DB Show w/ Steiny & Guru - 1- Boogie presser, Cousins Exclusive, Jimmy G date, baseball

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, July 19th
Matt Steinmetz & Daryle 'the Guru' Johnson fill in for Damon - they break down the Boogie introductory press conference, discuss the Raiders press release on Greg Papa, and the beef between Trout & Rob Manfred, we then play the DeMarcus Cousins exclusive with Matt Steinmetz from earlier today, debate Jimmy G's fun date last night, and second half of the baseball season preview. 

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Rooms taken that day off today's field a little bit under the weather. We wish him the best and hope that he'll be back tomorrow. It is place match I admit and Darryl the guru Johnson and Gianfranco also. Tomorrow right to have a great show today really looking forward to it the big news clearly. What's the introduction of DeMarcus Cousins. As the newest Golden State warrior. He had his press conference today over in Oakland. I was fortunate enough then to sit down with him for about ten minutes. After the press conference a little one on one setting. And we're gonna run that interview for you at 330. And at 530. So at 330 and 530 if you wanna hear. The markets cousins 101 setting. You can tune in at those times in and get your fill at the markets because. He's a big boy he's the big board at the warriors signed this off season. We tell you what else is going on today because we do have a heck of a show. Giants general manager Bobby Evans is gonna join us at about 415. We're gonna have that cousins interview like I said at 6 o'clock we're going to be talking to John Dickinson. John Dickinson is somebody who probably knows DeMarcus Cousins. More insider now than anybody. Around in the reason is she was covering cousins when cousins was in Sacramento for most of his tenure there. And I'm really looking forward to talking to JD. To get some insight ball and cousins were also there to give it away age tickets. Ace tickets for Sunday's game of the Bay Bridge series. Giants athletics the games in Oakland. And let them to just let Gianfranco tell you how you win because I need to understand it to you. Okay so we're gonna how they word of the day. So basically will pick a word and how many times can Matt used this word throughout the show I. Up until 530 and a 530 if you are the first color who has the correct number of how many times he uses the word of the day. You'll get tickets to Sunday's Bay Bridge series a's and giants plus and OK I. How likely do we know with the word is good you're gonna give me a word and give viewers you're gonna where we're doing right now hello everybody it's not a look at it says it's keeping track of how many times he uses OK got to come out. Our what's the word. The word is platypus. I don't know who as in the odd looking animal that's kind of a beaver meat they got. OK so. I'll keep it simple so every time I used that word. Then. People in the audience who won a stick its king added up yeah keep track of how many times. You save the water would be one I was shoehorn edit and I know that's not a very common word I'll see if I can now figure out a way to do it I have faith. You very much. Guru you saw and and heard the press conference with DeMarcus Cousins this morning started about 11 o'clock. Let me ask torture takeaways were from that press conference you know what. I know was about in production but I felt like it was another parade. He was a reminder to the rest of the league did the warriors are so far and above the rest of the league. That they can afford. To give de Marcus Cousin time and money. And allow him to come back when he's ready. And I know a lot of people were mad that the markets landed here that Golden State was the destination. But again Matt nobody was lined up to give you know to try to get his service is. In the Mia looked at ME DE did a great job. I just got the lawyers and I don't know who this person is just the franchise. Was torn in the ninth like look what we've got. Look what we got his when he does come back I've already told you I'm confident in saying. It's the best starting five I laid my eyes on and they basically got him for nothing says you're gonna start. When he's ready because is gonna start right away he's come in right into the starting lineup well it wouldn't be you're not good enough to start it would just be precaution. You know hey big boy. We wanna eat your way back into it but again and I just thought it was. Euphoria just a reminder that the lawyers just got everything go for. I do think that when cousins is ready to go he will be in the starting lineup whether he can only play fifteen minutes or twenty minutes whatever I think you still. You still start him with with the big four just to see they have looks like here I bet that was actually one of the things I asked him ballot. Look at not only when he's coming back which I think you're gonna wanna hear. But also I asked them more if he didn't start. Good and your viewers he was he was in he was really there isn't a perfect spot this is where you get the best of DeMarcus Cousins because. He's feeling good about playing for the warriors. He's optimistic about his his return from injury. And look he's playing on the best team in the NBA so. He you don't have much to much to complain about right now although I gotta tell you he had a funny line here a couple funny lie he would what are today a summit in it in