most people have and you know certain things hold true all the time and when your basketball team there is sort of defense you're not gonna go out and win very often. Last night the Golden State Warriors through a combination of surviving an opening flurry a dedication to defense and great shot selection not turning the ball over. They drove past. The Houston Rockets like they were basically standing still I don't care how close look at times. That was really never close after the opening salvo from the rockets. It was definitive. Definitive. Victory for the warriors and let's just be completely. Honest barring injury there is no shot. The Houston Rockets are going to the NBA finals. There's no shot. The warriors will win this series the question is how many games. Feels like four could be fine. Even if it goes to six it really doesn't matter there is no way that effort is secretary of defense forces a game seven. Looked in my DN Tony Chris Paul James Harden all last night their podium game. Was is isolated. As their actual in game performance that was a team that knew. They were up against a force that they went on to overcome. They knew it they could feel it and they knew it all those fans in Houston they knew until. This thing is literally just a matter of time now. That's what we're waiting for. What's gonna happen in this series would step curry starts it in threes. Second to get any easier for the rockets who wins games I really don't think so. Was a fantastic. Opening night last night we saw the fangs. That we've been dying to see out of this team and they looked fantastic gunman opened up lines because like I said. Or literally plan to be here today we thought we'd be in baseball right now which means. It's you know it's may it's Jiaka. And it's 8889579570. Our guys and here tryst in from Lauren sayings come on man please don't jinx us Damon now I I can't. There's no amount of verbal jinx thing available. In this series. The rockets to get hotter it more shots. Bear playing the kind of defense that never goes to the NBA finals not rarely goes to the NBA finals never. Ever. Ever. Ever goes to the NBA finals it's just not gonna happen head coach Steve Kirk he can see it. It's all about defense you have to be a great defensive team to win a championship Regis you just have to be. You're in and year out you know it's the top top defensive teams who who go deep and then when you get to this level you know you're playing against great offensive players like Chris Paul and James Harden so this was all about the defense and it has to be all about the defense all series. And it will be all about the defense for the warriors all season and I mean it's LA right now it is never been about the defense not four. The Houston Rockets at any point in time in the last six years. Mike. About the improved Houston defense OSHA to rumor. James Harden is it should be a bull fighter in his next life because he. Is just oh let me. Every one who wants to run around him has free rein to run around him that guy doesn't move his feet he does movies hands. He is easy I I guarantee you. Most of my listeners to get a shot off on James Harden. Think about it. Most of my listeners could get a shot off on James Harden none of my listeners could get a shot. Off on Klay Thompson not one of the if clay decided you're not shooting the ball you wouldn't shoot the ball how shot clock violations of the warriors pump out last night with three or their four. We shot clock violations at the Houston Rockets floor where it. I'm the warriors had one. I don't it was an issue all night long they can get what they want offensively over a team that plays almost no defense. And it's just a matter of time now. It is really just a matter of time. They Damon even though your back on the air. During this rain delay you're not on the lied stream. All shame on the wide stream thank you for their heads up. Al B if you get the league dorks to fire up allied stream one another were back on. With the product the people want that would be fantastic. 888957957. Always a number Bobby and Concord saw the game last night Bobby what do you think. How to comment on. I I grew due for the most part the rock well they're well eat and I mean they're more I want quite clay had such a wide open three it has. Done you know a little dance. You know he get that honor that Irish but it. I already heard should these NB order was ordered. Eight. In our order Pete labored got there in order to shoot spree but that they're not there but. I I argue that there in the shot up against him are not a question that without that there let her on it. Our partner network that if he really want to play because it could get a shop bottom. Let me why doesn't let me ask you this alchemy and really wanna play defense last night don't you think game one of the Western Conference finals and what you worked the entire year to have in your gem like if that's not gonna bring out the defense and you. Nothing will. Nothing marked climates can shoot over James Harden unconvinced. Don't get me wrong he plays zero defense and India. But it Lesnar getting shot opt I would say now by U if they come out at what that there are apt Kirk. Yes and I'd be surprised that they don't five. More more like they were fitness sweep but I do see them coming out with a little bit more up for game two and possibly winning they were into it the sweet but it went into all this there may be those that but I built in order on out. I can tell a thank you very much for your call Bobby I appreciate you listening on just can't tell you right now that the Golden State Warriors. Can lose game two in Houston is no more in this series in the San Antonio Spurs are and the spurs are not playing in the series. This thinking come back even and it ain't gonna be even. I don't wanna hear about well although over the rockets are really gonna open up with a lot of energy in game two. The rockets opened up with the air hair on fire in game one. Built all lead that made everybody say whoa what's going on here and then about eight minutes into their Western Conference finals the warriors had flipped the tables on them and that was that. That was that took the rockets were really in this series for about eight and a half minutes now I'd like to congratulate the city of Houston. On those memorable eight and a half minutes probably not gonna get T shirts printed out of that rank probably not probably. Probably not. Where's are scary. They are certainly worthy of the monster that we've been wanting to see all year long. They used to get that warrior performance. Sixty times in a season. All you used to get the warrior performance which had been. In the NBA draft lottery each and every year by the way that happens tonight the warriors aren't close to it. That's beautiful and amazing right now in itself. But. Yet all the stuff that we feared like oh what's PJ Tucker gonna do what's Eric Gordon gonna do. What's Luke Mahmoud Dey gonna do. The rocket that impressed me the most last night at times was quick capella. Clint I was really really good click the public could start for the Golden State Warriors and let's start Harden over -- are over verplank. One guy plays in one direction the other guy plays in both directions. Uptick to guide plan in both directions. By the way Klay Thompson last night. Dropped one of the all time greatest responses to the history of questions ever asked in a close game setting he was on the AT&T'S yet. And Charles Barkley. Basically was looking to start a little controversy. Or try to rob lay's nose in the fact that he is not among the most popular Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson. God bless them. Look chuck in the nine and shut that thing down fast. Your name comes up hurdle for a few and it it's it's it's it's not good for you are just I don't I don't care. I get paid handsomely are playing great place in the Bay Area can be devious shin-soo junior out. And honest hard to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity saw briefly just because this team from day one I've. Been a warrior and known to understand will be here Max we have such a good thing going. That is the single best answer I've heard from a professional athlete and maybe a full calendar year when asked about balancing. Money ego. Location. Competitive nature. Klay Thompson just dumped from the three point line. In another jet. Like that is is perfectly. Landed