DB Show w/ Steiny & Guru - 4 - John Dickinson, Guru's Gripes, and more!

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, July 19th
Matt Steinmetz & Daryle 'the Guru' Johnson fill in for Damon - they are joined by our own John Dickinson, Guru airs out his frustrations in Guru's Gripes, and much more including Brady Bunch House, BART bathrooms, and teenagers driving. 

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Welcome back match I met along with Darryl would do Johnson guiana Franco worried for Damon Bruce. Today he's still a little bit under the weather we hope to have him back. Tomorrow. Joining us right now and here's a web got to introduce John Dickinson and our very own John Dickinson. Reporter here in 957 game and I said this to him earlier I don't think there's anybody. Maybe in the business entirely that that has a feel for DeMarcus Cousins like JD he spent a lot of time with him. In Sacramento covering the kings at that time. And JD that that's kind of were a wanna start not that I'm not insinuating your friends with DeMarcus Cousins which you've spent. A lot of time. Around him my first question is. You'll like deal like DeMarcus Cousins. I do like DeMarcus Cousins guys and it's it's interesting how could put it this way. Oh over the years that that I've been in the Bay Area and in with my history prior to that today in Sacramento you know at times. His name would come up whether he was playing with the kings or even the last couple years after he got traded. For the last year and a half a new plan for the pelicans before he got injured in and met it would even come up in conversations we have. And the way I would always put it with DeMarcus Cousins is he's not what you think it's because. Egypt questions get asked do you think boy that guy just. Terrible in the locker room and he's he's big problem and he's difficult to deal with that doesn't like talking to the media and all you hear all these negative things about them. And honestly I never found any of that to be true and and I was kind of thought he got. A little bit. Of the bad reputation. And as far as what exactly he is and I think today that you know we're kind of talk and after that the press conference. And I got the impression and you know the one on one with a master words Soledad I. I kind of felt almost like. You understood after today exactly what I admit that at those conversations with you throughout the years. Yellow the one thing that stuck out to me was. Each fickle it's just what he's really comfortable with themselves. And and if he doesn't mind a straightforward. Question. Now in fact he he appreciates straightforward question he would prefer a straightforward question. He would prefer a more straightforward. Head coach as well when you look it you know head coach GE had the most success with was. Was Michael Malone who obviously was with the the warriors. As an assistant coach before he moved on to Sacramento and and it didn't work out for coach Malone in Sacramento it's worked at a lot better in Denver. I'd just like things worked out better with the pelicans are telling got hurt that things worked out though what with the markets. In Sacramento as well so I think he's east. Of a funny personality I think she's a little quirky I think he's got a bigger sense of humor. Then he becomes off at different times and I do think he's learned as time has gone on. So let some of the negativity tell me if there is one thing that they he struggled with. It's a temper but it's also a belief that you know everything's against him and an end in Buchanan would internalize that. An outwardly want constantly roof. Everybody wrong and an impression I. I've gotten in really got today was maybe he's let a lot of that go and seize gotten a little bit older and and moved on from his career Casilla got. A part of the blame. In Sacramento. And I think if you look at the the way that franchise and had been run from the point where he was drafted they're going back to 2010. DeMarcus Cousins was the least of the problems when you look at what was going on in Sacramento that's always the way I characterized as the perfect person. Now you know did you have problems with coaches was it all the coaches fault. No not necessarily is it difficult teammate at times. I think some of those criticisms were fair but in the in the big picture grand scheme of you know. Where he was at first is where that franchises that. I think T you don't have a choice but to say look the franchise was the picker problem and he's already been. A little bit more successful but he had ever been and just in the short period that he got away from that environment. JD I mean you're you're on point in almost Ellen Stein and a first impressions are everything but. A lot of times you know guys come across Reseda what Tom salute them for their first press conference in May below but the markets was. Just like you eat you know you touched on it he opened up he was real. Weighty. And I'm happy for him I think he was the poster boy at what went wrong exactly Dini said he wasn't perfect nobody is but my question to you is. What's a win win for DeMarcus