DB Show w/ Kolsky & JD - Hour 1

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, July 20th
Matt Kolsky & John Dickinson fill in for Damon - they preview the Battle of the Bay which resumes tonight at the Coliseum, discuss the A's need for starting pitchers, and talk about DeMarcus Cousins and how he fits in with the Warriors. 

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I am not Damon Bruce iMac holes. I'm here alongside John Dickinson JD in for Damon who is a little bit on the weather head cold. Head cold as what I'm hearing. We'll Jimmie gets better soon we do we expect he'll be back on Monday. But in the meantime we got business to deal favorite series is back on. Baseball resumes. I let you jaded bit. I'm sure I'm wrong but somehow in my hand at nine he feels like an awful lot of demons before the all star break and and I feel like we're almost at the end like it's the stretch run ready to go let's finish this thing off. It is an awful lot of games and won eight. MLB they'd be moved its start date up. A few days to try and have more off days where he's changed the server they put the all star break the all star game a week later the okay. Yes they didn't normally if you go back through. You know not not to bore everybody with the calendar in November to July 17 all star game. I'd go back to what the all star game was in San Francisco on hold 2007. Week after the fourth it was July 10 yeah 2007 what this this year that Tuesday was July 10 and July 17 of the jurors on seventeenth that was in the week later so big that regular season started forties earlier. Any all star game was seven days later so that's your ten day gap right there that you're talking. You know you apologized for born people of that but I thank you for having that information because it makes me feel like I'm not insane after all no you're definitely not it's all right so. It is feeling like crunch time and of course that's me even more so by and affected ten days from now. We got the trade deadline and both of the bay area's teams. I think you can make an argument anyway shouldn't be involved at that trade deadline now exactly what happens. We're gonna find out one thing we did wanna do to start today is just sort of survey the scene from the playoff perspective. And our little idea in the production room was. Up quick ranking a quick power ranking if you will. Of Bay Area baseball. Playoff possibilities. In other words in theory. Both the giants and a's could either win their division or win the wild card. All of those four options. One of the most likely. I'm very interest to deceive the middle I think we probably agreed to is getting a wild card is the most likely playoffs and there. I think they're gonna get it. Packer and I actually said in a week ago you know when they were start to make their run I actually think they're only gonna get hotter now maybe the all star break cools a mosque for a week. Maybe it maybe today in a blues a game in this series in and struggle a little bit on the road compared to the pace that they've been playing that even beat. To speed and 500 for a week to ten days and I think eventually. They're gonna get hot and they've already started to show where they were losing every game basically to the Astros. Now there at least gonna split with the Astros the rest of the way. And it stays show a similar form and a trend against the Mariners a team that they've lost six of not and nine to it in the final ten. They're going to pass them just based on that as a loan yeah a lot actually you could make a case that the case are gonna win that second wildcard going away. I think there's a very good chance of that now here's where it gets interest. 'cause I I think we can also probably agree that the least likely option is that the giants getting a wild card they had the NL wild card I think is probably out of reach for. I put the least likely is winning the division the giants the giants winning the did well what today's winning your division could very least likely just based on the Astros are really get pulled us the things those the two things because the giants' division is clearly worse than he is division. Why the a's are clearly better than the giants right now so which of them is more likely to win their division I think is a really interesting conversation. It's got to be the giants by default more likely to win their division that does does the many Mitch Todd don't move change your opinion on that at all. Not really I think the Dodgers were the favorite to begin went so I put LA is as the favorite to win the division. I agree with the net put. I say this is can this was convincing to me because Jenna first half. I guess I'll say this went the Manny Machado deal. Feels to me as impact full as any move for a single player ever lose because. It's Dodgers team that it had already under performed. I think even given the injuries they underperformed in the early going throughout the course of the first half. And ten now add an MVP level player to a team that was already starting to heat up. And basically your filling that void that Corey seeger left when he got injured early in the seat and maybe even in the first game it was very early in the season so. Boy to meet that's that is that's like. Pressing the Turbo button on on a race car that was already just getting to its top speed and I have a real hard time seeing the giants catcher in the Dodgers at this point. Yeah