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Thursday, August 9th
Damon previews 49ers & Cowboys first preseason game coming up tonight, is joined in studio by author of 'Dad's Playbook', Tom Limbert, explains why Carmelo Anthony is having a better day than you are, then talks Niners with Bay Area News Group insider, Cam Inman, and the always amazing, 5-before-5 with Gianna. 

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You're listening to 957 they gained KG MB FM any team run PGM near San Francisco radio dot com station. I love the athletic on the subscriber my year's subscription I'm sure is up soon. I will re up. Instantly. Just sixty dollars are spent on sports this year. Spare me your why I joined columns. Sears I don't need a haiku but my boy Ethan Sherwood Strauss. Explaining. Love sports writing yet. Laid off by ESPN. Enjoyed cashing checks. Comfort them great for them. Say this though you are getting some good sports journalism what about after you get past the air it's excellent. The curtain it's a pizza you're. Excellent. It's an excellent excellent sports source. As soon as you get past the poem. That every human rights as soon and they join. But it is is that what is that like calico armies like he's hired everybody's like. We're gonna hire you. Continue to poems. Maybe that maybe that's their their quote unquote audition piece that's right you know you big baby that you write me the best. If you don't play Obama is still pledge your loads of field. That's their cover letter. You know mission statement mission statement. Seriously. It is herpes B outlook and no I. Am I am because our our our boy Matt barrows is our writer for the guy Matt barrows does an excellent job. Talked about where you gonna watch tonight where you gonna put your eyes what do you need to keep an eye on when you watch in forty niners and cowboys. First of ball wouldn't be great if every single Dallas Cowboys took a need to be dampened. Just to spit on Jerry Jones and defied him right from the get go. Probably not gonna happen not really anything to keep an eye on let's talk a little bit about what Matty says to keep an eye on. For the second straight season the 49ers rookie class looks like it's going to be. A prominent role during the regular season and we're gonna get our first looks tonight at Mike Mudd Glen cheek. Another got to keep an eye on six rounder DJ read he could started nickel cornerback in place of the injured Coe Juan Williams. Seventh rounder Julian Taylor has been playing defense today and with Eric Armstead shelved with the injuries so keep benign. On him tonight Dante pettis we already went over the rookie wide receiver out of Washington second round draft pick. One of the most prolific punt returners in the history of college football. He will get funny is snaps tonight we're gonna see him probably. In the slot we're gonna see him play special teams as well. Ruben Foster Malcolm Smith they're gonna be your starting linebackers but Ruben Foster is gonna be able to start or play in the first two weeks. So rock oil Corey tumor. These are guys who along with. Along with Fred Warner the linebackers third round pick out of BYU. Not only these guys are looking for reps and get an on film for the coaches and where there on the depth chart. For the rest of the season one of these guys auditioning to be a starter week one week to just because through the Foster can't go out. Keep an eye on all of that let's talk about wide receivers the 49ers are gonna keep six on their roster. Matt barrows says dreary easy good when pettis Pierre Garcon so really. It's a competition. For three spots. And there are 45 guys. Competing for the last three spots. Trent Taylor. Is probably in the barn. Which means. You've got other guys competing. Got to figure Donte' pettis would have to play. So poorly to be cut is a second round draft pick. You're now really down to one spot. One spot to really compete for. Tendered born Aron Burr ridge older Robinson. Richey James. The undrafted kid Stephen Dunbar. Fordyce. All trying to get into that one wide receiver spot if you assume good when. Pettis. Pierre Garcon Trent Taylor are locked. So something to keep deny there who you know. Don't wanna be dropping a pass in the third quarter tonight doesn't seem like a big deal right. Could be could be. Go Joseph go Joseph Williams. Kyle Shanahan loves Joseph Williams Kyle Shanahan. One out and drafted Joseph Williams kind of all by his own. Fourth round pick of the 2017. Draft he went on I. Tonight I'm excited to watch him play. Out on the field in his. And I'm excited now than I was last year because what he's shown a practice. I think they've I think you guys seen it yourself and he has heard us talk about it. Come along way in and a year and he's given himself a chance on to be good running back and I'll we'll see how looks calm on Thursday. So we'll see him will see routine most certain we know bit Jeremy make Nichols is trying to make this team there's an undrafted kid named Jeff Wilson. Who's probably looking at a taxi squad if nothing else we know. This starting back field. Is going to be breeder and McKinnon. Who's coming up behind them so we're gonna be watching all that how much better CJ Beth third looks. Word is the release is quicker. Those deep ball is still there if he can throw the deep ball. They're gonna have a lot more tape on the wide receivers that they are going to be able to keep in evaluate. Good quarterbacks make things clicked even pre season games and the last thing. The last thing the met girls brings up and it's a significant thing because it was that much of a problem I know a