DB Show - 3 - Warriors in NOLA, Donskoi & Sharks, NBA in China, John Dickinson

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Thursday, May 3rd
Damon talks about what to expect from the Warriors in New Orleans, we love saying the word Donskoi and we love Joonas Donskoi in general, Damon discusses the NBA in China and how the NBA knows how to make money and be more progressive than the NFL, and is joined by JD live from Smoothie King Center in New Orleans....and a bonus, the Flyaway Giveaway faceoff.

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Do you see. EMC San Francisco. Stefan curry is gonna be back in that starting lineup when the warriors get back on the court tomorrow we are gonna get back. In New Orleans and our friend John Dickinson whose gonna join us a little bit later on this hour to get the latest from shoot around today. Simoni king Sadr which is among the worst named arena's in the history of naming Arenas let's be totally honest about it. We've got so much for you and our last hour and fifteen minutes today we're gonna invite you to be a part of it is 889579570. At 6 o'clock. We are going to have our. Alaska Airlines final trivia face off our fly away contests we've already now owned and are identified are to. Finalists and they'll be joining me for a little trivia contests and about an hour from now that is going to be a good time. So warriors they're just get ready to go back to war. The war of words between Charles Barkley and dream on green has come to a little bit of a head thanks to Charles. Issuing a public apology hopefully we can all move on you know it's time to increase the peace even though little brawl here would be very good for business and increasing the piece is bad for business and sports talk radio but. Let you know I. I just I don't care about this like we have if you were February. If it were just after the NBA all star break and we have nothing to really talk about like you have this would be a great little topic with the actual playoff games to talk about with the real playoff basketball. To talk about so we don't in any. False rivalry between dream on green and Charles Barkley no matter how real Charles Barkley wants to make it and his usual all dream on the east do was open his mouth and he pretty much ether stings in order and it is what it is and so boom. Thanks so much for coming. It was great talking to you. 8889579570. What the warriors what looked like in New Orleans today gonna come out in game three. Full speed ahead Steve Kerr says curry will. Oh yeah he'll start game three minute you know be you don't keep a guy like long. The whole point loose you know we knew we weren't gonna play a huge minutes we're a good group would put a great game one. Just wanted to keep getting on but now now that you know the focus shifts and there's a judicial and extremely good player you Mormon or good over in the starting line. Staff curry starting tomorrow. Scored 28 points in 27 minutes he finished plus 26. A great line from JaVale McGee when we talked to him. Basically curry did that is one big NBA humble brag. They know that you've got an entry personally that we are Phil Coke. He's such apartment grocers and just know you have to do it where he can do so there's just like. A horrible brag or ya what the bitch in court when you are truly experimental department. How love it its humble brag for Steffi in just come out and do it. Stick about just coming out and do what it Donovan Mitchell I see you. How I see you. Jazz had six players in double figures 27 from Joseph Ingles. In seven of Utah's fifteen threes let's face it it's a make it if you take it league. And after not making him in game one. Utah did make him in game two the rockets slowed down in game two of jazz beat the rockets that thing goes to you talked tied at one. It looks like Cleveland is seriously about to take a two games to none lead on Toronto they are now in the fourth quarter Cleveland leading 10187. Little later tonight Celtics sixers coming up. I love this time a year. I love playoff basketball. I'd also love playoff hockey in a few word essay. Marcus Sorenson. Driver finally. Sound courtesy of NBC sports. But that is not where the scoring would stop. Very late first period five seconds to go. Look who decides to strike. Okay. It. It happened. I think it just makes me happy it happens. It's supposed to make you happy welcomed the sharks bandwagon. I'm Damon don's going I will be your driver it's wonderful that you'll board and we are still role as a matter fact wrong on all the way back to. Las Vegas. Warriors. Excuse me. Sharks. Golden knights. The Western Conference semifinals is now best of three. Game five tomorrow night. Game six in San Jose by the way to fund road trips if you're gonna go follow a Bay Area team on the playoffs carrier choices New Orleans or Vegas. Donna done and not bad yeah not bad at all. Did time in both of those cities absolutely and have a real good time in both of those incidents as real good time. In both those towns. By the way John Dickinson is in one of those towns CU's in New Orleans covering the warriors were gonna talk to him a little bit. Later on this hour we won dream mongering to continue being the best player in this series I want Jonas done scored to continue beating the best player. In his series even though really the best player in the series. Might be Tomas hurdle who keeps on scoring goals he had another good game last night we saw Joseph put Belsky with a another power play last night in between the pipes Smarty Jones. 