DB Show w/ Kolsky & JD - Hour 2

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, July 20th
Matt Kolsky & John Dickinson fill in for Damon - they discuss DeMarcus Cousins past, reputation, and future with the Warriors, debate if the Giants should make a move for a playoff push, are joined by Giants insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, Alex Pavlovic, and 5-before-5 with Gianna.

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You're listening to 957 they gain KG MC FM any key line PGM via San Francisco a radio dot com station. As he did also tones of land miscarriage of their first second and no didn't. Get air into this I guess I wasn't ready for I barely I haven't heard many 4 o'clock legal IDs. Well welcome back from a lane as legal ID yeah. I I agree with you there there is. An element of make sure you're on the floor by I don't know mid January some like that will be nice try to get forty games in there. But there's no way he could put up DeMarcus Cousins numbers just like. Kevin Durant it's not gonna put up okay see Kevin Durant numbers after he showed up here and just like I bet if clay was playing for the Orlando Magic. He would score 2728. Points a game. Everybody and really look that is what's. I think distinguishes this warrior team is you've got all these guys. Who can play at an absolute superstar level who will vault. Agreed. To subject gave their numbers to some degree and and frankly. As much as cousins decided to do that and accepted that bargain by coming here. By approving DeMarcus Cousins Kevin Durant and stuff curry Klay Thompson while I don't think about it asking like they didn't. But all the other guys said you know what short take another couple points for. Infamy it doesn't really matter as long as we win the and I think that there's also an issue of respect involved here because. DeMarcus Cousins didn't always respect his teammates. And if you look at some of the teammates he had it's not hard to understand why what you Papa John us not to look. Not respectable didn't count Giorgio whats is name. I don't know if he he's got a league but he got waived by Portland and we don't topic John also out of lead out it's he had not good with that not a good situation is aloof but. DeMarcus Cousins found himself in this position where he was getting a lot of the blame yes. And coaches were holding him accountable. And in the war holding lesser players accountable at the same level that he was being held accountable and that would just absolutely in theory. That but like that's like that's part of it and understandably and part of it is not having. Players that are good enough like Sacramento had players that were respectable. Men. As people yes men Afghan leaders don't locker room so they had eight. A handful of players that way and I added that I guess they've never had anybody. During his tenure however those players were not good enough players now they were eighth ninth tenth guy you also have DeMarcus Cousins respect as a player. The warriors have bolts the warriors have leaders. And they have players that have done stuff in their career the other four all stars. And even Iguodala and anyone who isn't yeah yeah I'm eager throwing it but the four players. The four all stars have done some stuff in their career won championships and MVPs in defense of player the year. And the warriors have the trump card in heaven gala during nine green who has some of those similar attitude issues that you wanna call. Well and a coach in Steve Kerr who's proven to be great at letting guys be themselves but also finding ways to make them effective. He checked every box is checked. Management ownership coach. Pleasures they players he respects. As people as a man as you know. Leaders and then talent that he respects so every box is checked the only question marks become. Health. And decided to that is because this is the legitimate question. How many how many minutes is he going to be comfortable playing and I think there's an easy answer that question camp. I'll get to that no second the but the only real. Hard core. Concern the biggest concern I would have. What happens. Fourth quarter close game. Four minutes ago. It's pretty clear that. The best way for the warriors to go is to go small and he's the odd man out it's a lot easier to do that. When you're center JaVale McGee are Zaza Pachulia our somebody like it's a lot easier to take them off the floor. And say. Don't be ticked off about it. It's a lot harder to do with a guide it's used to always being on the floor at the end of the game because he's been on bad teams are in the second best player how he reacts to that. Is the biggest question. Forties. I can't read it out here in the notes and let's go to John in Concord let's have John. Good job together on banks there. Out. We. Like a lot that type of personality. Not you know that weird type guys I heard a radio. There are pretty articulate bright. Yet. The worst offered that means. You know cup. You know worked out there that they're at it brought back like. They all the fourth quarter. Yes. You know John I I I kind of see where your head it was damp but to meet its frame on vets that Dennis Rodman. If I'm gonna make a comparison for demarcus it be more like Rasheed Wallace. Brother really is and not. And think that's who DeMarcus Cousins if it's I think he's more misunderstood I think he can be ornery at times clearly we've seen he's capable of being boring at times. But that's more Rasheed Wallace to me but it doesn't love having interact with the media has a bit of an edge loses his temper on the floor sometimes but. But it was really wacky and dolce de Marcus is lacking. Nobody has an underrated sense of humor and I think that was on display I think we're she was like that too yesterday I did proceed to great com yes. Adding that's our I think that's a great cop an in wasn't always around other players that right respected and in Portland. People started to have a low opinion ever she'd yeah he's got all this talent but look at the jail blazers he's setting