one of us in one of the in one of the outside interviews or break off interview somebody asked him about. Technical fouls. And whether he injury in my honor gonna have a contest to see who has the most and he said not awfully committed I'm an American be in that this year Kazaa on my money's a little short. Is what he says the only and only in quotes got the mid level. At five point three but it shows that he any grudges error came in no no but I. He was away capital out of it no doubt. I don't I don't think it was I mean look what are we in July she's got August September October. November dissent. I mean if he gets back on January 1 he still has five more months of rehab so. I always curious you know why I noticed a little bit it was like he was dragged unit but there's a little bit of a little bit of a T and there. Also will probably get into talking a little bit about Greg Papa other raiders have finally not finally the raiders are released the statement. On. On his departure. And so. I'll say it unfortunately. Unfortunately. I great pop up will not be doing the raiders radio for the next two years and beyond. It'll be Brent must burger. And if you don't know it. Already. Greg will be back on Monday at noon and that's when Greg will probably get into the wise in and what floors. Of what happened. Guru doesn't know I don't know Gionta doesn't know but what we do know now is it is a fact that they. Greg Papa is not going to be back you you worked I say this you work. Warned Iraq Gionta was born the model. Pop was born to call sport games and he's not limited to just want. And he is my modern day version the deal king this just a true. So once said and I hope you know what whatever happens I get the your call games gift because I got a hole. In in my sport random. Listening to that man called games because he's the he's the nom are gonna miss that voice definitely a member gonna miss raiders touchdown absolutely. And we think the raiders using great pop Zell. Well that was what. That was interesting in the in the release that the raiders sent a not gonna read it to you but Mark Davis sent out a release and he said. Just like a generation remembers bill kings holy Toledo. There's going to be a generation that remembers Greg Papa is touchdown raiders call and I think that's. I think I think that's a good sentiment at least in the in the press release but no the last time pop up. Lost let's say. And announcing gig or one of the other times that he did was when he lost. He's job. At the warriors in the mid ninety's and he was an out of work law and he ended up. Worker for the job urge immediately I think you put in about ten years with the spurs before. Before leaving there are so. Greg Papa has the kind of guy that. He'll find a job broadcast getting killed he'll be doing play by play because he's about. As good as again this war and nobody did you know exactly. Exactly. You don't want you don't go wrote you're asking me how. How cousins who's walked it. And when to tell you how he wasn't walking. We wasn't walk in like like. Platypus. You know I mean he was limping slightly but there. I thought he looked pretty good I thought he looked pretty good. In general so you know I also drew wanna get into. This Mike Trout situation where. Commissioner rob Manfred criticized him a little bit. In order to. To be marketable you have to won a market yourself and the inference was that Mike Trout doesn't really want to do that. And it goes to baseball's issues whiff. Exposure and how they get the young person more involved and and what Manfred say in his. If trial not gonna help us it's hard for us to help him. Mike trounce responses. It's not that I don't wanna help with that first and foremost I'm a baseball. And I think I was offended and Trout has handled instead everything well but Unita if I'm good at my craft which Mike Trout his being year in year out hall of fame worthy thus far. His job is to concentrate on his. On his field. And that's what he's done he's won he's one of the greatest baseball players we have and here commissioner sounds so out of touch and say. You need to be a narcissistic you need to all deet are in Stuart Graham because that's basically to me what he was inferring and how dare you tell an athlete. Not to focus on his craft. You need to get out there and build your brand. In an era where we criticize athletes because they're so selfish they're so about the brand in your Mike Trout is about. The angels and the organization. In the way I know he's taken his job seriously if you look at his numbers jeering your route. And I just found that offensive and Mike Trout to the high road today via Manfred don't don't have a problem I wish you would lead him to a little more. But you're right he's doing his job and my Trout is to be out there playing ball that's as an I'm sure Major League Baseball can come up with eighteen of people. That they can pay well to Cree eight. You know coming creative ideas to promote these superstars wife got up to the player. I think it's a good question because I think that's one of the things the NBA does. Better than any other league at. It is promoting its own stars but I think I think it's easier to do that. In basketball because it's the sport that the spectators closest to the to the court you can see these guys' faces. Football has a problem now wake is there Wear helmets baseball the actions a little bit further away so the players are now is. As recognizable. When