DB Show - A's bizarre walkoff, Croatia-France WC, Telemundo v. Fox, Jon Morosi, Damon's Dimes

The Damon Bruce Show
Wednesday, July 11th
One last ninety minute Damon Bruce Show... Damon recaps the odd ending to the A's/Astros game last night where the A's comeback was spoiled by a bizarre error and walk off in Houston, World Cup Final is set, Damon is officially a World Cup fan, but mostly just on Telemundo Deportes, is joined by MLB Network & Fox Sports analyst, Jon Morosi, and Damon's Dimes w/ Gianna. 

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Welcome welcome welcome it's good to be what do you what do you know. We got baseball happening at AT&T park. We got baseball happening tonight at. It was it was a minute made Enron what we call on them that way down Houston now yachtsman. We're going to be back there tonight and odd loss if there ever was one for the days to suffer last night after a tremendous. Ninth inning comeback. Wait to Hadi Stephen for Scotty going deep. In the eleventh to give the a's will look like a chance to get to in a row over the Astros and then one of the goofy is. Walk off you'd just lost plays we've seen in a long time will see for a very long time happened to the eighties and we're gonna get into that. In just a little bit welcome it's good to have you here last night the giants were shut out they lost it at a date date date loss for the cubs they wasted a very good start. At a Derrick Collins who kept Chicago and check the cubs just struggle against lefties they really really do. Speaking to left these will be monitoring whether or not Brandon belt gets elected to the all star game. The biggest lefty in all of golf Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods apparently are are gonna be doing this are we gonna guys passing game out cool. Ice to iso periods in negotiations. They're still working on the details and they're probably still looking for the sponsors of what will be a perfectly made for TV event. I'm gonna take it up a many notches. I care about this. All a lot more. If it's their money. As opposed to other people's money you want them to put at the ten million it doesn't even need to be ten million I would be more compelled to watch tiger and Phil. Play for a million dollars of their own money than ten million dollars of you know BP oil's money orders sonoco is money or the shell Houston opens money I. I don't wanted to be sponsored money out to be their cash to their gambling over that's the prize I wanna see them. Dooling over on a golf course it's like basically you know what this this. Now there are stars and more curious and we wanna see it at least I do. But really what we're saying here is hey tiger and Phil you guys don't do a lot of beating of actual golfers on PGA tour. Let's see if morning guys competing each other. Well maybe there are many might make it a little bit more competitive it would make it a lot more dramatic to think about it. First tee. The both walk up with one million dollars in cash each of them. They put that million dollars in a back the bad waits for the winner. On eighteen green. The bad just wait mayor for the winner on the eighteenth green. And when all of a sudden somebody walks off the pick of the bad good walk off into the sunset the other guy walks off would not the book is car keys in his. That's not bad Damon Dax. That's the made for TV event that I wanna see it's always more compelling when it's your money not other people's money will definitely. He's more compelling. That's the one on one matchup that I really want. I look the match to be there. Yeah I wanted to happen given to me either way but if you want to real stakes make it fair stakes. And I would like to tip my cap to the lady or gentleman on the text line judges said Damon you know. Gambling is illegal bush wood country club are a little thank you very much gambling is indeed a legal. You don't want judge smells colony into his office. Dated 89579570. Plenty of chances treaty gives a call today we're gonna have a Damon's dimes coming up at 345 Dion has got to she's identified a few problems in the world and I'll try to offer my assistance coming up. At 345. Today John rose C. Is gonna join us at 4 o'clock we're going to be talking baseball John rosy at 4 o'clock. These pregame show again in Houston that begins at 430. Today is our last abbreviated show of the week well extremely abbreviated show we got ourselves a fall for our full Monty should bang bang coming up tomorrow really looking forward to that. We'll have a certainly. Long enough for business. Three hour fifty minute show coming up on on Friday so I'm looking forward to all the radio that we have coming up and then of course the all star week. All star week gives us Lenny had time to hang out together. So much so that most people insist on taking a big nation. Except does except us we. Didn't plan ahead it how long enough in advance. We failed. So we're going to be here all next week we're actually really looking forward to it we hatter social meeting today to one. Well just discuss the things that would be entertaining you and and after that meeting we got into the business of not entertaining you in the future but entertaining you today. One of the things that we had dinner change widows of course. The development of the World Cup in Russia today coral way he shot it dances past England. I know it's not. It's certainly not what the vast majority of the planet want it I think we all wanted France vs England's all Europe. Kind of World Cup finals set for Sunday morning. But Croatia is in Croatia wins in extra time and so we got goals we have things to play. I don't know an awful lot about Croatia which I admitted to earlier today I I had LB. Cooling like what's the greatest bands to ever chromatic Croatia. I still don't know any of them their all Croatian bands that I've never heard of before there's there's no Croatian band that ever broken big. I I got nine like biggest band out of Australia like really easy you can go wade what AC DC. In excess success at Midnight Oil like the few things come to men without hats like. Think good things come to mind instantly instantly. Yahoo! serious. There is no instant Croatian recognition but with a little research and what I mean is we Google bit and then we clicked next page would just a a little bit of research we were able to come up with a this year is cruel way shouldn't. National soccer team and them like their height Saunders saw just there on exactly this is their height song are you ready for the Croatian theme. It's not what I would call. Lovely and it's a little shall we say. Mark she's Mo. And there is there's not a lot of good singing and it it's very up. Slot back. This as an in my right saying that slot back at my BAA attendants see that this as you tell they like strong kind of a very strong and I look at it this way. Today London breed got sworn in in at London breeds. Swearing in these differences go gay men's chorus performed. The severance Cisco gay men's chorus is an amazing course they can hit. Any know in the book any note you need them to hit any song you need delivered like do you would have no hesitation to call in the San Francisco gay men's chorus. They can sing. V. I'll what I'll assume is Croatian. All male chorus they couldn't carry a tune in a bucket here they are though attempting to saying there. There soccer National Anthem. Hear a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Out of her way if I mean I don't know a lot about croatians. I guess that's the equivalent of I believe that we will win which obviously. Here is this year's US men's national team and them. The nation once a little more catchy I'll give them earlier. I agree. But it got fantastic and that is fantastic we will be playing these goal street today in as a matter