an answer to by the way Charles Barkley who probably had a clever little follow up question just realize that he is dealing with a real low G. Not some passing millennial was going to be fascinating look at it this way if popularity. Mattered to clay Thompson would he be weighed into. Would he be would they Chinese shoe company. If that was the coolest thing to do now this guy understands business lies there competition lies here. In all of the Internet Yahoo!'s. Go want to discuss who is more or least popular they. Not matter. Tell you right now on this is gonna fly in the face of a lot of initiatives digitally that we have going on the Internet doesn't matter. The Internet opinion have you doesn't matter more than your own opinion of view what people are saying your cue factor your buzz rating. Does not matter when you're stacked in titles models and once in California. That is good living there will be other players who. Will be paid better than clay. Their entire couriers. Who will never have a happy a day is Klay Thompson wakes up width. On Wednesday. A general stock when my wife last weekend. Or just talking about you know happiness and and being gay is truly happy couple how to week maintain our happiness because anybody. Can be happy Friday through Sunday. The secret to life is being happy Monday through Friday the secret to life is enjoying those workdays as much as the days you have off. Clay Thompson. Klay Thompson hasn't more fun. Being a part of the champion. Then you might not talk about. Then the guy who is being talked about all day and night long who hasn't won a thing. Claes got it figured out he was raised right he's you don't placed got. Claes got more money. Already let's sync clay Thompson never earned another dollar in his life he could not in this lifetime spent. What he's already made. He's doing just fine and lassie was like all right I'm images are by and ray sources and Jackson mansion sets it. Either way it's nice equity in portfolios diversified like Klay Thompson has more money right now. Then he knows what to do with so what makes him happy the Bay Area. Winning titles and been hanging models. That's it you don't altering right here. Rocco. Camper or Rocca put it this way every rock oh like the Bay Area plays I don't adore. Rocco seems to be very fabric. Scuba Steve out on the 280 freeway how are you scuba Steve. I don't do very well thank you. So. Disorder are there ever might have been a time in history really with any sport they could pick out where. One team so clearly about Molly ball there pony. Only to end up blowing it kind of how the warriors are so clearly. You know expected right now just destroy the rockets that the last performance but like could there be any risk. That's actually not going Gordon plan. Also quite tops in May be the third report most popular warrior. But I would be weeping QB right now without a doubt. Our Allah. I mean let me ask you this what grown up in your life that you know that's successful well adjusted person. Is worried about their popularity. Mean what kind. Yeah no no no no no well adjusted man or woman sits around worrying about their popularity it just does not. Happen Klay Thomson they worried about it. He's successful. He gets sick. People's opinion of him are useless to him. What is this like suppose Klay Thompson was the most popular Golden State Warriors their wives that. And two dollars and 75 cents gets your round trip ticket on Muni. Popularity. What does this prom king and queen. What what does last time you're worried about popularity I bet yeah it was right in the picking your deuce years. 8889579570. It is really good to be here I don't think we're gonna. Michelle at this particular time this afternoon shall we come on back we're gonna go through a with a fine toothed comb. How the warriors. Took the rockets not only out of game one but truthfully right out of the NBA finals that teaming going. And the Golden State Warriors will it's only a matter of time. Aided 89579570. Rain delayed Damon Bruce. Want to sit. You get it right here today I'm not a 57 game. Like 716. Good to be when you hear this afternoon didn't expect to be here. Windy this afternoon not at this time anyways we should be about half an hour into his. A news Red Sox eighty's game but his geologist told you this guys have opened in Boston we'll check back in and about an hour from now to see if they're gonna get that game in the true night. You're talking about how played tops and drop the perfect answer. Ever to Charles Barkley when asked about his popularity if it bothered him and whether or not he needs to be more popular somewhere else like a prom queen to feel good about himself. Your name comes up hurdle for a Nokia and it could be its is that it's not good for you are just so I don't I don't care. I get paid handsomely played a great place in the billions and beat people essentially junior out. And honest hard to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity so grateful dispute on this team from day one I've. Been a warrior and none of us to include beer Maxi is such a good thing going. On cut Brent. Take that sit right there I mean phenomenal Klay Thompson Tex lines as they Damon. I'm even wondering if clay was taken a shot at Charles Barkley would his comments like saints at some guys can't say that when referring to players. Didn't championships well look Charles Barkley can't say that and Charles Barkley is a guy who's been cashing in. Not on his basketball accomplishments but on his popularity. And someone says you know popularity is worth millions of dollars in endorsement deals you don't tell that to chocolate milk. Don't tell that to everything clay is already endorsing. What makes millions of dollars a match in endorsement opportunities are ready. Now the guy and the Penske dot com. Tex lines as I payday when you're talk show host you're concerned about your popularity are ill and you'd be surprised. It's just can't you don't know him TT honest constantly tell me these things to do on social media to make myself more popular than in men. You see you yet you thought I was doing the show for you know I'm not doing the show for me I'm just glad that you enjoy it. If your frequent listener this program I think you would quickly conclude act does not trying to make any friends. Or proud of that. As. It works with the lawyers. Damon like they all know they play a part they are completely different types of personalities they just bring it all together and it work. It it fits to gather. You know the whole concept of teams are all these individuals mesh perfectly together and not only did the warriors playing styles. Mesh perfectly their personalities. The waiter moral compasses are set. Who what motivates them it all just clicks so perfectly together. Tex on says he Damon he's the fourth most popular person on the greatest team may be ever. It's like being the fourth most popular person at FaceBook. Everybody who works for the warriors is live in that gold in life. He her write an hour just adds a great life. It's a great life and I'm just gonna tell you right now. And you get more square footage for less money in other places sure you can. But that's because fewer people wanna live there then right. This is. Kevin. What seasons are there there are no seasons it's just kind of nice always. Like this have happened in East Coast right now why were generated this is here now. Well what the judge been rained out like twelve times since the fifty's and I know it's it's. We live we we live with out shovels. The only shovel like a snow shovel. Nogmanian they're I don't need one of those. I don't even owner rake. I may need to rate. Yeah any are now. Yeah I it's it's it's good to be clay it's gonna be the lawyers it's good to be here and he wants to be here. Why wouldn't he doesn't care is no worries in the world about where he sits in the grand scheme of things he's didn't spot I'd be able Doherty about callais. Often it's confidence is infectious and Klay Thompson was born with the most confidence. Then most people Kemper ten Dubai because they've made a little money and lives Klay Thompson grew up wealthy. Athlete stud at hand some in Erie is still all of those things except now he's got the rings on appendages. Things are working. Things our work and. Dame in the fourth most popular warrior like be in the fourth most. Popular Beatles. I I said that before we let the red light you dead you dead. Retire right now I got arraigned on jokes you've got ray good jokes. We would all trade whatever their relatives were doing right now to be Ringo for a day. Yahoo! would be located in Ringo we wouldn't all be cool with Livan and yellow submarine. Of course he sings their dumbest song but it's okay. 