they're actually play in their sport there's a ton of other stuff I wanna get into. And go broke kinda glad we have four hours to do it you'll listen and Matt Stein Mets. Darryl would do root Johnson. Jian a Franco. And we're in for Damon Bruce. How can. I might buy seven thinking. The mess I met Darryl would you drew Johnson and Gionta Franco with you were filling in for Damon Bruce is still a little bit under the weather today. We'll be feels better soon Danny's back in this chair tomorrow in the meantime. Coming up in ten minutes we'll play an interview. That I did with I knew was warrior DeMarcus Cousins that was able to sit down with him. One on one after today's press conference a little run that in about ten minutes and then also one more time at 530. Tonight. Let's let's start here who rule because I haven't seen you. What what were your thoughts on the Cole why Leonard. Trade to the Toronto Raptors for DeRozan and and then a few other players involved. Bwic it was to me it was disappointing but also relieved that it is finally happened. But I got conditioned. But reading all the reports. And I was excited about this Laker lawyers in new rivalry LeBron was the big piece the bishop they got their soft taco why would be. You know that that would be something magic can work out in the wake up and find out he was in Toronto. I was a bit disappointed but I still think. This will be just a one year rental. And you'll end up in LA but from a basketball standpoint starting I'm disappointed that we have to wait and when I say we here in the Bay Area. We have to wait. Another twelve months for Kauai to possibly end up. On LeBron James team in LA and we deem that a super team saw a man the lawyers won again we got another year of there that you know I don't feel like that's always out their form that I thought it would be had he went to LA. I think you're right about that I think that's the one thing that people are forgetting. Is the spurs got better. I think they got allergies I don't know how bad it people are played nine games last year so he lets just say essentially. Carlin wasn't even on the spurs last year. So that's the way I am thinking about it when I say the spurs got better now they might not be as good as they were two years ago. What they want 47 games last year essentially without why Leonard now they get DeRozan. I wasn't a solid player I think he's real good you know what he is in bad I may owe you an apology you didn't tell me they can beat the warriors. See that's hot ticket when I heard you say they got better I cannot say enough to that's got to attack but but I do think they can be the second best team right now and there in the Western Conference I'm I'm I'm twenty DeRozan can ball he is a good reporter he's a good player 8889579570. Is the number if you hear anything you want to chime in. On your more than welcome to do so. But DeMarcus Cousins is the newest warrior. We played his press conference live at 11 o'clock. And that will be talking to him and about five or six minutes let's let's go up to lie in all Lyles in Fremont what's going on line all you doing man. Gonna. And who grew. Happy you guys at noon theologian and that what I'm here every day. Beijing. Dot I. But a quick. Pop and are right now I mean. Great pop. Credit record or about Arabic but. You know opt out or. It could. If it could get a partner Jack. All here now and why did buy out but. Call our melodic and no greater hot topic agree. Injury in Africa or pop a compact money. Aren't put. I excellent opera and but I. Highlight. Odd couple topics you I. Like I don't are. A lot though. You know out of order go look. And not lie. I'm that pop it erode. The fun. Of it makes from apple at bat and the young guys did quiet flight out. That's on out and have agree. They now the final of new blood a guy that brought that spoke. Thanks Lional appreciate your thing. I'm sorry that I forgot to mention this and I should of Tom Flores the analysts for the raiders is also not coming back to town Super Bowl winners there go yeah it's not just Greg pop it's the entire broadcasting T I shouldn't say entire broadcasting team I cannot speak. To the status a Lincoln Kennedy but Tom Flores confirmed yesterday that he's also not gonna be back this upcoming season for the raiders so. You're gonna hear some new voices in the Booth I don't know who the who the analysts will be but apparently it definitely will not be. Tom floors which is which is a little bit too bad Goran there's only askew. How do you think the warriors are gonna use. The markets 'cause it's. He will be an outlet in outlet that they haven't had to meet offensively in the last outdoor in this run. And I don't think it'll be a situation there where he feels like he's go without or he's forgotten. He can gobble up misses from all the abundance of shots these these guys are gonna take and then also a breath of fresh air. In regard to everything all have to come from the fat from from clay staff in direct aim injury mongering you know gosh can stay out. Maybe it is steps out five minutes that can be seven now because you got an option to go within the because he can get out go to the lines slow the game down take a three just another option. A guy that's pretty damn good eight getting the best ball in the hoop it's just filthy and dirty that they've got. And that richer you know what I think's gonna be. A huge value when it comes to cousins and an arm. I'm I need to see him play because