the tone for this horrible situation. Goes the Detroit Boone champion absolutely and and they wanna tell a lot more games in Portland with those guys in the 190 Sacramento I ever did sides and I think that's a great point. I I just think the question becomes. How does he handle maybe not finishing to Steve Kerr says he's gonna start and it is easy we start to look at minutes and of course he's gonna how many minutes is heating up. It's immediately what 2125. MI baseline is probably 24 might not end and the way I cal look like to mean he starts so he's employed at first let's say six minutes of of the first I personally I think there's a chance I wouldn't be surprised to see him go like the first four. And then the play him as a second unit score with clay or an. That's kind of how I I I. Our extended to six but to me it's because usually Mickey and media perpetually would likely say roughly must they're just get that they won't play again and an Alley to me it's they play you play in the first it's almost the first six of evercore. If you don't employ the first six and of the became the first six of the third quarter. The did you sit him like you're talking about eSATA down on the bench and you bring him back almost in the David West spot yet top of the second and fourth quarter sets 24. Issue minutes maybe it's a couple less for. Here there and then the question becomes does he put it the last four he rests in the middle of the corner second fourth and does he come back for the final 34 yet of the second final through for the fourth in if he does. The near in the thirty to 32 minute range. If he doesn't then you're in the 24 minute to 27 to some degree. I think there'll be it'll be a matchup issue right I mean at their meat there will be match ups where he can't really played down the stretch there will be teams. I don't know about that lakers. Death lineup as they said when they treated yesterday I am not too afraid of that but there will be teams that. It's tough to match up with with the Marcus on the floor. Yes that being said there's more and mortar teams with the big guys they want out there and I understand. July Allenby and Al Horford maybe switch year and and better on defense and and you know more and child in the markets but still big guys. You know that there are still a lot of good teams who want to play a big guy late and I think. More often than not it. If he's healthy and and playing like the DeMarcus Cousins we've seen in the past. I think the fun ways to get it on the floor late games yet and now. That is the other scenario or idea I do you think defensively like if you if you say JD how how what how is he gonna struggle while I think even if he is healthy. One airy he would struggle to beat defensively and against smaller players that's an area he struggled anyway no question the question becomes though. Can heat he has the unique ability on the other random to punish a smaller player yet because he actually is the gap is so much of playing small is would you don't have a guiding can Gaza him right in the post yup well DeMarcus Cousins can dominate. A smaller player in the Pulte to dominate a bigger player dominate anybody imposed so that's one area where you can planet but I do think what teams will try to do you. Is bait the warriors and taking him off the flow are. Big imitate him taking him off the floor but I think they'll also. They'll also I'm. Gamble that the warriors might leave him all on the floor because of who he is and try to force him to be switched on the smaller players in I think that's where if if Steve Kerr gives it the benefit of the doubt because he wants to see how it works bigger picture. And it doesn't work out well. That's where you were a little bit about the chemistry because eventually don't have to go away for its one thing in March if your. Feel things out nearly you know what the mark is an all star he's plight noble we seen it in the Playhouse every year for the last five years somebody gets played off the court but exactly yeah and the warriors if they've. Find themselves vulnerable. Because he can't defend up the park. They'll go away from not go away from it until the third game of a playoff series are there 11 in order. She won and how does that affect the locker Emmett how does that affect the markets personal on a personal level that specifically. Other than health is the only thing I'm worried. That's the only thing it's pretty small concern. Always viewed there there have been people who have suggested that oh he could be a malcontent in her in the locker room and I just that. I think gets lazy analysis I think if you actually pay attention to what the market has been like throughout his career there's really not a lot of risk of that and let's say he is ticked off about it economy okay well no you don't have to con artists and worst case scenario but what I'm saying is if he is ticked off about it you've got guys the they can get to talk they'll yeah the answer respect yeah guys he's played with a Olympics not Jason Thompson trying to commandant. It's affects me young guy it's not Rudy day trying to. Alan you know how to be a pro it's incredible that these are the conversations were about the Golden State Warriors it's it's a wonderful time to be your Bay Area basketball fan. We get back to baseball coming up though out Pavkovic joining us at 430 a very important and they stretch coming up for the giants. Tough games right into the trade deadline we'll talk about and also this break a chance for you to 1000 dollars. There's got to pay attention right. Pay attention people. Pulls Ian JD in for Damon and infants and again. 