34 states he ties it getting a box cost team record for the most saves and a playoff shut out. Or nothing. Sharks baby was really impressive that was a lot of fun you don't see the sharks like. They wouldn't look at San Jose Sharks tonight well they actually lived up all of their fans' expectations and send everyone home happy. There's something you don't say enough and said it last night. Yeah I. Okay. So very very good good things happen and by the way good things happen in Bay Area baseball at least on one side of the day last night and now it's 20 offer a wounded jettison. On not real they're right senator Gordon going back. Right to the track he well watch yet live. Back but they they athletics have tied it up in the fifth inning on a light shot a home run to right center by jet Lowry. Is to win the Mariners to. By the way. You know we need we got this like captain cave man Jonas don's going. I yeah. Did the same thing for Jeb Lowry. I needed yeah. And could Jeb Lowery right now is just on fire. Which some withdrawal line get around that guy and take into the ground stop drop and roll he is not (%expletive) your. Pretty informants. He's at 3418. Home runs thirty RBIs one the hottest man on planet baseball. It just. Just let it lead to date decided to vote for American League MVP Jeff Larry's getting votes. It's fantastic. A's will be back home tomorrow by the way they're gonna wrap up with the Mariners tonight Danieal Manning didn't will start the series with the Orioles tomorrow. By the way you know what also happened after Lowrie hit his home run cannot decide to just and Ichiro is dream of baseball. Tennis here for. Readers that this might do it in a deep drive to left Ichiro back at that track you will watch and the ads that stick in the away. Mark Hanna still levers a leadoff home run in the ninth off Edwin Diaz and he is lead 32. Do you believe he had an ERA of old 59. Entering his appearance tonight. And you can get out here you'll Bob. Hayes weigh in in what do you know. That was enough. They broke Ichiro spirit. Ichiro is retiring from Major League Baseball even though he's saying he's not retiring he's retiring from Major League Baseball he is going to join. This Seattle Mariners front office. As a mentor to players and staff while providing input on outfield play in base running sounds like someone's about to be a coach to meet. The move precludes each year each row from rejoining the active roster. In 2018. The only thing in my mind that I think is preventing Ichiro from saying I'm retiring right now. Is maybe just maybe. As the a's and mariners denounced the third and open up next season in Japan. May be wants to play two more games. In Japan for the Mariners and then tipped his cap and say go by far the Mariners a woodland did Allen Jamal roster spot if you're only going to be here for two days and I mean. What are you all Ichiro. The home thanks to go into your team's hall of fame hold onto the Baseball Hall of Fame guys phenomenal but. What is it 45 and 44 to 44 is what I Dexter McCullough. She's not gonna happen. So great career would no value comes to an end there will be no good bye tour just go by. Nature. Hello Matt Ryan today you've got paid big time Matt Ryan is now. According to what he makes per year. The highest paid quarterback in football history he is the first 238 million dollars per year Matt Ryan. Getting money from the Atlanta Falcons by the way he can think that channahon for coaching him up to this level. And now the Shanahan obviously has one other guys trying to coach up to that level and in five games made a pretty good chunk a change for Jimmy drop while. Yeah against gangs Tuesday was. Yeah it was again. You look at chunk of change that he made for Matt Ryan on the Shana Han is getting guys that position paid. Sure people notice that I'm sure their mom I'm sure people notice that. Aided 8957957. No I got Larry taxi Larry here on 957 a game. Eight in. There it really bad day I get it right you know. That it's apparently show double portrait about I'm going to say that. Way to go and the come back at it that that would that it would be all that but are they. Sixteen strikeout in ever inning but we. I ordered the dark they are looking good as. Or. Did it. It it would fertile turtle island area I heard a sport yet. They don't going to pay. I see that got to be fired. Immediately thank you very much Larry it should be an immediate dismissal no doubt about it but again you know. People don't speak fluent hockey or flu in don's quite quite like the and I got a question Rainier sane Damon you know I love don's going because it Damon Bruce show I mean watch hockey. Thank you very much now I know about a another guy here he says Damon. Would you please do me a favor. What is done score I don't get it now EC. There are no bad questions. Specially for the guy driving the sharks bandwagon now you're all welcome please hop on in to join in they space say space. Your response was a hockey player for the San Jose Sharks last night he scored a goal you'd like to hear it I'd like to play for. So Damon what you've fallen in love this name why don's going. I don's going. Why not don's going. I mean why would you choose don's going. Some words he dislikes and some words to see your eardrum and they stay with. But global. I love that word boo me too if there were a player named baklava we would be celebrating the entirety of that man's career but we don't have a bock a box luckily we have a. And. And show when he was the coolest guy he how he absolutely was we knew that when he you know came out with a whole bubble way. Stay Sox fans learned a dunce like me. Get our score ball boys to get back when may face down on us on April placed and take home and dancing down school. It's. Okay. So I'm just gonna give you some good advice don't ever asked to show why just except just it is and enjoy it is also just add when he does score a goal they say Don scores that texture is a little bit right maybe the Don school there and I know when he scored his little. Click on his name on it cents and look and did you are a day view here if you show he's actually a Bobble head very nice Salina. Shake it up. The Randy Hahn called to calm the Don father kestre critical to. So there you go out I I Damon another word I love guacamole. Yes I love saying that workable. All of saying the word shot and Freud a second one on my favorites. Any word that you know. Like I got it I like scene. I don't know. I had nothing in particular compelling segment good stuff jarring that I got nothing and I like say all words every I embryos for all her words just rolls off my time for significant. Far fig Newton nice. Fantastic. You know what. I guarantee right now that everybody associated with the NBA's having themselves a big goal laugh. They're all billionaires. Every single one of them. Must be nice every single one of them know mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys must of course are going to. Beat Dallas Cowboys who get paid very well didn't go to Monday Night Football Booth. Boy you're really should you do it should do is just skip the actual athletic career altogether and just go to. Venture capitalist billionaire. Raise your boys and girls