I don't think it's going to happen I think it's more likely. To happen then we CD eighties. Beat out the Astros. That's where incumbent from a if we're just comparing those two things yeah. And I do think the Dodgers are better to date in the war on Sunday note but I think the Dodgers were probably going to win that division anyway although. I would disagree a little I think sometimes we compare the Dodgers. To what they were last year. And as far as what they should be and this and that and you knew you qualified the injuries which I think is fair. But I don't think this Dodgers team. Was going to be you know in the hundreds necessarily this year I think this is annual mid nineties. Still aren't good idols are 95. Still are good and still. Good enough to win that division because Arizona Colorado and San Francisco. Are splitting the vote essentially a lot more than they did last year last year. Those teams were. Beaten San Francisco one to ever Cisco couldn't beat the Padres either the giants were given wins out all over so I know it's three teams rose to the occasion where they were clear cut. The top three teams in and wanted you know all make the policies. Yes. As you look at the wild card race right now obviously we know days or three games behind the Mariners the way the Yankees and Red Sox are planning. It's hard to imagine that at first while cart is ever going to be in play. The prop for the giants is. In addition to their division there's 32 teams holding those top spots that it has been pretty darn good in the Braves and brewers there's a lot. Of baseball teams between the giants in a wild card spot even if that is the death isn't that. Yes and I am looking at some of those teams I'm not sure about Atlanta adding Milwaukee's pretty good. I think Arizona's solid. In a Washington could make a run I'm not totally sold on Philadelphia either I think the cubs wind at kitten and I think the Dodgers wind cardinals and the cardinals I'm not impressed with Dan we'll see if that changes you know within the managerial change it they weren't going anywhere they're playing poorly certainly in Lhasa on before they made that move on Metheny they weren't going anywhere. So I I think. You know I I don't love all those teams I think there's enough of more that I'd start playing well. They can pass a couple of those teams in the wild cards I'm not totally rule out the wild card if the giants can can get themselves to. 1012 games over 500 that's the big question can the giants play well enough to get themselves to ten or twelve over 500. And that's right I'd become instantly skeptical yes now I think first of all it's easy to say. They can't if they don't get healthy I mean that's the first thing for this team because. It doesn't matter if you make a trade deadline deal if you don't have bomb garner inquiry you know and Posey and hopefully panic and dog or playing what if you don't have everybody healthy and playing reasonably well the giants really. Have no chance here so that's the first thing the next part of it though and it's something we'll address over the course of the afternoon with both teams is. Yeah you probably want to. And especially with the giants the only logical place you really can and I would say is starting pitcher. They can't relief help. I think you always better reliever hear their but I think the strip is pretty darn good in that closer role they've had some pretty good setup guys over the course of the year obviously. Tony Watson is excellent. And if Graeme or is it portray black right where you have too many starters as this if you many but not enough really good ones write it but I think there in a position where they can count a ride out what they have and maybe shorten the game in the middle of the game mobile open because they've they've got a lot of five and dive. Kinda starters yeah and even Johnny quite ill at this point probably don't know what is going to be kind of a guy. And I actually don't think you can count on quite the pitch the remainder of the year I think anytime Johnny Quaid who takes the ball. It could be the last time he takes the ball for the assignment is arm has albeit not at all I don't I he's looked like a pitcher to this point that doesn't trust what yes. In net elbow and in that so I yeah I mean I think if you said JD unique way does gonna finish the year who they pitch in you know make every start let's say even if they get an extra time or make. 90% of his starts maybe estimates wandered to the rest of the way. I think there's some point where he's just. Certainly he'll be shut down if they're not competing. Wasn't. Now. A whole. Exciting news for the belt family with. Brandon belt on paternity leave he is going to miss tonight's into rehab build the full line ups out. Look at that second I don't a's lineup is out for tonight. We'll get to those in just a couple of minutes but for me. Especially if you think Alito is not going to be there I understand that Holland and Rodriguez and for even block and Stratton. All most every one this war is. Almost every one they've trotted out there. Has hung in touch hung in net they've they've. Yeah given you all you could ask for I guess would be a way to put it but they're also all guys with the Ares in the force and if I'm. Being serious about a playoff run and about having any shot to do anything want to reach the playoffs. I think I need another real starter out. I need someone better than