DB Show - Hour 3

The Damon Bruce Show
Thursday, August 9th
Damon shares the new details from Colin Kaepernick's collusion case against the NFL, recaps Steph's day at the Ellie Mae Classic, asks Gianna if she would push a button to become Steph Curry for life, DB talks some A's, Giants, Tiger Tiger Woods y'all, Barry Bonds # getting retired, Jayson Werth isn't diggin' analytics, and numbers you need to know in sports this week. 

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Do you see. Think if they show as the Kate Upton to put. Put a little bounce in your afternoon. Who knows more about balance and Kate how about this. Touched down. Baker mayfield two point attempt. Unsuccessful. The baker mayfield has his first. Professional touchdown pass Cleveland Browns and giants are kicking off to a busy night of NFL pre season games. Witty. Looking forward to 7 o'clock in two hours from now. It's time to get a little Gucci and pricey little Gucci I mean Joseph still get a bit Oguchi not a big purse like one of those little change persecute Jesus games and yet. Yeah yeah. Again we're again. We're gonna get a series at a garage below and then it's gonna be CJ back a third time it's gonna be nick Marlins time it's going to be. Who wants to play for the 49ers time we've got names to watch we've got players to keep an ion. Who's gonna get a lot of Ron who's gonna stand out and as long as nobody gets hurt. It really doesn't matter what happens. We're gonna say a loaded Dieter curtain ball a little bit later on we're gonna talk to him and are 6 o'clock hour tonight we're gonna have another name game we RD played one today. We're gonna play our next version of a name game a little bit later on today we're going to be playing a name game for the comedy get down. I can apparent tickets to the comedy get down. This Saturday August 11 Concord pavilion George Lopez deal he'll glee Cedric the Entertainer Eddie Griffin should be a really fun night standup comedy and we're going to send the winner. Of our name game which is gonna come up about an hour and a half from right now where you know enjoy it I hope you do as well. Where you wanna keep your eyes on the field you've come to the right show will have all that for you a little bit later on this hour. We begin this hour with news that I've been sort of waiting to get too because I do not wanna go down the path of this. But today is one of those. I did the show credit. Even your harsh Curtis you know they don't like to show it and you've dined to criticize what the criticisms that you can not put on the show always liked. They never stopped talking about the anthem or Collin Kaplan. We stopped a long time ago we did we stop talking about that a long time ago for your sanity for our sanity to stop the insanity. And eventually symbolism has deterrent actions symbolism just can't happen over and over and over again because it becomes habit and we do in this habit. Or we really making a stand now what the hell's going on you touch that third rail patriotism everybody's confused as sort of blew up it never really worked also worked in terms of getting all the attention in the world the cover of time magazine and blah blah blah blah blah about a problem so. I'm waiting. Until we act have a little bit of news and today we have a little bit of news are you ready from Charles Robinson Yahoo! Sports dot com. Today. Is one of the most pivotal moments in Colin Capra knicks collusion case. Against the NFL lawyers representing the league and the former 49ers quarterback gonna meet before. An arbitrator today to determine if this complaint will go forward. If the arbitrator sides with the NFL. The rolling the cabernet is not met the burden of proof set forth by the collectively bargaining agreement. It is likely his grievance will be dismissed and that'll be the end of it. If Burbank the arbitrators named Stephen Burbank if Burbank sides with Capra nick. It would effectively mean. Game on the case is gonna move forward eventually resulting in hearing and the evidence cold by each side in the past ten months of discovery and deposition. So we are at a fork in the road moment for Colin tapper knicks. Charge of collusion. Against the NFL they went to CK summary judgment now what is that that's more legalese and I really wanna get into. But basically the NFL turned around and asked for a standard of proof that it believes Colin Capra nick would need to prove that any sort of argument. So this is basically. The NFL. Saying. Right you really wanna do this let's see what you got. Catherine thank now gets this you know the the opportunities say like I got you. I got the goods I got you dead to rights we have. Clear easy to follow evidence between owners discussing not bringing me back. So it's a standard of proof that tapper nick and lawyers. Are going to try to prove that they can meet. Now per the CBA cavern X camp had to respond to the league's argument essentially making its own case for why the complaint should continue so we will keep an eye on that. If cabernet wins the judgment. It will be significant. It will be a clear signal at the very least that the arbitrator sees smoke were Capra knicks team is alleging fire. It could also create a situation where cap and Eckstein could press forward for more discovery more deep positions as it seeks to prove its case. From the opposing vantage if the NFL wins it effectively