billionaires. Raise them to be professional owners unbelievable story that I saw here from four herbs. The average NBA team is now worth one point 65000000022%. More then every team was worth last year. Every team it's official now for the very first time ever. Every team is worth at least a billion dollars yes the Milwaukee. Bucks. Are worth a billion dollars as a lot that you'd talk jags. Are worth a billion dollars. The Orlando. Magic. Are worth a billion dollars. Franchise values have tripled over the last five years. League economics in particular with international growth prospects. Are the best in any major US sports league not too bad NBA. Investors believe the NBA is far greater potential to grow overseas in the NFL coaches struggled beyond the United States the average NFL franchise. Is now worth 2.5 billion dollars which is 52%. More than typical NBA team. But to spread his become more than halved in the past five years. Recent deals for the Brooklyn nets in the Houston Rockets doubt you'd teams at roughly eight times their regular season revenue. NFL franchises right now worth closer to six times. Their annual revenue. Why. Why he's the game exploding internationally in a way that. The NFL just can't keep up -- because the NFL's popular over in Europe the NFL as popular in South America the NFL is popular in Germany it is growing American football in Europe. Is officially growing. Why the NBA then. China. The NFL's not grown in China the way the NBA news. By the way do not many people. Played basketball in China with the interest is in basketball in China the number's gonna Shockey Gina. Basketball is played by an estimated. 300. Million people. In China. The NBA signed a five year deal back in 200615. Per transcends to carry games and other NBA content on its digital platform. The deal is gonna slam dunk and makes the NBA more than 800 million dollars a year urges broadcasting games in China the league has 34 media and marketing partners now on China. As well as a 144. Million followers on social media in China more than any other sport our friend Bonnie Jo Laughlin. Did something for that website she told me about a moment coming viewers do you get for the video she's like more than to an end in America for the Super Bowl. Your key. That's crazy they're just money she did 300. Million views on some video she did for Chinese NB ATV I was like well. While. It's it's it's obviously becoming very huge overseas now realize the Chinese did it impact just China could have. Crazy you know. The entry level price for an. NBA franchise is now ten figures big market teams are gonna set you back at least two billion now they just found that out the rockets were approved for sale in October. 2.2 billion mean kill approach Rauf is on the verge of selling 49% of the nets to a Taiwanese billionaire Joseph sci. That is going to be a 2.3 billion dollar deal and you don't even get the operating costs our rights to Barclays senator you just get. The laundry. It's like way not our good friend Steve Ballmer bought the clippers you know woody got. He got clippers jerseys two billion dollars got him the rights to those players and clippers jerseys. He doesn't on the practice facility does and on Staples Center he got laundry for two billion dollars. Any else got Chris Paul. He only has a laundry now Chris is not that it. Just has that glamorous feel and I like the way you can consume it. I mean I don't linger on love football I love the NFL but it's a long day on a Sunday. And I think it's a it's be a little too much and there's a lot of games that the NBA but it's out in their couple hours you enjoy you move on and actually he consuming differently. You do consumer differently look at them talking about micro subscriptions in different ways to consume the product and we are now watching less than ever before in terms of a broadcast in its entirety. Very few people sit down and watch a full football game a full baseball or basketball game the NBA knows this and in the future. Is gonna sell you pay instead of buying a league pass. How would you just like the by the fourth quarter of this really tight game for 99 cents. I get the appealed that. You have people purchasing nonsensical queens in games. For 99 cents. That's true but premium gaming how often how often and he spent 99 cents C two played candy crush. Without having to wait fifteen minutes raise your hand if you've done that night Danny Parrish but well some think yes I have not gonna lie. Full disclosure yeah this that people. Taking a dollar out of your wallet and spending it. Is a much more difficult act for a human to go through and process than just 099 cents on my phone press yes you don't even see it gave me how often do you check your bank account the 99 cents on my phone prescient express yes every single time press yes Nixon you know your fumbles like 700. The Canadian press yes to many times. So Smart on clay. Being China clay well that's what you know if you like clay like you drop the impetus we don't care about being cool. He cares about being cool when China via knew what would you rather do still a few million sneakers here in the United States or a hundred million sneakers over there. By the way ask Stephon Marbury. House he don't want it built a statue there. By the way let's just face it the NBA is officially ahead of the curve when it comes to. Making money if you don't believe me we've got Adam silver courting the idea of gambling. In the league is also a great success of the launch of its three year pilot program to include that little patch the corporate logo one jerseys in nineteen teams inked deals. The average cost of each deal. Is nine million dollars a year the result is then. 200. Million dollars. In revenue for the league that required selling a patch. That sit. You know you look at these TV contracts and you know how big they are the amount of money that they cost you much money it cost of broadcasting game between pain and broadcasters cameramen people do. Setup microphone on the court there's lights in the arena that need to be turned on and off. All of this in and I got to clean the place got a stock the place you got people to sell. Popcorn peanuts jerseys T shirts all that stuff like there's a huge. Bottom line to sell you an NBA product. But the patch. You can so that on in five minutes and never thinking about it again 200 million