DB Show - Hour 4

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, August 9th
Damon is joined by sports columnist for the Mercury News,  Dieter Kurtenbach, we play the 'Name Game' for the second time today, overpaid high school football coaches in Texas, and the Butcher Boy gives his 49ers preseason game uno preview. 

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It's so good to have you lawn tonight welcome to our fourth and final hour we are in power away. From football. I'm excited about that pre season forty niners and cowboys from Levi's stadium tonight. Tomorrow. The raiders get go and we'll be focusing on them then but tonight our focus is on the 49ers. If you plan on focusing on Jimmy drop below you probably not gonna get much of Jimmy unite not a lot of Gucci to go around it is pre season after exiting ads today. Today was again a lot of opportunity for CJ bastard nick Mullins other guys that are gonna have opportunities on this field tonight to make positions. Wide receiver running back linebacker secondary gonna be looking and all those spots we're not going to be seeing tonight Richard Sherman. Trent Taylor. Unfortunately we're not gonna be seeing rookie linebacker Fred Warner he is on the inactive list tonight along we Derek Armstead. Guard Jonathan Cooper brought Koyie Hill also getting all night off tonight Joshua Garnett getting the night off tonight as well. I still lick in some early camp wounds. We're gonna say hello and how Lorena Dieter curtain bought Peter Curtin bought is a columnist for the Bay Area news group and on 957 the game beater I'd do a man. Do pretty well. Early. Series right so. I you know I we were talking a little bit about what kind of atmosphere. Are we going to see and what it's free season it's Levi's it's hard to get to a game at this hour for kick off I'm not expecting a raucous crowd. Under pre season conditions. Typical rob alone company breathe more life into that stale stadium in five games at the end of the year then four years leading up to it. So what. Are you expecting from the crowd if anything night. Well I think we've already seen it walk and he could just tell people. Just to promote purported next. They're excited and even or they're talking about not. March it's like in the so. Even at the crowded apple. You're gonna. Customers. Played the debate and and really to people who come for receiving. The best mr. die hard and it would be excited about met at the HH. I thought CJ bastard didn't awful lot to endear himself to fans last year he basically gave his own life for the 49ers sins. As he was getting ready for Jimmy droplet to takeover. Where does he banding can't pay its obvious he is being grain to number two I would think something dramatic would have to happen. For him to be lapped by nick Mullins or or anyone else so. I've been hearing that he's he's looking better than ever like he's been pretty impressive compared to the guy we got to see last year. Listen to meet the number two slot in east Moline and didn't. I will let me yeah I heard the same thing you every time I see this seeded at an all great. Under everyday though they got the wrong candidate debate performance that. By. It reported that it probably only get to carry two quarterbacks. Be it should hold you to get to the practice what what they do bear but. Yet it heated up certain courses. And it's not that guy. Per another year after what enabled would you last year cute if you crash dummy he won that first game to the 49ers get that giants seem. IE I've never been a big PGA believer in and it is. And and it didn't want any reason to believe that you know what he's doing a quarterback. All Arab. It. Yeah it'd pretty much in Shanahan you have to trust. Because of that being the ruled Dieter win every tells you that he is excited about watching somebody we should probably be excited about a period of decent valuation and game. For him is well of course we're talking about Joseph Williams there's been an awful lot of bluster that he was one of the hand selected pics of Kyle Shanahan last year. Injured early I guard early never release on tonight we're gonna get a little. A taste of what Kyle's look for I guess. A big big thing for Williams is just don't fumble the ball that his bugaboo. Especially in street practices that meet the person brought you the real. In the last year so excited Ian. In a real sort of real game tonight. To put on the ground and preceded. I'd seen a couple now entry practice that he that night because. Most are the port street he's a great special teams player I don't know you can carry. More than three running backs. I'm keeping an eye on Joseph Williams Natalie you know he chose adverse Natalie can keep the ball off the ground. Also on and keep an out or month specialties because it peach and close the gap between and the most air. Goes a long way Ergen making that there's no guarantee that you will even at that. Peter Curtin boss sports columnist for the Bay Area news group