'cause he's bringing god oh. Both loved by every real music fan and respected. By a real music fans. Was it the greatest drummer in the world. Now. Putting was on a pretty significant band not only is clay dobbs I'm pretty pretty significant band is. More are important to the warriors then Ringo was to keep and John Lennon's time. It's guys amazing. Skies just incredible. A tweak your from a guy named Michael says Damon now you were spouting all this stuff about the warriors. When they were up 31 vs the cavs in the NBA finals two years ago. Yes I did. And if you're asking me if I have any regrets the answer is no. I thought that I handicap that series perfectly and we are a rim out from carrier ring away from me be in right if you are. Accurate. Up 201 shot in a seven game series didn't totally get it wrong and let's be totally honest. The warriors blowing a 31 lead had an awful lot to add an awful lot more to do with things that happened off the court. As much as they did look what happened on the court. Dream on green disappearing. Certainly heard the warriors chances Andrew Bogut getting hurt certainly hurt the warriors chances. I thought for a minute last night drama green might be disappeared from that game. Drama on the green got an early technical foul with eight just I didn't quite understand it may be used trust trying to get a hardens. Head but he got teed up faxes like a minute into the game I. And right Bob Graham the Lagos not mature now where it's not my. Thank you want my mom for Shelly Martin flip my flip debate. Dram on Arnold Vermont took the Beirut being like intentionally. Wanted to do that what pardon and a spectacular game offensively. I played more defense and game last night to James Harden did so shame on him on that half of his court activity. But I don't feel bad talking up the warriors at all they are so much better than the Houston Rockets. It's it's not even funny again here's what Steve Kerr says is not optional. When it comes to be in an NBA champion what does Steve know about championships all that's right tons as a coach and a player here is Steve Kirk. It's all about defense you have to be a great defensive team to win a championship maybe just you just have to be. You're a junior out you know it's the top top defensive teams who who go deep and then when you get to this level you know you're playing against great offensive players like Chris Paul and James Harden so this was all about the defense and it has to be all about defense all series. Who's got defense in this series. Who's got lots of bit who's got hard to find bits of it. The warriors drew ripped defensively. They enter in the regular season we were little bit worried about that they decided to show up and and their defense if you know what's drop. Here in the post season they really did find that switch flipped it on and it's you know. It happened. It totally happened right in front of our eyes and right now I would like to really really congratulate. The Houston Rockets on their eight minutes of playoff significance that they enjoyed. In the first quarter of this game and I doubt there's going to be that many more look at it this like winning games Houston obviously two games I seriously go ahead and win again yank it when the series. It's just not happening. It's not. It was very obvious very very obvious. Warriors were down one at the end of the first quarter and I Tweety you go ahead is soccer's time stamp on not making this up. Warriors were down one at the end of the first quarter not tweet Houston should be terrified. Absolutely terrified because their client with a amazing energy they are at an eight plus pace. Warriors haven't even really showed up yet. And down my one. Content for with a it just it just it it. I don't mean to be. It kind of guided tells you move along there's not gonna see here but the competitive series all of a sort of wanted. I don't think we're going to be able sell that to you. And nominates say right now if this team comes back to low. On that to get out broom Hilda. Already because it'll be Al shall we boat time there is no doubt Klay Thompson he'd love to see this team go up to a about your tomorrow. Implement the playoffs because the next day will come out. In my junior to win. I mean this guy was taken threes. That are tantamount to. After shootaround practice three C was und defended at times and I really don't know. Are you can say we're here to go to the NBA finals and leave the sugar like Klay Thompson undefended like may be a great down. Maybe a breakdown. Like six times are gonna want discussion to wide open 3COM proud. The dream of mine that play takes it dribbled around the three ball. Playing. 10696. It might get Tony shakes his panic balls but timeouts. Don't crush I. That was important to make a stand we got to make it years so everybody beyond point would your assignments defensively and not even acted bother. The rockets being interest and and I mean I insist this is something else this is Obama. This series is over the question is for five or six but it's over to Houston Rockets will not. Be participating in this year's NBA finals and I am completely confident that after watching you should beat two. When we come on back you know Gionta. She thought. Doreen was common then the unsettling and so she decided she was gonna prepare a five before five well before we even had a 445 segment. It's good to plan this is this is why she is hair. We have five before five for you next here not 57 a game. Even now do some things you want to now. Hi yeah. I simply thinking. I all right it's officially time I didn't think we're going to be here but you know mother nature is tampering. In the city of Boston right now we got rain at Fenway we will check back in with the boys in the Booth at 530. They're hoping that the rain move out of town. And they'll be under way with the little baseball 830 local time 530 our time so we're standing by more hanging out until then. Why not what Delta's I don't and. Apparently not anything else except your show it as it should be this is that so. Blows really am presently is I didn't expect a stat like we didn't prepare Tuesday trifecta because we integrity and have time for one today. It turns out maybe we should this morning. But whatever. What's amazing is Jian is like I got you that's right I've got she. She really is feet. Kevin Durant of this program there's no stopping Dioner when she shoot no re you. She has got the five for five ready to go this is very impressive. Reversal waterfall me Jian a what are you get. Number one. I am the X-Factor Damon are right. There is just massive two story below ahead of James Hardy an infinite Toyota Center you might have seen it. We watched the game yesterday they would do leg but back shots back to the broadcast and show it. Well I saw like the entire rockets team assembled on the glass edifice of the Toyota Center it's like to run as one or something like that is their team slogan that's their. Strength in numbers slogan rang run is one but no I did not see a big James Harden head. Still is I mean two stories high I spoke to care effort today were assignment reporter yes and she said it was this hey you can walk through and actually be inside and James Harden said. You go into his ear in the cannot the other end is a big advertisement the mind of hardened the mind apart and we brought me witness. What if you were inside Harden ten Damon what would be going through your mind right now fewer heart and after last night's loss of the warriors. The foreign Hardin said I would go. Gave it's and it would echo like that defense defense defense because there's not in there. There's no defense and James Harden said there's no defense on James Harden court. And I tell James. And my question. For his inner ear drum would be what's your favorite vacation spot. Is typically travel agents are making plans you I don't in the NBA finals enjoy your MVP. Is that toward and for you this year. Moments last night where you know the rockets had a little momentum we Kyl like OK okay but then. Here comes Kevin Durant they just could not handle