I'm not convinced he's going to be the same player. And I'm a little concerned that he might never be the same player nevertheless. If you look at the warriors. Regular season last year. They got bored they got a little bit stale I think the fans even. Checked out a little bitter tuned out because. They work go to catch the rockets they and the fans knew they weren't even really gonna go after the rockets are you look at a year like this year. Warriors in an ideal or they're gonna play. November December. Maybe into January and it's so important start here in about cousins getting closer cousins getting closer. And I think it's gonna come right at the time. That they really do need some kind of injection which will be around mid season around the all star break some some like that's I think. I think what it what it does is you have part of the season without DeMarcus Cousins. Then you get to markets cousins you figure out. How do you similar the way he's gonna be used and then number three here come the playoffs and you have them act at the red. Yeah and that's a good point but also the benefit to the young guys if I'm young Damian Jones oh my gosh shucks I thought this was going to be much time to shine. We got DeMarcus Cousins you know an all star but the fact that we don't know when he's coming back. It pretty much after the first of the year we still get to see if the young guys. Led the heat you know by young pat a call and answered the bill so I think that gives you know adrenaline and Jews to. The season which will start without demark discuss. Before away on the tax line says boogie is gonna save dream on a lot of beatings download defensively guarding the five that's an aspect that I hadn't really thought about but I think it's a great call. By the 40 wait. I did the warriors. Might start needing to think about. Given right mind a little less on his plate because I I do think when you Dre my green your consistently played against bigger. Players that it does take its whole line is so. That is count for sure yeah yeah like critically important I I think that's were cousins can. Can pay off I have this written down European race I don't wanna forget about it to watch any espy's last. I saw dumbest say. How do you feel the Internet I thought oh pieces yeah I thought Jim Kelly speech and almost needed to issue okay saw I didn't see Jim oh speech. But I did see about one minute and the one minute I saw. You know I saw. Do we. Nick Young. I know what else I can play didn't LA now hold on I got a major bone to pick with the ESPN because they're they're graphics. It was wrong you know why. Because when they showed Nick Young its admit young. Warriors guard knowing isn't. No he is not anymore. That moniker it's got to be one time so you wanna do they freeagent Massachusetts freeagent or it should have said it should NBA champion. That's far. But it but he can't say warrior galore yeah I watched enough to where the fashion that the men were displaying was so sick mean. Is confusing they opt not to we're going and energy on these these men are dressed in. I don't wanna say like women I I don't get this dial. There is no what happened at Clark Gable dark gable James Bond with a touch in the and that the sue these guys aware and nick are paying. Sorry I'm just I'm not old I'll just never understand what's going on and where it's coming from. Agassi they're trying to be different added. What it did stick out was to veils lapel on his jacket and then again she Fannie bag it was a lot. With a lot. There's a good text here cousins is gonna Wear number zero. Our disaster because number what does that me while the tax the tax line. It is wanted to know why is Patrick McCaw need to give up his numbers zero he didn't need to. There was a transaction doesn't out of break out some money for that and cousins called him a negotiated our winter though you have a video especially neighbor it's actually fun. I would actually love to know how much he actually did pay you think it's. I must say about fifteen I think it's that much yet. I can't hardly say to hand off the top my hand I like it from a car that it's a new start you know. Yeah hadn't gotten to where you wanna beat you get a new number Kobe's done and LeBron has done it. You go do. Yeah I mean so what more world war certain he's coming back and Alec are all for McCaw. Now I think he's coming back and why don't why we know. Other Celtics decide market Smart it was a restricted free agents sometimes are restricted free agents last a little bit longer look at click appellate he's still on side. Let's go this DeMarcus Cousins interview that I did earlier. Today and the first thing I asked DeMarcus Cousins was. What kind of day it was haven't. Then upgraded their. Early morning there's. But it's been good if it's exciting. No I'm glad there's going to be a part of that officially can't wait to get on the floor good people and you know due to go out with the team. This is big here excited you know around afterward. We'll look let's get right to do you still think that you are going to be. Ready for trading him you know out about that now we've communicated we'll management. You know to ten team. No we'll figure out noted that me personally that's not Mo mogul balloon little we're gonna be Smart about it. I hate to prevent this so it may happen you know we'll figure it out for the government to be determined when I do return I'll give him and that's. It's one thing about the