DB Show - Warriors drop Gm 4, Manaea no-no, Belt 21 AB, Tim Roye, Brian Baldinger, Sean Manaea

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, April 23rd
Damon recaps the sports weekend: Warriors can't complete sweep in San Antonio, Sean Manaea no-hits the Red Sox, and Brandon Belt makes history with a 21 pitch at bat in Anaheim, Damon is then joined by Warriors voice, Tim Roye, a weird story about Mike Schumann and a jacket, and joined by NFL analyst, Brian Baldinger, and Mr. No-No himself, Sean Manaea. 

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Really good to be with the new beautiful Monday here in San Francisco hopefully wherever you are nice and beautiful zoo was not beautiful for the warriors in game four in San Antonio. So why the loss of well we'll get into all of that today it was an awesome weekend of NBA basketball. We've got a's and Rangers coming up tonight nationals are in town which means Bryce Harper is in town to take on the giants tonight it is NFL draft week. Me and NFL draft. This is a really interesting NFL draft and obviously would back to back picks nine in ten 49ers and raiders we got a lot to talk about. But we got to look bad what happened over the weekend as well lo show on my and I have no. We're come odd. You know I know there's been a lot of complain you guys don't talk about BA's enough while the a's don't make the news or not they really don't. But they just went out had themselves a nice week they had a pretty good weekend. And I tell you you move flirt with a history. You get attention that's how would go lose bottom of the eighth kitty get one more. Now. It's global. It's possible history and progress here with a win soup down into about a new. So yeah. Got a wireless line. It baseball. At the coliseum and on this Saturday night against the Boston Red Sox the hottest team in baseball. Do we go to the bottom and you can still free nothing. How many times. As an a's fan muttered to phrase hottest team in baseball over the last 48 hours. It really does say something and it makes that no hitter a little bit different than other no hitters really does when it was over and done width. McKnight yeah he got out of the eighth. You get out of that ninth two not without some controversy. Now without a few great plays behind them Ximian blood that's totally an error the whole. Deal on the base pat did he get a little lucky there are sure good. Take it history can corps act with a call. And the Soviet duo bit. And it's on the way and it's wanted to drop the. Yeah. Yeah. Those seven no hitter in Oakland Athletics history. Good comments on that one you persevere brought 2008 to. Can score act with the call ordered a little dolls Gore's snuck in there must mean we have some playoff hockey to look forward to this week as well. We have Sean May not idea to look forward to today he's scheduled to appear at 415. East dug out show begins at 430 today Gionta Tim Roy at 330 we're gonna start talking NFL draft Brian bald fingered for a clock. How are you know how was the weekend the week it was a great. Day yeah actually yeah really nice summoning good mood. I I I I woke up this morning haven't done something I've ever done inside a San Francisco city limits what's that I mowed my patch of grass stuck bit. I have it. They gave rotating blade mower well push mower Yahoo! I mode in my a patch of grass it took a grand total of three minutes to accomplish its peak but I did it Mike Green thumb is out there. I'm love and you're a homeowner unbelievable. Unbelievable. How about this 957 the game never misses history and to prove it not only did we bring you the show on the night and no hitter. All week. Was on reconnaissance. Sort of really more like at a buddy's bachelor party fit you're down Southern California over the weekend you need happened to go to the giants. Angels game and he was there for history. Brand and about 100. Russ and an idol on the other reported zap the bad guys aren't counted why anyone pitch at bat I'll bend history its roots. Vowels. But it felt pelted good we did. You start to see the body language about Korea. But like his little frustration out there to recruit. IPod NBC sports Bay Area obviously if it's it took to mean there's something very funny bit. Since like 1988 re so for those are saying this is the longest at bat in the history of baseball like take a breath you can't prove that we don't know that. But it took a long time. It did out of a thirteen minute long that all of those pitches. An at bat like that in the first Denning is officially is devastating to a pitcher is a Grand Slam could be it takes an awful lot out via. Very impressive but I still. And this is a cheap shot and I'm taken it. Isn't it amazing that Brandon belt air quotes record comes with him making an out if I may not visit. There's nothing. About that guy that'll ever make total perfect sense he seven real nice stretch for Brendan Bell on Wednesday he had a home run on Thursday don't run on Friday he celebrated his thirtieth birthday. On Saturday it's a home run on Sunday he had a home run and has a 21 pitch at bat and Al we just happened to be down there for the whole thing. Will you ever forget the moment in your entire life felt you know I was actually at the Matt Cain perfect game as well as well so this I don't know this is right up there became perfect. I love an underdog it was awesome I mean we got down there we Scott settled in bright red the National Anthem and next thing you know it's like ten pitches generally kind of along at that what's going on here and then. Next thing you know my body pulls us phonies like on Google and most pitchers ever. And people are certain talked to each other in the words these are there between each fell boy here mumbling losing grounds and apparently what's going on here like what what that's going on. The stadium starts to become aware. Of what's happening because again it was a first inning at bat second at bat of the game so people are still finding their seats they're settling and you figure out here I am during the middle of the Brandon belt at bat. Yeah apple at the MLB app that app and I was like looking at the hot cold zone with all the different colors blue green red strike ball foul ball and then the next thing you know it's like. Is this guy actually get a break the record and people start rooting for foul ball dramatic style ball Iran's on their feet churn this guy. It was incredible it's hard just to branded a bad bet then ten minutes later it's still justice Brent bell lab that it's. It's not so the amazing that you're there's a history for both sides of the bay. Oakland officially wins the Tug of war contest between attitude all taken no hitter over it's 11 pitch at bat. Any day of the week and that's why we got Sean and I are joining us today again at 415 that should be good so. Warriors drop game four in San Antonio and what we've known about this team all year is totally on display. In this game in the beginning in this game and throughout this game. If the warriors really really wants something it's Bayer's. I didn't think that the warriors came out thinking that game four was that important. And it led to early swap which led to their defeat. Shaun Livingston said look yet to four quarter game and even though they got tight in the fourth quarter of the game was absolutely and shouting distance under five minutes to play I think the warriors were in sixth. That's a two possession game obviously. This game was lost early on Shaun Livingston says it was lost in the first quarter. That is the first corner and ask playoff basketball community as you see them every possession every quarter. There are no rules and then and only do buffalo team comes out you didn't confidence from basketball. You know we had to it. List like who is who's the star role. Of the warriors losing its or sixteen