DB Show - Lowrie All-Star, France to Finals, Andrew McCutchen, Brian Kenny, Tony Bruno

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, July 10th
Damon is happy to announce the wrong has been righted, and Jed Lowrie will join Blake Treinen at the All-Star game next week in DC, the A's shut out the Astros last night, but face Verlander tonight, Panda's 11th inning walk-off tops the Giants over Cubs, France beats Belgium and will face either England or Croatia in Sunday's World Cup Final, then Damon is joined by Giants OF, Andrew McCutchen, a DB Food Report on Costco, Thai soccer players rescued. Damon then is joined by MLB Network's Brian Kenny, and the one & only, Tony Bruno. 

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Another ninety minute show you can do a lot of ninetieth minute you can qualify for a World Cup final. In ninety minutes flight 96 minutes if you add that extra time but we're not to be adding any of that because we're gonna get your way out. To a little eighties baseball what do you know these baseball or smoke in the red hot so is Geoff Lowery. I am happy to let you know that the eighties shut out the Astros last night and Geoff Lowery is not shut out. Of the all star game what do you know you do an interview on the day members show boom. You're an all star good things happen we're here for you Jad. Congratulations. That's awesome I'm very happy did you Larry made this game I was crestfallen. That he did not make this game. Having talked to him yesterday had a great interview with him yesterday what it meant to him to make this game it was obvious it was something that. A long time baseball lifer would really regard as a special moment in time here's what judge said yesterday. It would mean a lot I and then as well last you know last month or so would be the if you icing on the cake tonight as. Basilica bill bill myself. My career and I've been through some adversity. And and I think it would be a kind of look at that high and economic cages can more top brought justify everything. Well he gets a slice of cake after all and I'm really happy forum happy for jet Lowery deviated stepped in surgery. I now declared a success. Yes you do that you can be an all star very very happy for the guy and very very happy for the eighties who all of a sudden that's three in a row. Five got a 617. Out of 21. Yet jump shot out the first place Astros. After he had just shot out the Indians that's two of the top five teams in the American League right there. And we've got a baseball team that's cooking here with a little bit of fires Steve biscotti. Who wants to Smith an honorable men the study right handed hitter in the pitches a line drive base said. Center field Davis around third up the ball is greater. Here's a thought the played and it's gonna be offline and Davis are stored and ms. Scott they remain sizzling hot. With a line drive base that the Senator Kennedy is sick it's you know theories. Good for him he also went deep with a home run number ten last night so well B is or posting a shot out. Over the 2017. World Series champs. The San Francisco Giants. Thought of maybe getting shut out by the 2016. World Series champs it looked like the cubs who were in control of the game out right in till. Alan Hansen. Did something. That I haven't seen before what my own two wise. And. Connie hobby guy as he did take all the time we need to get that ball around in the corner by the way it might pick it up. That was the most heads up exciting base running play I've seen the giants make in years that's maybe the most exciting moment and giants baseball. What since the Tony fourteen World Series like that was pretty impressive really was its its surprise the entire ballpark. And I bet did surprise Andrew McCutcheon. Who by the way is gonna join me next our first interview with the Andrew McCutcheon. Coming up at 320 today more baseball Brian Kenny the justice finally for Jeb Lowery. Yeah. Talking to Brian Kenny about data 345. Our buddy Tony Bruno joins us today before eighties pregame in the dugout show gets underway at 430 this afternoon. And Natalia. I'm all of the sudden in a little bit of a baseball mood if you like baseball. You cannot find a better pitching match up anywhere in Major League Baseball than what is going on in Houston tonight I can already see. Our very own Alina bold poll fix all herself is already poke in that voodoo doll. Mama voodoo doll that she's gotten that out of control room. Because. Her nemesis. Is pitching against her tonight. Justin Verlander. Is button vixens nemesis. She hates this guy. Hold him Verlander he owns the eighties. He's eleven and six and witness in eighteen career starts with a 268 ERA heat. Beats them all the time he beats them certainly in any game that we would suggest would be a big game. Justin Verlander has been a thorn in the side of this franchise in many different versions in many different ways in many different seasons. If the jays can get overrun her Lander tonight that she can count is two wins it sure did you beat the Astros and to beat Verlander they finally got over the Astros last tonight we will keep an eye on that tonight. I would be keeping an eye on Baghdad. I'll be keeping an here on my game my actual physical eyeballs. And being AT&T park played any games on golden. And let me let me tell you and I'm Jonah. What do you do in Damon Bruce Bowen of the cubs game acts yeah I heard the giants are also going to be there at a giants are in downed lots of blue. Lots of blue. In that ballpark last night and I hope does see a lot of blue and it ten nights. Will see. If the giants can can keep things going and I mean. It's really weird both these baseball teams are in eight even if you over excel expectations. He still might not be going anywhere scenarios. The giants. They're still not. Cooked and you don't mean like even though there it's the dollar Burress finally pointing up not down. I wouldn't say they're that there really cooking with fired they're just win in some scrappy ball games and that's better than losing scrappy ball games and congratulations are still an awful lot of things that you cannot be impressed by. But big triple for Hunter Pence last night there you go up watching another 45 at bats from potter pence and I can guarantee fifteen of those are strikeouts right now. Now so there's that to look at. The Oakland Davies. They've got. They've got a good thing going with the young nucleus of guys that if they ever decided to behave like a Major League ball club and keep together could actually become household names now. The eight easy if they wanted to keep this generation of eighties talent is something to build upon there's something to build upon here. Did and where they are ago. And I saw this like. Pay you don't have the a's played in the National League central with their played in the American League central they're played like any other division that they would be on top of that that what they don't. They don't. You know if my aunt had not she'd be my uncle. She doesn't. And the a's don't play and any other division in the American League west and for the and that's unfortunate this year because. The a's could come in I could see a scenario is committed in ninety wins. And don't make the playoffs and look out Damon you're gonna get. Giants fans all salty I don't like I had ever concerned him before I take my chances. I will take my chances with that. Damon will you be in cubs gear subtly. To look like a born cubs gear right now now I am blessed and you're sure yours lecture. And lookup Stadler had seizures but subtle it is it's not aggressive I'd look. You don't you know what we're you eat right stay as a family is not siege not going and I'm not using my press credential tonight is this a day out. A guy I know the bachelor who sits right behind. I got a great seat tonight I'm sitting directly behind. The visiting on deck circle while. Row one bro why he's got amazing seats bang he's got amazing seats and he knows I'm a cubs fan and he offered me these seats. And I had that I mean thank you thank you thank you cool so I got a great great vantage point tonight and I'm not I'm not gonna and there are a credential. Which