it. Now and look Harden offensively. Is spectacular. There's no one is that much better than him offensively but he is such a defense of liability. He's a player that isn't even really worth concentrating on that much I mean like yeah you. All you need to know about PM. VP award is clearly defense has nothing to do with it because James Harden Steve Nash. Are about to be MVP Steve Nash played zero defense either. And you want to side as we did. Seth Curry they say don't play any defense. He plays defense last night he also got caught a couple times. A solvable bottom died this is how stupid things aren't we can go long but yeah let's go monkey like a long five for five yet. Bowl but I shamed a publicly traded company I believe today into taking down a two week because bowl spotted dot com tried to put up. What's more killer. Chris Paul's cross over that broke stepped Curry's ankle or Travis Scott's reaction some rappers sitting courtside. My only question is like. How much of its a bit of of a huge. Do she nozzle do you have to be asked that what's cooler yeah. The guy who dribbled in made the other guy pulled down and then missed shot after they lose the game more than pointing wrap up they would score. What's cooler is winning game one what grow op. That is why eight twitters and what's really cooler none of it's cool. The pointing rapper the guy who missed a shot after the cross over a wide open jumper adding cool. You can't have a highlight if you miss the shot bowl product now not a good month. Not good to. Battalion number two thanks. I marinate. I get a chance of the lawyers haven't peaked yet. Let's play this down for unknown though there are people going to be better mistakes plan Lewis comes from those elusive the more seat. And repeal their team so mean nothing here by just wants to. Enjoy his towel and a lot of people get this opportunity. Could take a bit to get any better yet they haven't. They only were outstanding in three areas that's it there's only three areas which the warriors were just I last night. And they're very important areas and as long as the warriors are on these three areas Yang beat them. They're shot selection was in impeccable. Their defense of focus lasted for a full 48 minutes and their ball security was phenomenal. The rockets turned the ball over more than the warriors did last night that is not a stat I was expecting to see and that's what we saw so that was there or they're just fantastic. Or damage they were fantastic last night. Picking shots defending shots and not turning the ball over in the warriors check those three boxes you'll lose just that simple and without. No no he carried. Yeah. Kurt curry had incomplete leak leak. And don't look at it this way I will not remember step Curry's game one neither will you neither were lining up it was a forgettable staff curry performance. Imagine if he starts hitting threes and has a performance to be remembered what the rockets gonna do then Hillary can do about a dream on the peaks that's gonna be scary. What are other now and on his feet straight so he's there it doesn't need get a bucket to peak drama needs to play deep that would when the warriors are playing defense like that dream on speak. Number three hole. They were drama brings me my next question and I. Look future crystal ball here with everything dream on done like he says he's speaking he's shown a lot of leadership text messaging the guys before being gain. About the fact if you looked like he was gonna get a check didn't tech twice in toss from last night's game decided to. Kind of calmed down a little bit he was outstanding in the second half he held it together so do you see coached team. Potentially in dream on teacher. I think more than any other Golden State warrior playing for this team right now drain money green. Has more coaching. DNA in him in May be anyone else. I could absolutely see like Kevin Durant is a guy who plays to a a standard bit. No one could possibly live up to social reason why Michael Jordan could make a good coach does Jordan just look engine doable liking you do that I can do that. End. Like curry. A rant their skill levels that other players just simply can't even relate to. Even professional NBA players can't relate to how good they are drain money green has got that. Eat lunch pail work hard approach blue collar garbage man. But I do think translates to the masses. And he is held on court leader yeah I think drink market Appleby go twenty number four. Casey mentioned Michael Turin and it's like here insecure in my head the day leading me my next question I have time Netflix announced a ten hour documentary on Michael Jordan. First question who should be watching all ten hours in one sitting. Well there are are they going to release the whole thing like I can. I can marathon watch this thing I can power watch any Netflix does like elite they release season that at times I'm guess you get all that it once I got to be on a CD single guy Damon probably takes a Sunday afternoon and plows through the whole thing Mary Damon. Probably has to break that down. Too laughter. 4420. Okay four episodes four episodes to episodes or maybe I go 424. Okay. And two for four depends you know on it but it's going to be tough to ask my wife to just hey honey ignore me I need to watch Michael Jordan highlights for five hours. Before I watched five more hours pilots tomorrow we can do it isn't over nighter. I couldn't wait to see go to bed maybe she's traveling if she got an event coming up. She's in England right now. London England the London. And it would have been a perfect time for this has happened but look all I can tell you it is that I'm very excited 310 hourlong Michael Jordan documentary. But there's still not probably gonna give me the documentary that I've been wanting about Michael Jordan. What we say that. I wanna know why the mob killed Michael Jordan's father because he told them so much money that he had to. Basically I don't believe Michael Jordan gave up on baseball or gave up on basketball to go play baseball for a little I think that day. NBA caught him dead to rights gambling on a date I mean like something happens. The most competitive guy in the world isn't gonna be like Adam and try another sport now and I'm the best in the world the best. I just something happened something really really weird happened there and if you don't believe me his father was killed roadside. You don't think guerrilla dress that possibly mean I. Just part of the store online and look at is what I'm saying is I don't need nothing but. If you wanted to pick up. The Michael Jordan documentary that I wanna see it starts with the murder of his father who. You gonna get the nitty gritty number of. I are we're a little help from Samuel L. Jackson on this one. Yeah. So we've seen a bird to be seen cats we've seen. Ravitz we've seen all kinda cute little animals on baseball fields right cats cat all of it chip monks to my thought you've ever seen ace I think there was a hedge hog at the coliseum a couple of years ago I'm good with that it makes your very cute endearing sweet moment under the burden recently that landed on an outfielder and got a crazy number came back yeah. I was the did that eagle. There was he what does it a builder the National Anthem the tact a tact does to someone from Canada so what does naik shows up. Apparently one did at a double A game between the San Antonio missions and need Frisco Rough Riders. The ground crew was happy about this one but they had to re get off the field and get a bucket. And put it in and get rid of it out well I was freaked me out. So I saw that. By the way and that wasn't like getting all these little garden snag don't know you go to get up when they're thumbing your forefinger and is on he's holed a by the tail and away from you earlier fox note this thing was a snake. Played an actual. That could eat rabbit snake and the picture they showed it better in the media to keep its head was out of like ready to pounce. That looks scary to me in a snake countered snake on court whenever. It's different in sneak into an on court. Who cares get Steve just don't want to get TO right amen I ought to mention for the side before five before I send it back to you Damon TNT explosives and 64. Is the thing TNT every. A moyers rockets' most watched west finals game one efforts so last not in nineteen had the highest ratings of any game one ever for a