please. Racquet ten Harley-Davidson. Squarespace. Sponsors the league never dealt would before. Are now league sponsors the warriors of course taking the most advantage of this. Going with the Japanese e-commerce giant rat content. Sixty million dollars for three years twenty million dollars a year I had never heard a racket and until the warriors decided there are new partners. Now I pay attention to NIC when I drive off 101 and there's a whole building there are rays never noticed before. They know how to all of that I think that's why the NBA is so successful and they are just pretty money. It's unbelievable. The amount of money. By the way still worth the most it's all about location location location it's nothing to do with competition competition got attention. The New York nick bikers who just today one billion dollar renovation to Madison Square Garden. Are worth three point six billion dollars up over 9% from last year. There are the six the most valuable franchise across all sports. Across the entire world. They are followed by the lakers who again have struggled mightily. With four of their last five seasons ranked among the worst in franchise history hasn't mattered at all they still get a 150 million dollar local TV deal in the lakers are worth. 3.3. Billion dollars up 10%. Now the Golden State Warriors in the third. Most valuable team the team that drafted Patrick O'Bryant Montego Cummings. Is now the third most valuable NBA team. In the NBA leapfrogging over the Chicago Bulls worth three point one billion up 19%. Not bad for that original investment Joseph wake up. 888957957. No more your calls some more on NBA riches when we return. Here to the day membership. And on idol series goes on the other day uses their my my big botnets are being every game you know and I didn't score again for sure and they about ethanol clearly good. It's. We just started to clear our name. He started getting Judah intention of the details it I think every game we've gotten better and better. Sharks got a whole lot better indeed king game for playing almost the perfect game to even up the series. With the Los Vegas golden knights I know there the darlings and guerrillas of the dance but. I'd like to see the sharks send Cinderella home. But. They've got game. Five. In their bar down in Vegas. Tomorrow. Game six Sunday. SAT. This he's got seven games sort of written all over it doesn't feel that way it really does. Sharks of course wanna go ahead. Shock the world by taking another one from Vegas in Vegas we will see great by the way. Extra credit to. Our guy ran I don't know for put that one together in Canada hosts skinny route nailed that one was fantastic. Although when you have such a canvas to work. I mean c'mon we expect greatness and wanna follow up real quick on that NBA story that I was telling you about the team's valuations and now. The knicks are one the lakers are two of the warriors are now worth three point one billion dollars according to Forbes a 19% from a year ago. The defending champs raise ticket prices as much as 25% this season people didn't even blink. They've got a brand new arena opening up in 2019. So that billion dollar arena is going to be an ATM for the warriors. Rounding out the top five most valuable teams in the NBA the bulls are two point six billion the Celtics are 2.5 billion. Here's what I wanted to tell you didn't have time we ran out of time last segment. What do we told you did the Sacramento Kings were in top fifteen of NBA valuations. Are amazing. What do new arena can do for you. Sacramento. Has propelled itself. Among one of the NBA's lowest revenue teams in recent years the king's value is up 28%. Kings are now worth one point 375 billion after opening the golden one sinner the thirteenth most valuable franchise in the NBA. This is Sacramento Kings. Knicks lakers warriors bulls Celtics top five nets and rockets clippers mavericks heat top ten. Spurs are eleven. The Toronto Raptors are twelve. But shouldn't be after tonight. A 128110. And loss. The top seeded Toronto Raptors. Are now looking at an 020 hole against the cavaliers and are off to Cleveland for game three. Unbelievable. LeBron James buck and nick who's in for LB tonight put me on LeBron James a word about five minutes ago rightfully so LeBron 43 points tonight fourteen assists eight rebounds in a steel only one turnover. That's low ball and it really is. Seriously can LeBron James claim. The Toronto Raptors on his tax returns. He owns a totally owns them. This is the worst. Cavaliers team. LeBron is that in four years this is the best Toronto Raptors team they've had for years. Still to a nothing LeBron. Wow. Very impressive. 8889579570. Let's go to Adam in Redwood City Adam thank you for the call. Record with a parent repertoire of but it could collect I wanted to like what is it about the NBA owner that put them by an hour but it is I don't want that market but it does it their players more. Why would they you know they let that wears that purple belt at the table are Smart thing they let the artists splattered. They realize their public. People you noted is Adam let's be totally honest it's all about leadership leadership from the top down. You know like Nino and though you know they always say like at a dead fish rots from the head top down. A league can rots from the head down and I'm not saying that Roger Goodell is rotten but he's rotten at handling issues that Adam silver is rated handle. Adam silver. Allows his players to have what they believe is a platform to vocalize social issues any doesn't all of that. We V. Ironclad. I will have you killed if you even try to take you need for National Anthem like Adam silver. Has drawn lines in the sand that no one dare cross 'cause if you do not cross lines you'll get freedom and other ways that aren't. A loud in other leagues. These owners are all about money and I also think that the NBA had eight. A private meeting Tina. Where they said hey look what the NFL just did fumbling away every single social issue. That it tried to deal with you know we're gonna do. We're gonna appear. Through T shirts to promotions to be socially conscious and we are we our league big cares. Were also league cares about the bottom line and we just saw the NFL. Almost. Cut its own bottom line for wrote by dealing with the issues that we're not in about where this this is going to be about sports that's