means your boys gonna have a beer to a to game tonight. I'm gonna enjoy my son needs. This is what I need I need that case by baseball to reinvent you know like it's time for bay baseball to read my love of baseball into me. Because we've been bullets let's face it. The sex that I've been having with the NBA has been fabulous. The NBA sex has been incredible baseball sex is a little boring to look a little you know. But Nazis you know or missionary position still at all so little smaller slower it still gets the job done. So tonight. Here in spirit reinvigorate your item a by myself in Major League Baseball a couple of drinks can sit down loan or to see what happens out goes the other night goes I hope it ends well. I think it is and and well. The Tour de France update has been canceled foray. Celebrations of all things French soccer were gonna do that a little bit later on needless to say. Telemundo. Was rock in this afternoon and the French my friends are through can't. Obama and it. Go put an uncle in general didn't open. I. I. Do. It's funny. I actually only outlet I when I say that I exclusively. Watched soccer on telemundo I'm not kidding it's so the point where I watched telemundo. And then I turn it off I go about my day and that night I come home Gionta I turn my TV on in my first instinct is always like. What is this commercial in Spanish. Forget that you could ever have someone tell ago. I come home and I TV's until it every night that's the ratings are going up by the way that's how that works. I was watching the World Cup in the morning and when I came home and turn the TV on at night boom prime time what do you know I'm on telemundo still. And I have learned a little Spanish. You owned the Kenya look bulky oh is simple keep out a bookie that's not the Kenya of people bookkeeper was Britannia begin X mall. A little bit of a little bit on all okay. But ominous sign I'm in this yeah all part you're in the ballpark. I feel like the room. Wow I'm in the ballpark. When and how. By the way Al B and I were talking about this today you're right out. You were right it's the coup it what does it. But people keep don't keep those balloon bouquet canyon blanks small I flew it by the way just so everyone knows this but I understand pretty as far as we're concerned I Republican you are people who went in Spanish Portuguese and ancient as techie. Seed the hottest young okay sure and yet muscular out of battle that was about it. Yeah that's what I'm talking about that's my passport right there. I got a passport to international fund bright there. And the French are the rue and you know what that means it means we now get to insult. The French and the English. All the time. Now I don't want to talk to you know my yoke. He headed out a lot of fruit tropical watch there. Scratching your head in the direction and your mom I want that comes there and you have products meant all I got there right. If that's so no thought that we got the knowledge now galway I told Tom you get chicken I'm not. Good times. Good times all around we have an awful lot for you in a short amount of time in this allotted time that we have today we will touch on. One looks to be incredibly serious topic. What Shawn McCoy has been accused of a lot of heinous things online today his involvement right now is very much in question suspect. He has issued a full denial. If he indeed is not involved. In what this woman is accusing him of she goes down as the all time Mona Lisa of trying to set up a guy. Because the pictures that she put out are some of the most. Graphic awful graphic now heinous picture is a woman who claims to been beaten by an NFL player. Who seat she says is look Shawn McCoy she accuses him of animal cruelty she accuses him of steroid abuse and key if allegedly he did this heat. He needs to go to prison for a very very long time that's how damaged the picture of her is. He denies at all. But this is basically. The Ruben Foster scenario. It's either the Ruben Foster scenario and he's guilty as sin. Or it's the Rubin Foster scenario. Multiplied to the point where she was eighteen physical evidence. And creating photographic. Lie is it that this is a sordid story an awful. Awful tale in chapter for the NFL which has what are you know once again brought up the whole anthem thing again with a new meaning that the NFL PA is asked for. And did they just cannot. Get out of their own way. As we have told you many many many many many times. We've got an awful lot for you today in a short amount of time stay with us. Much more on the Oakland days the little engine that could we got Brian Kenny at 345. Tony Bruno at 410 but next. A former National League MVP one of the newest San Francisco Giants a guy we've been waiting to talk to. For a long time now Andrew McCutcheon joins me next. Here on the day membership. Are you remember that walk off shot back in April that tonight Andrew McCutcheon certainly introduced himself to the giants and Dodgers rivalry he also decided to score the winning run last night. He's making his debut here on the Damon Bruce show I'm pleased to have. Five time all star. Former National League MVP Andrew McCutcheon here on 957 game Ender a fan of yours men thank you so much for joining us today. There'll cripple all it's really good to have you on. Ways widow get on base and have Pablo bring around a little bit of a duck snort last night as good walk off wonder. Well yeah I don't go to an envelope in all forms. No plan your route between the cook did not know they did their job that note of where Lou wouldn't fuel. You know barely remember if we. Alan Hansen man first to home on a failed pick off like I don't think I've seen that one before from second base yap third base sure but first space. He surprising entire ballpark. Arianna but he equity partner Mario are out so well let me out. You know Arctic is a little eight BI it wouldn't go on a lot of fun while we're not doing little or. Yeah I plan to look we're not sure we were lower on anonymous member that rock for. He's got a different gear man he hit it at third base he decided using returned to burners on I was able Diddy runs are assigned to even get a sign. Not I don't think I'll sign up until the agreement that there's going to be property could make it or not. Not meet their I don't want to dispute what the game that saw Mike that it not be able. The liberal morality that we got that team you know fired up when it's important qualifier and where. It was pretty good it really was it's been an up and down first half of the year Andrew no doubt about it the winners of three out of four here you guys are three back in the division now. And it feels like you all of the sudden have an awful lot to play for here in the second half and it's starting to turn around you guys are starting to finally get healthy and that matters. Yes definitely I don't know when Carter Barton get you out none of that is between you aren't sure who they are about it. Our market guy to look into at all you know through the winner it would look at it very. You know it so. I don't remember I don't remember it until rhetoric and luckily got a lot of guards or edit or rated amateur British government book. Look at aboard two or what is the second question and why Abdullah picker is now. Speaking to push is another giants are trying to push Brandon belt to the all star game you. Have played in the Midsummer Classic five times this guy is today and added to the the roster winning the fan vote in the past what what argument would you make lobbying or Brenda bell. I. Are they regard knew it wouldn't start missing your spare. Are sought out her very well. All well and you. We get all their article lots of credit quality market it will work they put her back you know hundred per minute if we go to you're able to view. Are you gotta put the work. Here you've been coordinate. And that is going to report them they're still pay. Immediately he's going to keep his job and are you order a very high level. And not give that this particular theater. Decoded earlier the number of recruitment Arab yeah who couldn't let that put through it and there. I by the way we gotta say congratulations. And rhino this summer you