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Thursday, August 9th
Football's back in the Bay tonight! Damon & Gianna will walk you up to the Niners first preseason game going down tonight at Levi's, and much more on today's show.... first hour, Damon gives you 8 players to pay attention to in tonight's game, is joined by Giants insider for NBC Sports Bay Area, and we play the 'Name Game' - with the host with two first names.  

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This gorgeous in downtown San Francisco and if it's nice here it means it's even nicer where you are. Because that's how it works. Foggiest. Usually not very good it's great to the rest of you if it's a beautiful day here it's probably a gorgeous day everywhere and I hope you're enjoying it were enjoying it. We got a full show today when I say full show I mean running time full four hours and it is full Eisen Pactiv guess we get some great stuff. We've got some cool stuff to give away today to. We've got to. A comedy get down. George Lopez DL if you believe Cedric the Entertainer Eddie Griffin has come into Concord pavilion. Saturday. August 11 Stetson a couple days from now we've got tickets that we're gonna give away playing a little name game a little bit later on today and having fun would that I think we're gonna. Bring it on back today speaking up bring it on back to day. I'm excited. I know it's just glorified practice. Raider fans ya tomorrow will be excited about YouTube. I guess. Malaga now like at this is my dog level of excited like a Foster popular we'll get to raise it for a little while and we'll send it to another home. That's the level of excitement coming with a raiders tomorrow at 1098. The NFL's back in the Bay Area. Literally figuratively. Even though to pre season game. We will have a little Gucci for you tonight at pushing ads against OK okay. And really get much more CJ bastard what it's all said and done a little nick Mullins when it's all said and done Jack Hanna again. Q before Dartmouth. Might see in and I. Might see him tonight we've got some really really good stuff to talk about we've got four players four numbers for you to watch tonight. Keep denying on what you should be looking for what to expect in a pre season game. Joseph Williams lets see which you've got tonight your head coaches excited about it which means we should probably be. Excited about you too. If you're excited about baseball I guess you got a reason to be excited because the a's beat the Dodgers last night three to two Mike fires in his. These debut. Those five and a third strikes out eight walks none gives up one run. In four hits. Pretty much looked Clayton Kershaw in the ninth. Never blanked never blanked. Familiar pitches the scoreless eighth for the win. Ryan and. 29 save in 33 chances and off to Anaheim the a's go. That's why we got a full show today no game for the case this afternoon. Off to Anaheim for three. And then you come home for what is without a doubt the biggest homestand of 2018. Home for Seattle home for Houston. The Rangers coming after that but we worry about them that is a big six game. Start to a nine game homestand. When you come back from Anaheim will be taken a look at that will be hearing from Jayson Werth. Who went off on the nerds. You is seriously as a straight up revenge of the nerds ogre Adams college he is upset with those. Who have Ivy League degrees. Stepping all over his. Baseball instincts were gonna talk about that certainly a war. Of schools of thought. To discuss there. We get an and that eight at PGA major happening. We've got a Web.Com tour event that probably means more to the Bay Area than any. PGA major the PGA championship cabinet bill reads in Saint Louis but up in stone bray we got step to go in the lull. Step could be in really good shape here after his first round. Is he done he has an off the course yeah do you what are we got 71 so he's won over whenever par one over 71. Asset he finished seven Iran pretty dead that's not bad how close the leader whereas whereas a leader on the board helped but he hit the leaders at seven under. So he's eight strokes off the pace. Which is a fine place to be after one round he's fine instinct and he's fine what we have consecutive two over seventy twos. A year ago left in just outside to cut look and and got to be happy with that round we wanna happy staff curry if there Seth Curry's happy were all happy right right fresh. When work. Yeah. We've got a really great pull off book to tell you about today. Book is called most valuable dad inspiring words on fatherhood from sports superstars. Dell curry did to forward the book is by Tom limber who works for the San Francisco chronicle. I gotta tell you have had a lot of people pass book ideas. To me via email Twitter. Throughout my entire run here is a radio guy in the Bay Area on Alex fifteen years of this now. I'll give Tom full credit nobody. Nobody. Lobbied harder. Worked harder