DB Show: Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, March 22nd

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins the Damon Bruce Show for his weekly interview!


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Really are favored interviewee gets do each and every week warrior head coach Steve Kerr brought you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place to buy a mattress. And today's Steve Kerr appearance is also brought you by the bay club make this year the year of more debate club more boxing more pick up games moral lapse in the pool. Visit big club more dot com for three day pass to get started today. Hey Steve it's good to have beyond normally you know you get the whole our yourself basically that your your follow on Richard Sherman today in and you you got a good interview to follow he was fantastic. Long preaches sermons fired up and saw some of the day involved pretty good. You're signed Wear them on genetic. You know he's already dying and a with a couple of viewer your players he said that he was at a Nike shoot today. Winds with dream on green he's RD bent out to dinner with Kevin Durant so he knows quick. It's obsolete if I would actually describe what you're doing laundry that. The NFL do you think that's accurate. It's very accurate it really is it's really is one of those if he plays for you you love them. If he plays against you yet hate him type of guy. Question me or corporation and just didn't trash talking in the competitive. Spirited. That are required to reform the logic. It will be fun to watch by the way the warriors and their playoff run is gonna be really really fun to watch. We are giving away Steve a golden ticket which is gonna allow. Someone listening. To qualify for a chance to win. A playoff pair of tickets to every game including the NBA finals that is one of the greatest prizes ever we thank the warriors for that for sure. Yeah arraignment was tell me about it today and then I'm sure you're bored and explained his emotions out and work but you know my first. Point two Raymond was the golden ticket reminds me I mean. Depending on your age it's straight out of chocolate chocolate. Is still so resurgent coming up with some of the characters from. Will meet in the bar committed you know whether. We're virtually walk. Raymond says ray and we are a lot of miserable while. Love the whole story Raymond said that any of the listeners can come up with three names were characters. From the book from the movie. That he will personally provide a couple tickets so. I I mean I'm not gonna tell you how to run the show that it could get a call article call it that you know renamed and Charlie lynch. This is Steve Kyrgyz created a contest and any no we were gonna run. Every man woman and child for themselves aided 89579570. All LB start taking the calls the first person to name three characters. From Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Willy Wonka not included we're looking for a little deeper than that first person in three characters from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Gets opening round playoff tickets game one that is phenomenal Steve thank you thank you Raymond Ridder. And a a huge huge fan I mean what they were ordered remove Limbaugh got Ramon and I were gonna try and lighten. Trying to come up with the names of your characters are just not just first since that last names as well so. Outlets here who's got. There you go let's see who's got it LB let us know who wins. By the way speaking of contests. You're doing something else really cool to restarting the Bay Area sports hall of fame auctioned tomorrow. And one of the items were auctioning off is launcher with you a person's gonna go take five of their friends to do a little lunch with the U. Steve what this not as berries taste likes not Barry's. It at that that could. Much I'm not sure exactly where we're going to lunch would. Yeah they're they're they're the to a movie good about church not very well be on the menu but. We'll be good. Company will be better. Fantastic that is really granted thanks for being such I agree it's part two into an all this. 'cause I'm not sure if you heard Steve but there are four injured all stars on your team I'm surprised you're such a good mood. Well I like where we are right now I really do. I like the young guys should they're development. Maybe Quinn court. Form. Jordan Bengal getting. Played big minutes lately and and performing at eye level and I'm like that are. Better got a good rest at a good time to hopefully get down the stretch and why I'd you know our our practices have been greater competitive spirit and good gains so I like where we are and I think we're about. Really good position due to get things are all going well. And I tell you what were you Warren where you bent over the last few seasons. You know you're with you guys are way past good effort praise. But the effort in San Antonio all things considered I know the offense struggled but you all the spurs to what 89 points any night of the year. That's a nice he probably should have beaten the spurs like that was a really good performance. By a whole bunch of role players stepping into a vacuum were even dream on green at the lead of the game. What kind of what I'm talking about imagined love that the competitive drive and again I believe in the fourth quarter on the road. Tell Joseph you need to know about that are achievement and all there are their competitiveness so. The great guy we just didn't have a lot and LaMarcus Aldridge went bad and wall obviously every fourth quarter. While you're proud of our references good morning. Can we talk NBA footwork LaMarcus Aldridge has incredible full work for big man I was talking about it. The other night winds Gary saint Jean and he said he looks like he spent a lot of time at the old. The old big man camp. Well I thought you know get more vulnerable low block and can turn either direction did in the trade. We've put a lot of pressure on sure it's construct an old school game on if you change you play against all she's been where. You just know you've got a low post scorer who can potentially dominate the game they just don't you ever. Now he really really don't who's got some of the best footwork on your team living stand. We're David West. I think both it and I think it's no coincidence that is talking. Old school players who are plenty of input but what can we didn't. Step will be on the bench and he told me if you reach well. Those dog from the first quarter of this in the second quarter. Like our team goes from 2018. Bid 1990. True. They're saying is true like we're brought the ball into the post David show on them and work grinding out possession the work our way in passing and moving it. Not a lot of reason and but David and Sean are huge part of that. Group that Erin or that that grouping in the disturbed second war. And it's it's really more my favorite aspects and dynamic to this team is that what that group doesn't change your face so we get. Why as early as you guys are so good you can actually