celebrated your first ever Father's Day congratulations. To you when your. Your growing family how are you settling in here in the day. I have appreciated it was side it was a great. Their current. I heard until. You know we're we're not so permanent is Ben Ari you know great tradition for a Noah McCullough I am very. There are some new thing that we are. We opened normally without looking at Walt. And domino interior and be able wouldn't let me know who went. The guys on the team coaching staff. And also invited them. That's those Coke or pot and and I mean they've done a great job at Baird you know we got to love in the episode my own book. Andrew McCutcheon joining us here on the Damon Bruce show obviously coming from Pittsburgh I got to ask you about. Comparing and contrasting these to ballparks PNC and AT&T opened in the same summer as. There are similar in saw ways they're similar in style old they're both pitchers parks. They both sit on bodies of water they both got pretty bridges behind them like. You you've played in both ballparks now what do what do you think of them what what do you like about one vs the other. I'm Jeremy Garrett that there are both very narrow oh photo op. Something that they're ready to you know each ballpark commute Pittsburgh of course not the Spectra but it may be even got arc. He repeated idiot you don't want him anywhere else an article that very well you know about this though. Or oral what are there you know you all for eight. Howard that our people but how great the food is. And I you know or they're never try though where I was or remote Iowa but you know what the bet. That. Ballpark OK. I'll elaborate Gruber wrote or morale on that play a bit. They're dot eat a lot of rumor and blow it in the bought out of Arafat the college are. Great place to play forever remain in the play solid. You know you look shored up there are very. Enter a did you got to connections to get like brought worst in the dugout you really want one right and that they make that happen. Usher brought me to do more to god if I did not outsiders that apple. Did he amassed from Manning Brothers obviously that's the iconic and which that the entire city of Pittsburgh was built on. I got here that we are headed you know you go there you go about pop they are great. Remaining rollout ever like you're gone I mean girl beauty you know ghost boat parts of very so I heard eight. Interviewed a bit but you know I mean how I look how well Nazis are out there are so. Sheila I would never he stared at it but they were grew up ought. Well you sound like you make a lot of healthy choices you get older you gotta make more healthy choices to stay lean and mean. Our men out there are. Especially if it gave it at the you know I asked a lot of a boat yet what are they by the end okay they are not their vote ultimately. Our. A bit this. So the driver not not about a pro life and our market. You're absolutely key figures bear that out but it may art Turkey vertigo. Have you weigh it and your family come up with many spots yet it is or any place you you find yourself going back to something that you settled into in terms of like. Restaurant bar park that you go to it as Andrew McCutcheon found his Bay Area spot yet. Much time to what Doug I don't know. I don't know. I wouldn't burger couple that you let that. Go we don't look we what we're not really a DD. We we were lucky to be that he ought. I mean you will revert back here there and everybody did a little bit bowl but who are there are no longer locked yeah. We are voters garner turns out there oh we get air so I mean at some great spots out there who look go by about it. But it is very little late does it. Yeah commute into the ballpark you ever take the ferry you always take the bridge. I'm not a day that create a this is Bittermann is our that is reality I have on paid leave it there are ordered by and you they get their power. So I'll go to college they repeat over and let you article purple that. I present my to record. It. Is there. It is Douglas Elliott now they do here is our beloved or notebook reduce their but it go to it's quite. Andrew it was great talking to you thank you so much for joining us today and I wish you and your teammates good luck in the second half I hope you all get healthy. And I hope you all star turn in on a real good in that strikes on thanks an awful lot man Barbara outreach there. Yeah okay. Yeah. Sound courtesy NBC sports Bay Area and thank you to Andrew McCutcheon who admitted to being something of a homebody now that he's in new daddy does not very much well his body touched home last night and the giants walk off winner. Against the Chicago Cubs game two tonight and by the way game two tonight's gonna featured Derek Holland. Who gets the start replacing Johnny Quaid who was pushed back for an extra day of rest. Quaid it was shelled in his first start off the disabled list ten hits five earned runs all given up. By the way Buster Posey likely to miss. Tonight's game after catching eleven innings last night and I tell you I've been pretty critical of all the time the busters been missing. May be I'll cut him a little bit of a break here because he he's gonna turn down an opportunity to play in the all star game Buster Posey. Talking about his hips giving him trouble. It's an honor to be selective All Star Games or something you take for granted in his decision that I didn't come to lightly making that decision with the training staff medical staff I just felt like I was going to be in my best interest in the hopefully. Presenters for the team as well. Do you think did the giants' medical staff to break the news to Buster Posey issue probably relax during the all star break just like goes over this. Stereo in the clubhouse just puts on secure his hips don't lie. Hips don't lie buster even in the squad for a long time you're gonna wanna get off to us here ago. Whoever thought they needed. The Brazilian killer in no. We do here. She does she sounds a little bit like a note that I think. Did not generally got to get to her part of an album. And I brought him. And people. Now he's trying to read through the lyrics he doesn't know BC now. Thirteen year old girls like Shakira and their moms are cool would it. Yet if there's any Spanish in this that we need to be aware of Giuliani lettuce now I concentrate and around. So their egos really good to finally catch up with the Andrew McCutcheon it really wasn't. We transitioned to secure right away for some reason maybe it was Buster Posey and his kids who don't know if it's so on that note. We're going to certainly bring it back to the Oakland days in the fact that our guy Jeb Lowery. And our. Has been named it to the all star team I got a guy here he says they Damon. You call the eight eased the little engine that could looks more to meet like they're the big block engine taking out all six cylinders. Yeah I don't think he can afford the big block it got to be honest with. You know BA's are always the little engine that could until they start behaving differently. From an ownership. Top down level they'd that's what they'll always be he'll always be the underdog. I did an interview today about. Warrior dominance in what it's like to talk about that on the radio when if its a little harder to sell them the idea of daily competition nightly competition and I just said it's not. Now harder to sell but it's a different. It's a different thing to sell to your audience. You know used to when I would talk NBA in the warriors I would sell the concept of tonight will be a competitive game you don't sell competition anymore. We sell dominance I like that's it did that the product is changed. But I'm sold the salesman of warrior topics but the topic is no longer competition. It's straight up dynastic dominates T solved yet there's still plenty to talk about but the the product does evil. Speaking. I'll be evolving product. That was I can't believe I just pulled this. Start way out directly done it's officially time I'll be enough as Shakira. I anyone of my favorite opens it's time for our food report. Yeah driver enticing it's. Super duper weenie in Connecticut. I dreamed. News. Her court normally does have