DB Show - 3 - Warriors doomsday lineup, Draymond impact, Sharks out, Jon Morosi

Damon, Ratto & Kolsky
Monday, May 7th
Damon discusses the Warriors doomsday death lineup overwhelming the Pelicans, Draymond's 4am text message to inspire KD to be KD, Draymond receiving stupid twitter death threats, sadly the Sharks are eliminated but it's better to have Donskoi'd than not to Donskoi at all, the East & Western Conference Finals are coming into picture, an article about Dwight Clark and his fight with ALS, and another recap of the Warriors huge win over the Pelicans, and Damon talks baseball with MLB Network & Fox Sports analyst, Jon Morosi. 

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Can see. San Francisco I'm. Guy says one point two million new immediately gets washed out you don't need one point two million net gets washed as a matter of fact I just told him. I won nothing on derby day got slosh. There you go out. Welcome welcome it's great dad year hopefully you had yourself a really good Monday at work and now we gotta talk we gotta talk about how. Break glass in case of emergency is what Steve Kerr decided to do after ray. Disappointing game three no show he decided he was gonna light the fire. Underneath his team by going with a doomsday device right from the get go we saw. Curry Klay dream on Andre Iguodala and Kevin Durant in the starting five for the very first time in what would everyone I call it. Wanna put death. That doomsday the Hampton 51 ever I don't care what you call it. Called champions because that's what they look like. 81 or excuse me a 37221. Quarter. It was all a matter of time after that. New Orleans could spend so much energy trying to catch up and it didn't get close ones but even though they are close. They were done after that in about seventeen minutes on the court together. The death lineup was plus 26 and what do you know they won that game by 26 points needless to say Kevin Durant had a transcended scoring night. Your rant at the elbow well it turns church stepped back off the dribble and he's got to go right now it up big. The way. He was. Very good Tim Roy thank you very much for the call. Career finish with 38 points nine rebounds five assists would every once he got it however he wanted to do it he did. The only guy who sold under forty was Steve Kerr who sat him down. When that game was in pocket which happened very early fourth quarter. Stepped curry had 23 points he only had to assist the good news is he was moving very well again he looks like. The staff curry before staff curry got injured there is no. Odd nist of the gate with which she's running there's no wind saying on stopping the starting that conditioning. Looked very good good to have stepped curry. Back in staff are remote. Dream on green eight points nine rebounds nine assists four steals two blocks one technical foul totaled disrupt their. While that guy when he is there to collect bodies which he certainly was. Andrei. An understated. But very effective performance six points seven rebounds six assists three steals a block. Zero turnovers. All kinds. All kinds of just experience out there and active active here. So Anthony Davis hired a year chest pass to Moore who make up. It's still up by god break you don't need to suspend reality to assume. It Klay Thompson's getting hit a few more shots the next game around what if he does good luck to you know moral ones because clay did not have a very good night offensively. Thirteen point seven rebounds he only had one turnover but it could mean what. This game was a laugher with out clay hit shots of quake just hit a few shots I mean this thing. Is any real laugh. So it was great to see the Golden State Warriors looked. The Golden State Warriors because it's the playoffs just played their best game since they eliminated the cavaliers. Last year in the NBA finals. It was their best playoff performance. Since the night they won the championship. It was this sort of performance that makes you think. Houston. You have a problem. Let's do this. It was bordering on unfair at times and what we saw out of the pelicans in game three. May you think bit well are right New Orleans has got some of their playoff legs underneath them now they figured out the warriors just a little bit. Of course Golden State's gonna win this series but it might be more competitive than we assumed after two wins. I don't think so. I'll be real surprised. If there is a scenario. That has the warriors getting on a plane to head to New Orleans instead of Houston. Because they lose tomorrow night at home is feels like. It's about to be over. And it feels like Giuliani even though. Even though. These two kids just got engaged we knew we were we're gonna sent out to save the dates were not ready to send out the actual invitations but we're sending out the save the dates because it looks like our Western Conference finals Golden State vs Houston will be a reality Cleveland vs Boston. Looks like that's going to be a reality to we've got the 76ers. And Celtics in an elimination game right now. Little bit later Ron and women engaging game for LeBron James. Another transcendent performance from LeBron James. Payment would double in Toronto mounted just throw couple bodies at him. I think he's gonna try to win the game right here. It sixers by the lately Imran out 8873 in the fourth are right so maybe the sixers can stave off elimination another day. If Houston ramps up. Waited the Utah Jazz. And the warriors wrap up with the New Orleans pelicans. Really quickly here Monday. Next Monday a week from today. Would be game one of the Western Conference finals. Do but I'm ready Buick I'm ready. I'm ready and what's what's more important that the warriors are now ready. They're locked in their feet when it now to talk about dream on green 4 AM text messages. Kevin Durant obviously spearheaded that game four victory with a game high 38 points who was amazing. All of this prompted by dream on green. And inspiring. Text message to challenge. Other warrior is he. After game three told ESP NE stayed up watching film he cannot sleep when they lose like that. Any cent to what he describes as an era must kids. Long ass text message. To Kevin Durant. Yet to let his team they know he felt that the moment I did challenge him to be who he is I had to tell him. I didn't see him attacking I didn't see him being aggressive enough on both ends of the floor like we need him to be. I don't hold back when I see something's wrong I voice my opinion there were no hard feelings were just trying