fact we're gone to a next we're gonna have a little fun with this and we're gonna have fun with something else with a lot of baseball to talk about when will do that would John Rosie coming up we had beat these lose a heartbreaker last night we had the giants getting shut out and AT&T last night and we got things to talk about. Regarding both of them but there's something else that we're gonna talk about coming back from the break. And your boy here has confession to make. I've been watching the World Cup in of volume of World Cup coverage that. Trick I've watched more soccer. In this World Cup I've watched more soccer since this World Cup started. Then an all 43 years of my life dating up to the start of this World Cup. I've watched more minutes of soccer in the last three weeks that I did in the first 43 years of my life. We've started out with sane that you were not an even pay attention. So you've but you believe me I like I see you believe we usually I don't pay a little bit of attention so. Will you also believe me and if you don't I even ask Julian or Mike I'm not a major call in today's material witness because. She's the woman who walks in on me well I'm watching these things. And you could ask Gillian every single minute that she's walked in on me watching the World Cup either upstairs or downstairs in my little fortress of solitude. I've been watching on telemundo. I have not watched a single minute. All of this World Cup. Broadcast in English it might not even well beyond this it might not as well beyond fox as far as I'm concerned it's all telemundo I have. Only watched it on telemundo my pregame source Michaels came source. Might actual game source is only telemundo I have not watched on a minute of Fox's coverage. Until today. And so today. In my next segment what I'm going to do for you is to compare and contrast the coverage on fox. As opposed to the coverage on telemundo. And nominates play right now I can't speak but for eight picked up word here or to. In Spanish I I I I I don't speak Spanish. But I am balloon went in sports television. I am flu went in sports television it's like my native language. And I'm gonna tell you right now telemundo is doing a much better job covering this World Cup than fox is doing and I'm going to prove it. I'm gonna prove it TM next. Here on the Damon Bruce show along with the Croatian team that will continue playing throughout today's show is not right poised. How how the auto. How did the deep shelves on Monday I examined the game. And then. Coming up at 4 o'clock we got an awful lot of baseball to talk about John Rosie last night. In the top of the eleventh after a huge. Top of the ninth. Come back from the Oakland aids in Houston. Stephen to Scotty did this is Stephen it tipped. I feel wave back and no doubt and they had that taken. And best Gotti as knotted again. Unbelievable. Steve and Chris goddess writes in the eleventh inning for the second time on this road throughout. Andy is have taken up five do poorly. Absolutely. Unable. They begged borrowed stole clawed fought their way back in that game what every you wanna say didn't take the lead a tense there in nemesis. I know wasn't for a Lander but it was Verlander at the start it looked like they'd gotten over the hump after being. Held to so few runs all during our regular and things and then. After having taken the lead. In the eleventh five to four. The game ends in the bottom of the eleventh. Like this maternity and here it is in slowing and it's happened the first baseline rolling it's a fair ball it looked right doesn't take him. I don't know bubbles that now both the first and. Britney learned initially deployed trickled off foul with the and it rolled it took a little left turn it was right on the shot. And then moved I was trying to tag the runner. Bragman who is just to the right of all play just slightly up the line and Jonathan pundits say give me. Rick when alluding that snagged him and Jonathan the only play had a doubt pointless to play with a lot of first base we get the out there are. And the ball went five mark cannon. And witness on the right field line advocates Tucker scored in the Astros have a 65 when you. I mean there's a lot of explanation after that play there by can corps Iraq and deservedly so because the baseball equivalent of all hell breaking lose. Broke loose in the bottom of the eleventh inning in Houston last night. It really what the the a's go from the day before having their best win of the season. To suffering what will be with out doubt they're honest lost. That you'll see Emma. Or maybe any other team in baseball suffered this year and it's funny it was so odd it was so. Uncommon. The way in which stay. They found defeat took. They found their own defeat they really did. That green and frisbee. Who covers. Blues. San Francisco Giants more than anything else. Stayed up late reading an article about just the odds of this actually happening any tried to calculate what would be the real odds of a ball. Having so much English on it. That after your foul tip it bounces back into play somewhere in the first ten feet of home plate like. That's a well that never really ever happens in physics. But once or twice a year. So he figures like that that's like one and a couple thousand chances of happening in the and he goes. What are the odds of a catcher. Then dropping a ball trying to bare hand tag someone what are the chances that the odds of a bare hand tag where you dropped the baseball. One out of like a couple thousand what are the odds of a catcher. Picking up a dropped third strike throwing it down the first base. Like a a really quick strike down the line for a major leaguer. Is nothing it's nothing that they make that throw their eyes closed. A million out of a million times or except this one particular time so what are the odds in that happening. What are the odds that he would hit the top of pregnant helmet to make eagle skid battling off. Like just what are the odds. And for all of that but it's such it's it was like a series of very strange events it would eat based weird they calculated that 500. Million baseball games could be played for Vista may be happen again if you believed in. These random chance meter bringing this sequence of events to you once again it would be somewhere in the year. 171000. You know I mean it's just it was such a weird weird weird way to end the game and obviously the eighties are or are doing an awful lot right now to make people leaned forward and pay attention. And Daryn good baseball team out of nowhere. All of a sudden. And last night's loss. Was ouch now has a bomber it really was coach. It was ouch we're gonna talk about a second wild card is good for baseball probably better to the days. Than any other team in baseball because it actually is going to keep them incentivized to stay in this season whether they want to or not that second wildcard is a nice little carrot to dangle. And you know maybe it affects some trades in makes some teams that might be sellers think of themselves as. If not buyers not sellers it might it might prohibit business in some areas but it doesn't stop the big trades from happening it's it's good for base. All I talk about things that I've been wrong about in my sports career. The original. Idea of baseball's wild card I was against it while now I'm wrong if you offered meet the world without the wildcard. I would not want it when the second wildcard came about I was like are right that's just too much I don't want it. Now while I was wrong about that I want it I like it I like I was wrong about my initial reaction to it and I like it. There's also something else in the world of sports that I've been wrong about for years. And I'm running in the say that I am bawdy and were I am now a fan of the sport or I'm going to