turnovers that's the starring role. In the loss but. You know it was a bad game I ostensibly for Dray mind it was a bad game Klay Thompson talked me say this. This loss was on Klay Thompson. You know say very much saying that to you right now and we'll explain a little bit later on. We love clay we don't expect clay to have two bad games in a row but he had a bad game in game four there's no other way to look at it. Turnovers galore slop galore and you know what you got to do when life Dioner just to let people know you're paying attention and you're not only. You know it's a cease Austin into got to see you get a saw it teeter you gotta teeter you gotta taller. Full tip of the cap and a sportsman salute. To the sync it to the San Antonio Spurs in mileage and open. I mean. You know every now and then you've got to give a little credit where credit is due. And the spurs just have way too much pride to go out in four. And I respect the hell out of that Manu. You're awesome. You really really are awesome we're gonna talk about Manu Ginobili I don't Patty Mills you know here's a guy who only had nine points. We've got to where Patty Mills ever since he was over Moraga at Saint Mary's. Like that guy is. Just a fuss budget mean there's no other way to say it's like the only F word I'm allowed to use on the air about Patty Mills. He is frustrating. He is a gamer. He is it like a little bit dirty a little bit nasty. A little bits off to a just and I weird combination. But he's right in the middle would good games and he was a game best plus 21 in that game I mean you knew that it wasn't going to be the warriors today. As soon as LaMarcus Aldridge would drain money ball blanketed all over him banked in a three the bank was open. On Sunday in San Antonio LaMarcus Aldridge totally getting away with one if you don't believe me here's out Tim Roy called. The familiar game. Here's in south central Texas goes first gold medals spitz after all return gave one dribble pump fake dribble didn't quite Aldridge have to shoot it would want me. I mean it was one of those you're not get a win today and I think that pretty much as the cosmos tapping on the shoulder right there and let you know you're not gonna win today hopefully. The warriors decide to win this bad boy in five that game is going to be tomorrow and we're going to be talking about it with Tim Roy coming up. At 330 it's great to have you here we still don't know what the sharks are gonna get back out and but as soon as we do will share that information with UConn NHL seriously give us a couple options like start narrowing it down for us we don't need total mystery. Thank you very much Gary Bettman and we got a great show for today we're gonna get out here by 430 meaning that a's baseball is on a little early this afternoon. Which means Tim wise coming up at 330 Brian balding heard 4 o'clock and missed her none no himself show on the night is gonna join us today and we're really looking forward to that. Here on the day membership. How could you might find seven thinking. Yeah are really looking forward talking with a Sean an idea about them not do you have half. That's like Johnson era and it just keeps on dividend on the John and I am no no. Just don't show on Leno and help. Nine's. Forget about Sean and I yeah. Pretty impressive. Pretty impressive indeed. Hopefully this will be a good week of baseball it keeps on rolling into this week to baseball for the days you know it's one thing to know hit the royals and mariners whatever. It's another thing entirely to know hit the Yankees the red socks the cubs or cardinals who won the marquee teams and really all baseball it's another thing. To go well. Against the hottest team in all of baseball. Men eye is yeah. Is the only known noted come against the team where they winning percentage of 895. Or better entering the game it's the highest in Major League history in terms of. No hitting a win percentage at least five games into the season. He allowed three base runners two walks one error by Ximian and that was an error it was not eighty a drop ball sure it was a hundred but it was just a but I know prominent error all neither should you need to shoot anyone. Red Sox were seventeen into they'd scored at least seven runs in four straight games pretty impressive he is coming up today. In about an hour from now we are going to have Tim Roye join us. In just a little bit you know it's NFL draft week I am excited about that the path to this draft. Is going to be determined by New York City. You know they say like you know. The road to the Super Bowl goes through candlestick a road to the Super Bowl goes. The road to this NFL draft really does go through New York you've got the giants and the jets they are so weighted to pick to win three in this draft. I think the Buffalo Bills are a prime candidate to crashed this party by treating into the top ten. There're at least three teams taking quarterback and it could be the very first three picks. It can go quarterback quarterback quarterback. May be Cleveland. Would get a little. We'll spicy little clever think we also got the Fort Dix so we can go. So Morales in the take a quarterbacking left over like who ever isn't drafted that'll be the guy we take and Witasick one Barkley. Number one overall or something like that. So unless Cleveland really shocks us. In lusted Dalton straight into the top ten in shot Derek. There really could be 34 possibly even five quarterbacks off the board B Ford the 49ers are picking at nine in the raiders are picking at ten. And what are you know what an unbelievably. Good stroke of luck for both the 49ers and raiders and neither picking quarterback. Neither looking quarterback would their number one selection how this whole thing plays out is gonna be really interest sting can you imagine. Let's say to chalk talks there really is quarterback quarterback quarterback quarterback people are trading up quarterback Willie Nelson goes corners are off the board defensive ends are off the board. And then. Even though no one what do verdict this on the day of the Columbine when he was like. Oh he could be the number one pick in the draft you never know he can beat the number one guy he is no one ever had about a comeback and sink while Barkley on my god look at this kid from Penn State he asked to go in the top two when the top three in the top five maybe number one overall. There is a couple scenarios and I've been looking at every single mock draft I've I've seen mock draft several versions of the same person doing a mock draft. There are few month residency Guam Barkley following the nine. If he does the 49ers already have breed they already gave a ton of money that Gerry McCann then. They're open for business John Lynch will be open for business if teams are trying to come in to take on Barkley did not. This whole thing is gonna be pretty interesting. It's coming up on Thursday in unless the warriors do the unthinkable and roll over not to play in game five on their own home court. And drop tomorrow night's game. Which I just don't see them doing I think the warriors are gonna focus and watched tomorrow night's game more than they wanted gained forty C. You're gonna have to five blacked Oakland anyway so he couldn't can just continue your your run in San Antonio you have to fly back here anyways you don't have to do. Is fly back to San Antonio. And that's something in the warriors I think are gonna go very much out of their way to avoid I don't expect Klay Thompson clay dobbs and a bad bad games back to back yeah. I hope so. I hope he's right about that don't know. Sixteen turnovers. For the warriors that certainly plays a starring role in their defeat. I mean just look at some of the play by play early there was a shot clock turn over you and Andre Iguodala turn over you and Kevin Durant out of bounds bad pass turn