Cousins. Personally when you talk about. What do you expect from home when he comes back. And will there would be that moment for him to to go 25 and fifteen on dumbest idea I know he probably doesn't think debt but. Do you what do you wanna see from this from another team to say you know what let's go and throw all this money Adam he's all the way back. Well I think it's going to be tough for him to put up numbers even if he is relatively healthy just based on the fact it who is going to be playing it I mean it. Now it's going to be easier. For the guards in the wings you know Stefan curry is it as a garden submitted as the policy and a lot. Kevin Durant obviously one of the great scores in the game Klay Thompson's not gonna sacrifice anything he's he's told us that. Over the last few years he doesn't have to you but I I think you know what you do added. Somebody's gonna have to create for DeMarcus Cousins he's going to be a big time scorer but there's other things he can do. He's a terrific rebounder. He's he's a pretty good passer and a willing passer almost to the to the tune of I think the one thing that and I say this kid finally. It DeMarcus Cousins is going to be right up there competing with Stefan curry injury in my agreement with some of those passes were your going. One can only do I but but in but in a way where you know people can kind of laugh about it. And you know shake their head about it but stinker is gonna have you'll some fun with that as welding heat. He's willing passer but at times he tries to be a little bit overly creative is probably the best way to put it. He's a decent three point shooter which is something that you know you don't think of big man. You know being able to do but he can do that and I just think he does give them that low post presence if there was one thing they didn't have. He's somebody that you can put the low post the high post to mean I think he's a real. Functional suitable offensive player for whatever the heck that is the warriors wanted to do and in one interesting thing. You know that the pelicans played pretty fast even when you met him now he he he couldn't always keep up what. And there are topics he was maybe don't free throw line to free throw line. And you know not you know basket to basket in Canada catching his breath. But I think assuming that you can get close to a 100%. He is somebody that isn't gonna mind trying to run the floor and get into an early offense you know where you post up download puppet tool. Before the defense is set. And it's kind of a one on one and if he's got somebody one on one on the block in that town a transition setting. Finally there's really anybody eating garden there and you get it in the half court where you could double and he can help in different things. It becomes trickier but I addictive if the worst could put him in the position where he gets it. Before the rest of the defense is around. I think he's almost automatic in those types of situations. John Dickinson 95 point seven a game our reporter he's joining us he covered DeMarcus Cousins. During his time in Sacramento knows him as well as any media member. I want to ask you this JD if and and this is where we'll wrap it up if if cousins comes back and let's say he's about 75%. Where will the 25%. What will be missed in net 25%. What do you think. He would lose that we might notice. I think and the defense is and it it could look pretty ugly especially you know if if you get him in situations where he's got a twenty. And you know himself in front of you know maybe a player that wants to drive by him or somebody that's got some quickness I think active looked pretty bad pretty quickly. I think. You could see it in terms of his outside shot if he gets may be a little bit tired or quicker because it's conditioning isn't in unnecessarily. In line I think it could affect him in terms of you don't even maybe be able to score is dominantly down low as far as just not not happened that the burst of the explosives outside the one thing. Is he is a pretty good face up player from you know right around the elbow or kind of give it to him and let him go. That's an area where I think maybe some of their initial explosion to get to the basket or get into a moved. With the did you know when he's going one on one task facing a defender I think that's something. That could be they're but I'm really fascinated to see other warriors play Elvis out because they're in a position. To allow him. To get healthier than I think any other team. They could've possibly sign him so. Will he be patient Willey continued to work that that you know monotonous rehab that that he said was just the worst. You're having to do the same thing over and over again I think those are all questions that remain to be seen. But look if if he gets close to a 100% if it's 8090%. I mean he's just got to be a weapon in a way that the warriors haven't had a weapon. During their their rage you know of good NBA super. Odyssey he had JD I was telling study also I just got today was another reminder. That the warrior franchise is set up so well. Then they could afford to take a chance and let