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The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, February 23rd

14-yr NBA vet, NBA Champion, analyst for ESPN & TNT, Caron Butler, joins JD, Steinmetz, and the Guru on the Damon Bruce Show. 


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A two time all star 2011 NBA champion is also doing some work. For TNT and ESPN Koran Butler joins us on 957 game Koran thank you for coming on the program this evening. They're very clever yoga appreciate it. When you look at the match up as were start to shift gears here between the warriors and the thunder. The thunder of stump them twice beat him and oracle couple weeks ago beat them not just before Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City. Oh why do you think this thunder team is such a difficult matchup for the warriors. This I mean you look at the train their their top heavy air and you look at the victory and followed George. I was Russell Westbrook and Carmelo at the leader they're capable of you know winning series appearance anyway. You know and let's assume one of old guys was the franchise player or their respective opening for some time. It can carry you through a series any given guy can do it. There you know Carmelo shows flashes from time to time applaud Georgia's two of them upon his career there Russell work group we ought noted he's capable of this period of low. Or any given night from the rebound as they employ or assist unemployed. Players usually it's score the basketball also Amy has that extra. You know drive and don't you don't to make it bigger due to the finals the game without ever direct. Cora do you think that the warriors this year are let's say less invincible than they have been in the past three or four and and how would you. Kinda go at the warriors if you had to. They looked in the warriors have spilled into would be you know like you know they're they're I consider what their software consciousness. They're seeing their missiles successful. Over the past years in this you know the Western Conference as. Really is you don't become good the does the warriors invitation. Over the last couple years and they're extremely you know graceful about it they don't they don't make a lot of noise. You know one nickel he stretch as ordered don't play their best basketball is all they've that's fixable loan period. A lot of teams got the big trade that would do different person they'll move campaign flight. They don't have to re just they remarks that hindered this additional help they're gonna comment to this theory. Or this particular game what this next stretch. What this whole period the rule being debated perpetrated mentality. And once they do that that's all correct the stuff and you know speaker is already talking about that a look. They've they've disconnected earlier loss to Portland like it you noted this regularly default arbor got to do got to commit wreck. So are playing good basketball defensively and offensively. Chair and bought know what they do it built before. Now Toronto I heard you on the call the USF game we're Roxy bursting keep up to do work may have. Appreciate that are not our relief joy relief George Cohen you know college bout won't keep you connected you know it's. You know there's a lot of they do you genuineness out of they've been very good excuse to light fresh you know work collegiate players quote you have Slorc. You know look to have it mentioned it out I really love playing those seasonal jewels and took some of the dog god that's got a bright future. Now I was gonna ask you we saw Kevin Durant come from all Casey to the lawyers and now. We know LeBron is going to be a free agent in the off season. And you played in the league can you share with the Bay Area what do you think of the super teams deal like it. I believe it is bizarre part of it you know every everything that we do is it's too often assume between. Now that we have all star game now you have you know. The selection process in which you can have a Kevin Correia. Even a stuffed Oreo whoever Russell Westbrook Roger all of its anything. Like that's that's that's. What people wanted to see if you play the videogames you select your goal with some of the old classic scenes because you wanna see about the the best player who. Play one another area that talent pool was sold like stretched out along right now. It's already started out there are particularly in the Western Conference. You're gonna see more more guys joining forces in topic is because of the Golden State Warriors and their dominant. So there's gonna have that happen and you know drastically. In order was somebody knock them off the Borough. Koran Butler our guest here on 957 the game crime though you. Do you think that the chasm is is getting closer though because it does feel like. They're getting less and less dominant the more and more people see them and play against them. Not I really do believe. That. They're just in Jordan the process so wouldn't. They when they they wondered not planned well. That's because this something that they're not doing it not because someone figured tomorrow. If the light is that it that's never to carry it's because they're not. Play it on the beat with the end of the floor and had been given a lot of points below what they plan B excessively. If he's got regardless retrieve. That can give you thirty and fifty points or he was sixty point to any given night. It is you have to earn money is persecute you have a guy like nick you know what what do luxury to have a guy like that certain you don't. Adam Eaton place you got god that's traditionally player in the world book can go out there and have these performances show Olympus. Audrey a dollar and a you know it BP of the finals in you know you have to persevere you have the depth so. I just feel like you know they've still got so much time to be at the top if I don't see anybody knock them off moved on so. Ground what do you think of the rockets. Where they're at obviously have and a great regular season Chris Paul and James Harden that's clearly worked. They've got a deeper team than maybe they've had in years past but what what do you think their ceiling is. For this season is it just to get to that conference final bow out or are you think they got something no more in the tank. Are still light dirt the only real threat to the warriors but so many things have to go right foot they have to be such. Joseph Johnson has the show flashes of what you've seen last year and we all know what a difference a year makes. That match you know knocking down shots in play at the expense we all know that they're totally changed don't usually do that in the playoffs. You know that's open that is that point they have insisted it's been in that you don't defend the warriors you're gonna have that. Yeah you're gonna have a long long spiritual level low light termed a radical dark was touched nordic scored a rapid pace so. There's so many say that half would be perfect for the Houston Rockets. To win that series whereas golden state of British Open be consistent for six specific games they walk away. As the worst accomplished ships. Take a Ron I got to ask you something I'm I'm I'm gonna bring up the past I've been around here for a long time in and I'm going back to 2002. Oh man you don't have to talk about. What why did you kill Mike Donnelly. And I got guys coming out together come on. If there's talk competition grows there that's all alone go to me let our little web beyond mere than. I was a mock the president sage words you know a lot of true onkyo you'll worry it over new autumn may elect saw competition. That's young I'm actually looking at a story from back then I'd forgotten you worked out for the warriors but I guess you even acknowledge you'd have a great work out for the warriors. And then. You know they they want another direction. Yeah it was one of those things work out but I worked out for the grizzlies for the warriors the bulls. Like you know back then they get what she lights victory ordinary deceit they didn't chip that dictate Larry okay you go work self pride day. It may go work out again in two weeks. At his gym owner rail that he election though. You know I'm very glad it wasn't that type of scenario in my life you know you've got to come here you work this out before our god spoke peaking at the the the birth such a position. Would be retired jetlag or whatever it and that side used to work reckon that they slot and have the best work out how upset about it. And I knew all the better player. And I'll just frustrated about that worked out so that the support Mario for a long time. Pick Ryan you know how Ritchie waters is kind of famous for. For who for why. About catching balls over the middle and not stretch now I'll never forget don't GoDaddy can't help you. Remember that. I I does that lighted this day I'm sorry. That. I had to put that out there in no way. Got bothered it's Pat Riley called him an immediate thought was right at the seriousness what there because he says what I say mint. Others such stuff as much as I had to get it off but that's what I stated. It is what it is believed to light load we don't do Bob you're professional. People like that I had that is you know I had that that fire in me is to try to go up there at the united united out. Event like that also the that would drive would be you know first of all bubbles always say don't make the kings played a pesto. Because the within their draft and well like I should have been higher. What they'll stop the mails you know me so do you had to go to their fire that desire to do have longevity in the states. Yeah I just it just to. Cleared up for some our listeners viewers the number ten pick Mike Dunleavy was number three at that time so while I. That's a great addition to the story that after you said that Pat Riley called Yuen said. Man when we don't do it like that they ended up pick India ten. Yeah. Cool it was greater security to rob takes a lot man we really appreciate the time great stuff. Rick you know an IndyCar broad all right rob Butler.