DB Show w/ Kolksy & JD - Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, July 20th
Matt Kolsky & John Dickinson fill in for Damon - they talk about the NFL anthem policy discipline and how poorly it was done again, A's trade rumors, and a Battle of the Bay preview. 

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Instead of how valid medical ski and John Dickinson. 408 text crack was awesome in the eighties things got weird the last five minutes of the 4 o'clock hour. So we're gonna bring them back down to earth now we're in the 5 o'clock hour things get very serious going to be great series coming up. Coverage starts in just an hour first pitch 635. Out in Oakland as Derek Rodriguez. Squares off with Edwin Jackson as I said earlier two guys. You didn't expect to be on the roster this year necessarily in both of whom have an ERA under three. At the moment all that is very good also before I get back into baseball. I do quickly want to get into this NFL anthem situation. And JD and I talked about this briefly before the show were very similar mind numbness that. For those of you who missed the news essentially what is happening the last couple days as the Miami Dolphins submitted paperwork. To the NFL that included them wanting to. What's the right way to put this inflicts discipline impose disciplinary sanctions on players. Who pros tested during the National Anthem. Although the league had sort of laid the ground work for that once the doll that submitted the paperwork they'd paused the anthem policy entirely. So we essentially now I've no idea what the end the policy is going forward and the one thing they've accomplished would this freeze. Is guaranteeing that the story is not over you know. All the NFL has to do year of for better or worse I've personally. I got a lot of issues with the hole and the thing to begin with I don't totally know YE the National Anthem happens before sporting events of someone could explain that to me satisfactorily that be great. I always thought we're a nation that separated I am. You know official observances of the country from frivolous activities but they what Africa. What ever they decide whether it's that guys will be punished further protests and during the anthem or they guys can do whatever they want during yet. Whatever the decision that is the sooner they may get the sooner everybody gets over it learns to live within it and forgets about the story. Only the only way to ensure that this story continues to be an issue for the NFL is to keep doing things with. Yeah and that's that's where I'm Matt with this thing is well look. I have zero problem with any athlete or coach sure anybody that wants to protest during national committee IZ. Me personally I zero issue. But the thing that I think owners or those in the league that want it done away with. And want the story to go away and want it to be something that isn't talked about as much in their locker room. It's it's very nice it's a very simple fix in the fix is just allow it to happen. Because what's going to happen is if you just allow it to happen in this is what is it boggles my mind. When when you think of the fact that it. But peace week the league and owners and and people just keep doubling down on trying to put. A discipline are negative connotation to write when in reality if you just let players do what they want. It's going to become less of a story over time to the point where. It really won't be talked about all that much so if that's what you want to get them on the other side of it. But if you want it to not be a story. Just let it go well yeah we'll stop being a story but the more immediate with resistance. The more you're going to have players saying that's BS. I personally group them this thing leaks of the dolphins like that but now you're gonna happen but forget that I'm. You're gonna have people what were the protests that are gonna protest now. I mean they're making it worse it is going to be something that will be a question asked of every single. Coach. You know player open locker room setting of every training camp for every single team. Every coach he'll get asked about it. Every big time player would get asked about it at some point in the next weekend and all of their reactions because the story just continues to do and that's it. Maybe it needs to continue. Well I am finally then do. I mean unfortunately the story that's continuing is serving nova. Because the conversation is not about the issues that are being protest that where we're not having. The conversation we want well while not having the conversation contact Rick wanted to staff that's for sure at least not enough of it. Instead they were having a lot of hand wringing and a lot of Lal older voices. Who I don't think actually. Have a lot of wait are clout behind them and I include the president in that yet look. If the NFL says players can do whatever they want. It's their choice how they wanted to observe the anthem and if they choose that moment to make a protests. Go ahead. And the president would tweet angrily about a for a week any price never think about it again because it would stop being on TV you know when he tweets about things when they're on TV. And it. All you should like you said ignore it. If you just say if you play everywhere they want ignore yeah players do what they want but then as the NFL. You just say our cameras don't show the kneeling players. Literally no one's going to be talking about it a month into the season there are still be players mailing and some players holding a fist in the air and I hope they all get their message across as best they could hope to. And for the most part