be throwing a dart at the English Premier League to find the team to root for word you know what now that Ronaldo going to Real Madrid I'm not gonna pick them up. In fact I even know that means soccer is taken big steps down on the road I even saw someone on the ringers web site to an article about how. This World Cup is the World Cup that killed the soccer troll. And I thought. You know I'm a living example that that articles pretty spot on because I used to be a die hard World Cup soccer troll or he may say year or if you would talk about how much you enjoyed it I would try to steal your sunshine from you and tell you that you. You had it wrong that the sport is terrible and you're getting it wrong you're watching grass grow in a whole bunch of guys name Pepe. I just don't understand why you would really you know with all these sports options here that we have why you would choose that's why. Like I never got well I I dropped my cynicism. And we started shedding the cynicism skin. May be a World Cup I'll go where I was less cynical and in the four years between my less cynical World Cup approaching this one. I even changed to the point where I am. You know I'd curious enough to turn it on voluntarily like I'm voluntarily watching World Cup games. That blows it. Germany. What Germany South Korea was at the great game there's a come Mexico game that was in a really good early on and around the in the dude those around sixteen or not Iran not around Melbourne before the a decade Damon by the way were novels going to use fantasies leading Real Madrid but you know keep it up nice job. Thank you thank you thank you are not even same knee I knew. Writing I say I saying I'm trying they did in your opinion changed after the stroke may be I don't think the stroke was responsible for it. Maybe this more worldly now right. So. On that note. I've really enjoyed it because I've been watching it. On telemundo and I'm gonna tell you right now for someone who's not a diehard soccer fan doesn't care about a drop of analysis. The thing that I really like is excitable announcers. That's why we play these goals by the way. The very first goal by England today this made it one nothing England you tell me this isn't a celebration of all things good and fun in the world all. CN yeah. I. So that was England's first gold today by the way. This is what it sounds like when you play. Their National Anthem underneath that England's National Anthem here you go are you ready off. They're all saying see it they ought to. See okay. Didn't really work out for the on the entire. English National Anthem is some announcement and god save the queen. So look I am not fluent in Spanish but I'm fluent in sports television and I'm not lying NC when I say that until this morning I've watched a minute of the World Cup on fox. Which means I haven't watched a minute of the World Cup in English. In till I compared and contrasted. That to today. Here are my notes. Would about a half an hour before. This game kicked off between. Will we just had England and then and Croatia. Before this. I started flipping about every thirty seconds I would hit preview like what are what's one was what are they talking about. What are we talking about it I'm back and forth between Fatah and Tillman know what's telemundo doing what's fox doing what's telemundo doing what's fox doing. Folks again I don't speak a lick of Spanish. So I don't really know what they're talking about except that I can tell the talking about the game that's about to be played there are talking about the sport of soccer. And while telemundo is seriously doing a better job to covered today's match. You got host sitting around the desk talking about the match clocks. Almost. To the minute. Every single time I went back and forth fox clearly has the bigger budget and you know what it's crippled their coverage they're drowning and you got shots of Red Square. You got the full on Moscow tourist guide being presented to you. All the money shots that you can think of all the crane shots all that should cam shots all the spider cam shots. All the shots of fans and bars from all around the world like they definitely have a bigger budget. Telemundo is just got a studio somewhere and Red Square and behind them you can tell it's Moscow but it's not. Like glamour shot it doesn't matter that it's not a glamour shot they're there to talk about the game. Not be a tourist brochure or for Moscow. And you've just got boxed just. Camera screwing the concept of war in Russia with every dramatic like. This is a statue of law a Stalin and we're gonna put the camera right over like Stalin shoulder in this in this dramatically shot shot. And why you're going to all of that nonsense in some sort of goal package from Lionel Messi who got knocked out of this thing like ten days ago. Doesn't matter soccer. Highlights of guys who weren't even in the tournament anymore while wall. Fox's appealing to the casual soccer fan like telemundo sock and black face so. All that doesn't matter anymore what matters is what's about to happen. Today's game and while fox is giving you graphic packages produced to wit ever. Odd 21 pilots' horror for it in. I imagine dragon song is being jammed down your throat by the sports world this week. Excuse me let me turn my big ticket golf let me turn my own options so I can be exit Andy don't what you can't end any Omani air what are you gonna. Candy what he had to. I love animal center but not right now. Luck. My experiment today basically taught me this. We. As Americans. Get the most dumb down sports coverage. That has a whole bunch of really impressive shapes and colors attached to it because they got a big graphics budget so one and so forth but the analysis. That we get. It's crap if it's not sponsored by like a bug light six pack of questions. But it might not ask those six questions on telemundo there're only asking questions. And the funny thing about about your analysis is that. You don't even understand Spanish as he said he'd rather watch them speak Spanish about soccer than watch all the bump. Shots in the fancy shots that fox is doing right and they never work. And then when it's actual game time which he got the two teams are lining up in the locker room they're all the doctor ordered they've been up every player's been paired with a kid which I think soccer does a really good job of bringing kids out from the National Anthem and getting kids involved. And they do the pregame ceremony while so much of that is happening. While so much that is happening fox is still like either in a commercial break her and some graphics package about a team that's not even playing today. And you're theirs not the there's telemundo they got their camera there in the stadium they got you know fans flags camera is people celebrating. Payment in phases and you know you're watching a really slick graphics package to and imagine dragging song. Should we expect an action alone. Blue moon. And I can't let it get it. We're ready for action. By doing imagine dragon sucked out loud so hard if you're a fan shame on you. I don't mind it. Shame on. It's like they seriously are there like what if every song we wrote somehow could've made its way onto jock jams. Wouldn't that be cool. So. Telemundo is talking soccer. Like they got establishing shots in and out of the break from inside the stadium of people of fans and there's one other thing at telemundo does. Like shamelessly. Better than anyone else. They understand what looks good on TV. Now I'm not saying that this is a better part of the coverage or anything like that. But you know to tell Lemond knows coverage when it goes to you know a woman participating. They're only dime pieces on telemundo and I'm not saying that that's the way needs to be there's a woman on the fox coverage to when