DB Show w/ Towny & Steiny Hour 2

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, May 5th
Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon Bruce – they play the greatest game in radio, MAKE THE CALL, and in honor of the 15th anniversary of Iverson’s “You talkin bout practice?” rant, they go through the best podium rants of all time.

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Yeah I was a little off about. Right now I'm sorry. That's just wrong. Item. And be wrong. Trying to. Exactly absolutely. Absolutely I say if you've ever seen that this and she looked it up on you it's OK it is it is pretty amazing it's it's. Wrecked towns around slides and art. And and alls that annals static X and aunt and Brett comes up and it's awful it's it's it's the punch. You know that this guide as bite a lot because it's the most telegraphed right hand. And and battles dot split. Back then you can actually throwing full and this is not a regular season game this is the ALCS to go to the World Series right now. He rears back throws this much mrs. Brett they tackle each other guys are going after it and then all of a sudden it just everybody often go. OK let's keep quiet. Noted similar to drowning in basketball when Kevin McHale close lining Kurt Rambis. He flat out close ally item one a break you get thrown out of that game. And like morose he said baseball pitcher that now that that would get you. A kitchen at least eight games at least I would think why outlets that. Game Arab members in that and the bad boys thirty for thirty. Were lamb beer basically throw later throws Larry Bird dampen the wait Larry Bird Snead looked it looked like it was gonna snap. Yeah and bird got him back bird got a bad lame beer. Boy what a horse's behind he has. Real way of beer one of the all time villains and right. Not a bill Wayne Buford Hague Tony. It's why I love the tax line that rocky. Apollo creed fight the first one was on the fourth of July not Thanksgiving. My dad and thanks to the to a night for that. You know I I'd it once you hadn't been a career yeah and I don't. I care about one thing. I care about a game. That inspires. That educates. And change the world are the greatest game and radio and it is called. Make the call. Plus the questions you'll provide the we get good awesome prize it's totally up for grabs. I'm not be five point seven big game. Yeah you remember this game and game yes we have fallen yet and I'm gonna have fun. Evidently the Creighton about it. Absolutely not. Just give me some wholesome choices and number 820 and not cause any friction the the and that's what I plan to do this today. We are playing. Is this a cocktail. Or Laura. Is this a porno but all laws cannot can no. Lauren now. Aren't they get some warm up pulled on one of the categories make that call that it categories. Cocktails and then you really like to say it the pornography. And none it. Let's start with Eugene in San Jose. On down for a little make the Cologne. Thank you for thank you for stopping by our right cocktail. Or blurred out. Lick rich liquid. Viagra. Cocktail that is dress. Cocktail or more ago. Grumpy old man. That's Puerto that is not yet. Yeah it but it aryan leader out. There. Was watching group you didn't. Well the way the program and by the way. Understanding. Is. That people in the business call for now yes porno. So if you wanna pretend like you're wins fifth Tony seaport. Doesn't matter. I don't I'm not with it at these things night in night night I watched the network I have no idea. So let's go to nick in Dublin you're reading it. Already. Our ID is this say all learning as tiny likes to say or a cocktail. Miami spice. Or. Our ID is this. Cocktail or born know. Hitler Sox. So it's. During. Sorry that is more. We are tied at one is not going to be easy. No it's not that it's not easy for me all. That's got to meet pellets efforts is now. Yeah they Hillary ratings go. Yeah. Our I cannot handle or people aren't so man in the crack. That is not. That doesn't sell it to goodwill that's terrible awful. Or that. Cocktail are able learn goldeneye. Puerto. That's got. Like anybody got a fastball changeup slider company on right now Tony you'll lean into pitches. Deal. Let's go to Joey at Antioch. So Joseph we. I got through. A wonderful little all right you're in this segment Friday. SMU Friday and then. Scott now or more harm they've watch. Uma Orrin. That course. He is like a five stolen. That movie who would like to advocate our I cocktail or porno. Bare ass in the park. Mark felt. That actually is a born now. Well we got outlet it's that high right now wants one of them and our wing side boot compelling. Let's go to rang in San Carlos come on down Brad Bird in the born today. What a cocktail. Let's play. Let's break it's not right here we go. You might have heard this before on this nation. Afternoon. Delight. Or. As actually not that. No he's not forget that I have a nice. You don't actually reassured by all the wrong answers. I really am. I've got some faith restored yeah I got a better chance than I do not make this easier. No I. Like. All right let's go to cabinet was that it haven't you read quite make the golf. I am ready. All right let's see what she got