over in the east bay times as well word just talking about a third string running back how much. Run. I don't expect you can get too much I expect Rita probably get a couple series after that but it to the one to end so. Gonna get a lot here at a match at night and we're immediately on the chart Beagle and immediate. And be a third quarter actually force but. You know who want to Dartmouth and the 49ers enough shelter here they are so much better than they were last year just in terms. And how you can eat something warming there is still an issue that's where they're in the three bill remember only you're two up. Guys go down I get injured they don't have that I don't think they can really all right now you really are increased even games. So Brock Coyle an active tonight also saw Fred Warner inactive tonight and if you are Corey tumor. This has got to be one of the best nights you're gonna have to show this team what you've got to maybe be the guy who gets to start alongside. Malcolm Smith in weeks one and two because we all know that Ruben foster's gonna be suspended. Are huge opportunity for Toomer who was a draft pick. Absolutely I mean that's. What these creepy games are all out to make the most of an opportune port potential really good about the linebacker corps seemed McCray. I did it 88 Billick they're gonna epic. A couple of an elk Alberta writes in Indians to guarantee that will on this as you know just go to the depth chart you can beat Andy B get it agreed to. Look. Up. We all know not the jet but there's a lot of depth at that position might be the deepest position. All 49ers roster right now and with those injuries there's a lot of opportunity. About that that are out of big gap between. 37. What's Roberts aloe really expecting from his secondary this year I've heard an awful lot of buzz it is and you know I think it was even your column. Where you were sort of billing it is legion of boom part two electable delude this time a little further south. That's wishful thinking but on the other hand you look at some of the characters involved you think they're not too far away maybe from being heavy hitters. I'm all in on this date you can look toward Colbert and and it could not be more Ollie. Ollie did it I'm wrong on that but it these guys. The real deal we saw the it's ETC last year when those guys were on the deal late I think they're gonna. Because they're now but as well nobody knew it read eight he should beat the versatility. In the demand that occurred on those jobs I'll. Richard Sherman can get on the field and be anything like Richard Sherman. In Seattle before the chilly and an injury just last year Richard Sherman. I think Chela Witherspoon is poised for break out you also want the safety there. That could be and secondary not even a little bit better in the NFL. And that. So maybe now to hear about it a lot of questions. Right now if you don't have to give you better have a good secondary exported understood. Speed a pass rush we're gonna take a look at Mike Mike Glenn G early reports on him stock is up saying that he's very good. Set the edge past brought class. Pass block run block there's no real drop off from one to another. I guess we could take a little look tonight he's wearing number 69 I kind of like that attitude right out of the race. Want to make which meant it like you and me and I'll pretend you're not not the first but it's really great he looked the part. He's really polished or repeat yet he never looked law. The Opel in net income Croshere he's gotten blown up a couple of I'm like. I mean he's the real the final couple people were talking about the we're. Locked up I heard a lot of people ought to be cheaper when she. Nine and that's the kind of track that you need to make we needed to Rob Lowe 130. Indeed. I. Ceiling high war or stick on the line like eulogy that. Happy I look at night but really it's week one against that on the the defense that we're gonna find out but the fact that they are you comfortable putting him in it right or right. That a lot about polished. Don't leader in receptions. For the San Francisco 49ers in 2018. Will be a wide receiver a tight end or a running back. Go. That'd be great question I think it will be good. He looks. So much faster this year than he did last year even already one that people on the planet. He's just going to get opened her days. I need to see two out. This this new helmet lowering rule. Plate and I'll change it even went on those slant routes or keep student in the open Kurt gave opened the middle. I think he keep it 200 catchy beat got. It's black and I'm fully aware it. I can't do it. The image and Antonio Brown out of my mind when what Turkey's bid when he just looks so much better this year look like an actual eager and to track start you. Right he's finally getting past the this just the pigeon hole laying out these really fast but he can't catch a cold like last year. He became a lot better longer Rob Lowe got out there and then