warriors they are very conservative about this kinda stuff they've they've been resting players could there be a point where. You think you're ready to do more and there are kinda holding you back a little bit too because that's their MO in Europe most of the what do you get back on the court. I don't think got to be the case they know how about a little. And play ball again. You know I'm also being Smart about this not this about the moment and I have to think long term we're at a phenomenal return for a moment with him. I think will be built communicating figuring out the perfect time for a sick of losing you. It is not it is not a good film about a mile from. Depicted. If there's a perception about you that some people have not a good guy. Good teammate. Do you think the losing has made it tougher for you. To show the true person player you are I think that's the biggest thing surrounding. You know not been in the situation that. That's when the situation it was a it was a good year last year. He didn't in the way we wanted to to. You know the good you out I think I was over common mineral and you know. Unfortunate situation so. No I've experience that a little bit. A lot of the film. Can we get back to even in the lead for awhile now you've never predict hopeful off the court. Got along with Mike Malone Alvin Gentry the hootie made to a lot of people who say that. Does it ever (%expletive) you off that. Your reputation is what it is for some people obviously not for everybody but. You've been a model NBA player in a lot of ways looks like technical flat honestly I don't live from. I don't Lou reputations. The fact. I'm not looking for the next person paying for food. To satisfy stroke my people like that doesn't help me on the person. Somebody's and I'm good peppers. I. Careless I know what I do on normal heart is more powerful and run it. So if I don't. People like I've dealt with I become numb to. I came in as leader William gates I've seen I was in the beginning that if social media here. And it doesn't. Quite a layers that you do is sit back and think. I I mean to immediately personally I could never. Liked. I don't knock him never to. Be so matter so angry at them by the way out of the neagle. So fan page and his wife and the most hateful thing. I don't feel that plan. Right I'll make technical fouls or one thing he had a good guy or bad guys are completely different thing. It does feel to me like you've been unfairly portrayed over the course your career and I'm I just wonder sometimes if a resentment builds up or now. It seems like which changed. He's a walk on an unknown to me this. It's harmless. Storms arrive but let's do it because a lot of people who can't let it be harmless they let me kind of absorb them. Mike Malone ended jog pell par you're two guys who I'm sure that you enjoy playing for. I think he did anyway what was it about the grave diggers one of the recession and so I shouldn't do but look let's just talk about Mike Malone inaudible what is it about Mike Malone and other coaches that you enjoy playing for that makes you. Enjoy played form what is it about this a golf ball with about basketball that's the news was not about no patrolman situation room who. You know who polluted that an alpha middle of it is about winning game plan ball way. Let's welcome thus welcome work to do everything right get better in my craftsmen and put in the work known to me in the lingering that's what I've come every day. To do well or content so. If you read your post on the same page it like that and never be a situation. Room. You know mark was about his business and so with the guys were what 99 when he got fired. The molecules in the code which can be upset when they let him go. In lower than. You know is slowed but. You know I think my kids. Building crow was on endeavor. There are successful team that is young and talented very competitive that he's done a group the group so. You know everything have a story on the firm believer you know I believe market. Gonna get his due which is you know have a reform and can you describe what an average day of rehab as life. If the mean among poor golf. I'm one core work. Pilates classes. There's the rehab they're being journal. That's what do you really hard to stating a kind of shape with that injury. Utilities immunity get this is as far as you know being implants they haven't win it is. But I'm in a small things you can do is just kind of try to maintain but. That's nothing compared to be in shape when you're. You know able to actually. Be very mobile live can be a minister of but it is it is what the reality play devil's advocate for a second sick you talk to Rudy Gay. Dominique Wilkins Jonas about this particular injury. What always comes up with view is no you 611. To 7275. Whatever it is and that's gonna be that could be a factor. How do you process that part of it. This attitude that everything goes negative okay here to the fifth. I've I've heard it I've heard everything negative to allow Waldman right. The bad accident which you're out what's the best case scenario that happens for you in the Golden State Warriors this year removed him but for you. When a championship. What a fumble that. Have you thought about Spartan. Helmet off the bench when your back any of that kind of stuff I'm sort of you can you know arms unsure of I mean once I get back through me being lined room. That's not even question. How many times so far have you thought about you