DB Show w/ Steiny & Guru - 3 - MLB marketing, Papa & Raiders, Boogie exclusive, Cereal

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, July 19th
Matt Steinmetz & Daryle 'the Guru' Johnson fill in for Damon - they discuss MLB's marketing problems, debate whether Wheaties are still a thing, Steiny reads Mark Davis's press release, we play Steiny's exclusive interview with DeMarcus Cousins, and Steiny-Guru-and Gianna's favorite cereals. 

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Here's the. O o'clock hour of the day when we. Show gave it a little bit under the weather today. We hope he gets back here tomorrow in the meantime that's kind that's Darryl would you root Johnson. And Gionta Franco we just finished off five at five I'll say one thing I'd like to know this has happened in the Mediterranean. Yes the markets open order. What are they have platypus and in the Mediterranean that question the. Where were the platypus is well does anybody know that I I do not and lakes. I don't know it's one animal though I think if I met in the wild I can handle. A TI wouldn't I know I would hope because. Let platypus would be. Completely out of his element. And so yeah I've never I've never seen the Mediterranean I have seen the Adriatic Sea. And it's really really salty. Is that it's great you can you know I can float I mean you can help out yet you can float without having to kind of keep yourself afloat it's magical. Through for all. One other way it says a plot with is live in only one small area of the world. Other freshwater areas that flow throughout the island of Tasmania. We know so they're not even louder and Utley has many remaining Tasmanian devils let me make it clear that was our producer Al be below. And the Mediterranean Sea you can float and that too. A real yes room eyes as the fans are so you've been there you countries. You know what I never remember Janet the Adriatic salt here in the if I mean it's not like if I had no idea. Although good to good knowledge while knowledge while there in the Waterloo Ontario they were also water on two river banks to dig boroughs with their claws. Nice tank how big they Abby typically I don't have that clout as facts in front of me. Keep in mind out of products that was the net debt that's not me now now as to how many times I die he says the word I gotta say yet the Dead Sea. Mean I hear you dive into the dead seated saying. Dive into concrete dome of and there's a lot of there's a lot of salt they're talking about some baseball it's it's the lines real quick it's Jose in Antioch they do and Jose. That budget well dynamite. No you know what I thought about it about Mike and may very well. They that you have a guy of that caliber. I'm right in you know make it part of the question is a baseball. You know what art department bought the New York. The big day you know the big shelf but it in the small market about a spate. That it needed to put in a much. Yeah you know the thanks for the call Jose it's not so much a small market obviously. In Anaheim but. It's not Boston it's not New York. It's not Washington in his Los Angeles those done in. This that you who's more popular. Air judge your Bryce are all Aron Jenna it's really far. You should look at the hit star Bryce Harper bad. It's airing judge he took what he's doing last year judge has to be the the most known player in baseball I would say that really yet. And this is the worst. Fact ever but I felt like gift. Do that would be the guy who would be most recognized. By the used to what you deacon. I paid I say Bryce Harper debts and I think two things until then put. I mean these are great year via he tries to the other. One of the things about judges and he plays with so many other great players I don't know duplicity and you'll rue knows. Anaheim is not. Technically LOR they do one madness they are yeah. Our budgets well okay Los Angeles opposite I'll say it anyway. Anaheim is not a small market there that's that's. This sentiment is still Orange County right. 95 since boosters bat bash baseball time. Bashing based. All. Fashion is all you'll. I haven't you haven't let's go to Lenny in San Jose Lenny. And act or done too well. All of so plug it also is. When big ball started that was there all you add it all these guys were good you I'm elegant all our everybody needs. You knew nothing else about them behind that he always all of them are on the heels in got to control our mediated everywhere and anywhere you go. And we usually that you can't be yourself you can't don't know barn and be one of the guys I would want to eat in downtown New York. You did you get sewers right in there and deal. Our exports and real hole through and you only act they all value. And it probably couldn't believe the right the market. The only had it all. It's impossible for baseball would be what baseball ever award because. It would have been stepped worded letter mean. He would do so well that's kind of where we are but it's all exchange with their rhetoric but everything else are. And they are still real just irritates display a keystone of a lot there are concerned Calder. Then. I don't improbable that any of his any of his points. Toys truth. But I do remember the tape delay in Seattle downtown Freddie ground against. The L Washington bullets. Wow man see to me there was a law currently did not eat now remembers watching the Celtics sixers in 1980 when they get paid to him. What was what is part what was most. That's why older athletes are gosh I just saw the you don't just saw with Moses Malone's contract was when he joined this opinion that