57 victory. We are back Matt Coles he and John Higgins and skin. Four slightly under the weather team members on a Friday afternoon getting ready for. For a little beef and greens baseball action giants and a's tonight 6351. Pitch coverage its sixth right here. On 957 game it is Derek Rodriguez for the giants taken on Edwin Jackson. Two guys who Yoon did not expect to be on the roster this year and both heavy areas under three they'll figure. It was a bigger surprise did Eric Rodriguez or Edwin Jackson. Dirk or resent pre gets boring yeah I mean Edwin Jackson and how he didn't have a string going out of baseball yeah I mean that's. So I mean bigger surprise to me Derek Reid his pitch very well in very well and Johnson wanted to only six out of seven when you start with these foreign one. Now so it's I mean I don't know if that makes a bigger surprise or not. It probably does this mean reverend Jackson has some kind of a track record yellow not a great one I mean no hitter notwithstanding key. Every Jackson is one of the most interesting careers. In my lifetime in baseball he's looked good since CAE's look like he's had good stuff since the days of animals and it looks like he's tough to get what has always been. Partially true I don't know if you remember but. He was called up at age nineteen. In a dodger uniform idea and are actually some pitch and AT&T park in 2003. Yes that was the year and a final weekend of the season he only shot him down keep this four times and he was all electric at nineteen years old. Why it. He was not at all good for the next like four or five years he did he didn't recapture any thing until he was 25 in Detroit. They put together a good full season. And many bounces to a few more teams but every few years throughout his career Edwin Jackson get settled somewhere. And pitches the whole season really well so you never know and what we see from so far. It doesn't look like a magic or anything you've just looks like a solid 34 year old pitcher. He's got. Pretty good stuff you just locate and well any he can be tough to hit so guess so far so good I mean he's. He's exactly what you want out of a back into your rotation. Yet but Rodriguez. I mean I don't he was an outfielder a couple of years ago Wright and to its have. The early portions of his Major League career goes this well I think is more. Than the giants even expected or even hope for coming into the season I mean frankly clearly it is or he would have been on the roster at the start of the season. And they were in a little bit of the numbers crunched to and it you know landed BN what's the margin getting injured and not and you know that helped him get on the roster so but yeah. I mean and I don't think they envisioned that he is necessarily going to be starter now because he's risen to the top of that group of young starters at this point Brian Gay he's he's had a Suarez has been pretty good to it last start notwithstanding he struggled some at the beginning. Piece just a mess in AAA what do you make of that. 'cause when it wouldn't he's been a guy we've heard about for years not very good future guy and I kind of figured when they brought him up and he was bad. I thought OK maybe were a year away from Tyler be but. Now he's not performing at the minor league level but it is is is over. Might that mean I don't it's over but it's the heat. Carolina this year I mean clearly not an issue here tonight that's at me like he's not. He's not even in this conversation of guys meet pitch in the bullpen my question is select no I know my question is it does even have value anymore. And Jimmy trade guy hearing now. No I mean that it's. I mean if he gets thrown into a deal it's because some other team believes that they can fix him as opposed to. He's a prop in our top prospect that. Other teams make covet a couple years ago he was occur a prospect that other teams coveted sometimes you miss your window shorter dude now I think. It's interesting you use the term window because that's exactly war wanted to go next. There is now a ten day window basically before the Major League Baseball trade debt and and yes some things get done after that but. Broadly speaking you want to decide whether your a buyer or seller in the next ten days if you haven't already made that decision. And I humble laboring this point because. I know the giants. Are the giants and so they're probably not sellers. But let me just positive scenario to. They have three games at Oakland and let's just say they they can grant that Don garner game. 'cause I'll like Al love their options and other team match of very much and frankly BA's have been. Much better than the giants over the last month did you think it's interesting just quick side note on that. The a's haven't quite been as good at home so I served like did they come out and and does the all star break cool down. For a week all the questions that NN that's at what happens in those two things and kind of look at per share that being said. Both EA is and the Mariners have been significantly better and the giants are at the year and the brewers have. Been better most of the year although they did lose like seven or eight straight going into the all star break which is not great for that. So there playing three teams that have been better than them all year let's just say in a pretty good case scenario. That's a foreign five stretch over nine games. Is this a team that you really want to give up some of the limited assets you have. To try to get better if you're saved 54. And 53. No. The answer aided. The giants are. In any week this comes up they Amazon and Roxy last week in Israel that you did it's the topic can you do shows it's that the topic is always. Who should make a move and what kind of movement go big and don't grauman's chew it all in all these names come up the giants are the quintessential do nothing stand pat team to. They have the young pitchers. That. Are doing relatively well let's. See what you got and then they have veteran pitchers that are topping guys if they're healthy. Can be pretty good they have you know the old standbys in their line up with a couple young guys around expecting guys kind of peppered in now. And their bullpen for the most part been pretty good yes so. It means they are. The grind it out. No definitive. Mead. And this year talking about you know of a Chris Davis but it actually played outfield type of podium and it fits if you can ball online afford a home run hitter who plays the outfield