via the amount of goodwill that this man created for himself working through some. Personal issues that I think would have crippled most of us in our normal work day is much less a whole world watches you go to work days because you work on Sundays. But what good when went through last year. He he must be playing would this much house money in terms of locker room credit as any guy on this roster. Absolutely any and he's he's one of those guys that mean I really marvel at how. How did the forty watt ones last year people when they were like oh and I up if you wanna look at it out. And he's just always bring the energy every day. Just pop that god could be around. He sees its. I am completely off quickly how it could build just account but it organization. But not too long ago it would lead in opposite. And she needed an errant course. One calendar year eighteen months were you know really loosen it up he's turned this into. Not to operation now I'm excited to see where it goes not just this year but in the future they are absolutely 100% on the richter. The days of Tom Sula. Are in the rear view mirror let's see where all goes from here thank you very much Dieter real pleasure to talk to him enjoy the game tonight we'll be doing it again real soon. Thank you very much Dieter curtain ba. Sports columnist for the Bay Area news group east bay times as well good stuff from him. We're excited for a little football and I were also excited for our second addition. Of the name game so here are the rules folks yes sir no questions. Only. You're gonna need clothes to narrow down who the aptly it is you're gonna be guessing the name of an athlete who has 21. Names for an example. Damon Bruce like those are 21 names. The athlete can be a current player retired player a deceased player. You don't really know from the beginning but I'll help you narrow it down just a little bit with what I'm gonna call a very broad to glue for you to ponder. As you call and and we're gonna take your calls aided 9579570. Tonight we're going to be playing for a pair of tickets. To the comedy get down that's this Saturday at Concord pavilion George Lopez DL Hugh glee Cedric the Entertainer Eddie Griffin Saturday August 11 apparent tickets and tickets are on sale now live nation dot com but you can win a pair of tickets. By playing the name game coming up next your clue for this round of tonight's name game. He's an active NFL player. That's all I'm going to tell. He is an NFL players currently on a roster. That's it that's a big broad clue. Good luck we're gonna come back with a name game next and about seven a game. For. So what's your. Welcome welcome and I'll allow. Again a play game show host and I get to do it right now today we're playing for a pair of tickets to the comedy get down. Starring George Lopez DO humanly Cedric the Entertainer and Eddie Griffin happening this Saturday. August 11 at Concord pavilion I can tell you personally. That DL he'll glee is one of the single funniest in person comedians I've ever seen in my life. The man is he genius. I can confirm. Other guys they're George Lopez Cedric the Entertainer yet those are heavyweights in the comedy world that's going to be a fantastic night of comedy it's a comedy get down or playing prepared tickets right now. And all I'm gonna tell you the only clue you get. Is this player is currently. In the NFL. That's where we begin we'll begin with Erin in Oakland thank you for the call Erin yes or no questions what do you got. It bird. No he just had to step we just went for just took his staff tens of data and not Tom Brady ripped American canyon Rick. What he got. Is a game Enron and that they're great till they get it you're done quite. Is the Indy and that the US. Yes. A grapefruit Seattle yup no. Thank you very much Rick for the call thank you for listen and Zach in San Francisco. Zach what he got. There are no true. True. No. Thank you very much plays in the NFC west not a ram not a sea hawk. Jacob San Jose when he got Jacob. You put it or not I don't. No it's amazing that everyone guessed every game that is not a Bay Area team. Phenomenal lease we've cleared all that up. How rude can run home run and how much do and on this name help me throw it. Its current whole room welcome maroon what do you got. Is that not right. It is not Matt Ryan again you weren't paying attention Matt Ryan is not a player in the NFC west we've established that. Carl. For Ree months Carl what is your deaths. You. Lose. Sorry Karl in Koran or Al though Oakland Al though what do you got. That record here yes. It appeared that render. No. So again we're narrowing it down. Not a sea hawk not a ram not an Arizona cardinal but does play in the NFC west. Plays offense right. We're caught up reader ray north day how are you reiterate what's your guess. Yeah I think it got. China I don't. Sure we all have bright shiny smiles I guess. And. He is not sexy and go rock below is no one's first name. The rule of the name game is there