to get on the show I appreciate diligence. So we're having Tom in today to talk about the book that he's been working on and I'm always fascinated with the legacies you know we keep on coming back to this being the son. Of a former professional athlete. It's exactly the type of attitude I'm looking for in a professional athlete these days they come in wired becoming comfortable they come in. Absolutely. Just just like us a duck taking to water ate it did there's there's no this is bigger than me. When you grew up around it. We're seeing that obviously in extreme. Examples of staff curry and Klay Thompson. But look at what we're seeing with with Derek Rodriguez with the San Francisco Giants you don't if you're dad. Raised you around the sport. You law showed up for the sport and acting like you belong. Seems to go hand in hand so we'll talk about that today too looking for to it. Look at forty get Ara. All of our young guys out today. I said it's a full four hour show tomorrow's Libya. Friday show back to three hours and fifteen minutes of the fort he ball Friday coming up knock jokes. Out joked I'm down yeah he's on vacation is that a fact I didn't know that because I was listening to. Co who's a little bit this morning to a nice job phone and without blowing dibs. Counting down the idea and that we birthday you see that now know where I've always comment like an under a week that's a big one we're gonna have to leave damn. A gift well in the studio out nagged gift is going to be at a very stern message saying open when you get home on it. Against the good guys are not safe for work situation I know Dan diddley gets down. Got it he's a vegetarian so I can't do a rack of ribs like I did repeats fifty you know now those are dead. So you know. We'll smoke something else for dams the you've got I think I know exactly what he wants for his birthday. Our skirt that's our I have yet that's our guy. 8889579570. Is the number we've got three season football back tonight it's not as fun as. Actual football but it's the closest. We can get to actual football. This evening. I always like CNN it's always good to have it back. And we will absolutely give you a couple of guys to keep an eye on tonight I got one on defense and I'm looking at three offensive players to really keep an eye on tonight. Should be a good time little luck will look a little football back on my TV is always a good thing isn't it NFL on CBS. That's right we cannot use that as Jack we will not get there before it actually begins. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be just fun to see you back on the TV. It's gonna be good to have him back in the conversation. The giants think they're gonna get back in the conversation have to highbrow I really don't know the conversation now feels like it's going to. The other things that the giants like to sell like kale and Hunter Pence in the garden. I'm feeling more on our way to doing that. Barry Bonds this the selling of memories all your member Barry's. With the pirates in town they're gonna retired 25 we have Shawn Estes. Just drop some some real truth about Barry Bonds and living life in the company of great all time players great all time players are rarely. Easy going relayed a bowl have them over for a slice of pizza type of entities. You think that greatness is a lot more easy did to just beat around. Because I'm around greatness every day would Jian I assume everybody is greatest super sweet now apparently people can be a handful. Do you think of anyone can fit that bill let me ink on now. I wonder I will say this. You do have old way of taking. Something that I haven't thought about 25 years just saying it allowed and then I'm surrounded by it and I know that none of you know where I'm going with this but. About a week ago. Jana was nice enough to give me a ride home after the show and she had a he and XM satellite. Station not it was all eighties and she was playing. Cindy whopper and I have talked about Cindy Lou opera and in at least 25 years. Ever since that moment. Cyndi Lauper is surrounding mean like it's a battle royal and I'm about to be attacked by thirty different send you offers just rip on TV she's on my Internet she's on my iPad she's on my I tune she's on shuffle she's on the radio. And time after time everywhere I look Cyndi Lauper I'm surrounded. It's a company it's so we erred seriously not one person has said Cyndi Lauper between the years of 1985. In a week ago. In ever since then. It's Cyndi Lauper everywhere so I need the NFL back if nothing else to push Cindy law operative decide burner in my life in it you mean don't like my real I've pop up video vibe I do now now by the way if anyone wants in now. The salmon tale bridges seven miles long it is G on his favorite and we'll tell you why next here on 957 again. Yeah. How to the deep shelf on Monday by examining Jeanne. It's. I'm excited we get pre season football tonight we're going to get just a slice of