reporters are only going to report and were I eat and speak about things that are going to do. Draw cliques org or garner interest. And if there is a month without any new angle. It would just stop getting reported for the most part to stop being talked about for the most part that's right. It is erosion it will literally go away because that is exactly and that and that's my point an aid works in the same thing that's the point in this is that. We live in a society where it's the only people for the most part reporters can't waste their time on stuff like that. That's right they can't waste their time on things that are you sure it's. Breaking story. And then there's another breaking story and another and another and another and that's what media is it's not just sports media all media but especially sports media. It's what's the next story what's the next thing and and we mentioned cap critical we have discovered decision before the show as well if they just found a way to get cap or nick on our roster as a back up. And so allow players to do whatever they want and just stop talking about it. Then what they're going to have is a non story a month into the year now. Nobody's gonna care. And frankly I just don't believe. That there's some group of fans who. Are gonna walk away from the NFL because. 3% of the players are kneeling during the anthem. I don't believe them now and of people that write letters to the owners and say they're done with that team and their doubt. People oracle. No air and frankly the most responding again to the news story not an actual protest any owner that literally believes. Then at the stands are gonna be half fold because like hail. Is just probably shouldn't isn't competent enough mentally to be an owner. SP nets. Death I don't I don't understand it but clearly Campbell there by not making it late eighties can't you can't or won't what ever. Eight it's a scenario where they had the belief is that that has to be met with some form of resistance. The owners don't care says a 95 text images got 255. Million each before tickets food parking. That may be true well it certainly appear to care if they don't care then why is this happening to. He's like that for some reason they care now why they care is it because of political relationships they have is it because they really believe it's wrong to meal during the and the. I don't know. I I'm not sure why but. Put there's certainly behaving like people who care we can say that right. Now. They're there there's an awful lot of new ways around this if they're just a bunch of guys who don't care. I'm not I'm not really sure how all she can view it. Dom with the and minutes at that that's that's that's really all I have on it now I know I have met and that's sort of where we're at I think is we can keep. Litigating this seem issues or we can just. Let that. And clearly though that the deal gets leaked about the dolphins and their proposed stuff and and what they're gonna do that players can get suspended in the in the league he's got I mean if I'm in a league office I'm just fuming. That bike like how did it get past that point where it's been the kiss that. To me is worse than a lot of what we heard of that at this point I mean really want to bore three years and it's now. And we're talking about suspensions. Like what we do. Like what what we do. And then the president of course has got a tweet and then it's gonna become this thing in everybody's gonna talk about in the net it's a vicious cycle never ends. More and now does make you drink here which you have just said that I create hope it does then be true but you created divide now you create a a bigger divide so now you're gonna have. More people dig in and on on the one side goal. You don't want out colts he wasn't protesting before the medical ski so ticked off now. I think we saw that final. Last time approach we saw that last year were guys who had not protested. Began protesting when they saw all the comments that certain owners made about the protests. Bet that actually drove some of the protest the fact that these guys can't see this is. It's pretty staggering actually someone did send me an article during that apparently the singing of the National Anthem at sporting events began during the 1918 World Series. When the nation was at war. I understand a little more then. I guess that's what I would I had to mean. The National Anthem. Seems like an unimportant tradition and if guys want to protest during it I say go for. I'm with you. At that and whether you think that are not I don't think there's any argument that what the NFL has done. Has done him any favors whether you're whether your priority is the bottom line what your priority is to send a particular messages whether whether priority is to be as patriotic as possible. I don't think any of those teams have been served. By of the weighty NFL has handled this to this point we seem to have. Is it is it officially breaking news if it's a rumor I'll be how to we have do. What do we do here this. Are you on the air. Al-Qaeda. So this is the eight rumor ray's deal the agents. Reportedly in the hunt formats closer Europe's Familia. We're see ago. Your sixth inning guy if you help a lot of TV set and that. Yeah Hammond and meet you can't intervene a pitch two innings every. Now that's sure that's a one minute they've done a lot lately and you know what especially when he said. A couple adelphia has two days off he basically goes to weddings the next close game and her and then China goes and I to be split three innings basically trying to in my command will literally. Familiar suspended last year for her performance anti drug right