DB Show: Kentucky Derby, Warriors-Pelicans Gm 3, Sharks-G.Knights Gm 5

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Friday, May 4th
Half hour Damon Bruce Show getting you ready for Warriors-Pelicans Game 3 tonight in NOLA...and Damon, when is the Kentucky Derby tomorrow?!?

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The sassy Friday night remember show it's wonderful to have you did I say they members show I meant 25 minutes. I thought it was going to be a 24 minute program but. Who told the salt has just informed me that we have much more work to do we will be going to be 25 minute of this hour at a pancake Y owl. Highly prepared to do 24 minutes and off I can get an extra sixty in there. Bear witness we will try to get through do show together welcome it is great to have you here it is a Friday it's a gorgeous day out. Side I really hope it's a gorgeous weekend too because it's a fun weekend it's derby weekend lot of derby parties tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo is well. I mean two reasons to go out there and get your drink a link on have yourselves a really good time made good choices. Good choices my friends there's always always always a good reason to make good choices do it for yourself do it for your bank account due to protect other people. Make good choices to drink and holiday in the United States tomorrow. Mint julep and tequila what accommodation I meant do you pulled pork and that tamales and my imminent. I love it I love a little Kentucky Derby I love a little Cinco De Mayo. Let you know that we got an awful lot coming up just today the party starts early first of all Gionta we get happy hour we're gone overgrown peas we're gonna start. Pounded onion rings and Beers together or Connecticut. That we can write sassy Friday. 5 o'clock tonight of course our coverage of warriors basketball begins at 330 this afternoon we don't warriors warmup coming up which town he's tiny and go route that's at 330 today. You need Jian and I 335. Will be a grumpy is again pounding Beers and onion rings. At 5 o'clock tonight you get fresh. And then at 7 o'clock tonight you get. I think now. That's a pretty good night a group rate nice to unfurl. In Rhode city's church are officially funds cities to go to hopefully both these teams didn't. Test curfew last night showings and I. Penske auto sales document I signs of the hey David you should just play express yourself to fill that extra minute. Story from when I was with yeah did I say game five that I did three units sharks game five it just feels like game three you know I'm. Let's I love I love it. I knew my first ever halftime in Indiana I didn't know what to do wouldn't like the nine minute hole halftime so I read one scoreboard and played express yourself by NW weight twice. A I don't know what to do. I don't know what that's that's awesome I just ended that. Dame and I think oh horse named justified is gonna win the Kentucky Derby yet to justify is absolutely out there are minutes later right now I talked to a buddy of mine who loads bitten on them ponies. What is the real goal of today show get you ready for warriors basketball get you ready for a little sharks populated in the and get you ready for the Kentucky Derby. That that it did better than than than than of that and post time tomorrow for the Kentucky Derby is 346. You know will be. Asked by someone who cares about you. You will be guest. What time to continue derby. 346. Post time Kentucky Derby runs tomorrow at 346. Good call 345 that's easier to remember. It covered start a rebuild it's a hole all day thing about an actual races Bob Costas is at Churchill Downs right now telling you about. Silks worn by jockeys pat Seattle tonight tomorrow. Bolts. My boy Jack. Noble Indy. Seed gonna have to ask me again have to pull me won the long odds horse don't get me just chalk I'm not interest in chalk talk and I wanna distant pony common in and make him a little money and her. So law. Bolt is written by Victor. Espinoza. He's going off at 821 Espinoza has won the derby three times nice my boy Jack is ridden by Kent this hormone. Can't disarm all was my grandmother's favorite jockey never sleep on Kent disarm well. May be my grandmother slept and disarm I don't know I should like it's a much but he is riding my boy Jack 321 there's your big odds systems is a pay day. Noble Indy he won the Louisiana derby. But east it's a horse that a lot of people think would win this race but he starting. From gate nineteen. That's pretty much no man's right I mean you gotta swing all the way back to the gates. All the way back to the post to be on the lead at the top half breaking point Furl or so. I don't think we're gonna see any winner coming from date nineteen good luck to you noble indeed but there you go out. That's my boy had bought deal Oreo. My boy Jack and noble Indy. What time to Kentucky Derby tomorrow Jana 345345. You wanna be here early post time is three. 