so I'm sort of a sports tied to wit. This one really doesn't. But we I think many vets can kind of understand why this is coming up in all sympathizer yes. And what's amazing is that the article. About this topic begins with. People are furious they're angry. That the phrase that people are furious. Is completely used to describe. The reaction of the general public. Two cops go and removing the polish hot dog from their insert this in costs go restaurant. Or move from the food. I mean that's. Have you been costly you weren't about card carrying member guests and how many times. Have you gotten aids polish died and a Coke for a dollar fifty. Dollar fifty years and think they're not removing the hot dog with a home. Stop the polish is on tonight I'm from more healthy options again if you're cost goes food court looking for healthy options are probably looking in the wrong place. And second only in all I can just say that you might want to hot dogs now this just speaks to how. Instant gratification our society wants everything. So what you're telling me is still no longer sell me. A polish hot dog at the end of my costs go shopping experience but. During my Costco shopping experience I can buy the acts of these things fifteen of them at a time yes but you gotta Dominique Kirk got oh my gosh god for the name that's not the same. So. There you go. So cost gonna gain rated B polish Dodd there's a hash tag now what is physical stuff but it's just at the actual. The proved it's it's a food court they're not that it part it's not like it's terminated its knowledge to go on its unavailable you can't purges in any more you can still leave Costco. With a thousand. Kirkland polish hot dogs if you want yes. But the fact that they won't give you a warm one on the spot. We're now using the phrase people are furious over. God this generation is soft. It's still a little things in life for Damon. Have you ever been a cost though with base screaming toddler. Now I know I earned apple responded to get bitten by day had you ever bend. Rescued from a tie cave that's just pray that that story with twelve screaming toddlers and I mean that the fact that there are all saved those that. Not amazing it just it's incredible so I was late to the party on this story I had no idea that this is going on until like yesterday I. I had not been dialed in with the world's community following the story I've I was busy off I was offline right now it and didn't see this really. And sold. I thought about the scope of this rescue project and what happened and how did the soccer team get stuck in this cave in the first place in torrential. Down former reign in led to flooding other cave and they brought in the press lawmakers in the whirling cave divers like from all over the globe showed up to. The rescue these kids to an amazing story it's going to be a movie. And they bit they are given every three weeks. Three weeks in this tiny little space that is at the fact that there are all alive domains and hopefully okay that it is it's huge. It's amazing god bless them I mean I guess they have to do well. What do they call it it's did tree gosh that's what you do triage when you're assessing who needs first date first. So they go through a triage process and they determined like. Aren't these three boys need to get out first because they're in this most serious medical condition and will come and take. You know the next group of priority in ending the kids were still the strongest and healthiest they come out last. And they had to wait like twelve hours in between rescue missions which would take two days to travel itself. LT and I know it's incredible and the fact that they had to just in you're teaching these kids to scuba dive. Basically because like I don't have some video of one kid being carried out basic on a stretcher underwater with scuba gear on with divers is carried him through it's it's amazing. It's at that I it's it's crazy. So now that everything's okay now that like we officially like the whole world leans into this very dramatic story and we all lean outgoing. Happy ending down. Casinos it's a happy ending we can tell some jokes right. Joseph. Nudge did someone did die will adopt a diver did a diet or die diver died in the process so much trying to get oxygen and and okay did the kids are yeah and all the kids are okay all the kids in the coach you're out there on a hostile their quarantine. I really don't have jokes but I would just say I own the Thai restaurant I would have a special on my menu tonight called while kids in case. Absolutely we'll bring people and it would get people talk and I think I think it's great promotion. 'cause it's a happy ending happy endings a happy ending god they're okay and all these rescue divers all Susan that'd Thai Navy SEALs are Navy SEALs. Maybe they actually strapped people to actual seals I have no idea how they did this but. The story an international rescue basically it's like Oliver you know little girl and Texas balls down a well. Aren't about this stories like hold my beer like all content weighty see what we got for you we're gonna take. A soccer team we're gonna trap them for three weeks we're gonna include an underground. Rescue. Aquatic cave system. And it really they are exploring the caves after practice and they got stuck there because some unexpected rain came and it just wouldn't go ways that couldn't they couldn't get a crush is like a 24 year old. Did I mean can. I mean like so what do you do indeed if your parent are you angry at him or in some way are you thrilled that he had the ability to keep your kids a lot I'd McCain for three weeks right. I don't know I think I think at this point you're just happy it's all made it out. At their home and their mom I'm home and hospital but that there are all alive. And most likely going to be OK let's say. Your kids is one of those kids are in the debate about our but he comes out he's fine he's fine. But Costco still canceled the polish dog at the food court are you still furious. Its own course. Now polish dogs a big story. These kids and a case stores are pulling dog stories a big story to. 8889579570. I think we're mine able to take a couple calls today at some point in time coming up next we're gonna call. Mr. Brian Kenny that's a follow him on Twitter Brian Kenny is author of ahead of the curve you can watch Brian on MLB now. Weekdays at 1 o'clock Pacific throughout the season on MLB network and he's gonna join us next to talk about. It first happy it's coming to a close the fact that our guy finally got. A spot on the American League also. Yeah yeah. Happy about that we'll talk about how. The giants and razor playing better baseball is they had on a collision course towards the first inception of this year's Bay Bridge series. Which is coming up starting on Friday stay tuned Brian Kenney joins me next. Now back to the demon. 57 victory. It's great to have you back here another 57 again thanks so much for tuning in we've got Brian Kinney. Who is the author of ahead of the curve you can watch Brian. On MLB now on MLB network they're gonna be on site to the all star game of course starting Sunday in Washington DC all star week is almost upon us Brian Kenny could not to join us again. On 957 again Brian thank you as always for your time I don't meant. It's good to have you obviously want to. Ask you all about what's going on baseball we are very happy here seat. The correction in the American League has made it. Adding jet Lowrie to this team he was deserving I think his story makes him double lead deserving I'm glad he's on the roster. I'm completely with you and I'm not like a lot of our analysts have jumped on board with that we had Carol renal let's might bring about that. John came in today on the show before he got name ain't like we're on the air on MLB now. And yeah I know. We got complete multiple positions keep slugging you know what I've nineteen right now an area that all star level that's up there with with anybody. Com I thought he should have been on the final vote. Ballot deserving their and then beyond that. Good player for a long time pro bunch of teams on that support teams have always liked him more. You know naval base gone