DB Show - 4 - NFL mula, LeBron's $500 shorts, Robert Littal, All-Star Etiquette

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, July 16th
Damon discusses NFL money, LeBron's $500 Lakers shorts, is joined by CEO of Black Sports Online, Robert Littal, gives the first of an an All-Star week etiquette lesson.

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Welcome it is our fourth and and final hour this afternoon and we got ourselves a home run derby do we. Sixteen home runs. Her Javier Baez. So far in the first round of stock in a war right now who party win Max Muncie is going to be up next. I have heard these calls. Maybe tomorrow we should have some. We get some foreign born home run derby calls at them but what. Well you know they're doing this a multiple languages here. Chris Berman used to do in a different language back at my apartment. Love this time a year. It's time we're Derosa looking a baseball and concentrate not focusing on written we don't have anything else to really distract us in the sports world but. Nonsense the other things other NBA stories that pop up tomorrow. We're going to have our summer league championship game tonight is the semifinals it's cavs vs lakers. Grizzlies vs blazers on the other end of the bracket you can watch it on ESPN two if so. Inclined. Some assisting new dimensions war verse home run total I would that I don't have as an Anglican thank you very much were stalling. Thanks for road called us out text line for free here you're the best ever radio you're the best. The rays took the first two AT&T park. Maybe wait and take more when this series shifts to Oakland. You can take more friends to the game in Oakland on Saturday for a cheaper amount then probably ever. Ten dollar tickets are going to be made available mount Davis opening for Saturday's game. The Demi limited food options to dollar hot dogs nachos peanuts bottled water and soda. There will be regularly priced beer. Of course sixteen Kyle's former and happy but I also think sixteen they tied state in the first two guys tell it. Anyone else dealt someone else lead and offered to score related off. I just I sort of looked up. I think that's always pads that are. I'm sure all Bragman also went China would amount by one all right thank you very much. Well done. The guy on its excellence is a Damon who won the Tour de France or we don't know yet we are still. We still have an awful lot of toward a Frandsen to dole before we know that but stick around because we will have a toward fronts update. To get to all caught up harness racing your obviously sitting on the edge here your seat for. Will do that coming up we do know officially who won the cup. All of the moon though. Obama India. That too. Amanda because of what a deal could have happened. It's you know. We flew. Also from over the weekend how about Serena Williams very impressive what she's done. Tissue. No I don't think she did cheat and win it now she but she got to the final it's amazing. That's really amazing she is hands down. One of the single greatest at how. The Williams sisters are probably more successful in the Manning Brothers in terms of like first family is sports. The last forty something years it's amazing. She's impressive. Which if she gave birth ten months ten months ago suffered complications. Post that surgery happened. Yeah its it's pretty amazing that she's just like Ramona. Ticked at birth and rubbed it off like a high ankle sprain and. They're right back door no big deal back in action amateur the women by air that's very impressive her very impressive. Also impressive. The amount of money NFL teams make. I think you Harding knew that but every now and then we get to really look inside the NFL's books and it's because. And we would not have this information. In less the Green Bay Packers. Were owned by the city Green Bay but because this is public information there's a lot of people who on the Packers this is. Information at any NFL team like if we're just you know this information let's go to Jed York tenure could keep private. Mr. York who don't. But there's thousands of owners of the Green Bay Packers. Packers revenue for the fiscal year ended march 31 it was 400. In 54 point nine million dollars thirteen and a half million more than last year. So. NFL business down. And not according to business. Expenses were up about fifty million dollars but revenue benefited from adding additional money. From shared national television contracts in growth and local income largely as a result of a new sponsorship agreement which they have. Title town has opened up so on and so forth and understands he revenue. There. The Packers have. 360760. Owners who. Holding. Five point 02 million shares which are not traded in are rarely soul. The team reported a net income of 38 point six million dollars. 