46. Names for all of these courses are would love to name horses I really wouldn't it I love people who name horses. I like people and I'm courses I like the way detained dogs and dog shows up like you ever see like what's this dog's name watch Mike. Now add that never happens it's like this dog's name is take me home honey now this dog is like royal lineage that ash. John Stockton the fourth pick fancy pants Utah Jazz poetry. But for horses he can be super creative. Just fun Omnia. Falcons fire. One of the show is over I would tell you what Kohler called in to name a horse and and explained why. And we cannot we cannot do on a Wii classic or not there yet I'm excited to guide to dump that one time I move. Anyways we got an awful lot coming up which is a total lie but the show is over in about fifteen minutes. Up. Giants are at the Braves short weekend on the East Coast they are taking on the upstart Atlanta Braves really one of the biggest surprises and all of baseball they're nineteen and eleven on the year giants or game over 500. At sixteen in five Chris Stratton later tonight he used to when two with a 309 ERA Danieal Manning then opens up this homestand for the days they got the Orioles and Andrew Cashner on the mound tonight. By the Weytman I was shaking you know 41 loss to the Mariners last night but the a's do come back four and five on a nine game road so let's not bad right could be could be better. I've seen worse so there you go. Damon you have to name your horse dancing don's going others no doubt about it the of that would have to be some sort of tribute AB you can you can capture between and any horses. A Sox fans learned a dunce like me get outscored ball boys to get back when we face down on us on April faced. I'm take home a dancing down scored sold. I'd like to take home to. Call your people down in San Jose you make plans because he sharks I am working on that you're gonna like it looks good so here's the deal. If you have an extra seat open next you let me know because my wife is climate. LA Sunday morning she's got business there on Monday so she's flying out on Sunday. I'm frail Sunday. It's like get if you need a hockey date you let me know Gionta sure I will be there you know to trip you bring them is that he's cookies I'll drive subject. John. Curry's back in the starting lineup tonight that it is no surprise to anybody. What might be a surprise is what the warriors are expecting downing game three. The warriors pretty much called it in game two they knew that they were going to get a rough one they expect a another rough one tonight. And not that they are telling you. Not that they're saying. That the fatwa has been called in by the league office. But they're bracing. For more whistles blown in their direction in this game and they saw on the first two. We're gonna get through some fouls called on us relieved for sure going to be ready for that you gotta just play through. Anything like that play with the boys at. You know and and and what Steve didn't say anything. To ride a lot. Doubts of the fairness of this game but. What does it say about the NBA when you can just say oh we know for a fact that we're gonna have a lot of early fouls called against us. By the way I could warriors knew that for a fact NBA finals last year game four. When they when when the cavaliers went to the line like thirty times before the warriors shot two free throws. You know they know they've been in this experience before and the NBA cannot be happy with the way that these series are just kitten. Knocked down. One after another user these days there might be a competitive game or two here but we're not getting the competitive series that we really want sure LeBron. And company survived. The pacers. Now they go to Toronto meg completely on the raptors again LeBron toe is phenomenal I don't know came up with LeBron toe but that producer. Whoever was who ever was the first to say out loud on planet earth LeBron so. Deserves five dollars or again give that person an extra five of kinki. That is seriously if that's his that's hysterical LeBron tell he was awesome last night by the way 43 in fourteen he only had one turnover. Bush team is pretty. What subtle bit more about those warriors Steve Kerr he said fouls yes when it comes to. Tempo when it comes to energy he expects a pelican sound an awful lot of that too. But the biggest thing for us we've got to come in understand things. Frenzied bewilderment states would this crowd because I'm 39 fast break points on our whole war in game two. So they're coming after us we've got to be ready for that force it's the way they play anyway but especially game down. To always coming back to their fans. To get a feel like a hurricane actually got to be ready to food to really take that force and that type of energy and pace and then be able to. About yeah Steve Kerr obviously talking pelicans practice today or exceed new warriors shoot around with the pelicans today. So. Of course everything that happened to the warriors right now there's question about dram on green and Charles Barkley and there. Fine you know I'd rather have dream on green beefing with someone who's not playing in this game than someone who is playing in this game because all the guys that are playing in this game are gonna do. Every. Saying they tend to get under drink mongering scan tonight we saw happening game to. They sent three different waves of disruption entering monitoring they really did you saw. Anthony Davis and him get all the leg locked enroll around together you saw Rondo standing right in his chest as they're going to halftime Rondo. Rhonda oh. Tried to plant a seed in the rain month. That grew. And anger. Grew. At halftime. Remember low Rondo did that to drain. Right before halftime or trying to walk off the court the two of them were gaining each other's chests and that's work. You know the highlight that led to. Charles Barkley say oh oil portrait ago. Rondo tried to plant the seed of anger in Fremont that was supposed to grow throughout halftime. Germany in the third quarter and then blossom with a fourth quarter rejection. Never happened to me. Never happened. Dray mind kept himself. In the moment. We have not always seen that. A very good thing. He keeps himself in the moment tonight he does not get over his skis he doesn't start playing would too much emotion. Warriors won this game this thing is not coming back to oracle for game five it could be over in four it really could be. As a very focused match her dream on yeah. Okay is too mature dream on with every bit of fire breathing dragon