always 21 names but thank you raid array it is not mister gooch and then putting ads okay okay okay. Never again big Jay is in Oakland big. You're the third leg of a lot right now but look you better ask yes or no question sees it narrows it well. Oh my god there would be. No. But we're getting closer. You know armor we're getting warmer. NFC west player offense not a running back. Not a seahawk. Not a ram. Not a cardinal. Dan in Livermore Dan. Yeah I'd be a player or heard the 49ers. Yes. It wide receiver. Yes. The Taylor oh my god yes we have ourselves a winner. The nation's Dan in Livermore I'm gonna put you on hold. Dan yet nailed it congratulations. Dan is the winner of tonight's named Amy gets to do delegates to the comedy get down that Trent Taylor. Well god. I'd I'm feeling like what one makes me most happy is we're still in the debut portion of this and the audience is getting it. They thought our audience is getting and I feel like the audience knows when to go for the kill went to go for the clue. I appreciate the clue I appreciate to kill. I think we're off to a. Rockets start. Touched down at coal Cleveland Browns. Bigger mayfield is running but we got a flag on the play. Let's see what happens there it is good to have football back Lotta people are guessing track until I tell you what. A lot of people guessed correctly on the tax line in which and it does not count you should start calling the damn shell. You might when something just like Dan demanded. Damon you're gonna dual forty niner and it's not Richard Sherman ceiling through a trail. I guess qualify sure Sherman could be a first name Sherman Sherman Hemsley right yeah. Absolutely. And it is a choice. Very good choice by the way Callaway touchdown. Rounds. Hue Jackson. It's got an offense to look pretty good by the way baker mayfield he is out there in the fourth quarter. Looking good. This is gonna play well on HBO hard knocks. Next Tuesday. Thank you very much everyone who called and appreciated it I hope you enjoyed. When I was down at 49 and training camp. You see all those guys working and and look it's hard work it is not easy to be professional athlete the amount of pressure I mean you're standing there you're watching the football practice happen rate from your eyes. And at no point in time. The harsh reality never strays from half these guys saying here come week one. As you're watching everything. You've got to know. You've got an. Have these guys inning going to be here. These coaches. Pretty good life they really do they're out there they're working there's a ton of pressure there's no doubt what it is pretty cool. Like do that for work what you do today well I I've you know why I attended and I ran an NFL practice article it is cool. Coaching no really is not good for your long term health it's not look at the coach is ready to step away for stress problems stress issues heart attack issues like. Being an NFL head coach is not good for your own personal wealth the hours are extreme. The pressure is omnipresent in never stops. There are some instances where the pressure of coaching. It doesn't you don't need to get the NFL for it to be there I could not believe this story when I saw it. Guess how much. Top paid high school football coaches make in this state of Texas. Okay I'm in tech sis in Texas again I want to remind you that high school football. Is more important. Than literacy. In the state of Texas. And known eighty grand. Not even close really. The State's biggest suburban high school coaches who make an average salary. Of a 104000. Dollars. For a coaching high school coaching high school big time Metroplex five day school. 100000 dollars is the average. Salary in Texas so that dollar's gonna go very far at all yeah. Wow it's Texas no state income tax you keep an awful lot of what you bring home. The average high school football coach head coach state of Texas 98668. Dollars. T that is insane and it is absolutely. Insane. Three weeks before high school football season kicks off an administrative assistant at Lake Travis high school is juggling phone calls. While season ticket holders are now waiting to learn their seat assignments yes season. Tickets for high school football yes. These games are now happening on television more commonly. Over and over again. The team won its six state title in 2016. In 2011 it became the first team in history of Texas high school football to win five consecutive state championships. They're head coach Carter. Carter high school which is in the movie Friday night like yes. A 155156. Dollars. That's who he Meeks. Think about it what would you rather do. Going make like a hundred grand more stepping into a college job or do this brought a 150. 