the ones may be a series and then absolutely get him off the field. Nobody get hurt that's the only way one of these games can really end successfully I don't care what the score is what you were hoping they'd work on. Just ending the game without injury. To an important player means you played a great pre season game I'm sure CJ better to be looking for a little bit more nick Mullins these are deep. The second and third string quarterbacks for the 49ers CJ bastard but he basically this guy. He died for your sins last year I really hope that he sought she shines. Like I'm always going to be. Easily convinced to root for CJ bastard he got thrown the lions the lions pretty much ate him alive. Last year. And all of the trend bulky purge all of these this isn't working was basically thrown on this third round draft pick out of Iowa this rookie. And he did everything he could to compete as hard as he could. He finally wins a game and then garrote blows in town they give me one more start and that became time for Gucci now was that. But I like battered an awful lot plays with a lot of heart I absolutely the guy got his bill rains. Beaten out of all season walking last year. And that line did not protect in front of him he got slaughtered. And now he gets to just. Sit back and continue to learn on the job being the backup that he's probably supposed to be in his career and carrying Jimmy geez clip board should be a really really good way. To take a step forward now for him I mean you could say there's nothing better complain but that's not the reality we know who's a starter going to be. He is now on a good position nick Marlins will see what you got. Jack hand again it feels like a camp arm. But I'll say this. He used the son of former 49ers executive. Lyle Hanigan. Who was the team's General Counsel and executive vice president of football administration from like 2006. Through 2011. Before. You know Lou. Really started. Changing things. Wall was a guy who had some influence rather good guy too I remember meeting him years ago. And no signs of forced garner critical. Numbers to watch for tonight. There are short numbers. That I want you having your mind as you go home and watches tonight. Number eighteen that's wide receiver Donte' pettis we've already had him on the show we'd like to an awful lot sounds like good young kid. Easy to root for. Let's see what he looks like in his first live action that we get to watch let's see him run the let's see him on special teams would see him out the pattern let's see what he's got. Another wide receiver. Can have trouble crash in this wide receiver party he really is the niners are gonna keep six. He's gonna have trouble joining that second group of three receivers he really is. Stephen Dunbar. Undrafted. Out of Houston. Number seven. I don't know if it was the number seven Jersey or he was just one of the first guys that I saw when we went down there for low training camp. We're I was just like hole is bad guys. He cut her attention. Only well he's wearing a cap and X old number and and so the instant joke was like she's beginning to take a knee when he gets tired like you just you can't can to. A bomb. For a guy who is a wide receiver he used to yell to. 63. To ten painted on skin. You looked. Fell apart. Like you got to send a guy down the bus ramp to scare and intimidate the other team a little bit like back as a wide receiver. I was yelled I'd love to see him sooty can do tonight. Michael Glynn she obviously run block pass block you're restarting tackle now. Set that edge let's see what kind of hold he's got out there is to be right tackle be the heir apparent to Joseph Staley at left tackle. Mike mug when she all eyes on him by the way the number easy to remember. He wears number 69. And easy to spot. And then finally. Defense. Fred Warner let's see which you've got the third round pick out of BYU it's going to be good to see him moving in NFL action. And remember. Even though this team pretty much has its starters in middle linebacker Ruben Foster can't go the first two weeks. So all these guys are not just show won it on tape to gain coach confidence somebody's gonna be a week one starter. Someone will not gonna be a starter in week three because Ruben foster's back will be starting week one and week to. Will that die emerge. Will that guy emerge probably not all yet know exactly who does that to the end of one game but. One of the things to keep an eye. Other rookies keep an eye on to various more tonight Julian Taylor tonight Richard James we're gonna tell you more about these guys where they're from what they do. What they'll be looking for Kyle Shanahan. For two years is sort of set the expectation. For Joseph Williams. Joseph Williams the backup running back. Hand picked. By Kyle Shanahan. Appeared on injured reserve before anything was able to get going last year Kyle Shanahan says he's excited to see him. Tonight I'm excited to watch him play. Out