DeMarcus Cousins heal it when he comes back he'll be that much more lethal. The brown went to LA dating vehicle why did he give Paula George who wise in Toronto I sell that to say who got better than the warriors. BM pro active window markets gets healthy. I look at the scope of the league and say the warriors got better than anybody else. Yeah I mean. I certainly don't think anybody's clocked out make the rockets are probably farther away than they were army the lakers I don't really know what they are yet in a playoff team sure but I don't really know what level. All the playoff team they are I think San Antonio could be OK any date they are playoff team. You know when you look at it didn't DeRozan. In the air in that trade obviously with coli Leonard actually go Oklahoma City got a little bit better today. Ridding themselves of Carmelo Anthony but none of these teams in the west are on par with what the world speaker's staff right now. And I think really almost have to look to the Eastern Conference is could there be a team like Philadelphia or Boston. That puts themselves in a position where maybe they can beat the challenger. But in a finals of a long ways to go obviously this season distended what five weeks ago. But no I think you're right I think the warriors have done as much. If not more than anybody else to try and separate to try and you know get an infusion of something different like Steve Kerr talked about. DeMarcus Cousins is a hell of an. Fusion. Yeah that's a great point he's probably going to be an infusion at the perfect time if if all things lined up page JT thank you so much for joining us. For I know you. EU works and things around have a nice have a nice dinner tonight my man. You got guys always always a pleasure that's John Dickenson talking about the markets cousins. JD knows he knows him pretty well and he likes him more than doesn't like him let's put it that way and he's in basically what can I call a basketball heaven right now. Yeah you know the one thing you were saying it is. Is there any doubt. That the war against Hussein is that there is. There is a downside if if cousins. Either can't come back at all or move forward you know he suffers setback well then then. Then other teams did get better than the warriors got bought. If cousins. If all things remain the same and cousins comes back in January and it's like how he looks pretty good while then. Then the leagues in a lot of trouble they might be a lot of trouble. Yeah I'm with you and again I got excited just see with the young Damian Jones and and the rest of the gang. What they're going to be able to do the new rookie and they'll get their opportunities down. Yeah I mean I think that's one thing it's gonna happen with a warriors this year I think even more so than. Then last year they're gonna try to shoehorn some of their younger players in the air more. Wanna be weird not to seize outside. In JaVale should be you you know Deanna youngsters. Oh mr. dale though I love I love Pierre to Don Don level and and you get there though it is going to be young. It's going to be fun though it's get at least cousins and and I've said this before a warrior fans have got a little. A little spoiled but maybe complacent because this team so good but I think cousins is gonna give him another reason to really. Really pay attention are right your chance to win another thousand dollars. Right now. I'm not even like seven to. Altitude Johnson Gionta Franco is Damon Bruce. Not feeling too well today hopefully Damon we back. Tomorrow and we wish him. Well as always from the 510 Stein in my correct that you did sit in the third deck. No light went on with that giants game now is that that's what's most embarrassing it is I had really good seats and I'd. I just don't know why I didn't remember that they were wearing their names in the majors and tournaments I think anyway. Do we usually do this. Once a week. When we're on the air ten to twelve. So I'm not sure how this wasn't with you Monday unity I don't know cheat though that I'm I'm more concerned that. We might need to brace the the sixth when he listener. With with what's about to go down so do room this is gurus gripes. Once a week and since I haven't been doing a show would in my wanna do it right now. So here is gurus gripes. You started this there are connections. Oh please don't make me angry now you wouldn't like him when I'm angry you came on and got. Welsh mother. It's kinda yeah Gionta that you guys got better halves. We all work. And she's not listen in my better half but there's nothing worse still when you come home and the other half past company. And it's not about who the company he has is just the timing. Let me deviant show our Jews uncharged. Don't have mead played you know the political game of the major kiss in the babies this happened last evening and. He'd make me almost angry in the American man to do with it my home because they were close and dear we'll hear what I'm really irritated. They're not listen in so I would never I would always say you know what GM is on the way home she needs debt. That time now you know that that that you have