time travel now in the same game that's fantastic. Steve Kerr joining us here on the Damon Bruce show went. Hey do are you worried about guys still having. A little pain in the playoffs he worry about some of these injuries carrying over or are you worried about rusty may be. Taking over few guys games a little bitter aegis not worried Steve. I'm an hour I'm not worried about to me that you know that your but the main thing you. It's helped and as long as. Well we've got help on our side I think we're going to be in great shape because we've got the continuity. Chip to chip experience. I'm I'm really really competent they're gonna play out so everything and are a priority list and it's all related and we seem to be heading in the right direction. Were you guys able to have as much fun this year. You know there's the regular season it seemed like a little bit of a chore at times for the warriors and let's face it you're in that rarefied air. Where you can only be defined by a championship and it's it's hard for a team to even reach that place and it's even harder to stay in that place. The regular season does take on a little bit of a task though it does for the ultimate leads they can only prove themselves in the playoffs. Paddy does not to have the same fallen in year two of Durant as opposed to your one. All I think so we have we have on every kid in welcoming. Him to work into practice should. Really try and being around the stab him. All we have a blast together it's it's different orbit which is not as fresh shall be I think the question what we're trying to do the chiefs. Purchase digital age. It's it's not the first time and it's that you will be different well. It's taken on a different feel fall by intern with the routine. Again will be there I think we we really enjoy ballclub. Omar cook. Been fantastic news who are quite good excuse me I'm getting my own my cooks confused but. Quinn cook has really been fantastic. He has come on in a way where you can actually see the confidence. Being. Pumped into him by the quarter by the shot by the success are are you enjoying. Taking this guy I don't see through his rookie year 'cause like you keep on bringing up he is played before but this is just that the most he's ever really played for. Have you enjoyed it. You know ferrying this this young man and his career. I've loved it and and I'm I got to take credit for. You know carrying him and his career putting about I just I love that he's getting his opportunity and I look much all its teammates could give them. Well what our chapter is doing them well. Most of all like as a coach you just you root for. Guys who just deserve it and quite deserve the you know he's he's bounced around didn't. These works and unbelievably high character of human being. All you can see it in the moment in the Needham and some tool we've been told Jen she's he's achieved guys. And our players love of our our our chief loved them and they're all happy for them all things well a couple weeks is just fantastic to watch on coal. Four game homestand starts tomorrow Steve I know there's all sorts of signs that we're gonna see staff curry rejoin the team. Can you tell us one way or another is step curry play tomorrow night. Well you should he should mean he's practiced last two days incident on full bore and reported that it all financial interest rate a quarter moral. The only thing we're. Pulled it out on Christians waiting between our future growth but. Now he should be good to go. If he feels good to go and shoot around is a success might he be joined by anyone else in New York. All star cast tomorrow night. I don't see dream on has not practiced for a couple of days and still sort. From the bowl featured in wall senatorial and then. It requires that you lefties in the last couple days earlier looks great she's left and but I Taurasi and shoot right it's a little about him in the game. I mean there's no reason to make to agreed difficulties that much more are you guys are. I'm glad you brought up clay by the way because Steve it's now. Portion of the interview were we move into the really really tough stuff are you ready. This Klay Thompson really have a putting green in an infinity pool was house I was at a mansion that slam magazine used for a photo shoot. Yeah I have not been adequate counsel I don't I don't know I'm an actor out. I mean if he's got an infinity pool you've got to get there. I need to do little flip flops Camara its eye could see by the pool relax and putting green don't tell me you don't like those. About. Sorry that I put to jinx on your errors on wildcats and we talked last week I really didn't mean to do that postal. Which you have networks. Almost up to launch not even not even name and chancellor Angela from the beginning of the second alcohol and losers out of control. Can you believe. A sixteen B a one. I can't. And who sought government source in Virginia and an eagle birdie would shoot a blatant conceivable problem in the country. And I can get blown all the excuse me I don't think anybody. Now I think they've won the ACC by four games and they lose to a school that sounds like. You know. A bank are. Still exist like a credit union UND say to invest without us. It is oh by the way somebody is invested with the UN the warriors congratulations to Sean from Campbell coach his answers were. Charlie bucket. A goose disc blu. And Farouk assault. Perfect there are. I mean it was great names. Great names absolutely. Did you see ever see or or were you ever aware of the female punk band that was named Farouk assault. No but I do know the the bad people walk. And they get clearance did you ever before before Pearl Jam and it was the boy like it's going to be contractual. Lucas all the great may have trouble. Trump on them at all. It really is by the way do you know the history behind the name Pearl Jam. No apparently Eddie better. Had at an aunt named pearl who was really into hallucinate gen X and used to put some acid in the jam that she made. And so aunt pearl's jam was like the coolest thing they defines. Agree this this this is I don't know how I know that but I know that. We always appreciate you indulging us time for just one more thing it's been awhile. Are you ready for a little gimme some no thank you or here we go Steve this season spring. Oh wearing sunglasses. On your first magazine cover. I wouldn't know I'm waiting for my first one led sure why not give. He's ready for its close up everyone mad bomb verses Kershaw on opening day a week from today. The NFL clarifying its catch rule. Yeah. Kentucky having the easiest path to the final four possibly in tournament history. And thank you agree with you now one Tiger Woods' return. Jim Nantz sitting in Butler cabin. You me and we can't wait either Steve thank you is always fantastic. Good stuff is always. I really didn't expect us to use the words Farouk assault in different ways today but we did I feel like we accomplish something together we really lord don't treasured. We got a lot done Steve thank you. Lot of will do Steve Kerr. A 957 game.