5000. At the high school level. I mean you're like considered our rock star. Especially if you're team's just Winnie left and right I mean that's. That's Cree CE you're the mayor yeah. Pretty much these high school coaches are the mayors of the towns that they occupy. The district Carter. One of the State's most affluent the median household income is a 103000 dollars a million dollar homes. Dot the shores of Lake Travis tax payers in the State's largest suburban school districts are constantly funding six figure salaries for head football coaches. And you need to. You need to high school football such a big business if you wanna pay for. All your field trips you that are so I don't coming off especially if people heard me you know buying season tickets I mean they it's sounds like a total business. Totally. Katie school district. In Morton ranches high school is named after her family on the district is now home. To get to a place that just expand on the stadium. For the eight time state champion Katie tigers whose coach Gary Joseph earns a 133000. Dollars a year and Jessup. Guess what they spent. On the stadium giancana. Night at a guest big he is thinking of how much I know with 2000070. Million dollars were only off by seventy million dollars. In saint I would assume that stadium looks like these. What. Nicer way than the raiders played this year. Think these high goals high school Texas football stadiums are nicer than the coliseum. Their cooler than Levi stadium the more intimidating. It's unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable the status. Of big time. High school football. High school. I wonder if Texas or coaches Ricard to teach classes as a look at is I mean most schools if you like the coach teaches PE. Maybe there is some sort of odd tied to you got to also be an administrator teacher in some way but I don't think so. I mean answered I would be shocked if any other teachers are making a hundred plus a year of the state of Texas that's thing if your main line here Jamaican 155000. Dollars to coach the high school team how much you care about dodge ball. I would much that I wonder how much like teachers who focus on education. Army game I'll probably like 34000 here. And we got the card and make sure you bring a gun if there's a shooter in school today I didn't need Datsyuk it's crazy that is crazy don't ever look to sports. To make sense of America never don't ever do it. Don't ever do it unless you're lucky enough to run into a guy like staff curry who. Again got to sound off beat Merck web site this is staffed curry who is at the Ellie Mae talking about what he and his wife just did rebuilding. A rec center in Oakland and putting in a computer lab in in this is just great stuff. I was a nose in the C every game is players trying to find a way to end Paris where this is that they play in over there from where. Their communities and our is that rescue where the cases in very doesn't reward guys doorman sometime this stuff that was my season nobody knows about the guys are doing so I think that's important to understand bronze it was a huge ocean huge accomplishment in terms of you know over and over public school their concerns community and I go on the listen when guys are doing something in their own ways and her own passions and things like that so. I assume that's what has been great for all of us from the provider with presence throughout our families and create legacies in that sense and we are further fill responsibilities to. Do our part to give back in any way that we can. It's just too bad date you don't get nearly the amount of traction and a new story about giving back is you do when someone calls Kevin Durant the snake. Com Kevin Durant who was just named the NBA's most the land of the most Philanthropic player of the year I think its before LeBron opened his school. But the amount of donations it Kevin Durant has made. It's significant. And again people so gotti's snake a mode you and tweeting about it it's just it's ridiculous where we have our priorities of course step curry can't be talking about. Philanthropic things for very long we gotta get back to sports and of course the new guy on the block this LeBron Fella. Came up in conversation you can expect that to happen this coming season. Every team China would be to chance so another surprising changes passive action. Stan is serve relief sir you know is going on how we can get back on top this coming year. And then through these so it was a big names of those who LeBron and guys move and so we didn't know we need to control we can show me a better team this year where a news. This in this world of new additions so. Go to the ground and in September in training camp and understand as every year is Jason Shay Mitchell has a different here you can't just carbon copy. Which it did last year due to be successful. So we went out and got booty cousins and may god have mercy on the rest of you. Would have been a perfect way to and that but he's too classy I'll do it for him. Curry talking about all that did you see what they did in the Cleveland plain dealer today. Just let LeBron know where he stands now what it's not up when the city Cleveland turns its back on you if you would you will know it. Maybe you