being on the court with a than those other four guys I don't what you may do graffiti and and and things like that I think we're all players. And you have a collective group we. Good IQ is that poor counties that porn hound him so well. Lawrence word I always thought that the one thing in basketball but if you can do you can always plays basketball. If you can say good screens play hard. Everything else kind of what would you look at because they're too good pastor because you know a lot of big man or end in itself to that seemed to come very naturally it is comment. It came early Foreman our pals got a forced to learn I mean I have been placed him. Don't lose certain things tomorrow. It's our faceoff sort of horrible road. I'm now gonna force and learn like what you really big when you were young people were big girl because I know a lot of got you aren't always follow the world. He knows. Pretty decent player so I'm faced a thing where you we're gonna live in the thing. Probably along the creatures. That a couple players are are out there already so. Listen what can take up and the more your time and those a lot of people wanna talk to an old thank you for sit down with me. And I'll welcome to the bay and best of luck to you sir thank you. I was DeMarcus Cousins and download about. 810 minutes I was welder and there there were two things they're due route that stuck out to me. And the first news about whether. The interview was at the warrior practice facility. And there haven't kids kids. I'll that's what that don't buy an item you fired up front the FIA has so there's there's three courts at the practice facility. And they were kids were in the middle of a pin up. I like your summer league up like they're like activity yeah there was activities and it was kind of cool because at the press conference. All the kids were there watching and and elect to kids ask them questions though. It was a little bonus if if these kids were tipped to get in on it and sit on that. I'm not I don't I mean he's. Is there any doubt he's not going to be back train no doubt and fifty some somehow. I wouldn't even let him afar Myers kept a you know a big Fella. And we know uranium but let's just let's err on the side of costs and the other thing to me that stuck out. Is. He. He is not a resentful guy he's not. He's not. Mean he you know and I thought he was that the only time we heard him talk is well. I mean let's let's think about it for sack he is one of the most criticized. Maligned players in the NBA whether it's first technical fouls. Whether it's first temper. Whether it's for the fact he didn't get along with George Carlin Paul Westphal. But at some point. I guess she just tune it out you surround yourself with positive people and you realize. That would anybody says. Doesn't really matter and it seems seems like he's comfortable with himself that's that's kind. War and yet and you you know what's done is he's well versed as whale and he answered the questions very articulate. Nice lexicon and I mean he was the poster boy of further dysfunction in Sacramento but he was doing his job. No he did get out of hand in regard to the the antiques in the optics. But that sounds like a guy that knows he's about to Indy is our Omri Casspi streak of no playoffs. Because that's about to come to air this season that we know study so he'll play his first playoff game. But also. I feel like he's tasting the how they Kool Aid but they shared pain early no win when he gift pack. He's gonna play it big basketball games if not the finals and I think that puts a meaty. I think that's fair I mean why why wouldn't be fair my Bob Meyers had another funny thing. He said. And I Jim we'll wait to polish it up until after the break but it had. It was just there are couple funny lines I'm gonna play after the break regarding the DeMarcus Cousins. Press conference I also wanna get in we'll talk a little football guru 'cause I want and write to how important you think. What a player does off the field. Matters. When it talks about when when he does something and it if whether or not it affects him on the field because. Let a situation where. One of those popular forty niner players was this was out some a jury felt super rich. Was sent me. That's who lives he's got to do it well I guess on the jury ought to Superman's day but he yeah I guess who we get back we'll talk a little bit. About that you're listening to Matt Stein mets' Darryl would do root Johnson Gionta frank go Moret in for Damon Bruce. Now back to the demon who. I'm not by 715. Never asked his ultimate beset yup which some of her friends. I get very effort or if I had to ask tomorrow I've written when you. Of course of course and go take advantage bull market opportunities in life. Sorry I was Damon Bruce talking to 49ers quarterback Jimmy girl drop below. And I'll match assignments along with Darryl would guru Johnson and Jian a Franco that interview was from a few months ago. A Davids out today feel a little bit under the weather we hope he's back here. Healthy and happy tomorrow. Our. I don't know how. You know what I. To say I'm gonna use adult film star. And just because. You like Edward. Only to use. So. I mean does it OK Jimmie drop below. Was seen. Audit date with an adult film star I guess it was an ally. Right on our hills and GM's C of course gets footage of it and he's get season in the restaurant they get some footage and then go into. Bowl wasn't a taxi when he called Lowe's wasn't