Derek Rodriguez behind Madison bomb Democrat Reid has been pretty good he's been pretty good. Good enough to be the number two starter on a playoff team. I don't know about that no but much better than you thought he'd be coming out and nowhere is just that kid who happens to be the son of pudge Rodriguez but it. I don't know. And that's question will be asking people whichever team you're a fan of in the Bay Area. What you want at the trade deadline if you're gonna make a playoff run. What does your team need. 8889579570. Penske auto sales dot Comtex lies not 5795. Mac call ski and John Dickinson in for Damon Bruce. How did indeed show on Monday by examined again. Slotted ever did you black marks. At home run against voting blocs that it was worth admiring more typical look feel good that is dug out. You joys that jogger on the bases and athletics have a port three. All about the all of its deterring a fan medical skin John Dickinson in Ford remembers cornucopia of color combinations. C'mon at. Petroleum I love that but I cannot nose and out it goes Zeller was c'mon. That's gaudy stuff right there. Here the golden plates this evening 6351. Pitch third game one of part two. Of the Bay Bridge series. Edwin Jackson on the hill for the athletics. Eric Rodriguez going for the giants. Text line they AZ Doug Newby pitchers like Rodriguez I guess we'll see. Penske also stuck context on his 95795. Phone lines 888957957. The end. I wanna get into this trade deadline stuff whichever team Europe fan of what do you want at the trade deadline I think both say is and the giants. If they're serious about a playoff run are gonna have to improve somewhat and before we get too deep end of that I think we can. Did you exit the day of why. A team might need to improve its starting pitching based on the giants' lineup for this evening. Stephen Daldry leads off followed by Alan Hansen Andrew McCutcheon. Brandon Crawford Buster Posey and then that's where it gets weird with Brandon belt on paternity leave we've got Pablo Sandoval still filling in at third so Ryder Jones gets first base duty. And it's nick Conley and Gorky Hernandez and by the way. It's worse than you thought has Buster Posey is catching instead of the agent for some reason can you explain that to Egypt it well the giants like to have Posey catching certain pitchers so on I'm guess in the combo won him. The guy's legs have gone. He's he's what thirty held buster. I believe he's 303031 years old to third he's been squatting his whole life. 31 he just got a cortisone shot in his hip. And yet actually have an opportunity. To have his bat in the lineup without forcing him to squat for nine innings and you pass. Not because there's some. Monster power hitter on your bench that you've been looking for an opportunity but 'cause your backup catcher is gonna DH I don't get that. Yeah it has to do with their primary and tested. Now I can't and again if he thinks he's fully healthy they wanna get them out there to see if he can do it sees he's gonna need more time throughout the weekend. Yeah others thought is maybe they know they're not gonna have bail for the entire weekend. So their pick and you know tonight and tomorrow as the nights to get him behind the plate then. Move from the first baser DH him something against midnight as of the last day on Sunday so that's a thought as well but yeah I don't know. I gotta say to me and and I spent a lot of might. Time discussing the giants discussing this issue they do a lot of things like this that feel oddly stubborn. Whether it especially if it's the we want mustard cast Eric Rodriguez OK I understand Buster Posey is a tremendous defensive catcher I understand that understand he called the great game. I understand you might want your rookie pitcher doesn't have a lot of experience. Thrown into experienced. Capable backstop. And yet if we're talking about a guy whose critically important to your offense who just had a cortisone shot. I would be taking every opportunity. To Sid Davis led to break and we just got a text. It's not like he's put his power's going to come back it doesn't work like that I'm not saying his powers could he never had power first of all. Look at the numbers Buster Posey was never power hitter but. If it hurts. Squatting for hours and hours hurts and it clearly hasn't. Negative effect. On your ability to consistently hit and Buster Posey is numbers reflect that. So why not comport. Great question and look I'd I'd probably lean toward easing him backed in. But I also think they they may look at it as you want to have him catch as much as he possibly can. You know always gonna catch bomb garnered tomorrow unless he proves tonight that he's physically unable to do it's it to me it's. And it's two night games in a day game so the plan clearly is in when any catcher. He's not catch on right a manager of going to a series and say what what not a might not have him catch you know it's either the night game before the day game more it's the day game after a night game it's one of the two. And I think get a boat she probably has a plan for how he wants to plan on Sunday. You know he's gonna catch bomb garter freeze physically able tomorrow because he's not gonna mess that pairing up. And it may come down to he got the cortisone shot let's ease the catcher let's see Woody's GAAP. Okay yeah I. That is a short time he's view is a much better deal he's a better defense to catcher than humbly