here. The earth wind and fire. At a cat Taylor report. We're right that is of more. All right you break that tied his this is this is a big iron right here. And I need to open up the AM phone lines here all right this is a cocktail or up or down. Ask him sex. Go uphill. The board. Yeah. I mean this might be the hardest listing ever had. And usually somebody rolls up three or at least it's. The prizes. I had it figured out the price up. He's I guarantee he'll be a good prize and that didn't guarantee that the real deal when it's going to be Reyes. It Antioch it's now your turn to make the call no pressure. Category out. Are you feeling good. Oh OK. My PayPal. But people aren't that dirt pipe milk shake. While. That's more. She expect you believe who probably go to the overtime. We're not where I what is there to roll until it ends and we're noted like double and triple overtime. We might be taking it up following days base it possibly. Rich unions any count on ripped somebody at least it. It. I'd been hearing now is this gate cannot handle or alarm. Let's go whip. Man. Don't tell mommy. That report cool as a boy congratulate. You. Our right cock and now our Wal-Mart. And cheeks. That support. I. I didn't impress. Made early on its aren't receiving it and this cocktail or we'll learn. The lakes record. With a cocktail that is like not. I start like this guy cocktail hour or. Slippery. Means. That's during a hearing. Well he he is not a word of god mama went into sports talk radio that let's word. Kate first about you. You can't go into sports soccer or writer and some out got it is that guy that really work with the through the back door Puerto. Did you ever get I got. The ATM machines. That is Florida. Odyssey mile this that guy and I got to fight them. All right if you get this note out Arthel. Hotmail. Or or around. The Lindsay Lohan experience. That's a cocktail you. Got you know I I'm a bottom under the Lipton and spears. Thing like about you is basically your meaning you had a lot of time at night on your computer you drink line. But I wanted to. After and let's let's Donald congratulations we got a great prize Laurie. Thank and it makes you. Tony those last fifteen minutes are why I refuse. To tell my dad how to use in 95 point seven game app. Right there slight break your dad might like it. The way. He's eighty plus. Eighty sneeze after not them he's experienced. With cocktails. The he had no clue that the others. Fireball Friday the mechanic EV one's a storage tech when he. Fire away. Not sixty seconds talked to now. Did you want and give you don't let that. On yeah and want. This guy. I'm happy getting get that say it's the entire round I exciting this one for you your dad. Lick her right. Let's cocktail that is a guy. And that'll do it for make that call always get to bring an oldie but goodie bag we always have a lot of violence that. On the Cooperstown to show good race back to afternoons and know how much people they have we yet say. Are they well. I heard. Seattle when I heard you say rain later green delayed beater for the San Francisco Giants Cincinnati ray this is. Really the worst. When you start. You know where we are getting at your summer when ever you happen when you work in baseball work around these teams. When ever they head to the midwest or south. It's brutal thus you'd just you'd yeah I mean it's like every night it's like storm clouds and they got the stop now makes these nominee like. Wow that's just. Brutal her message had had even survive I. I mean you gotta you gotta get on planes in you gotta look at weather reports and then. And then he adapted maybe get to the stadium a little early in the you'll have a lot of nerve to Melanie talk about BA BA in Reston left and right. This half time playing cards in the club. House not to talk about the players. Ton of people like meet we'll have to be on the air straight for four or five hours covering straight sucked and that. I would love to see you do taught high yours I'll live our history our life sentence talent I'd do we turn back the clock can talk basketball history. And I don't let it rain delay with an NBA game yeah your eyes. That's what are your account of the coliseum will be a rain delay game and I'll just sit there and let you go for five hours to reign. At. I should be on and tell you something I got more baseball stories in the average man. Zelda San Francisco Giants actually try to get back on track I mean they did do well now I know one thing that I did mention about the giants. That they need to really focus on now at eleven and eighteen now heading on the road. It's all about winning series at this point. Because if you don't win series you're gonna find yourself starting below. 