ends the collective bargaining portion of the cabinet saga. It would give the league is significant and most likely winning foundation going forward if cap predict worded continue to press this. Up the appeal system up the court system. This is a big fork in the road for Colin Capp critics' argument of collusion. And then there is the whole angle. Of Donald Trump being involved in this and being accused of stoking fires and having enough. One on one friendship among NFL owners to where he might be involved and an army you wanna progress on that I do not want to get into. But today eat. We actually have a little bit of news like this it there's something going on. That will either keep this story on our radar going forward. Or essentially. Ended here and now other day and debates raging. On any given anthem during any sideline like the Colin cabernet portion of our contest. Either goes forward. Or. Ends so it from what I arbitrator's decision today at least from what I understand it's a lake that's a little bit of Chile copper nick and her cat and copper cabinet in his team. At this point right like it's does bikini to come up with some information. Yeah it's okay so trying to think and again I am not a lawyer and I'm bad at playing one on the radio but. Did you ever see Erin Brockovich yes. Basically. This is the hearing. Where they had to prove that they had enough evidence to take a business' biggest PGA any court. And they went into that really small town judge who's like. Not only in my going to allow you to go forward in your case split I am going to. Wag the disappointment fingering UP Jeannie shame on you for trying to. Suggested there is no merit to this lawsuit there is a tremendous amount of merit to this lawsuit and it's going forward. So that's where we are here interest. With out Julia Roberts bright. Time now for our twelve tapered cash contest your chest when a thousand dollars by texting a code word date. To seven to 881 that to date DA TE 272881. Text that word sponsored by X Kennedy from Comcast. This is a multi state contest message and data rates apply. A really good contest for staff curried today who is not playing in a major. But it's getting a major amount of attention on the Web.Com to work staff curry at the Ellie Mae classic today shot a 38 on the front. Comes back with a 33. On the back nine he is one over 71 on this par seventy TPC stone break course. This time last year he was two over. So he's improved his standings by a stroke from one year over the other. And he is now sitting prettier than twenty other golfers. Not bad not hot pad. Not bad at all he is honestly. Just I mean that no flies on this guy right. If you could and we should all be happy and content enough in our own lines to where you know really cured given the choice between. Would you trade your life for player X is like most of the time you should really say well. Either I'm happy enough right love my kids in opera love my circumstances an opera about future enough my wife above wobble while two were ultimately if you really. It for up to you to just push this button. And you. Actually switch places I think a lot of people wouldn't. It really wouldn't it become a moment of truth may be like bat like going right you'd walk away from the I think so. I might push stay in Europe instantly step Corey button if it were offered that might be the one wouldn't you. I mean I know you love your situation in your skating your existence and working would mean every day has to be really a crowning moment of your life but. Staff curry. Surely get a fantasy world if I can be stepped curry offered a month now another world this is it you pushed this red button and you cease being Gionta you cease being a mother of falcon well you cease being white compete and you are now. Stepped curry two time defending NBA champion trying to win a third title in a row this year. Now I can never cease being a mother falcon that BP really doubt that he. The ball Ron. Our data yet no I'm not on the floor and I love my wife and I I gotta tell you my wife absolutely there's no doubt in my mind she looks at me and I don't know how she loves this SOB she really does. I think she'd pushed the button. Really I wouldn't blame our. I would ever honestly I wouldn't blame anybody for pushing the button that makes you step for step crazy got it good. No one no question. At the top of your game in the prime of your career playing. For. The NBA's equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. About to move into a beret and new sparkling palace they're basically building for UN KED. You have a smoke show wife who can cook and. And he's got her own career and bingo and onto its impressive you have a gorgeous family. Like eat eat whatever genetics your hoping to pass along to your children like bull's eye bull's eye bull's eyes drinking your nailing it you have a beautiful family. In both directions it's not like you're gene pool going down works. The gene pool going up works you have awesome parents. Stay at it DL in his wife was Sonya is that Clinton. Smoke show grandma beautiful. Wonderful people forget about looks it doesn't matter in life. But it's really who you are on the inside yes yes. Talks. More. Who's there. But it. Okay sorts beyond us today can. Push a button your staff curry. A love my wife I love my wife. You and me being an unknown until it. He just put the 