after it back in ahead of the curve he was. Really the focus of a chapter that I wrote on it made all to the director of decision sciences. It Houston Astros win he was with E Street Louis cardinals. Take a look at your number one pick you don't actually do little scouting trip he'd never done that beat what is yours ago. Eddie wood county city went out to watch the pac ten college game he was looking around and he said he I'll stick to his stomach he couldn't find is the player. And we finally did it would be old like the smallest one piece sky on the healed. And in fact it was jet Larry quit as number one college player in the country. And it just showed that imitate the by is that we all have a guy doesn't quite look art. You know years later it's obvious Jed Lowrie is a good Major League player I think it's great that he'll always be able to say it'll start. And I think that it's it's it's something else that we look at you know that the leading all star. Vote getter is little pew ocean compared to our our baseball ideas I mean Jose L too vague. Is out there and do one of the smallest guys in all of baseball is the best hitter in all based. Yacht did it happened at a time to where we have these giants of the game you know where. Parent jarred and Jon Karl stay at a teammate to have these. You know these monstrous players and you know most everybody on the mound now at like six foot five so yeah I I agree. Good to see that became didn't just war you know I mean obviously I was able to rate is just that a genetic freak I mean no question incredible athlete. But I'd like to see tied to you know it's something less than these red not players that are nasty fall. Brian Kenny here on 957 game what do you think of the Yankees dread not players. Forgoing their their spots in the home run derby I mean it's a show I always thought I was crazy. When bonds didn't participate when it was at AT&T park not a single ball hit the water in what was promised to be a splashy home run derby. I would like to see the big sluggers play in the home run derby what what do you make of it affecting a swing for the second half I think that's. That's nonsense like if one night to swing and is gonna screw up your swing. I don't buy it. I don't know I mean I look at it like by the slam dunk in the eighties and nineties strike where. Eventually it gets old for a player you know it's it's up one thing it's a novelty. Of the format is much better now so it's exciting. Armed and you know you don't gonna get Michael Jordan every year so I'm fine with it also like I I. I know a lot of people like this. And yet our IQ IQ your swing get thrown off by spending. Several hours swinging the exact same way in this pressurized situation. I mean I could go either way on that and I you know I bought didn't emote to be the last twenty years and on you guys do get in that creepy group Chris it's a specific. Wait a swing at a specific type of pitch. I think that can you law. Brian Kenny here on the Damon Bruce show and you knew maybe you're right I mean guys claim it has normally one of those guys who. Whether bad second half that that claims it and Massimo on pit area. If they did participate in the home run derby you know we've got Bay Area all stars in Posey who obviously is gonna sit out the game with a hip concerned about Brandon belt. Is on the final ballot he's in second place right now he might be going Brandon Crawford is definitely deserving I'm glad to jet Larry's going. I'll tell you though the ease closer Blake trying and might be the most deserving based on the resume he's been fantastic at the end of the bullpen to BA's and he's big reason why they're eleven games over 500 may be the most pleasant surprise the American way. Yeah I remember looking at his numbers a few weeks back and just thinking all caught like where did he come from. And I had to look back I'd and it was true like he had like this I. For the nationals. Just a year ago so. You can see it's because it's a fickle craft. You know you're teetering on the an additional between your stock. You're confident. You velocity. Use your help. All of this and that kinda modern way of peace and that's why I think it is the modern way of piecing together a bullpen. Easy by addressing all of these things and finding. These guys who are the undervalued. That you know he he looks bad now. He doesn't have to remain this way and it's still pretty rare to see it got a goal from about level you know disastrous one prevention. To you know the stratosphere that he's that now what federal Fernando Rodney for one. I've gone back and work like that and there are guys that you could go out and get what you believe in that you could work quit. And then they can beat these stellar killer you know relief based. Brian Kenny could catch him on MLB network all weekend longer all star game coverage starts Sunday in Washington DC should be great mid summer classic and always says. Always funny reason to watch we've got a Bay Bridge series book ending all star week V. Johnson nasal see each other going into the break and coming out of the break. What do you think about Bobby Evans. Needing to throw in a prospect to get rid of the mistake that was signing. Austin Jackson along with Cody Daryn to make room finally through Stephen darker. Wait what do question Jack what we'll all of that question. Are there was a lot of moving parts and his name is is is Corey Darren I think I can call them Cody. But. Basically. I never understood why the giants signed Austin Jackson he stood in the way of developing prospects he wasn't very good for them and he was such a bad signing they had to include a prospect just to get rid of him. Bobby Evans isn't a guy we would say has the golden Midas touch right now I'd like Bobby but a lot of this isn't working out. Yeah down and yet you couldn't whip on the things. I mean not in Jackson has been up and down a bit at the time. Like they wanted a guy who actually complacent to see right I mean that was the the the other thought on that and you know. I think. Well Kiki. You have to look at the long term. Yet to look at you know everybody has hits and misses on you could go to a list on Dave Dombrowski and say while there's some real clunkers. And the same time yet some of the best Il's. You know all the the last generation of any general manager. Yet every so often. Armed you hit on a guy who let the second wind now Jackson is kind of really post prime. Calm like it like Aaron fixed. You know yankees went after him Brian Cashman picked up Aaron Hicks and he was he had been terrible for several years. What he was a guy who was kind of a sleeper pick on eight it's not out of the real possibility I'm not close to them scouting while Jack and I think looking at his track record. It's not out of the realm of possibility to think he could. Turnout like a league average shopper entered the year with Clusty. Right a site close to pull on Twitter and we just had a cardinals in town taken on the giants US to Yadier Molina. Is a hall of Famer what did you think what is your poll results tell you the people thought. Well it's funny because I think this there is a real dichotomy here and I think. Not your Molina is gonna go down as liked. What Jack Moore was what Omar Vizquel is and will become on the ballot. And then you know what those polarizing figures art I think it's fascinating and I'm not. You know I obviously plan might lead on the side of the metrics like evidence and now an objective methodology. I'll put I'm not saying that I stop there I'm not saying back catching. Include things that might not be captured in winter ball replaced. That includes you know now pitch screening is included in a lot of these are at least at one method of. Of wins above replacement but not all of them but certainly holding regain it and are fully limiting the running attack. It might be fully covered. Within the defensive metrics armed and yet I was surprised when I looked at got you moving that page on baseball reference where you or stock congressman most the day. Irene I. I thought wow key underwhelmed me. What credential my impression of god your Molina is championship player great catcher shut down the. You