the pricing gas in movies and groceries. Whenever he was didn't was above him farm B of the average work right. The 831 what's the know if you and me have ever been to the club. There. I like like LeBron in the race when you first of all corners First Lady today well first of all week you know that's not your concern. But have you. Now it's again it's like years and either I'm just saying that what were on the same to any more teammates. There are rivals then says only a couple corners. I don't think I can get in the door. Well he may can now I'll never be the oldest guy at a bar no option but it's by choice that you are going it's not by army yet sometimes you go to a bar. And start club background on not that I. And you see one of those oh Jesus left. 73. Hello my walking in but policy one of those guys forget about it I had my first what I thought radio moment Gionta. I went to a club I won't name the name it was a Thursday night. In the young lady I have no idea how she looks at the ID she goes you're in free I would mob buddies they go dude. Is a radio thing blown up like that in I looked around and there were some spare that you get in in public. And around like wild somebody about the senate so you aware of thirty minutes went by with the bar my friends is still lagged the and I can't believe that. So I decided to a little stale I go downstairs that was burn a young ladies here's an idea. Who paid for me to go sorry you're over authority on Thursday night. I'll call we lab in lab and the third year off. Already you're worried shark put your credit don't I'll show you ideology. Wanted to run to hurt me you know you'll have a storm. You're shooter reached in your wallet and pay it anyway. Just like that idea hey you're over 41. Way or just got a text from Michael Irvin. And he says he all get a report back in the day on the platypus. And it's not just the island of Tasmania it's most of eastern Australia I am reading that yes mammals US and Australia they lay eggs. But that they lay eggs Platt opposes. Lay eggs egg lane mammal. These are our permits for the info you got an error so most at too much information there for me you mature buoyed today. Who are right Iraq or don't want a boy ran a special dog you guys go back. It you know we go back I'm hurry up they write you know what about you. You're the guy they can hate me but I still like it'll rather you get the out party got a problem could. He can hate me but I still like you. He doesn't. Know he'd might actually no not actually you know you don't think he's got a list in the bottom line he's got a list yet we do not hard to fashion day that was. Little. I didn't hear that you weren't married yeah. It's event. How about let's admit I literally art track and be myself but just don't what my popcorn and that I'll hop. Yeah raise he's a piece of work articles all you know what I am pretty sure. Rays were working now he may be all and the air on television yes and now would be the time judges he should. Know I was gonna say rip them apart the synergy here yeah. I'm happy hour and you do not now and I love to do good on there. Have guessed that it. Well I have hubs like what I'm doing Monday mania lake like in pop is a testament have a person here believes that person's immediate word money pool. Currently works over the and I did it but you know there have other people. I have not Fannie hasn't. Really and a nine. A lot of people wanna talk some baseball so I guess we'll we'll keep it going to know what 530 and then we're gonna at 530 we're gonna rerun. My interview with DeMarcus Cousins I we're also gonna give away east tickets. Ace tickets for the Sunday game I believe favorite series. Asian giants the coliseum you just have to know how many times Matt Simon to said the word of the day that word is part of us. Yes and it's for Sunday's game Sunday's game okay Sunday's game at the coliseum it will be the finale of their three game series. And also. The final game of a six games at the two that whoever wins that game Wednesday. The they brought in Brazil trophy. Did I get too much Ron I love you my boy you know what. It's it's. It's too easy to almost make fun of so I'm okay. And allowed. People I don't the first trophy every team that's not a bad idea. What is not the Stanley Cup. Of course it's not any you know I heard Brody on yesterday's got a sense of humor about he knows it's not the Larry O'Brien drop below you broad. No harm in it. Sunup to have a little sum to play for you know. I grew just within the Bay Area kind of a teen saying it's collect or is it going when the giants are a's who were what I've could push into the thing what I. Yeah well after they split six games well literally the last however once the final game is and I. Is the tiebreaker I got you okay. He writes basically. And then yes some intangibles which it's fun it's time. The twelve caper to a cash contest here's your chance of 1000 dollars text the code word cool CO OL 272881. That's cool. To 72881. This is a multi state contest message and data rates apply. So there you have it oh that's right there's no break here right he is the longest Selanne all right go well. OK bush and bill Pollack I was I was and take some calls we had to get our let's go to Jason. Jason he's on the bay bridge and I hear traffic stinks today what's up by Jason. Hey guys aren't you know space a big spot at the conversation sure I'm on my insurer judges. The number one guy and the Yankees in elegy Collison over there yeah and got Harper's popular but a lot of that good people like the guy. You know what Iran and I don't mean he's