you know I'd be great Madonna findings though. The media giants are the quintessential. Stand pat. Let it play out if they wind up winning 83 games and missed the playoffs by six of them what you do then that but that's. They could do that. And still. Call this season a success because they were so bad last year they can't. Yeah I'm I'm thinking OK they neglect to what I thought they weren't the beginning of the year because what I thought they were the beginning of the year was. I'm proud and 83 I hate the supremes gonna be seeking it did I there were I had two statements about the giants on opening day. I believe they will be significantly better than they were in 2017. I believe they won't be a playoff team and there's a lot of space unfortunately between what they did last year and a playoff to an end they have. There are one of the most improved teams in baseball yet and they hit it it. It probably wasn't realistic to expect that they would improve. By thirty games I had that's just not a thing that happens that being said. The age of the principles. And the lack of depth in the system. Armenians. If you finish this season and 8385. Wins. Are you essentially saying. We a 100% need Bryce Harper as what other avenue to being greeted with this team is there. Well you looked at there's there's trade there's there's. Other players that are Bryce Harper and I don't have a list of front me guys that there's ways to improve went out to this wisdom through but are there ways to make this score or real World Series contender without a major man. I don't think there is an hour without other that would be got to get bogey at it the other way you can do it is to get really good players at the other positions and what I mean by that is. What I mean by that is OK if Posey your catcher and belts are first baseman and and in actors shortstop panic and Longoria and I don't know if that's if I treasure center field okay well then you better go get go get right fielder to left field they're good players. Good players OK okay go get. You know. We were talking before the show about McCutcheon designing McClatchy has been an average. Straight down the line well that's the point is better than that. Ask you a better than men but you need but go get two guys that are better than. Go get two guys that are slightly better than that but aren't harper. That that you couldn't do it. Either via trade or mean there's always there's there's ways to get better it's not. Harper or cost but the one thing that this year it's a rough market after harper the one thing this year would show yet if he went 83 games and you miss out. Is that. It's not. Like you you actually can build on. You can build on you have positions of need but but the thing you can't do is take for granted. What the players you may live news provide. And what I mean by that is in the twenty can't go down from the numbers that McCutcheon split up this year. He can't go down from the numbers that lets see Gorky Hernandez puts up this year feuds fifteen home runs because you can't go and get like for whom did it. It's just you can't go down from that baseline. Production scale. If you can't I can't say has too much bullpen I don't think there's a reason is strong enough hasn't been over 500 of them double you have to be better. It's not just you can't go out how you have to encourage you have to step. Stand pat with what you have first and what we see when the giants is what they do is they'll go get. They'll try to go get up a harper but they'll do it at the expense of three other clue positions are three other spots on the roster and it won't add. Up to what you think. Carper adds up to. That's an interesting position I'm a third just some random names action. Is this is what it's like Nick Markakis. What I have been a heck of the year based 35 now and I wouldn't would love to pay him a lot no you wouldn't giants can't miss out on it in only the last time around him and Michael Brantley. Name I mean these the types of names you're looking at after. After Bryce Harper AJ Pollock. That's a guiding they'd like to have yeah okay and that's about it and the other tuning that's actually a guiding the Ike it seeded giants really like. Yeah buddies that did a lot of his value is being a center fielder and yes he's given you about what Cortese is giving you now which is good. But I don't know that that's putting them and which got a text from a forward five which we get this text every time press harper comes up they are not getting harper. I agree. And that's kind of my point is I feel like. Harper no not my point is harper alone isn't enough know I know CNET T that's like every bridge apart brown I kind of look at a different way it's a harper. The reality is you what they need they need harper and keep a guy like McCouch that I guess set the level of level of production that's kind of my point which is kind of why what I'm hinting at you need to keep McCutcheon to hit to 65. And eighteen home runs well. If you need it because and I think Ortiz Hernandez can because he well because you'll get heartburn you'll civil turkeys can put up McCutcheon numbers in court he's a go back they know homer it's a like that's that's put it. The types of things that the giants do when they. When they admits I know I just this is why I think they're in such precarious position we're gonna bring in a man and a lot more about the giants that neither of us and that is Alex panel of the two of course covers the team. For NBC sports Bay Area and Alex all I'll start with the aid general version of the stuff. We've been throwing around all day today which is heading towards this trade deadline do you see the giants making a move at all. And if so what type movement. I'll might you know it's pretty they don't do any thing I think you go back to doubt they're being put it. Were motivated and this bill they when they try we're very impetus our turnout is actually only. I don't know given where they are Serbs attacked aren't really what's out there that you could act that upright that they could probably