71 and in an am answer NA protect you he is doing almost as good as people who want to play any PG right. I went online at maiden major jerking around on Sunday means I'm almost a pro over here to. How it's temp dean I see I see the appeal I CD appeal if I had to pick any Golden State where 100% and B staff. You can go ahead. To wall sort tonight fit nice things in the community. Did I mention you make hundreds of millions of dollars. They didn't even need because have been paid pretty darn well even before he started making that big boy money. The good life it's a very good life it's an awesome life I was thinking about how this warrior team. He really have they've crushed so many dreams and souls in the NB I I understand what people are angry at them I really do you think about it this is just a warrior warpath in the victims these are. All. All the people that they've left crucified on the side of the road Doc Rivers and the entire clippers organization. All crucified and ended Chris Paul's. Career basically. Chance to win a title pretty much ended that. The city of Cleveland look you might got a title but the warriors not only denied you. Three other titles. They send your chosen son to the West Coast permanently once and for all they killed the LeBron era. In Cleveland. They've done more to tarnish LeBron legacy even skip Bayless can do. They put an end of the spurs' dynasty. They basically ended co wide Leonard's future in San Antonio remembered they snatched his life when Zaza stuck underneath stepped underneath his ankle. Whatever chance the thunder had. Its over. The hardened aero. Kind of feels like that's not about to happen. It's all said and done between the thunder and Harden their. Favorite teammate probably Russell Westbrook and James ardent. They're favored teammate was probably guy named Kevin Durant and O keys here and has now won back to back titles. That's got to hurt a little bit. That I mentioned James Harden of whopper. The warriors are basically turned teams into a trust the process T shirt franchise after franchise. Franchise after franchise is just like that you know we need to take the next three years off and trust the process. You've got to what does Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics today talking about all is bravado how the Celtics are so good and his quote was. I guarantee you we've reaching the NBA finals. Not I guarantee you we'd win the NBA finals get back I guarantee we reached the NBA finals where we're probably going to get knocked out quickly. By Battlestar Galactica. I think it's just crazy. If you've been every L. Series. I mean there's just at everyone thinks that they've got. The X wing and they know exactly where the hole on the death star is to shoot out but nobody can even come close. Seriously thank you Rick. Seriously. And what they've done an impressive. There's no doubt. And now you know these Bay Area football team just won a little of this just want a little of this anticipation this excitement. And it feels like for the 49ers anticipation and excitement are actually two ingredients this franchise has back to cook which it was a long time since anticipating India's patient. Or excitement had anything to do. With the San Francisco 49ers. And it feels like it's back just a little bit tonight and we will come on back here talking about. A back field the wide receiver group this secondary where to put your eyes tonight. As you decide to sit down and watched his pre season game and then tomorrow we'll do the exact same stuff. About the raiders let's talk a little baseball. A's beat the Dodgers last night three to two might fires. Five and a third. Eight strikeouts no walks one run four hits stared Clayton Kershaw in me I never blinked. That's a nice debut he doesn't get the decision the decision went to Familia of the pen does its job. It ends up sealing the deal. A very good game good ol' fashioned 32 baseball game I love that Chris Davis delivers a go ahead RBI Ximian scores when grand doll drops the ball at home played he was originally called Al. Al and then ball right there are no safe home plate umps got it right no reason to go to damn. Review replay like that. Not bad not bad let's see what they got now. So they're off to Anaheim for three ho hum Mike Trout Anaheim get it done. Then. Then. It's the biggest homestand 2008 team. Like calling all a's fans and I had 30000 at the coliseum last night that means 20000 dodger fans are their last night a's fans. You come home to play see you battle for three and Houston for three. And then it's Texas. Maury about the Rangers later I'm not worried about that series. Seattle. You're dealing with them right now. Houston. That is a monster homestand coming up to the days when they get back from Anaheim meanwhile. Pirates and giants. You got Yvonne Novoa. And swore as tonight the giants went both for two against Houston no help you Oakland a's. Both for two they were both if I can use a poker parlance. Bad beats. Those were bad beats you lost on the river. Bad bad beats. So your oh and two to start a six game homestand. A win tonight your back to 500 blah blah blah but that's where we are the giants have now reached the blah blah blah portion of their schedule. Six and a half back in the west seven back in the wild card you got way too many teams in need to leap over. This is a ship that was never gonna reach its