not exactly popular diet but if you had to say they call. Enough Baumgartner wasn't hurt he still would be candidate. But without in the case I mean and if he can play like who's gonna be on the Wheaties box in my gonna recognize. I'm not that anybody more than not Kershaw. And you know you put it put the guys stay on some and I don't like the guys you know in LA got all about it I mean it is putted well you know I'd love up. Yeah you know I did that for the call Jason my question is this I mean. You get auto Wheaties box because. Your great they're great yeah so. You put Mike Trout on Wheaties box in this one more people nobody looks like that's a great idea and and I mean the bottom line is. To me. Trout a little bit like cool why Leonard. Controls when a deal. And forget those all collide Elliott again just to play he didn't you little shy and I would say introverted as much as as coli Leonard it. Does he ever respond to what to go out to day. He's up there for sure the little guy that's why yeah that's why he is up there let's go to James in all I you don't James. Abdul and they detonate or do well. Pocket it's well because and number pain inked. Yeah I'd get open every bit I think you guys that way opted we need to report. Has he on standard buying them at the end brand new 45000 dollar BMW sprint they're number and they have Darrelle Revis. A rookie 50000 are expected number. When you went to Tampa Bay. So these guys they ot. OK hey Jane thanks for the call and you know right now that he brought that up I do remember. I. Well Deion Sanders I don't know I don't know if you met with the cowboys are with a niners but I don't know that it matters. The podium I would pay whatever costs due to it yet. How much Dion was making at the time. Does anybody even he Wheaties now. Good question I have not bought Wheaties I don't think ever really now. They're basically like or play corn flakes. That's something you are frosted flakes and then have them all like. The many weeks many Internet menuing I Nigeria's. Those are those serial medallion and all you know is a favorite I like the let the news you don't Fruity Pebbles cocoa pebbles and good for Atlanta diner in late night sugar. One on the wrong. By the way about TV. I'm watching channel five kids channel five and they're interviewing a woman. Obviously on the Streets of San Francisco. And they're asking her if she is judgmental about the fact. It Jimmy drop below headed the within. And adults an adult comes to film star. So everybody's try to milk this the debt I want somebody deleted me like Jimmy was Lincoln hit the young lady had dinner I didn't he had that big is good just happy. I followed was good event. Like isn't a ordered he it was Saturday at SP a good one. Don't know why these numbers up like that I love pop culture I dive now and what it is effort you know I love not that. This is at come on and so does. It was the it was a person from TMZ who's taping it in the restaurant would do that Michael wiesel or. Is that it doesn't SA it could've been a patron of the restaurant who noted recognized Jimmy started taping and sold it to team easy. So he gives gave the right to teams he's a medical images to weeded me just broke quake he loves the Wheaties. A lot of attacks line doesn't he sound victory once says he's pretty sure Weezer done but of course he had in the sport I'm good how are more likely headed to. To trust Cole ski. Let's go to our Patrick Q what's jumpin on Greg Papa Greg Papa. What's up Patrick. They are out there aren't doing well man thanks for the call. Good refugees yet Jim yeah I mean I just saw it on your parent republic here and said that in light. Those two guys come in and there are not allowed 21 years. I just feel like. I leave you give Greg opposition here. That he got done good and permanent year leisure and give it back. Very you know we're going to invaders. And in our not a two year low but Rex you know two years now but I just feel like initiative that opposite. Unless he just. What yeah. Yeah Patrick. Yes that's you know what we'll find out Monday thanks for the call Patrick in Sacramento yeah I mean that's what. That's what we're really don't know I mean maybe they don't use force that would he had enough with enough whose red believe we don't know any of those things. And that's why I'll let all that stuff. For Greg when he gets in here on Monday I will do this so I will read this is the repetitive if you don't. If you just joined us Greg pop is officially out as the voice of the Oakland Raiders on the radio as he is Tom Flores. And and here's what the raiders. Actually it's not the raiders this is this was put out by moral statement. Yeah they put a job one now yeah all right that's why it's official yet so here are gonna read the statement from Mark Davis. The raiders organization would like to thank Greg Papa freeze two decades of service. To the silver and black. He wasn't just given the job he earned it with intense preparation. Greg was always ready for the call. Just as my generation remembers bill king and holy Toledo the raider nation will remember Greg Papa and touchdown raiders. We wish Greg and his family the best. In whatever the future brings. Its a nice statement I don't understand that he wasn't given the job he earned it part. The only thing. And I'll speculate on that I mean the only thing I could. Infer from that is. Al Davis didn't just give Greg the job Gregor in the joy of golf course Gregor and the job because Greg was the youngest. NBA play by play announcer in basketball history to eye so you can remember him do when they games