she's talking soccer and she's doing really really nice job. But I mean I don't think should've been hired by telemundo. Just based on what telemundo seems to be the company policy you know across the board. I like I'll come home and tell Novella will have a grandmother picking up a grand time from kindergarten and that grandmother will be wearing a skin tight New Year's Eve cocktail dress act kindergarten getting her grandchild. Yeah I mean like in the animal world it's very it's it's it's burying. Sex C and everybody and that's certainly lemmings it would one of the greatest jobs in the world telemundo camera for the telemundo camera for. Is the greatest single guy job in the world single straight guy job in the world to what camera one is always on the ball. Camera two is always on the net. Camera three. Is always always on the coach. Camera for its always on a hot chick. Five hottest chick in this section camera for every section we will not stop until we've gone through each and every section like telemundo is not joking around. When it comes to. Let's show you some hot pants and an attractive men are hostages not kidding there's there's dare not even they're not even pretending. It's not just like props to isn't that just happened to be an attractive crowd now they are searching that is a model search. Seen now have to pay attention to back that I had not and I haven't noticed that particularly. In watching the soccer games and Nauman happy tension. I'd like you to pay attention. Sunday morning in the finals at 8 AM and 8 AM. And I'd like you. To flip back and forth. And confirm or deny what are my suspicions. I think I only really have suspicions here I have no idea they could be talking about pastrami sandwich is on telemundo I really wouldn't know. But. It looks like they're talking. In great depth. About the game that were about to watch which if you think about American televised pregame shows it's always the opposite. It's always the opposite like I don't watch a lick of NFL pregame because NFL pre games garbage. There is no there there there's no substance anymore they're not really talked about what's happening like they're gonna bring on. I. Like I ate a B minus comedienne like Lou is that rob who is who is a comedian. Rob ray Rivera like dogs better really talking about this game and breaking down how the niners have changed under Jimmy drop below let's bring in rob wriggle to do an unfunny sorry. Three minute thing where he puts on overalls and carries animals that have teams insignia is painted on them yeah. We'll skip yeah I don't need little skits telemundo and doing little skits. I don't think they got a State's budget but that's the thing the absence of a big budget. I think keeps them on point Fox's big budget is distracted it's like a George Lucas ruined the first not the first Star Wars but the phantom menace. George Lucas run the phantom menace because they gave him the biggest canvas to ever pay nominees like that I can't stop pain and put more airplanes more buildings more light sabers more aliens more everything and every shot and every shot was just like well. That's enough. So watch teen aid station where you know in Mexico soccer reigns supreme. I mean date that they live and love soccer. Right but I'm just translating tellem neglect pay we in America we love football but we still get catered to like pour all glittering idiots I think soccer fans who watch soccer on telemundo. Actually walk away feeling like well you know what. That showed just respected my interest and knowledge in the sport and didn't talking like a child but talk to me. Rather like someone who was interest it in the World Cup and this game at a very. Very detailed level. Like I appreciate detail and and maybe I think. Our I momma sports talk host so I approach sports a little bit differently than everyone may be the casual fan doesn't care about detail anymore doesn't care about game film breakdown or strategy or this that the other thing. And you would rather have eight shiny slick well produced graphics package like maybe that's what people want I mean I know that the networks out here do an awful lot of audience research there are a big day. They don't intend to give the audience something. It won't want. I think it's over used to here in the United States the color television networks are so into that. It's what you know it's a visual medium they wanted to looks super clean and fancy and splashy. Let me tell you there's something to be said for the concept. It will menus when they're accessorize singing getting dressed you know. Less less is more real history less is more it really is and I betcha Fox's coverage would be. Even better if their budget had been cut in half is the point I'm trying to make telemundo. Does more. On a hair string budget then fox does throwing infinity dollars at the World Cup. I'm sitting out to the back and forth. You gotta I'm bears dressed up so please compare and contrast and come back and you tell me what you think. I have homework dated 8957957. Now I've got Jake in Alameda Jake am I am I onto something here. Absolutely you know look at the owner of telemundo that they were cutting supply. And it sort two point nine billion. In Jewish actually so it's funny that we are brought telemundo as being this. Or in. TE conglomerate. You know like it's run biased. Spanish speaking people who are happy next June when Israeli and Jewish company. That's okay that's out of OK what'd did two TV station of course it's Jewish company now a bit. I don't understand where that call came from. It's okay by the way the Mexican Judy I I have friends you are Jewish you are Mexican death. Barbara bolts the spicy as much a ball you're gonna try all. Also later. Interest. 8889579570. Is the number. Again these are just just just my casual observations I do not proclaim to be. Oh look I I'd. I'm telling you is honestly as possible I don't even speaks Spanish and the coverage on telemundo is so vastly superior to the coverage that you get. On English speaking fox it's not even funny and I think that you can pick it up whether you speak the language or not. You can see it whether east did indeed. Yeah it's a measures like broad view even speaks Spanish how do you know what they're talking about I don't speak Spanish. But I do have eight Ph.D. In sports television. I am fluent. In pre and post game shows I speak that language I host though shows myself I know how they're done in any language I know the format. I know which erupted you're not eat. But again it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if the magician that came on before me was Spanish were both trying to solve the lady in half. You didn't put big money at Korean goal right well right at the end of this trick I go Alec cadaver. That the plan so I understand. I understand that I really do. In my off in my knocks. It looks like there's a ton of calls coming in Abby let's take these calls will have a Damon's dying after John Rowe seemingly push it back now because we're we're with Albania I know where we got a ton of calls come in and that's what we're gonna go we're gonna talk about this will go Damon's dimes coming up after John Rosie is gonna join us at 4 o'clock we got an awesome. On into erupted commercial free 45 minutes saudis say 45 minutes in Spanish riding facing coming your posts next on the Damon or show. Now back to the demon who got 1957. BP. Drawn C. You know croatians get. Again everybody picks in the spring in the Croatian theme here are very exciting time for the Croatian team. I'm like hold on to send children. Croatian being. Okay. Okay. Dominic you do. I mean how it. And I know that's what happened. By the way when replying this earlier Jian a could not have been more excited John and Alina a just celebrated the fact that The Spice