DB Show: BJ Armstrong

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, February 20th

Draymond Green's agent, 3x NBA Champion, BJ Armstrong, joins John Dickinson, Matt Steinmetz, and Daryle the Guru Johnson on the Damon Bruce Show. 


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It's an absolute pleasure to be joined by. Former NBA champion and also executive VP and managing executive wasserman agency during non green's agent as well BJ Armstrong. Joins us here on night by seven gay BJ thanks for coming on. There's always the the pleasure really appreciated thank Abdul. And BJ where just thrown around here kind of the topic do sure the last a couple of weeks surrounding the warriors and it's the fact that they they've won at. The championship they did the best even the NBA the last three and a half years as a whole but they've been. In a Malays really for the better part of this entire season where they're not playing at the level that everybody around here. Is used to seeing them they've been open in discussing the fact that. They just don't have the energy they've had they need to get to the all star break and hit the reset button. Is. Is that. Like anything may be in your career that you witnessed and be a part of some of those championship teams are ordered Michael Jordan just have everybody ready to go every night. Well you know if you get older you use it. Leo all parties here. Or the security of what you're seeing them do so the fact that they're disgusting. It openly and that they're aware of it would be great for the warriors warriors. You know every. Seen championship team has been destroyed by the way if you need that is what I wanna call it. In the IndyCar Series is so everyone begin to leave it there that read. Whether these organizations. And clear. Cold or what have you. And the fact that the warriors. Where. If they are that they. Arguing that this is part of the process to music great. You know on the team. You know been on a path for the last four years so I think they've been put to the finals the last three or four years. So if this is only natural now that being that you know. You know every championship team had the you know really come to the conclusion that. What are our tolerance or want and other than what we're about the goals go to you know do you still have the patrons the goal won't the process. No do you wanna play that game it. In the regular season or you just now like well I wanna play and play all over the middle and played it was beaten. So I think what this team is really that there were viewed as we get it we understand you know. It is possible to Glock did win every game. It is certainly possible to go out there and try to win every game and I think that was that he was struggling to do it because. The goal right now they're against him was that they're doing it for a number of years let. I think it was called occur in the heat in the leadership you know. That courier dream in play and can't do what they're providing that they did give him what some direction. And I think what it when it at the plate championship caliber adaptable I think they will be right on part of the one part of the season right now decline for them. Well it shouldn't be these. Players have been playing only two and recklessly and some of them went in the Olympic. Step carried Indian that would mean shouldn't commercials in the summer and it's been a whirlwind but you know what. Give them credit they find a way. It being done in the in the in the warriors in the most successful franchise the last group for years and expect it to continue at this global sport. BJ obviously Dray mind greens are huge part of what the warriors do. They go small lot but even when they don't go small tray mine is using matching up with bigger guys. Is is there is there a hole that eventually takes on a player. And is it something that would would kinda show up in the post season or wouldn't show up later in a player's career and the reason I ask you that's his. Yeah I'm just just seen him. On the court once in awhile he's got to defend the Stephen Adams or or go up against the mark assault worries you know where he's given up 4050 pounds. How much can get a guy like him sustain that over the course of the rest of the season in the rest of his career. Well absolutely eighties in the ninety's. I wouldn't really concerned about the game was played their vehicle with a lot of open right in totality of the game was much different when it's played today. You know today you know what we're concerned about peace and speak. Sold the piece of the game is really predicated towel on. Speed and quickness great mine had an advantage to him against all these players that are much bigger than you know because the game is about. Hate in every one is playing the game to get out. The maximum on offers the opportunity that they possibly can and that's just the waiting game as big ball. Where players you know you're the three point shot is here and it's your mistake so. McCain that's slowdown in the playoffs. Oh it doesn't get a little bit more physical than those in the regular season. But I hit me with playing right now. Probably with the exception of the little piece of music is where you actually play and you're being on the pope's. So right now I don't think it's a concern or it will be a concern that you see. He's starting to win with big