they would still want when the game was happening but in the walk away moments. No real life action is at play the clocks not taking people walking back to huddles this is where you get your technical south think about where does dream on pick up his tax. In the flow of the game. Or walking back to debenture around the free throw line that's when he always gets himself in trouble. That's when he says the things where does this thing that the referee determines over the line. He didn't go over the line you can't go over the what if the public this trim on doesn't go over the line in game three tonight. Warriors stay focused it is going to take such a herculean. Effort. By Anthony Davis to be you. That I don't even think he can happen. So let's see it staff curry. He was cold coming off the bench in game one are excuse me he knows he didn't play in game out so I was watching NB ATV today. And I was watching was warriors pelicans replay now and I'm sitting there and it's about that. You know. About seven minutes into the first quarter of Michael I don't watch this policy when curry checks and again. And waiting and waiting and waiting and when he's not checking and ports three minute Marcum and what is going on and I go around realize what all this is game one. Crisis this is game one. He's not gonna check into this game. So talked about checking in the game one he says he could've played but he would not hit Ben McCurry that you saw in game two. No I could've played probably bit not a pillow. This is for this winter is that I have missing in mourning into had noticed a significant their resemble butter so. As a wise decision I think I was seeing how we plating in more images from my own health wise I think you know that doesn't pay it off soon be patient with it. Who's owed to me are probably wouldn't have been RS they're pushed him up I would have played in moving down decision. And other world. I got some guys got to protect the player from themselves right. Curry he was cool coming off that bench that's what makes curry one of the most unique leaders in all sports he's willing to sacrifice his own ego whatever is best for the team. Lot of guys will say that at the press conference a woman do with several best for the team. But if it includes. Bruising your ego just a little off forget it that's where it. On and on and on the will to do that. There's must come visit that I must so to be herded. Transition bags you know pretty quickly and you haven't played six weeks you really don't know stressing get in a playoff and says you have a basketball sort of kind of keep the flu we've had this our new unit. I was game one and how to play in game one. But the entire playoff run so far lasting and just kind of keep they're going to put it right news contributor to kind of settlement that off the bench and did a management Minnesota better second play the right times as opposed to. Killer rotation was implant short bursts you know coming coming out of so editors this year's ago who worked and that experiment is over. Question the only real question I have tonight. Does Nick Young play. Like Nick Young went from starting to not a curry starting again I wonder if he even hits the play. Knew if even it's the court Nick Young. How Long Will it be out there what will he be asked to do. I mean affected Patrick McCaw is not back out there means of course you'll probably see him but. What does he gets DN team like Zaza has been. Couple of things to keep an eye on while you're watching tonight of course there will be talk about to rant or excuse me. There'll be talk about dream on verses Charles Barkley first small step curry was not happy with the apology. I wish when I was growing up that are. My momma like food so me I was in the wrong SO NC tornado apologize and say somebody some of their own and I felt so I would I still manages I would guess not intrusive. This is so high drama and it is amazingly. On this island effect you know we have and flew it more because if you will microphones and on screen or whatever. Kids are distancing seriously because most of it is is for sure. KKK. Enough about people would microphone staff and only hear anymore about that might go after people on the screens fine. People on screen my stole your jacket people the microphone now we're good people. Dream on Charles Barkley in order and it is what it is. Kevin Durant too soon to say so. Village but you know Barkley and personal way like divisive politics you can go back in the days this are no isolated Osama at this at this. New generation of basketball right now. That's that's what it is not close Susan. Aren't aren't allowed but a shot is not voted their brotherhood doesn't present in my budget concert MacBook touch nobody had me. We rarely see Charles Barkley anyway you know. The Austin and a studio. And the good games on TV we've garnered split again I would love you know he had Osama pretty soon. Sure they got back in his day had a opportunity to question the. The removal from their. And I'm telling you just do not want to be on the wrong side of the Golden State Warriors right now they are common for you they'll come for your reputation. It will come for you wrote. They'll come for your job they are. Does not happen. A lot on the frosty angry mad at the world Golden State Warriors team that's what I've wanted this whole time I don't care what invested. I don't care. Our hero's gotta get hit it I don't care who's gotta get punched. Or he's got to get talked about being punched to get this team ready to go on frosty I love it by the way Steve Kirk. Put a final point on this whole thing. Our position it's easy to say something that. Did you immediately regret I think one time I set I wanted to punch Marv Albert in the face yeah immediately