to win a basketball game. Derail wakes up a couple of hours early he gets this impassioned plea to be more aggressive. Via drain months text message he writes them back. I got you. Which is that what did you throwback like. Sure. The one worker. Well really did text three but I got she was like I got you I like I understand your your sane I got. He did it would hurt. OPEC. Might your business. Tommy had a play hard on Kevin Durant. But if that sandbag you like. And did no damage done a great night. I would love to see that text message by the way I wish I wish I could greeted T right now. I would almost open up attacks on the Penske auto sales dot contacts on and said send me a duplicate tax what you think you're gonna re enact the need to reminded to Kevin Durant taxed. I'll try to. Limited this might lead out the F words for me and maybe I'll feel comfortable reading them on the air okay. I'll tell you what you probably Dex and it so here I don't know exactly what he said but here's the thought. Kevin. You're tethered Iran do you realize that you just 22 points on eight of eighteen shooting. He only eighteen shots and 35 minutes but we're losing by nineteen Kevin. We know we've heard it all before our love the guy. Given too much and. Your parents. They'll be Kevin Durant tomorrow you know what went to wake up tomorrow morning as Kevin Durant and stay Kevin Durant all day long. A I love it I wish I could I wish I could see the actual text. Of train mono for just being up at 4 AM texting his teammates scanning angrier and angrier wandering the French Quarter just swearing in people. Compassion manic I have a lot of it went to great adrenaline just wondering if French Quarter pick fights were drunks got a thorough proof. Want job. Well Lisa was nonsense that's got. Dream on the game ended four hours ago we saw he's walking around these guys pulled Jersey on full uniform walked around a French Quarter. Just call on people out. I love it I love angry drama. Can't pay Damon hopefully this wasn't the text. My bad that was meant percent Jack. I hope. Thank you. The little day day. So warriors break out. The doomsday device we finally see it at the start of the game Kevin and Kevin Durant. Drama on grain staff curry Andre would dollar and Klay Thompson we've heard so much about these guys Steve how it happened. Obviously it is our best five players you know so I didn't if you if you can get your best five players. You know that's what you wanna do I didn't feel. Comfortable doing it last game. I wanted to continue to bring stuff back. A little bit before we got to go because of a lot of the small lineup is based on ice cream to the staff and I wanted to see him a little bit. A little bit more I thought tonight he made a breakthrough condition wise and he was moving much better than it was in game came three but you know. You're on the road you're threatened. To put your best five guys out there and they start like that that's that's agree to. Certainly set a great town again 3722. After the first quarter that was a tip to whistle victory pelicans never let not for a minute not for possession. Very very good for the warriors to look that good not that they need. Self confidence they don't they did they'd they'd be pretty much know who they are. The question is will they be who we know they are tonight and the answer. Hail yes. Hail yeah and it worked. That's a really good should've been Kevin Durant answers. About this new phone buddhists. Not a great reply. Big Damon what are the text was. We sure need po boys before we leave New Orleans and Iran is like I got you. They game and I think he wrote everyone has an off night KD OC would practice. It a return of the sender mongering. There is no way did that text didn't include at least three mother you know what's. At least three out of the over under on F words in that text. At three in a taken me over. And to be over it is I think the over hits by the fifth sentence and a deadly probably very passionate taxed. I love it. I love it. Damon imagine you're stumbling down Bourbon Street drunk minding your own business and then in full warriors uniform dream on comes up flexing screaming and one in your face and just bullseye. I degrade. That's when you Tiffany turner live near like I. I told you love New Orleans and you never know what's gonna happen. By the way I wonder how our guys. Are the guy who won fly Waco a BA Alaska Airlines fly away contest. I wonder how our guys did the town. It's a Tom yeah. I'm sure he had a great time he went he went to sunny and he did he he actually I believe is flying back today I think down another day at school. Yeah I didn't seem to be seen that. The death lineup. Good to see the death lineup much better to see the death lineup been here any death threats. Unfortunately that became part of this post game storyline to. Some absolute Yahoo!. Then I came believe romo's dignify this with a response but we sort of have to because. Here's the thing. We decided a long time ago. Bit there's no wiggle room on death threats you're not allowed to make them I'll never be funny you can't even make light ones you can't even make ones that we don't take seriously because by definition. We have to take all of these seriously. What really happened was some yen marine yak off. Was probably three or four Beers into his afternoon online and thought he'd get a little cute clever stupid I don't know. Dream on pretty much blew it off his nonsense and just said you know we got a beauty who bore you take a look at your life if you take sports that seriously c'mon. Yeah her book you know I don't know if you truly need to do so let them about blood and Cuba. Said the so won't say this that's there that's going to talk at the end of the day what's your game. You know Lincoln desperate talking about life. Just waited years and nobody needs to I personally know more and don't worry about it. Number two don't care that much about South Carolina Nevada hello turn out much insult of being you know where and it. Every day or where movie blood sweat and tears in this every day and it don't matter that much to you shouldn't matter that must have read so. I just prayed that he had an elderly need. By the way there's nothing nothing nothing shuts down some Yahoo! just like you know and on and pray for. Its. Now works pray for you moron. I tell you. Trim on green just on such a great job in this playoff not taking the date of the that the other team is just putting right in front of him every single chance he gets again. Don't worry about