regrets decompress. And just happen more often than not and I hope I don't change the view of me but I drove past my house what I thought the car the air out let it out now I've broke out at the house. Good morning just sat in the parking lot of did you come listen to the radio listen to get a win like okay they're probably gone in the comeback. They don't they are. And I'm just trying to what should I do. What should I do to alleviate this problem up. It's disrespectful rap people at my home with you don't want coming home from war. I'm right I think disrespectful. Is a little strong. Two other. I questions. And so the number one and it did you get a warning not Varitek hit my head or won't and I'll be all good that I guess that's where the fires come in from no morning. When you don't Dakota right on yeah true we got somebody there you did it geek question are you coming straight home and then I think yes they can OK it's gonna go like this you don't maybe have a battle why did. But didn't do have to go wind. Now Google mode just Darrell mode I'm just. All of you to personalities. The north said the ever go well. I'll actually get her way I don't think I'd do but come on Jana a kid does I think it is it like the people that are obesity or close some neighbors some family could could you mean could it be where you walk in the door and if they're that close to you that your answer that friend could just hey. Hi how are you I'm so excited to hang out with you I'd just teed off work I need to decompress do you mind giving me all that. Not enough right data now. I don't know if it's my house I don't know anybody that's just a day I I think it's not beat last July battle where you have. But I did get up by you don't what could have basically tell them you shouldn't be her. I just know that when my wife comes home and I have company she loves it contention at the deal. And a my buddy over something. I have really drove past my house that's coming out party for me know what you need to know what you need is you need. Put profit them regularly you need your own space. Ideally away from the house hero or the property. Do you have a do you have a separate garage yet but that day how it was very good and they OK yeah I think I got it and Yahoo!. Only acceptable to just say hey and a couple minutes run upstairs to shower relax her side. Please don't you know take it's personal but I'll be back in fifteen and love to hang out. Win dinner and and if I were ever in Saudi I've been like you know what a good time is after the missed his own letter steadily and in minutes I'll bid but it to have that no wind that's the fur ads are likely you know I don't believe she is just one of her body. You know like well this happening wife happy life they you know through by the way I I feel better look I'm just popped into my head that I forgot about. Has brought up man cave. By the way is that its name of that gonna have to be changed at some point meaning hey you know how great is now in Denver woman cave at some point Herman never okay so. Anyway I think that was a guy to get this. I gotta tell you was one of the cool springs and oversee. So one over this guy's house had never been there before he would. He's meant he was like a big pile place off so I went over and I'm like excuse Greg connect quick use the bathroom. And then I'll come. So like go to the bathroom. He has while you're at all. I don't offload but not the kind that just sticks to the wall that's three feet the kind debt is like a restaurant where it's pitched six feet and all the way down now. Do you have like that a commercial you'll. Wow wow what could I guess I don't did you come outlet that's my logical. Well it felt good. If it's the first time I've ever seen anything like that you don't call Brett he's of course I was impressed if you do tell them like. It's it was it's it's what we talked about them for the way the next 1015 and what was the what was behind that concept that the I've never I can honestly say I've never say what they met you know I've never seen or have my fifth it's just how do. And where there is fighting a friend of a friend or dedicated call afraid that I didn't know the pro I'm a little bit. But he also has a jukebox. You know he's got one of those big wow lots of them though I'm jealous of this so he had wow it was. It was one of them the big ones you know not. Not the little ones that you put on the aisle to pay to play on OK I think it is at its way it's pity if I mean it is like in a room and hit man came like his area. It like for the whole family. I think it's mostly his foot when I was there one other time I didn't use the bill through that time that his wife was in there hanging out. So but I think I think he goes back there to just kind of do his thing but it's not like. Nobody else commit sounds like he'll go back. To our right up. That I like am I don't think it's man okay in his office it is what is she shed and then there's a man can like I'm yeah she I she is dead. I've never had to. I've never heard well I think it's fascinating because obviously. Being a girl it's not like this and our restaurant but that