lot of you think. That I picked a fight with Levi stadium a long time ago and I I just wanted to keep on talking about a talking about a talking about it to sort of put out the cigarette in the forehead in the middle of the night. I didn't keep talking about it. Because. I didn't mean that. I kept talking about it because the crowd you get at your home games affects your chances of winning a home game and the 49ers crowds. From the minute Levi stadium opened have been. Awful. And then Jimmy showed up Jimmy took what was an awful environment and turned it into. Hank. This place has got some wife and it for the first time really since it opened. I mean the Chicago Bears close the bonds are Levi stadium. Gained one Levi's stadium. Everyone walked out of there are gone sums wrong and sounds wrong don't know what it is yet sounds wrong. But the but deathly changed at the end of last season L yet did so some bugs there was true buzz about Rob Lowe and the niners is that 2017 season drew to a close. The December 24 game against playoff bound Jacksonville a 4433. Win had more crowd energy from start to finish than any previous game. The 49ers played Levis again that's not me saying this this is Matt Matt's a nice guy who likes to make friends and people. Like opposite of me. He's a nice person he wakes up to make people happy I don't even care. And we both think the same way that place has been dead since it opened and now it's got a little life to it. Go rob Lowe's not gonna get much time. It's a pre season game. It's a cowboys. It's the first time back since the last game there. What kind of buzz if and he will be Levis for pre season game. Just something else to keep an eye on. Oh and that Susie and coaching and it's OK okay. Dad was again set the over under for series for Jimmy at one and a half and I'm gonna take me under I think he plays one series and that's it. 888957957. No more of your calls are certainly welcome to come up this hour work but we're gonna say hello to a guy who's written a book. Here right in San Francisco Tom Lambert writes for the simple Cisco chronicle his book is called. Most valuable dad the forward is written by Dell curry. And it's about how these dads giveaway tool whole bunch of kids. Who make sports. Really you know on a cornerstone of their lives in the relationships that fathers and sons as the skies hustled to get on the show I appreciate hustler we're gonna talk to a next about a great little end table bathroom book stocking stuffer for you to pick up for you when your kids. This holiday season since it's coming down fast. Looks like the covers of our visually it's nice there you go she likes it cover never judge a book by its cover all but that's a good you know I catch but if you're gonna have a sexy cover which they do we're gonna talk about what's inside the cover next. Pleasure to have real long beautiful Thursday afternoon here in the day. My next guest Tom Lambert who lives over in Alameda he has written a book called most valuable dad it's about the lessons. Fathers and sons learned about sports the forward of his book was written by none other than Dell curry who's a pretty darn good sports daddy's put two kids in the NBA. His daughter. Was certainly a decorated college athletes as well. We eat on this show have been eggs sort of obsessed like one of the did the topics that we'd like to explore our our sports legacies guys whose dads played in the league we see them now. Stepped into their professional careers and look like they belong from jump street you know I guess were all products of our environment nature vs nurture and I'm sure our next guest knows an awful lot about that since you wrote the book. Most valuable dead. Tom limber good not to join us in studio Tom thank you very much for coming on and today it's pleasure to have guys don't do good thanks for have Maine is a beautiful day back. It is good to have you nearly says say. You got a lot of hustle man you are well I I'm sure that you originally intended. To come on the show promote this ahead of Father's Day due to some travel deuce that things. We just could not connect until today so it's good to finally have you and tell me a little bit about this passion project it really started from another book you wrote. A year ago about fathers and sports is a topic that you're all over so the first. Book came on 2012 that's dad's playbook and that Ron Amadon of the forward on that one. That happened when John Wooden died and I just read everything that wouldn't had to say about leading people and then I applied. Coaching philosophies to father and so if you know dad is like that a coach or just in the sports stats playbook is perfect for that. Men and then. That was so successful that sold over a 100000 copies. That I just started to think OK guys like sports has like quotes. And then I thought about. You know what what this stuff book where it was a compilation so must find the dad is a compilation of athletes saying what their dad did for them and how they wouldn't be there without their dad some of the quotes are dad saying. What father had means to them like LeBron you know com or some or Phelps who warm clothes for their fathers. It's funny how you you've got guys who become professional athletes and sometimes their fathers were very very hands on. Very public in there in their rise I think one the most famous sports fathers of my lifetime. Is is Richard Williams Richard Williams. Of Venus and Serena Williams. I mean look at it this way it was eight. Loud brash African American man standing out like a sore thumb at the US open and then the all England tennis club. And people I think