500 by adult double digit games and buy some point when you do that. You eat your relief drop. One of the worst record in the National League right now town. And think about it this way or the worst record in the National League and Matt cain's pitch and well. Sort of MacKay were pitching well. There are no bomb garner so Margie is. No he is. He's according. He's coin flip. Heads he stakes tales he's okay. That's what you get with some margin. I can't tell about a some larger fan. You should be or is as much as I'd like him as I got to know him. Chant some march is not in the right role he's being paid to be a starter and at giants apologists is gonna say. Well he eats innings that's great but you know are his best role is because of what. What his repertoire is and as you saw at Dodger Stadium when you saw that good at. To have some margin where you had eight of his eleven strikeouts on sliders he is truly best role is coming inaudible. As a long reliever now he can't dot com law he hit hit come in one or two innings. It is stressful situation would you wouldn't trust him there it would. The Chicago cops this really is his best role his ability just come out and say I've let it all loose. And I don't have to worry about having three different pitches. I'm just come out throw as hard as I can. And I'm gonna throw the slider to make it my strike out it's because the split finger that he has he can't throw consistently without a flattening out. And it's not for him again rule the line up at least three times without get banged around. But he's getting paid to be a starter gob bless him he got the money after having just a horrific human Chicago White Sox but he's really miscast. His best if you were again if you took money out of it and say. Best set best case scenario for this player you'd be him coming out of the bullpen and he could be bitching and high leverage situation. Well I noticed you just said out of the bullpen. Can we at least agree. That will eliminate him as a closer. It released agree on that. Now I'll who leads. We tell a cell with just Marge is closing for you you state. You stay as a team what are his stuff. Like just one career safe. What I don't like I don't like is mentality I like his mentality. As a as a reliever specially senator he's a horse. He innings eater. Listen you have to be able to. In that role as a closer. You have to be able to try to bite the bullet every once in awhile and fight. A battle on a with a different player he just he's just hell bent on challenging every hitter that comes up against it. Sometimes you gotta gotta let the guy go where he got to and pitcher around a guy to get to an easier Bowden on some solid play out. I don't let it play out I would let that play out for 32. Stiff some lines like I say I'm making front somebody there will be Nixon was good natured he has the ability to people. And obviously as you said this is not something he has done easily done it wants and it was in his first year I believe. Play he can gradually working actress and that's to start seat in Chicago. Is his ability to strike people out. And that's what you why in the back your bullpen you don't want balls put in the plight. You want guys beauty punched out right now 46 strikeouts and 39 and a third innings he does have a tough assignment Alley. It is a much stopper role that a lot of people want to believe in those last three outs is so crucial. But it just a march at some point if it doesn't work as a starter where we've seen ER EE so are ready it's five but that's it for him. I can see I'm not saying it would work and I could definitely see him pitching in high leverage situations applicable and which is also very iriki. Because he has that ability to get up there and it's different wind. You're up pacing yourself when you come out of hand. True and you would you paying you're on fire maybe it's up there and the orders aren't you can't. Throw that slider as hard as you can't do as much right on as you can and punch people out. And that's what you do that's what that when you cut when you come in and in the swing is not a pitcher's relievers. I think he could be that it's not pay me act guys it's not gonna happen but you have to find the right role for him long term. And you start looking at his agent count the pick pick for him it's one of the reasons why you could see why that giants. We're able to put a contract like out their fourth if you're not worried about the arm injury is. The fact that he didn't log all those smiles on the arm like let's say sonic rate it Vanderbilt. Pitching colleges he was a bullpen guy has so much of the time he was in the fall in College Baseball everybody's pitching in the ball he was playing college football. And it comes up as a reliever so. He never really had to deal with high innings on that arms or you can bank on him as he still gets a little bit older he's still gonna have a lot of bolts. Are you become a starter till oats twelfth. With the Chicago Cubs but first first four years you're right here and pitch more than 88 innings and in a season. I don't know I just. And it doesn't matter now. If I mean if somebody offered me some margin I'd say you know thanks. Unless they needed unless I needed a fifth starter. I don't I don't want Jeffs in March it. By the way great tax line. Jeff so marginal. I like that. That I got its own that's from the fatwa. If not it's not a Smart different. He started cheerleaders he's 32 Tony. Thirty to right. Don't forget he played against JaMarcus Russell in the Sugar Bowl that's how. The Notre Dame against Al Notre Dame against LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Long time ago. Exactly. Exam also along also along time ago. But we will