a were gonna do. The NBA is going to be about sports. If guys want a tweet about issues Latin. But come game time we're here for the day and that's it that's the business model. We will not disrupt the business model because business is a boom in such great leadership. So mutual understanding. Absolutely. And not that you know. The exact rented the day who is still very much a minority minority owner but he is a man of color. And you see more men of color. Having their. Hands on the lever of power in the NBA than you do in the NFL and that permeates the league thought and behavior. So what's the real difference. I think the real differences is football's a fall sport. Basketball got to watch football step on its own you know what instead we have got to do that. Gilbert and we were designed to do that we're not going to be in the business change in the world one needed time. I don't do that. Learn from others mistakes it's probably exactly what they didn't and Andrews right now somebody crafting a very terse email because you just called it a mistake how dare you Gionta but. But I know what you're saying reasonable people know what you're saying how the NFL handled it was a mistake right and let's face it in the conversation now or unreasonable people who only have their own agenda in mind in the actual facts of life. Big business and what we gathered here to do tonight are relevant to a single issue voter. Jake you know Pete just how are you Jake. Actor that's been a long time love the show us things. The first is adjustment okay so we're gonna eat tonight. The warriors go down Steve Kerr made some great adjustments we'll really see that tomorrow the plane tomorrow. Donna it's not I'm clerk or. Not that's got a plan that. You gotta call more than Jackie didn't give the scores and advancing to the money we could make that. Yeah so while warrior been spot. So would be the empire adjustment and this has got to be my debt on watch them a lot. Had a lack ethic that's based on his players brilliance. Not his own ability to make any adjustment model you don't back here. I'll say this Mike Dan Tony unlocks guard play as well as any other coach if you don't believe me ask Steve and actually turned into a hall of Famer like. This guy does unlocked back courts in empowers them to be better than they could ever beat. And he's allowed to Houston Rockets to be like hey guys which we shoot sixty threes tonight that's totally cool. We've done the math the math says that's cool also go into that like that is an adjustment. So the modern way of thinking in and day and Tony's pretty cutting edge in that regard. And handed out but I think he's got Estrada gremlin what leaded gas you've only got one speed. One way to go he cannot make 82 third or fourth quarter adjustment. Fifteen points or more in his career that I go back and while. And then the appetizer a bit there's no moral and you got to try to common. The Commodores the best place for brunch or dinner anywhere John Goodman got a don't he unlocked the door comes and has been a bit yes. A look at the opt Sierra how did it. Thank you very much I didn't hit the commodore sounds and united to commodore. Commodore. One commander's palace is that is he confusing the commodore was commander's palace. Commander's palace was amazing. Delicious it's like that places had more of James Beard award winning had chest than ever before Amaral started there may be. Is it as I'm looking at the commodore that keeps coming at commander's palace look at. You might be right thumb either way. We're not gonna recommend the John Dickinson go there tonight because that's. It's dot. The higher price point oh is it to higher price point absolutely is that most most expensive meal I paid for in a war it's really but it was an and it's still like. A San Francisco Tuesday night like most expensive meal you pay for in other towns if you live in severance Cisco is like all that blood where I'm from that's called Wednesday. It would be great yeah great sound. John Dickinson can be joining us from New Orleans in just a little bit. Apparently practice shoot around soared little late today may be Johnny's run a little late we will catch up as soon as we can. You tell him the staff curry can get back in this game in this series he can tip. Your ankle update on Patrick McCaw now I don't wanna know anything. Of course that's what he got a better McGraw it's a ticket out so he's reevaluated today by the team's medical staff it. That he is making very good progress and I'm he's now being cleared to begin modified on court shooting and running drills. In addition to his on court work McCall will continue to build his overall strength and conditioning. Anyway he'll be reevaluated and reevaluated again in four weeks so good news he's making progress. Good news doesn't seem like he's gonna be part of any moment of the playoff push but. Good news if he's gonna get back out on the court I mean for a minute there I don't know sacrament calls are gonna take another step. The old it pattern because the only NBA player whose injury ever made me fear permanent paralysis I've never seen that and it's a scene and and football games. Far too often sadly far too often. I have never ever seen. A neck brace and the backboard come out for a player on the basketball court like it did Patrick call up in Sacramento and that was a very very scary moment. So I'm just glad that he's going to be okay Tammy Tim. They say the series doesn't start until road team has won you know some of those. Series and did that that adage holds true. This series is officially started and I don't wanna hear that it poses started yet now the warriors just won in very convincing fashion game one was a blow out game two was a dog fight they. They won the blowout they won the dog fight now they're gonna go full strength with Korean company down there and interest. It feels like it feels like sweep is being set up it really does we'll see if the pelicans treat gained three. As the must win it truly is. So also impressive numbers you talk about just flipped and into playoff mode. You know drink month feels like he's one of those guys while we got the numbers here and indeed he is. So sure the warriors all stars. Like the avengers. Having dream on green means you also have the whole Kirk. How hard is it to be a better player in terms of bettering. Your regular season