looked at him. And and maybe. Didn't see him in favorable light for more than just one reason it wasn't just over involved sports father I'm sure there was an element of racism. In that evaluation. If Richard Williams came on the scene to date for the very first time. He would have his own master class channel on YouTube and be hailed. As someone who is a thousand miles ahead of the curve what May Day. Oh yeah that's a great call that the interest in how things change so quickly. And he you know the whole theme of the book is to be more supportive and not so pushy and it's funny that you chose him because. You know I'm sure that there was some pushing involved with him in the daughters. But better than that Serena is quote does great dad thanks for leaning in by helping me become a role model for young girls passed I lenient together that's good stuff. They're gout you know she she's obviously one of the greatest tennis players of all time. How she was nature nurtured along with her sister pushed into this sport where she certainly didn't fit the archetype it's it's. It's a fascinating thing I talked to guys. Who are dads of kids we're just playing Little League ball around here in the Bay Area and he said that if you know you'd think. Here in 2018. May be smarter gentler more millennial attitudes are are brought to a Little League game Italy gets competitive now it's it's not a bad way and still I am so have a mix of good dad's bad dads who have been way too much through their own kids dads. Oh when you see. This happening someone who has studied the subject do you feel like it's it's up to you to get in all of when you see a dad take it too far. That's the whole one of the book as just that it's all about encouragement support and not about. You know pushing and living vicariously through your child so and it's a fine line you know anything but leadership is but I yet that's the whole point. Tom limber wrote the most valuable dad is Dell curry steps father. Certainly raised a pretty darn good kid decent success on the court off the court there is nothing not to like about staff curry heck he's even. Somewhere on I don't say the leader board but he's not on a cot line playing Ellie Mae classic today. He seems to just be wired and is as normal. As a superstar has ever been wired. And obviously Dell has an awful lot to do with that tell me about the conversation you had with the Dallas he wrote the forward for your book in and did he tell you about that the secret sauce that he used is is he was raising his kids. You know I love about the fourth from him is that he started Dina chronologically talking about his relationship with his father and he was the only boy in that families though. And he was the youngest so you can just picture his dad. Haven't a few daughters and liking map but then having a little boy in the despondent immediately. So and then he walked through broke grown up with his kids and and raised in them and then he talked about being a grandfather now on how. He seemed like you'd like you said how parenting is kind of changed over the years. But it's a perfect forward and staffs quote about his dad is just brute is emblematic of the whole theme of the book. That always told us that whatever he wanted to do he'd support us. He wasn't ever gonna push just to the gym Cheri go with us but it's not like he'd wake us up and force us to go to help me a lot because my work ethic has always been my own and not someone else forcing an army. That's like the whole gist of the book. I think most dads who forces are probably getting closer to pushing their kids away from a sport no to it yeah and and away from them yet and the Lasik fair dad's the one who just said look in order for him to ever be. Great at this in order for her to ever be really involved in this they have to want to non deal encouraging and supportive but it is not. Overdue and yeah. Have you ever punched another dad because they were so off what it can be honest I don't know how I'm I'm not like that you never through your book and his dad's sake read this you need it more than anyone I've ever basket no they're not the ones reading them on ports. Most valuable death written by Tom limber it's out right now Chronicle Books put this thing out like I said it's a great. Eight I I hope that you take this for the compliment I mean and that. This is a coffee table book it's not a big pretty picture coffee table book it's an end table book it's a great bathroom book it's FF eight to pick it up to spend 510 minutes within it put it down come back to it leads he was something to think about for the day. And then you come back learn another less a little bit I don't wanna write we don't all agree to hold. Exactly it was time yeah my attention span the father Daniel Willard said about his dad I don't wanna like go too much and what do Daniel would say about us that sinister. They nobody has more power over me than my dad as words go a lot further than me pretty much anybody's. Him being in my life the confidence I've seen him show even in times where salmon might not have been in a great situation I never saw the worry in him. A local boy. They now it's amazing you know I lost my dad a couple years ago and I swear to god I hear him in mine mind to more now. That's never forced him just how important. Involvement well it's a very cool book I wish you the very best win this again it's a great thing to pick up holidays are coming like christmastime very sonic with all your major holidays are coming up he needs I -- our first baby showers the by the way if you're throwing a baby shower don't do the modern combine it with a Manning