dream on green during live action. We're not dream on green when the clock is stopped when you got guys walk in a benches when he got guys hang around the free throw line when you got guys assembling a midcourt like that's when you need to worry because that's when. Rondo Mirotic all these guys are out there just fission for the right sentenced to meg three month lose control pick up a technical which. Honestly. He did it was he not then I'll look it. It's not a technical to be worried about. It was one of those like I'll come on that is a that that's not a technical because dream on did something inappropriate that's a technical because for months reputation got him a quick tech without official. It wasn't bad. And c'mon whatever his would ever dream on green goes to bed mad at. Do it again. What series. The team chef ruined three months dinner. A you are angry. Somebody took his favorite stuffed animal out of his locker to. Somebody decided. That they didn't like his DirecTV commercial made fun of him. What ever it takes. What ever it takes to keep drain mind angry studying game tape and texting teammates at 4 AM that's what I want. Debt is what I want and I betcha that's what Steve Kirk wants to. You know the lineup work through whatever but. It's not about the lineup it's really not mean it's about how hard guys play and help focus or maybe effort. At both ends tonight where is night and day from game three and I thought our guys we're. Just dialed in. And that's all dream on that stream on taxing guys have 4 AM that's dream on with whatever reset at halftime before the game. During the game during a timeout that guy is deep holes the heartbeat of this team especially in the playoffs. May god bless KD got blast staff curry. They will never. Be the vocal leader on this team Madrid Monday is and what he's been doing defensively is really really something else and then what are you know. When he starts to get loose offensively to what a difference it makes out like no your teams in trouble to straight months also inquiries. Very low with a double off the street like dribble. Ask crosscourt and hit the deck both dated now up to Andre about want to get married just 48 gets what he does sex and we're halfway through the first quarter. Like I said last night you had so much Kevin Durant there was nothing the pelicans are gonna do to slow him down his shooting elbow. Like he's he's taking a shot he's in the first motion of his jump shot. He's shooting elbow is above their head of anyone defending him who's name is an Anthony Davis. They stay in front of that estate credit value what you can't reach it. You can't reach it. It's the item on the top shelf you need help with at the grocery store you can't reach it. Go ahead. Go ahead try to defend the top shelf of the grocery store I don't get an out and I may do it over there. I mean this guy. This guy. Put drew holiday through a you're not tall enough to guard me clinic and then it put more through it he just he just went through every. Defensive wrinkle they threw at him it didn't matter to the ranch he was locked into his aggressive. And when that's happening that's it. That's it. They didn't even play as good as they complain. And that was the best game they've played. Since they were in the NBA finals. So I don't think this is gone back to New Orleans. Hopefully. John Dickinson remember all of his chargers when he was checking out of his hotel because I don't think we're sent him back there. And unfortunately my friends. There's another thing we're not going back to. He doesn't center who breaks my heart. Really really does. I might have to hop on the golden knights bandwagon. But. It's all over for our shark he's. It's better to have done score and lost then the never have done scored at all. Thank you for the memories. Another. Playoff run comes up just a little too short for the sharks they Florie was fantastic. Looks like this knight's teams got going for it so you know what are you gonna don't. What are you gonna do it Joseph Thornton had been out there and healthy is that enough of the difference you'll never now. But we say thank you and we say all of walk. To our NHL team. And we will see you again soon another day my friend. That's the way it goes. One last dancing dump double on Bobble head tribute. Hey Sox fans learned a dunce like me get outscored ball boys to get back when we face down on us on April placed. I'm take home dancing down scored. I'm a smarter. I mean some irony. Good news if you are a baseball fan here in the Bay Area you had a good week and you didn't lose once over the weekend as a Bay Area baseball fan and we saw the ease get a sweep we saw the giants get a sweep and what do you know we are out on the road as far as the giants are at the Phillies tonight we've got the he's hosting the world champs. Yeah it's a one for a six the Astros lost five to seven. Dallas Skype call goes against Brett Anderson tonight Michael is a one and five and is ERA is under four. He is tied for the American League lead in losses. Within ERA under four. Sounds like a tough luck loser to me the guys had four total runs of support. In his five losses so we'll see if the a's can continue to keep their bats hot like we said the hottest man on planet earth. Yeah. Keep your don't buddy. Keep it going buddy. Speaking of a's baseball and warriors basketball tomorrow Jian. Let's do our duty. Let's keep those roads claim and traffic move and. It is going to be jam packed he has 730 tip off for the warriors got a 7051 pitch for the haze and it's ease an Astros on CO lawyers play off games sell. Take part to get out there early and I just actually got a on a press release from the wires from having seen hey don't for each remind everybody so there expecting big. Big crowds so right. It's now what are those. He's sure an afternoon game and a lot of people are going to be leaving the time you're getting married you know and email a lot of people getting married the same time 705 days starts 730 warriors right about that. Obviously. Other NBA games could affect the starting time by a handful of minutes by. Make notes if you're driving tomorrow leave yourself plenty of time. Best idea is probably don't public transit and rock and bark the whole way through. What do you think about the warriors now. Are you feel an owner Jerry are you read are you ready for the rockettes. Credit for the Houston Rockets I think I'm ready for the West Coast version of the NBA finals to finally play itself out. Not that Houston's on the West Coast but you know what I'm saying. I'm ready. I hope you wore 28889579570. We're gonna talk completely a baseball little bit later on what John the rose see some very good news on Johnny Kuwait oh who does not have a torn. Elbow ligament but he's gonna need four to six weeks or six to eight weeks excuse me. To go ahead and he oldest one doctor James Sanders says you don't know surgery. It almost feels like another win to tack on to the giants winning streak. Sadly we got some bad news about Stephen Scott he's mom who passed away last night Gretchen to Scotty. 