have about. Four or five million that span of two people aren't wanted to or now are able to read BP and that there are a bit to get further ordered all. The next critic over it though it part permitted he. The real mark GP somebody who you who really make it different just because I don't think if the recruits that. Alex what are you need. That. And. I would pick another bad ticket elected the first formal be the first pick L so. Where you put compute you know Longoria coming back here and it certainly have guys that a lot of other visit but I. Nobody committed player on the field outfield and help. Tom in that situation that that would be helpful I don't always think you take all that help you get it below. Great black terrible hell but I think that's sort of complicated to compare that. Merger reviews below black guys out there he basically cost nothing we can get for all rent because I think any credit bring it to get closer to the back. Yes so let's briefly litigate that tax thing Alex because I think a lot of fans are sort of frustrated when they hear that. Well can you. Tell us what of that precisely the financial implications are of crossing that threshold and why the giants have chosen does sort of take a hardline mayor when I think a lot of people feel like Kate mimic a ton of money. Awful fans. Oh why don't they'd spend freely like some other franchises to. And it's twofold first of all revenue you don't dollar Oprah and I think you get it with a vibrant way or other it. I got all that they go go world right away they're they're going to pick aren't our fire at that. In the neighborhood would certainly is you know it compares to it and they over the course of the year yet it not a lot but. That is something that a I think batters when you're that close or I don't want to pay that but the bigger picture you know every year you're that packed the penalty it worse. And the further ago over at the penalty you aware that they would like to re read that that bill and start those penalties rationale I think. That is something that you'll get in terms of team building and I don't get our rob harper before I got on. You don't want to be too much of a penalty. For signing a guy like that the upbeat so that is why they're doing it and I know certain span. But at this spent time at all they will probably get. And you know what ported to Dodgers take these two pretty our organization that there be a bit so it really is. Pretty rough weeks and that's true that many years and that a lot of bigoted than certain money and there are other rule here and that billion expected and so it there's a pretty are going to be out there that are trying to get under. Alex I'm looking at the giants' rotation bomb garner quite know if he's healthy is is obviously in the rotation Derek Rodriguez's earned his spot. Suarez for the most part has been really good day in his last start notwithstanding against the a's. And and Derek Holland has has pitched very well when called upon whether he's starting or coming out of the pen. Stratton is in AAA and blocks in the bullpen I'm looking at all the names I mentioned and I think every one of those guys is a clear cut better option and Jeff some larger. What's the latest with samarra jet and what is the leash for some margin can make continue to run I'm out there healthier otherwise. All the solitude publicity yet a European direction on data that's all or is it try to grow. On Sundays here and not ruled out correctly. That. You know a lot for a guy who covered up what years. That's evident to actually go out there and I equator those who have it but you look it's I don't agree to the next week I think. They get a couple weeks here to try to get right but what thing about army and have a lot of money investment and not a bit here but the next few years but he hit it off all right guys it. And I think that we're obligated because there's been like. The most situated at the senate bill a lot of money Buick what are. It could be sure whether they like to trade him at a point that you begin tactically what you're very we. I think that's why it like to go out there and help crowded. It I do think you know it it's gonna depend a lot you are on how things are going around there pal other guy's pitching. An opportunity it would be good that they fully all out of it that you are now correct try to get ready. Burnett here but if you're like Iran and that's I think all go on the web site have a very early eighties. Oh look we just don't already that it is a rerun burst that it. Well I do think it's really going to be up a lot of a lot of last that it could be depend on the book is being made to interrogators so. Yen and that's kind of what I'm getting at is at what point he clearly he's got two more years left on the contract and a steep pitches at the level lease pitched that to this point healthier or not you you're gonna have him on the roster next year he you don't cut a guy with two years left on his contract. So I'm not saying and that but it's at what point is it. No return as far as this year goes hey you're not helping us just get it healthy because we have three or four other options that are better. Yeah I think you know the only thing that happens look that it is. People older a situation where you feel like you have eight starters at all but it you know a couple go down on him and also here you're down do it. The producer real feel like you have that depth so I don't know that they'll get to a point where they called bait they beat the will do you it it's got built except there are no matter what happened because I think. It would like you're there at the very least being in position to help. Is that it results where and every bit realistic article so don't go out there M and it's great a cute cute cute that they need guys who have never grown. Is basically Libya out like you think they edited it. Either. In the category that we've got to do it they did the first boat or respect political element you know it. And that put on a little bit that it needs to be able to help manipulate