Girls would be joining them on the air today. Just permit dated 8957957. Now. Let's take some calls this is drew meet tree column from Castro Valley Dmitry. What do you think in my breakdown between the way the World Cup is presented on telemundo as opposed the way it's presented on fox. Damon I really agree you mean if they are soccer. Being watched no doubt that you put it element of the game are pretty unique and it'd both the right thing I have ever occur might like out there how weary. The most in it's the most compelling announcer broadcast there is it really hits. Well how can hold and gold note her you know amid. They're not like it up like. It's sentiment we all agreed a long time ago like we love Gus Johnson right liquid love when Gus Johnson would do a game. Telemundo is basically nothing but Spanish Spanish Dustin Johnson's call an NCAA tournament games. All they expect luggage could pick it up money it debate they predict. Dmitry thank you for the call I'm glad you agree again I don't really like soccer. I don't speaks Spanish. I only watch soccer on telemundo. This is Jim in Martinez howry Jim. Andre I think not I I totally agree with yet but a little bit about it. A little bit or they get rewritten. Code re. Ever played Germany. Twelve years ago and first game of the World Cup. So everybody the whole country that a bar at 7 AM. McDermott are all games in Berlin. But the week before that we're on we're literally on the edge of the jungle. In the jungle. Every single thing on the Little Edie would like a twelve inch black and white easy. Every single thing all around the clock was World Cup great unit every single shot it was all World Cup. And all total grade and they're out they're going on and on about the World Cup so you can't really I bet it all bought. It to Berry you know there I think they're doing a good job at W compared Lombardo of equipment it's all mother animal. Right like did telemundo is like all World Cup we speak your language perfectly it's like fox. Needs to pick up their version of the how to cover a World Cup Rosetta Stone they need to learn how to speak the language of soccer. Are we need to have neverland since seriously and capacity is I think that's her armor for every Spanish and a broadcaster who does soccer they know there's Athlon there's definitely AG. Yeah. It's just the energy and I just think there's a conditioning the weight that we. You've when you're broadcaster. The only thing you hear the entire time you're broadcasting anywhere is. You know if you're a homer you suck. If you have too much fun on that call you're a microphone and dagger in you suck these guys all went to gag on that microphone university and varies no doubt that they are being encouraged to hold that note as long as possible. Go as crazy as possible put your heart into it as much as possible you're not gonna have a fan base namely your own net fan base. Holding you accountable for being too excited about your own team winning that night. And it adds that energy that flavor makes it more colorful and I think that's why it works it's seen its seems silly they're so excited so we're excited. Exactly and it's it's infectious into infectious. To meet what would not be infectious would be the English speaking broadcaster. Trying to duplicate that. Like but this this goal call. Of the for over a minute. Wouldn't be great if a more organic. Yeah I'd be like John Sterling calling Yankee home runs is like you know. Well another beyond you know the goal in the and balloon is stupid. One other AA blown. Tour. We arrived. Just stupid it is it is like the four Italy. You'll force that you if you forced it into your formula once again and congratulations. John Sterling. But it feels forced dia. Totally feels. Because he's just like. Now he's he you know he. He told everyone he's like you know always an RJ Carlos and it's his first home run by got a great call for you have been working on it like you he wouldn't use it during spring training to use user waiting for the regular season on. Yeah. The PG I think our loan to you know Ole Mikey change it immediately he realized it sucked that was. I'm just on your telemundo does a better job with it and an I don't need to like soccer or speak Spanish. To see it clearly. And I don't think you do leader you've compared and contrasted to cut that. Come Sunday morning I want you to do what I did this morning. So the game kicks off at 8 AM if you're up at 730 start watching telemundo pregame. Start watching fox pregame. Tell me how much faster telemundo gets you into the stadium for that day's coverage fox is still. Two and stupid Russian graphics packages. It's got to Tommy in San Jose what do you got Tommy carrier. Maybe there are doing well thank you. Hey. We're gonna Wear out early. Ought. Though the world start. Are you get it. Fox Broadcast team so land war. If they were literally time. I had no idea what game. Just like you don't speak and however the majority or were they all will it stream column. I don't mean I'd vote being hired gain made stop the name in the guide site it. Throughout the game at Indianapolis. You know exactly when to look up it's like you know that that first of all there's always just more passion in the Spanish call so it's always on a higher level like the the the baseline for a Spanish broadcast like the baseline for an English English language broadcaster is down here. The baseline for Spanish broadcast is up your anyways this is where we are even when nothing is happening when nothing is happening this is on talking so what are. Things about yeah. You know exactly when to look up the act like a Tom. Thank you very much for the call thank you for listening. I'm sorry we don't have dish on Spanish for you think a much more exciting it would be. We should go and I don't don't can't game the modem shoot low. I don't sort of humor dole nor. Are you out on me a single station promo we've ever. I mean how many. How many raiders hazing warriors that we had cut. Station promo is it's like you know hi I'm Patrick McCaw the Golden State Warriors and you're listening to warrior basketball on 957 the game. It's not bad but it's not great some of the ones at the eighties have. Some of the eighties rejoin her story and they used our baseball games are amazing and pretty good amazing like their days it says it. That was so bad should we haven't tried again in someone's like now. Cut print it's it's the ordnance on its one. Com. Guy hectic it didn't gimme gimme Anaheim Moreno again. Now they're really nice eagle on both the head area. I won't I am so good note sort of I don't know. I don't know you're gonna put the spice on it. We can got us here at the thought that. The pinata that you handed out pizza party yeah hey here are very nice. The party without opinions. Hash tag would Tina's for Damon. Thank you. A couple of constricting and bring it. It's it's about time volunteers stood up for Damon earlier as I normally only have one Medina standing up for Damon now I have. All these people up please tell Hamas Latino just maybe you forgiving the Latin posters some love more the end. Ganassi escape it though he can't you cannot beat telemundo when it comes to soccer calls now know they earned it you can't and a fairly high near Modena when it comes to some NFL calls that he crushes it with our. I'm when I'm at Marino's stewing you know. Station Reid sees the absolute best he can't be step up dominance emblem on the road show and even 957 the game. So what. I did Borg 957. Listen to him say. And I don't know when I see global and that he had scared the modem shallow. Those sort of small little else. But cinco on boats yet they let you could tell that they. Like an extra perk could be named like coming to the main stage right now single compose yet but I do like Lucia but she's