destination. And it looks like indeed you're gonna go down somewhere. Couple hundred miles off the shore and the ship was not built to reach the post season it won't. It's pretty obvious. So what are you gonna sell now warm Fuzzy memories things to look at and of course there are some coming. Andrew McCutcheon it to 61 by the way Andrew McCutcheon. Against the pirates this weekend there are some drama there I guess to be sold to be purchased or something something blah again blah blah blah. Details blah blah blah blah blah. Barry Bonds Jersey retirement on Saturday. Barry Bonds Jersey retirement on Saturday if you get all sorts of member Mary's about you we'll probably be done. Very very well the normalization of Barry Bonds is officially begun. And you know good friend he deserves to be in the hall of fame did he do steroids there's no doubt about it didn't matter probably not to guide the sweetest swing use the most. Is the scariest that bad I've ever seen in my entire life he could get a swing off the phone Booth the guy was super. Superman is just unbelievable. Retired the number. Then when the touching goes guy had retired the number deuce deuce as well retire number 22 that needs to happen next. They need to and then enough with a damn memories. And ready to move on and then might be time to move on from some big names who might be time to really think about how you strip this all down. And go forward. Because. You're sort of that event horizon do you wanna be stuck I mean do you wanna be baseball's equivalent of a 32 win NBA team. The answers now you do not want that. Tiger Tiger Woods all the real quick before we go to break. I did Tiger Woods get ready to bang Perkins waitress says I hope so seventy even par after one round. If you're if you're opposed this in the greater Saint Louis area where most of you can. You might wanna block a random text her tonight. My beat tiger. Tiger started on the back nine. He opened the par four with. At ten with a bogey. In a poor second shot in the water on eleven double bogey these three over par after two walls they got back. Rebounding shooting even par Thursday. PGA championship the last major of the year we'll see if tiger can get it done. How about this I've got some great numbers from the weekend odds stings the need to know about some odd numbers from the week we're gonna come on back. And we are going to look at that today got a guy that's excellent at Tony from San Jose how can you say no doubt Barry Bonds did Royce. Because I'm a big fan of observable reality and I covered everything from. The front were just mentioned trust and but he was never mattered to him juror. Keep count yourself that. 8889579. By 70 your calls coming up another name game coming up what to watch. Free season in week one for the niners it starts tonight looking forward to it. It's against the gangs Tuesday Wednesday and was again. Now back to the team to show on ninety except in yeah. I mean if your big plan was to go head to toe and Gucci tonight you're you're bringing it way too hard for pre season game home and home only like bring your Gucci wallet your Gucci purse may be impaired Gucci loafers tonight for Jimmy's day it against Kansas. Yeah it was again because you only need to get in there are gonna set the over under. For series at one and a half. Five minutes a be under I think he plays one series and whether that BA three and out horror. Drive down the field that's all you're gonna get. Maybe it's a three and out. He plays a second here. But you won't see three series for sure. I I heard that pop up and Vontae we're talking about Barry Bonds there. It this is Barry Bonds is hall of fame and indeed it it is this might be is closest he's going to get. But I really think that over time. There will be a relaxing of attitudes in standards and eventually he does get it I just don't think you could tell the history of the game without this guy being involved. What the giants are doing retiring number 25 it's I mean almost put it. In the parlance of of of trump. The normalization. Of Donald Trump did the giants are trying to normalize Berry violence. And when he is a someone who is just like regarded as well he is a byproduct of the steroids era he should have been the poster boy but he was. Made the poster boy because he was easily disliked it was very easy to not. Root for Barry Bonds. The giants are trying to remove some of that public sentiment and anger which of course fades over time that's an out of sight out of mind out of care. They're trying to normalize Barry Bonds and good luck to all its not it is today in a normal guy. Not an easy task not an easy task it's not but they're gonna try to do know eventually be successful. The giants are very very good at this sort of thing may got a warrant that was Orlando's data into the hall fan. They'd they'd be dead drumming got a man. 8889579570. Is the number this is Jake in Alameda Jake dramatic five cents in the game. All this is good stuff Jake. Glad glad we went Zia this is David in San Jose another great name. Paper that are all the deductions or O Selznick. Tony that it's yet. Yeah Gabriel calls than what you are off yeah like that at all actually at. They're beautiful sexy what it anyway without respect all very Bob and they interpret their Boller. Accurate to call that he would say yeah but mostly you know. You're that you got to watch them although I'm