players into the polls so you know I'm watching closely personally the B evolution forward. You would algae oil and be fair if they make the playoffs with a few big is that bands use mission in this league. You know and expected missiles are there we need big bodies and big band because duo in immediately help the going to be a problem. Because the pace of the game. It doesn't affect them and you can't play small ball against them. Is it to gain ever returned back to the big if he that they they'll be happy he's going to be at the four point oh why did it goes back. Well played from outside in music at its currently doing and we're gonna go back or back more from the. BJ Armstrong our guest here and 9570 game. Vijay let's stay there because I'm a guy that misses polls play in the current NBA. And you were successful shoot three pointers but did you ever think there would be a data where we see NBA work teams are you know like the rockets and lawyers. Whole stand up forty to 53 pointers in DO like you can I do list that polls play. Well. A degree course there and in I was very fortunate I've played in the air which it was phenomenal phenomenal players there and edited the EU. You know the Magic Johnson Larry Bird and written and played with Michael. In Olajuwon a lot like yeah collective good of the game in the fall you know I'm always. Evolution of the game and so. Home. It appears though I'd miss watching the game to game that I do in content and understand. That the new game that we're watching now. All but I think it I think it's good it was needed because there's so many wonderful aptly. On the floor in that thing that impressed me most it's. At the end of the game evolves the players aren't way to create space in what are the three point shot coming into the game. There was no more space for these players operate. Is now are we were walking directory. Early I could understand now also one which you would back a bit that's what I can understand. That. Since created based on the floor so that we can. Have a game that we're presently seen in at the warriors are taken advantage that they deliver an inning they they have created space. Which has created a major problem all the defensive coaches. Sound that really figured out how to play from the inside out. Now the only thing you can do against that occur in the in the go to war is switched. And that would mean you'll double teams that scurry because you'll want to remind green the BB. The player team. Get the ball in the middle of the court with options with reverend ray and quick parts in all the liberal wing so. It created a lot of problems I don't think that the that the auto it would be opened the door right now throughout the lead good. It's no points so we'll figure it out in bill the other change in the game. And to gain continued we all. Vijay Raman has got fourteen technical fouls sixteens the magic number. You talk to about that or. Yeah go head military and a separate accounts into the forum where that where you don't even notice that money going away or that. Well I think between. Welcome to the one thing there yeah active remember it would streamline and it is and there's been a lot of players who played with this type. Passion for the game. What are they are a line between haven't seen in the in Toledo in. Trying to utilize your reason too much I think what made great what mainstream that's wonderful player is deeply negate a it is and we've you know him do corporate senior. There's no doll. Then he is playing. All out once every possession. There's no adult that has one objective in mind that is the wind is not why do well that's why you. Personally I'm afraid they need mean because if you hold it down you might not be doing monthly. You may not be that same player if you act. Not the way to gain it back. Loved what actions. In and actually the confrontation and Greg that there aren't any yet that's what makes him unique now on the other hand technicals and all those things. You know something you just have to let what I remember you know I think a player Scottie Pippen for instance. RD what we believe every year like turnovers. What we have the live with that because he would do so many other wonderful things on the war that a lot and that these guys have been so. I think it's one of those things where you try to balances. You're whole do you know wouldn't get as many technical but at the same time what outcome have been that action. Without him playing the way he played. Probably wouldn't be who we can get becoming the Reagan neither the ball to a popular player in the league I don't think anyone. Would've bought when he was drafted in the second round of the statement that it would be able who wouldn't become so. It looked kind of one of those things you know you try to be aware of it but it the paper. He does so really great being out there on the war what greens from leadership students. You know the president partners that we talk and communicate and most importantly they affect the bottom line in. You know we enjoy winning enjoy competing in her one of those things were. You know you gotta be careful with GAAP we're just might get it straight mom because that actually is and we lovable. BJ thinks a lot for the time we certainly appreciated levels hockey gets him. Thank you got revenue aren't beat Armstrong joining us here he seven game great stuff for BJ.