thing. That's the word no man wants to be gradual babysit our babies are no matter how. Gender fluid your baby shower might say yeah we don't wanna be there but Thomas is a great break booked your Britain not enjoyed looking at the photography is great and at the pictures are great to quotes are great. I wish you the very best to that I Dixon had me on. Before I let it go. What do you think of the number one public enemy in sports fatherhood today what do you think of Lavar ball at. I liked that he was getting. Popular right about when this was coming out and and I you know that now and I'm going occurring instead of boss. You know not a fan. I just. I just love. The M reserved nature of the courage and how they're just not worried about the limelight even you know staff hasn't naturally. But yeah I'm not a fan of the all the attention grabbing. The. That's the correct answer I want to button and buy the book. Tom thank thank you very much for comment today I wish you the very very best and good luck with everything thanks Sam Young guys where you off for you to go below downtown San Francisco happy hour what are you gonna do now get a decent like that on the way out here they go public has put a website parent coach Tom dot com absolutes like whatever he needs he gets thirty seconds to plug away but don't go -- outlook. Flavor that is that is the new book from dockers Florida and the person with dad's playbook with that's Ron Amadon into the port on that night. A tie his kids down at Stanford in Iowa became friends when he taught at Stanford both preschool so like his youngest boys when they were like two and four when it. Stand up preschool yet they do as part of a psych department the wow well that's Nestle what does it cost us send your kid to stamp for preschool. My worst rats and eight hours I can work on this so what's new people and people monsoon like you are let's look at the. 42 grand a year for nap time and that's snack shops pay you know the fast track absolutely yeah I think by the way Stanford preschool you're already in the year and you're automatically at Harvard lost his right to a very ill skip first grade go right to the ivy leagues thank you very much Tom good luckily everything to you. Most valuable daddy inspiring words on fatherhood from sports superstars written by Tom Lambert who's a good guy I would like very much we wish him. The very very best Tom thank you for coming on and we got fought. All coming up a little bit later on tonight we are looking forward to that it's been a really long time since the NFL was hanging out with us on our couch. The NFL's going to be hanging out with this on our couch tonight it's going to be hanging out on catches tomorrow night it's going to be. Fund to see it just back on the screen I'm looking forward to it camp in Minsk going to be joining us at 430 today Morgan have a five before five Dieter curtain ball also coming in today another name game. We've got butcher boy coming up this afternoon. As well one of the things that I gotta get to hear you know there's. A lot of talk. And a lot of jokes. Made these days about Carmelo Anthony and you know what a lot of them fit. A lot of the criticisms. A lot of the snickering. A lot of the point gain a lot of the watched jokes Ewing who you used to be jokes they all apply. They really do. Having said all that. Who had a better dating Carmelo. Grueling sports. Had a better day than Carmelo Anthony. I don't care. What happens. Tonight. In any pre season football game. A unknown back up fifth string. Running back could run for a thousand yards and four touchdowns in his pro debut. Instantly becoming. That team's starter for ever. That guy wouldn't be having merely the data Carmelo Anthony. They're could be eight. Status to catastrophic injury to three consecutive quarterbacks meaning that. Jack and again at a Dartmouth. It's the niners' starting quarterback for the entire season. If a sequence of events led to Jack Kennedy and being the starting quarterback for the 49ers tonight. For all of the regular season. He will have not had as good today. As Carmelo Anthony had two day. Carmelo Anthony was sent a little gift package today by the Atlanta Hawks. This guy. Got a authentic. A regional. Carmelo Anthony number fifteen Atlanta Hawks Jersey. Sent to him. Along with the 25 and a half million dollar buyout check that they owed him for letting him go wow. Needless to say the Internet is talking about this. Guy says. As if finessing three different teams out of tens of millions of dollars of the last three years and being paid 25 and a half million to not play for the hawks this season. Wasn't impressive enough. The hawks since his own Jersey to commemorate his five days would that team. Five days entire income encompass the heat Carmelo Anthony era in Atlanta. This is the cherry on top. Her attire and thereafter is greatest art ever indeed. Melo. Is heading to Houston. Where he's gonna Wear Joseph Johnson's old number number seven because Clinton capella wears number fifteen. And by the way I haven't even thought of this he's probably gonna cause Mike. Hop hop hop pop up. 185. And a half million. The free Jersey. Or better dating Carmelo Anthony nobody no wonder why a lot lot of kids on hang around. Infidelity. My name you know lots. Lola knows where herb butter gets toasted. Are noted toasted buttered Q you know I mean. God wow good you know hey good work if you can find it and that's the truth it is good work if you can find it. By the way. How about this. A little Kim. I've never had them come into. There's only one positive I do karaoke would have maybe done right in my life there wasn't