34 point two million less than last year. But the year's net income included 27 million dollars worth of relocation fees. Thanks a lot rams chargers. And raiders. Another words the net income is down. But it's only because this year they're not whacking up. Who gets to move prices. So even though the profit is and is much. They're still doing justice brisk business. National revenue. This is it checked every NFL team gets. Before they play game before they sell a ticket you'll get. 255. Point nine million dollars. There is no one senate. To winning game. There is no. There's no incentive to go out when again. Even before one game is played. Before one game is played you got a check for 255. Point nine million dollars. What ego sixteen and out and or oh in sixteen. You're looking at 255 point nine everything else about it as just gravy wow. Television revenue increase of about 5% annually Ennis. They share it shared equally among the league's 32 teams saw the Packers got. 255 point nine. So did the raiders. So did the browns. So did the niners. So it'd you'll war. Los Angeles chargers cheat on your favorite football team ever. Got a guy or the techs I says Damon judge Bjork is CEO and not the owner what is the last name of the family that owns the team. Don't ever try to be so accurate you're gonna stumble over the fax Jed York. Might not say it on his business card but Jed York is all day and night long the owner. Of the San Francisco 49ers. But does mom and Derek yeah. That's how that's did you think they're gonna sell. To select some guy walking out of great America one Daniel like you know what. We're going Willy Wonka the we just wanted to give it away to somebody who loved it. Well I don't think that's gonna happen I think I think. I think Jed York is pretty much certain to put this team in his back pocket when yeah. Don't let a title get in the way the faxed to the family. La Familia. LeBron James. He's got a new family. And family wears 500 dollar shorts apparently. Mean his first appearance this summer league to support is new Laker teammates he arrived in style very expensive. LeBron showed up wearing a pair of throwback Laker shorts. Which you can get yourself for the low low price of 500. Dollars. Get on a year now. Get out of here. These particular shorts because LeBron wore them are already sold out you're gonna have to wait for their to be restock beat you before you get your hands on number dominant player right now. Do not ever ever by a pair of 500 dollar shorts. Go to target. Go to Kmart. By any Perry oh sure to how about this you can get for less. Than the unofficial but designer Laker shorts. Than 500 dollars you can you own an entire authentic Laker uniform for less than that the Jersey and the shorts I believe. Horry could just get the LeBron shorts. And why it is so expense of their throw back. I think it I don't know I think they're expensive because. LeBron put them around his junk. Could he wore that I don't know. I don't know they reminded me. Of the shorts that staff Currie was wearing at the parade. Those shorts that he wore were fashioned out of an old warriors Jersey so maybe you put that much tailoring into it. Turning her Jersey into shorts. It's now 500 bucks a story behind that to. My guesses story here's while it's. But it doesn't matter because what. A lot of money on her short any fears and would be. The ultimate compliment. I'm. Gionta when I bought my beautiful wife for engagement ring I wanted to get a ring she would be proud of one she could. In a very. On Fuji way the shell awful little bit you know I want her to look at it and say well this is going to be life appropriate. The rest of my way this is. This is really really really nice and and you wanna spend a little bit of money on an engagement ring for a girl that you loved deeply because a lot of people are gonna look at it and what that's our love comes from you don't have to. But if you can I suggest you do because it will be eight A senator of pride for you were chosen partner. It will be something that she and her girls all get to lean over and dealt with a sparkly too pretty and girls do that an awful. We're every single bowls eat every day for the rest of your life and exactly. Every day for the rest of your life. You spend this much amount of money occur shorts. The greatest compliment you can get this. My shorts. That's it you can never take it beyond that you can never go for it. How excited can you possibly get about a prayer shorts. Nice shorts. Nice sucks yeah I get semi though I guess we have that kind of money doesn't matter I'm not about. You know you got your style you got your fashion it's your thing acog and the bronze very specific about that stuff. Clearly as we've seen 500 dollar shorts a huge Jewish bad move I'm glad I said it night and stick into it expensive. 8889579570. Is your number I would like to give you chance to win a thousand dollars as a matter of fact I'm going to do that in just a little bits of state don't. And now also let you know that we have moved up our etiquette. Our biggest segment our etiquette segment is going to happen right after the break Robert looks all needs to join us at 630 tonight so we're going to do that. We were going to go no it did did Doug opposite was that. Yes you're right that's coming up at 630 Roberts components past thirty if you want to pay 60 it'll be six there are no way he's back. You know would have been the right etiquette to let me know that their lines commercial break. Does that that's and that's okay. So every line. With how we're going to keep money we're going to keep this general schedule which is lovely because advocate. Is really important. And it's a big. Dick fat hairy thing. Then I brought an entire book on. Peggy post. The definitive guide to manners completely revised and updated this is originally from Emily post's. And Emily Post is the most trusted name in etiquette she is B. Guru of etiquette the first edition was published in 1920 to use an awful lot of this is from almost a hundred years ago we will see would still applies. The modern society. We're going to get into the when do you go for the kiss on the back of the wrist move that's really tough to pull off in 2000 any team focused and aware that the ads if you can still get away with the optional take on block move gob bless you are a whole lot of special for total special person you are unique you let upper room. So we're really get into every day etiquette and then a little bit later on tonight Jian a chapter eight. Homeowners. So I just welcome had you and your job Paul okay that's important. That's important you who. And do your job. Do you have the right amount advocate. We're gonna have all that for you stay tuned we're having fun this fourth and final hour here on 957 game do what I don't what a thousand dollars well just listen. 