August and number. Alice Pavel rich of course covers the giants for NBC sports Bay Area joining us on the Damon Bruce show Owen at the starting outfield tonight. It was Cortese in left. Daughter in senator McCutcheon and right do you feel like that is the primary starting outfield the rest the last. Yeah I do you know not to what those are having it's going to be up to order is gonna have to we unit or work or are we ought here. And you start thinking about what I do know importantly here pretty quickly though. It's the doctored it to keep that going in and make sure that you just are. Ominous it will be a deterrent if they bomb last week that it I don't weeks I'll. The air force though it is due to make those adjustments and here is for real. My accusing mr. outfielder and not a bit that the that. Being at the park last week against single Internet is that a darker red ball that it happened it was bumping it out I think there need to figure out. Alex did did it did the giants feel an urgency to it to play better on the road and old coliseum isn't is it too far away. From home but they've been awful on the road they've been really good at home. I mean that's that's one way if you look at the pre all star break portion you say well played better on the road in you might beat you might be a team that can make a run. Are are they acknowledging that. Yes they I think once dated don't have to play a better term in the fighting about the bigger wrote it I think pride of Victorian roster with Bobby Bowden have been able. The closer minority here brought it a lot of artwork right. And try to get out of here but. Are the roadway I think it war. To the street in sirte in other break it the first spoke you talked that they would mention. How difficult it gonna be here as they get it that part that it is say if the bears and the brewers who knows they're treated looked quite well aren't well operate. I think they understand that they really need to. I got a bit starter what they thought happened over the break there the doctor or or at a garment that big basically it take. Before the deadline though it is it's important player on the road they're gonna do that but would be immediate focus right now is getting through the next week it happened. They can thriller not buried where there that aren't yeah. And I don't want I didn't get too much into eventualities but it. As you said we were talking about Bryce Harper when we brought you end and I guess my question would be do you have a sense. Of how old the giants view their odds of signing Bryce Harper and how does that compare. To Powell say you view their odds of signing Bryce Harper. That's the great question I mean it will days or I think we've all been ready can they be saying that the fact they be given issue which is that. You know they're not out there from potato and the fact avocado on which sort but don't feud or that they're not out there courtside. I'll be out there to make a run approach are further upbeat that. Knock out that he sent to renovate or Asian economic bit but they don't like talk about. I'll how they feel about it and how they build up there odd but I do think. Personally yeah I mean. I don't know bright but it does seem like you're somebody who's very aware of like get the very aware. Of the big picture and what is careers could be viewed that. And I find it very difficult to leave that somebody like that as a left handed hitter who want it spent you know the next eight years. In just go and and Victoria over here knock down that way or whatever it would be still. I think you ought they're very long guys you know to me you're probably won't guarantee on the East Coast but I I don't want people are the vessel. They can maybe daughter so we could ever say that given what they've done in the past to come spears spent. You know people start up because the silly games that money be used that are waiting. An intimate team that potentially could have a better position. The compiled numbers they're and I don't know again but he just didn't like you I thought it. 27 homer to be here through describe I think you'd much rather go or like Philadelphia. Thank you stadium across it and you give that great bit about what it. Alex Pavel rich giants beat writer for NBC sports Bay Area we always appreciate the time and thanks for joining us. You heard from tabs and and look that's. I mean I think that's the thing with harper Kenneth Wilson is there's a huge expectation that Ali bit lot of giants fans are saying yeah I will sign them all someone just sent us a text. Boris harbors a huge fan has ever Cisco were the only city he's put up on Twitter and that I love this place. OK but. There are a lot of reasons. Why he. I would say you should not put all your eggs in that basket and just in my mind the older this team gets. The more of a superstar. Being need to get over that here's here's from the harper perspective on Alex laid it out perfectly and I'll I'll be quick with this. From Harper's perspective. What are you join me. Because you're joining in your prime like I can see harper thinking. I would love the place rivers spoke chief. Ballad love the play with these guys that have won rings and I witnessed it up close when they knocked me out and fourteen but he's 25 and Earl thirty exactly. You're joining it but first OT might not be the manager in two years that's absolutely right what you signing up for. And I didn't know it was a Buster Posey is or what branding -- member and a belt are. Mad and even Madison Bob garner we don't know Madison but matters right now so to me they've missed each other's window in a lot of ways so how are the giants can make a strong offer sure they always they come up second on everybody. The giants the giants are notorious for coming up second. So I can see when Bryce Harper signs for 350 are judged so offered three Tony eight even get real hard about the giant cell. And that's fine and minute you know they'll sell that to their fan base which they view. But I think it. I just think if heart all the things. That harper would