like it was yesterday stunning soaker like. Like before Greg Everett so what is it too so Greg must have taken the raiders in the late nineties okay. Well what actually agreed established himself. So there was no. Why would you even have to. Say. He wasn't given that job well not kidding he wasn't given the job by the time he was hired. He had a resin made that was you know. Eight pages along with with legitimate. Jobs in and announcing did Tom no I don't get that that's the part that I think mark who's trying to say something. Without really come an ounce and I'm not your parents so I'm not I'm no word Smith but I don't like to whatever. Which was the whatever. Where you say what do you which Greg and his family the best and whatever the to Berlin. The better word do whatever. I think he means just me just I didn't like that I think keep the rest of the words were were or were or. Had class and I don't like to whatever okay. Just as many little Lawson send us an I whenever a guy anyway the good news said we wish Greg and his family the best. In the fuel used your breath in the future endeavors look at the legislation and the best that period. Yeah that's fair let's go to coached should go to Lou Chris in San Jose take race. What is written a couple thank our. Parrot that that. Cape birdied number. Well it's when I dig at John crock orient and Addai and in the locker room that he wanted to numbered or what do you mean pretty number. And and it died. Dictate the beer and I got you audio pearl. Our walk it's the next couple a couple months later I knew on a team like. 101000 dollar and number crept all married now what you immediately indicate that beer and a Eric you proper car watch your remit battled that deals with the that the it and you know they want that it will what I mean. You know ripped apart prayer break mister Speight on the light you know what I'd be deported the debt literally taking a month. Ought you know and added on that he'd been remember one out they hit these baseball players were done they'd bleep that beat any of October. Mean I know that that been an open in the World Series they beat they'll part of baseball whatever they. Our unity they take away MRE guide you would have month or every month. A personal pride that I want them. In a market out there reality really doesn't have the market and help but think mode where agreement need to bass player. 840 million dollar the year ballot. Need any more or tight bright but it but it you know create direct you really got money bloodied by you're voted in a 400 million dollar on track. Yeah we don't yet the market and well. I wanna say I got. Our I just like I don't know what the answer is with how much does. How much. Is it up to the guy to market himself and how much is up to the sport. To be. Good enough. That too market him that's what I grew up on that's what sports is always been up front OJ out of that's that's oxy moron you you got a ball loud and and do your camp on. That's baseball's job marketing that's sure to hire it was Smart people to do that for yet and it yet again stepped curry Tom Brady. And Trout in a room. The kids would say who's that guy Trout. Who's got the danger Jersey I'm not saying it in its not his fault that just weren't maybe just not good at that site at a part of it you know that's like you hire people to come up with ideas to help these guys aren't too you know and he's he's given back to its bid to the kid what else this guy got the doom. I don't know when a party here are over I'm totally with you there and like I said that video. Of Trout has taken the kid around just like. Let that lasted for about ten or fifteen minute there was no live kidney legality and coverage if we'll see what started. And you know what that I think that is part of it because. It's easier for this generation or it's more prevalent I think in this generation to to do more look at me. But trounce not into it and he's just not into it. I mean. The other thing is where we're Mike Trout came from mill will New Jersey. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere it's or it's a really small. Can own in south Jersey it's not. Really at the at the sure at the beach and it's not close to Philadelphia. It's kind of been. I don't say rural area but there's not a lot going on there so. That's what I think that's. Just if we get rid got a big big personnel will give me this if we can re man Fred's mind. I thought this guy is batting a thousand he messed up with that statement and behind closed doors I'm sure he would take you back it because it is right now when we're gonna give away the east tickets or. Do we do that break how we come back the outbreak are we come back actually dwelling we're gonna get to. I give it away what four tickets or two tickets to you know two tickets two tickets to the Sunday finale. A four pack. Notice for yet it is for an I am I reading Al these lives that they can't here and there will produce a kid this David ever complain about the glare that's tough to really see in there. We can fix that. And surprise. We figured he complained. They get the more I day Sunday's game and after the break okay let's let's go to break we'll be right back. She. Said. That's not necessarily do root Johnson Gianfranco. And we are here for Damon Bruce Davis Phil a little bit under the weather and we wish him the best in getting well. All right so now what do we do to. It's not floor where is your chance to when he for packed UAs and giants on Sunday. At the coliseum these second round of the favorite series we gave you word of the day and you needed to