1957. Victory. They Damon if I win that thousand dollar cash contest you know what that means that. Two pairs of LeBron shorts but are again. And Damon do to wearing Gucci belts you just can't see a most of the time yeah I keep your dude you were I can't see it. Not interstate. Keep your European carry all your 40000 dollar handbag word it doesn't bother me. Robert at all. Is the CEO of black sports on line one of my absolute favorite web sites I don't think don't wanna do my show without checking in on near daily basis to something interest thing. That he's got that no one else is on and we're gonna talk to about all of those things here before we get into our etiquette lessons a little bit later on right now we got Robert Woods all joining us today out of. Funny how real. Good everywhere you don't wanna pay Papa Arnold look cool but I have bought short outshot the boat. What a hell is that I mean I don't get it he's got 500 dollar shorts got a 40000 dollar handbag like what you think is the bigger man code violation. I think the property note sort of at large or you don't for wall more like not that it got to put the baker I don't. I don't get scored a lot of people keep it open to legal and ought or ought to put in that spot double pat what sort of taking a well I'm at the article while. Why would you wanna dress like another man just to be like our LeBron and I am the same shorts Taylor. And it's that very reason people get that they would stop them but look like a caught SE. I can't. But Roberts so LeBron is now an LA and look you know you're in LA and I'm sure that you have seen in your time there than athletes will never move the needle in LA like the movie stars do but. This one does feel a little bit different if there ever was an athlete to could run with the eight blisters it is LeBron are Laker games about to get dare I say. Even more glamorous. All you have Abington about the rule Leonardo DiCaprio and Al which beat all but now they. Beckett can't tell what our goal right now I need to be it'd yeah basketball important. Until wanted but I happen to really care they're they're all right now. Well coveted basketball what a lot of etiquette it is every can that be able to hang out how we're march 24 that it I mean it got cut and the creek where. No they're not they they never come to Cleveland I was thinking now you know LeBron he had so much cashing in Cleveland and meet the then ninety. Billboard of him turned into one of the biggest tore spots in tours attractions and all the city of Cleveland. Like they already started but it vandalizing. The murals the day after her pain at an LA it's gotta feel a little different. But definitely between being a bit this in the loop. Are they depict this. In a brick all under the typical should be noted that so well want you to know. Find out though did you go to Russia the spotlight in LA while all out reaction without the space walk down the street in Cody where it. I would like but without a walk at our velcro put that would equipped. With a well but never got reported though he or it could not feel like it'll spot. Because we hear what is likely to her but they are. A lot about this. More acute now which it looked for work puts thought we were directed and bought in Hollywood right about here. Tristan Thompson and Chloe are going to couples therapy and I only noticed because I I look at your website are too often Robert that I care to admit. Why are they going to couples therapy I mean what is there to really uncover on the other than the fact he likes to. To sleep around with many women and she is only one woman and many beat the wind in that. And that's an area. Well I think it's been for a bank blowing you know Japan's hard but we been on me out or apple or or on their part but you gotta go. Basically space which root it out there no matter what he and it turned it got the court because they're so what adequately so. All you could tell the truth about that that would require actually right now don't have the doting and go to or call her and be a lot out of you ought to. Password this is the peaks and. Accord at. A comeback win the players and yeah. So it's because they don't it's not a lot of the like called the Earl. On the spot but it each. It's weird but you know if Ottawa is that what we did a delegate to back. Well let's just talk about side girls let's talk about one of the all time hall of fame first ballot side checks. Amber rose she she keeps sliding down that dating profile pole man she really does first it was kind yank. Then it was carrier ring and now she's dating Monte Moore is of the Denver Nuggets like is she aware of how much her stock is falling. Not beaten badly