know Kutcher on the for the based apps and yeah hall of Famer and it looked at numbers you know what at least looking at. Good metrics and all the metrics including defensive metrics. Guilt free hand. Ted Simmons Jorge Posada three catchers. Who have fallen off the baseball writers' ballot for getting less than 5% of the vote. All three of those guys by the metrics and not much say in the real world right by the metrics all three of those guys. Had better catching career is better baseball careers. And Yadier Molina. Does his to do ZIDA's ring total alternately matter and I guess this. Pivots to question two what would you make I know so premature to have the debate but Buster Posey. I know a lot of giants fans think he's off a hall of fame catcher three World Series and you think he's a lock based on. Lock a lot like he's the total package yet that that's where it looks like and you know like now he doesn't hit for power again for the rest in his career. Then muted. Or bear some examination. But basically. No he bought supposedly hall of Famer to finish out your thirty how your thirty. Mom bought likely he'll still be able to hit you've got to do the park adjustment for him offensively. And he's gonna be a first baseman for a good part of his career but odious. He didn't like oh it is hitting. You know I timid and then you talk about the championship pedigree aspect doesn't matter it should matter not that you happen to play on championship team. But he caught championship app and but it will going there equity RU Molina that is to ring pop on court papers father and all his drink. What does that. It's part of the yankees' advantage would opt into the defense position right toward paper Fata was besotted Jeter and Williams. Specifically those three huge so anybody would let her board a championships and not eat. Yes our how important that's not a cook couldn't get 25 votes eagle and on his first year on the ballot. Can mellow tripled gee what are we about two months away from my part to electric Bogle Lou happening Brian I cannot let you go. Without asking you about what will be billed as the fight of the year coming up in September. Yeah I it's it should be fantastic. I think I would go. Normally you would go would be younger guy like in the case of god and all but draw. And while I think they'll earned a draw. I think the world can won the fight. You know it and sell it to Wear it like Hagler Leonard right like I boarded a flight used barely touched when you lost them. Boxing match you lost the scoring. Abu I think what can won that fight and I think now I don't feel the moral high ground means something. And it can no. Once and back to sing and now he's got to at least be more careful and still looking for an and it sure it'll still. You'll doing that sort of thing I have no idea if he wants if he is. Bought I know this if he was and now he can't well that's significant. As a boxing guy where do you stand on USC I know the US siege is senate heavyweight fight that. Did not get good online reviews shall we say it was boring tedious whatever. Is a bad night for the USC a good night for boxing or do you not look at them as adversaries. Kind of liked it it expects market share somewhat. I think there is somewhat of a compact sports audience. I think the jury's still out on that I think in a lot of ways you see as the planted and provided competition for boxing net. Pocketing is just not answered because they are a cohesive unit. Because they are you see is one company boxing is you know multiple. You know of born storming entities. Armed but. I don't look at it as just via a zero sum game that it is a winner oh loss I think a lot of combat sports fans and maybe way to look at it is a lot of young people would not become boxing fan now. But maybe when they're watching USC they get into your secret it's more action at the moment. And they start learning about more like hey this guy needs more work striking this guy is good you know standing up. And and you start to get into the subtleties of boxes of striking out standing on the fighting. And from need. I know you see is more of a spectacle. But prefer boxing is more creative more typical you're taking a way different elements that you could use. What I'd prefer I think it's a. As to why site. What as to why I've I'm still a boxing guy to this day always have been. Always will be over USC I really have been always great to talk you Reiner really appreciate your time. I've got a guy here weighing on the tax on who wants to say that he supports your theory about one night of swinging. Ruining a second half for a ball player in a home run derby he says here that one night of swinging totally ruined his marriage. I have no data on I guess I thought thank you Brian appreciate your time enjoy DC. All right but that particular thank you very much Brian Kenney of MLB network good stuff from him you wanna follow him on Twitter at mr. Brian Kenny we're moving into our 4 o'clock our means got about a half an hour left it's time now for a sultry station. Identification you're listening to 957 they gain KG MC FM any Steenland PGM via San Francisco radio dot com station the jays shut out the Astros last night feels like a big win because they don't beat the Astros a lot this year and you know what it was good to nothing they win tonight they got Justin Verlander. A nemesis going against them. Eighties did it seed Jeb allow remake the all star team today that is good he is going to be an injury replacement for laboratory as yeah. Where. It means it him to make this team while we talk to him yesterday and here's a jet Larry had to say. It would mean a lot of and then as well last you know last month or so it be that. If you guys communicate you know I have a basilica bill bill myself or a nice career and I've been through some adversity. And and I think it would be a coach Leggett said hi and icing on the cages and more top it off justify everything. Well Geoff Lowery you get your Kate can you can needed to you are an all star you are completely deserving. This wasn't a sympathy nod. This was a man who deserved to be on this team you know you can you can hit your way onto an all star team and it's exactly what jet Larry did. It's good to see him on the team he's deserving of it. Should make a's fans happy to see somebody you know that. That they recognize having a very good years guy set the doubles record last year and there's talk that. You know he might not be on the block and shopped in moved and looked Jeb Lowry is the text book definition of the players that would be traded away. Right at this point in time during the height of his value were the days to get a prospector to back forum because. It's always about tomorrow it's never today and I can see how the gaze at some point could. Could flip this season into that scenario based on the fact that the a's. They could win ninety games and go. Sniff in the playoffs. You're gonna have the Yankees and the Red Sox and the Astros and the Mariners keep doing this very enemy and and what whereas you know what were you wearing and don't. We're getting our house how's that gonna work out for you if you just got too many teams to LeapFrog. To get into the conversation. I was listen to Vontae and pop. Radler said something that I I agree with I think the a's have played themselves into a season. Where they won't be sellers. That doesn't mean they're gonna be buyers. I I don't think that they're gonna sell. How often did they ever bought. And we're just gonna have to see how this whole thing goes. Meanwhile the giants last night had a play turn into a run. That was officially exciting the most exciting thing that's happened at AT&T park on the base paths in a while. Well Alan Hansen had the right to take off on his on there sound courtesy of NBC sports Bay Area because. It was a pick off throw over the first went past Rizzo. Resort to errors last night. Early. And what are you know he kicks into high gear as body as is just fumbling the ball around in the corner down by the that it that the visiting bullpen. In Hanson just full lies the lies around the bases and scorers. On a pick off attempt. To animate and at first base I've seen that