there is a total etiquette. When guys go to the restroom you know like there's a whole eyes up. You are really inner actor talk with each other right believe you can talk to keep it's looks straight ahead. Really just say hotly to not really an injured right adolescents summon your friend do it while you are absolutely right I mean there's nothing worse than you have a conversation with somebody in. It comes to its and you go to the bathroom and it's like oh man he's right there are dead yet I think it's an athletic. Yeah hey what's and yes so anyway but you know you've. Just but do it then don't have a that boot because in private for you guys yeah he doesn't exist on that subject -- we were doing their lawyer post game and we would be at the arena Al. After hours and you know I'll be late sometimes and I'll be honest I went the wrong nobody was there are wrong restaurant. He went to the women yeah I realize that the just my take twos into my take away it was like. You know women are nasty true this is incredible. I could I was really like whoa I thought it was a demand that we have a big wow okay via the result. I don't know no this with a lot of wool I got three daughters I'm OK and they can be filthy real. It is an event like I wish that they can be like this why don't niners offensive line and a they are just seeing I don't want to relate to Serbia should be glad I'll really there you can see that. I feel order they don't she's our girl. It is you know just dirty like if there's one thing he can get a little keynote cluttering up my house at times but it is never dirty folk like guy you could it. Eat off my bathroom floor and I I. I believe that I created my pet peeve to have a dirty back at NASA's my thing now I don't be a man goes to be little messy to me. You know all the clothes and zoos everywhere and how to products in the bathroom. It's true it's Obama equally about our shot I'd let you. Just yeah I think the stuff it was actually. That's a nice thing I mean I don't have to go into. The kids' bathroom which is actually the girls but do check eagle windows to pitch like I do to check your stuff you just judging. Like pick up your clothes I was showered only water on the floor I don't care what's in there I don't use it. The only time I go in there is ticklish toothpaste. We're if we're well I don't have they not only tiptoe which I'm sure it got put actions on. Well I don't know value out if I'm telling him. You could put up you could put up late the the 49ers locker room and like my kids' rooms and they wouldn't be towed act funny in its cost. To slow. Given shocker on each shot. I don't think that pollution gonna go. Do you how much hosting Steen category I mean when you start. I heard him for a while S and just started while my gay can make India they kick up dust. I mean you got to watch it. Can you want shouldn't elect the consortium dog yet I'll tell your from a car was not like them down. I think children and one that we liberal arts and a lot of that Boozman you know I don't think so and Lake Wales open. Actually since we're on the subject of bathrooms the I. Am I have. A lit. One of the best kept seek you don't know one of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area. It won't be after and say this but this is unbelievable I never would have thought this. The bathrooms. At the west Oakland Bart senator aboard state I would never going to foot the deal what. Keep not going in them could tell me I can go it without any but. Do their claim like a hotel to clean like that you don't know what I wouldn't say what hotel. Which partition doesn't west Oakland. I have never been NA Bart station back in the has been clean so I'm surprise earlier this you know it's it's pretty clean I've never gone in there when it's been. Wow I mean sometimes you can tell it's been used but nothing like. Oh my god it's so naturally I can't. Elaine when you're stepping on the ground it's not like a wet are now here are now and now I've sent. When I cantenna Myanmar bathrooms in the toilet paper does this one little's. I know how that. Advancement disciplinary real ya on the eggs I. An emergency when he needs he is the apartment after a break and be that learned you can't wait to you know you're still pretty young once you get older children literally have to be an emergency it's just has the view that time which. It's closer together venerable and how the intervals between you hit shorter ensure conviction now. She doesn't talk I want to mention about a house been for sale are. Hold on I want looks fine fine. Guru. Bob Brady Bunch that we cannot get my take I know I like all over him. Alice you know the house that lived then. How is I never been by there but yet it's for sale how can that be why was it's it's it's off limits like the Jackson house. Now somebody lives there's the regular person of failing in their cell in the house it's in 1000 oaks California I believe so no yeah. Owls so apparently. Yes the house is for sale won't say so the price they bought it Philly. 