webpart it though what all anywhere through now all star right between the I go back audio though it'd be written a couple of black. It is like I app I would app that old you know they don't wanna contract. Or are you haven't quite have. After the governor added that it now because oh they have a lot of people are built on what impact is it bad elbow. Oh wait it out. That she practically got like a. A party girl but she didn't appear to write out the rebel rebel all receive all caught up. They're lucky that people can a bit. I will give her this she can pull bought she pulls off that shaved head look. And as well as any girl has ever pulled it off. I know what that you could you wanna say it didn't go what would be given. Could be attractive board Arabic you don't works well eight you don't want anybody Ottawa are people like that it would defend America got it out really attract the poor lot. No doubt about it no doubt about it Robert let's all CEO black sports on line. You know I always look your website could you cover and what's cooler in sports and I feel like tonight's a good night to ask you question. About how cool Major League Baseball still is or isn't baseball stories. Have you pushed across your website this year. A popular. Halliburton got a lot up in maiden I don't know that it tortilla parity out about like yet Gilbert swap. Thirty spot you know or about EPA wanted to it once they are that they'll call it ought to count on ought to be a meant. It could well be hypocritical. Sports is not popped treat you know I. Getting in India ready to rip you like it. It got a big idol Paula. What they don't call fall where the credit where is it got off they went Fokker oh rocker Rick we get. What do we don't know all world golf story is true that we are Adobe or it's. Aggravate me god it would be like back. That's something else it really hits I mean. I look at baseball and I just see them squandering star power on almost every roster there's a guy who should be more of a household name that he is. And I also think it all starts basically would Mike Trout I mean imagine. If we do we just didn't talk about Mickey Mantle I mean imagine. It's weird it's like they don't important that they ain't it don't people really like it'll be great. Social media it'll be great to cool you know that the cool it campaign stop like that at all. They sit there like I looked at trial that. I mean obviously the white. What are pretty cute. Oh well I you're competitive in a pretty good but now. I'm green like I'm on top of the chair and hooked at Courtney and right now back to the baseball suspended. But now. Which you're not their outward that well you don't like to be too excited to go that bat well. Now no doubt about it by the way they're just close in another Baskin Robbins here in the borrower or are. I think we're down to two in the Bay Area now. Petticoat and everything backed it Robert towards a run block well. Well do they ignore down here that you know you oh yeah yeah I'm without it does he draw blood not want got it like Vietnam battle. So let me ask you as a guy self proclaimed chocolate I always thought you reasonable incredibly reasonable. On topics of racial outrage where you take a breath for I think someone would assume that a guy ran its web site called. Black sports on line you'd be first to rush to judgment but you're not like that your midwestern sensibilities are always around you Robert. So I have to ask you about a serious I guess issue it's not I mean I don't know how serious fake sports are but. Hulk Hogan. Is getting back into the WWE circle of love he is certainly on record saying. Deplorable. Nasty racial things. I know you were all so we're in an apologetic. Fan of the WW week how are you and where do you stand. On Hulk Hogan being allowed to return to the circle love. I pick one or both situations where I don't wanna double Kabul are a bit so jaded. But I can't give anybody that is true it is because bit like you're you're beautiful because it that you be better at it all could probably about it not know exactly what he spit out the following. Rep wouldn't call oh well they ate small time. Only hall hole you know what he really I really feel right now. If you if you would the space if you really feel like he Cheney repeated the upper part is that all true Eric Goodell has. People prepare like a trip to. What is something that always. Joke at a public always gonna have the winner that's a couple of well a little bit but I'll read it and marketable sweep over the on the road trip ultra. No because you know what we try to put you where and what the electorate won't understand it more that they know why that war hurt such. So what a piece that you believe it not to be you who don't give our food that we already know that if you can repeat. Didn't object to get a W go in your pocket that way. It's quite a bit you know what go to Colombia but Columbia record but you know out of that car they're now. Why would people feel that way they're not not you know Colorado are you would Yale he did right what people bought it on the shelves not. I deduct that Utah out of my equipment that they'll. Like about what I don't like. But I don't watch if that don't let one person who warn you one could it be you'll feel Brian Jordan over the opposite I. Actually find it eternity and it and I our children are much more the WW want to board cap it at that I thought were. Because of our production systems