55 years old died last night her home. Pleasanton California she was surrounded by Stephen in the family they were there with her when that happened and that is. Very good news AL lesson is a horrific disease. That's errors no family. Doesn't care how much money anybody might make it is it's savage and if you live. Long enough you'll see someone you love affected by this disease so here's what we're gonna do we're going to urge you if you Kent. To help make a donation. In the the Scott he's name to fight a LS therapy development institute right now you can make a donation. You caring dot com slash this got. Go ahead make a donation if you can you caring dot com slash a Scotty discos for a LS therapy. Development institute it's where the families requesting memorial contributions be made. So if you have the means if you attend the eighties issued a statement that the organization extend its deepest and stole condolences to the the Scotty Stanley. The loss of Gretchen she was devoted wife and mother whose legacy will live on through her husband Mike in their sons Stephen Austin and so. Very very sad. Our thoughts certainly with this Gotti family hopefully there are finding peace. Through this moment heartbreaking Yu Darvish donated 101000 dollars very cool. Very nice very nice. Aided 89579570. Is the number we got an awful lot we'll give you the very latest on what's going on in the NBA looks like the Philadelphia 76ers may survive. To fight another day gee I'll have an update four and will be back gad and in a moment on ID 57 game. Now back to the demon drew shell on not like seven keys. Dario storage. Your sixers leading scored and 125 points. Raise your hand again down one and all right 1039. Need to do we got a final. From the city of brotherly love the sixers have survived. Their elimination game in game four. There will be a game five of that series moving back to Boston Celtics spit the bit. In a chance to close out the sixers tonight. Will the Cleveland Cavaliers do the same thing the cavaliers look to to eliminate the Toronto Raptors tonight date Toronto Raptors have been beaten. The did it spent three such savage defeats that I I seriously if the raptors decided to just forfeit tonight not show up I wouldn't blame him. I'm thinking god. The very latest from LeBron among the very best we've ever seen to wrap up the game sound courtesy of ESP attitude. Is okay. Saudi old fool. Another signature moment. In a career that's got quite a few of them. So we'll see if LeBron can officially punch his ticket back to the Eastern Conference finals tonight Boston obviously would like to get back their two. Back to Boston might get back there without. Gordon Hayward who again had a savage broken leg before the team called a timeout this season. And carrier being just being shut down. As is is this pretty amazing you got basically you've got one. Hell of the individual talent and LeBron pulling the nameless faceless cavaliers along with a mini got one hell of a Coach Brad Stevens pulling me. Near nameless faceless Boston Celtics along with him this is. Talent vs coaching could set up to be a very interesting Eastern Conference finals. Western Conference finals could start on Monday. If the rockets and warriors handle their business tomorrow. Rockets and jazz dad tips off tomorrow at 5 o'clock. Houston up 31. Golden State up 31 that have soft 730 tomorrow night you said you had little more information about the parking nightmare tomorrow with the coliseum. Yes so if you wanna get there early parking gates open up at 330 so it may be tailgate with the family for anybody eighth game where the warriors game. Because it's going to be a mad house out there with all the cars at the 751 pitch a 730 tipoff for warriors. So mass transit aren't going to be your friends carpool or get their early 330 parking gates open. This public service announcement brought to you by not pulling your own hair out filtered in not clear on her out tomorrow. And planet had. So every now and then something happens on Twitter that either like sends me running too or exit or away from it like I it's a shame but if LeBron James it's a game winning shot I avoid Twitter for at least an hour. Because I have to listen to although. It's about Michael Jordan. Which he's not. And I need to listen and I saw it goes in like a you know all I will never be Michael Jordan which. Ought to say he's closer to than anyone else is a bad. Like I just don't need this where is he in the all time debate in the middle of the man's career which is still happening and in in front of my very eyes and the people who go out of their way to. Poke their careers to LeBron either. Exalt in him or disparaging him. It's it's so stupid. It's just it's a stupid I'm so proud that we don't do shows like that Jian I'm so proud. Of whatever it is we do. That we don't do it like that that we're not that type of carnival barker let's say I'm not a carnival barker. Not that type of carnival barker. But I now need you to get to Twitter and I need Judas followed the picture that I just saw from Meena kinds. Who's a writer. So tonight is the big New York met gala. So it. If your wife is a model you're going to New York met gala that's just how it works if you're dating a model you'll be at the New York met gala. There's a lot of athletes at the New York mad gala because of that rule. It is being. Outside a deep. Red carpet at the Oscars the equivalent of the who's wearing a sexy dress suitable. Oh yeah and it's your the point is to be grew incredibly creative with what you wearing on the red carpet so you're receiving that are a little out there right it's very often regard design because you're going to a museum some Mets. New York. I'm on guard vodka aren't you like that idea to you. So. Gisele is there or Gisele is wearing an unbelievably gorgeous dress with a slit up the leg cut so herb. Men. Reform believe the technical word is vagina. I mean it is pretty aggressive slit up the leg it's a really good look and