over UN had to grant bad past. You don't LaMarcus Aldridge steel. You at a time out four minutes into the game they'd already committed four turnovers they come out of that full time out dream I'm green turnover. It was just a rough start. The team shot 38% and gained 25%. From downtown. And look if you really need to blame this on somebody to guys you're looking for really someone to point the finger at. This is I Klay Thompson entering Mark Green. They combined to shoot eight for thirty from the floor in the reef for twelve from downtown dream on going just one of six. But at least great month and walk away saying that he had eighteen rebounds and nine steals. Which kind of puts this game on clay. Was a game worst minus eighteen. Fourth quarter possession. He had a what was Danny Green block them. Got the rebound back with Denny did a pump fake and he traveled went to a what are the last thing we talked Klay Thompson travel. At a double dribble. Clay was four of sixteen and 42 minutes he only got to the wine twice. He was a game worst minus eighteen it was just a bad day for him. And I don't think we're gonna see another bad day from Clay Johnson here's a crazy that the warriors. Did not play well. They played. All right at times in the game but they were never really anything better than a C plus B minus. They were still in that game. They were still looking at a chance of winning this game in the fourth quarter. Disperse cannot play better than that. The spurs can't shoot Bennett Matt. They knocked down everything. They were. Every single time the spurs took day. Hey here's a three that's either going to give the warriors a two possession game going the ball the other way. Or it's gonna be the three that puts this two possession game back out to nine. Every single time the warriors had that. Got a hit a three here to cut it they didn't every single time the spurs had their got to hit a three year to keep the warriors at bay they did. They're not an issue like that again. Your hot red hot. And you know why I honestly. If you're a fan of basketball this was an awesome weekend of NBA basketball all kinds of fun things happened this weekend around the NBA. One of the most fun things. Is looking at Manu Ginobili the ageless wonder these second oldest man. India NBA Vince is the oldest bins the kings that'd make the playoffs so. Manu Ginobili is the oldest still playing. NBA player on the planet. And of course he has a my career is not over yet I got at least one more in the game let me tell you. I know your warrior fan I know warrior fans got no love for anyone else to really extend. When Manu Ginobili comes off the bench. Give him a standing ovation at ORACLE Arena when Manu Ginobili goes back to the bench the final time he gets pulled off the court. Give that man standing ovation march and June noble. It's for real deal man. Ginobili. I was so happy for him I really wise he's like you know. Why am I ordered the I got the bar to spot I am Betty or now. Is authority I have I stared. A very much competitive fire at an art to go. And he just keeps on common and common and common and common and I respect the hell. Out of Manu Ginobili and you should to one of the best ever. Basketball fantasy names. When I was in an NBA fantasy league years ago I didn't did not anymore the only fantasy I do his football now. But NBA did as he had a a guy is the money's bald spot. Was the name of the team monitors bald spot but analysts think fantastic. Steve Kerr talked about how we even Mel Oman who put the dagger in his heart. He was happy. To get dagger by that guy. Are you should go back to mourners. I smiled when he made that quarter three right in front of us at the end of the game it was just so typical modern you know 41 years old and sixteen point soon. You know it saved the clinching 3COM. He's motto I know he's all because he was my teammate and I'm oldest jerk and slow and if I played with him he must feel. A great quote from Steve Kirk. But seriously he was impressive. Give a little credit to San Antonio San Antonio. Had every emotional excuse available. To pack up and go home. They didn't that is a veteran Lleyton veteran team it probably doesn't need one more plane ride back to oracle but they played four. They played to extend this year they know they're not gonna win this race. When you know you're not gonna win the series and it's about professional pride will you even extend the series Kenya trying will you try. Very impressive. Very impressive that's it that's the heart of the champion they won't be champions again any time soon they're championship window closes right here. I think why Leonard is absolutely taking his ball and going somewhere else next year this is a weird weird turn of events. It's very sad that it had to end like this with the passing of Gregg Popovich his wife. A bomb it's just did you know it comes true dramatic close when it comes to a dramatic close. Good on news San Antonio. And wait Abbott champions puddles here that absolutely. Absolutely meanwhile. Pelicans just sit there resting and waiting resting and waiting resting and waiting. This series. By the way had the warriors wrapped it up they would not have started game one against New Orleans. Earlier than already schedule so it's not like. All ages cost themselves a chance to rest it's the same amount arrest for staff no matter what the big guy go one on here but obviously it's the guys who were playing. And the encore risk that always associated with the an NBA game that you have to worry about but I do think that they will handle their business. Tomorrow night they just seemed a little disinterested they played disinterested. In game four warriors when they're cornered me have to have something they take it they're not corner if it isn't one of those you gotta do this right now. They don't. And that has been a theme of the year that theme certainly took place in game four Tim White. Voice of the Golden State Warriors joining us here on 957 game always a pleasure Tim thank you very much. Hopefully he had a good timing game three I don't game four wasn't exactly what anyone wanted to see. It was a weird start and it seemed like they were just disinterested or unfocused in so many of those bad habits we discussed throughout the year work. Were on display in the first five minutes of that game. That's kind of look at who they are sometimes they have it whacked around a bit before they respond and it's a dangerous thing but it's also you know. It's it's something they respond to something they react he could tell by. The comments after the game debt that was a disappointed. To hand them a little bit angry. You know locker room there and so I I think that's. That's something I think bent. That this team has done very well in the last eight years so respond to things like this. But that unfortunately. I think again at times they have to go. Early in order to figure it out to Roy is brought to us by Mancini sleep world simply the best night's sleep hopefully got a good night sleep back in your own bed that's usually enough to get a team focused and I think the warriors focus issue in game four. Will evaporate by the time this thing tips off tomorrow. I give San Antonio an awful lot of credit for wanting one more game in Oakland I think the warriors are Smart enough to not want a flight back to San Antonio here. Yeah I I think so I had and let's face it did the spurs were really good at home this year not so good on the road they were 338 at home that's a better home record in the lawyers that. So they respond to their home crowd and in I think part of that is at that they have. A team full of guys who are who arc. On not star players yet and so I think they're the ones to kind of ride the crowd wave loaded more than the start to the stars kinda do their own thing. And so. So I I I think the lawyers