never forget it there's certain things said at a press conference and at a podium. That some people will never forget. Today isn't very very special anniversary. We'll talk about it right here it's Downey it's tiny it's 95 cents. Any bites say you. That ms. Bragg stated if they'll co Zain I miss practice and ya hear it didn't yesterday. I mean I might miss one frank is did you. But if it's some might say. He doesn't come to practice he can be one practice. All of Brad uses this year that's enough. Iraqi friends that came friends and I'm I'm hurt I'm hurt. I mean. Some boos there in about day. It is and it's not about that at all you know send me. But as is is it is easy needed. Did did talk about is easy to sum it up we just talk about frank as we see and hear I asked will be franchise player and we India talking about practice. I'm me witnesses we talk tomorrow practice. Not a game not a gain not a game. We talking about practice. Not a game. Not a not not to gain down Guardia and and doubtful. And play every game like is my last that the game. We talked about practice man. I mean how silly is that with some malpractice. On the possible as beating analyst was lead by example I know it and I'm not a mash it is you know like you don't mean anything. I know is important I do obviously do but we tell them I'll tag is meant what are we talking about. Practice. We talked about practice man. We tell you about practice it's about practice swing it's not my big day. Which malpractice. Man when you come and it arena. And you've seen me play you see me play don't. You see me give everything I've got right. What we talked about practice right now. Which on a mile per. Man that I hit a it's funny to me to enemy sprays is strange to me to what we talked about practice. When adding it's hot commodity gained actual game when it matters we tomorrow Pratt. Hill cannot make my team he's been a buck right. I. It. Better by. You know what he's exactly right. He's exactly right. He can't help this teammates in practice. Do the work for me can't put in the work the work. He put in the work his whole life. And I agree. In the NBA. Practice is about 110 as important as the games. Like college words. Kind of as important. Even practice in the NBA. Once the season starts it's basically. Just to show up and be accounted for debts of work you and get some shots up lift some weights get a sweat going. People act as though NBA practices of these 22 and a half hour. Disciplined. Hard work team scrimmage or he added. They're not. Not anything like that they're piece of cake for the most part. That's. Now the thing that people don't tell us about fifteen years ago today. Is that he actually. He left the facility tell me if I'm correct he he left the facility. Let's somewhere hats and cocktails. Then came back to do that so he was feeling himself after a few drinks when he took the podium that day. I don't know if that's ever been confirmed by Irish and I know there was a story about that I will say this that doesn't matter. Because she's the same guy regardless he could he would have done that sober he would've done that we needed him because that's the way he was. Good stuff yeah it was gets out you LC yeah. How are guys who lives in Monterey plays golf with Clint Eastwood we love that votes on ESP and Herm Edwards back the date. Nobody's ever forget. This is great about sports. This was the greatest thing about sports this. You play to win the game. Hello. You play to win a brigade. You'll play just play. But the great thing about sports. You play away now can't you don't have any words you won't play to win. These are telling me it doesn't matter. For the next. A lol. I would have loved to have covered him because we've interviewed so many times down yet to meet me such a good guy really nice man but I would vote has. I've heard whether you're New York or Kansas City. Act covering Herm Edwards case you know you'd get that nominee you know he's now these guys who thinks that. Everything is certain secret easy it treat everybody like an ass he's a funny guy immigrate to cover somebody like that. I'd much rather covered Iverson. You know hurt Herm Edwards is PG. Iverson's. And he's NC seventeen. You've kind of kind cover a guy like divers who. That not Dallas. Please Monta Ellis didn't have the personality Iverson that. Do we need to go back to the at Los Vegas is Vegas act now we ask our EU it down which I'd Africa. I forgot to say hello to him when he was in town the other day Monta Ellis by the by the way I. I didn't remember who I am. You know I remember the details but that Iverson practiced. He did so going on with his personal life too he hit you framed it would just pastor just been killed. Who's there is other stuff off the court I don't want. Get bogged down in that but I'll take a look at I know there was there was extraneous stuff going on with that thing. With Larry Brown. Yes. Yes army units that are practiced. It's true. Now if you're a college football. This next rant. Is one of the greatest of all time. This guy at one point was the quarterback when Barry Sanders was the running back winning the Heisman Trophy at Oklahoma State. And later takes over the program he's been head