dress and she's rocking the hell lot of it. Tom Brady is dressed like the magician. Who does the were not allowed to tell you how the tricks are done but this one masked magician is going to ruin all the magician secrets fox specials. It without the mask. It isn't weird at golden embroidered applicant on a black tuxedo with a black turtleneck it's supposed to match to exiles dress I guess. What a DMO ring does it send her so it says Tom Brady looks like he's about to ask a roomful of people to suspend their disbelief and just for a moment believe in the power of magic. But for one night. And it's the truth. Gosh. You know it's one thing if you dress well. Because you finally have a woman in your life dressing you like my wife's done a nice job with me going no events probably dress a little bit better just as I went out and add this that the other thing and no point. Did my wife turn means say. You should dress like. Flash Gordon you should dress like Ming the merciless from Flash Gordon that's a look you should be going forward tonight. Max Von C Dow's Ming the merciless you don't have to necessarily where the plastic thing on your head but from the neck down all meg. Go for it. That's funny now you but that's the greatest at BC. On the red carpet sometimes. G halo is there as well. All we are Iditarod is there as well he he's keeping it pretty simple with an all black tuxedo with a black but so does not dressed like a magician. Now not dressed like ours up. Tom Brady is is dressing like a magician tonight. And I'm just gonna tell you assure his wife is encouraging him but you gotta put that jacket on Mike eventually that choice is yours Tom. You should demanded that Jack to be run at a town like another backup quarterback whose name is against gangs Tuesday it was. And we'll get that jacked it may have been the jacket that got Robert crafts girlfriend pregnant. That's tough that's how. A necessary that jacket is. You know. All right back to the business and end. More important things. If you're face and you had a great weekend if you're giants and you had a great weekend in new from Johnny can't wait no I guess he got the best news that you're gonna debt. This baseball season if you go see doctor James Andrews and he's not pulling out a scalpel when your name on it you had yourself a good day. Johnny Guido will not need elbow surgery he will miss at least six weeks year recovering in resting. But doctor James Andrews told the righthander. Surgeries not necessary. He's recommended the rest Quaid goes got a Major League leading zero point 84 ERA he's on the ten day DL. Bruce Poteat knowledge that there was some some pain in that elbow. It's definitely in there and it's still there hopefully little Rask to make it go away no surgery. Once last time the giants got any good news right. Feels like the first bit of good news of the year. Take all the good news and get if you're giants fan. A's fans good news. Dallas cycle. Not really struggling but he leads the American League in losses. Hopefully gays can keep the good thing don't win for her earlier there eighteen and sixteen now. On this season and we are about a half an hour away from an a's dugout showed tonight here on 957 again. Of course very very sad story about Stephen to Scotty mom passing away. In another story. That I encourage you to read if you Love Boat a really well crafted thoughtful heartfelt sports piece. Special if you're niner fan you have to read the story called the last total by Chris Ballard in Sports Illustrated. It's about how Eddie DeBartolo. Sort of call on former. Teammates and Dwight Clark's. And asked them to come to his. His ranch in Montana. For oh really a a weekend of goodbyes. You know when you are diagnosed with dale less. The only thing you can hope to do. Is comfortably live out your days surrounded by loved ones there is no cure there is no getting better there. Is in no mercy spared to anyone who suffers from this it takes your ability. To mold. Communicate. Speak. Away quickly. And it's horrific. This piece written by Chris Ballard really is some next level sports writing in a world where. If you're tired of short tweets and looking for a little long form storytelling I can't recommend the steal enough. The last total Chris Ballard Sports Illustrated if you're niner fan you haven't read it. You should. Just a sampling. This is about Dwight Clark whose suffering would bail us. Throughout. Clark put on a brave face but they OS is a merciless disease. No cure exists in it wastes little time. Systematically shutting down body functions. Clark is now confined to a wheelchair. Is once boisterous laugh his dimmed. If not his smile. Originally. To Bartolo had planned to summer event. Better he now decided to hold it in late April. So on Saturday April 22. 27 men former coaches staffers teammates. Descended on white fish Montana. The doesn't came from the Bay Area on a depart low private jet. Plummer and Dwight hicks flew together from south count of from a Southern California. Garrison Hearst came in from Atlanta. Kevin go Ginn drove seven hours from Washington. To Barlow as always picked up the tab. Brought in every one to say goodbye. A plan that he had for later on in the year they had to accelerate because things are going fast on the white. And look. Sports are where we go to get away camping sports or go to alleviate our concerns thanks. Every now and then sports gives you an opportunity to realize that no matter who you are. And how much money you've made not a murder famously wore you deal with things like this. It becomes incredibly human moment really fast in the same way you would have your family and loved ones and your colleagues rally around you. To same way the niners are doing this for for Dwight Clark and like S at the store is beautiful. And heartbreaking. All the same time. I'm sure meant so much to him to have all his friends there with just a lot of a lot of love and our friendship around. Absolutely not absolutely. I urge you to read it it's really really fantastic. So it looks like. As we get closer to tomorrow night's what we all feel will be an elimination game for the New Orleans pelicans the warriors are gonna have to start focusing. On Houston but really. What they need to do more than anything else is just focus on themselves. Not even who their starting five is not even who their end of the game five is it's just about focus not who is in the game. But when you're in the game you're focused. You know the lineup worked or whatever but. Talk about the lineup it's really