and be ready tomorrow night that program really expect the game to mourn them orders. Manu Ginobili c'mon amid like unhappy forum I really am that guy. He's brought his lunch pail to work every day for as long as I can remember this guy's been in the league for what 1820 years now and he just. He's got the competitive fire of a rookie here I'm impressed by the guy love Manu Ginobili on the forever. Yeah I think I think we worry we look at two guys. Who don't cheat the game this year Vince Carter haven't been granted this car had a little you know brain freeze in Alaska and against the the lawyers but that's not Julius you know we know that. And but these two guys they don't keep the game and insular still play their forties and Emmett Till we changed the way. Guys attack the basket or or. Way back up maybe he didn't change but he helped change the way guys attack the basket because. You'll be year old step was not really vogue you know what he got it till eight. But guys like Ginobili showed. That you could attack the basket got going on straight line you can drift a little bit you can still go to your left and score if you he America for the right hand side. And and I think dec changed the way you have to defend guys now hand and he has a lot to do that and atlas yes certain flair for his game and no moment was to victory. I mean he hit big shots and big series clinching game clinching shots. There's the Euro stepped there's that. Under handed scoop shot that he was aria sort of one of the signatures to ease to spend it doing it at such a high level for such a long time. Eddie gotta respect a future hall of Famer no doubt about it. How awkward and how weird was the settings before games three and four obviously the passing of Erin Popovich. Was sick on everyone's mind I know that San Antonio. Didn't acknowledge it in arena per Gregg Popovich is request but that is apply all the hangs over proceedings. Yeah it it just it had just a very. You know weird sense about it you know in the lives you know pop his ever present he's a big dynamic. Personality. He's always there in the hip and him not being there. And not being mentioned and you know I think it special for game three out the fans really knew what to do. Before that game might I don't think they were. Really as fired up as they were for game four much different crowd in game four I think before game three I think they're a yeah I and I understand group outrageous. Feelings about hey let's give about the basketball game not about you know his family wants to dispel a situation where it is. And that's his right but I on the other hand I thought the fans wanted a moment. You know I think they wanted yeah. A moment to show their their grief and it showed there their love for further head coach in and who's a big part of that town I mean. Yeah that that he you know what's in the Bay Area who was a beer or identify. Itself when it diversity. Culture. You know our professional sports teams that are symphony in and that Golden Gate Bridge every we have so much around here. For a town like San Antonio it's it's a smaller smaller towns that really a big city and so. You know the spurs are a source of civic pride. And the fact that they've been this gold standard in the NBA that means a lot of those those people it's it's a big deal and you know what in the spurs play it's kind of like 88 community gathering if you will you know who's who would Santonio is going to be at dispersed it. Tim Roye joining us part of our who's who lineup we got mr. no no himself show on May ninth joining us and about our. Half an hour from now we're going to be talking with I think it's gonna be a lot of fun talking and many advance. EE EP. He poured some water over the hottest team in all of baseball he really really did. We got Brian balding or talked an NFL draft by the way my big NFL draft showed Tim if we have a game six gets canceled. So I really need the warriors. Tomorrow night to close this thing out I've been preparing way too much it's one of my rare opportunities to work with Greg pop up on Dana dogs and I mean here don't oh please tell Yuban. You know who that did that defensive back for Middle Tennessee State how old I got his game nailed I am ready let's talk backpedaling and hips swivel for at least four hours in a row but seriously Tim looking back I thought you were still talking football player yeah yeah sure why not think that our bottom. A rare bad game for for Klay Thompson I mean you don't say that very often like a clay to set a bad game. Had a bad game click did not play well he meant travel and an important possession late in the game. He just seemed often was he off because it was clay just off the word did you see something defensively they gave medic. Now what that they will first all the spurs were more fiscal night game that was their most physical game that was are by far their best offensive game lawyers did respond to it. And I think part of it was. They were letting the ball stopped too often that was that was only what the fourth time all year I think that the wars have less than twenty assists a game. And so when the ball's not moving that. That really doesn't give clay the kind of look he needs you know I mean he he has to fight for his shots and and that's not what. You want Clady did you want clay curling up those periods getting a clear look at the basket and then it's money it's it's it's done it's in the Internet. And so I think his struggles were right impart what what the team was going through because the fact that they'd just didn't have that that spark. That oh lead that force if you will. To the playing game for the spurs catch it goes away. Some of that away but as you point out you know they came out first possession 1242 shot clock violation. Coming of those we see in the in the course the regular season nominate him. You know so sec had told you that maybe their focus just wasn't there. So I don't think wherever gonna seed Patty Mills inducted into the hall of fame but if there oral hall of pain in the rear end CB a first ballot hall of Famer. Yeah what is about Saint Mary's guard does seem to get the warriors problems serious it's it's. He's you know what they give him credit ease ease of eve Reid get his game he didn't have that Shelley guys any so like consistent shooter. But he get it going and and he can hit a three point shot he did not have that we definitely so I get enough Democrat Tim Davis don't yet. He he's done agreed to a great job. Did not mean to step on you bear my friend to see his why he works along normally because they stepped back a thank you so much always good talks you always love the crystal clear IST line connection. It's always fun and and by the way they're there. Are some tickets that are either being resold or available at lawyers dot com for game five ethics of people weren't sure there was going to be one. So there are tickets available go to worries dot com and you cannot see that hopefully suited up wrap this up in the brain of the birds in the Big Easy. Click enroll in two or hit your tickets are a lot of it I love it what pelicans that's going to be an interesting series but I'll be saying what were at a time we'll talk to him about the pelicans when it's actually pelican time right now thank you very much are. Kilroy the man the myth the legend. The play by play voice the Golden State Warriors of course the have a call tomorrow night. Looking forward to all of that one other very weird thing happened in San Antonio involving a sports coat and a local. Sports anchor and we're gonna talk about that. A very weird. Very weird turn of events next. 517. Welcome on back it's great to have you here money coming up in this next hour we're gonna take you to about 420%. Per. Perfect. It's going to be a big steam and big. Huge segment four years until we get jobs to a