tally how many times match time it's said pull out of press. That was the word of the day of my enemy he stayed again the deserted at a number dad and so first person calling and and that phone number is. Two that the contest lying it is we gotta let and let somebody better say that in my year pretty soon. We got the winner on any. Well. There won't feel weird I don't wanna sell some. They called it noting hauled over the great wow we wanna backwards on then yeah that's impressive I'm like. I look people actually it expects that did not so let me nurse. We blew that. We blew that sorry about I mean. ID just excited though we we blew it in that we felt we had more to do when actually we had already done what we needed to do is clearly the listeners knew because I'm looking at lines right now and there are completely cable you know. Think we did well you could still go on buy tickets to Sunday's game. And they're open and up Mount Everest Saturday from mount cameras and whatever bounds you do Mount Everest. That's added we have when we got a winner. Shell I'll sharp from Alameda congratulation to show won't shout out shot. Would you think he's taken Tug Allah. The question I have is now. Where the seats we don't. Box seats out of colonel play on the start out there you know no one there hadn't seen yet. I guess Jeremy dean sees the and it was six times Matt said the word out of the six times are you one of those studies if they were bad season window. I give oncology static doesn't do you do whether it should read this time some good great question will snotty but hey that's a great question. I you would see a. Yeah Prague would you Jenna. I got tickets to this event would you say well let's see event what's the there doesn't matter though he asks are you kidding. But this for me what you said based on any I got two tickets to warriors game but there in the last row. It's similar color I would tell you where they were I'd be like you do you know when I know I'm grateful shouldn't try to say now market. You do on a moment ago when would jazz would be prep would now because that would just be appreciated that the opportunity and then bites and the free night out get it to yourself yeah. Every Hewitt yeah. And nice gesture and who this guy. Because it wasn't clear. This in taxer and again it's no I would do is clear that they grow up to some war doesn't matter will. Does it people around their pissed off because they thought they had a chance after the okay I'll I'll take responsibility now hold on my bed as you well here we can't put Audi clarified to people say I break. We either way people lines party would anyway and so those lines ready. People are already on it yeah it was a matter cheated. There were no matter little bitter speed did wrestle took the first call on the first call call eight whatever I can't win a contest ran a definitely came after the break heated the first half done yeah. You pass from Stockton oh no idea it's of people called right after the break early winner. Yes so I think Carolina's like rights of people so people were waiting for re sick. Call now. Against. All I can do is apologize that's why is all I can always work like this that's all you tell can you I don't I don't really good solid unity unity you doing zero. Thank you very much. All right earlier today had a chance to sit down with DeMarcus Cousins the newest Golden State warrior. And do a little one on one interview with him Morgan play that for you now and I started the interview with an unbelievable. Hard hitting question. Hey how's your day go one. Been a great either. Early morning there. But it's been good this is the deciding. No glad there's going to be a part of the officially can't wait to get on the floor do big loan no blue to glove with the team. It was a big game exciting you know forward wolf with let's get right to do you still think that you're going to be. Ready for trading him you know are about that now we've communicated we'll management. You know thing things. No we'll figure out noted that me personally that's not well mogul balloon little little be Smart about it. I hate to prevent this so it may happen you know we'll figure it out so that's kind of to be determined what I do return I'll give him and that's. One thing about the warriors they are very conservative about this kinda stuff they've they've been resting players could there be a point where. You think you're ready to do more. And they're kinda holding you back a little bit too because that's their MO in Europe most of the one of the to get back on the court I don't think got to be the case. They know how about a little time and and play ball again. He norm also being Smart about this not this about the moment I have this thing long term move but if they allow more return to moments and I think will be Bluetooth communicated figuring out the perfect time for a sick of losing you. Is load is not a good film not emotional group. You think this. Yeah there's a perception about you. That some people have not a good guy. Good teammate. Do you think the losing has made it tougher for you. To show the true person player you are I think that's the biggest things around and you know not been in the situation if that's when the situation it was a it was a good year last year. He didn't in the way we weren't too good you know good you I think I was overcome in her room and you know. An unfortunate situation and so. Not experience that a little bit. A lot of the film. And can we get back to you've been in the league for a while now you've never been in trouble off the court. Got along