DB Show - Steve Kerr

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, February 23rd

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, joins John Dickinson, Matt Steinmetz, and Daryle the Guru Johnson on the DB Show.


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A pleasure be joined by warriors head coach Steve Kirk speaker brought to you by Mancini sleep world simply the best place. To buy an actress and also that they club. Make this the year of more debate club more boxing more pick up games more laps in the pool visit bait club more dot com. For a three day pass to gates started coach it's a pleasure except for. Coming on the program. My pleasure or go you're doing really well got to ask you before we get to the nuts and bolts how this Hawaii I you're you're talking about that Hawaii trip for for a lot of that is. Goes starting about it in November. Yeah Irish fantastic job or news. You know I think opium was thrilled they should just get away get a break and a lot of guys. Did you know just beards and Padres and trust my family we are so wide thwart or knives and a a little surfing there are some great term revealed some sort of sucks all good good stuff. Well one of the things to Mike we got a couple. Steve I'm sorry we have a couple we had Mike silver on RO 37 and up a couple copies of ripped tied. And now we're we're gonna start judging your you're writing abilities to the media wants to turn the tables on you a little bit. I lauded yeah why can I. We have a lot of Ottawa to Rick he probably got ourselves a little bit of trouble. You're basically I had a high school gossip column arts. LaBella kind of I don't know we we usually needed gentiles we were basically rip off our classmates and all that submitted in doubt. And yes that was the highlight of the school week pusher. It's funny it's funny I think I had a similar path and actually got me booted from being the editor in chief for the but the paper writes in your future. Well I gotta walk a wide I think we found away that's my little quieter than it used to be a bigger. They're about how would you view last night's game against the LA clippers and then. Obviously. People are gonna make a big deal out of tomorrow's game against Oklahoma City. Do you think last night was it was a step forward. I want and as you know during an eight point game about stepped forward to those were words. About it or achievements 4514. So. It got to talk to our standards are. And not a good thing you know we we know we can play a lot better world than a few weeks. And we need to play better and I do say it was so. Generally get divorced after a good start which of importance or defense in the first quarter was tremendous. And we had a lot of good things happen. But we we didn't put together a forty minute effort leader board it'll come and really it was the break in. Kitty and under our belt community as you mentioned we've got to. Coach scorer and drink mark green is one of my favorites to watch I mean he gives you 100%. Every night I feel like he set the tone. And that's something the EEO he does on the court it's not even in the in the box score. And a lot of people talk about the technicals in the possible suspension. And from afar I say. You can't mess wood frame on because then I call on the junkyard dog and you always want to junkyard dog to be mean and if you try to have him. You know eased up a bit Beckett take away from what he does so whale. Well what do you say to those that those comments. I agree review under percent we need drama to be dirt mud and XP ER. You know Austin collateral damage as an occasional technical power in the Bernard is an ejection mart worker. Because it's fire it's competitive chiefs and the way he plays. Give us an edge that we otherwise wouldn't go out and to be perfectly. What we would not be a championship team without what stream on brink so. I loved her run out of wondered ever changing. He just ignored it still. Steve what was the thought process behind make in the switch it senator for last night nine reset after the game that. JaVale is gonna start tomorrow night as well what what was the thought process there in Ann is this some the net. Is you know etched in stone moving forward or is it gonna be kind of a game to game thing. Are no I don't record your urgent strolled I think the idea was to try to get a little spark obviously. Well are very different fighters. And we thought. Just with Jindal speed and and ability did you catch a law and that made music opens up to a better start. Children got diet soda play an important role or other old guy as well. As little Jordan belt when he comes back. We've got a basically. Senators Bob that we review by committee you know and we got a lot of guys who contribute. Believe a whole lot of minutes sort stubble on all of them but they've all the great job of accepting roles and and just playing in trying to help looks weird. Steve can you take us inside your team a little bit in terms of its mind set you you play Oklahoma City tomorrow they've beaten you twice. And so it's easy to sit well for Oklahoma City comes in here tomorrow night beats the way they get truck. But I know that if they hit that does happen you guys culture surrenders so how do you balance the game that is important wit. The be all and end all. I think it just they go into it first of all thinking about your own cheap you know what we're trying to accomplish sure. Last winter games were trying to build a better. And we do that each game and now we're on the right track about that made it. But there's no question it's in the back of your mind when you played and you could traits in the play out. That you you take stock you know we've we've got our butts kicked twice by the extremely I don't think we competed very well either. And I would hope that we come out tomorrow and and compete. At a much higher level. Steve let me ask you questions a little little loft off balance here a little bit but. I know you guys run a lot of offense as opposed to specific place. Like. To shed any light on what the percentage of a game that you run your open or your flow offense with a percentage that you actually call specific plays in May be. How that compares with other teams. Well every case is different and every team. You know different personnel and their identity. Don't you have to play called you know occur call plays. Almost a retarded on the floor and executed. You know to work on off the clock we're on our fast forward and eat as long as were terrible all. Caught my ideal game as I don't call it Clinton. Would be perfect but that's not really realistic. I would say we probably called weighs 30% of the power. I'm on apple called her dream on sometimes alters. Until we need a little organization. Read which can match up that we might Kendall called somebody could sideline we always call something out of it now. What are your general here don't we want to gain to keep going we wanna play with a new orders for all the born. We've got play makers all over the war you were moving the ball and making simple plays. And were attacking in different spots that's that's much more effective Saturday and he played his life that we could come