he grabbed electric yeah. You can hide my goodness then we'll. Lot of fun to talk to you. You now. He is 49 days inside. It is important matter insider the Bay Area news group what I saw him. Last week down and training camp he had his lovely family Wear them it was a family affair I got to meet many Indians. That day cam it's good to talk to you how was your daughter's soccer game. Opposite yes you are complicated calculus that yeah no injury report straight art earning. And at a time. Very very nice would like that hopefully it was a smooth weekend hopefully things can go smoothly for the 49ers tonight I know I'm excited just to get a little football. Back out my TV one sitcom my couch we've been talking about. Where to put your eyes what to really watch and look for where is you or interest gonna go in the beginning of this game. Obviously if drop Lausanne all lyzard their he'll probably be in for a series and that's it so early on where your rise. Right itself and then obviously drop volleys play or not the first period personal. I don't honestly archer McKinnon. Editor piers you're going to be making here 49ers debut on it would be a lot of expectations store in the season it really helped grow up blowouts and what they're near Saturn western expert took over that guy like kind of right up to app that you cannot. But doubt that we get entity who's gonna make this roster about a lot so in what we have. 34 exhibition that are really gonna determine how and question are out there where you wonder where where. And it kind of a nice thing there were Pernod really trying to change starting issued outside the like which nobody that's fine that's you we talk about that we have but. Get down to the number three running back you get down to. The number 45 linebacker which are the but that's. Back up quarterbacks that might be needed Richard Sherman that your. I'm kind of a story like you look at another bank to kind of pay attention to is. Especially all exhibitions here a lot of it has pay attention Robert on special chip market punt coverage. You which guys are running them you know what coverage because. They're the guys that have an inside track on the last roster bubble spot so. A guy like maybe your corporate monster. Over to there that's special Jean nation and previously associate and challenge for those jobs. I see that when you look at the 49ers depth chart right now kick return. I don't see Donte' pettis is name but I do see him on punt return. Given his resume coming out of college there's saw no reason not to. I hope he gets to take the ball onto the open field and run a little bit with a non interest in seeing him tonight. Absolutely. I am until I get a story on bond saying. Otter Gary as our time our gold glove winner. Stopped it really come along come a lot nicely and it I really like. That's how he's developed a receiver when they drafted out of our report on don't get exotic chocolate turner. Possibly about orderly now. And it's remarkable really well the writers are where it's really worth your attention they're how to utilize them in what spot student in which guys are going to be challenging. Not for playing time on the other that appear on back up where could he be in the slot and senate Trent Taylor earlier than that nation watched you. Cam Inman from the Bay Area news group here on 957 game. I ain't gonna put my eyes on Stephen Dunbar tonight. Number seven or wide receiver out of Houston undrafted he 63 to ten Yelp he jumped out right Toomey. When I walked on the field last week down in Santa Clara. And he looks like he's got a man's body in an undrafted wide receiver if he's going to be. One of those guys fighting for one of those last two roster spots for receiver I mean if you if you're just draft and body types I can't believe he wasn't drafted. He is they under to look at you stand you then locate him and I mean he hasn't really made an exceptional plays too much. Not at bat first Saber there's not competition ahead of them work she is buried about depth chart right. Acute says doctor protesters are proud of the most top five spot. Trying terribly factors. The question I think one record sure I think a lot of people really watch about those hunger for Hewlett under after a year ago and that position. I stroke and splash in the preceding insert himself a spot he played OK the second half last Archie get what went down. But this guy that can be able stick on the roster showed that he can play special teams. And the rental outlets like Warren and spirit that bar the taller what receivers basically everybody else our rosters as you're by about six foot. There are six foot very popular black church short units. Yeah he I mean you just you just cost me about two inches. Well yes that you and I have a lot of hair so we were pretty. That. Pushing it up that's now a little bit. Flat footed six to go. Not note no speaker six to. Impressive they have annual Indiana a significant amount who came up short. Thank you very much I was a moving screen waiting to happen though it's not fool ourselves Tim Henman here on 957 the game you know we really haven't talked a lot about. Solomon Thomas how's he looked in camp I haven't heard his name mentioned much. Big plans for for Roberts ala. He is at the same effort and he is an Internet pressure and early announcement opened fire order that are set. I think they're going to be experimenting a lot of guys on the ad statement trying to get they have a structure. As much as everybody wants him to not try it for real Mac and so much investment in that you can't have fun. That they really need to find somebody alert there and other collect