birdies really good that would be tightly and really good this year that would be really good move. For VA's for the giants for anybody I mean that that's a guy you'd wanna get. You have a right now we have Billy dean specifically addressing relief pitcher. We think the reliever market maybe you better. And that we might be getting more value midweek practice from the other side and try to shorten the game with what we house because you're getting better acquisition a better player forward giving up an early market and maybe more options. And if you can get garbage also have an expansion of rosters. And kind of split the game up in much shorter segment so we're what's somebody's injured during the oppose the dodgers' little girl or that I look at a little earlier options they we need a starter this goes available what you gonna cause I think you're. Probably gonna find results and a competition. That you don't want to overpay him had so we're trying to pick up a more balanced approach that's horrific we look at the state of starting a senator's remark. Well thought out that is from Susan's closer podcast and that's certainly makes a lot of sense makes I got something you were kind of saying about the giants earlier in the show that if you can't. Get a starter debt really improve your rotation maybe to better angle is shorten the game a little bit from the back and yet I think adding both to and yank the aids. He applies for both teams fruit for the a's and the giants Oakland accident last week reportedly interested in in familiar as well. I'm so. He can help and an ID PA's earn a spot where he had maybe get him and you get another signal stopgap guy like we were talking about that in Vienna. You know put your put him in your rotation is one of you know let's say three or four guys that are basically four of five types and you trying to to line up a couple of times and you get to game into the sixth inning and all of a sudden you've got Familia and you've got your Reno on trying to and in in doctor's been a really good. By as well from the last site he's underrated he's actually been really goodness core here since he's come up eventually maybe you go you know Tampa Bay were silent just start the game with China and who cares. The act exactly the date they've got it set they've got it. There's a couple of ways that they can go with it and again I think the other reason that for the a's in particular are another reliever makes sense. Is because. Of how well they've performed offensively late game just another inning of not let the teams scorer. Is another inning or you can get up there. And have somebody at one out of the ballpark in a big spot and you've come back and against its two nothing in the sixty and if you're down. Another inning that you don't let somebody add on or another inning that you don't let somebody get here. Your fifth starter. Or your seventh starter if you will that's another opportunity to come back and steal a game and as we've seen with the DA's. Sometimes you steal a game minute it sets you up for the next game pretty well too absolutely and look a lot as been made of the eighties late inning offense and Mikey said we already know how good the eighth and ninth innings are from bullpen prospective. The longer you stretch out that. Almost impossible to score on back end of your bullpen. The more value you give to those late inning hits in the late inning home runs that you've been down and and that's the thing that this. Is completely anecdotal on my part but. That feels like a thing you see with a lot of the most exciting playoff. Team that's it is. That ability. To score runs late. And then lock it down I realize that sounds reasonably obvious but. I do feel like that particular reputation of all they're never out of the game is a thing that you attach to a lot of the best and most exciting playoff teams that at bat. Is worthy as our head quickly it's time for the twelve caper date cash contest is your chance to win a thousand dollars. Here's what you gotta do you text the code word. Underdog the 72881. That's underdog. To seventy rated one. The zing multistate contests message and data rates apply undergo an M there what's that shall underdog not really men. And it was fun cartoon just me and on back there I'm the only underdog fan. Fine and forget I brought it up again I'm not against it I just I'm not really into the I'm not against a lukewarm. Situation with underdog you're familiar as the name. You like Alan yeah absolutely. And and that's where I think the Lazard a great spot because they can go either way when it in another another reliever with the way they hit it the Indy games. That's that is a good thing and now you know what that tell you beat. A yankees in a one in now in a one game playoff that's sure that's how you beat you figure out a way to get to the first couple innings and it's close. And you know what you hit it on a home runs on the road and they hit it's on home runs period if you have a couple of guys we can get you through the the ended up all game if he get a one run lead to run lead. A tight getting done. Yet and certainly that's how the giants have gotten it done in a wild card gamer to IE. The more I think about this eighties team the more I like their chances heading down the stretch and look. You can really never have too many good relievers right. I mean. In playoff baseball and now home where. All I got a text her and underdog thank you 510 text there I'm not the only person in the world who watch underdog. Good good good. The beef here that bullpen can be heading into a one game playoff that's it you know it's always an all hands on deck