coach for years on a success. And there was an article written about one of his players. And errors issues with the players in the program. And Mike Gundy. Was not happy. With the coverage of this one player in this program now think about this before you here Mike Gundy. His team has just one big game. This is after an Oklahoma State cowboys win votes taken alive. Really had decided. I'm pretty. Yet. I'm not hit right so that about me and more. You know that everything right at heart broken and and if they did that coach's fate scare. Yeah. And did say that we make that decision dominant we'll let because he's threatening plant are not. The picture facts for a and I hope someday you had a child and somebody beat down right and indeed little and you have. So. Burke both to beat her well. That. Here you hear. How I got. Me more. That we've let some stuff out. Atlanta that's part against any half this can't. Make health. It up and this was all. These you've got to go see that you have the whole rant is one of the great rants of all time and then you have to remember this is after a win. These fat. Hey big time college athletics you gotta be able to play with the big boys. It's one of those. It's one of those things that these guys aren't small towns. Man. But the university's. Art king. Universities are the big breadwinner for the towns the biggest thing in the states. You know that's why would a hole and state thing went down does that date Chopra perils are most powerful man in the state of Pennsylvania. And you look at what what happened down in Oklahoma well Barry Switzer. Nolan in the state of Oklahoma. And even now when you look at it in our our work box Kevin Durant and it's Westbrook a what a big deal SP is Bob Stoops the sooners. College football these certain areas are used we got to get to a couple more there's a couple more that are really good that we left out. We're gonna do that right here on site by points a game. I would rather play with ten people. And just get penalized all the way. Until we got to do something else evidently it with a lap and when I know. That right now that person not sold out to be a part of this team. It is more about Ben Bennett about the team cannot win cannot win would. Cannot equipment can't do it. I want winners. I want people that wanna win. Abra how everybody was sold. On samurai. Mike. Beckham coach who lack of a coach on rain and sneaker and every body was fine him. I'll never forget paean by the podium house right next man Mayo when he was due. This is it different. Got you it was after the game is being his crew branch. After games could not answer that question to a got dictate. Got to look at that tape he did like teen lines. It's like well make it to where where were you I began. Did you watch the game like you're telling me as a guy who at least as a. Hall of fame player and now it's like. A brilliant inside linebacker who read the game saw that game called the game for buddy Ryan's defense like you don't you don't. Heels needles in. A wait for the. At one that's alarm bells were line right there. Well on the positive side he admitted he did where one of the largest crosses I've ever seen in my entire life that wouldn't cross. I think we shoot Johnson I think was. I'd say what about six inches by four inches. That was a big. League crossed. That was ticket and I did my thing a guy who wears a cross like that. Then at halftime of a football game pull his pants down in an effort. To motivate his team. Memory did that too. The rate Specter. As it was after. I think well it was either at halftime light and right here either way that's the that's the put on your tombstone. And let's not to be proud of. How bout before him was Mike Lowell like Mike on comes in he I mean he looked the par I enemies guys. Terrific defense of cornea with a raider ravens he came in and he he look like that guy. An analyst said he wanted to Wear a suit like that spot yeah Dick Nolan coached the team and got a lawsuit. Late sixties early seventy's right around in there. And of course that was a while. Because they happen apparel deal moves oh Reebok had to make you miss it and as soon so cheesy. Yes. Officer I thought he was very well dressed and there's another reason that I'm a big fan of of Nolan. Terrific sun tan and absolutely flawless suntan. People's out of my mind now but see I'm half Italian all right so it's natural it's absolutely natural. So immediately they ask me do you tanning bed. G Gionta I think it was that makes excellent that out really yes really it might have been actually. You know we haven't even addressed today. What you did to Giuliani yesterday. Wet sack it and over I went through sugar packet matter what was. It was one of the I want to about opera back. It was Hillary her fashion it was very unprofessional you know at the ended yesterday show I'm not kidding I felt like I was supervising children. That's what it felt like we and other big eyes yesterday. Well what put us over the top was Kerry Keating. Running into a son I wouldn't. Even here that's a fact here heard a light on he he hit his head on the sign you get on the phone not paying attention was walked in. Incredible. Incredible it really looked autumn