top. It he adds flavor sing song it's not like no but I think upon those cities like even they think those yet that you know he seemed so Q. Imagine. Just for a moment imagine if just for a moment tencor act started Singh in his life seemed like suited. As Ohio. I didn't know outfield went back and no doubt and they had that taken. And best Gotti has done it again unbelievable. Steve and Chris Nadia strikes in the eleventh inning for those. And you thought it was going to be an easy winner and then all of a sudden bottom of the eleventh. The ridiculous happens return and. Here it is in slowing down and snuff that the first baseline rolling it's a fair ball in the right doesn't take him. I don't know bubbles that now pose the first. And yes they went six. Brutal it was a an odd loss if you could come up with a not lost on a baseball field BA's sound of last night. We're about to talk about all of it would our good friend John the row seat a fox sports and MLB network but first. A sultry station identification if you would please you're listening to 957 they gained KG and the FM any Steenland PGM via San Francisco radio dot com station John morose he joins us to talk about twelve really the first half which is coming to a close on Friday we got ourselves an all star break we got ourselves a Bay Bridge series and we got a couple of baseball teams you're pointed in the right direction. It was one of the best wins of the season for the phase two nights ago when they shut out the Astros John only to come back and win. Off forever will lose in a freakish manner. Jonathan Lu crow late dropping a bare handed tag on Bragman and then throwing it off his helmet down the line for the throw away. Game winning run that that's that's tough you don't see that very often. All David it was certainly a strange way to be a ball game but I would submit. That there is no better place to be a baseball banned in North America next week or so. In the Bay Area you get the barrier period the papers series going in the all star break on the all star break and that is say you seem that are. Trying to decide their trade deadline direction though a lot of big a lot of alternate side. I didn't know this into play well not that in recent days here they are why are they. Two to be at least fighters in or at least hold I think our doctors short this week. Was quoted what is planned and basically that they're gonna take a look at the next several days and as long as they don't. Collapse the next week or so they are probably going to try to look around the market for rental types starting pitchers like it Jay apt. And make a lot that seem to it would only have one team try to catch and at Seattle Mariners but that's like wild card spot. So if you that we bought in at the beginning of the year it would appear that that line. May well end up by unions that. And it's amazing what that second wildcard spot is done to change playoff scenarios. And teams continue to be dreamers it's it's really a win for baseball it's a win for a team. That that fancies itself a contender maybe year ahead of schedule and that is what were may be looking at here are the days I can also see them winning 92 games Indian left on the outside a whole looking in like that's how tough it is. To be the third best team in the American League west these days. Well that the very good point and and you look at how well these are playing right now. They have they have made the playoffs in years in which they were not playing. This well at this point it is in the burst out they're gonna make one out. And that report about this year and why your point it's so unique in the American League right now. You've got four teams. Europe while they sex twenties winning percentage in the American Italy. An and that includes the two teams that are right now holding a wild card spot with the Mariners that they want it when it percent. That is extraordinary. The National League right now as Hiroki about 61 so it just tell you how great the very top the American League that. And I'll read all the pop artist than it actually if you look at it as well you're probably gonna have. Three teams potentially finishing with a winning percentage at about 650 that it never happened statement. In the same league so eager American leaguer nationally in the same year in the game's history. Never happened before right now I get the Red Sox Astros politics that your better. John in a row seat MLB network and fox sports here on 957 game. So in like you said you were teasing how good the Bay Bridge series is about to be and you were talking about the eighties. Thinking about post season chances. I've heard you talking about giants postseason chances yet if at all if you are so. Is the question who's got more riding. On this Bay Bridge series has already been answered by you is it DA's. I think it NBA just because. Did you check to make the playoffs in the American League are so tenuous that that you have to really. This provide you gotta keep winning series in spanky when it. They get the Mariners are still wiped out baseball ahead at a local so I think the a's have a greater urgency to keep pace. The giants believe. Their decision is is clear because they're all party meet they have not collapsed this year they've played respectable. About 500 baseball were basically this point this season. And you look around at that there are circumstances. Really nobody has run away with the National League west at all and it and we keep expect the Dodgers to maybe. Will take hold the division but of course they lost a series last week and they get their rivals in Anaheim their geographic early rivals and so. I think that that the Dodgers realize there are flaws. The Diamondbacks realize their flaws there's a knock on congestion there that division. That I believe the trade deadline could be determinative. And what we saw this week. The giants move about trading away Austin Jackson and Corey Kearin. And obviously on burdening themselves some of that money. That allows them. To be a bit more nimble in terms of an idea where you're art that the trait that life. And also put up a spot Steven blocker like that you got to just be really nice player to that I think there's a literally positive movement the giant. Just based on reallocate resources. Bring up a rock spotted getting a chance that they'll look at government. A really good opportunity to be a big part of the giants' lineup now permitted many years. While the right time to get out of a bad idea as early and Bobby Evans turned the page on that bad idea early and I guess that is commendable but it was a bad idea was. When it was made in when you. Whenever you're looking to get rid of the guy who's not producing but also standing in the way of your development and you gotta include a prospects to get rid of them. That was not a deal worked out well before we turn our attention John to the giants I do want to since and so critical. At Major League Baseball when they get something wrong I want to congratulate them for getting something right. And there's nothing that they could have gotten more right than including Jeb Lowery on this American League all star team I'm glad he's in. NATO and any of the guided. Remember Damon a couple months ago we were talking about it as. Likely trade deadline candidate but it Erie area you may get an extension he deserves that and I give them credit to where. Continuing to adapt in his game over the years and earned his very deserving all star selection. I think her ability was that you remember earlier as Maria they usually discovered a way to stay on the field. You constantly worked on his swing. From all sides of the plays get about the orient they. Productive player and it's a critical ways. I think he's become a leader ideal orbit about overtime when we allowed