situation. So I think especially when you look at how difficult the prospect of getting. To the division lead is going to be for the a's. It's even more important to improve the bullpen knowing that you've. Got a one game playoff in your future and you know what maybe go get a righty likes a million ego get another last either put would would book during Yi and you get anything you get another amid a mid level starting to yeah start to maybe go to all three evil. We said is have assets man and that's part of why you build. An asset Phil farm system part of it is so little play for you but part of it is the trade those guys for Major League talent that's rating now. And that's how baseball works. Tonight Derrick Rodriguez Edwin Jackson 6351. Pitch outs. In Oakland in one of coverage for you starting at 6 o'clock it in your mind JD. Who's got more pressure on the minister and the giants. And NEA. VA is are at a point where they did they did take and a alt a two out of three Lawson and now I hour maybe they struggled aliens. Coming out of the break could say three out of five or something like that mean that the giants needed to get it rolling because the dietary. Eight bad weekend away from being in big trouble already you know I mean I know the difference is for the wildcard and division director for racquet a division. And four back of wild card is or three back in the locker it's an technically he's our little bit closer. But the giants get slapped it. You know in this series in a couple of teams in front of so that's the thing when you've got somebody teams in between. So little slippage her studies get away yep. Likes is somebody's got away and so if you take a bath and go one and for. Indy you've. About first ten game GO three and seven your falling further behind at least some somebody do you still the point where you come out today you're 78 back in for 78 back. In your stare in August 1 in the fit in the face you're in big trouble at that point and so. More pressure definitely on the giants so let me ask you this though because you said if you were the giants their classics and packed it. That's bullet per frank in other words they couldn't lose enough. To make them sellers in your I mean shaken loose cannon a row. But even if they did it. Well I think they become sellers I mean it that but did it it did the question is what you selling McCutcheon. Tyson. Many they could look at bat I think definitely McCutcheon would be a candidate. I think you try to find someone to take Longoria France nobody's. Now. Well gory signed for four more at least three more after this but he hit but it's not unreasonable number. It's not. He's a good defender he's been an average hitter. Did you did you convince someone he'd be worthwhile probably probably not but I'm saying and I think about it and then then you don't would you consider a brand and Belcher. I will I mean if you the common seller why wouldn't you consider Brandon Beltre. I would say yes to that. If this was a situation where they have been bad all year I just don't see them be and that the team it's gonna suddenly become a seller in the say makes the circumstances. Matter a bit if they are ten games under 500 right now. I think we'd be talking about OK let's say they did lose ten straight and eight games under 500 on the thirtieth. On the 31 you have to look at it again I don't I just don't see them shifting quarks that quickly. Toward everybody muscular I mean I agree with you I. I had if we're talking about what will the giants do I agree with the they've. When's the last time they were sellers it's been a wild and even 2011 they were by their they were non playoff here's where there were buyers so. I don't ask them they're coming. Settlers. My it. Guy as light as it your run and that are open your farm systems then. I got to at least consider it. I gotta consider a guy like brand and build him what I might be able to get for him. I I don't think they will but I would I guess is once yeah. I again yet to see how plays out and I just I don't. I would say probably not but again if it was a season long. Deal where this team was bad all year. Then yeah I can I could see where it gets to that point were you looking and everybody yeah I just think you know if we look at what happened last year. And then you look at this year as if you hadn't gotten. Sort of magical contributions from guys like Derek Rodriguez and Alan Hansen you'd probably be just as bad as you were last year man. I don't you do go that far when I think you could. I think you could say that but any any time you that you say that you have to examine the possibility that it goes the other way OK but I think he gets I think you can also say well hey you know if if they don't blow a couple of games where NS games over Omar so parity there. You can say all that but my point is just you're trying to be a very good team right. Last year they were very bad team. They came into this year I think that we've said both of us earlier said we've looked at them as a pretty mediocre team coming into the year end. And that's more or less what they've been thanks to some injuries and some surprising contributions from guys like Pablo and Alan Hansen. They Bennett just quintessential 500 team I know put Pablo Santa Paul being a surprising contributor does nothing for me in the future. Even Alan Hansen being a surprising contributor and what you really think Alan Hansen is gonna be playing second base which means I don't know what happened to Joseph panicked. That doesn't do a lot for me now it doesn't to a lot free as far as the future goes but. But the reality isn't. Finding a guy like Alan Hansen and keeping him