as I mean how we still struggle to throw people out and that's another thing if you if you say always going to be out there. Sometimes teams like did you run wild on Hundley which is which is another fact. Experience. I understand all that it's just him what are your priorities I suppose is what it comes down to and my priority if I was her speech science would be to protect Buster Posey at all cost as long as I'm gonna keep them on a team although I was Randy Johnson be a whole different conversation. We may get to that I wanna quickly are news to return to ease. In terms of the trade deadline. Possibilities. If you or in charge of BA's taking what. What are you looking forward generally speaking starting pitching it's got a range starting pitching I mean you needed twelve starters this year. And they don't even need an ace they just need guys that are better than the Brad Anderson yes he we got this tax from 7078. Is can make the wild card game but to have a real shot at beating the Astros. Cleveland error of the Red Sox in the post season that you need a true number one and potentially another one or number two. I agree that that's not this year like they well maybe one guy out there. Add him but that's not this year for the ace this is where being ahead of schedule. You know that that once Shura and you saw they did this in 20122013. You don't go get the big boys starter 2014 the third year went when they were having a great year and I had all in all star they would got too big voice starts now turns out some argue there wasn't. Three point was to the days for that. Couple among right feedback. They got some margin was almost as if they got some margin and wit and then realized once they had to wait a minute this guy actually isn't and a lot of staff sent home and they did then they go to Jon Lester. And it all went according to plan until Leicester fell apart and and then eighth inning in Kansas City. But you look at it and it's a meeting don't need as they don't need an ace they just need guys that are better than their back. Acting. Skill but if you could get an ace. Who for Xavier are your it was 25 years old and having one of his best seasons. If you 25 node to grounds older right 29. Ticket to dramas been excellent. Excellent and the is have a farm I was right the second time he just turned thirty. Bays have as strong a farm system is anyone in baseball to the point where they've got more than enough assets. So make a trade with some problem. Why not go get a guy like Jacob to grow. How often are you playing they're 21 and six in the last month I mean they've been the best team in baseball for a month. So this is not. You know it's it's easy to forget that this is not. A.s of last year the year before or any time in recent memory they're not just playing pretty good or hanging in there the point great baseball another division happens to be. The toughest in the league or one of so they're not winning it at the moment but the way they're playing and Billy Beane has said this. You don't wait till next year even if you've got young talent that's on its way up. They've got enough minor leaguers I. I hate like you got real art you have to give up a lot of and it to me if I'm the before he becomes a free agent in the not to Tony Tony 121 did you got you're gonna have to you know that. That's a dis city are you gonna give how he was sent multiple prospects he was seven point four million this year I would wait for the I would wait for the pitching prospects that come up next year I would wait for Gallic puck to come back next year in joint irritation after Tommy John. I would wait for a guy like the sorrow to come back he'll come up. Now on the natural pass and then you've got yourself a rotation you got man I am maybe pick and choose from the other guys that you liked. That are maybe more back in guys that are pitching in the front into the rotation by default. I'm need to media a's have an idea and like. Mangan and like to see amendment ending it's a four item roaming Lincoln's great I really release dollar and for these four I think they've got man Diana and a bunch of force and bunched I think everybody else for five. I graduate with the exception of man right now I don't really I really think Megan had just three asks me Strianese gutsy idling Maine it's to learn and I'll include. Especially the bowls more 45 and there's great stuff he pitches. Admitting kids I do not like that's that's I get together usually and that's yet. They activated in the senate now. But Demi may bigamy not a what they're dessert duo will giants he thing right now and Brett Anderson Brett Anderson should be gone at K Gil too for that matter and putting granderson is a whole different. Like but he should've been he never should he shouldn't started. But they're go to Ghana they're doing a little cute. Nostalgia thing what Fred Anderson they are it's weird because you. I mean and it took. They've just they've had these twelve guys I'm not sure it's fair to say it's installed although there and there's I don't know why element to that I don't know what it is at a certain point they were just look at for guys you're getting at with the the minor knee but they have better options than. Brent Anderson in a similar way to the giants have better options Jeffs a march yeah that's probably true that's probably true but let me just person names match because these are. All. Alleged top 200. MLB prospects for