averages come post season play. If we focus just on specific stats. Points rebounds assists steals blocks turnovers. To know advanced metrics just all basic stuff. Only nine players. In NBA history. Outperformed. Their regular season averages. In the playoffs. Robert Horry big shot Bob not surprised to see that at all. Dirk Nowitzki. Not surprised to see his name on the list Tayshaun Prince. Tayshaun was clutch no doubt about it not surprised to see his name on the list. He would have a regular season that you never talked about he would get in the post season you do like dale Tayshaun Prince. Rip Hamilton another one of those guys not surprised to see rip Hamilton on this list. Rajon Rondo who obviously is in this series is on this list he is better in the post season many is the regular season. Re mongering. On this list better in the post season than he is in the regular season the only other three guys. Or DR Andre Jordan Derrick Rose and Bradley deal. Brad mobile I'm surprised he Bradley deal on that list. Feels like the bullets are always coming up short feels like everything in Washington comes up short from a sporting standpoint. Caps play tonight by the way that chaps penguins tonight. All I know is that the penguins always beat the capitals and and again it really matters so prepare for that I guess. Our pal John Dickinson is going to be joining us from New Orleans in just a little bit but before that. You fees start to practice it looked. If Curry's at the podium he stuck practice long and you tell JD to take it suburban street and drink without us. What if we can join him for a cocktail we will. Tell me this is the carousel bar. There are some parts nice that hotel month Leon it's very nice. Member honest. Jian are good that it's it's it's it's a huge web of information I have here in my mind. You and the fact that I haven't smoked so much weed to cloud this web and I still have pretty good recall for a guy that had a stroke a logo it's not bad right not bad at all and I arrest of de L yet asked me to do a simple math equation and I'll show you stupid on the level you've never seen it before. You talk for a living are absolutely you need me to spell something for that crossword puzzle let's go down in flames together. Yeah seriously I can't spell I can't do math but I can remember. Absolutely useless information. Like ever pressed to find an any Downey beans you remember so much about it yeah it's it's I'd be impressed defied thought I could. Do anything with it but it I can't. Well just use it on the show but. I mean people are asking correct Canada recommendations from a New Orleans on the tech side you're just spit them out left and right there it's funny to people will be like in years ago you were talking about a couple hot chocolate he had in Paris public. Got a good Angelina thread on the left bank did the financial district about comics. Ask for the cocoa Afrikaner us a video that. Right I can tell you have the stuff for places I've been as far as restaurants go. I have to really think about how to text myself to remind me yeah but you didn't knock down that ms. Eddie's bakery sponsorships so you know. That's a really matters best tip yankees amber and I are the best job chip cookies here in the Bay Area I think. How about this record T how about Fisher. How do you do that for a living how adding become interest in doing something like that. And what do you know it's a story about Eric burns just start butter per you know I did because I'm friends with his wife and I saw her post and upon him. Very cool. Guys knots. So current. Turns four a's outfielder current eccentric. Says that in this article written by Dan Brown in the Merck. By the way that is a appropriate description. My grandmother was always say. Guys like that if they were poured they'd be crazy to my little money there eccentric and earth burns played 245. Golf holes in a twelve hour span to lay claim to a new world record. Burns ran an estimated 65 and a half miles. During the Napa Valley speed golf challenge on April 21. It's a kind of cross between caddie shack in Chariots of Fire. He only used one club. The entire time. He only used an eight iron. And he would route literally run to the ball and hit it hole oh style like he never stopped running. In less. He was in five feet of the putt. It's insane. Purcell running 65 and a half miles is insane then playing golf is insane then playing. What was it. 245. Golf holes is insane. And Eric Byrnes whose 42 years old isn't certain. He really has by the way easier younger than me. Cookie brands like crazy marathons. He's like an Iron Man and all that says. Look I don't mean to make this we are eager sinner burns of the shirt off. Omelet guy. It's someone painted his skin painted on its. Just amazing anyway speaking of painted on skin let's go to John Dickinson whose in New Orleans I'm sure working out right now he is just left I believe smoothie king senators courts or he was their right now still fantastic John Dickinson joining us for just a moment. I 957 game. What's going on Damon ticket to be with you bet I'm actually right here at the smoothie king center of the warriors happened practice as we speak and and wrapped things up with the players and and head coach Steve curb being available. Literally in front of a Simon has the duck out if other warriors make a player available here in the next couple minutes you've got to cut bait and run just do so a lot of snow in the meantime let's start with the obvious you're looking at practice right now housed after removing. Real good real good and as Steve Kirk told you yesterday. He's going to be in the starting line up no restrictions or any thing. For tomorrow night's game moving around really well no ill effects from. You know haven't recover from that game big game to the other night had its day off. They flew out obviously today in and have that practice today so no he's he's looking good good to go. And the progression caddick continues for him. In this. Return now from a knee injury. JD obviously the warriors are getting healthier they're getting better you had stepped back to the mix. You just beat the war you just beat the pelicans in a close game you blew them out without curry what is the battle cry to New Orleans can really lean on here to think that they can win game three 'cause there's not a lot of evidence that they can come out