sure the bank of mutual. And also launch site. For future 49ers in that particular did you get a particular song Barack or know. Whether they'll forget Oprah rhetoric they've played have a mediocre student there at the local. Appreciate it. He's too brooding clearly against. The Gucci. I can't wait we are here's the thing. I don't think. Either Bay Area teams going to the Super Bowl this year. So how cool is that we get to throw our own Super Bowl in the middle of the season. Niners raiders is going to be the game that made the entire Bay Area standstill. It's going to be so much fun a little bit later on this year brilliance. Really can't beat a. Larry to seek a war you Larry. Didn't you go well or license agreement payment agreement. Olympic not going to be in. Their right. Well I mean he's going to get is his number retired we keep on singing shrine he's not gonna shrine is getting a number retired. Here out of your builders that's government because they're gonna need a lot of brass. The big edit it. I think they're eventually he he eventually gets a statue I just don't know where it would be putt. Probably we're an are. Anyway. I as far as Tiger Woods goes you know you were spared the earth where I want that wreck with tiger. And at a at an apartment he ordered the Grand Slam breakfast that had nothing do with it. Our whole Larry zoos are jokes that we she'd you've worked on with another show or gad jokes seriously. Love what jut post handled the jokes. It's just thrown it out there pretty he's got a pizza than jumping around all day. But he is not to do this. Larry we love you whether you love you Larry you're in the penalty box for the rest of August and you know. Chaz in San Jose would sub chat. OK maybe I'm ducking and no I grew up. Program grew up watching Barry Bonds I never been a bit to get walked speed sport how scary you're even. You know I was in candlestick it was a great to see him that backed these amazing. The derelict in duty without. I am excited I hope one day hit him didn't strike the hall of fame but it is related but yeah it's it's. It was a tremendous talent to watch in knows it or not panic or maybe not number. Utah got to watch I got a. It was too bad it buried positioned himself legally to worry could never turn around and be like. I'm sorry. A-Rod got to play the I'm sorry card and everyone's like our man date. Jason Giambi got to apologize for what I don't want its own apologizing for but I'm apologizing he got his sari so it's okay. Barry can never turn around and do like M sorry he used it so the only correct way to do steroids is you take it to degrade. The final. And last step in taking steroids. Is you take the steroids. Who Joerg race. So you can honestly say that he's the greatest steroid taker of all time if you were on campus. There's no doubt in my mind and he used the Berry was OG. He DDT Ed that street code never admitted to it yet he also did admit to the cream and the clear. So we sort of inflated off like I didn't know what I was doing. And I remember interviewing Victor Conte once. Victor Conte was like yeah you know we weren't really monitoring very and he was the guy who owns Balco. I do like so. You loan. You on a place that makes fuel for the space shuttle but you're not monitoring the fuel your putting in the space shuttle. Euro lighting. First or an attempt to start paying attention should they were measuring. Everything was taking in milliliters. They knew at all. C'mon you think we're gonna. Run this experiment without careful notes. But to take. Speaking to careful notes Jayson Werth has had enough you see this Jayson Werth. I don't you wanna go online and pick a fight would nerds because that's where they sort of get down but Jayson Werth. Since that super nerds are killing the game of baseball not happy win is analytics. They're going to have dinner and if it's the player or just put computers out there there on the flip laptops and what values about their level of play they've been. We really need to go out there anymore and to show. I could understand why Jayson Werth would be a little upset when we type that the numbers would. Come back from the did the nerds in the bean counters I knew Jason and it would of never giving you the money that the nationals didn't. When they sign you away after winning a World Series with the sixers early via Phillies. There's just no way. So. He's very lucky. That. It wasn't. It wasn't nerds in charge then goes he would have not gotten paid nerds in charge now leads to what you're seeing. Over shifting. The. Constant concern. About pitch counts in innings work. I have the dorks taken over. A little bit. I out there there's no doubt about. My advice to the squared jawed athlete who doesn't like to dorks taken over. Is this. Figure out a way to get along with a dorks present ongoing anywhere. Bit there's not a single front office. In Major League Baseball. Having a meeting today saying. Well we need to do is remove all of the masks for Mara valuations. And bring in guys who are just punch and from there got. Would you can't measure that human element. I'd get a yeah I mean it's I think they need to find a balance of both of course you know the human element play is all bought into what happens on the baseball field. But the deal the deal is now the human element is the last thing you check. Like there are measurable. State you have to have