300000. Outsell the flight one point 91000009 million out in LA like that but the the interesting thing is. If you buy that handles. You have to. Resigned yourself to the fact that apparently. A few dozen people every single day. Will be either driving by to check it out at all we'll take a walk by just the look at it because it's the Brady Bunch and that's a deal exterior only right that happens here with a full house. This faux no that's right postcard wrote exactly yes so that happened here is well and a casino drive by the the full have did you see exterior with and filmed in the house. But the exterior was used for the opening a full house and people I've. I denim myself so we're about to close for comp. Perk is that someone of that had to steal Le. And you're watching a show. Who's in a minute who authored golf and college. I can't remember the name. Whether positive face people are saying Matt you're given away a secret to lift the new drivers know you're gonna tell you got still go win. We got a you have to pay. You have to be in the court system it's only keeping demotion jump over the thing. But you know you have to be I give you props we're going to hear on the gas due to get into close sometimes you know choice. So it was Ted Knight in too close for comfort about the show and day out there you go memory of the family no. Remember I don't know I mean I remembered for Mary Tyler more 1980 to 87 had seven year old and run and that's a long time that I. What would you 1980 to 1987. Nancy does all right well we gave all luck in. Baghdad for caddy shack. She's got the name sounds familiar but I mean I know Ted Knight and I know too close for Ted Knight and. I'll see she got it I should know that the Mega Millions jackpot is over 422. Million dollars I've already bought tickets for it Damon's for our show but that's when you're not I don't win when you. That nobody's ever won that way just not for the station while I did not do is stationed full idea that incident is not a media let gotten myself. Damon Alain and now be because I know. Anyone US position knows that I am going to win the lottery one day. And you know I don't wanna miss that chance so. And I each ticket to Friday's giant but you know your chances go down when you do the group. Not necessarily. I never heard I'm irritated. As opposed to me having five dollars now I get one eat up there's never I have not click have you seen a group glitter. Though lady of the man Eric. Well I don't know I think that group come steelworkers yeah did you or something definitely there's a lot of people in limited is bigger picture missed a lot of there's people who get. If they work with two dozen people everybody oh through ten dollars and in the nobody who claims that they split up but who comes and look who they have as she wanted her send HM one person to be that Blake. I had to I yeah I. And you'll Ifill badge as one in on an act like cash offer now that I brought it up. Go run now by what at 7 o'clock anyway no we haven't ultimately until Friday I can Michael stay out on the I don't you out now I don't know that what if tomorrow yet Marceau think about it. Does this say the missile the house from mrs. doubtfire is how this Robin Williams yeah. RBC documentary yeah I don't Robin Williams no we actually talked about it it looks good at what I think. What I understand to militant like your typical here's where he was born this is who raised him with its more of you know you go in his mind and learn about is you know how he wrote a comedy and his relationship with the other you know comedian friends so it looks good. Yeah I think he was alleged tendency now. You're in your movie guy which list movies on. That's what you're weak don't well I actually ads it's that would mean that I go to you I've seen a movie in six months while you gotta what does having kids being. That you go to the movies moron yeah sometime and then when I don't like with the without gas in there we go too much I admit you know. With the older kids 1213 or fourteen. You don't take him to argue. They'll take and although we just had an argument about the are right there with their parents this is real life to get a haircut seen if they probably here to school but. We're just about to star Bono. It was well done really know what our lab outside her excellent matters it's all the matters. As long as it but they did that thing at the end where the movies over the kids like dead no and then they got to remember our grabbed on that way. They got their other movie what are they can't elect a little too little hint over yeah doubles don't all credits the we have to stay they're good five minutes like a last minute Brittany and had to go outtakes or whatever you just. Turn the lights off if it's not over is ever does that mean. Does every movie do them a basis and don't think. It's a very popular with comic book movies because it sort of gives you that teaser for then next movie like it guarantee the I don't know what the Justice League not just that month but. Then there's the land an example infinity war and then the next one. Levitt you're like what twelve bucks to go to a movie sometime you more as if we used up all of the B there's blog as I can and enjoy you know get my money where