with Mike Malone Alvin Gentry Iguchi made to a lot of people say that. Is it ever (%expletive) you off that. Your reputation is what it is for some people obviously not for everybody but. You've been a model NBA player in a lot of ways was cited technical flat honestly I don't live from. I don't Lou. Reputations. The fact I'm not looking for the next person ping through and through. Defendants filed stroke my ego like that doesn't help me on the person. Somebody Shanna Moakler peppers. I. Caroline I don't know what I do on normal heart is more fallen hard for it. So if I don't. People like I've bill would -- come home to my right. I came in his league earlier days I've seen I was in the beginning of the social media here. And it doesn't. I don't quite others to do is sit back and think. The hype I'd I mean to me at least personally I could never but I. I don't knock and that would this. Be so matter so angry at somebody where it is the legal. So fan page and his right and the most hateful thing. I don't feel Atlanta. Right I'll make technical fouls or one thing he did a good guy or bad guys are completely different thing. It does feel to me like you've been unfairly portrayed over the course your career at home I just wonder sometimes if a resentment builds up or now it seems like what you changed. He's the walk on an unknown to me this. It's harmless. Harmless right let's do it has a lot of people who can't let it be harmless they let me kind of absorb a Mike Malone ended John pell par you're two guys who I'm sure that you enjoy playing for. I think he did anyway what was the beltway diggers one of the shouldn't do so I shouldn't have made it. But look let's just talk about Mike Malone how will what is it about Mike Malone and other coaches that you. Enjoy played for that makes you. In short play form what is it about this a golf ball with about basketball. It is as Mobo no controlling situation room who's. You know who booted at the alpha and there are aware of it is about winning game plan a ball like. Let's welcome that's welcome work to do everything right get better in my craftsmen and included the word note to me in the lingering if that's what I've come every day. To do or content so. If you in your post on the same page like that and never be a situation moral risk. You know Mike with about his business and soul of our guys were what 99 when he got fired. And from how the third hole which can be upset when they let him go. You know program. You know is slowed. You know I think Mike Jews. An incredible job in Denver there are successful team the young talented very competitive that he's done a group the group so. You know everything habits or read Tom firm believer. You know I believe market. Gonna get his due which is you know have a reform and can you describe what an average day of rehab his life. If the mean among poor goats. I'm aware of core work. Pilates classes. Does the rehab is being journal. Just what do you really hard it's stating a kind of shape with that injury. You know it is an immunity to get this it's as far as you know being implants they haven't won in it is. But I mean the small things you can do is just kind of try to maintain but. There's nothing compared to being in shape when you're. You know able to actually. Be very mobile live can be a minister of boot it it is what it let me tell me play devil's advocate for a second should you talk to Rudy Gay. Dominique Wilkins Jonas about this particular injury. What always comes up with you is you know you're 611. To 7275. Whatever it is and that's going to be. That could be a factor. How do you process that part of it. This attitude that if everything goes negative and who came here to the league with. I've I've heard it I've heard everything negative to allow Waldman rise. The bad accident which you're out what's the best case scenario that happens for you in the Golden State Warriors this year removed him. But for you. On a championship. For us on both. Have you thought about Spartan. Helmet off the bench when your back any of that kind of stuff I'm sort of out of these kids you know arms unsure of I mean what's like your back through me being one room. That's not even question. How many times so far have you thought about you being on the court with though that those other four guys they know what you may do defeat in and and things like that. I think we're all players. Lucky and you have a collective group we. Good accused is that part comes easy that porn hound him so well. Marissa word I always thought that the one thing in basketball but if you can do you can always plays basketball. If you can say good screens play hard. Everything else comment on what we're jeweler to become such a good dancer because you know a lot of big men or end in itself to that seemed to come very naturally it is comment. It came early Foreman out barrels total force total learning I mean I have been facing. Don't miss certain things. And to our shoes off Florida powerball wrote. I'm now become a foursome learned like we do you really big when you were young people were big girl because I know a lot of got a lot of always tall floral. He knows. Pretty decent player so faith something where you we're gonna live in the thing. Probably along the creators. The couple players are are out there already so. Listen let it take up and that the more your time of those a lot of people wanna talk to an old thank you for sit down with me. And I'll welcome to the bay and best of luck to you sir thank you. All right that was the markets cousins and yours truly and at 6 o'clock coming up in fifteen