best video in the Bay Area as well as being a step up all picked by the story. And you regulations that. You know what he said he attributes is his turn around to he had. Deviated stepped in surgery and for the first time in a long time he gets good ninth sleeps now. A sleep study he says unlocked the career year that he's having. The committee way there was a similar story. For Mike Napoli near the end this Gregory got Rick yeah. That they think so you know if there is that there's no there's no they payment as more portrait of an athlete then. That's sleep and a bit they've they've got to be able you think about being able seat at all. Reacted and they do in this sport you're not get your wrapped gonna get nutrition. And recovery it's it's you're never gonna build a computer level so I think what they talk about at our other writ large. David all the different analysts we've got then it's certainly a number of reverend nowadays. But there are ready nutrition. And sleep are so important to all of us but certainly athlete to at a particular way it and they were seeing teams that are. Learning a bit more about these you know it is too they may they overnight in this city or so the wind in the middle I didn't really spoiled little legislate. I think we're seeing it is being a bit more. Proactive and thoughtful as relentlessly aggressive. Are you best get through it at 61 pick one of which you well every day so they get the great what quite yet been and it's great it'd be credit. That the medical folks about them really achieve that breakthrough artist career. John ROC MLB network fox sports are friends here on the Damon Bruce show so. It's a tight race in the NL west give the giants credit for her digging themselves out of the hole they were en I guess they should also thank the rest of the division for not having. The ability to run away and hide in any point here at the National League west is may be baseball's most underachieving division so far and I guess that's enough to keep the giants and it they're more in it now this season they were last season but I don't know how much that really changes. Their prospects because I still look at that run differential. And I still an impressed. Well it's it's kind of an odd year but I would say that though that they had some pretty strong. Individual performances it is and I had talked in spring training that we said that. Crawford and now we're gonna be all star caliber this year we what does that say that that they got a chance to beat back to where they bent out of the oil out the and then quit with the pitching help returning at least a little bit. I think they've got a chance to reel off really nice. Two or three week stretch which is really what they need to get back into that to the real thick it is they it'd be it that you ordered it to finish first. In the division and that's part of the reason why. The Strickland injury is just so darn frustrating that there's it was when you're dealing with injuries to the rest your Rosser. You need to calendar guys to be there and let it obviously it. On avoidable injury certainly struck one injury was very. Very avoidable but I think that makes it frustrating and why I think if you look to the future they made a lot between can adjust their their. Open mixed with a trade that they do that you'd you'd hate deficit back at. They do this we had to get up this prospect because of a moment of frustration that this stricker couldn't control so I think a lot of questions there what that that the trying to tap that deal with the players the team and they have right now fortunately. Yet the roster does not include under strict. Check out our rumor mill now we've got some margin maybe to the Yankees got that from Bob nightingale this morning what have you heard. While the Yankees are looking for dredging and and we we know that. The giants of at least entertain the thought there will be some larger. Tell us how impressed they have been by the likes of Rodriguez and slot at coming up up finally. They are such important roles in the rotation and really creating some depth. That a lot of us to even know the giants had suddenly go that very. Popular development to them so Bart of course he has pitched well for the American League. I think so mark is stuffed with play. Well in that American League east on the issue I believe that their site. That on the other. Pitchers including. JA happ is dealt outside. The division their the American League east. It's a namely having to use because he hasn't been our question to ask in seemingly several seasons now. One of the biggest yankees'. Struggles. With they're pitching is because Sonny gray never turned in the Sonny gray in pinstripes. Very good point and and you look back at the dread the trade deadline last year range prominent guys were dealt in either July or August. Gray Darvish in her letter really broad has not the only one that worked out how well or you don't use what a World Series. Great ERA and I believe at the Yankee the book 5 o'clock five this year they could you go back for the Calgary are about five. Dark horse of course is battled injuries separately. Supporting World Series last year or so. The Yankees though you're right that that this sonic ray. Situation is really. Fascinating because you wonder at what point in time but the Yankees simply decide they have to cut their losses yeah. Or at each has become eight he hit starter and and that means not any part of their playoff rotation once they probably. Upgrade their rotation in the coming weeks so skewed that epic story it would not surprise me at all Damon and if the Yankees by the way to bring into pitchers. They may be trading away some that they thought would be at or just one year ago. John morose seeing your good to us every time would call you that you got great stuff for us thank you my friend. Like like David appreciate all the time it's always love talking uttered actual pat. Enjoy the all star game on Tuesday night. Indeed John Burroughs Sierra 95 cents in the game again loves baseball. You can tell it in the ala John manic guys is always always excited talk about it. He loves the sport they we were always excited to talk we're gonna head an opportunity to talk for four solid hours tomorrow I'm full show tomorrow. It's a travel day to BA's there. Guess. They're gonna be our wrapping up today in Houston traveling back tonight off day tomorrow and then on Friday. We're gonna have ourselves the Bay Bridge series opening at AT&T park next week you know we're gonna be giving way. Experiences. Ease experiences. Our Bay Bridge series experiences. For when the Bay Bridge series resumes. After the week at the all star break through a lot of fun giveaways next week lot of funds to do. To me in next weeks and the case announcers do played tomorrow at eleven all the rides and that's right an early date and early game yes before they come home that's right that's right that's right that's right. That gives us an opportunity to have a full. As long as doesn't oyster and not gone to dinner and what's not done what you wanna go that extra innings on on a getaway day. Forget about us not worry about us more about them. Where about their daily sleep. Which as we know was important gran agent Larry how yeah. On a team deviated sentence no they need their sleep they're wanting golden sombrero is all the way around I'd be terrible. What I hope is in terrible was the advice that I have the advice that I give in a little segment that we like to call Damon's times. You need the helping. So little assistance. How can help keep. Time. Yeah yeah well. Seeming dumber SE just talking about the all star game and again it's happening next week still be a we thankful for our shows for us and have a little fun with the Midsummer Classic yes. However it is going to