on the field you know he's. More more excited now than it was last year because what he's shown a practice. I think every I think you guys have seen it yourself and he has heard us talk about it. Come along way in and a year and he's given himself a chance on to be good running back and wholesale looks one Thursday. He was taken in the fourth round of the 2017. Draft he had to do it the IR with a pre season ankle injury. At some off field concerns entering the draft in that left. He basically he left the Utah utes he came back and just kind of got big fell into the wash. The niners think they picked an important piece a laundry out of the wash year. Now we know that Matt breeder. We know that Gerry McCann in the Georgia southern back field. Pretty much entrenched 12. I think we got to keep and I am rests routine most certain won't hold his Purdue appearance against him he's had a good camp lets see what he puts on tape tonight. Who will be the winner. I'll be the winner. Of the 2018. Into any booby Dixon ward. Basically the booby Dixon award is going to the one guy in the pre season who because he's not that valuable. It's the majority of the carries so in the pre season's over you're like wait to read this guy's got 300 yards and four touchdowns. How come he's not on the game. Will be Dixon did make team but. Who has the running back the you're gonna get excited about that and a won't doing one thing all year long let's see that guy is. Could take his first step towards a metallic immortality tonight. All that 2000 intend pre season for booby Dixon. Unforgettable. Unforgettable. I tell you what it's topics like that that actually put butcher boy on the radio to begin with. Butcher boy used to call me when I would be doing forty niner. Pre and post game all those years ago. That's our relationship began he just became frequent caller of the show. Things happen in time marches on mixing you know he's winning like. Like the sports talk show version of American Idol to come on. It to to beyond on the game along with guru I think butchering guru or like finalists together in a year and now. He is part of the station and he is going to be doing niner post game after the fact tonight that's right Vontae. That's so full circle that's phenomenal I'm tickled pink for my friend I really in overtime. That's what's called overtime nice the I think at which a boy the official unofficial 49ers show. Post game show I like that what are we talking with Alex Pavel the chair and a little bit about the giants what's really left for them as they sort of limped towards the finish line. We're gonna have the name game at 345 today we played once before we're gonna play it again today. We've got a pair of tickets to the comedy get down which is gonna happen. This Saturday at Concord pavilion. George Lopez DLQ police Cedric the Entertainer Eddie Griffin tickets Iran's sealed right now live nation dot com but we're going to be giving away a pair. To the winner of the name game coming up a little bit later on this hour that should be fun next hour Tom limber and his new book the most valuable dad. He writes for the San Francisco chronicle he's gonna be on by TM in May not what we should be watching little bit later on when the niners take the field for the first time in a long time we got to five before five. God Dieter curtain bought today we're gonna have a name game park to. We're gonna do it again. At the end of the show are 6 o'clock hour we're gonna say hello to butcher boy before it's all said and done. Hey Damon don't forget about Justin Fargas. Yeah absolutely. He was the raider pre season all American. Who could hardly make the team. Or he made the team he was the 55 guy on the rosters to 54 guy on the roster the last guy in before they lock the door behind them. He was awesome. He really was he was awesome in the pre season. There. Who will be that guy. 8889579570. Planning on what to watch for tonight. When he NFL returns right now we've got Alex Pavel ditch NBC sports Bay Area. Giants insider the giants have just lost to heart breakers at home. And it feels like this. Was the straw that broke the camel's back but then you got people saying. All of their only what six and a half back here are seven games that there is to play I don't know it seems to be. Pretty much the writing is on the wall here. Let's say hello now established to see what he sees in his tea leaves Alex I do and and good to have you back on those were two. Gut punch loss is tough to get off the carpet after that. Yet I think we'll get to the point where you know I don't turn directions which I think it's fair agreement over the cup back with. The province third staff are back if you change which means you can count on YouTube category in the taken up up and that. You start getting airport the year richter diplomat than content little take them get the 85 or 8688. Where. Whenever the bare minimum it's going to be to get that wildcard game with