of first. A couple of games well I think all the fast break points said that they were able to put up in game two and knowing now that they head home. And it's gonna be wave they're gonna get a boost from their home crowd and they played very well that the two games at the Portland series. In this building in and they really wanna continue to just play fast and and failed both teams obviously wanna do that but they they were able that it put up what 39 fast break points on the warriors. In their building. In game two he got to sake fifth the warriors are gonna get hit with a wave. Early on in game three and that's going to be something that they're going to have to withstand if they're going to take complete control of the series and that 30. Ed Jimmy you member and other teams are completely different but you go back to three years ago that first round series the falcons had a huge lead in the war years in game three. Before the warriors came back in and Stefan curry Wanda didn't big shot disaffected and overtime of the warriors wound up winning it and and sweep that series John Dickinson here on 957 the game checking in from New Orleans ahead of game three which will be tomorrow night right here of course. On 95 cents in the game your home for every single warrior home playoff game as you hear the guys just John back and forth with each other John is there any more chatter about dream on vs Charles Barkley years that behind them now. No it's speaker was asked about it when he met whatever but he just a few moments ago and and he he said he really didn't take it all that seriously at all I mean it kind of put up more comical spin to. Charles Barkley and and the things that he says that it is more met may be in jest. And you know pays that serious I wanna fight this guy hit a kind of sank to drink monitoring deep down knows that I mean he was asked about it in the in the heat of the moment. It was mom's gone back and forth on Twitter about it people their talents brought the first thing you heard when he got in the locker room after the game did you hear what this guy sits I'd get Ambien heated about it. Following the game but now I mean Barkley apologized I think. Knew it was Smart of him to do so to just tennis now fallen out out. You don't need legends of former legends and and and current legends. So go and attic or Kirk was also asked. Who how. How dream I would do guarding Charles Barkley in his private Kerr shot that down real quick just lasts and send hey you guys are always trying to sort this thing out. Make your way bigger than it is so no official answer on how trade bonds could guard Charles and his prime. Always always really good talky JD thanks for checking in on me just give you two tips Kosher on for dinner tonight arch at the lie for brunch tomorrow. Write those down I wouldn't steer you wrong. Sounds good good talky brother John Dickinson and from Lou most of Los Angeles but now he's in. No no enemy. New Orleans. Tomorrow. Game three should be really good time hopefully John has a great time there were gonna come on back and we're gonna send somebody out to New Orleans we've got our fly away trivia contests that were bringing to ahead next here on 957 game. Welcome welcome it's great to have you here instead of one more segment one more guest who we are gonna wrap up today's show. With a one big contests that we've been waiting a long time to get going win. I think this is fantastic. We're gonna get jet to ace baseball here in about. Fifteen minutes but it's time now for our final trivia face off for our. Fly away. Alaska Airlines trivia contest we are going to be sending. One of our following contestants are roundtrip airfare for two to New Orleans hotel accommodations for two nights a thousand dollars towards tickets. Car rental and food. All courtesy of Alaska Airlines thanks so much to Alaska Airlines for the sponsorship. And we got ourselves a big. Broadway open. Reveal these off. You can call us packs a Jack in and a as far as we're concerned for the rest of the hour as we both get to play. Game show host for the rest of the hour and let me explain to everyone how the game works we've got trivia questions were about to have. Three rounds of trivia we're gonna ask each of our contestants one question per round. If they get that question right they get a point if they get it wrong no points will be awarded all repeat each questioned twice. Following my second reading of each question. You'll have five seconds in which to answer and we are gonna be strict about that because we don't want people Google Ling we want real knowledge to win. So. Here is what your five seconds will sound like. Yeah and calling them. So I will read each questioned twice and then immediately Jian is gonna start that and you have that long to give us an answer. After three rounds of either contestant has more points than their opponent they are gonna win the grand prize. If we have a tie after three rounds will go to or fourth round if we still have a tie will go to look fifth round. If we're tied after five rounds were gonna do this the old fashioned way we're gonna flip a coin. And I would flip that point because Jian as all think he's in bombs she can't do it. To have this and thank you very much after all it is a big big coin flip should we get there let's meet our two contestants are first contestant is from Oakland his name is. The slots on cold cold bitch. Slots on Cocoa Beach you wanna be known as Z or coach for the sake of this act. Are right Z thank you very much in in my book you're already a winner. But you might be huge loser in about five minutes let's find out together shall we your gonna be competing against. Nick Williams of San Jose I believe we have nick online neck I'm gonna go with nick for the rest this contest to call you are right. Are right nick good luck to you you might be a winner you might be a loser were about to find out the whole Bay Area is let's go look. To Z he is our first contestant. He gets the first question Z all are you ready. All right. Hear your name was picked first that's why you're going first that's health fair this is. I'm gonna give you this question twice and Jian is gonna hit the music you need to give me the answer before the music ends. Are you ready easy. It. Through seven games in the 201718. Playoffs. How many triple doubles does drain money green half. Through seven