statistically in all these other categories before you're even given a shot. And then we'll talk about your human element and how much you wanna compete how much you really want and what you work ethic is. What you need to be this this in this in your slash line for us even pick up the phone about a calling. They Caremark by your numbers firsts totally. What you'd do. In every level of sport now is boiled down to numbers. Every single Golden State warrior. Every. Step. They cook on the court this year. Was measured. Recorded. And analyzed. Every dribble. Every zig every Zach. Every pass rebound shot. Everything. Is measured. People like to say you know I love basketball basketball is basically the sports equivalent of jazz to improvisational art. Yeah but this. That improvisation. Is not just happening. Let. Did Bebop still do like that is not they're not to pull that their rear adds everything you're looking at is measured. That shot from that location has been analyzed and broken down from every conceivable way you know what your percentages that defenders percentages you know your percentages from this spot in a jump shot a fadeaway jump shot if you decide to drive dribble drive like it's every thing is measured I got the one day I got that no one's supposed to see the stat pack. This is the we'll pry little information. For your eyes only if you work for the warriors stat pack. They are measuring things and looking at things that you've never even fought off. Interesting thoughts amazing it's amazing it is. You can get so lost in the minutia of measuring things in a new way that you even forget that this is a sport of basketball to begin with and like shooting matters. It's crazy. It is going to be people have a bad day. You know and I just it just kind of sex that this is always gonna clean tear number. What. That's there's there's the human element but believe me. They factored that in. They've factored that in whatever you think is the element of your career that isn't built into the formula trust me it's in the form. It's in there they pay attention these are that the folks that are doing this the folks that show up from the ivy leagues like if you want to harbor MIT you working in sports. And you're not designing rockets. Working for some huge tech firm. If you choose sports. Coming out at MIT. You are so cracker Jack brilliant that guys like Jason words saying we don't need these dorks. They're the ones are going to be asked to leave the room not the dorks. Got to respect the to do it really respected the pockets in the pocket protector. Is a serious weapon that every single team is looking to deploy in its arsenal now. I mean the raw daddy nature of sports thanks bigger faster stronger is usually gonna win. Bigger faster stronger historically. His Kerry today until people started focusing on a efficiency. Smarter. Better from that read that that the efficiency and smarter. Is the new bigger faster. It's fascinating stuff to really distance. I got numbers for you numbers numbers numbers you need to know from a very busy week in sports this comes from Josef weitzman. Who wrote this ugly for 538. Or notes should be Forbes dot com. So. Look at dot pitch. Who is going to the Atlanta Hawks. Not going to the and next you know he's not going Palin ought to go to Dallas Mavericks but not drafted by the Sacramento Kings. Right now he's your odds on favorite to win rookie of the year Ford one. Ahead of DR Andre and ahead of Morgan bag Marvin Bagley. Oddsmakers are less optimistic about the mavericks' season but they think he's going to be a standout player. How much would you expand for an old trading card. Did you collect baseball cards. The answer effort some of these cards what you spend. Is like infinity there you priceless right so everyone's looking for the next. Market. 599. Under six dollars Jian I will get you. The regular five player token pack that is now being sold by player tokens a new crypto collectible partner. Of the Major League players association. Basically. Baseball trading bitcoin. For me. Crypto currency now at crypto trading cards. Around Major League Baseball on 599. Will get you a five player token pack will you do with that I do not know. Tiger Woods is odds of winning the PGA championship when he teed off he was plus 2800. I wonder where he is now after a an even round seventy. After one. A bomb in the only thing better. Then fighting for money is fighting and losing. And still taking home a whole bunch of money that's it just happened USC flyweight champion Demetrius Johnson. He just lost his title decision. And still took home 380000. Dollars which is more money then. Any of the events other fighters 380 to get your ass kicked somebody goodnight award to me I'd sign up for that right now. Seventeen. Million. Is the final number seventeen million. Is how much money Antonio Brown is gonna get made this year that makes the highest paid receiver. In the NFL seventeen million makes him number one. Right up until what we see O'Dell Beckham. O'Dell Beckham might end up becoming the highest paid wide receiver. And this brings us back to colonial Mac. Coley a Mac and Erin Donald's cancer playing a game of chicken with each other we were talking a Mike's Ando who covers the NFL for ESPN yesterday and he had the best theory. Explaining the Camille the colonial Mac cold out. It is about Erin Donald. His camp both of them