don't care about it but you will know it. The schedule. Leaguers. There's really get the full NBA schedule tomorrow Bob Myers is gonna join the station as soon as we know what the warriors schedule looks like. A bomb. In Cleveland. They had been getting a couple leaked dates insured obviously the single biggest to date. On the cavaliers 201819. Home schedule is going to be the one night that the lakers come to town. And so they announced that date so people couldn't circle it on their calendar and announced it saying Kyle could lose my and the lakers returned. On X date. And then in small like twelve point font. LeBron James also returning. Well. Hell hath no fury scorned. And a hell have to help hell hath no fury. Like it Cleveland plain dealer headline writer sports aren't curry that's what I wanted to say it took me a minute there and it's what nobody is November 21 that's happened. Perry interest in a game and you know that staff tonight he should also help waste one who helped raise 21000 dollars for. Neil Wilson you know who it was the woman who was murdered on bark about platform. And that's fantastic and I can tell you that the 21 grand that they raise for her is phenomenal. Underneath that to check this. You know staff send more money. Apparently Denton at 21 grandes. Half of the three point shot for him so I'm sure he look at that total and thought are we need to while. We need to sprinkle this triple. That she'd get like that that's the kind of feelings that I have about the data Neiman need to hear about it to assume whatever was necessary. He met the necessary requirement and then. Made a step further. That was his basing our seriously yeah that's got to appreciate that got a really appreciate those guys. Why do we have a four hour showed today it's because the taser on their way to Anaheim. All Anaheim for three. Then you come home. For the biggest home stand of 2018. You're gonna get Seattle. In your gonna get Houston also gonna get the Texas Rangers on the next homestand but Seattle in Houston these are major hurdles that DA's are trying to overcome. This is going to be. The next. The next win. Ten days fourteen days of a's baseball. Or the entire season's going to be told. It's going to be fascinating to watch. Good on the Mike fires look really good went toe to toe with Clayton Kershaw last night. Eight. Strikeouts no walks five than a third one run four hits again went toe to toe with Kershaw. Familia. Who's now three don't and a's uniform he got the win scoreless eighth for the win driving came in got the 29 save in 33 chances. That was impressive will see what the eighties do against three in Anaheim and then they come home and things get real serious. We've got pirates and giants. It a little bit later on the ninth ranked cats bids gonna get going and AT&T park. Andrew Suarez tonight giants oh into against Houston their own two on this six game homestand they're back the 500 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah you've heard this all before ball law. Six and now back in the west seven halfback. In the wild card and we've been playing dust in the wind. My chances this sort of sum up where this whole thing goes it's where we sort of borrowing. We're gonna take a couple of calls when we come on back to. We're gonna say hello to a friend of mine who's become a station made a mind then is one of the big full circle my career life cycle moments we're gonna say a load the butcher boy before it's all said and done here on the Damon Bruce show. Com am and it's. Okay back a long time caller yeah. Matt contain various schools and a study shows up and pulls out. I can't pay it now it's easy valuation might not like an hour. You need to do in life and the mom territory. And they don't know. No I don't pay banner only as we never paid any mind but I'm here to tell you right now last time around for playing. Because this man doesn't need a special. Me is he unique snowflake visiting us in studio this man picks up checks now from Oz. He deserves it because he's going to be in tonight along with Vontae our body Curley who I guess is playing stat boy. And he is now officially. Where we met so many years ago. Butcher boy and I quote unquote met when he was calling in to the forty niner. Official post game show that I used to host is now hosting the officially unofficial but it is 49 a post game show. What a full circle moment it couldn't happen to a better guy. I'm proud did I just am so pumped up for and adds a lifelong dream for me my team I grew up loving. We still wait in the parking lot after games me in my boys will wait for the traffic to clear out we turn the car on we'd listen to Damon a cash. And then I would sit there and it'll flip on the RAZR cell phone. And I would call you up I tried to one of the first people you always put you on. You allow extra time pocket. Really make my point. To spanky brown I mean I'm ready to do this now what here's the deal. It proves. A couple of things in life number