want about San Francisco and the giants franchise it winning and everything it's kind of gone its data on the timeline I don't anyway they're time lines off I. Hurry I may agree were jumping off a baseball for a moment next. Well welcome John and for the five before five. Matt Coles beat John Dickinson in the dampers and on about seven game. He's flying before a lot of these 95 to seven. We were back tackles John Davidson and of course. The wonderful John Franco who work takes us to the 545 now yes I got a couple always hold and I just got it five on it. Further five before IC what we're doing here you know Ali can you how to get back to Indiana after I. I topic street guys to chat about a few questions here we'll start the first one. Number one Harry and you'll let cleared to return from shoulder injury act pull training camp while. Colts general manager Chris Ballard announced that today left will be back in action for training camp he'll have a few rest days though here in their luck will not have any limitation though when he's on the field that's for Ian Rapoport. And despite Friday's announcement let who will remain the main storyline for the colts heading into the 2018 season which most people think that's going to be the case. If he can't I guess shake off the rest. Get back to form could he actually lift the colts to be a true contender in the AFC south leading both he and I was yeah it before you got to that last question I was all excited just do this. I love you guys great I want football's better when Angela is playing. The colts a contender. And I can I can't beat it and now they're not there battleground. The bad teams reach the question one more time so I'd be just a question okay so I think you shake up resting up he'd get back to form it could he help political. To be a contender in the AFC south. It's absolutely of course seek. And it's when he's on his entire crew nobody has helped out eat. And it's the AFC south a caddie can win that agent teams go from worst to first telethon and technically they were third at. But they were tied with the Texans for a while the Texans have their own quarterback coming back in there and be better. Citing a at 100% its scores or Fred good I can see them taking a step back already under the name. I mean to me. Anti Isa and titans for the coin or not yeah 787. A 90 OK I just think the colts have. Yes Andrew looks great the colts got a lot of problems they do and name it but if he's healthy he's been able to. He's been able to do before he's like those guys I guess you say. They at least have a chance. They had a shot a much obviously a much better chance with him. Who are here they are dealing with the four with Webber set. Still didn't play all last season after undergoing surgery on his throwing shoulder and check in tenure 2017. He's been dealing with soreness issues there with a shoulder dating back to September 2015. Now I'm not sure if you guys follow it out I don't have to hear from Arafat often find it there is a after I had reluctant Andrew Luck and I certainly did or you and it's pretty funny here we are captain Andrew Luck. In the with the latest news and Andrea let me back here's what he treated out today. Dearest mother. I am feeling jubilant I still report to basic training next week with they fully functioning site are still alive plan to conserve my ammo for the campaign. The road to this point has been long but I have arrived. Please cut the hogs for me I love you both Andrew outstanding is it that it's it's basically he's taking the voice of me. Civil war. Yes soldier and the best part is to think. Didn't really Photoshop his face they just put up picture of Andrew Luck stays on top of a civil war a uniform and it looks completely authentic. It's really it's one of the great Twitter follow Obama so it really isn't one of my favorites as well. Number two little baseball here we see a lot of pictures this and this city Manning which hot it was officially a dodger game. What he'd edgy Dicey picture of minutes dodger. Jersey is dodger blue I did Alina good brought it to our attention I feel about that look weird. It's a little reared it's a little weird if I'm totally honest. It's not like I saw a ton of Orioles games over the last five years so it's items subtle used to him being in and orange and black instead of blue but. If I look at that dodger lineup that certainly makes an impact. No question about that and many was Bakken play man Manny Ramirez what is that is granted the first man he would never really panned out. He won on the division in LA and got a new couple LCS's. Most are just mostly I just remember it estrogen situation. That it didn't end while the it it it rarely ends well I guess get a couple good years before any Elkhart 08 he'd he'd darn near led him to the did that who be now the Diamondbacks Bob Nelson remembers that I know that you know that. So Mattel does not wearing number eighty with the Dodgers. Any Agassi is a tribute to Orioles legend cal Ripken junior who. What if you guys heard major leaguers what number would Wear. That's a great question. If you're lucky number your third would you do it to. An honor somebody. You know great. Ironically I'm someone who. At various times in my life really felt like I wanted to have a lucky number but could never settle on one so I'm not I had all sorts of different Jersey's 367. And nine most of the time where where it has been different numbers fluctuated between so now I mean until eighteen you know. We'll shut it says that to my fellow Jews out there. Might never saw oh it was thank you always need to do it. Although eight is one that I would Wear and die if I was a wide receiver B 81. Since I was born January he. Sold 18 got a job that's a good number for a receiver. 