not mean it's about how hard guys play and how focused or maybe effort. At both ends tonight where this night and day from game three and I thought our guys we're. Just dialed in. Q how. There are dialed in from the jump they looked phenomenal right from the get go they overwhelmed. New Orleans they did it offensively they did indeed sensibly dram on green. I think the difference is very early don't. Let us that we got stops and they do that but you're going a little bit the best you know that's gonna happen is a great player where when you consider what else don't know where we do it starter. Sargent Gary you are really says its own and so just to go out there with that mindset we knew that if that we've got to get stops it will get our office door. And what that'll do is allow us to continue to set on defense and you know that was key floors in building their lead to start to get rid. Knows Lulu home don't look throughout. Dream on he's up 4 AME cement text messages to teammates cease sending long. To be technically correct. Long asks as described the long ass text messages to Kevin Durant looking to inspire and to come down be more aggressive in game four. Maybe all of those late night texts got a good coach. Because we all saw the starting lineup. I kind of figured I don't foresee sitter that this will happen and so wasn't surprised and I think it really set the tone for Tuesday you know we've run around on defense Minnesota began pushing the tempo on officers have been in the I think you know we got out of seventy conformity to some like that and so in order review showed up for some birdies just reforms which are. He old us speaking it into existence. Maybe his texting it into existence. I'm just gonna tell you right now that when the Golden State Warriors play like that they will not be beaten by anybody. And it's so the point we're really here we are the lesson is this. It focused warrior team will not be beaten. I don't think anyone out there is he now play them I don't think Houston playing its best basketball can. Beat the warriors playing their best basketball don't think it can happen. They didn't even play their best game. Didn't even play their best game against the world is yet it's the best game they've played as a team. Since eliminating Cleveland in the NBA finals a year ago. They were phenomenal. They can only beat themselves. I really believe that it's it's back to the point where and we have to go ahead and we start. I don't see taking things for granted but we start assuming what we sound arrogant assuming when they're losing at home to Memphis in February. That's and we talked about do we need to be worried about any of this. I really don't know all maybe maybe not I just know that when you're getting beat at home by a man says he shouldn't be talking. You can be cocky again. Back there you can be cocky. If you're a warrior sand because when they're playing like this there is no stopping us. Dream on green hit this shot you're gonna lose. Andre goo dolls got active hands all over the court you're gonna lose. Kevin Durant stayed in and over the left shoulder the right shoulder he's gone baseline he's coming through the wind down the lane he's hitting the threes got the stop. Pull up three step to sending the corner three yet you're gonna lose. You lost by 26 points Klay Thompson didn't even hit shots Clay Johnson it's a few more shots you lose that game by thirty easily. Easily. When they're focused nothing's stopping them. And were right back to that setting. It's nice. It's a darned switch we get done talking about how we love art about the switch. Well what do you know that's only really had to do and they win when they want to they win when they feel they have to and let's be honest didn't feel like they. Had to win game three to win this series and their about the broom to us that they didn't have to win game three win this series so they're not going to. They didn't have to win it. So they weren't invested. Emotionally. Into it. And made his rolled the ball out there and what do you know the pelicans were totally. Invested. In saving. Face in this series not being swept. The desire. To not be swept. Trumped the warriors desire to sweep. Dream on didn't like that text and everyone at 4 AM now they're gonna come home. Now later on back to New Orleans. As a matter of fact. I'm very comfortable saying this thing's not going back to New Orleans. And if it doesn't Gionta pencil sets up and we really see. The warriors. In the rockets both advance out of there semifinals tomorrow. The Western Conference finals would start Monday. Are ready for that Monday in Houston. The warriors win game one of the Western Conference finals Monday in Houston folks I don't know where to tell you I don't know where when sell you drama. I don't know I don't know I mean I'll try. It is my job. I'll do my job. But a big about it. Let's just say the warriors come on out and they kicked the rockets square in new in new Yates in game 11 are there what X series to do it. They are older than a pick and roll with James Harden and point capella now you don't. Now you don't you just went ended Toyota's Sadr you'll one bites want any DN Tony knows it's over. So they sit there rockets that happened. If the warriors won game one they might sleep the rockets yap. By the way Chris Paul he's not ready to start getting his chest all puffed out he knows what 31 looks like he's been their before. What is the process man I've been here before 31. That real quick got me so it is what it is just enjoy the process. If the warriors were a convincing. America's laughing at the rockets on Tuesday morning winners in the game one of the Western Conference finals. It would be rough for Houston to believe it again and it really would if it the gay. Big game with you played. Is hard as you've ever played in a regular season all year all your life yeah well they say lol you really played a dead game seven. Yeah Lee played a dab games one and two when your barn is well. If you can't deliver on games one and two when your own barn when will you be beating the warriors you know that's what that's the Toronto Raptors thought. The Toronto Raptors LA bella all kinds of good about their regular season look at us say we're though once CA Jack. Exact. But it once it passes across the condition yeah. Where that Denham. Where did that Dedham. Right now 1512 Cleveland waiting. Could be the sweep and sends them on home. The Toronto Raptors. Will be detained cried wolf if they go home swept. And if the rockets don't