up. Steve Kerr our guest here on 95 cent in the game coach Andre Iguodala has been everything off the beards and there was a couple games right before the all star break to where he played. But wasn't overly aggressive in regard to taking shots last night he was great and I'm just wondering you played the game. If if you see a player not be in. Aggressive is that something you let him kind of you to rectified themselves or do you you don't have a conversation with say a player. I just don't do the players and where he is in his career and you know a young guy like Thatcher look article side to challenge issue and some agricultural Chubb. I don't need to candidate Andre Iguodala and all our older BP it. Yeah and now he knows the game lulled anybody doubt. There's going to be games were a hundred aged drinkers are beginning it was worded that since well they're going to be worried that it could take it. But I trust his ability to evaluate what's needed and that should provide odds. Whatever is necessary help would be. Yes Steve I mean I would believe that I Andre would dollars in player that's. Earned the right to go through a slump knowing that he comes out of slumps and he has proven it. Dick do you ever worry about him. Maybe not comment out of it or continuing to kind of play this way. Or do you always assume. He's gonna be the Andrei we know. I think I know what Andre brings so I don't worry about it because even if you stop taking shots. These are trending and he's he's creating our current or is one of our smartest player on about that decision makers. He deployed forward. You know we have a lot of shooters scorers are we need guys to do you gonna distribute get disorganized. Garrido all of those things every single why whether they shot. Obviously it will be making shots bonus. We've seen him do it Avaya global slide it was final bit BP figures out what just can speak on the quad it was almost release date. Are they made a bunch of threes in the media game five last year collegiate game I think. When he chords of I'm not mistaken 22 point one so are seeing all those that do at all. But I think we can win games whether he'd make shots or not. Steve worst Jordan bell lab as far as his return obviously getting closer but what what is this week been like since you guys have been back together. And you said that he's a guy that's gonna play a mean how much should we expect to see Jordan bell once he does finally return. Well good question because we got a lot of bodies and a lot of lot of players in position and not a lot of minutes. So world will see how it all plays out but I'm happy with its progress he's scrimmage the last three days. He's doing well at ankle seems to be almost honor per Serb. Not quite. We will continue to monitor it and hope that he can get good at that final hurdle. And hopefully play coming up on the road trip that would be ideal. Steve the one thing that I've heard a lot from warrior fans is they want you to put step recovery back in the fourth quarters earlier. And I'm wondering. Are you just are you to stubborn. Or. Is it just such respect for the big picture that that you will not allow yourself to jeopardize the long term for one single game and could that change as we move forward. Well. We Boy Scouts you know 36 minutes gave words of horror items and you know extreme 180. While playing. So he's got to get Israel somewhere. And what happens is we end up over the last few years we've been done ended up. Where it all short because we don't. There doesn't play those final six minutes ready slated for. So is average is actually about 34. I think that's great that's where we want to be we want we're concerned about April major that we want indiscretions are Borg would keep his minutes down. The battle helpless in the playoffs so. I don't think that they discovered purchase on the being Smart. You know as the fans that's not me. Well there so we will we will go we will see them at the at the ten minute mark. As a rule today in the floor I ignored that aren't an issue for the and an oil fire starters yellow. Let him get his number to meet you tomorrow right Steve because you party lost the first two the thunder so yeah it's Martha ninety do. Coach I want everybody everybody O all or make any sort. Coach I need to realize that child I actually watched that a performance by stepped curry last night twice. And I think it's a must of used to shoot from deep but have you seen any body shoot it off to dribble. In be efficient like your guys staff curry because the question of the day for me is has anybody seen that coach in N out no. I came to think of anybody off with the dribble is deadly is number thirty. Yeah I mean that he's doing. They did nobody's ever done before it in terms of the volume in our. I'd scenic a couple of guys today who were unbelievable three point shooters mark Wright was made in Cleveland. Off the dribble very privileged upper balance and now where you only saw you know I'd like not only real short report shot two game. You know where it's devastating record twelve. But you know there are all the guys would Abdul and was unbelievable off the dribble it and have a limited range. But it is back back there and you know they're old old goal was to get seventy order a lot. Of has ever been war and edit impacting young generation to you see some of these college it's coming out largely thirty orders knocking them. Let up since government making an impact on everybody. Steve final question for is spring training is upon us and and I got to ask it has been all this discussion this week about what you do. To change the game of baseball so I'm gonna put you on the spot. What do you do to change the game pace of play needing what's the one baseball rule change that you would make to make the game better. Our idol well. I mean aren't and actually. I don't like the Yates and an all out never gonna happen but because of the union that I would love to see. VH gone I think the whole point of the game and to. Work around the pitcher and and veteran manager got to make a decision to change it here at the pitcher. Meryl American League baseball's seems like there's not much strategy ball. Attention placed well I don't care like when I go to the ballpark our air about one of the outside my body of the year absence three hours on on what I don't. I don't understand the uproar. With the pace supplier of baseball's all along you know swallow. You know sort of drug relaxing and so I'm not all I don't really worry about them. Well Ron Bloomberg once that word would you by way. I know you get that because you brought up but Tommy LaSorda from way back in the day on that had everybody. Going to Google. Well I would fantastic Laura great quote from all I'm and and somebody that could not happen again you probably. Managerial and coaching ran back 2030 years ago my goodness could you imagine today at a press conference somebody doing all that. Unbelievable so we're gonna. We're gonna count a brick house speaker against the picked any three batters you want it to start the ninth inning if you're behind Debbie for how all the ways that. Please stop. Thanks stay out. But it. No doubt thanks Steve have a garment guide.