western. Conference finals game 18 point eight million viewers beating out. Lakers fifteen in 2002. How about that. What's amazing is the NFL draft got twelve million viewers. Mean rank asked as just a list of names being read in the stadium. Job fair it is. Amazing to watch the warriors ruining NBA once again. I mean. Good for business is this thing. Seriously. That was great I wonder if it will continue lower if the Houston Rockets drove away some of that curiosity would there. Well if you ain't gonna show up for game one when are you gonna show open the series attitude. Well that's not such as they did they showed up eight minutes of game one and memorable minutes and war. I think Robin be wondering what's been what they're gonna do to match up better and Katie tomorrow I think I know what they're gonna do nothing. Now they have it look at this what would match up they had for direct it probably would have unleashed at last night nothing they did slowed him down. The only thing that's gonna stop Kevin Durant would be his own fatigue and did you see how pissed off he got Steve Kerr tried to take matters that game yes it. I don't even know Steve Kerr check them back to end the rant might a gotten up off the bench just walked over to score stable after he saw seven nothing run that he did not like at all. Just because. Pretty darn good. You know what. Normally right here we go big fall whole hog reset would. Grandiose top of the hour open but this is not an official Damon crucial program so it's Buick sultry station ID to begin our 5 o'clock hour you're listening to 95 set in the game KG and the FM and 81 KG and disease San Francisco your home for every warriors playoff game. Analysts that was good. Thanks on says snakes pounds from trees and they don't they fall from trees they're not pouncing. Not look at the fact that last night. Cup final looney Mick young both got on the court and played submit it would DN piece for Jordan bill Quinn could to bill McGee and Zaza Pachulia. Nick Young. Hit more threes than step curry in a Western Conference final opener on the road. And they want. And they won Nick Young hit more threes by the way Nick Young good to see that that was nice last night. Warriors a 119106. Win and it wasn't even that that that close you really wasn't. Spectacular. Performances. From the warriors pretty much to a man. The spectacular performances for the rockets. Very hard to find it beyond James Harden who like I said was just bad enough defensively. To Wear his 41 point scoring output still had him a minus seven in the game. Steve Kirk. Very happy with the way this series opened. You know our guys have been here before you know it's our four straight conference finals is not first one that we started on the road and our guys have a lot of experience and knowledge. They felt us they relish it I think it's it's a challenge tonight and and none played awfully well. They played very well someone says Damon Trevor resent 5000 couldn't stay in the game. You're right about that but Trevor reason is. Absolutely not going to be the reason why the rockets blew past one of the greatest teams ever assembled and into the NBA finals. They're not a Trevor Ariza wasn't in foul trouble away from winning and beating the warriors. All of our fear all of our regular season anxiety completely flushed. Completely flushed this is back to you straight up bring on all comers cocky and is that was a definitive. Rockets ain't got no chance to win this series victory. It was phenomenal. Klay Thompson. Did everything you wanted him to do. Kevin Durant was unstoppable. Dream on green is like I. I'm gonna show you what real defense looks like. And he settled down after he seemed to be out of control early what are you doing the second half about 21 minutes without a foul when he was plus seventeen. In those 21 minutes. They were phenomenal last night. It would dollar. Ends up starting the death lineup did not get this team off to the Cracker Jacks start that a lot of people expected. Didn't matter it was a matter of time. It was a matter of time. The warriors. They were down one after one quarter and that's when I knew the rockets were an awful lot of trouble because the rockets cannot played much better than Matt and if you cork. Only one point ahead of a team and adding really woken up yet yours you're in trouble. 888957957. Always number it's great to have you around today this is Roy it Martinez. Roy you're on the Damon Bruce show I don't. I didn't quite yet. You know Reno may not have been the best drummer in the world but he was the best drummer on the beatle. And he came up about those guys goblet addition he would be able to. Compliment the great debate. Created music better than any other driver ever. You. Roy would be totally RI Roy who do you think disinterested in any of this but you right now would you talk basketball please. Well I'm not good that's so great content he came up with the warriors and he had that back compliment. That they could have on that he'd just like all of. Players aren't mean you can't break up The Beatles like Yoko did you can't break up they're warriors and I'm saying. They're going all the way. Four games over dot. Thank you very much for the call Roy did meet a snap at you but that was a Beatles call almost the beginning and arousal worried that the we all work but here's the deal. The truth is drummers. Are the most easiest guy to replace in a band. If you can keep the beat you complain tonight. Sure there are certain ties styles and techniques that are harder to duplicate. Ringo was far far and away the most irreplaceable digital let's be totally honest. But I'm gonna tell you right now the clay Thompson would be the starting two guard on any team in the NBA. I really mean that. I think Houston would eventually decide to start Klay Thompson. Over James Harden. If they had a defense a player like Klay Thompson they'd be like wow this is what a two guard does its not a 01 way thought. I hope James Harden enjoys his gaudy numbers that are bullied by his ability to get to a line which I'm not here to. To shame. That's a skill he's got an incredible skill to get to the line. I'd much rather have played Thompson. Any day of the week on my basketball team and so would anybody who understood how championships were won and again Steve Kerr understands how championships are won it is non negotiable. It's all about defense you have to be a great defensive team to win a championship Regis you just have to be. Fear and you're out you know it's a top top defensive teams who. We go deep and then when you get to this level you know you're playing against great offensive players like Chris Paul and James Harden so this was all about the defense and it has to be all about defense a whole series. I mean you wouldn't be here if he couldn't hit shots. ID get out of its cause everybody's can hit shots to get out of this by playing some defense and right now. The rockets aren't going to be doing much of that it narrow right my Lithuanian broadcasting friend areas like it's you bet they did. We go to John in Concord John your a 957 again. Yeah let me show well thank you thank you very much top. It though or you know figure. They are bad shot there on their home court yet the best record in BA and this time should I put the warriors and about that dominate them. And they could be good but I'd like gates but like equally big Barry. I watched nick in all countries. Water opposite intact this. Though they pupil archery. That's still not it's it's still not pouncing on right. Well I'll let you in order. To pounce technically don't you have to like load your bought and then bring forward with. It. Right. Thank you thank you very much John we're gonna go down we will parties friends with viewers series it's snakes strike strike his dead they do not count snakes on co. Oil well a he can make spring forward. Apparently he can spring forward. Look look at the exact definition. How would capture prey. Right eight you know after may make may be selling a little mouse or something right but like pouncing when when I see my cat pounce on anything she like wiggles are but they need to. It. Strike got to strike and I like strike I like strike. We should we should not get lost in this. Now we are not elect where lust in a lawyers. Iraq not now it now and I've got about twelve minutes left here and we're gonna send you back to Fenway for hopefully a baseball