starting pitchers in the a's system. Pacers Lazard LAJ park James took trillion Logan shore. Dalton Jefferies. And there's one more are missing Gartner whose grip homes as a tennis and a now you didn't say homes he said shore right. That and that's already more than a whole rotation. You tell me they can't afford to give up one or two of those guys and maybe one or two of their. Barreto and the tail are probably duplication to some degree right and any Kiki I think Perot knows a guy maybe they'd move so. You'll think Barreto and puck could get to the ground. No I don't think that alone would get you to gram not with two years of control a craft. Now I really don't but. I think. You wanna have more than you need. Because there's gonna NEA's know this better than anybody does it gets silly amateurs that are injured yet as well as not an Obama electoral cotton's out there somewhere to exactly. And and that's an edit to me I would want if I meet face to write this out. See what she has this year death really make a move make up midlevel move. Better than a guy you have. Give you a little bit of a boost to get ended act to get into the playoffs but he had the ace and had the best team in baseball for better part of a year. And then not won the YER this story you've done it both ways that we know what this team it's this team might be that team full of guys that actually gets it. In in the policies we don't know but we don't know of Olson and Chapman. The Scottie and all these are we don't know that this is this group might actually be a group that's going to do special things. Once they get in the post season we don't know but my goal. If I'm the aids at this point. Is C you have riding out knowing that you have all this young pitching in the rotation on its way. And you build that way and then. Once she getting Jiri in her two years and then you start to think of okay the one move that puts you over the top you use the facts. That your a year ahead of schedule to your advantage not again not you don't I'm not saying do nothing. So here's the problem for me is I'm not sure there's much between. Nothing. And the big move. Because that latest there are some names that she. JA happ. Nathan yeah holding those guys significantly better than Frankie Montana asked. I'm not sure they are no but they are better than again guys like Brad Anderson yeah but but it Edwin Jackson should fall apart at some point. You're not take him out all over to Asia right now I don't know but again you've got. There's a lot of there's an easing our way out but here's what I'm saying if you if you. Believe the nine and maimed in our as if force him in their health. I think from the other ten guys. You can cobble together three more that are about as good as anyone you would go and get so that's like if if it was up to mean. I think if I'm not gonna go spend big on eighty. Jacob Gromit and I think I mean specifically Jacob to ground because I'm not sure there's anybody else out there. Who's a real case. If I'm not spending big. Let's just roll the dice with what I've got. See I'd I'd take you got what happens to me is the perfect tonic guy that you don't get perhaps the guys that make sense that he's better than Cano he's better than handers well sell me on. It because he's better than those guys clear cut. He's he's solid he's the definite sometimes all you need. Is better than average sometimes better than average and you've got a really good bullpen. And a team that loves to hit home runs late in games and Steele wins sometimes that's all unique sometimes it's just about not getting wrecked in the first three innings of the game. To worry if they keep coming back from five nothing down reboot K no you boot Brett Anderson you make Edwin Jackson your five. You bring mom tossed back and yet mainly into the mix and that's a serviceable rotation making did you through. The last two months of the season and and be pretty good if you continue to add to hit home runs and pitch welcome back in the Baltic so. Just added. In your mind JA happ is significantly more valuable than any of that group both. Hey hill Anderson and DOS it Bassett they'd be better at all as pro teacher. You might be the best pitcher on the staff to be perfectly honest. I don't think there's much Bernard her for that minimize clearly but I'd get I'd give him and I and that's fine and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go down the rabbit hole I mean it's gonna happen as a career area of four and 35. I'm insane it's. I'll give you an idea of what everybody else yeah I think there's a lot of games or he's gonna beat. And MI is up and down and feels great. Or easyJet a bag of one really bad month that's like saying an arrogant there's something to be said for the guy and especially on the city's team. They guided just keeps you in the game so you can win late. I mean that said Cahill has been a lot better than perhaps. Is this year so. Although I understand why are cynical hasn't been able to state you know on the mound. Yeah split tees starting this weekend right yen absolutely and he's been good when he started so I don't know if I a 100%. Especially if it involves actually giving up anything I would rather just roll with K till then then spend. A prospect on someone like pat. Because there's no. There's no argument that happens value not able to you pass this season. If you if you're getting JA happ it's definitely just to try to make