81 the all of alternate and kind of at a mine now enjoys and is yet. I knew he would be 81 thing yet. 828. Member B nine my birthday like we sound. Mind and number two it's the day of your birth today members of the tea. Earned number screams. Our lakers IBC gonna be much better now the LeBron is on board but it's been a couple of things. Where I think it was a tweet yesterday we may not see this one out on day one but the coaching staff is eager to see our version of the boat lawyer's death line up isn't heads Alonso ball a Josh our brand in granma cut his Mac and LeBron A lakers executive. Said the lawyers in death lineup are. Good job here dad's been coming up with a number of different names and what she would call that line I'm pretty sure we're not gonna go with a deadline. No the death plus first ball. I said this yesterday. But this is this is Bonzi jumping the shark this isn't live this is one Def lineup officially ceased to be some and we can say is when they put it on LeBron with like four rookies and a second year player. It's just a small lineup there's lots of small lineups there's only one death lineup. To try to find something to get out of it the debilitating blistered the right out. That's the seasonal allergies lineup medically induced coma lineup. Is it just some okay and they're medically induced coma feels respectful I mean I looked up still has LeBron and that's true. Don't be okay that's true but it's not the warriors Def lineup I. I like I like medically induced coma lineup I think that's about Iraq. JD. I really like any. It's it's a mouthful medically to her home to be perfectly honest I don't like in inning that the lakers have done. Other than add LeBron James that I think is summing we will talk more about a little bit because. It's tough to see a clear strategy and I'll put an apple and dancing is filled nicknames. Nicknames he did kind of happen organically. I agree I think we gave you are caught up in a funny nickname for this now I'm going to behave I blame Kobe because ever since we let him nicknamed himself black mama. Nicknames of run amok. Kobe. Sure and it's not your phone John you buddy now Stephen Tucker he gets a couple hits his first game let's fight drug fair let's find a nickname for everybody. Son I think you need to earn it persecute have to be a certain point Reid deserve to be given in the yes or I have to make means something like the Hamptons. Or. Can't prevent it. Great conflict and that's our that's the case of a great nickname that is Pablo is and it makes perfect setting it and you know what part of the beauty of having a great nickname is the fact that it can't. Finally gotten it. Nickname for everybody that's her mr. from the text 995. AJ at the La La land line. I like that. I like that in her case and number four flags at Bay Bridge series shifts at coliseum tonight easing giants at first of three games for grants you hated eighties firework nights of should be a lot of I don't mean a parade this evening. Sell best moments of the eighties that song. Math. I just have to randomly pick Beth is already a favorite song don't sign him in eighty okay. Or does Ernie this is ways this is way too hard for me to do I'll take. All takes the studio is that in the AC app I think similar on the scenario that's been. That's such a hot iron and I'd like thirty songs together and not on our air. In the behind Joseph feet little but he did OK oh what had Guns 'N Roses and out of mind how kind and yet bush did some pet but that's in the eighties. Really oh yeah that's like 89 now what about what about have time news. We don't any eighties hammer timer Blair early ninety's could not small ball beating gets an eighty's and there aren't you guys remember that I received her fault. Of course I mean I was just I was a school child in the eighties social course or merge records keepers locker allotment yes definitely had walked men still having any luck man somewhere. Did he own any late warmer. No statistic I was never much of a dancer. Now. It is your dating come to think and if I didn't I only have one ballet lessons. A different ant at mark Geist a year ago number five. All right this was an interest dean moment there was a baby born any chick lay bathroom. Oh lord I so there was a mom and out of their way to hospitals Obama obviously was in labor this yet to stop that she could hold it anymore so the closest bathroom was a chick filet. She gets out it's close to the worker was just wrapping things that's so like you know and opened the door let you win obviously you need to go to the restaurant chooses you know have been a tough and pregnant lady when the lady oxen and the back and city restaurant everything goes crazy she goes in the labor. She has the baby at the chiefly cell. Which actually does is they're going to give a little girl who was born there free typically for the rest of her life why would she turns fourteen. It guaranteed job. Guarantee job now she becomes of the hairy at all. I have so many thoughts I don't think any of them are for this forum. What a thing for chip the late to do tonight to me it's a yeah to be born there OK I yeah that I'm shocked by that decision. Theater free chick play yes it it doesn't seem like you can really be cavalier with free. For life if you're a business and it's their restriction when she walks into the count every time it's just referred her for her whole family I mean the real question is. Is this a blessing or curse for that young player of true. I'm gonna go blessing aren't. Clearly through which it fully and finally add the thriller sexual healing yet there's so many so we're going to be looking at eighty songs and a text line all night long it's. Eight legalese of it was a bit different for music. I'll c'mon I don't mind eighty's brace and an op co signed into thinking you hit a what I just said eighties it was an eighty's time for music. No it was a good time to time. I'm Bob you're out numbered I'm pro eighty I think emptied 11. Decade of my life. Wow I am were were almost exactly the same age and think. And yeah the source of good things and it is. But also a lot of very soon things. Musically and otherwise we don't talk about it beg there's no you're right fireworks tonight you know at the eight games and I mean every you know you heard back to the eighties quite often so. All right let's Rangel this thing.