to pick but while a couple of black. Belt. Up well after how real or their hope we don't worry now you won't we big but it adapt create. It's not a subject it to Egypt you don't blade or talk about it a couple of minutes you're busy breakup. No I all of the new wants answered but I do think it is so simple when you put it like this in you just simply say. I'm not gonna let you Turkey's ruin my Sunday I know what I like on Sunday. Why they're good topic for operates. What I've been a bright you. Are we feel like this that. Let the eagle or electric nor is a very important work IQ proponents say they'll all vote or if bother me it's going to be typical what took up W paper. They had it that the and a bit. Bill Republican for president or Oprah or don't think about what they've earned that would out that it is like that what are they. Punished like why you put yourself why that she's quite good boarded a double what that I action like you know there are good people. Because though would be one person be so that's Wallach aren't the other apple orchard my George away. But they're all action not speak about it tomorrow but vocal about it tomorrow going to be on apologetic we hope that could what are bill but I'm. And ridiculed my door before it trade. The CEO. Of black sports on line friend Robert at all here on 95 cent in the game and I got to give full credit here to my text line who just came up with the single best idea to save Major League Baseball. Are you ready you would know at this will be front page stuff on your website are you ready. The save Major League Baseball. Amber rose needs to start dating Mike Trout. I think right out of get more MLB culprits they it'd be great parent in the last five years. Since the cubs winning the World Series that would be the bigger story in baseball. Well as regular baseball and ultimately Ortiz entertain. They're everything to get special treatment but all of your book. To read the book or acted it. Other creepy not that the sport that I'd modeled them well. Up I did and on that note. What do we do but say thank you very much great talk to you is always. I'm right uprooted. You're out at people aren't. Allotment to I don't want to. OK so I loved it the first equalize cents a funny thing I actually liked old show. We have a guy like my grandparents I still watch that and I watch and I thought our immigrant parents like this I like it till it's a good like that weekly hero show and Zell took it to the next level that I love the stop watch at least like. The ease like idiots Aponte. Well I think what is the brat prince and Borg. Without you go to biblical. I it's the best explanation. That is that is your elevator pitch you without a doubt let us know how you like the second one the good ones that the first one's a tough act to follow. Yes I will give you a little bit well it's. Well liked to open it up it got like respect what. Thank you very much she's never steered you wrong Robert looks all black sports on line. Denzel and now while he tanker wrongful death and that's good movie and yeah NBC have you seen it like I am not see it it's going to be a lot of pressure it's good as a Jurassic world this week and what's not good man. Your money we're all until literally the formula for success is in less story more dinosaurs exact same movies already sell. But we did some based news that happened over the weekend Heston for Lander and Kate Upton are expected BBY. And she announced on and to Graham any center despite this message so. There's that's really yes Ari Damon so. They're like officially a couple usually are married are right. Dammit. Congratulations. It's easy Verlander come on Sox. I know there's one woman who's not going to be sending gift isn't that right away and all right not ejected and she hates Justin Verlander. Kate Upton. And how could I yeah exactly I got two reasons why you should take her into your heart. Hold on tight. Fit that I think etiquette of the. Now but I'm glad you brought it up because I do wanna get to the etiquette book which we've been advertising all day long again once again here we go edit it book. It's not a pamphlet. It's large. So Jian I thought we would start with greetings. It's one of the toughest greetings of course I will read the etiquette book only looking better. Push the envelope. Of etiquette. Let's start with some basic questions shall we yes when meeting someone should you kiss hug. Or touch. Tax. Comfort levels regarding physical greetings very greatly so rushing forward to kiss or hug any casual or new acquaintance. Might cause the person real discomfort. In a diverse society it's also difficult to know the many cultural and religious traditions and prohibitions involving physical contact. Including restrictions based on gender it's a wise to limit touching. To the too it's wise to limit touching to the offer of your hand and lesser absolutely sure the person will welcome a more intimate gesture. Other than handshaking touching in any sort in business situations especially between men and women. Who our superiors or subordinates can be misinterpreted. As a Rasner and copper serious repercussions. OK so put your hand out the handshake and that's about it unless the other person goes in for something a little more. You don't aria yeah okay. Right makes sense to me this is written this is 1920 TV set so assistant has been updated since look like new writhing. I'm guessing that distinction right I mean if I