be what Eddie slowest time easier for sports and sports fans we know that. Don't know that that'll wrap them on Sunday no World Cup as of sending us the final game any advice for fans and how to deal with the upcoming all star week. And like in sports fans didn't Dana Dane. That was an every minute in my show great four hours every single day don't mrs. segment. I will help you through what some would say is a slow period in sports those some. Those few are unimaginative. We will come up with. Include credible contents for you. And that's a promise that I'm making on behalf of about the not here but our economy and our own you know Riley out Venus can do a great job for all of us. It as he did mention there's going to be some amazing giveaways next week's fun and merry men brawl. As you can already got your comic and a good year a gun in tune zeroing. Aaron lustig the all star game now that we're two years into the new. All star game format slash kind of old Daniel wholesome and I it's fine do you want it. Activate it to me you really wanna. Now you're saying VG you like change. What's the chain number home field advantage so that's done so now I. Now the dumbest thing it debt that is the worst. Bud Selig idea that Bud Selig ever put forth for Major League Baseball. Giving home field advantage to the winner of this. To give tool ward the most important baseball game of the year to the only baseball game of the year that officially doesn't count right. Is just ridiculous and I'm glad that that's done. So we do talk a little bit on about how we can it how based on eastern prove a little bit any other idea is to make. The austerity more appeal lean maybe a little veterans vs young players what what's your advice for MLB to make the austerity more exciting. Well so there's no version of any way to pick teams that I want butted an American vs national there's no like all guy verses young guy vs USA vs USA not not interest in any of that that would that would help me in all of this thing. That I think baseball needs and will talk about this next week because this is. Ab so one will talk about it tomorrow probably but. Baseball I think needs an all star game skills competition. You know what I would wanna watch wouldn't you watch this like forget the home run derby been done there done that seen at whatever how about. Who can throw. Standing on a home plate flat footed you do not get a stat you cannot move your feet who's got the strongest arm in all of baseball. You have to stand on a home plate fat flat footed and with only your arm. How throw how far can you throw it. I can get into that how far can you throw it can you throw it to the center field fence can you throw it over the center field fence. What Johnny Bench they say Johnny Bench could throw. On his knees. To the center field fence on a straight line wow like no are gone he had that much of a catcher's cannon that he could just. The row from his knees and hit the outfield fence on the fly on a straight line here when some rainbow lollipop. Wow but it was a line a rope the you can hang something. It's a who's got the strongest arm what do that have every single center fielder set up in center field. Give maligned that they cannot cross. And then set up. A garbage pail right at home plate. Right like the common man skis defensive drill video shows you to do. And see who can throw as many baseball's added ten into that bucket from dead center field into the home plate pocket that be fun out you know have. Fans carry targets that if you hit it. That fan wins a million dollars. Let's cool it is to bring in the fans into that yes that's actually a really good idea yeah I. I was what based on the incident right baseball needs to take all the cash rewards of its all star game and give the fans yeah players in any more money. So yes spice up within all star skills competition will have even more ideas for tomorrow. Our first of first home who's the fastest medical Alan Hansen. Considered to resolve and I get very possible. The rock of finally is set so in the game against the look at finds to be France and Croatia Croatia happening on Sunday. Here's DM. None of the room and my eyes that's. And you. Buses in your car for the next four days like you weighed in anticipation of for the World Cup. If you're reading perked Croatia but that's just the problem. How our World Cup fans gonna deal with the four days basically you know World Cup soccer they need some advice yeah. Our blood your Croatian fan you're clearly for the next four days just listen to song and combing your chest there. This calming you're just you know like a picker anything you'd like you using a pull on home that you keep in formaldehyde when you're not you I don't want it up and you just. Rush in and out getting ready. Getting ready to end all geared up. Listening to this song might he do it of course. Yeah I do well since then French. Earnings of French. The strong centrally. Right so well they're Croatian are combing their chest hair getting ready differential just be you know smoking cigarette at any banking eating hay a close home. And just you know probably painting their naked mistress on Ali. I know it was chaise lounge. He's an I mean serious like paint a naked in my freak I've got to make a problem my wife understands. Since us. Let the one. I righted AM Pacific standard time so here and an 8 o'clock on Sunday. Are you advising people to wake up that early watch it my guess is with crew slots with Chris on yes you sort of don't watch the game. Ignore the witty think he's probably the best places to watch the World Cup final I'm an. I honestly can tell you I don't know what bumps at 8 AM in the Bay Area on a Sunday this feels more like a question for the morning shows and it does the afternoon drive show maybe you can call Joseph Fortin bought I'll call tomorrow morning in an ask I think he's coming in for fort ball Friday. Got a stomach right ahead of Sunday's big game and so he is the king of it and so he should now right in my house and ideas keep getting that question for. A. And one more real quick here I Kevin Durant on social media once again the two time NBA finals MVP continues to take console to media detractors I guess he's lays are it was with a seventeen year old. Kid who posted some being on pins to Graham that. And it was I can is specifically is a picture of him in a few of the players anyway you know I was not happy with that and he cocked back. We'll vice for Haiti like how do you shut out ought the point is. Direct cannot keep. Dealing with that on social media anymore how do you block it out. Two pronged answer number one. At least you're coming back on your own account it cannot use in a burner so we have we have the acts we have a vault guide. Now the next step in your evolutionary social media persona Kevin. Is to put your damn phone down and stop looking at instead Graham your Kevin Durant you should be beyond this for God's sakes. You know why do you care about a year you think you are and in Durham. Rants you wanna see what self confidence looks like Kevin. Watch Damon Bruce deal with his social media account who'd like come after what trolls do I go after an item the most miniscule of morons and seventeen year old. Telling me I suck every day. And I don't care at all because I know deep down inside. Even if I do suck there's still pain me pretty well sock so are these tests. Care what the -- possibly care about any of this what could Kevin Durant possibly care he's been validated to the most validated way possible they're called championships and MVPs of the finals that's all the time we have we got a's baseball coming up next thanks to John rosy I'll be a lane and Gionta who lobby a couldn't dual without you remember this sports don't build character. They reveal. Like that. It's. They.