games of the when he 1718 playoffs how many triple doubles does dream on greenhouse. Normal. And calm them from Y one is correct you. There and run and congratulations. You have a point Z we now go to nick nick are you ready for your first question. Are right nick I'm gonna read it twice and we're gonna start to music you have to answer me before the music ends. Are you ready. Golden State New Orleans played four times during this regular season. All of those four games how many games did Golden State win. Golden State New Orleans played four times during the regular season all of those four games how many games did Golden State win. Vulnerable. And so I have heard your answer but I I I know you answered you got to turn that down a little if you could Jiaka what is your answer there. I believe there. In correct. The answer is three the warriors took three of four from the pelicans in the regular season so Z leads knicks won nothing after one round. Z are you ready for question number two. All right here it comes. Who led Golden State in scoring. In their game to win over New Orleans on Tuesday who led Golden State in score. In their game to win over New Orleans on Tuesday. And are correct then. Ran 29 points. We now go disease got two points nick you need this one are you ready. Nick which Golden State assistant coach recently interviewed for the New York head coaching job. Which Golden State assistant coach recently interviewed for the New York head coaching job. I. Club. Didn't set it up are now we didn't get an answer from you are it's too late. I got the job but he is not a warriors assistant that is Mike brown. And so there we go. Thank you very much I believe we now have our winner and it is ZC. From a local and. A lot on the co called bitch you are all winners are. Have have you ever been a New Orleans before we know. Have you ever got into an NBA playoff game before. While I'm glad Peter initiated in one of those and on initiated. In the all. You are about to be a negotiated on Bourbon Street and it's a good thing for a young man how old are yet. Perfect are you got married or single. Not. Oh will you be taking this significant other will deal because I'm just gonna tell Leah. If you're looking for a new significant other New Orleans is a great place to meet one of mouse. I held on to answer very good well dungy on it gives you an extra points for that. Congratulations. Z we're gonna put you back on hold here and get all the particulars from you I'm sure we ardea of them. But I congratulate him I also wanna thank nick. Williams from the San Jose next. You thought a good battle so sorry didn't happen to you. And we would finally like to thank Alaska. Airlines. Alaska Airlines thank you so much for giving this. Unbelievable opportunity. To us to give away to be listeners. Outstanding. Thanks to Alaska Airlines banks to Golden State thanks to everywhere thank Eugene high. I was very nervous as my debut as Vienna. You did gut the CEO you did got used to my palms are athletic the volume little bit of the nation grew. You know the board can they could turn it down there but we outs. I've seen better not gonna I'll play and I and I don't consider you know it was excellent. You've given yourself like that yes there and could job patsy Jack thank you thank you again it was always wanted to be as I've always wanted to be a game show host. I got to play one today it was an awful lot of fun. You voted it is whether the talk Andre and got us pretty good at that and now. A I understand but now people are turning against me watch I'm gonna turn the whole tied the show right back towards me are you ready. Good stuff. That was so good last night the sharks could not have played. A better hockey game. They had to have dad to stay in this series to series is now tied. And tomorrow night they're gonna be on ice in Las Vegas they will come back to as a peace center on Sunday. Jian we gotta get down. That's got to happen 100% on Marty's a Marty work an angle RU RD. I work in the contact work that angle you got that in a white money. By the way Jenna gets paid patsy Jack and Jana. They get paid like hosts of failing the morning shows on ESPN they make bank that's a good gig they get paid like Jason Witten trying to out. Broadcasting on Monday Night Football is a big paycheck for them. They Damon I wanna T shirt that says he owed and it is what it is considered it yeah. Yeah. Earlier Damon was that a Bain impression. Yes yes it was I hope you enjoyed. I don't know why keep going to let you know I I just it works I like because I get to grab the microphone. I get I get too wrapped a microphone in my hot demand lean forward and say things like that is not true will be on initiated. I like that when my favorite impressions it's a good impression time year. And I wanna leave you with this edit tomorrow show. And you can't tell you hang out I'd be shocked absolutely need to get things together in get these pellets theories that. I'm seeking chill digging indeed dead when he go to Vegas and you know win un Indian bigotry mean if there is circus circus it's going to be a fantastic time we're gonna have a really nice time at the strip there's a 499 lobster buffet that we've already signed up for. It can be wonderful toy just won ramping set saint go sharks go Shaq will be baking. Hash tag 1990 well it's doing is there were no hash tags to top pound signs and I'm doing is I had absolutely no idea what the kids are doing any work taking your. I need to Tommy John I know no one item the only act. Wang and Casey you're on dying here you can wait to judge NBA Mary Beth we wanna think Tim bond to answer coming up. Today Bruce Jenkins you wanna my feeling good to have fun before a fine we had the John Dickinson joining Anthony had. And you know where Ali what do you know and think and learn moon we have people joining us we have Wheatley had all these big giveaway league contests we have fun we have memories when fan that we have so much going and we would don't think so. I don't even speak French didn't get anything. Nick thank you oh great job filling in for Alvin today. Olivia outstanding. Thank you to the entire Barbieri family I got nothing but respect and remember. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly and sports don't build character. Union. I like that. I'm Damon Don slay I will be your driver it's wonderful to have you'll war.