little eighties baseball tonight by the way Easter at the Rangers Trevor Cahill against Matt Moore. Gales only work seven innings so far this season they've been seven good one sees one and oh with a zero across the board ER ABA's are eleven and eleven. Trying to get over 500 the first time since opening day stay hot gentle Lowery one of the best hitters in all of baseball right now six home runs 43 RBIs. Bryce Harper tied for the lead. Home run lead in the National League one of the scariest sitters on the planet he's in town Crist revenues look good in a couple consecutive starts. He faces a challenging lineup tonight though GO Gonzales Chris Stratton from AT&T park. NASA in giants we got Brian balding or at the top of the hour we're gonna talk a little NFL draft with him. Then coming up at 415 scheduled to appear if all goes well would batting practice. And so on and so forth. Sean and I yeah. AKA Sean minnow no. Is gonna join us around 415 we'll talk about his slice of history that will never ever ever be forgotten. Talk about this though when I need to put a couple disclaimers here number one I know the people involved. Number two. I think all the people involved a really really nice people. And number three that leads me to believe that this is just one buried large odd misunderstanding. I certainly hope that that is the case. I'll share with the the story as it was written then I'll give you my thoughts on the story. This comes from the athletic. As visible. In a video. Recorder by warriors assistant coach Jarron Collins. Key geo TV sports anchor Mike Schulman grabbed a jacket belonging to Ralph walker. Rough walker is the warriors director of team security. I guess Schulman did this is he exited AT&T'S senator following San Antonio's loss in game three. Are following it warriors practiced late last week during his first round playoff series. So old so I excuse me my original. Understanding of this is that he took suck or who is alleged to have taken a jacket. From game three in got sent home by game four apparently this happened. At a practice. There's still got sent home yet despite shipments attempts to apologize to several members of the team. And ABC sending him home from San Antonio after the incident. He was not part of ABC seven's post game show on Sunday several players have told observers. That they felt a double standard is possibly at play in and of course the story. Takes the turn you know with the media member of color have been caught stealing a team employees property. And look I don't wanna talk about what it means from a racial standpoint. All I have to say. Is that this whole thing is really really weird according to multiple sources who covered the team several prominent players of voice these concerns. In our indicating that they will not brush this incident aside okay well. So a players practice facility a player's locker room players' clubhouse that's. Sacred ground you'd don't bring anything and you don't take anything else. You don't ever steal any game used sock sanitary Jersey. Ball bad basketball nothing. Everything you see in there. Don't touch. That's that's the rule. Mike Schulman. Knows that from a journalist's standpoint he knows it from a player standpoint he played for the 49ers. I can tell you that the people who work around TV covering sports aren't usually the type of people. Who need to steal wardrobe. I can tell you that I know every single player involved. It exceed although all the players in this tale I know the mall I'm gonna tell you that I have met. Spoken win chatted with and known Mike Schulman for the better part of fifteen years out here. The only thing Mike is ever been to meet the news super friendly and nice. I had no reason and still have no reason to suspect. Anything. I know Ralph wiley. The warriors security guard urge you know around amber I know Ralph walker the war your security guard. Key is eight ink incredibly nice guy shake his hand every single time while I am always and not always and a and and Collins. Jarron Collins doesn't seem like the kind of guy. Who is. Planting bait items to record somebody steal and let me just there's so many weird things going on today. This is such a weird so first a ball let's say. Ed Ed I'd really hope in my heart of heart of hearts is just all one big misunderstanding and everybody can get over it go back to normal normal business everybody you know. Why would you steal the head of securities Jackie. What do you do with a head of securities jacket if anything he's got any value there it's gonna belong to a players I got stats jacket I got drink monster act I'd act eighties Jack someone got what what do you do what. Toll at Mike Schulman is not. Ralph walker sides right Walker's a big do not want what fit and act. Is this just I thought it was my jacket different. While boat took it it's just so weird. Like a misunderstanding what I read the headline I was cut Aggies this for trailers it kind of one of those April fools they Joseph odd stories that but apparently around the keynote KG on the lawyers have an agreement. To do some interviews throughout the playoffs and so forth and reportedly the players are refusing to do those interviews because of what happened. So they're obviously taken very seriously for him to be sent home it's really strange I hope it's a case of the miss and at like a misunderstanding. Well how about this is always look at everything through the prism of what can this do for the membership. So if the warriors are doing in person interviews anymore they're not gonna do that. How about joining us African radio show where I'm not gonna be anywhere near any your possessions we won't even be in the same city to gather Allison tied to Al. You know Oakland telephone many say every Cisco microphone. What ever you got I can't touch it whenever I got you can't touch it there is nothing this year. It point Darren nothing to fear Raymond Ridder should be booking me staff curry Klay Thompson Kevin Durant. Every one right now Ramon Ritter listen to me it's time to book me superstars. I don't allegedly take anything from anyone. Ferrying out. I didn't even bring a coat today it's so nice outside is beautiful didn't even Wear a coat I need to hear from Mike showroom. I mean Mike Schulman is just all day all night long. Always been a good person to me in every one I see him interacting with the likes munch I'd though it. If you would walk if Jian a 6 AM this morning you wake up you call me near like. A Bay Area media member. Is being accused of stealing the personal item from the Golden State Warriors traveling party. Who wins. Can you write about it that's an excellent first I am not guessing Mike Schulman. Okay I'm just not guessing Mike Hsu by the way Dan diddley is my first. It is weird it is that he was not part of on the station's post game show on Sunday night either so there. Well now let's talk as I say yeah let's talk about this just from the prism of a broadcaster standpoint I. I see through the Mike is in the final year of his deal all. I don't know how you can be in 87. ABC seven affiliates in and and and and and you covering the finals and not yet. Get to. Players don't talk to you anymore and like I you know it's it's a tough place to me as a reporter. So I just I mean a kid. Misunderstanding. Will cooler heads prevail. And I hope so. This is really distance. So weird like I said I know everyone involved. I never thought Jarron Collins was he. Person to lead a sting operation. I never thought of Mike Schulman is the person. To be you gotta keep an eye on that guy and why oh why oh why would anyone ever want a jacket belonging to a head of security. Not an NBA plugged it gist is this does not make sense cat talk a body in my text me he's like. One of those are the shows where. Like really bad sweeps week on fox and their like let's go out test people's