game by the way you checked in with anybody at the Booth says it does is it raining the tarps off can we get a little bit of an update that we had any feeling of Iranian nation it's still it's still status still should. She sprinkling. She sprinkling our right then we're gonna keep on broadcasting. While it should sprinkling. In Boston. Dated 8957957. Always a number Mike isn't Oakland Mike. Gaga do might do well. Our bill and okay. Bettered that mark called. Under water right now. Wish that there are other. Law that would that would be in the spirit. I don't normally when I'm gone through the for a heart I go to a chest but he views and or is wondered at bats last night's heart. No no no no well well. Well did the billionaire. And yeah it's been a good the did you but it. Talk about. It in the and I hope and opportunity to. Alcoa. Now he didn't aided and and all it was it put Chris Paul it felt like tag game was a little bit true. Did it was too big for him at times it really did he was not the Chris Paul that was just like. Make him plays an electric all over the place he looked like he was in his first Western Conference finals and as we all know. The Golden State Warriors earned their fourth straight Western Conference finals tying the showtime lakers. He'll look for dominance I guess that pretty much puts into the neighborhood of dominance. Your browsing. Could be purchasing. Here is the sequence of the game and listen to how well defense was all over this sequence of the game. He's a form we used to rock guitars and goes like very dried my buildup. We had a great job very very kept the other way period transition that town to town just opened fire from a lot playing from downtown. No playing time just doubles the lawyer's advantage. We'd like 45 to go with a third what's amazing to. Pardon Billy the sympathy. Jailbreak of them that discreetly get down curry switched we get doubt that normally guard Harden. Otherwise it's we're sure what to do delegate every street between Perry stepped up this steel capacity hard reflected what a hard to get that back Perry steals again. That's a great yeah. Largest they gave it my dad told me want to attack out financially too to go the third at 7870. Lawyers. Really really was one of the turning points in the game you know there's an awful lot made about how. Pardon Coke Currie a few times Chris Paul even broke his ankles can be pushed off to. But to look curry he he's not taking any de merits he said he did his job last night he made Harden work. We have just heard him play the guard those situations and it requires a long way integrity. You got me ready for the match doesn't tell you shift to automated telephone you know besides the very first person game. Whether he scored not a whole idea of the word so. The biggest thing for us tonight get this Jersey he does good but there is demand averaged thirty points a game. Guys in the group stopped. You gotta be disciplined. Had a contestant she make him miss get the ball. Since I've forcing us to play along games so there you have put it won't voice for reason would it's. Yes 41 points congratulations here hold this L. Congratulations on your 41 points one nothing warriors. Dave isn't Danville Dave you're on 957 again. Hey Damon you know that's segue you. Leads right into my question one is do we have any idea what the plus minus was one they went back curry can go to our recent strategy. But he was working so hard and getting beat up a little bit but it seemed to pay off in the end. Well I can tell you that earlier gore I curry had eighteen points his plus minus is only five though it really was it was like curry came off the bench for that plus minus but. He did he get lucky capped an honest defensive effort. Where if you're asking what kind of honest defensive effort to James Harden did he was minus seven. And then they never really stood out and I wanted to give you any comments on this they really say let's bigger now. The rotation is to give or take away all the outlets on the second half in particular they seem to be getting those turnovers went pardon would get stock. And so they were able to help what they were still taken off the outlets. Did you have any insight on what they did it may be bigger bang out. Looked at play passing wind stand active hands they're looking to deflect the ball a deflection. Even if you don't. Gain possession slows down the other team's offensive plan and an and here's a deal. That the rockets had more turnovers for an isolation dribble Al air in the ball team and they can afford. The warriors had active defensive hands throughout that night it wasn't just like all plays pile little bit a we see Andre Iguodala is out there playing a little bit to deal with his fast hands it was eighteen by hand. A team by and Mike Dan Johnnie can I get his team to buy in the playing defense. No one broken down play were Shaun Livingston based they had an uncontested lay up. Do you get an uncontested layup at any point in time during a playoff game that you're hosting in your house. They just do not have. Defensive habits were disciplined to fall back on the warriors had. Out defense inhabits and discipline to fall back on rightly point Reyes. What are got Riley. David Kelly Dillon. Got a gentle or. Personnel and great Latin and not want a day like mark on them. How will take game that is very good. I. The last night Klay Thompson again not to be writing songs not just about the player book about this answer. To Charles Barkley this is among my favorite clay Thompson moments. And it happened after the game did your name comes up hurdle for the idea and it will be. It's bigger it's that good for you are just so I don't I don't care. I get paid handsomely made a play and replacing the Barea and we compete attention junior out. And on us hard to do a lot of guys never really get that opportunity so grateful dispute farthest team from day one. Been a warrior and known arms to include beer Max we have such a good thing going. Money titles in oh by the way I really like where I live. All of its good for quite. What what adult. Is so concerned about their popularity their keep and like who do first most popular and in the second most popular. That sounds like a guy. And a concern from someone who doesn't have a championship Charles Barkley. And it does Charles Barkley. Banks on his popularity. Staying right where it is is the most popular guy and that crew so we can eat tomorrow night. They're not worried about it Klay Thompson does not care. Does not care at all popularity. These are the interest of children. Klay Thompson's a man. Feeling that clay Thompson was acting like a 43 year old when he was like three years old one of those old souls out there is no doubt he had it. There's no doubt he has won. Gotti was just good last night news. He is emblematic. Of why this all fits together and working so well you don't have guys worried about their egos you don't have guys worried about the reputation. Where there Q ratings they just wanna come out here beach. There's so what was it was like whose old baseball documentary on HBO called when it was a game. I love these documentaries Easter show money HBO and they were talking about those great yankees teams and they were talkative but all manager. Is and look at Joseph DiMaggio guy. Go over and ask what is hitting. I got it out once a batting act not an. Voting RBIs again I don't. But attacking Michael Vick don't go West Coast at future hall of fame what is. Which is betting odd and. You said see that's appoint these guys don't care about their individual agendas they just come here to beechy. And that's the beauty of the Golden State Warriors that's why did the modern New York Yankees don't care about their own numbers. Forget about. No damn Drake I don't dam break night. Then it's not what they care about that's not there Jesus that's not what motivates these guys there's only one thing the motivates these guys. Stacked in titles. That's quite a more motivated during the regular season because you cannot win a title during the regular season while that one seems like a title. Yeah go ahead have used inhabit and see what suits it would to what happens then now that we're gonna offer you are now yeah. Want to do that impressed anymore I don't wanna. Jake in San Francisco your not 57 game Jake. I was brought on day and too much yet. A man what great word go or. It. Could really be going on like