one play for a that's fair. So that's why for me if you're gonna go get a guy it should be a real guy and then OK I'm on board let's see if you can win a World Series. If if we're talked about a middling guy. I mean they've managed to hang in with the twelve guys they've pulled out of scrap peeps so why spend a prospect on someone who's a little better. That's just my view of it let's go to bill in Oakland. Woody got bill. They don't it. So compelled are you right here yet I am. No court sides I mean why why spend the money you donate to right away. And diluted. I came. Out look I know I. Mean he. Is gonna be more and all. And we want it wouldn't it. It and it'll have. Or are out. And maybe a computer so I'm not sure. Yeah I mean we got we got what these kids. They are all about talent and they Ole Ole Ole they been very very good they won. I'm a little bit and the way because I know it'll. Come. I think we're going to go away it. Went just got out a bit earlier we did it sound. We go get someone more to formidable team to achieve what we need to achieve but are there I don't. I'll be. And it a little bit in his Obama. And I don't know Arnold built because I can't down you said twice you wanna move Chris Davis I'm not onboard with a not download it I don't like yeah I don't like movement Chris Davis just there's not a lot of guys you can pencil in for forty in a hundred every year. Now. And I'll I'll say this and this is another rabbit hole that maybe we don't wanna go down. I wouldn't necessarily be. As eager as maybe BA's artists signing Chris Davis to an extension or jet Larry to an extension well I'll tell you from a federal dollar by a. I think in the American League. I'm not signing Chris Davis for five years but if I can get a reasonable two year deal on a Chris Davis. Comment on that again I I think people. Have severely undervalued. Just you look at his last four years and he's a model of consistency he's gonna hit 24740. To 43 homers. A 10020 RBIs. There's just not a lot of guys you can count on for the aloe will consistency I love it for two. I don't like for four or or or five frankly four or five. For anyone. You gotta be a superstar. Again there's this there's this belief that the ABA's are trying to do things a little bit differently partnered they may start to shift toward. Bringing guys back in and quality veterans they're gonna extend them and their wanting lock their young players up. You know sooner than than maybe they would previously. All of that said. I'm not sure that you got to do a Smart I'm not sure Davis and want our rear of the gaps loud enough and Larry off a career year. In Al this year he is that he's been tremendous I'm with you more a day yet he would Larry's been tremendous I don't think you can but it. But now you can't. You can't extend a 36 year old guy who's having a career that's not gonna work. Now let's quickly go to. Yeah. Eight guys burst on Wednesday. Very thanks. But I just wanted to ask you guys. Could have been put out there are couple arms what do you think about. Harvey he's been did you know okay and he came to Cincinnati. Both he might be out there and available. JD what you think regarding Matt Harvey interest you for the Oakland Athletics NIC give up a lot. Yeah I think it's real interest in that is. Harvey is the rare case of a 29 year old guy who I think still has the potential to be really good but also might be terrible. So it's a weird case but he's been pretty solid in Cincinnati. Twelve starts three point 64 you are. And I'm not sure he's the kind of guy you'd wanna bring in a strong rent a pennant race necessarily he's more guided I'd I'd like to have him get him in the spring training and and have them at the start of the year in and if it doesn't work out he's out of the rotation. Adding you know if the look at this is it you need somebody that you think that's going to be good yeah yeah if you if you trade for a guy you like I these guys in the rotation. And eighties and not good immediately. You're kind of stuck in a way you don't have time for the plan he has been good with Cincinnati that said. I'd be open to it but I don't I don't love. And I don't blood doesn't among a lot of foreign Iowa of given up a lot form he has been significantly better with since. Yeah. One point 16 whip as nice as his Cincinnati numbers are very solid and you know some many consider yes it's an American League team but day's play and a big ol' ballpark with a lot of felt territory so that oftentimes can help a guy a little bit. Let's quickly take frank in Brentwood. What's up frank. Every bill and I'm just realistically go to a gym work basically split for a well given new York and there are whoever we brought in jet went after the summit inhaled that stage I wouldn't trust K it'll orbit and there are so well. You know getting a bond I don't think that's gonna work so we're gonna need to get somebody. Gets that he wouldn't say. Yeah I mean that's why I think to gram is really interesting. I think you may be right if you wanna guy you can do that but I think at this point that guy's gonna have to be enough. It's gonna have to be human iron to. 