the division at. And it just becomes you know to a point where there I have to go on court Iran here when they're cute that they respect the occurred here by corporate. It just feels like this season's gonna come with a big bucket or regret at the end of it regret for not selling off some pieces and I really think you know. A general manager. A general manager's job isn't to a evaluate his team based on the standings alone and shouting distance to contention. It's the general manager's job to make the tough call to see it's time to pull the plug before it really it's you know you need to see. If you're supposed to be able to is at I think after the job is seeing the potential in your players. The other half the job should see the reality of potential coming to a close. Do you think that Bobby him Brian. Did that this year it feels like the whole year didn't wait a punt but they decided to go forward on for fourth down and got stuffed anyways. Well I think they and the utterly weird spot or are a lot of guys who are potentially trade Pete is hurt. But you look around it and really every from what I heard. The people that you vote as well commitment and metrics of the perimeter control back here pretty cheapen the metrics they still want trader and so. You really look at it probably amenable return McCutcheon. A minimal return. From may be another reliever you're I think they're just so like. They go to Augustin and get speaker through waivers and trying to make moves that way I don't think ultimately. There have been hurt too much alms but is that right because everything skirt not to people here people around the game that they're slip up much interest. In that evidence that maybe get thrown around a whole lot but I do beer Q. In terms ago org or I think this is if you just see him in the respected and figure out that's what. Some of the older guys who look at the joke Eric with a Brandon belt oh what does the future here what are they part of go forward and are they guys are gonna have to move to a new position at each union. I'll be it brought Opel but I think that determination. To make I don't think they can afford to have another in order and a you know try to filter recruit all let our due to get some more productive creative and really strict. Alex Pavel bitch NBC sports Bay Area giants insider here on 957 games so. Will Smith obviously isn't your typical closer but he's done a good job filling in for the injured hunter Strickland. Who was filling in for the injured mark Malloy and send the guys who. Aren't closers but have done the job they have John done a better job than the guys who are closers when they tried to do the job. Ray black is another guy who throws darts. It is heat. Looking at closer potential audition next year's type a situation. Yet the two victories in the black give Barack Burton Kurt you've got to feel better say. If they have the substitute that certain activity in their traditional art or wherever what you see are basically. Every team so it doesn't I think doping agency going to affect your Q what they do it or whether they pick. You might be more valuable in an earlier hitting an article one wrote that and I think you bureau upper Sochi does that sort of a young player but I think I think that can. I'll go to Cuba they've they have don't get remember a couple of circle delicate job for the most part. It'll be diplomatic and then you have mark bullet and make all the money to close at a very should be. Further away from the injury so it it Beatrice they're going in the next here I'd be competitive if you want group. Well they didn't deter it ever but I think at Portland Oregon he did. That maybe you if you call from cave to table we have a pretty good at the back here to pick him up. You know maybe a way that we can add something for the rest of the roster because. I think it should really get that in Tibet or better in the national league for a couple months now. You know it is not really a fluke. I'll bring you a crowd the structure of our other glaring holes and maybe that's the way the tickets sold. If you took a poll. Inside the giants' clubhouse how many guys are genuinely excited. About Barry Bonds is number being retired I'd feel like our generation has always subscribe to out of sight out of mind. Where the next generation. Pretty much prescribes to out of sight we never really cared in the first place. You know I I think. For a lot of can't speak certainly grew up watching him but it did there Ogilvy. I don't know Redgrave in the club out through this much is their rest they would little prayer and people look at these tickets for twenty years I don't think it's something that. I'm sure like to comment about no regulatory grounds Saturday have told you that. The deputy or an hour before first search and if they will be told that have been able to opera watcher. If you think your read it for the recruited. Is people for the that the media and to the players