it. But gurus Austin is sixty bucks a pop for our family don't really ended early at the food and that's not with a nine to five Sissy than 95 has a great memory. He says that let me guess you take on the multiple showings. What is all of us we don't we don't do the double. Content you know that it's obvious that you don't know I mean this is. These contracts have not been doing it since the seven us I'll go to the movie on a Saturday afternoon and if they're so happens to be another movie playing him after my movie is over. I feel like the invite his good. He's going to want for the movie at anyone always airbase there in paid for the other movies the young lady laughed at me. Why did well like putting my money that was CN. But did you know I had to Wear don't set out to say we're stick because we're not still and I just if it's an invite chief in the opportunities that are thought. Have you ever went to a movie before your movie starts to see part of it thinly I see people still do that grower. Little I may not watch a movie half they usually start in thirty minutes into the air but you want to keel third 25 of those minutes watching a movie debate for a big creep in and they get up and leave. So you watched thirty minutes ago I had some people do. Now ol' laugh at silly you know what this is the 707. Just tweeted something that I remembered I actually thought it was from risky business. I'm right. Fierce huge day off remember after all the credits I think get out there was an. Brad I think I'm trial about a time. Robberies like we do yeah here it's over pick it called burn eighth from seven of seven boot so we went from what bathrooms to movies to my in my bed I invited Canada. I Lotto tickets well I. But in other. Another secret. Must be they say. In an old folks homes the bathrooms are very very quickly now that I have. And so there and I would expect that. I don't think it's stupid every job I've I don't know like Seacrest man Harry he's just gonna go to restaurant I don't try to do I think. I mean I go around back before it walked in front of them. Nice little tip from the 510 and I am a member Cinemark monthly movie pass nine bucks and a movie. You get the credit free movie plus tickets at the same if you buy extras by nine bucks a month net ninety pain 9899 a month and then that goes for that is credited to a movie ticket for any movie there's no restrictions on it. And then your V remaining tickets have to buy like you to take your family are eight nanny nine. A great deal and I wanna. I like the system I have. There's an extreme group can cry right. Well we come back we're gonna wrap things up probably talk a little boogie cousins and maybe something else that we don't even know we're gonna end up talking about just like we just did. Now activity inclusion. On the except yeah. Gionta Franco were filling in today for. David Bruce whose a little bit under the weather we hope that Damon back. Tomorrow the better DB and coming up at just 7 o'clock. I'll say look great nickname here at the end diddley. Group made up I think he's been duke was right the ski team. Coming up next voted did added now that's a word origin broke I think that was give Lee and that means it's Joshi ASCII and met Cole yeah. I don't know where the ski team kids gonna get it why they call it steadying. Yeah I do I'm just for the ones out of which side. I think think about it like you don't like to ski you don't have it doubted you know it's funny OK so I gave give Lee credit for that nickname which is kinda clever argument that it. Whatever it will most recently got a real real good buddy in the and they. They say something that really really trapped. They were a hundred times over you start thinking you know what I gotta love bitter as much as anybody but that was just too close to home. So. A Texan with deadly just now and they should hash shot an 86 today when there are a one out and played and diddley died golf together over the weekend he was terrific luck and I stunk and I stunk. It. As terrible two straight days what's going on I don't know I don't know and I just don't know I just not kitten. I'm not improving at the rate I thought I go to improve that the standards that are so he says I shot an 84 or 86 whatever it is I got back doom and I said. Yeah right now my clubs are in the basement. And he said. Right where they belong move a move and he's. Yeah that's a little coal. I now I don't I. I don't think he'll like the fact you are didn't down on yourself and they were in the basement so he just went head sitting at Phillip pity party like yes here you go like tough love right in now you're maybe that oh yeah I've. Get ready guiana to get back out there ID was smacked docket it definitely was an you know it's easy to talk when your top when I'm when your games all tight. It's time it's it's. It's. It's easy text line and explosives used Jian and we we were talking about this the other day with a rat oh so. My middle daughter got her driver's license. She's sixteen she's had a now for two or three. Weeks. And she has begun to take my eleven year old to soccer Pratt are. A dream. I don't know if it's