rent bill. This is particular to I don't like cigarette pipe off return around it's about Egypt gets better and better with more and you'll see him on key is you know right now during my. About the whole matter now is quite everybody out there looking over them has no clue what you're about to let. And it's it's a done deal poker all of our goal like that though like that current low David any department and Brett billionaire does correlate that rated. There then don't read their read them or grand. The room. I had put the rant last night got what ever he wanted no matter who guarded them. I was so put the word man on prices and and out of practice. And more days off woke pays off for me gain my shoot around practices try to put the word and so on comes to his name I'll be very prepared to say to a show us. And on the front of communism because you know I'm cool with the work that I put into you know some and so. Promise of fusion trio did it and see about that corrective. And if you don't get corrected then I am though they were going into next so so try to approach every game. And a recessionary Thomas Tapeh of course as this opportunity to just figured out there tonight I was they would make knock down a few. Let me tell it to conversation that needs to be brought to a screeching halt by the national Yahoo!'s who really don't understand how this team works. Clicks on pay attention to anything but the team's playoff games. The concept. Or the argument that Kevin Durant. Came to Golden State to ride on someone else's coattails to a title is absolutely preposterous. It's ridiculous. And I don't wanna hear it again and you feel freedom mute block on follow anyone who tries to sell you that garbage ever again. Kevin Durant came here because he understands. It's easier to cut down a tree. With the right tool than the wrong tool sure he might have taken out a tree with a sledgehammer in Oklahoma City. But they got a band saw here that just puts things down as fast as humanly possible so let's go do it. Let's go to. I am babe in the big blue box I can swing my axe once over here and take got a forest. In Oklahoma City Morgan I'm prone on the edges you're telling me I can cut down yeah. I'll do that screwed haters. I don't your daughter anymore. It's the playoffs and couldn't do it just couldn't tell. Here's what's good what do I have one more segment. I reckon made it. I need one more segment none are ready to go back to Boston until it stopped raining I'm not ready for a's baseball and I are definitely until I'm damn well already. It's it's still raining by the way like for you were not raining we'd be back to its baseball a top expert. 888957957. Now. Wanna talk about answering challenges yeah this team did head coach Steve Kerr. Our guys have been here before you know those are four straight conference finals and not first one that we started on the road ahead in our guys have a lot of experience and knowledge. They shocked us they relish it. I think it's it's a challenge tonight and and played awfully well. And it took the challenge. It's up to challenge to slam dunk to challenge will almost wasn't even challenging. After halftime. God their phenomenal. Cup final looney had himself the great game last FL news grade. You don't have swept this league has become got a big guys who can can switch independent. When you play Houston that's kind of the name of the game they're gonna have her put everybody in pick and roll and play iso one play one hour long and got a lot of guys who can guard men dom thankfully read we do alone is one of honey. Well. Right before he did an interview on court with David Aldridge. Dream on green ran up to Kevin Durant whispered something and this year. I always said. What I hope he said was this. Can you believe or kick and these guys ask who the bomb loonie is our sixth man could do or don't. Without bond loony. As the first big off the bench. And work it in your actually called bon Maloney. We didn't pick up his option. Lower picking up the Western Conference finals. Yeah. They're fantastic. They're fantastic. 889579570. Is number you wanna get in we'll let you win we got one more segment coming on up. Release still lines Douby let him and adamant we got one more segment coming up somebody gets stuck on hold them the brakes on people understand eleven more people see you wooded area people call went with the people busy with the people want and as you know we're gonna get what they want. 8889579570. Here is the plan we are gonna check back in. Boston around 545. Tonight they will take it and hopefully we'll have a little baseball. We got you until then you're on 957 the game. Sure. Yeah. A little bit of dots toy and I miss you so much this time here. Oh and we got ourselves an NBA draft lottery you we have results and for the very first time in the franchise's history to Phoenix Suns are gonna pick number one. In the NBA draft they had the most amount of balls in the hopper in the highest odds and boom. What do you know. What do you know so you figure the sun easier choices basically gonna take the kids it's fascinating from your home state Arizona. The laundry and obviously played for the Arizona Wildcats. So you gotta figure in Phoenix that would go over big. Or. Are they gonna go with the European look at Don should chew a lot of people say is worthy of being the top picks in this draft even though Dion Drake eaten. It is like nineteen years old and already bigger than click compel. So that's gonna be interest staying in Travis should one think they all Oshawa anger. The Atlanta Hawks seem Dick's third. So very very interest saying NBA draft that the Golden State Warriors want a part of at all and isn't that refreshing for a change and it's a change it is certainly common. Wolf will be this way for a really long time you know. I'm sick and tired of saying that the warriors are here ruining NBA because the NBA has always been quote on quote ruined by a dominant team. And all you need to the only person who would tell you don't want the warriors have done is unfair is someone who is young enough and dumb enough to not understand the history of the sport. Let's go over the are unfair shall lead starts in the sixties with the Celtics they had nine hall of famers in their core players they had. A five time MVP a one time MVP and another one time MVP in their hall of fame coach was read our back. Excuse me they didn't go to the eighty Celtics. They had three hall of fame core players a three time MVP a one time MVP and a hall of fame coaching Casey Jones. Then he can go to the showtime lakers showtime lakers had three hall of fame core players a six time MVP a three time MVP and hall of fame coach and Pat Riley. What about those who ninety's bull by the way were just knocking down decade after decade here in case you aren't scoring at home. Nine these bulls had four hall of fame core players the games gold standard in Michael Jordan. Who was a five time MVP and they hall of fame coach in Phil Jackson. Go to V out late 92000. Spurs well they have for hall of fame core players to MVPs and hall of fame coach in Gregg Popovich. Go to the Miami Heat. Three very likely hall of fame core players for. Time MVP played for them and you know Erik Spoelstra. He might not be in the hall of fame but he certainly in the hall of very very good. And then the next dynasty the EC is the Golden State Warriors as they're currently built what do you know three to four likely hall of famers in their core. A two time MVP and one guy a one time MVP in another and a guy who could absolutely be looking as a hall of fame coach. Anyway anyone anyone catching any similarities. Between all of these teams and dynasties. On tell you right now that Golden State Warriors drafted. Everybody you are or aren't about except Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant was the top free agent on the board in the summer in which he signed him last time I checked that was called how you build team. Draft well signed the best free agent available. With the warriors are doing truly is light years ahead anyone who wants to make fun of Joseph lake and for saying that is. Absolutely out of the loop this guy was right. But we Kevin Durant was also right not wanting to come out of that game last night he says he never wants to come out of the game. Our understanding there was a point where our trust co chairs are warming the best part about it is that we had those conversations and and we can move past some pretty quick so. There we got to do you know. Yeah glad to get W. And you know when he got a guy like Steve Kerr sometimes can make a decision the you don't like but he realized you know somebody need to be saved yourself because I'm gonna tell you right now Kevin and this is about buying new form and it's at the end of the game reform and it's right now Foreman it's at the end of the game probably means more. And you have a team that has built it bought in total. 