one. Hustle and tell him that if you've got either. You might get to where you wanna go up you had bulk hustle and talent that it's a long way in life. It also is positive confirmation that your boys eerie spot on I didn't I didn't hear someone who can do this if it within thirty seconds he is it's seriously like I you know the other night. That you need to got a chance to be a swimsuit model or you don't think if if you can intercede in the first thirty seconds or you can't you can hear a sports talk coast the first thirty seconds or you don't. I heard and he knew and it's great to you're gonna do it tonight we got some interesting stuff to watch I was disappointed looking at some of the an app. Actives for tonight are dale Ellis I really wanted to see Fred Warner I think more than anybody else linebacker he's beat. Not going disappointment for me tonight I'm not worried about Cooper on the outward about that. A bomb. I didn't wanna see him the wide receiver battle who's going to be number five number six on this team that's that's the entire pre season if you wanna sultan right Damon for ten years I cause I said. Speakers they can't drafting when they pulled the trigger on young wide receiver finally they take the highest drafted scaled back since Carlos side when he twelfth they take the pack. Pac twelve cute aren't they pettis Elise returner and he kind of fits the mold of today's NFL wide receiver she the you really can get your hands on him he's got a little hundred Hopkins Antonio Brown full work and Alan. I'm really excited to see how he can help Jimmy Jimmy. Going to be good were gonna get over under one and a half series for Jimmy tonight weary on under can. He meets him just let me let my appetite a little yeah against gangs Tuesday. And was again on semen when she set the edge. That is setup I don't here's the thing I wanna watch smuggling sheet and night. And I don't wanna think about him again until that. It in place here is I want him to yes if your tackles work and you notice and once you say he's good at it then you don't talk about it again for the rest of the year hopefully it's not Trent brown reports that topic what do you think yeah no incredible woman -- set the town in the Harbaugh era they brining Anthony Davis they are added to Joseph Staley. The offensive line is the most important thing is when they were good. Great offensively when they struggled last year at the office of I was in shambles all. Oh butcher boy special just for you. Tonight. Kyle Shanahan Intel told us he's excited to see Joseph Williams he's excited about the valuation. We should be excited about it till I'm one vote against him that he went to Purdue. Ramos Cirque is another guy I think I wanna see tonight read in the kitchen and we all know that there at the starters. Butcher is going to be this year's pre season bell cow. I'm calling it the 2018. Anthony booby Dixon a war. He's going to be this year's booby Dixon who is gonna be the running back who shines in the pre season. Doesn't even make the practice squad. Well I think it's gonna have to be Joseph it's because if he doesn't he doesn't make this team Rahim moser is gonna play on special teams he's got a roster spot. Map I think solidified himself last year. Joseph Williams is a guy he tantalize you with the ability. But does he have the heart and hold onto the football he looked in flash us and they just literally dropped the ball multiple games last year they stash MR IR. This is a huge huge pre season for him in my opinion and I think he's gonna sell off. I hate to use this comp. Honors. He added that could be go in there actually I mean there's. Ricky on the ball 33 times to get it. He was a brilliant running back and when he went to Philly he didn't really get it seem to showcase himself ray Rhodes but he was great here. He had his moments for sure you certainly you've had your moments and that's it we wanted to menuing to say congratulations to really happy for you but that is the last time where the plane that host need no special introduction I agree I started Mike gotta go I wanna say Nikita to Damian G on the whole staff here. I promise you. I'm not gonna be some homers and the dying to hear that instant reaction from the real hardcore fans that's what I'm trying to do just be myself be yourself meant congratulations. Have a good once bigoted just in themselves. COLT ski and herb. Our common not to talk for a few hours and then what you know to be bond today. Butcher and we got ourselves. The officially unofficial forty niner post game show for you here and at a price of the game in the meantime thanks so much to Alex Pavel bitch Tom Lambert cam Inman. Joseph for joining us Peter Curtin ba everywhere and called in for a little name game thank you Gionta Alina Al all great stuff enjoyed. We got ourselves a football. We're going to be talking about it tomorrow thanks so much for two and and and remember sports don't build character. Review. I. It's definitely records and.