really make a series of next series if it doesn't go 567 games. I'm not saying blow it up. What you need more. Do you think you build something that is gonna take care union you're gonna know that you need more you probably know the anymore right now. Meanwhile the doomsday devices revealed itself. Curt today at practice. I just mentioned we're gonna get it again. So what's MMX seven have been so narrow it. Yeah and read it let's start tomorrow. Rule death lineup the pelicans that that I have a semantic Kong men. Which is go home yeah that's a good I can well that's the thing when the warriors are at their best. You considering quitting. Is part of the game plan like that's what warriors want to read you see that the look on those faces like did you after LeBron hit the shot. The floater off to get up the glass did you see did their bit the raptors bench. Did you see it. We'll blog all bunching kid's just been told that their Christmas tree was burnt down by cynical loss. And sad not only did you not get presents good Santa came down the chimney. And burn your tree down you get nothing you don't even get the tree. That's horrible that's at the raptors a play notable it's a sad Canadians. Now Mac. I don't know about it. Relish it a double teamed and mega act as I went. Usually done. Since I can't take you seriously ever again. I'm sorry but that's the way it works and a seriously I would not take users and the raptors to go 82 went out next year. And it has laid want. Write it down. They used to believe in it. How about this. In the least covered about one among the more interesting tidbits from the weekend as you all know Matt Ryan. Who just got paid a five year 150 million dollar deal would be the first league thirty million dollar year quarterback any NFL. A hundred million in guarantees Adam chapter. We did that Matt Ryan became the NFL's first player to ever land a 100 million dollar guarantee last week. And then went undrafted. In the ESPN way too early fantasy mock draft. You know is one of those one of those things like. Where you say well physical bought real football two totally different things and well when you're done but the position quarterback and your span and a 150 million on a guy and he goes undrafted. Not by like a group of you're drunk friends in Yahoo!'s book by the experts and ESPN yeah that's that's a visually say something. We're gonna get you got a little ways baseball early next hour to defending champs are here. One more time we will say or walk to the Don school like and the sharks here on the day membership. Thanks so much for tuning in today thanks so much for spending your Monday afternoon with the us we're gonna get you out to a little eighties baseball all the world champs are in town Houston Astros that's. Still can't believe I sit it out loud and I'm not wrong being world champion Houston Astros. Are in town to take on the gays in an American League match up I still can't believe I'm saying that's. Here's a man to help me sort it all out and I haven't talked to him in a really long time so why am very happy to welcome home back John murder Rosie. BBC Aman MLB network you can see more on fox sports and you know what will even talk a little. Would our pal John rose C John good to have beyond buddy Dario. Given how do an outstanding at my pleasure to be on the shows today at the immediately that that's. Oh Somalia baseball really get going and of course India and itself well so a lot. It is a really good time the sharks are the only team that not cover the load this weekend because let's seat. Warriors one very convincingly yesterday but we've also seen the eighties and the giants come off sweeps this weekend so right now things are pretty good in the bay let's start with the in good news in the day. No surgery for Quaid oh he'll be out six to eight but avoiding Tommy John. That's my guess maybe the best piece in his Johnson got all year. It really is very encouraging of course of course going to be but it is Willie Pete what turned it in potentially a couple months time could certainly not the worst case scenario occur that the giant. Should be thankful it really being and I look back at this pretty remarkable. If you're gonna tell me the equator don't be on the DL right now that some larger at this time all of our what tipped or pitched by now. The majority still do right there in the mix up well by moderate impact or in apartment right now I would've been surprised but I try to get the credit to respond to critical like that. A pipe block at Stratton really kind of kept the staff. Together so allotment of course very structure at their current belt so I'm seeing encouraging individual all of it is the Bible way. They give Bob Carter back here in the next step several weeks to get a melting and had quit don't surrender our all star break. He should be in good shape. But I still wonder David would stay make a run literally happening worry a bit on man armed with that being available there was a Matt years. One possibility thirteen that really got that. And look at all the healthy starter that they are. Sydor. In as short as possible and answer and it's really not a short answer Bo what went wrong in New York. For Harvey it seemed like when he was extended in that World Series game he gave up the lead was never the same I know he's been dealing with the injuries and when the press in New York turns on yeah. It's hard to turn back into the sunshine what went wrong. Our two great question than a minute genetic there are multiple big number one that's how you look at. The Jurassic outlet syndrome that that Tommy just or nurse pretty real help they happen there. That the past well not quite Bennett quietly in the wants one. Which are being created it while incompetent that they are big part of now article on time what. The bravado that Dark Knight he was pitching of course in New York not far where groping Connecticut it was a big part of it right dead heat. And I think what six let them I think you lost a bit that this identity I think also. Opt and deal candidly there in the day he was supposed to be their last year he shook all bark. They're review a report recently that he was out. Socializing let's say that the night aboard outing. Which did not surprise upset about gentlemen city almost so. I dignity act that he begins his priorities lineup that a bit better. But I'd make go all the elements still Wear for a pitcher who still. As I believe the third worst ERA integrators. In its territory sixteen among qualified bidders are we actually find