solvent Thomas give Tokyo argue okay you viewed moment Turkey looks really good. I think the pressure on him though the number three overall draft a Q you can't stand. When your interior linemen you're not gonna get not a very much lesser air oh. And that to carry Donald a couple of years to get noticed and that's cute and well right now so Mac itself. What all the top speed at that point four years that the sport and should also let. Nothing to get too down on him yeah I mean he only won here and what you but he can you know. Big opportunity tonight for third round linebacker Fred blue Warner this is a glut somebody's got to start for Rubin Foster in weeks one and two. Next to Malcolm Smith and you'd figure that Fred Warner brought coil and Corey tumor are going to be did. The three guys deciding who gets to be the first couple weeks starter at middle linebacker here in the pre season who's got the edge right now. Great question because you think Fred Warner doing really well I respect but street rookie program graphic very Smart and civic called but he also has discussed the issue that he got hurt last week nothing about. So I mean I'll want I'm I'm an accuracy how precautions. They're going to be in this game and how much how many reps are gonna let him play live another significant to that of the chest injury was limited in itself. Earlier this week so maybe they'll let him go full bore and an exhibition opener chip from Southern California. Yeah president's failure so you know a lot of ardent shut them stopped and has. I think you bring I think Fred at one guy that that's like their spot oil belt and so well last year kind of got under the radar up but he is in battle to get this year and came out. So another guy he probably won't get much action and exhibitions it and see. The likes of a lightly they inside linebacker that you've got a lot of camp that kind of commitment or sticker they went low on bodies let. And I you know Malcolm Smith got equipment in an entire report they got hurt last year they even bigger prize create an outsider client order that's. Appear on and he got knock out her right away and so he sat out well last year. Basically a very important position to be electorate that sponsor Q sir itself. They looked outside linebacker situation in not deter Philip Rivers right now because going to be out the first chicken in the regular. Big night for Joseph Williams at least that's what Kyle Shanahan keeps on saying cam I've heard him billed as. Kyle Shanahan hands hand selected project that feels like and overbilling. Or maybe that's exactly who he is. Running back Joseph Williams is he going to be someone who's playing a significant role here for the niners or will he be like the the pre season 2010. And the need booby Dixon award winner worried looks good in the pre season and then never makes the roster. We Dixon Andre let Atlantic expect out of their very aren't spiritual and there's a very. In a bit worried therapy you count aggregate camp so our you know one thing about sister a lawyer situation like you guys have a draft what fourth round I think last year. And the kids are taken out by day and contractor working in Matt read and regroup and number you're running back trying to hold on question nobody think of that. Julian and pushed greed of the number two spot behind that we can end this year. Well and that's kind of a credit says Teixeira had a alleged Sadler. And carrier class status and no matter how much we may get paid here in the are you then it you don't church outnumbered here though they also expenditure is currently in and adverse blocked that country are immense. Show what he can barely a special season of their major actor Michael expendable so. That's kind of a fun little entry that that you have on an exhibition game that jobs are available program. Cowboys in town it is just three season but. That's supposed to mean something historically niners cowboys riding in a bothers salamander. This might as well. Ease the I don't know NFL team exit doesn't matter it's pre season there's no hype period. Now they are tired coming up at its exhibition opener so finally got to chase a bartender. You know I had this that your three of the National Anthem drama you know and there's more drama I think on the Dallas Cowboys side because their owner sent. You want everybody you know put on the line and the others volatile organizers they're the banners. In particular lot of them all that you're that you're here back and force them to I don't think in years yet they champ. Some kind of I'm below or at work church here and anybody gonna resolve the child was sidelined. At this storyline I think that now gained national prominence a couple of years ago cabinet for good reason and I kind of sell out a little bit of that spotlight last year while trying to sort of few words and everybody trying to go back and do it so. If that story that we really aren't that comfortable pocket back to Leyland left before a lot of what you guys are going. We actually get a you have a couple of. I'm looking forward to it can't thank you very much great to talk to you about it as always. I heard him and then good stuff great stuff is always when we come on back we will have ourselves a five before five and all. We have a bulletin for the New York media. Very first Kerry in a San Francisco Giants or excuse me in eight New York Giants uniform. Sick one Barkley has ripped off a 39 yard run. On his very first scary. In the NFL pre season are not sick one Barkley 39 yards and tomorrow. They want to be be debating his rookie of the year or MVP award in New York I'm I'm guaranteeing you