one text her or if there's sentiment out there but they don't think it's a good idea. They don't think it's a good idea for my sixteen year old to drive the younger when they have a look look let me let me just say this. This week just happen to be a week where. I was working at different shift and their mother was my life is out of ten he travels haven't yet so we were stuck. But nevertheless. What do you think they asked he would here's my question how do you feel you're are you with I think I've driven with with my middle daughter and I think she's. I think she's a good drive you took any kind of irresponsible not to be distracted yes I do given our big responsibility. I arrive in the younger did the young I don't know I ago. I mean I think that's up to the parent that Amy at each drill myself and where we feel that he had that confident lot of them like I'll take. I Gaza Q when I was a kid like beef right in how my driver's license my daddy's just Tammy the cart he's in the big tried yourself it was a different world I went to bed so I think you know if he likes a lot of practice in need you know he thought I was totally fine out fifteen and a half. In care so. I mean. Personally. I don't I would because bit I'm going based on like my step kids who I love Brett. And I haven't seen behind it will sell at are you would know best as their parent. Thank you. 650 says it is it an illegal to have a sixteen year old drive anyone under eighteen I don't wanna read that knocked it to simply. Oh OK if it's a sibling it's okay she can't be driving friends or no but I don't know which I don't they bring you pulled over who says. I need your birth certificate to prove he's Chrysler. Women. How can prove that I Natalee and I don't think it's kind of not busy you know. It always. You don't look a like it or not I mean it's you know if you're gonna be if a six year old carded her sister I don't know I think they can kind of sort of figure that stuff out and at sixteen you eat any of jobs for you Ian UB argument that people and so I now. AB plus you don't Donny and what. Those soccer pick up and drop off Tom I'll burn out and it's awesome you have another driver and how. It is lets you hey amazing it is actually pretty amazing so. Just a good question about cousins. Do what we were in the break she should do you think it's going to be. Difficult for cousins to kind of share the spotlight. With with curry you know because he played on the team with this much star power a look easy don't he. I read I mean not he's always kind of in the center of attention. On a pocket. On his team and what are we thing I think his career is in the balance he won't come out and say that genre so. I think DeMarcus Cousins knows. When it comes to the personal side of the business in game he's gonna be the model teammate. And I if you were to get two shots a game that would be sufficient for him he knows what's at stake and I just think now with the injuries that any. What we get the new DeMarcus Cousins that that's not even honest it is in the stop process he is gonna be the best guess that he may ever. But for coming in that's and I hope so but at some point he'll for how long cannot last like how long he since you're so used to being the center of attention. Now I have to sort of share that with everybody else that might be hard at first or you know efforts to my UK within the later down the road that might be a little hard to sort of you know you're Canadian opposition. Don't call me crazy but I think cousins might be ready to. Wanna be a little more below the radar or wondered where we thought what it did for JaVale disembark not only not only matured but. You know he's always the focal point he's always the thrown out different multiple warheads so he probably wants to get a getaway for our I don't think it's sort of think the spotlight is an issue for cousins. That to me the biggest issue that could come up news. And and this is what I asked him about the warriors are so conservative with injuries they give guys all the days off left and right. I do see a scenario work cousins is basically saying hey Emery out there and they're saying not yet not yet not yet. And you'll also have the added dynamic of custom custom play to get paid them the that's. Let's say it's going to be a problem but the kids I could see that. Be in a potential issue yeah I listen now played for you to ask him about his thoughts on Chelsea lengths departure. I'll bet you said. I tell you what are you because and you beyond me all because and paid the markets Chelsea latest in Atlanta and now. Your thoughts. Penny lane who don't know that's Laverne Shirley Chelsea went angels but I thought. And Elaine how you ideally yeah and that that via I have no idea who you're talking about the lady trying to. They're allowed only traders of Motorola aren't so you guys are all guys know what I had no idea off. And I did outfit today he begin. Catch you guys been a lot of fun lot of fun. In a way I hope we don't do it tomorrow though because autumn Damon's back and healthy yes the ski team is next thanks to listen and everybody read on the Ted hash tag fat.