for five years the the reality is finding the 2019. Alan Hansen. Finding the T got an admit that I doubt that's what you need to do what that's how you're good like you don't that you're not good because you think Alan Hansen it's good for five years you're good because you go out every year you find. And eighty on you find different guys that can help contribute around a winning score. And so I don't I mean yeah pop yo if you said it mean to eighty probable C animal's going to be a pretty good bench player. That that can start some games fortieth people go go down to injury for the rest of his career that that it can happen. Like that I don't think it's. Italian getting published animals that this year is. Against. Any key to me he can do that for the next 45 years he could be a solid bench players that can start to gates. That doesn't surprise me as he carrier alma. And does does he. Is he a part of your future in a meaningful way I don't think Sodini bench players to do and I can't put anybody could do that in the minimum player right now. For you. You know speaking of the giants. And it's eight if you're gonna be a good team you're gonna need somebody to play that role so who cares if he's on the team or not. Yeah yeah I guess I wouldn't director who cares that's kind of my point but he helped. But definitely a blow that what it obit but you could put boo what I'm saying is if you don't have those guys your terrible. And then we're talking about everybody else it goes back to overtime before the shell it's what I guess that's my question and it injured McCutcheon putting up average numbers. Based think. But that's kind of my question and I ask that the giants fans would you rather be mediocre because Andrew McCutcheon is average and Pablo send the most contributing or would you prefer to be terrible and sort of tear this thing down and start over from scratch. 8889579257. He our phone number 95795. For the Penske auto sales duck context line. Medical scheme and John Dickinson intraday members manifests and again. Now back to the deep into the shell. On not like seven yeah yeah. In the Maldonado was there hesitation. In allowing Jose Canseco to score and he failed to get Dave Parker had. Second base so the Oakland namesake. I. I. Okay. Yeah me. It's always OK. And they don't really believe we've. This stuff from Al Mike as I I'm impressed now considering the circumstances that really was well. Well done yeah yeah he's a great one. No longer doing baseball Al Michaels. Still cherished as a football broadcaster giants and a's coming up tonight and of course that was not the last time they played but. That did happen during a giants today is world Syria most meaningful time yeah it's definitely the most meaningful time they played. Men and also hearing Jose Canseco sort of the key to the game is that it is a pity the funny thing to rewind. Note that should Jose key to the steroid era as it turns out. Tonight. You get Derrick Rodriguez going against Edwin Jackson. How about this JD. Right now. Both teams are almost the same distance out of the playoff race. If I'm making handicap at who has the edge and by how much for. Actually getting it adding gays are getting it. I don't sites are not straight up and prediction you're picking me to go in the giants I know DA's are gonna get the second walker a gonna play Yankee Stadium or Fenway right now being T stadium on. They don't be October 2 or third. Although I believe it's the second that Tuesday. It's and I think these are gonna make and I said that last weekend I just I look at the the comebacks. And the bullpen and home runs I think BA's are gaining. They're getting into one of their runs and this is now in the in the Billy Beane and now David forced and Billy Beane Sarah. When the days. Get unease it it looks similar to the way 2012 look credit limit is similar to the way 20020012002. Will. And historically you get three years and then you trade everybody away apply is are selling you that. This time it's different it would it would may do you think when they steal games and hit home runs and it's like well where did this come from and like. But I think sometimes. We forget that Billy Beane is trying to put a good team on the field yes it's not like 88 when I mean. People get so. Agitated at. The weighty he's due business as far as you know trading their players a wet. But the reality is when you trade players away the objective is to get good players and players that eventually could be a core that lead you to win and he's been pretty go to that well over EI and it doesn't work every single year although I think every year he does for the most part trying to think they took more to step back may be. The last couple of years after they traded this last group. Mostly a way but. The object of this thing is to come up with guys you can keep for 456 years in an answer to the question US at the beginning of that right that the question of it's like our. Mired in home runs where these guys come for what the answer is they came from when you traded away. Those good players from last time they're comply exactly you'd trade a way to push got good prospects in here comp U want good players back in you'd want to get good players excite I think. I think this is the next round of that eighties magic if you but he again when I say magic that's not. That's not a negative. Then that's not that's not me saying older you know it's fraudulent in anyway no they're good team. So I wanna go down this road with you though because as we both said. Historically this is about a three year run before guys get treated at a town now affordable leave Dave Campbell. During the course