an escalate Donovan really nice and I are those of big car so residential. That we can we clearly care because I guarantee you a lot of people saw exactly what I'm talk. You need to be here that he's deacon who every once I mean why it's such a big deal it. I think people and I'm not saying this is my hall they're on some opinions that are. Basically think that that could hurt him when he comes to you endorsements. Or how you'd in the public eye guy you know potential ways of may be to build his brand. And kind of you know hanging out in Beverly Hills taking any you know. Adult films are on a day you might not necessarily be the best look for it out I think that's my paid a missing those are some opinions I've heard. And again you know fan is short for fanatic. And I believe people this is a prime example. Think they know these athletes and they judge them nobody can judge any other individual and I say that to say it seems to me is people dot. This whole some good looking Jimmy go drop below was supposed to be passive bibles out and people doors and two went all the good things in the world. But yet he's on the date they could have been talking about real estate you don't know what. Was going down but they're judging. Him like like if he did you roads are committed a felony. I mean the guy is young Aiken is not married didn't commit a crime. And I like to do research Jonathan Wallace unfamiliar with who was wit and I didn't go to go Google is your friend and I. Yeah that record and are excited because. It takes a real man to not hear what the masses are gonna think so now when he's in that huddle. And there on that drive the four big goal like you know what I got a quarterback that doesn't give a damn. In its focus on the task in Vietnam so I think myth to believe he's stronger than I ever thought he could be. On our one day with the board start while trying to. Yeah that's. I hadn't thought about that I had on that I have some kimonos did do that a. I do you do because people are gonna definitely have a ringer to say about it and not true they're going to be judgmental about his you know choice of a partner's there. She did she me she did let out a little information on or insert these seagull eating well I don't know the cause I don't dress clearly. I don't know she hash tag did date night all right I'll flaunted that and then there where is AL he's on this one section our second post where it basing your freighter. You know. Putting the hair up I describing that my hair demise currency basically you know what happens next. Activity actually never heard that before I can I can rush that assumed I'd never heard that terminology before all say is. You know I I covered the warriors and the NBA for a long period time and you know I mean these guys are social guys. They eat meat. Women and they gave women and this would happen to be bill and the 510 this is the best text I've not read all day guiana you let me know off. You agree most people forget the porn stars are people outside of war. Yes so what else they're going to be robust. I mean they're you and Abby and yes sir I got a person to do that for a living and not did I never knock the hustle you do your thing to make your eyes and Afghan I get it but. You know it would it be to do you I didn't know Jimmie today after this both the because he's I mean he's not Tim Tebow like I don't expect him to you know he's got a girl that he missed a former miss universe I believe our current miss universe. No I I don't I mean it would what I liken this Steve date somebody else sure but no good dear I think Jimmy G have your fun. Now's the time to do the for you settle down and married and once you know it's game time I don't really care who you date is on as a performer on the field I'm dead. What do I think any less seven via now I mean but people like they do now well how can you. Feel. How can you think less or more somebody. What are you don't even really know on the anyway nobody there are hurt you don't know her and we know her a little better than him probably have but the point is. We don't we don't have a foundation to it to judge the guy well. I got a call this morning when this broke in you tell me if this is valid but my good friend 49 of Frankie. He wasn't about who he was whipped it was about. This was going to be on TMZ the I was going to be what he deemed to distraction. And he's like this is Jimmy's first full year this is not what the niners need so he felt like. He you know he could control where it was gone one but he feels like now this is something that the players are gonna have to answer to Gionta. Did it to work talking about it it's not. You know what you would have on the artillery area of being about business as you going to training camp. But Disney anyway at what play is gonna seating him about dating other a lot either way I'm letting fives re not. I didn't I mean the play I guess market about an I wouldn't think. Although again he's a legend. Well let me tell them at its most a lot of them. How long until maybe she's not is notre where you're available but now a little mapping listener and the thing was it seemed to be decently. Do you think. If he thought he may give. Found that art. You don't ever think TMZ crossed his mind before he went out on the day like I think so I think just like I don't care. Yeah I don't think he cares I think he may and that is a guy with a a lot of confidence in. How lucky that are out like that Jana not. You