honesty is back button. We've put time. We put we mark six bills with the red x.s and put them all in jacket pockets randomly. Let's see who discovers the bills in their jacket pocket and who might return them. Coming up next on. Can you be trusted Curome Cox. Let me is just one of those weird shows right definitely key was I know the big eight maybe. I'd it was it's very bizarre it's very very weird. Jerry we're. Mike was reached out to for comment for this PC declined comment it did. I don't blame him at all I wouldn't wanna talk about this either I would hope that all of this could be brought to ahead. I like everyone involved. Is very very odd very jury I hope for the best I hope for the best. Well and I don't mean this about. Mike. Anyone covering eighteen stealing something from a team should not just lose their job for that city should lose their job and all cities like if you are stolen something from a topic that you're covering. You got to know. Dead dead that's that's the way god that's how works in the white house press room when let's say here you're at a white house press conference and you lean over and you take a pen out of somebody's pocket you should never be allowed back America. Not just her patents nice pants and not not a bit you can still a bit about anywhere. But not an ice pack. Really really weird. Somebody on the tax signs like hash tag jacket gate. It is it's jacket date. Look I've died you know I certainly don't want. Anyone kicked while they are down this is enough. Make fun of anyone their careers in the balance so Rihanna but it's just very very odd to say the least. Very very odd. Gillis and not if I said the game KG MZ. App that. HD one San Francisco we are your radio home for every single warriors playoff game in what are you know game five is going to be tomorrow. We are going to have Parcells a draft a draft in the NFL will be covering yet and less of course warriors spurs go six in which case. Again completely wiped out we hope that that doesn't happen I really need the warriors to wrap this puppy up and five so we can be on the air and broadcasting. The day of the NFL draft this is gonna be really interesting one and help break it down a twelve year NFL veteran former offensive lineman. All around the league a man who knows. Footage taped in his around the game all the time Brian balding or is good enough to join us here on 957 the game Brian thank you very much for your time how real. Didn't until like everybody else you know it's a wait for Christmas. And dug a pretty nice to Christmas. You'll start on Thursday night. Industry which teams are gonna improve been put themselves in the position next January he compete for the big prize. It's going to be fun to see how it all goes down and I think more than in any older city to city of New York is in a controlled way this draft goes you know the giants and jets they're looking quarterback each I think the bills could trade themselves into the top ten. How neat. How the browns go out playing picks one and four against each other to complement each other I think there's so many different scenarios here and obviously the question. Everyone here in the Bay Area as concerned as to who's gonna be there at nine intend for the 49ers in the raiders. So let's just talk about some of your best available and guys that you think are without a doubt off the board by the times pick nine and ten come around. Well and it's important matters to be in the market for an inside linebacker with the issues. Facing Rubin fostered. The best inside linebacker distress it is true main Edmonds. He's he's he's just an incredible player incredible talent. I love to root Foster but I I don't know that they can rely on MB and our next year or so I mean appearance since its fiscal. Would remain Edward Edmonds still either. With tonight's tech. You know we Oakland Raiders comedic gold so many different directions I really. Don't really have any idea right now what Jon Gruden was doing but they're deep as opposed to local grid bargain defense coordinator that we do this season. How they could not hold up boarding outside. Is ten award there. You know what I think is probably the best cover corner in this draft is he available academy those are a couple of guys right there. Between center and Oakland that you wonder if you know Libby talked earlier about. Brian balding or hear on the Damon Bruce show. What do you think of sake one Barkley. And would. First ball broader question. How do you feel about drafting running backs hot and then how do you feel about sick while Barkley. Well we see the committee. You know we've seen is ready running backs drafted really high debt have been Boston we see great players. It's like any position really. A bigger clutter really good action this draft is take one Barkley going to be better than Darius rice is going to be better than Saudi Michelle. He knows can be you know we saw last year we saw Kansas City Chiefs with the third round pick green Pontiac. At a Toledo the only the league in rushing. So it held its thanks a lot on skiing been depends on who you're playing with all those things factor. Like I particularly don't think that there is a great great difference. In talent between sequel on and so many other backs a mention. So. Do you expect. Him to fall out of the top ten do you expect him to maybe. He look at the niners into nine an and I think the niners would they just spent on Gerry McCann then I think that they've got some confidence and some of the guys that they have Brian. I wouldn't be surprised to see the niners very much be open for business and use all fifteen minutes on their clock to field offers of someone might be. Excited. To jump up in trade for a guy like Barkley. I well wanted to disagree I mean look Gerry McCann has never been a truly a starting running back he's been especially player he's been good not roll now. No cussing at me and always has like puck from Washington in a lamp look he wants used to actually in a variety of roles. And W going to be able to catch the ball this stimulus check downs and screens. So. I think really guilty spent time these auto pull back last year did a lot of running back this year. But captain and Angel that really is we have Americans still see him being in the you know in. Indeed although no other Ronnie bracket we do a lot of good Baxter could find him. In the you know just about every single round this year but I wouldn't say that if I don't think seek one would fall to number and I but if somehow we did our. They can be harper Collins getting in the past couple without. You see Elektra Maine and men's obviously a big name in this draft what you'll like him more than rogue Kwon Smith is it just the size. Besides I mean that you'll meet you talk about six private tour could type towns in runs up. Kisses well. You just hulking figure in the middle and resold as part of find Mike linebackers. And I'm not I'm not denigrating. Broke water all but you know it's six foot verse six foot five and you just longer bigger reach. Covers covers more ground. Let me diagnose him points I'd like to remain better. Brian balding or here on 957 game. As you look at all the quarterbacks that are available in this draft is one separate himself from the pack as far as you're concerned. I'm not really. Not really an occupying things I liked about. It took four guys at the top I can I can even include Mason Rudolph and Paul wanted to go as far as larger actually could I can find things I don't like about any problem. But maybe not enough to not take them on my favorite to. I loved the big war is baker. Can't get around him the most McDonough is a couple of Oklahoma games I've seen in my life. So on the little on the little prejudice I have seen sergeant Donald played liven him on the field warmup. So little prejudiced but I've gotten to know