played a game of chicken to see who sets the market there's also the concept of new sheriff in town and trying to test the limits. A John Bruton. This seems like too little player to move brought permit killed aboard a meal like you've got two great defense of players and air and Donald and cruel Mac play a little bit of gamer who blinks first it. It collects signs he can be the highest paid player potentially run defense potentially for five minutes in the world weaker until the other guys signed I think and then you also have to share and town and Jon Gruden and so any revenue share and down people sometimes task that our. And share. I just don't know they have enough speed and talent and move on from him that your acquiring team they've got the album that you wanna give up a bunch of picks and pay top of the market salary that's seems hard to mean any anyone gonna need a little Mac to play ball right connector agreed that something so I would guess usually the trigger is the scene and guys don't like the missiles can check so we'll see if he's going to come from the rest. You would got to think you would got to think that team it's moving to Las Vegas. Is gonna figure out a way to get a deal to get that guy on the field I mean come on he has pretty darn good. 8889579570. Jeff in Hayward what's going on Jeff. Came out a gun shows doing great. Ticker which are saying about that cattlemen mr. war in net Atlantic so there are nerdy guys or acting. Building I gotta say is secure good you can play ball. Just play ball and all that stuff we'll take care of itself. You know. You don't have to worry about I don't know all the and to now the analytic. But. If you could you just play good solid ball you'll be a great. No doubt about it no no doubt about it I think he is looking at it from a point of the flow of the actual game and the human element. There's been knocked out of the game to the point where you can really see it on the field. With all the extreme shifts where is. We've with guys who were. Are just over coached through their position like instinct has been taken out of bitten mathematical fact says you should be standing there. And I don't care what side of the when guys last at bat you stand where we tell you and I think that's would Jayson Werth is talking about. More than anything else but I appreciate your call Jeff and thank you for listening. Tonight we get actual football I'm excited. Hi yeah. I'd like the football I like this what can often see in low plays all over NFL network. As deceitful brought. Oh my god. Who is going to make this forty niner team tonight the first steps going to be taken by a lot of guys trying to make the team. Very interesting battle going on a wide receiver. The niners say they're keep in six on the 53 man roster. Who can we count on guarantee no is on this team blocked three of the six are pretty obvious Pierre Garcon you're on the roster. Mark he's good when you're on the roster second round draft pick Dante status you're on the roster. Trent Taylor. Very comfortable saying you are on the roster. That's 46. We got two guys two spots. And several different guys battling for those two spots Kendrick born Aron Burr bridge all Dirk Robinson. Seventh round pick Ricky James. An undrafted kid named Steven Dunbar who looks like someone you'd wanna see get off the bus first use of physical specimen. All of these guys are gonna be jockeying. For those final spots. It's a numbers game. Who is going to get a chance to shine in the pre season you'd figure drop below is not going to be out there to make you shine and we saw. How many of these guys really did start to shine when Jimmy took the ball well Jimmy's gonna take the ball for a very short amount of time tonight he's gonna eventually handed to CJ Beth third. The good news is that the dudes don't throw the deep ball. Everyone in camp says he gets the ball out now faster than he has. Hopefully he can give everybody an honest chance to give. Good looks on tape every one be ready everyone be productive. When Jimmy's out of there. Nick Mullen southern Mississippi he was on the practice squad last season we'll probably see. A little slicing him Jack Hanigan who is Lal head against kid who is a former forty niner executive. He played it darkness. He's probably camp arm more than anything else I don't know if he's gonna get any run. Feels like a guy who might be in line to start that fourth and most meaningless of pre season games. We'll talk about. All of this would Peter Curtin balky covers the niners were gonna talk to him at the top of the hour and we're also next hour gonna play. Name game another name game we did one earlier today we're gonna have a name game a little bit later run. 21 names. 21 names from the world of sports and today we're going to be playing for. Apparent tickets to the comedy get down. George Lopez DO he'll believe Cedric the Entertainer in Eddie Griffin it's coming up on Saturday this Saturday at Concord pavilion August 11 tickets are on sale now. And Levi's nation dot com you're gonna get a chance to win. A pair of tickets playing the name game around 620 were also gonna say hello to the butcher boy before this hour is out. So don't you go anywhere were about to get junior 6 o'clock hour and then after that were about to get to a little pre season football that sounds pretty good to me. 888957957. Out here on Tuesday membership.