that. Write it down get ready sick one Barkley is coming to you. We're gonna have ourselves a five before five next and 95 cents in the game. It came in Rochelle on. On 957 big game right. Are we almost got five before five but right now we got to get to. Now all Castro Valley who's been waiting patiently through a couple of interviews now thank you woody got. They have. David I've that you would not Guillen and Mike respect it's your culprit record breaker. While this is. Look at all in Al drops off candy bars to make us well me fatter than I should be the. I miss you guys. He hated a couple of months because I'm we're gonna everything over there though raiders the warriors. Eight everything so. Obviously you knew that stuff but worried about your health. I don't be worried about my health we're flying now I've innings get that were role and we're gonna go. No huddle all that's voters that record with that could possibly get out much might urge your health. My wife worried about you bought it and all that butter you know. Here's the deal I'm I'm gonna go. I'm gonna be Russian fat boy on Friday night and then I'll eat a salad or three of them. Over the rest of the weekend I will sit on Friday and I'll be a believer on Saturday and Sunday in moderation. Agreeing agreeing go to good. But the other thing is they know the white is geared to delegate technician. Not much what Mike's not here today now he's not we got a Leino we don't need Michael pitched go to we got the board's own big song we only bring my doubt on pour it on remote and yes. When you can you tell us. The real guy. Hello everybody I don't know what we readers if he's the same. Roger we are on the save our rodeo and here Allen trade and no one goes anywhere fast that's sort of the theme of the entire. Industry he. Al city check and you years sweetheart I do love Al Al is my guy Al works the what the concourse entrance and going into ORACLE Arena my kind of guy. One of the best ticket takers that has ever taken a ticket in the bay cannot that notes that the 545. Hi folks. I see who you are right Giuliani can tell I'm gonna take this segment seriously because I just put my glasses on. Try to focus to let's do it look at it well couple things are really quite as so the NBA's schedules a regular season schedule coming out tomorrow yes sell out 1 o'clock Bob Meyers will be on 95 cent against robbery you know that's the nature and it went in to 1 o'clock he's locked and desire to put later is going to be on my Shelby it's a 1 o'clock to nine B on my show as a wild beast this. This at a clip and maybe he'll probably be I always visiting Philadelphia from Leo. I can't think yeah not rooting against pop and Vontae is much is I'm rooting for us who I carry out. Number one I want a little NBA called I Leonard finally saying goodbye and thank you basically to use San Antonio did you see this Damon did you see his letter that he put out. Yeah it looked like he had. Cut and pasted. Something from a girl scout jamboree. When I want to thank everyone before they go we wanna thank everybody at the campsite we want to thank our build the bear partners we want to thank all the scout mothers and all of the den mother to came in sold our cookies like it's been most. Cheese balls. Corny. Disingenuous. And non thank you thank you of all time. I can because it was nothing but. Thank you thank you think he's and it took of apparently a couple of weeks to put it together as our top saint. I was injured at a you know what to say so I went back and forth the last few weeks. Of course he thinks the fans he thinks he organization. That's basically what's that's that's what this center reads like that goes thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you but really what he means is I. I do like that he gave one specific thank you to pop thank you cop allies be grateful for my growth under your guidance bank cop. I literally walked away from you as a wife died in he needed me the most. Enjoy the race two. Except I think you sound effects like that for every single fiber for five. That's a good day. A hearing about it next time. I have liked to wake up one day it just kind of go through your bag accountancy like an extra 150000 dollars at a pretty sweet guy nice what I have and so apparently. Good for anyone sharing the same name as a professional golfer you're just a clerical error away from a significant aiding apparently. ES reporting that European tour sent nearly a 120000. Euros. That Tommy Fleetwood would have won for finishing twelfth at the open championship. It went like golf teacher of the same name in Florida. So they I guess they direct deposit are wired the money. To the winners so instead of setting it to Tommy Fleetwood. Who. Place the British Open they sent a golf to that are wrong Tommy yeah would any sweet got a picture of his pig but it's pretty awesome. Asus is one of those it's like a real life. Monopoly card words like bank error in your favor except it wasn't a bank during his favorite like. Big error and not in your favor please return a 100000 dollars. That's rough you think you got it for a second easy street is now yours and I'm sure it all was corrected quickly and subtracted from his account. So when I was in high school. Before I got to high school. There was a kid in my high school whose name. Was Bruce Damon no way I swear to god. Went there years before I got there when I finally. Made it to my high school. The first two semesters of report cards. We're sent to Bruce Damon. And his old address that and my parents got so mad at me because they thought I was stealing the report card because your boy was not exactly