baker over the last couple muscled a bank with a magnitude I'm walk on at Texas Tech and Oklahoma. And the only sort of forty straight games Oklahoma won't seek peace got a job to job. These and other titled kids nobody's given him anything he's gone in particular I'd love that aspect. To him and I love the look a lot of factors could you go back and watch his very first game as a walk on at Texas Tech and that could play against even up Boston these total. Just to complete. You know pearl dropped two yards downfield to receivers they have some really good actress as they stepped on the field and I think that's gonna continue to pitiful level. Brian twelve years on that line you know an awful lot about it. What can you tell me about Notre Dame squint Nelson. Everyone seems to be consensus number one offensive lineman. On the board out there I think it's easy. It's going to be tough to get him past a lot of teams I think that the 49ers would pounce on him in nine as well. Well I was funeral blocker got a cult like there's times she anybody can move people align scrimmage and then everything about him just his toughness is possible. Watch my interception go make every tackle. I mean the way these days on those blocks and he's just such that only got have a guy he got out just an absolute dog upfront. Decade trying to just sixteen in day to day in practice they can just start things can get things fired up. Mean that guy in. I think he looks to me like he could be like a year in year out Pro Bowl type player I can't really find. A cop on me out fast cup Steve Hutchinson all guys are all being worthy in a may get Jeremy he's in that category. Com but I do better run blocker than those guys in the you have to go to guys like Walter Jones and Jason Peters. The final block predictable people line of scrimmage like debt. He's a phenomenal talent and he's gonna make any offensive line better because you're gonna be a run the ball better. And you're gonna have a whole lot of master yep fraud and you know when you're up it's like it's better. Everybody gets better the coach gets better the quarterback gets better the running on the everybody improves. We are offered slide gets better he's gonna make any offers plenty ghost to instantly better. You know I think would offensive lines get worse the whole team or grasses and that's part of the reason why. The raiders are now looking at Jon Gruden is their head coach because things went wrong for Del Rio we never got back on track. With the tenth overall if things shake out the way is nothing exciting happens nothing on the one trades up into the top ten. Looking at right now just playing the shock is it is who should the raiders be looking at it ten who is the right pick. For Jon Gruden was first picked NFL. Well yeah. Which I gruden has always had just a star running back as a coach to me if you go back to you look at Ricky Watters. In Philadelphia Charlie garner. Consider persist Oakland. You know you look at that guy is no Pittman and also got in Tampa he's had star running backs. I don't know that they have anybody like that right now that you could say is a star running back eagle on the scene to ought to got a position of need. Colonel were you need to go to get that guy in this draft. Maybe take with a ten bit but I mean if you look at the defense last year they were added Jack Del Rio admitted this incredible tortoise sees restarting peace that it during the cease. When you give up his many big place as the raiders gave up defensively last year it always falls on the secondary to whether balls go over her head. Order missing tackles or they're not you know they're not discipline didn't. End in their coverage you give up big plays in the run game in the past game they've got to get better on the back in the in the drafting of Gerry Connolly. He'll be be very well it'll with healthy may be is worthy of that first pick last year but. I still think you know you've got to get guys sickened locked up on the outside I mean I think they got a big hole right now nobody signed Leon Hall but. He's going to be guidance can still legal right now at corner. I think that if a guy like Denzel war was available you watch these Ohio State quarters coming out more shuttle out of more last year Conley. I mean they've been well coached. And it'll be hard to think that local player like that is available that you pass to mop. What do you think of der when James a safety out of Florida State. Well I mean he's enforcer. And you know I still think that. No crawled Joseph who's going to be a good player I like Carl Jones to the person. I think he can play better than he has but you can't think it Reggie Nelson just gonna stay there forever back there eventually you're gonna have to replace some. And you know you can look at anybody else who you know all we that they draft last year what is she know Marcus Gilchrist they've got guys they got depth they are. But. You know when you when you look at their wind changed I mean the comparisons. You go to the safeties in Seattle or not far off he's got his break. It's as shield safety in Seattle but he he is an enforcer. He's got good range great range is good tackler. So he's worthy I don't know if ten is too rich. What a global player then you got to go get a. Boldly breakdowns really good stuff refer football fans on Twitter excellent excellent study of what to look for. Tendencies. This man knows what he's talking about the experience is there the knowledge is deep Brian you're really good it was too whenever we give you call your write their forests and thank you for that. Now pleasure are my apology did not just. I enjoy talking football so you give me the platform on the Julia fairways are pure. I live we get that feeling so local general Sarah thanks but I did that door and gold digger. Twelve your NFL veteran really good stuff man he is a great hitter he is a person who's just. A true believer when it comes down to love love in the NFL we're gonna have hopefully show. The idea joining us in just a handful of minutes. Whenever the days get done with their batting practice we've been told that there are gonna do. Hand mr. no no himself doctor no should on the nine. A cellphone and we'll hopefully have them on here in just a little bit obviously. History was made over the weekend. & Associates Jules good. And it's on the way and sought out crowd and. It's. The those seven no hit. Hitter in Oakland Athletics history. It comes on that one you first of April 2008 news. An outstanding call by Ken core Geithner can and that excited and really long time the only person what a better call. All of the no hitter was Klay Thompson yeah. That's pretty good test sums up about pretty much what happens no he it's. The latest architect of a no hitter in Major League Baseball age starting pitcher Sean and I joining us here on 957 the game Sean thank you very much an let's start with the big congratulations to area. Absolutely outstanding. When did you realize. You you were in the middle of a little bit in history I read somewhere that you thought that Ximian is drop had been ruled a hit so you thought the don't know was gone before you realized it was still want is that true. Yeah. I mean and so. Marty ball. And ordered on many drop all. And I just automatically assume that it so I didn't look at scoreboard and check everything in. You know let the pressure kind of just was lifted up my shoulder and I didn't think about it so separate them. Or know him all the guys like they're like. There's nobody round in a look at your. So why don't we hear it and it's for the Tora Bora other than their normal. Oh well no I didn't know it was over though man. Obviously not those been recruited so. So they went right back to the silent treatment in the dugout on sockets he and no one's doing anything you'll look back on you said. The