of this three year run. We're. Hopefully going to have an announcement on a new stadium. Do you believe that and maybe more the point. Do you believe the story. That. This time around it is different this time around it's not going to be. Matt Chapman traded three years from now Matt Olson traded in a couple years Sean and I had a pitching for the Yankees this time. Those guys step I do think there's going to be a ball park announcement at some point soon I do you think let's say in the next. Where we to that middle 2018. Next eighteen months let's say. There's an announcement mane of of something that's going to be somewhere at some plant I do you think that happened. Now will the timeline fit. This group of players. Well it it better aid better happen in that timeframe that I mentioned is that I'm not as convinced. That the time lines are gonna match for this core group of place do you think this might be sort of the core before the one guy and I realized that the first thing I said doesn't necessarily support. The second thing that I said because the reality is it if if in 2019. Let's say the a's know that they're gonna have a ballpark in 2023. That that could be reason enough to. Make this this but if it. If it lingers a little bit later the man. To the point where and it takes warriors to do so important to do doesn't want Ian and it's going to be 20/20 four twinkling of if if it gets to that point. Then I think we're starting to get down the road of Arnett might be the next coworker or or some of the pieces that come up in two years. Might be around that some of the guys that are aria might some of the guys I don't think it's a lot that this core. Is the core that stays together and it doesn't mean that this can't be accord that wind generating. Yeah that's sure amusing how awful close with previous course. And I and I always think that deal the way a's fans should look at is the royal succeed because the royals had their core of guys that came up together yep. And it had a hell of a run and couple of stayed a couple of map too rich for my blood on out. The cost green guy I don't know I'm pretty good about button Eric Hosmer walk will buyers were gonna trade G EL RO Gordon I eating get we thought will keep Pia you know like that. Lorenzo Cain not sorry military go like those. That's. That's okay I think if you have a good 56 year run as say this all the time. They don't adding one of the things perturbed jays fans is they wanna be more. Like the giants they wanna have these core players that that wind and and our household name to new people for. Well part of the beauty of being the days. Because it's not all bad is it you are ever going to. Sign that guy to a bad contract in theory because you just it's just not even something that's considered. If you're not gonna you're not gonna sign. Matt Chapman. It to the ten year contracts. Then the money out of it nicer Mike Trout you know in an idiot you're not gonna do that. So any end there's a benefit in that honestly. And I get that it and the benefit is look if you have good young players that you develop for 56 years and make a run. And then it becomes another core group for 56 years and that's awesome that's good. That's good that's not bad at night and I get. The difference or fans get frustrated it is well when the 56 years is really. Like you say 234 hours yet so I understand that frustrations there is a a clarification of the needs to be but I do think it did to your point it it probably has not talked about enough. How big gap there is between a team like the giants are the Dodgers with a Red Sox and the cubs. And the normal Major League Baseball team. And then another gap down the days so. I don't think it's realistic. In the near future or even the medium future for a's fans or. Or the fans of 80% of Major League Baseball franchises. To suddenly expect. Giants level spent a 200 million dollar payroll that's not something the vast majority of teams can do. Like you said teams like the royals are spending in the middle of the pack right now the post. Who are by no means a large target team have a payroll nearly twice the size of the Oakland it it's so so you can hope to get up to a hundred a 120. Giant spending visited different. Level I think that the point that I'm trying to make news it is about keeping your guys bright more than more than maybe going out and inciting equating oh well but also our guys I like that giants may look back and say we kept orders for too long right and that and that's my point my point is do you want. To sign you know Matt Chapman in 2000 going to after you win a marine for eight more years EE Matt you might. And I and my point is VA's not ever really being in a position where you do that sometimes it's hurt them other times has benefited from its. Like did you want Jason Giambi from 2002 to 2010. Someone probably did. I mean will the Yankees the Andrea. I know what I mean it's fans probably thought they did that I'm in you know. But that but that's kind of need it but yeah. Yeah you'd yet you do confuse you on Giambi and he was an aid you want and you want to. I did that just like the way people wanted to pay Pablo Sandoval 150 million dollars when he left for the rat's rock but the reality is this important. That the days are removed from ever having Dick considerate. Is it a bad thing if you make the most of those first five years yeah accepts the problem is it is a bad thing. But not if you keep finding the players know but it is a bad thing because it's an unnecessary handicap I mean I hear you OK that's fair you can you can play the advantages of that. And there's a certain. There's a certain I guess you