'cause it in all like in let's just a gram I don't see another guy out there who was a plan and I had the top of the rotation. That's gonna be met Diana is assuming that you don't need and I am on the last day of the season. It's also going to be and if it's not my diet it's probably going to be either of the guy you trade for or it's going to be Gallic Edwin Jackson who's a lot of baseball parks. That would be incredible for a lot of interaction between one game playoff starter really would be incredible. And like it never happened before no you're right you're right where are mix it up a little bit next Jim heard. A relatively big announcement made in war hero and yesterday morning DeMarcus Cousins officially win. That team. Does that affect the world champions we get into a next medical ski John Davidson in for Damon and I thoughts on the game. Now back to the demon who feel. By seven big game. How positive effect. I'm not looking for the next person. Pain free food to satisfy our stroked my people like that doesn't help me become the first somebody sent them. Out of their lives. I don't know what I do a normal part is more powerful than worthless. So with. I've dealt with I'll become known to. I came in his lead early on gave I've seen I was in the beginning of that of social media here. And it doesn't. Medical scheme John Davidson in for Damon Bruce on a Friday afternoon Damon. On the weather hopefully back on Monday that of course the voice. Of the newest war while I guess Jonas Jerebko as a slightly newer warrior. The newest warrior who was once an all star DeMarcus Cousins. I have something for this it's just tell them. I'd sit com. I am extremely excited about this and now you'd JD. Have spent a little more time directly around the markets than I did. But. My perception of him has always been a guy who. Who. What is the view of him. Has been hurt a lot by the situations he has been in. I think that's pretty accurate and the thing that really the biggest reason I always. Fell back on this assumption in my head is his basketball. You don't end up with the sort of deemed DeMarcus Cousins hats without being in the GM. 24/7. Working without being passionate about improving at your crap about being as good as you can beat. It's not a Dwight Howard's situation where. He blasts in the league as a dominant athlete who pushes people around and and is a physical specimen yeah he's big and strong and athletic but. What sets the markets apart is steel. Is the stuff you've developed by spending hours working on your post footwork and two in. When he got a guy who's clearly Smart and clearly hardworking. Bo loses his temper a lot and a terrible losing situation I'm much more apt to blame the situation in the guy. Yeah and that's exactly what I did it as far as him and in Sacramento guns and behind it there and there were many people in Sacramento. That you know made DeMarcus Cousins the reason right the day that things didn't change sooner well DeMarcus Cousins has been gone in your path. And they're exactly what they see it only a circus. Only they're winning fewer games right because they don't have one of the better players in the league and you can make a case that while wait a minute you're winning 33 year 34 games in what's the difference. Between winning 26 or 27 minutes fair again. In the NBA you don't wanna be middle of the pack you're gonna be that the L one of them with the third worst team that misses the the misses him right out. I get all of that. But. They never really built around him properly. Or at all is so it. In he has enough. Of Ian Ali hit bottom has a temper. Yeah he does have a temper the technical fouls or one thing you can't. Any does have a little bit out of the world's against me yes he's got a child on his shoulder and that and that's and that's lot of guys lot of SM yes. Lot of guys have both of those things if something goes wrong and you go home. Why me why did tell me why me why is it's rest given me attack why is this coach. Did she meet and not the scrubs then it is starting instead of me. I'm trying to think if there's anyone else around here who might fall into that order very we'll see also Aaliyah. Yeah lots the guys in the league have a chip on their shoulder and a bit of a temper and frankly a lot of the best guys in the league. Have a chip on their shoulder and a bit of a temper I'm not sure it DeMarcus Cousins is an appointment he needed to go to. A stable yes. Organization. That has winners at it and that could be. The head coach. The general manager team president tightly that he needed to go to an established French. It's you know I'm mind although even last year with the pelicans before injury correct. It was pretty good correct an error although they have a stable head coach and and a superstar not a particularly stable organization I actually think you can make you case they're not and it still worked out. It all looks as though it looked dealt Ansar Al gentry we're gonna get fired if that team had been back yet all of them were gonna get fox and Demps I don't know it I don't know. That he's great but just pretty good coach. And and they played up tempo or can look at it figured out how to play together the reality is. And yes they played faster after cousins was was gone an added Mirotic an eight and because they added Mirotic they wanna run they went on the run and they were it's a fact they were better. After cousins went down for those reasons but. They were on track to make the playoffs regardless and I think and he was terrific yes and if you look at the last couple weeks before he got hurt it seemed like they had found something yes where did they really were kicking it into gear. And you know to some degree it's of bummer for