weight of a no hitter kinda left you when you realized it was still one did it come back on you did you feel again where you like whoa wait a minute. All yeah and it and I realized and so on ma am. I was obviously pretty excited him and older. It out and it really. Try hard to you know make things happen just kept pitching. Our original game. Typically used turned out all. Sean and I joining us here on 957 the game is anyone called you show on men don't know yet. What they go well if feel free to use it run with it it's yours from now on a July kid. I don't you don't reach the Major League level without having an awful lot of success at lower levels have you ever thrown a no hitter before. No I pulled through on when I was like fourteen. They don't bargaining so it early count and then. And betrayed. While I was part wanna get Brewster. Right helium they're just drummer in and I think I got into the mine they're married them. Ready for the first pitch one of one of their commitment Doug Tucker saying neighbor to notre. And could be energized camera bag and it being hurt as you can look that is the middle or singles. I didn't that dugout look like. Tomorrow warm and quote let it go look a little. When Bennett said he went outside of the base path how surprised were you just by the way that whole thing went down did you think up that's definitely gonna be that there. A. You know at the time but that always like them on August ordered jurors hear some light on her some. Like people getting getting them. They were I got a challenge that her life by. Master you know look at the video into our that they'd go out based. And it is pretty clear. Yeah at the time I and that at that point time I don't think that you know there is still going on though. To me is does he get another. Another. And I didn't really pay. Much. Out of Matt so. Show on the house is playing back out at home house are people in Indiana react in this. I got so many. That it's been a quarter and Brandon. Yeah everybody's so excited and I hear back from. People I've met. Again baseball post and everybody back on Indiana and everybody's super Cyrix cited him as into. That. It's not like this. Yeah I bush said it's it's one thing to. To no hit like the royals and mariners or whatever like all due respect Major League Baseball Major League Baseball but then you would to a real marquee team what the Yankees Red Sox cubs that's one thing then to do that to one of those teams that. Absolutely on fire like had scored seven runs in a row four straight games seventeen in two. That is one of the best Gatorade dousing stay ever put on a hot line up I've ever seen a pitcher throw down man. Hello the only credible. Really. Name is game. I knew that. Bought them was we've been really good against him. That same time the other the preparation and my mental reps are being to get service game. In it and definitely wasn't. Trying to you know step up Bernard you know they that was going to be huge game is treated like any other game and actually in or out. So you obviously wouldn't do this in the dugout in the clubhouse but maybe you know backed it laying in your bed at the end of such an amazing night. Maybe he's looking at the mere when your shading the next day or something like that DC eighty yourself. I am all that is mad I have no hit a Major League Baseball team ballot before me I'm the hottest athlete on the planet. I. Dick Lear. Malcolm at. I did let out. Extremism that right Mike our Obama saw the burst. I just came out. Really really cool under. Alabama saw the present problems political moment. So what did you do at night did did you celebrate and any other where did go right back to kind of business as usual about a half an hour after the game was over forty. I. I mean I'd. I went under isn't so after after the game my almighty. I just children embedded in what requires. A couple of times and trying to falsely. It really happened I'd better get much sleep that night. My mom still Stoller at the moment my second so I am. That it really been really be listening to celebrate. What you know and now so don't. So Luc Roy comes out to you. Just a couple pitches before the final out what he Sam amount. I mean burst yet ultimately. I'm gonna. I almost didn't. You know we got this and and that is now aren't we due to him and I just turned around well. In my head. And I knew it muted diamond. A little longer at that point little or jittery and shackles that but it. Tried everything I could to comma so dominant and excuse. Whatever which there you go girl. It's a slice of Major League history in its yours forever I know you're hard working young man. And this has got to mean a lot to you in your entire Stanley congratulations Sean really is spectacular. You made tencor racket really really excited that alone right I mean. This is on here and Aaron Arctic that about it about a game. Congratulations. On your success in what are you know back to 500 man 1111 in any chance to go over 500 for the first time since opening day. And they edit it and I really good baseball and and never try to ride that wave out. Do as much as we can't keep on the the luster gone. When you go over and talked to K hill before it starts tonight league in its column like. And he got a tough act to fall. Now Logan you know like is there and it well it certainly all right now. Whatever he's been to keep their women and you know made some special about it Matt nice to. A totally good luck to you in the boys in Texas really do appreciated. Sean thank you for your time I know your demands on you or an awful lot right now. It was great to talk to you congratulations. Were very very happy for. Sean I don't know here on 957 the game. Goods sold off men. Yeah I didn't think we're gonna get the yes dame and I looked in the mirror and I said I'm all the. Think about it daddy's. I mean it if you're a Major League pitcher that is your equivalent of one you know hit a Major League team that's you just knocked out Mike Tyson. You just dumped on Patrick Ewing. You'd just blocked Michael Jordan. Cool feeling and you just stole the puck from Gretzky like I mean that's got to be the pinnacle of pinnacles of careers. That just have more pinnacle stacked on top of pinnacles again you do not reach Major League Baseball Muster one heck of a pitcher he had met a no hitter. Since what fourteen years old five inning games that aren't and its parent saved enough to say this is his first official line. History little history I hope based fans who were there enjoyed that one really. Of course Al begun his slice of history down in Anaheim he added 21 pitcher Brandon belt at bat that he'll never forget what. A memorable out. And that's one of the greatest out your casino we all see great pitching performances we've all seen great home runs how many people can say I just watched. The single greatest recorded out of my life. Congratulations. Thank you really appreciate what an amazing moment the moment time I'll never forget you share with your family back in India of course country and got a huge extended family in Indiana. Well you're a lot of people don't know this but he's actually related to the jacksons the renewed the Jackson 608 ballots yet but. Al these last names not jacksons and are not going to five point and we got thirty seconds ago here oh well that sounds like a really good piece of producing thank you very much honey get out on where four a's baseball that and that we really really do appreciate you tuning in thank you so much for joining us today thanks to Tim Roye. Brian ball dinner and show on my no no for joining us LB thank you. Brandon belt 21 pitches thank you warriors game five tomorrow let's thank you in advance take good care of NHL what's gonna schedule thank you Elaine thank you G Yana. Q and do remember sports don't build character they reveal. Like back. No no.