happen at second base CNET and at third base I do not remember it happening. At first base. Something else. That was something else and it was gut it was gonna we'll see you thought if what is clearly you know what that. The cubs are better baseball team giants like top to bottom almost position by position to the point I mean how can I prove that to you. If two day. The Chicago Cubs called the giants and said we wanna trade all of our players for your players. The giants would take that deal. At the speed of light. The cubs would never take that deal so I mean. A better team. Lost last night that's what happens in baseball an awful lot. The better team lost in Houston last night it. We'll see if the cubs. Get past not Johnny quite O tonight it's not going to be Johnny Quaid we got pushed back for an extra day of rest Derek Holland. He goes tonight. So we will see. See what happens on knows that I get a good seat wait for me at the ballpark tonight I'm excited about that to be fun to Garza and it's gonna be fun to work get into the swing of things you know why I. I I'm. Susceptible to getting caught up in something. And the World Cup today proved it once again. Veba. Are noted vive La France president vida Al France to do it Duff fall off prompt people affront I don't know all I do know is that. Frans. Is going to the World Cup final. One mil decision. Over Belgium this morning. We're gonna have a toward it to France update for you but it's just and that's just guys peddling bicycles nobody cares yet it's not far enough down the road for us to carry yet. Not when France's qualifying for the World Cup. Yeah Gambia I'm going to be an idea in Oklahoma and a what about going digital video of. The mortal enemies again. It's nice when you see your World Cup it's seven between it's. Between France and you know. Sounds pretty good to me good been warring for awhile now the French and English. Is that right money python and I don't want to talk human Nomar you look and yeah a lot of foods out watch that. Spots in your agenda direction. Good times. So there you go your Tour de France update is cycling doesn't matter on a day where the country reaches. The World Cup final that's all that matters social frogs are probably bouncing around the streets of Paris right now. I'd type unit I love this song and I'm glad you're doing too great to. Terrorist spears is exploding right now they're going crazy. But for parasite diet Paris we'll. Have the city. You wanna call us terrorists. Because that's Paris. Card something else. Good times Croatia and England tomorrow. Croatia. England tomorrow on and I will watch is at 11 o'clock 11 o'clock 11 o'clock. Sounds good demeanor means that on to get up too early that's mica at your gonna game time that's my kind of tip off time if there ever was one. I still slightly miss Argentina. But the rest of it. The rest of it has been pretty good I tell you that those of that was a fun game today for one nothing there was a lot of hot soccer's happening in that game. And again cantor he's the best. He really it's yes he really it's it's it's. It's like the difference between. Anyone doing a hockey game and then you get. You get docked Emmerich for the Stanley Cup finals on NBC if he's just so good. God this guy is there. They didn't Obama I'm there. The fabulous Tony Bruno it's been a couple of weeks we are the real deal is off the disabled list and act on 957 game. Keep your army field. But one and only. Good enough to join us Tony we've got celebrating Frenchman across the globe today did you eat at Baghdad did you have equal sought to celebrate France's. They're they're through their through the World Cup final sonic. Our solar I Ebert has some. So I'm so caught a ban while wall load and interpret this gospel com. Unnamed source in the Bay Area who still recruit who want law and order a legal now in the Bay Area. You know you you just got another right people if you got a guy make it happen you can get that flawed and I'm. Slang in that flaw. Down in the Michigan. Tony it's been so long since we've talked first the ball I know that some people were aware of the fact. They yet to have a little procedure for a little love boards have been nine melanoma. On situation. I want to but not it was a cancer. Character. Not melanoma carcinoma carcinoma. No relation to Johnny Carson or carton there are of course to record the way. It already is period area. Basal cell carcinoma are those out there who understand. Cats are situated vote spreading one. Undermine all the in the remote about a month ago honoring great tomorrow he'll completely now. I concealed all but at least I can go but I can't figure out to argue about these Major League Baseball blogging knob. And out little ago it shouldn't all what would not too well he should go to the need to shop because the other Arab and injecting its its okay. Are probably the most. Under assault on on his song team in baseball that don't pay attention to. Buster Posey officially needs to take this all star break to rest that guys missing games every single time I'm looking up he's banged up were very happy that. Oakland days mr. everything in the infield switch hitting Jeb Lowery. Yeah. Was named to the all star team today in the American League replacing the library Torres. I saw that today and there was no doubt when you look around in a race stands are concerned about. Everybody to turn out not good heroic game that it really care or pillage and so. That they that are not almost not well win but he certainly should be there are honest are you looking around and I'll have to do winds. You know there's not many people you compare it at that quite could that the legal or not. In the first tapped it into it at all. US to question today on Twitter to complete this sentence. Tony Bruno loves blank. What was the number one response Tony. Welker and I could not post that question it would oh. Why do that Robin what I might now yeah now I am what I want littered check up on some late breaking developments. I saw that question but there were a lot of sorted effort that. Many people know our order a war would not want the ball because that's not my idea that now that you don't want elect. All right our trademark reason I looked Albert Albert I'll do it but everyone like that pounded pounded pounded pounded. Tony did you anymore my bits I'm gonna declare it an outrage. Or you're gonna follow suit against it like Michael whopper of once. I'll let children to the rubble that is expressed intent or the content of Major League Baseball and Bud Selig liberty and that it our enjoying that aren't. I will be really is having a good time wherever but is this afternoon and a budgets are really. Vicious like ten nasty game that he's in right now. Probably to me it probably is that it Golden Corral right now getting an early. It just wouldn't it looks a lot all right now I'm actually late here on the yet GA tour were Golden Corral on that they're our capital. You my my answer by the way to what is Tony Bruno loved the very first thing they came in in my mind was. Luckily rob. Rocker rob is great out there on up airport in the Bay Area by the great. Let accompanied they'll be boy. It's a company that wrote all the more abruptly Robert a lot of the rain that we enjoy all this great nation of course out there in the Bay Area. I don't know the name of this our planet are. I don't know who's on this fabulous produce good you know I got a guy yeah flaw I got a vegetable guy we can put it together toting tweeting corn and picking corner the market. Now you know so they owed much Brock who dropped out of the wild living out there he couldn't find a supermarket. They ought properly out there ought to please call it like a staple terrible wrote or amateur world beat. We're not someone asking if you liked abruptly Robert they're adorable Peter vegetable. In the Brock we badly but it not Brock we actually what it. It got down and got a couple of lauer on top of the really good that bitter but you do it right. It's been now. Tony what is the reaction to the news that costs go is canceling the polish dog from its food court. International outrage and I demands on our. This coming Saturday little