but actually the the sugar packet that. It nicely at GR and a tax a man who was metric Tony well just as he left all the sugar packets in his. His sweeten low on my workstation out of the arena when we're in the. Champions plaza Cincinnati was sitting in like nowhere near me. The sugar packets they I mean they don't travel well. I thought I could throw it about nine feet in only what about foreign iffy of course I was the one and only professional personnel appear at peace and 957 big. And it's a little too seem rattled movement on it and first it was all right I would love it I kinetic camera disease Simon's reaction Whitney actually it's huge on write in and he knows me talking that's right yeah you're live breathe because there was. And it was a it was definitely aid oh as bomb moment the look on his face. All right we got it let's David this dale I wanna after we hear from ms. dale I want the reaction from Matt Stein. You know it's unfortunate that I got a guy like Mike Conley who in his whole career has gone zero technical files. And just cannot seem to negate the proper respect from the officials. That he desires. It was a very poorly officiated basketball. Zach Randolph the most rugged guy in the game had zero free throws but somehow wind and had nineteen free throws. First half which had nineteen points shot nineteen shots in the paint and we had six free throws they shot eleven times in the pain had 23 free throws. Not a numbers guy but that doesn't seem to add up. Overall. 35 times we shot the ball in the paint we had fifteen free throws for the day. They shot eighteen times that I had 32 free throws watch out more free throw that novelty. Explain it to. We don't get the respect that these guys desire to my colleague doesn't go crazy yes class they just played the game but I'm not let them treat us that way. Inaugural popped up pedigree economic young rookie but they're not Holbrooke us that's unacceptable most unprofessional. I got Doug and again that are on the right to be in the game and I did not even give us a chance. Take that that. Time out that. Well I loved it. Up until the variant. He missed pronounce the word it's officially data. That's the way. What's your name Merriam Webster. That wonderful lady who's a wordsmith. Then I heard a data. Words data David data. Take up for data. Sheets held better day. Tell the weight better Danica sound better dad tomato Tim mine know she and her she now. Take that data. I love you know I I I I know how he feels 'cause I got into this big argument awhile back. And when the Yankees were really role in the Yankees were good. It was just swing you played against them. It was just air strikes on on the calls were different. And I remember even getting into this machine he Babbitt and she was like a tanning is the Yankees and I was like. Well what does that mean so you're telling me that. The strike zone and calls are different for one team in the other team will isn't that are rigged car game. What's the difference between people nowadays who say. For an MVP stuff curry doesn't get any calls from the officials. What's the difference. I think that's. An. You'd better and I mean that's wrong. New York art charter and somebody out. When we win when you're saying well this guy's a star so we're gonna call it gate he he's got to get all the breaks and all the help because he's a star. And you're not gig at the same Brit well we when we. That's just not right. Whatever foul should be a foul a strike should be strike. I mean it's just when you start giving people advantages. Now are you start looking okay how early is this game and is it's rigged game. And I know people don't like it at that makes people want comfortable and at the start treatments being going on forever. But that that that's a flaw. Well I have a little different interpretation of what they call star treatment because I actually don't think that. The officials. Give superstars preferential treatment. What I think happens is that the superstars. Just happened to be involved in most of the plays. It's superstars for the most part are aggressive. And they put the onus all on the official to make a call or not make the call. And most of the time word a percentage of the time they make a call. But I think it's just become watching the Cleveland Cavaliers game right now LeBron James has the ball in his hand all the time. Mean he's gonna get fat Al more he's gonna get called the they're gonna get called for more fouls against. Well let's talk a little basketball the interim head coach of the Golden State Warriors Mike Brown is going to join NASA will. See what he has to say I mean here at about her going from Stamford to do kind of scares me and then also just how good Utah Jazz are playing the first before do you that go at night. Tune in Saturday mornings nine to noon to hear you worst truly be outside mats and John Dickinson to. Last week. You know it that's nine to twelve and that's brought do you buy body armor sports drink Klay Thompson obsessed with bringing the title back to the bay. And he switched the body armor sports drink for superior hydration. A hydration sensation. As Tim Rolen would say so the Safeway and make the switch today. I've points.