could say like easing of pressure of making those big money decisions if you just don't have the money to make them. But also. Clearly the perfect scenario is having the money and only make good decisions when it's a good decisions so. It's it's a it's an unfortunate handicapped pitcher dealing with the again. There's the handicap that is our right now which is a 71 million dollar total payroll which is unheard of for a team that's not deliberately losing. The next three fourteens on that payroll list are deliberately trying to lose a White Sox the Tampa Bay Rays. Those are tainting baseball teams essentially. There's a difference between. Being a big spender and being a reasonable Major League Baseball spender and I think. Whether it's this group for the next group we're starting to get closer to a place where that is can realistically hope to be a normal baseball spent. I think if they get the ball park the milk then they'll be able to deal they'll be able to get to that middle of the pack and end again assuming that the current regime is around. They they will be and it in a position team spent wisely. Here's an interesting text about the giants that relates to this conversation and relates to a giant's street number six from 95. Giants should continue to keep mediocre teams instead of blowing it up look at the SF teams that won the World Series none of them were dominant team. That's an interesting point and that's all all of those teams are significantly better in this particular the pitching staffs were significantly better which obviously is how they won those titles I think the lineups were similar actually for the most part. Veteran players not a lot of pop but guys who've gotten big hits in big situations that I mean. You had a healthy Hunter Pence who's probably better than anyone hitting right now for the giants had a run year round for the most part the lineups have not been much better than mess. I don't I don't she don't think that's accurate you have to go through I mean 2012 was the one that stands out I mean T doesn't twelve it's Buster Posey is an MVP. He had huge second half there you go around the horn with Dan amid at that point me belts a young player. At that point Crawford not hit the front property young player at that point oh Siena valls a guy that's that's in it you know he's right in the middle of of his ten year round and they had veterans and outfield was veteran now basically add pants eight. Or to. As he was phenomenal in 2012 that that is certainly true but. Melky Cabrera was the second best player harper after a year. I am just saying that Hunter Pence was it to nineteen hitter and giants uniform mets' season. Hubble sent a ball was good not great. Twelve homers 63 RBIs and a hundred new games also missed time Brandon Crawford hit under 250. Ryan stereo was your second baseman that was not a particularly good lineup and scooter on he's a veteran -- yeah again. Good putting Longoria and McCutcheon hit a little bit. This one of just as good as that won the difference is the pitching staff it was Kane and bomb garner and Lincecum and Vogel song and you know. You don't have that anymore yeah I just a again if you if you watch his team didn't Lincecum was already bad at that point to zero taste and he was going bad tornadoes a year recount. It turned but it was one of Zito is better years and you had full song bomb on hurricane all pitching an all star line. LA is definitely pitching and bullpen was great yeah and and the like they figured out that the closers well. Those teams were just. Those were better make all of this I think sometimes there's this misnomer that. Not a giants are estate agents stopped and they were average and let's put together pretty good teams and added. Players at the right positions and I just did you go through numbers you can sort through and if if you watch this year Stephen watched those teams that won. The teams that one won't matter like it's it's not. Still don't they were not there but it. How much better and it's more the point. Really what it came down to would those teams is. They had pitching that kept them in every single post season game and then they got clutch hits from Buster Posey and Brandon Crawford and a couple under and that's what what's. And zero and had a veteran players who maybe didn't put up the best numbers in the regular season and so. Although I think I would lean towards blowing it up if I was in charge I understand that point from the text or because you'd. It's very possible and the giants have done and at least two if not three times in this decade it's very possible to win the World Series without ever being the best team in baseball. Yes. That is possible for Trent doesn't really happen in basketball. Rarely Anna and baseball is is unique in that way if you get a good run of pitching equally or Sears period. I still think this seems good enough to look I gotta put this team in the ilk of four Il the two got. I'll say this would the 2002. The 2014 team. Was the best team in baseball for nearly half the year in the first in the first and they work very good there are a lot of injuries and an eight we kind of found it around August. In fourteen and they want a sneak in in the playoffs a bomber and restrain a wild card game Grand Slam Crawford gip and eight they figure out ways to win from there once she getting. But that like this this giants team doesn't have that. 4221. And you know third of the season stretch. It that they don't know that I don't twelve team was great in the second half think there are six games over 500 the all star break. And then they were great in the second and a this team doesn't have that