a way. To reassess where did the richer as a person but I believe there are still count on there. Meanwhile since we're just talking about New York yankees ha. Geez who. Oh it's been quite what that tomorrow night the red sex that you begin a series. It's great docket that hurt by our. We'll look at that we network this week that they're going to be in this series. Red Sox yankees with the two best records in baseball the last part that happen for a Sox yankees series. After the first of may in any calendar year wouldn't 2000 Q. Now you we were able but the type in the northeast that doctors say that. The rivalry may never quite get back to what are what spoke for the Red Sox won that will do to go for a believe that the gates. I think it is really review would be young talent but you've got New York. They had been in judge in a labor toward the walk up and do our business so money key figures they're great characters their pinstripes. Now the red dot they had Judy Martinez rookie vet clinic yeah and BP are I believe all things considered. David this is the best we have seen this rivalry at least potentially. Since those years when they were gone at a book for the reds aren't. Meeting their those two back to back jail yet so. Are they edit a baseball player and this is no he's caught by security it is great baseball. Great personality great for the sport yet as Robert baca to out. We're talking baseball with our great friend John morrow see here on 957 in the game so when Jed Lowrie is named American League MVP little bit later on this year it will be the biggest surprise an American League MV PS3 or not aren't just guys. It yeah it might be able right now David did you say this general re lead. Them Majorly. It runs batted it against things that we did not see unnecessarily. Happening Brit so that I had to get gas to Atlanta he and I and our our presidents get in addition it it is the what are covers quite articulate to pay your rival they're at that you bet that that. That that build their Wikipedia that gave pretty oppressive. Ernie went with what that wager on county jail at BP and then of course there at the end no we are rarely took what. I think he would he has figured out that that the der ability but at least a lot that you battled injuries. I think you've got that really under control now. He blurted I experts over time is starting the pitching now he's just got a really great. Article storehouse of now doubt about about bill goes that the American League so I give a lot of credit he's really made himself but it at all or caliber player. Its stake it is time but it is switch hitter who. Really he can't go wrong you get it finished erotic contending eighteenth. Or keep that they're not contending at the deadline. He is about a queer of a trade deadline candidate you're gonna be like a lot like you're out. Rep Damon has been on the road with you every night you are speaking a lot alike on the night. Yes I think a lot that that ain't good example one of the many great article were so far but no I guess not all starters. He belongs based on the the very early going here he keeps it doubly bureaucrat a little bit. Don't numbers just certainly worthy go to Washington DC they're mid July for the Midsummer Classic so I got that he's just beat as children better command. Secondary stuff but the groups. Of course we know what about the no matter what the beverage he's. Really put ago lot of things that I really courage. A little bit remote of course I love the combination of the old and the new. David on the Oakland pitching that might not know alongside Cahill and Anderson but it would go well back early part of this decade all things. Old or new again and that EA is are exceeding expectations by about why aren't as good of a argument anybody else baseball like. Brett Anderson going tonight against Dallas tight goal again the defending World Series champs in town for the days. We're gonna get out to pregame and a matter of moments we will not be getting out anymore pregame or any games for the San Jose Sharks this season has come to an end. If the Las Vegas golden knights gave for a Stanley Cup this year where would that rank in the history of unexpected sports happenings. Well I did as I was talking with the with the of course all or most personal front a guerrilla but it. The goal done. That that they'd be reminder to agree that Leicester city in the primarily might be about that the most recent example of that without are all. I'm militant aprilia it's amazing game and it that. We've seen in the NHL history to previous expansion teams will lead to relatively early in the playoff format war and all the same. Didn't really socket without precedent. In the history of professional hockey on this continent if it is to that level so I don't stop but he sure statins certainly. The uncertain how about Joseph Thornton what are you going to be but but this was it is a remarkable team that that I think it played on police that they're led by a very good coaches are a lot who's got the people we playing. I think a very greedy. Very aggressive system of hockey which are I think it is fantastic to watch a lot of great puck movement so it is he might not be when that appears to be. Almost unbeatable although I think whoever they base in the next round national winner take was playing such radar right now. Well we atop matchup but even even saying that. What what the gold might have achieved so far it's really good story over to beat China for the rest of time a lot of hockey is played one of the great story of hockey history. Look at the Astros can be defending champs if a sixteen seed can beat a one maybe this can happen to John morrow C love talking sports had a buddy thanks an awful lot. David it's always took pleasure lovers savvy and all the best you apparently gripped it took. Thank you so much dumber OC Darrent thanks to him thanks so much to Sammy Macon Tim Roy as well. Gionta always a pleasure boat home it's all meant a single cool Sissy ball nick thank you very much nick is in for LB all week long that we are in very good hands thank you very much next we're going to be talking you tomorrow coming up at 3 o'clock right or get too ready for a little. Dean five warriors. And the pelicans tomorrow coming up next though we've got like I said that he. Still Astros in town a's baseball right around the corner here on 957 game in the meantime remember sports to build character they reveal. Flak back. It's better to have don's going in lost and then to never have done square at all.