that it even that several the other day we will vote organ created. Rival but wanted to get a lot of guys that are not just played with double play against the effort in a pretty good turnout on where you're sure that that certainly but it it still is. I think they go like ten football players give up their for that that are out there are all part they'll. I can't expect the same on Saturday I think the other third. Certainly they're gonna make a big deal out of it and and will air will pick a good bet it'll be a special for buried here to watch or that in the club out I think you're right. Since we're relaxing. The how your number gets retired. Rules that I guess were put in place by current ownership isn't it time. When Andrew McCutcheon decides to tip his cap and walk off into the sunset wherever that may be. That number 22 gets retired because of will thrill having come off. You know who thought that if it doesn't seem to bother Willis what's as well as other people are built for it was pretty special. What Chris Arroyo had it so. I think it hasn't bothered him how much of it may get done internally the world pretty artists and I have never really heard him go out of state. The streets to carry even off the record saying that the word you know maybe that's a big redo at some point. Are you look around that they have retired or Robert they're reluctant or all of their recruiter you. More that go forward but you know. Part of this vehicle to marketing a part of it figured filtered and I don't picket. You know accident that some of these things have been after an ideologue he's going to be good news. The crew depicted a lot to try to keep scared to invest it where it would quote our indicated it will civic it goes quickly and and they spread the armed. Ceremony that pretty much what a year. And respect and be a big draw imports so. You know potentially it upload well it has become a market like this event that we reward their. How about. Tim Lincecum. Yeah that's funny you would I think when whenever they called Brian Wilson Brian Wilson does a really good job of acting like you he's above at all and he's nonchalant but I. I think Brian Wilson comes up here dying for the attention that the giants give him Tim Lincecum the total opposite he's obviously not dying for anybody's attention. He's almost been a hermit almost like he's almost got a Howard Hughes. Quality. To him in terms of how he shuns the public eyes here. I think what you heard about him do what. You know like I think the giants are gonna find a reluctant to be honored Tim Lincecum whenever they turn around to do that someday. Yeah I think they're gonna have a hard time finding him I mean is this is too. Over the years that whether it was step whether it was delivered for the he's going to be it'll look like that you execute that spoke to protect it well spotlight. I think it's live a lot of note the get away with that a little bit and and you know I thought picture of how we feel from retirement Hawaii coach are you ever go ought to isn't a fight that guy out there probably weren't skater clothes and and I think it'll be an adjustment for me because that they would love to do that they would look to build all we get around that. Remember promote the wall there but everything I've heard in the last two or three years and they're not just. In terms of ceremonies but in terms of what's he up 200 who would you talk to you tuck that require about and it's all the -- yeah you know what I attacked every earlier to elect a ought to go to. I can't look like a year ago. It's so that's just it away whatever over the years where I think you'll be everywhere at some point they're that really popular and that because velvet covered really ought. He is off the radar there's no doubt that's the way he does want it I think the giants in their contention it's officially now off the radar. A do you have any inspirational words Alex to make me believe otherwise are you subscribing to the fact that we are. Just now in this for the long slow death march to the end of the year. You know if the public remark that it if you will win from the debut of walked through that oh well you are here I keep thinking. Just because of the pitching they have like a key particular must be some wrought in the they would expel a senator or elevated. And 16 in a row all year. I don't think so I don't know they've reporter wrote in a state literally route that they want for a reliever for rubber -- that you expect to hear it now right. We're gonna get a fire under that I you know like. We'll look at the schedule I look at given month tiger and that you're. Texas Rangers maybe that took a shot or you. You make up the ground but it again I just don't think it's it's going to be a belt but are you start you're about the third. Figure out what they have to do to get to 87 anywhere there. Likely to cook I think you toilet they're all enjoy. Their treachery and gators weren't even