reality that what we get market that I went public that it might start down in Virginia or Maryland. Over the weekend but I think we understand up. And shut down pop still. Cops call or repeats cops go out there that the polish sloppy back ready beyond national. I mean they're removing them from the concession stand but you can still go back to the freezer section and by 400 of them if you want to like it's not that much of an outrage as a. Put them he wants to cook them right Tony and Adobe you're out here. You're hot dog court. Imposter on NB not go well I is dotted all back. Would at least six or seven. While we ladies with the terror net on. Dishing out quality products of bear or portable readers section order perjury it's actually purchased an item to bring all your dad nine dancing pleasure. But you're right in not app that can't get out. Round one of the afternoon when you're making her weekly Rhonda Costello. Corporate debt that that's going to be you know it's they're gonna have helped papered it partly. Do you think it'll affect tourism in Hawaii because I know you like Costello green light to. RO. Epic collect a dollar where I go walk through that did not what I read out there are much better out there. Oh by the way you're gonna like this the Penske auto sales dot contacts line has come through it is happy boy farms Tony right across from dirty girl farms. You're part script a happy boy it's something boy. Certain nobody is completely W rotten rotten beaver re talking about oh I think forty. Our air and record it told me if I'm not state. I don't know but it. If you if you can just mentioned broccoli rob and it gets mailed to you I mean that's our folks presses that his power true radio broadcasting power. We you know I don't get can't get kind of perks that some people get but you know imagine great product as well the Bay Area and look. If he were to cropped up including a daughter California. Because they didn't tell the supermarket they're but it all over the eco it was are related to Pakistan and wonder why. Tony I enjoyed her this week I had to go to the DMV to guy who runs the DMZ. Heard that I was in line is DMV he came. Got mean save me about four hours of waiting in line people are accusing me of a host privileged by cutting so many. Just normal people waiting in line I did I do wrong or like anyone in America you would cut right to front line in the DMZ and I had nothing to apologize for. As you said earlier when discussing the transcript career over Greg Greg people urged Americans and French Canadians impressed people with France and all of the Concord where perhaps wanting portrait that I know that still are. Possession at least part of that many residents. I happily skull you know people. What somebody no you don't like her timing people who today or you'll probably nothing happened at the Big Apple number we sit there and wait forever. You know like ate steadily but a goal game in a lot of pain the idea would be opposite we all collider that somebody just quietly come and that you would not making up their. That's all it was and that's a thing like I didn't go to them they came for your boy they came for me I didn't go to that I would always acting. Our reached out to a lot saarc anybody out there think that. What talk show host privilege there are wrong. Thank you thank you very much by the way the guy Jimmy got me his name was Tyrone I think it also lets you know don't don't you don't. Just a little. What are breaking news that Robin play like the rock Iraq controversy. Well this afternoon and that it Andy boy at the farm out there is Alina I'm not mistaken. Andy boy it is by the way I'll be looking for a box of free produce for that plug. Sooner and you mind that you wanna get it here on Friday so it doesn't go bad over the weekend emotion packed it in nice dry ice for sandy boy we're expecting the very best. They ought not to be confused with key keyboard demoted others start of adult entertainment and thanks very much and. Following that that that call at eight. That's impressive growth that is. That like 1992. VHS tape pornography right they're Tony very impressive the good old school everyone to know I donated the fact that the call resonate with Gionta is also precedent really. That eroded a big story out our knowledge. And thank you by the way it been so long since we talked to you. I don't know if you heard about this. The Golden State Warriors have room in the NBA again Sony which means we can play KC and the sunshine band for DeMarcus Cousins as much as we want to do. Because the boogie man is coming to town here in the Bay Area. But I saw earlier today from the map medical expert that coming back from that injury he probably won't play to November 7. That's cool. Yeah we're good I don't really need until November 17 but then I will be a rest there and you gotta get the the first place on the floor and of course everybody goes over the lakers as we wait for Hawaii letters. Probable rocket or did you line it up he took place in LA very. Waiting to meet the volatile rob do an appearance at a pizza plan to look at I don't know what law that those that don't repeat that. Now he should be doing an autograph signing session at pinks you know the hot dog place or something like. Exactly or what are there but the one of the Big Three. A bit. While all of the family. The financial interest in the company of all of our I'm pretty sure his pizzas I think that it's OK so he's an investor in the pizza place -- their ego. You know we don't. Had a thousand people relied XP at what brought. I would appear brighter place it there you go you know by the way do you think JR Smith showed up at NASA how many pepperoni is the last. All or are you got me out there are remote that it's not believe go abroad now selling at that particular that. So one last thing to ask you about here Tony unfortunately the fun and the the polarity. Pastor wrap up a little bit for this question. What Shawn McCoy has been accused of doing some heinous things online today he is gone full denial on it where do you think this one goes. Well I'm actually in the door in a photographed and obviously you know that this does. Something that got taken seriously I don't know Pete it immediately you'll can easily do so it's going to look into the city. What are the allegations true but the photographed by all the woman. Our sport are part about the talks in the rocks and I don't know opposite or warmer than angry woman publish on record denying it but he does our history. Not of beating all repeated women would certainly doing things that. We are walking out not not chipping at rest drop in and being mature to sub people that's partly. That kind of accusation. That is feeling now or hear what happened in the next couple days and the Buffalo Bill talk remodeled all over the Anna bell net but. So we get more believable. The initiation into whether or not these charges stick to whether or not. At least. What people basic charge you simply don't little woman's actually probably chart and that's global bite out of the parity that went out the and the legitimacy of it I'm not denying that he darn it I'm not certain that failure to pick him. Now lucky now with a quarter outlook or public opinion which is what we. Unfortunately many people do that it. And obviously we just learned that lesson big time out here with Ruben Foster the way that whole story changed on a dime Tony thank you is always we appreciate you we appreciate your time we appreciate the fact during great Helton back with us. Always a pleasure my friend. I can rev watched them and we'll see exactly. The man the myth the legend areas Tony Bruno here and not by seven A game and that is it folks we're gonna send out to a little a's baseball and the single. Best pitching match up anywhere on a Major League diamond tonight you got. Sean and I yeah against Justin Verlander coming up from Houston and that. Sounds like a good match up to me thank you very much to Andrew McCutchen for joining us Brian Kenny thanks to Tony Bruno. Al be a lane Jian as always thank you all view and remember this sports don't build character none and now. They revealed. A lot of bad. Yeah. Yeah yeah.