8889579570. Let's wrap up our calls here our final segment today before we get you back. Did she home back this is Alberts. Called from 101 what's going on Albert. They gave it rubbish you OJ got I hear are the result late. I'd like to bring up the point of what I think epitomizes what you going to right now you remember. A couple of it would dollar Durant drove pickup and not down or re done in the camera with a big right on and. If you ready to split he really hit I don't know what to do and I think that that he's in his right now I don't know what it. Oh they don't have the answer to the questions they're being asked by the warriors there's no doubt if you're a big believer in body language. The rockets body language in the final five minutes of that game. Their bench and their body language in the post game press conference. And Mike DN Tony's work like Mike DN Tony was talking about this like that was the elimination game. In now I mean his whole like we need to come out with more intensity you can't. You can't. The rockets opened that game. Eleven out of ten. You tell me they got twelve that attend all former game do if you do you should open game one would that. Charlie is in San Mateo Charlie you're on the numbers show. Hey there can be academy got it glad to tell you that I did the unthinkable idea that I'd get the best of me. The wrote in a bit about the meat and a billion orders by. So now I have to and perform a little strip is for my late friend. That's should we feel bad for her tail. You know it's clear and honest guy. There's not a lot of good not a lot of people are confident enough to admit that they don't look very good naked and not a lot of people cardinal admit that they bet against the warriors last night here on the warriors flagship station Charlie you get. A quarter for your honesty this afternoon and you also get made fun of by Steve Kerr who gave you all the gambling advice he needed post game. I'm taking the warriors plus one and a half. Sorry. I read I read that whole story about gambling this morning and night. So I guess now on the London and announced my my picks for the week. Stay away from Boston Mardi didn't really going to be careful almost game twos. It's. Adam silver on line two I'm. About to get find it. Looks and let's start over the past. But it it's. Phenomenal by Steve Kerr joking around like down on the day where sports gambling Scott oral band was overturned by the Supreme Court. I wonder though if Adams already Coleman's like you know what I appreciate a good since he emerges like the next guy but Ickes may on the gamble and today. Chatter about it just yet not yet we're not quite there yet. But still Steve Kirk funny guy. Great guy. And he's got an entire roomy now of the palms and you don't bother me. Is he's quest these reporters are all trying to get too cute answer had occurred like to think to do and Damon Kristy curry interview but they got that kind of report. But they got that kind of connection. Ask your questions don't be cute. They you know Steve you reminded me a lot of Kevin Durant. Almost. Said no one. Heard that last night don't even know last question but it was. Desperate wasn't it reeked of desperation. Pay this is being broadcast on TNT maybe I can make highlight. About this from the text like hey Damon enchanting start smoking weed with listeners if they make donations to the Guardsmen. Interest seen. You mean eight they smoke a Thon for charity. I mean let me ask have a best. We talked to my program director and our lawyers and it'll give me trouble later at a comedy if not. We might have to do that. Tony is in San Francisco Tony welcome here on the day membership out. A year period beyond today. You are absolutely the master we're metaphor but I really got a chuckle out of year. About the buzz saw that that was excellent and I and keep on him got me fired up there that you kind of stole my thunder. I wanted to talk about James Harden Chris Paul body I'm scared it was atrocious and not the metaphor I would use they. He actually did try year. I mean he resisted all slumped shoulders and you know every comma or question would be you've gone wrong really know. They absolutely. They ask pardon specifically about the rant Harden. Based who's just like. And I mail soon. But that was his answer I mean the de de Aaron nothing. Nothing no. No why did leave no worse still immense like I know what a team who loses but still believes looks like and I know what a team we just got their souls snatched from them looks like. And they Houston Rockets look like that last night Tony. I think all right let's go warriors. Thank you very much for the call appreciate you listen and Mario in Salinas woody got Mario. Aren't paid Damon and I. Take bank that they might cry got a great idea on the morning so early is that where French patrol are in carting and every time the warriors. Both on the street though right they should check NDP for everywhere here. And yet have brought it to ever be any free throws an MVP moment. Shark go aren't sure you know what he died in the best way to troll the Houston Rockets. Ignored them. I'm not taken any date for many easy either guy yesterday Gionta. Who was Johnny tough guy on the tax line with the Houston area code remember read a couple of did a couple of visitor yeah her anything from him today cricket. Haven't heard anything from Johnny confidant. Yesterday he was telling me how much little I knew about basketball and what does small lineup was or wasn't about to do and what Clint Capello was or wasn't about to do and James Harden has committed to defense like never before. And Mike Dee Antonia is absolutely got this team clicking on all AA should opt. You're wrong. You're really wrong. In the warriors will be advancing to the NBA finals. It's only a matter of time there is nothing Houston can really do about this but maybe. Get Loretta hot like 824 a fifteen night from downtown and that's not to overcome a good defensive effort. But when it comes a good defensive effort Houston there is sort of defense and adding it could change. You know in order to DV. We can flip that switch team you've got to be a team with this switch to flip the warriors they've had they've had a three years they know where it is on the wall to define it in a dark room. They Houston Rockets couldn't even tell you where their own switch its. They dole not node and every bad in this room before. Chris Paul certainly never been in this room before. So. I guess that's it for tonight. I guess at that we are gonna do a largely Portman and shown on the we stretch it out to about. Well from what add the rain has stopped in Boston I checked in with my weather friends that channel 50 very nice guy unofficial update good to be a part of the official weather friends clear why the thing. 51 pitch is what they're planning which means we should get you. Back to Boston post haste we've got one more minute we'll just remind you of a couple things number one. On tomorrow for a planned ninety minutes ahead of warriors warmup. Which is gonna start around 430 so we got two from three to 430 tomorrow. And then. As this East Coast road trip continues for the a's in moves into war so we're not have to worry about whether they're going to be in Toronto after Boston so. We are definitely going to be off air on Thursday and Friday this week which means Gionta has twisted my arm enough. Give me dual podcast. Or something like that little bit later on FaceBook a lot of offers something all right so we'll do that at some point. Yeah god forbid we don't have one moment of the day member shop. But this is an awful lot of fun I'm glad we had extended time today we needed it after the warriors basically ended the rockets last night. The formality still does come thank you very much LB Gionta Alain remember sports don't build character they reveal. Like that. Screening containers and your partner anymore.