better later and you know I that's my recommendation for people I guess. Al we've officially reached the enjoy the green grass in the Conn they're crunching brick. Underneath your cleat portion of the season. Or ever call out there you go and will be calling you back talk about a thank you very much always a pleasure Alex Barrett. Alex album it's 957 the game great stuff from him. As always I tell you what we got coming up it is the new sensation. Sweeping the nation or at least this this program. On this station. The name game today we're going to be playing for two tickets. To the comedy get down starring George Lopez DL Hugh police Cedric the Entertainer and Eddie Griffin. Coming up this Saturday. August 11 that the Concord pavilion tickets are on sale now live nation dot com so here are the rules of the name game. You're gonna give us a call it aided 89579570. Me to give you a very broad clue. As to what the name might be the rule of the name game is the name that we're looking for is always a name. It is 21 names kind of like Damon Bruce either of those could be a first name. So were going to have. I names selected. And we'll see how you can get to it aided 8957957. All you get to ask a sequence a yes or no questions. If a year answer gets a yes you can ask another question or you can try to guess the identity of the person. If it's in no we go on to the next caller. And so one and so forth until we see someone who actually stumbles upon the name for example. Chris Paul. Chris Paul. I would have told you so law our name game answer today is a basketball player and how long it would take to get to Chris Paul everyone on board. Everyone ready dig how everyone Kim put them very fantastic. You'll be guessing the name an athlete with 21 names. Coming up next the winners gonna get a pair of tickets to the comedy get down. This Saturday at the Concord pavilion line him up right now aided 8957957. Now. I'll tell you. Our name game. Named today. A hall of Famer that's all you need to know right now we'll play the name game next. Now back to the demon from jail on 957 BP. I always wanted to be a game show host and now I get the play one here on my own show were about to play the name game. Here the rules yes or no questions only from the audience. A yes answer gets you another question if the answer is no. That's the end of your run you can guests. The player's name at any point in time. If you guess wrong. That's it if you guessing correctly that's blackjack games over you win today we're playing for. A pair of tickets to the comedy get down would George Lopez DEO Hugh glee Cedric the Entertainer and Eddie Griffin. Saturday at Concord pavilion ticket Toronto now live nation dot com but you can win a pair right here and now we have our lit lines all the way through. The only clue I'm giving you is this player. Is a hall of Famer. That's where will be again. The name game. For. So what's your. All right. I hope you get lower Dylan here. It shouldn't take much explanation. We began woods gotten Banesha thank you very much for calling Scott. What you got. No. Thank you very much. So there it eliminates one sport right there quickly Jolie Sandra fell by the way this is the name. You see that right there I wrote it down she were gonna accept either read there totally got that are. All right good good good Joseph isn't Sandra fell not a football players that's all we know right now Joseph what's your question. Currently it or. No. Thank you very much. Retired. Hall of Famer and not football. Marlin in Richmond Marlon what are you got what's your question. It up spot. Yes. What's your next question. Did you play for it seemed that there are no. Thank you very much for calling. Scott Mountain View. Retired baseball player Scott hall of Famer. What's your question is she is you know African American yes. But Hank Aaron. Yesterday. Hank Aaron it is congratulations. Got a Mountain View we would have also accepted Henry Aaron. Eight arrow there. You wrote that down I wrote that down there Hank or Henry Aaron an excellent job Scott I'm gonna put you wanna hold Al b.s gonna get your information. And you're gonna go ahead to the comedy get down. George Lopez deal do you glee Cedric the Entertainer. Eddie Griffin I'm gonna tell you right now that I've seen DL do you believe it Cobbs he's hysterical I've actually seen him live as well really really good I love DL do you glee. Really really funny to see in person. Op obviously Cedric the Entertainer of legend Eddie Griffin you need to twist my arm a little bit more dare George Lopez he's heavyweight for sure. That's going to be a really good night congratulations. To Scott in Mountain View. Someone here says Damon it's not fair whoever goes first gets screwed. Sara Lee cook told you'll like it was going to be fair. That they absurd if they if you their question you said yes steal it they picky guy and totally. Just want a big run right there you never now. Basically. What