the NBA that we don't get to see a full season that on the other hand. I think gold and they were fans are pretty happy about it my point being done on the New Orleans situation vs Sacramento. All it took because the big knock on DeMarcus Cousins coming out of Sacramento from people in Sacramento they didn't care for him once. This guy's never going to be a winner Bret this guy is not a winner he's a malcontent when with the right well all it took for DeMarcus Cousins to become a winner. Was one full season away from Sacramento teammates yeah there's all it's a good teammates all look to you and whether that means. Okay he can't be the best player on the team he could beat the second best player on the team. Whatever that is whether it means. He's got a cannon a head coach that he likes and respects which I think he could make a case he'd had that. For the second time in his career and Alvin Gentry did the first time was Michael Malone before. The kings blew that up for no reason other unbelievable decision itself and Michael Malone again has done all right yeah away from Sacramento. I think you can say he's done quite well so self. You can't say DeMarcus Cousins is an a winner OK that that that's. Number one but to the original point you put them in a stable franchise. With a ton of talent around them and you take the pressure off above him haven't come back. And contribute. And I think this is I think this is a perfect match if he's willing. To take the pay cut that he was willing to take and I think you know it was pretty clear now you can read the tea leaves you can go back. He would have taken a lot of money from a bad team that but he wasn't going to have a bad teams say. Hey you know what the markers were only getting give the eight million because that's all we have. Have and you need to perfect office now if I'm gonna prove it at a DeMarcus Cousins. Go to a good team and take a little bit less. The teams are offering. It's so really Smart savvy decision by the Marcus and and frankly the fact that he allegedly called the war years. Makes me even more convinced that he understands. What his role is here he wanted to come via cog in the wheel and not have to beat. So we'll carrying the entire boss yet and I heard a hauler ask a question. Where is Stein Ian rat go here. How hole what is the best way. For the markets to maximize his next contract which we think as soon as the goal he signs a one year deal with the warriors for the mid level so that. He can sign a long term deal for a lot of money next offseason I think that is the presumption most people have of what the Marxist plan is. I still kinda think that he might surprise people and come back for six million next year but that's a long way away the question of what is the best way for him to maximize his next contract is particularly interesting. For the markets because obviously part of it is. He has to show he can get on the floor and get up and down after his Achilles injury and he's basically at least close to what he was physically. Once that's out of the way though and and you to do that to work you don't need to play NBA basketball related to do that once that's out of the way. The thing that's held the markets back. From. Potentially signing a big deal on free agency besides the Achilles is the perception of his attitude. And so. It's really not about numbers for him in terms of earning money. He doesn't have to put up 25 points a game. The best way he can maximize that next contract is to prove he's a team player is to prove he can be a winners to prove he can just stated. And so you're gonna have a guy as talented as any center in the league. Who. In order to make himself the most possible money just tested did good teammate. Yeah and to me it's I think there's a little more to it than that for me it's win a championship I'll start I'll start at the end and work my way back yes okay. When you championship obviously because there will be a faction of people who don't like DeMarcus Cousins period if if he'd. Goes to the warriors and they have filed all stars and they don't win the championship where DeMarcus Cousins that he blew it yeah he's he messed at all. So when the championship is number one. Number two for me. Is show that you can be healthy by the middle of the season I'm not gonna say the all star break because the all star break is damn near march now and their first season starts early Alec conversation we're having about the U ready MLB all star all our games keep getting later in Eden. He needs more than the last 28 games for me Yani got ahead or is your guys are out forty for me itself that puts it. Middle of January. Being healthy and ready to start. In the middle January and as far as numbers go. Where I think this is actually an advantage. For DeMarcus Cousins coming to the warriors. Is if he's healthy. There's no pressure on him to put up big numbers because he wouldn't be putting up big numbers anyway. With this T. So people aren't really gonna know. Whether he's not putting up numbers because. He's not fully healthy or he's not putting up numbers because he's playing with four other all stars and three other scores. So that's pretty good advantage for him in this absolute numbers wise it's. Thirteen and ten. Fourteen and twelve. Yeah something like that just looked healthy and be good team he's not going to be 25 intent he's just not with this team he wouldn't be fully know. Let's get legal.