regretted it. He ignored me for the next few minutes on the telecast of the lead at halftime we made amends and we're financing for. Powell's some Padre the fight is all each. Corporate. Is suitable. I think they just want to Steve Kerr obviously would like to see this whole thing wrapped on up and probably will be after tonight America's attention span was not gonna pull this until Monday at the very least right. Now I just don't think that's possible something else what happened just like your hands and walk away unless of course chuck says something dumb which could totally happen again the nine meaning in his apology left the little to be desired for sure. But Kevin Durant just saying you know I don't know why Charles and that generation keeps on attacking our generation on I know why. It's jealousy. Charles Barkley is a very jealous former player he's jealous of the Golden State Warriors seized desirous of their success their trophy case. The rings that they Wear on their fingers the money that they put in their bank account. I'm just gonna cited Charles Barkley he made a lot of money in his life he also lost a lot of money in his life on vague stables. And is he really working because he loves the limelight or is he working 'cause he needs the money. I mean like some of these are mentally right now Jian if I made it. In NBA level lump sum of money in managed it well mine type your life. It's. Gonna be no second career simply you're gonna be on the beach enjoying their right. It's something else happens now that I'm a radio guy I'm probably gonna have to die on the air one day but it. If I had been an NBA player out who made NBA money. And then and then make him millions on TV for a handful years. Like I'm just telling you that when my time to take about how an exit stage left the columns. I will feel it. I will acknowledge it I will salute it and there will be no looking back. So maybe he does need the money there's more to it for her I've heard the gambling debts are in saint. That'll get chair a dose. By the weighing on maybe may it may be I'll get holding cantankerous. Older and more content I guess I should maybe that'll happen and if drag me out here or maybe I'll do a tomb tool yearlong. About to retire show retire for four months and then come back and replace. Who ever they hired to replace Damon per show just like Mike Francis do read our Saturday exactly. There's things to the Barkley wished he would have done a meet him I'm sure every person would love to have an experience of what it's like to be on the Golden State lawyers especially a basketball player got to be Joseph. See if cool. So you've got to be jails and seriously can Charles Barkley go anywhere worried champion. Lives. Where it's not just he never won one. Wring jokes all the time like chuck human too I think he's I think he's jealous as hell yeah I he's jealous and by the way like I would say it is too. Someone who is this frosty about this team all the time like and so are your slip is showing. You know I I didn't see it you're you're self confidence is actually dangling out from under skirt and I you know. It I can see it is jealousy no doubt no doubt. LeBron to decide what to disable more time what Toronto let's to it's it's. It's great to see Kevin Love by the way had 31 and eleven now and don't just get wrapped up in the bronze 43 and fourteen. Kevin Love 31 and eleven. As pretty interest in not yet the NBA issuing Drake a warning over bad language is the biggest like. You gotta be kidding me start I have ever seen. Like if you go ahead and you tell that guy you go ahead and you tell V five foot six rapper. Who is definitely not a 140. Pounds dripping wet. That Kendrick Perkins would like to see him. In a room would no cameras and very little white farmer that I bet she Drake. Would like to talk things out real quickly. When he's not surrounded by bodyguards who were the size. Of like I've met my bodyguards it's a they're all my my Glen cheek all of them. Aris one on 683 hunch. By the way I will say this about drink. I've seen a lot of celebrities. Courtside in the NBA. While were all written Drake wall were all saying what he isn't what were all making fun of his team being in an 02 hole. I feel like. You know why I feel like this but I will defend the guy just a little bit I have never seen eight courtside celebrity. More gracious with his time. Signing autographs. Kissing cheeks shaken hands kissing babies then than that guy. He's that is fans pay really I've seen it time and time again. Some like Raymond Barre de Drake is like 63. Is it really is. Drake is 63 I never noted. I oh sure red carpet event with rods and she's kinda tough so ride but you know what whenever I see Drake he's flanked by bodyguards who literally to play in the NBA they're so big big play in the NFL drinks bodyguards are. To date they've looked like they did do some serious damage in a bar fight anyways that's that's all the time we have. What do we learn today well we learned that we've got. This coming up in just a minute that's. 7 o'clock tonight its bid and Kentucky Derby 346 post time tomorrow and I've told you pretty much everything you need to know enjoy a little warriors warmup county stunning guru coming up this is really one of our best shows ever. Very sassy this Friday Jian a thank you we nailed it thank you very much a producer was not needed for today show no one was assigned to it. Well a Lanny you're there and you wrote a couple things and I do appreciate that I mean and generally need to do that this one was easy. Thank you so much for attending and will be back on Monday booked on Exxon has always emit a sound so good and I do appreciate that. Fantastic we'll talk to you on Monday remember sports to build character it reveals.