don't get out again yes this is an update also. Okay this is from Peggy post on missing is the daughter of Emily Post the queen of etiquette. So I've always wanted to know how can you pull off the two cheek when talk. They compete equity out of like Fran right policy Hillary how do you how do you pull that off. With nick are you David. Not at work apparently does. It's pretty obvious it is is it is the best piece of advice I can give you. So how does the two cheek or European greeting kissel work well just in both cheeks is a traditional greeting in much of Europe. In cultures influenced by European traditions and in the Middle East were kissing and physical contact is in greeting is limited to people of the same gender. Kissing is usually accompanied by an embrace which may be closer or involve only armed touching. While there are facing an hugging each person turns his head. A bit offering one cheek to the other is usually. Accompanied by a warm greeting and air kisses. More than actually planted kisses. Have you ever been in that situation any both turn your head the same way and that's for it here almost an idealist and I just guess yeah. Now and really that's never happened and that's happened in me. I don't have an awful lot of double cheek greetings. Death Knight doesn't happen a lot it does is it it. Do you get doubled to greeting want. Did kiss greeting like on the cheek he need discouraging your cheek one way anticipating words the directional sound like OLO. You know it's funny I think it back in the day I'd like I. The friend of mine. Who was. See you can't even make this argument because it sounds creep right off the bat its and it really wasn't. A buddy of mine got away with like the hand kit that. On trumpet like every time every he got away with it all the time to the point where I saw a girl after girl like heated up like what are you gentlemen. They don't treat you know no no one raises kids like that anymore and it really works for him but. He got he got into. Diaz someone on a text like Antonin open says he's the hand is seen in social situations are females quite often it's maybe you need so girls get a little like well this nice with a different. It's a bold move it is Goldman but sometimes bold is better. I feel like the guy has to definitely hasn't swagger you know. Eight it just leave some money here and yes I know had it how to do it. You can't stumble into the Benny Hill semen what have pulled at all we have got a certain guy totally like Tony you know and yeah I'm sure Tony in Oakland is back on that point. There you go you never try to Damon and there's one guy to pull it off. One guy here at the station and I. Not a unknown unknown now what happens. If you go into the double cheek and you get Heisman. But you can be friends anymore like you can't you can even share the room yet basically leave the little things I think. You get the Heisman right familiar chassis going into the double cheek you gotta go to dot goes to. It. Well yet and by the way this is a very good point Jian only girls get to kiss kiss problem. Really yeah. Yeah there's not a I was I'd never walked into my leg curls about my experience I never I never locked I was single room in my life and then like op I'm getting smothered in European greetings I just ops. Well war over round two. At bats will resume in 27 seconds I have no idea what they knew he needs nine more home runs Kyle's former guys to reach the finals. That's your guy. I will kiss him on both she didn't find him. So. Today was the European greeting a very tough thing to pull off if you can. It's amazing you're still employed in 2018 a more power to you you are Rico swap day. Wherever you tomorrow. Tomorrow tomorrow is our etiquette series looking. Are any good series we'll continue tomorrow you'll. And your job oh wow. Wow how did not get fired at work. Honey that's a good that actually could be helpful with the European get about this you when your job probably requires you forgetting every dare I made about the European guests today. Don't do that worked. And SFW. The European greeting and not say for Gordon don't do that so handshakes are appropriate. And six are appropriate and just trying to detach. Damon do you remember Erin Andrews and fifty cent he went to the kiss on the cheek she turned it on him. Yes I do and that happened at the Indianapolis 500 that's how much I remember that great call there is an example of the Heisman. Getting thrown out. On national TV to not go well that's not that we heard from city cents on an out. 88957957. Now any tips on etiquette that you might have if you think you need to get past eras. It into a sub before the end of the show today will certainly have happen again tomorrow coming up you and your job at it get lessons thanks to the Damon Bruce show. Now back to the demon drew. 1957. Big tease me. There's so much feedback on etiquette that I'm drowning unit here. I'm not it's like seven against tech's mind. It's pretty amazing. First of all let's start with the good stuff saying. I know one guy get away with a double kisses. Yeah he probably could. Certainly would this host anyways. Damon I only kissed the cheek of the older women at my church but that's because they raised me and I'm allowed to. Not. Conceptually Damon I don't like skin to skin I'm a fan of battling. Now that comes up tomorrow. In our you and your job because I never really I. I always thought about what's cool I always thought it. Asian culture. Now it's it's it's it's respectful. It's a germ free action we are thankful you don't even touched the other person. The whole presentation of the business card is like next level over there with the back I'll throw it and get. I would do that. Or respect. It's nice. Stick couple calls here. Wrap up today's show how about and in Oakland he wants to tackle attitude what's going on. I'm doing wonderful how we use our. That. It. It. Peel it okay. 0000. I know exactly what an odd they cheer up player at the nursing home managed. Oh. Yeah well. Yeah you. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I got off our airport. You got so it's mob there did you. Teams sell them out while fair why. Oh. Are. Yeah now. You're demand adds thank you very much have a great day Thomas's hands. We said hello with a kiss on both cheeks. For mrs. Sean is an Antioch. Sean what do you an etiquette. Created grant payment are a bit loose movie like Jim close it. And dom are always wanted to call the norms. Now I'm a little bit older you woman marry he's certainly one baby. Obama played some. I'd talk about them we've all five years old epic we edit our in my family is. From your grandmother your mama all aunts and cousins and all the elders. When a woman walks in the world stand up all of you nice and Rex. First speaker. I'm talking about from Graham Paul out of our you know somebody better restless you. It's it's the it's the gentlemanly thing to do I'm you know I'm still really good that I'll tell you my grandfather will be very proud of me could see oh my grandfather Tommy two lessons she said never hesitate to be the man to extend his hand and hand shake. And never ever ever hesitate to be the man who opens the door at night. Is this greeted by our grain. Wood you know. The second step it's. Always Greek woman would kiss on the that's just the waited that that almost taught but even then ladies and ma am. It's just you know from from ticket or a certain sports and all attempts to get all. We we we learn it which you always regal woman with Jerusalem are no met in open doors up knowing that since I was a child. Where it got weird. Is as you get older and that's something that you you. You know you have to kind of learn. Or woman to be receptive aren't talking about indicate. Not married either don't. Yeah you look it's it's it's it. Difficult thing to pull off and Sean thank you very much for the call to listen for all these years. It's a difficult thing to pull off especially the climate we're in right now where people are most looking to be offended never wants me treated equally at all times and you know. I've seen a woman get offended that someone went out of the way to open a door for her. And you know Doris I don't wanna walk up tour and be like hey if you're wondering why chivalry died you're helping to kill it by being they don't get the door for me. That's. I I would I love people open the door the night. The next person behind me to whether it's a guy or girl I did this thing play clean and nice and trained in polite and and you know. Shivery is nice sometimes it's okay me. Damon one is the Richard Dawson appropriate. Only when your hosting family feud we don't know yeah we know the answer to that so did Richard that's why hosted it for so long yeah. Omar San Francisco final call the day Omar what he got. What about bad they are our etiquette in general and only that but hello on the mile battered aero as changes everybody's day. But legs you know but I think the best. So bad attitude can be displayed is like at church. But you know what I did a good job or not he got to go to church but I go to church right you know there's I would make you create peace be with you on. My. Yet you get a piece you let you but I thought about cockpit. But it sketchy but look weird you know and you you don't want to be renewed so you do that hello ma like you do a little bow. You know we you know and what does anybody I know looked like expand Amazon. I then what you eat algae based. So you know a little bit more hello smile a wave battle it out in out things like that you know I think that didn't have been. Yes sometimes they search you gotta give like a right on yeah. And I think that's very flu season I get out of there aren't like you know others shake bush said this Ian wanna cough in your left hand. Good euros to be shaking with a right right. Crazy it your etiquette is out of control. Absolutely phenomenal advocate. Great etiquette today by nick who picked up the the time late LB unfortunately this grandmother passed away. So it the leaf go to Chicago spell time with the family. Nick picked up the slack came on and today. He had to leave an hour early because he had to go wrath a basketball game it's what we're gonna talk to him about tomorrow when a thankless profession and Soledad is. Thank you very much Whitley who had did like it tag team her neck that tagged as you can over the top rope. She finished a show today from six to seven thank you Alina thank you. Gionta thank you. I would. Double kiss cheek everybody but again I've already seen tomorrow show and you're not allowed to do that work so we'll go over that etiquette or. In the meantime thank you all for listening an awful lot of fun today thanks to I meant for Reid. Seth Everett Robert Wood tall and all of you for joining us and the only thing I can say is. Thanks for listening. Sports some build character. Anti. I like back. Winds.