academically inclined. So you know report card means I might be in trouble so I mean making said report card disappear wasn't exactly. They lost a theory on my parents were trying to stay a step ahead of me. I never stole once I never kidnapped at once it was being sent the wrong place and after two like. But my father smacked you know what how hard there was some serious like I am so sorry we will never doubt you again and I'm. The police fear and believe me I wouldn't believe me and asked the etiquette you are. Bruce Damon. Not to be confused with. Members numbers screens. Of player weekend in weekend is happening in baseball August 24 through the 26 Jonathan who Troy player to be named later. Lucky speak yeah he'd be an Al is gonna be on the back of his Jersey there that's tiny very Fannie are right so there's some really cool nicknames that are going to be popping up for a Major League Baseball I had a couple for the eighth here on them to crank it just goes by Luke tell you see a guy shot at midnight at the Nile later. That's pretty dead it's good the does anyone really column that what you think you may be is maybe his maybe the team cosmic. Calling them annihilate Ernie. And it feels like the name of the pitch more than a nickname for him but okay it's QOK okay other match out sappy. Sure Chris Davis Katie. Okay could use a little bit more fun fair but if that's is real nickname what do you my favorite is what they did for new comer. Ramona Laurie on how BBC what is not going to be his museums going to be Laurie on I'll. You're a new guy. That's basically they should put it put new guys. On the back of his Jersey but. He's so I knew he doesn't even get to participate in nickname day. Our on LC that we're giving you the nickname Laurie on you haven't been here long enough to get a legit nickname yet. Here's some of the giants' Sam Dyson missed. PS ST like post ups next minute my ex exactly Sam Dyson that's going to be its nickname on the back of Internet stupid. The the branding Crawford and DJ BC raw notes that yelled out those yellow that is that's. Trying so hard I feel sorry for you Brandon belt. Bob now. He geographic. That they've feature out you shouldn't be able to pick your own nickname. Dare Condit really get one last name. Isn't it last name on the Jersey. And again knowing calls that idea I don't I don't like. I don't like you're trying too hard names there was a kid in my high school who threw a party his freshman year in his name was Craig Connelly. And then he came after he threw a party unlike. Saturday night there was I guess by any high school standards like a good party there was a cake there. Like Monday Cusick peso it needs to call me like Kate and calmly now and I was like now. Meanings and you can't give yourself your own nicknames. And it's stuck with him in the wrong way for all four years of high school do good what's up Hager. How was it did totally blew open a space he thought he thought after one weekend. A freshman partying he was gonna be the new big man on campus and it turned into something that haunted him. Through four years of high school Billick. Tiger do not have it right. Wagner. That's ex he sucked thirteen minutes eyes on us know before. You're anything. Lisa doesn't call you DB that's not Bieber is the reason I meant anything it never got any call more clever than that. Not been. DD. DVD Bruce VP that's it. You can get dangerous RA Houston Astros ace just number Lander kids loved the crowd is so life Kate Upton with saving his career but what's this whole month. Who created Qaeda was in his current hit her husband. Or how and under. I got a Berliner our researcher Alison if Kate Moss for a second. This is the opposite opposite as it might my boss would boobs yes OK okay so yes I think there with her work I did not realize this I am familiar with both now I'm sure you are. But it really Justin Verlander part of what we're gonna see the viper he was going I was there UA dipping his career high struggling he was very depressed it was very down an out he is 31 years old. And sometimes he'd really just you know hasn't depressed scene moments and how. Currently he met Kate to open kimono when everything was fine. Understood what he was going through because she understood about being famous and being in the limelight any credits her with turning his career around like physically and emotionally. And physically for sure. Look I don't I can understand how a lot of guys midlife crisis is would have been served with two scoops of Kate Upton are you serious thing and confidence they show would have. Justin Verlander is pouring out his heart. Lake innermost thoughts and feelings about how much she loves his wife. What's this guy got out what's the secret now so now he cops beat there's been talk that night. Capriati seriously if our Justin Verlander now is depressed I just go down in my garage not hander jump rope and do it kind of five minutes. IA does not apply. Five OK when the -- when Marmara base umpire head to the dugout to have a live mock pulled from his ear canal I believe this happened at new Yankee game a mock flew into his ear he had to get a yankees trainer to attend to it to get it up with big with like between either. It if you see video I bet you get what you want to just it's scarred me. They Jim Kate Upton we're jumping on a trampoline that Martha to come out. On its own volition. Damon has a in my hot ever flown in your ear now you're now I've never had to have a blog removed from my body I've never had like it taped in bed itself anywhere. I've never had. Any worms I've never had any terrorist sites that I know about. Ed that I know.