minutes we're gonna have no other Walnut Creek resident all. John Dickinson JDJ. Dickinson was in now Walnut Creek now she'll badly wrong. I don't desperately. They got it right now with cousins who live sound like it companies big Union City. By that as any player in a pro sport wouldn't Union City from the bad. Well Roy Williams from the Dallas Cowboys a university Oklahoma safety. That's the one I'm talking about. Did. We had a house and you're city wins the cowboys. No one knows who. His mom wanted to come up but they have to question now. It might be somebody. Abalone a before she passed was living in Union City little this really a route transmit from new additionally senator I can't. Was living in Union City. It out Polonia and a she'll mix that prince doesn't they were all they are all via. Our view the legible let what. Tell the difference flow. Ebony used to be either the go to black magazine American today and they I'll never forget it was jet magazine excuse me. And ahead a portfolio of all the women printed dated and they were colleges beautiful she really apple only. I'll forgive and a few others but yeah Gillette tax line off all you have known audio analysts say may have an answer gorgeous. That movie beautiful what was it. Right ash Susan brain you saw that right now and missile parts of that parts of the the lake scene. Saw parts of that notion missed that part did you deal if you don't remember some are saying colonial Mac loved the UC. Couple. I do my homework tonight yeah I don't know about that would quit what stuck out with a cousins interview. Did he knows. Did all that losing is behind Eminem was a great question by you on not just a neck is your front of me you asked did you lose and basically get to warm. Any did it has in now he feels like he has the antidote to erase all that what that losing. And not much though blown out if they do win. I think you would take another discount to stay here if don't have chance. He said that about loony can't say this is different. The only way the warriors. The only way cousins is on the roster next year is if he didn't play particularly well this year. The worst and I only offer him like six plus not a matter but I hate liberals like Dan we today. We. Somebody I think this needs to correct you coup there saying. Vanity past. And it he did passion and I'd like an when Maloney is a lot yeah. Yeah 1016 apple still I'd imagine not and I can't Kennedy well apparently you might sit out Polonia. Queen Isabella blow me in my thoughts on. Okay I'll sonus to eight hours or radio maybe I did say you know this is one of my pet I'm going to give a GM they I think advantage even though it it's not that you didn't know it's that you misspoke we don't know. Somebody may have misheard. We're talking about apple there a lot of there are a lot of tax about that. And when you are and then I said Kennedy and that's what I'll start talking about app Polonia to add manatee right go to tape. Yeah that are at Saturday but at a Sony still alive everyone. Yeah photos saying you got to stick you singers mixed up it was vanity who lived in Union City. And recently helped us that's what I saw him. I don't know about you but actually I'm relaxed Dioner I don't know if you judge yeah. You are 100 which are wrong I but I didn't check then that he in that I graduated apple only. How does he get some support here that I knew there are reluctant to go back yet it. Side you would watch today's game in the third deck but would you watch a giants game in the third deck news. Dude that is no check the can be an overzealous here. The third deck is the best he does that power shift AT&T could you see the bridge and feel like you're Mexico would all the way and our error and why is nobody there. You can look at have you looked at some giants games lately and nobody sitting up there. We want to sit there I'm elected next don't bet the best seat to me the best seat at a baseball game his upper down one of the lines. May be okay five to ten Rosie is that but AT&T. Where's the best seat there up I think it any stadium that's the best that's just my answers are. A set out and thought they would it was a great seat great experience was sitting in center field at Fenway Park well that was fun. Well tonight and Wrigley Field that note I never knew I had a hole in for enemy Gionta I had a poll in front of my seat. Second deck behind home behind hope it was the worst. I hope Damien Lewis and it was the worst experience ever Wrigley Field just like parent know when I'll win in two pock would they were playing a rap music in the mall with a little babies. And the customers to plot in this supposed to be pair is romantic. Because we're two point just hold it out there. And I didn't miss Sierra. It was pocket. I'm not sure of the details when you're so UNU attitude are all solid store and there was profanity over the loudspeaker they were playing music. Anyways they and it had Purdue and Bonnie how much rain and I'm right accuses that I Internet imperative I do you know what's going please city like Paris. Well that was a part of it it. Ninety apology asking me Stein can we get the David Lee story. Dude that's K I don't wanna say I guess you kinda took him through the the ringer when you are policy don't the question you asked. And they say you didn't do that to be that's right. Well what Hillary's attitude because his cousins seven feet for me. David Lee was on one of those talk backs while you're at it I should something about. Your critics say your numbers are hollow. I said what are you would you say to people who say you got