you really want is to time your call perfectly to where you're gonna be in line. A little bit later on Denzel I mean there's all sorts of strategic read for you to put him twice. It's a winner here he the only thing I know is that when we've we've done like three times now. All of our lines light up and everyone's ready to go. And if the people want a little. In the B must want a little bit more. So we're gonna do another name game. Gain another name game. A little bit later on today around 620 in a nice sold give me another chance when another pair of tickets to the comedy get down. They go may not know what he's got anything going on on Saturday right and may be and go watch Barry Bonds hit his number retired. The possibility. But let's see the the raiders play Friday the niners played tonight. Saturday not and so wide open. To be a nice weekend to. Maybe even you watch a little golf. Maybe you're gonna be watching a little bit of golf Tiger Woods he grounded a gay woody when it's seventy so even par today. Billed reed outside Saint Louis my buddy Tom Ackerman discovering that he's logged and love and it. Third route in Saint Louis and holding. A PGA championship. A major they're very very giddy about all that meanwhile it's not a major it's not even on the PGA tour it's a Web.Com tour event stepped curry is off the course after one round at the Ellie may. One over par 71. He shot a 38 on the front of 33 on the back. That's pretty good right now curry is sitting prettier than twenty other golfers wow. Not bad who dare is one thing that is going on. I'm glad you brought this up text line there is one thing that is like an all points bulletin. Alert traffic wise. Jerry for America avoid nineteenth avenue avoid Golden Gate Bridge all weekend long it is outside lands. Arnett it's outside plant I mean fun and that I was yeah you're gonna wanna brace ourselves for that. You're gonna wanna raise your cells because we got a date on on on Friday night yes we do all we do the interests of little rushing for the yeah. I don't know Mel I don't so I'm in a word. That over here. Just star Matt out. At me made me get Steve Moore myself here. But we are interest did diners and Joey said. Do you Wear all movies day and only twelve months. And bone called bonds this picture is the couples and solo. On today's girlfriend. And a Hannah really like her nice gal. She's Russian. She's Bay Area Russian. We get to go we Russian. With a real Russian who knows what she's Russian duo and dad Jesus as she things are really out of the name the restaurant but apparently it's gonna be really delicious. Very authentic yeah that'll be a lot of fun we're going to comrade importance house of beats. I'm looking forward to it and wants an exploding chicken little chicken do you have. Cut into its broader. Delicious Holler all. You did deep fried chicken roll butter in the middle of it. L stroke alone go part two coming dive Friday night and great. So outside Atlanta this weekend just a heads up everyone yet you're gonna want it bad that is a a an all points bulletin heads up. Braced ourselves. Get ready for it. Type of traffic situation here in the Bay Area it makes getting in and out of the Richmond tough which by the way were gonna try to do on Friday. It also makes on our trip home on nineteenth avenue a possible which we will not do on Friday now I look at how pretty and assigned to this weekend on Sunday might. Next weekend. Ron weekends at bats that's at play next week and don't want to do that. What you do wanna do tonight is watchful pre season football we're not gonna get much above the will get a little game against gangs Tuesday. Today was again little Gucci goes a long way certainly in a pre season game all eyes are going to be on CG bettered nick Marlins win. He decides to sit down with got five things to watch written by Matt barrows for the athletic by the way everybody. Is now writing for the athletic notice this like congratulations. On a corner market takes in things over you pretty much done it. And it did a good job with it they do a really good job with it but what I don't need I don't need another soul searching. Why he joined the athletic piece I don't I don't need another soul search why I joined. 'cause they're the last and did the hiring writers that's why you joined everyone else is being laid off these days. You hire you you were joining because you have a job opportunity. That used to not exist that's why you're joining. It's not an ethereal new approach to covering sports that you are into. It's not an idea that is stemming from. Our but just a home base of honesty that I am more comfortable touching here than another places. You're thrilled to be working to replace its well know employ you that's it you know I'd join 957 the game. Opportunity and money they expect to hear a tick. I like opera and I liked money they had both and they gave it to me. Here we go 4 o'clock hour sultry station ninety plays.