kind of Iran like this deal that didn't panic of 2010 team was. And it halfway through the or forty wanna force is there like any thing. They could do pose like that team only about the pitch and I think this team is most likely to doesn't ten team that was kind of a hodgepodge of veteran. And Posey comes up it this team is more like that team but they don't have near the pitch. Is there anything this giants team could do to convince you they could be that kind of contender where they sneak into a wild card and because. They're veterans and they got a couple pitchers they surprised some people if via command of the breaking. Win four out of five and seven out of hand but it's just he's playing always not a move there's really not donate. They got to show me that they can they can get on a run they show me that they know fifteen in five out of EP. And right now and and beat ten over five album did get right into that. Conversation where your bout twelve over with Atlanta and Philly in Milwaukee you gotta get there like you gotta go get. At that level and you know what maybe those teams push often they're still again but you know you gotta show me that you're good enough get hot because they don't get. If they had some. Sixteen and eight inning they've had a statement symbol strictly dip but then they want a lot of regular spot in a row they want a lot of series in a row but not you know they don't sweep any of them so it's not as much of a run as you want it's a lot of that. And it's a lot of you look at did you like the giants had lost two home series you know a year earlier along one us cents one days. But they lost two out of three notes but you know how many times it makes what somebody in the series don't have a lot of yelled rubber matches in and they've won the third game and it's so he added all up and its thirtieth want. Which is basically three into. I'm stat and that's what thirtieth when he hit fifth and they're terrible on the road because they don't hit an 88 they played shabby defense and it's just begun to run its. And boy it doesn't help that Brandon bell starts the year earth that second half out on the paternity letter showed up and it's funny we're talking about this when we saw the news it's just about the most brand adult thing to happen nothing you can do about it. It's I'm not saying otherwise but it to have dike. In this guy seems very snake pit aged this. I believe that that you had four days where did it yeah baseball old. It was done here in your wife want to belabor you wanna be hurt. Perfect great you're I hope your wonderful father. And congratulations to the belt family but it's just like one thing after another with poor belt if it's not. A child being born it's a random appendectomy it's this aaron's baseball to the head and when you're not even any deem it. The stuff that goes down what this guy is remarkable and as certain point it's like. It's staggers the imagination at every turn there's something like this for Brandon bell. For those zero interest in Europe lineups for tonight Stephen Goddard leads off for the giants and it does seem like that outfield is sort of set a new with a darker and center. A Cortese in left and Andrew McCutcheon and right of the lineup Stephen daughter followed by Alan Hansen McCutcheon Crawford in the full bore hole Buster Posey getting fifth. Pablo Sandoval six Ryder June 7 and playing third base. Nick Hundley your DH some just explain that to me. And Cortese batting ninth and in left for that is markets Ximian leads off followed by Stephen to Scotty gent Larry Chris Davis Mandelson met Chapman mark cannot. Dustin Fowler and Jonathan do crow we got tonight. Yankees win tonight. Edwin Jackson over your Derek Rodriguez I think this is the most intriguing matchup for me the other ones both look a little bit one sided. You don't love cable's chances against bone garner and I like and I has shot against a questionable Johnny Quaid tell a lot yeah but this is an interesting game and this is the 5050 game if there is right ingredient. And also this game I think it does a good job of illustrating sort of where we're at would these two teams is that you got guys who weren't on the roster at the start of the season on the mound and yet. Maybe the guys going the best as starters for their two teams right now and lineups are made of patchwork for the giants and made almost entirely of young guys for the is this is who these teams are and it should be fun. Yeah I'd hating the giants struggled to hit tonight. I think NBA's when it. I think the diet tomorrow's all all eggs in one basket game like you better get it and if tomorrow's the game that you yells tomorrow's game where. It's you know you're up 31 and somebody hits a three run homer in the eighth after bomb garter is that of the game. Meant China and Indonesia then continued in your coast Sunday. Like so yeah so it's. And frankly they swept in this area get away real quick it could be out long downhill path to the end of the season for the giants if this next week doesn't go well on its not an easy week. It is not an easy week. This pretty easily show always a pleasure. JD and of course we need to think Alex Pavel bitch for joining us earlier in the 4 o'clock hour. Thanks of course to the wonderful John Franco who managed to. Bring us. Remarkable content while also producing six other things across the building and running and out of the studio. I'm very impressed in my attempts to fill in for you I'd never left the chair and it was still a struggle. Thanks Al we think still Olena. JG yeah. Aussie around I'll see you tomorrow Kazaa Amman with a guru right after you are okay tomorrow morning by now.