hollow numbers confused but she'd use that let the way you put it critics not me. My guess I might phrased it poorly because I do remember that that after it was all but he had a reaction right away that wasn't. Yeah he wasn't feeling it as as they say and then after the interview one of the guys whose work in their expertise. And patterns. I wasn't used to work for TV is just asking questions as it was. Is the more hollow in New York. Never whine hey he accepted the warriors when nobody else would always have love for now I'm like now I. It's not in the business anymore what app that they would Coles. No you don't like Cogent stay around. He'd you know what he grew on assays and he had money growing up and they made us. Boatload more play he'd gotten it working hand in his life I do think you know what he I think he would be a good radio host. Or not post co host. While aura or an analyst I think he'd be good at that on the air. Did what he is one what does bright he just went away didn't hang around. He's manner I think he's better known or well wasn't was yet is Carol Wozniak yet he while Becky. When I get the get the only way beyond what one should. Once really rich to pick a guy who's really rich. And then there's the tennis player award and who's. Obviously really ritual so. So let's cereals earlier. And I got to think in. 'cause somebody's within diddley who invented the mount Rushmore of everything I talked and there's now. He's married tennis player but I'm letting Jackie wasn't it. And then I think there's a Bruce swoop woes Nia who started a big company like you'd like that kind of Steve John apple yes yeah I am I Apple's help me out text line 957. Yet Wozniak that's and I thought they call him I think the call in the big blows. I really and it'll say wells borrow he was an act outlaws and yet Wozniak and there you go there you go. We're talk about serial earlier we brought up Wheaties and it got me thinking what what is the mount Rushmore. Of cereals. The best for serials of all time. So here we get out started out now and you guys tell me what's on yours and we'll cue from cross amount and of course the the tax life can weigh in two. I think in the George Washington place. On mount Rushmore of cereals is. Cheerios. Cheerios is on my mount Rushmore of see your goals. I would not argue that got an excellent choice it on your list Cheerios is my first chore race I don't ever it's multi grain honey nut or just good old fashion regular OK what else she got on this more I got a frosted mini weeks. I do not half bad to Rudy you have that no I don't OK I don't have lets rip with that in mind a healthy life he loves Daniels milk. Albany or look at just enough milk was he like little crunch and a little milk in the bite the guru I got to tricks. Who trick for kids but I never heard MR that now has thought about that seriously I think I have lucky charms and lucky is. Lucky charm and let's be honest that was the key she didn't like anything but the charm in the lucky charms because it was basically cheerio wanted to say grimace that's the same way to count jocular was and it. I count jocular as the LeRoy it's not on the mount Rushmore and tricks Lloyd count Shockey was unbelievable. So I got lucky charms on crossing that off Marlins will Shia to like. Oh my god I wish you well. Low even might seem like CIA it life was good little bit he has made me do it that I forget that in your life yet like yours that. They weren't on the mind at all guru no there weren't remind. Fruity Pebbles. I don't have Fruity Pebbles have you have you ever had him. No I mean are more aware of him but now are you need to drive through he had Coco why I have well. I have cocoa puffs. But today you know that's honorable mission I do not been for my cocoa puffs where that. Where the ball yells I'm gonna go. Pebbles were the little right slight flicks yeah okay I thought I stand by cocoa puffs. Cocoa puffs is what Obama. Is one of staying with their two young. And then I had a cinnamon toast crunch. This. That's a good one though it's too are keen. To tell us fresh look at classic real yeah us. It's almost like it could keep only admit it though I'd I think we got to change poke poke IQs or ravens on the but they're light the Christmas the Fruity Pebbles to go to their right you know it's. If they belong in the middle it's like you're eighty piece of cinnamon toast addicted milk. And malicious. Who grew else yet I got. Frosted flied out frosted well not corn flakes not I got blasted to right at the two. How about remember. Captain true Chad to France to encourage I think and I I went through captive for free I think he's I think their depth and I really Captain Crunch. And year out pink Berry. You're gonna pink Berry you have right yogurt for as you're Italian French and your pink Berry lot delicious. The Captain Crunch is if you. Started eating it without enough Mildred has been tore at topping your mute the root for your mouth like nobody's business and then you've finished your your breakfast and then you had a little stroll from the copier now I am. That you can see what else do we have honey checks is in there. On about any mention of votes. With ominous with the you know just over 5100 by children so the Tokyo even if bush is notes. I'm trying to think what else you got here we got to fruit loop all fruit yeah that underlines my god I'm all right I didn't have fruit loops summer off fruit loops and yes pretty Pavol are we come back we're gonna have John Dickinson he's. As of right now the most famous Walnut Creek resident but it's not gonna last much longer.