know it helps him in the red zone right to room right now we find out if there's a second day there was this just isolated. Our world. Opted out there aren't wanted let's go to Jack in Dublin Jack what's going lawman. Thank god I just I'm tired of this hypocrisy. You know well will get behind me. You know the players and the key quote I'm out all commercial. Appeal doc on soap box. I say good fortune. Its stock is gonna sore it is going to be national spokesman for Lumber Liquidators. Talk about exporting. Is going to be based I'd say ran out of what you get me where at all different. Or. You Jack was Jacqueline hit this did was save my every in I knew where he was gonna reply right away 415. I may be an L seven and by the way I know what that is. But it's not because I didn't know that term and her I had to treat dad to be better on how that might be listening so I gotta say I don't know what the hell you talk now. I told you not yeah I did just nobody cares blood. On your mother may have a cart bashing him liked it too well. I believe she did lady as car dash in any spoof. That gives us the pollen of the Kardashian Vinnie I've been here and there had died right and I believe she did play a quote unquote lookalike and so yeah she does she does she does look like that didn't. He's demanded me right now I just feel like when they plays that he tried to punch it out let two minute drive I got all the topics Kim stabler all of spirit. They used to pull blow you know the cameras looking around but right they used to get after a night before games. This guy went out to dinner. Like this I don't. I don't give a rat's behind. But I guess what Britain Britain Kelly wow Greg Henry had a yeah you and yet she treated out. Jimmy rock clothes a franchise quarterback of a prominent NFL team he should have more values and classed and parading a porn star in LA. Slammed me for saying that that guarantees someone in this camp said the same I don't Joshua Fox News but it. Now she has done it right yet she's fox Sony yeah she's also the woman who was very rude to me that legally are marked out. Hours Israeli roots and why and it hit it harder yeah. CNET are right that's right yeah I think that led her ouster at ESP. And let live and let it at that that don't judge on the wrong right exactly. Guru you excited for the second half of the baseball season which for the giants today starts tomorrow I AM. Numerically it's not the second half that's already happened. But I think again I told you last week get up that the series is more important for the days. In regard to math not being on their side but now I feel like the giants I don't wanna say hemorrhaging. But they lift all to meet in the a's had a lot to do with that and I feel like this is a big series for them mad bomber going on Saturday. But they got a game tomorrow I'm excited mauling and afford to just got to take two out of 32 realistically. Forget the numbers and the math. I feel like mid to lead they need some good to happen to home. Early out the gate. To try to hang on to what's left of their division hopes after the Dodgers just got. You know a guide shortstop or third baseman whatever is going to be a much out of so. I am excited to watch I really don't know how to figure out where the giants are. I know where the a's are IDA's are three back of the wild card so as far as I'm concerned. And I didn't think they'd be in this there's nobody did without it there are happening there in I mean very and it but. The thing that you've got to love about the day's news. If they don't do anything. They could still make the playoffs. If they don't do anything it's no sign that well we just couldn't get anything done and we're gonna. We don't have a lot of confidence in the second half of the season that they don't have to make a move. And they still might be able to make the playoffs that's awesome and you are correct but starting isn't the essence of a post season baseball are pinning it racist. When you do in the deposition that you are blessed to be in you've got to go ahead you've got to unless it's gonna Hersh. Yeah. You don't read router oh use this phrase and I think I and I liked it and it was. He thinks that Billy Beane is is planting the flag on this team meaning. These this core group of the young players aren't for you forget Lowery. But put. This core group is the one that he's gonna try to build off. Where would my EC for the first time. Some eighties be in the same uniform for year after year after year after year at a giants. The giants are four back of the wild card and four back of the division but you're right fair though they're not see there's a difference there. What is let's just say I didn't update page with three back giants are four back SA did say that say are essentially saying. But the giants have to deal at like eleven teams. The intelligent about the asset. I mean each day care and yet the Yankees they play the Mariners allowed talks that there are in control. Of of what's going on. It's the giants to an extent but. They they can't do anything about somebody else going on winning streak. We're somebody else get high but when you're only four back the giants in I know the Dodgers got their new toys that. Any damage that. How many teams visitor in the division for I mean they're right they are so they got to focus on themselves don't look back. And if they play fundamentally sound baseball they can get to what they wanna do and has won the division.