DB Show - 3 - Warriors Championship parade recap, with an exclusive from Steph Curry

The Damon Bruce Show
Tuesday, June 12th
Damon & Gianna recap the magic that was the Warriors Championship parade in downtown Oakland today. 

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Welcome to you and all I can say is thank you. Thank you to the Golden State Warriors thank you to the city of Oakland. And thank you to all of you. Who waved at us when we waved at you during that parade it was amazing. Miles of smiles is the best way to describe what we got to soft. To see that parade route today it was really really special a great day for our station a great day for our listeners and I hope you've enjoyed this so far we're gonna try to bring you all the sights and sounds of this parade that you might have missed. Joseph lake of Kevin Durant stepped curry Klay Thompson. Drain money green who said you know parade it's a really it's it's it's not just a parade it's a mood. It definitely a mood. That only a mood for sure and the mood that everyone had was just great Jordan bell he decided to replace his mood with drunk. You can compare that we are expecting more champagne that's going on here. You know losing a millionaire. Love that. Our sound courtesy of NBC Bay Area obviously. People here are having a good time flags yeah. Are you certainly was and today he got to ride around with his man. JaVale McGee and it's amazing how they're telling different stories about them now are. Yeah. A path out of it and that. She's acting a fool. Swagger he. I'm what do you say in the locker room you know and I went from there and snitch dom to put a ring on and now this ball. I gotta be honest Libya. And I don't know. We need nick around next season for anything but the parade like he didn't know much in the regular season he did get a big shot in the playoffs he did god bless them. I don't know all of you be back here next year bull will never forget his one year here of this indeed is the last I love this all. Yeah. Oh. Between that Jordan bella. From there we go expecting more champagne that's going on here. Wow. People or feel the clay Thompson he talked about the chemistry that this team just rode the wave of all year long. I mean they all assistant joint clinic and then known known ever complains. That's the beauty of it does not play a whole series and they come out the next series and make decisions that. I mean you look at guys like your bills coming Clegg could be added almost folksy. Looming this man nobody had an excellent experience you. Lot of people at the rim might go down the list so I wasn't just a sport isn't one behind as well as huge contributions. Huge contribution throughout the whole year yet you talk about noon that playoff experience. Jordan bill comes to mind. From there we are expecting more champagne that's going on here. When it came time to spring a lot of love around dream Mike green was ready to spread the love all the defensive credit around to his teammate. So I'm lucky my defense is great I think is pretty good work. I'm a lot of defensive breakdowns on that particular myself. You lose gusto reformists are care. Play Yasushi can Alter. Regularly can go we all work out together. You know us hard to consumers. Drain money had nothing but love for anyone who went to battle with him wearing a Golden State Warriors uniform he still had no love for one of those Cleveland Cavaliers he calls him out by name afterwards people were talking about. Pay adrenaline green just snubbed Tristan Thompson and that handshake line. Well today he basically said yes I did. Obama didn't call that's a real. Until one of them dudes from the chads no respect. In any goes Tristan and wink cut the same boat. Again and wall to wall sound courtesies to NBC sports Bay Area obviously all hands on deck covering the parade today. Damn us radio TV hey Kevin Durant you're going to be back for one of these again next year and oh yeah. You discuss her own. Okay. That is just fantastic. Yeah it was a beautiful day. Smiles on everyone's face and and you know I look what we said this before I I just wanna say it again without getting serve beer sappy on yeah. But today isn't a good day for serpents app it really is today's date hug everybody today is a NATO loved everybody and there's so much that seemingly. Divides us when we retreats to the corners of our Internet that we prefer. When we consume the things that appealed to the vacuum chambers of information that we find most comfortable. We have become more segregated we have become less diverse in so many different ways. And then you find something. As corny and stupid and is disposable. As sports. We root for the same team. That's the only thing we have income. And that's and a if you have that one thing in common you have enough in common. To live harmoniously together like for ever today not a punch thrown that I saw. Not a single person shoved in a direction that was anywhere it other than hey can you give me a little closer to this thing like it it did that community. V. Wade that we are all tied together by justice. This one piece of fabric. And that piece of Africa's sports it that's that's it it's the only thing oral here take together for today you're a sports fan. I'm a sports fan and we just happen to be a fan of this particular team. And so let's get together and celebrate dad in an. It allows people to put their differences aside and focus on the one thing that we absolutely have in common and when that happens. Beautiful stuff happens. And today was a beautiful expression for the city of Oakland it was a beautiful expression for the citizens of Oakland for people who live there who don't. Open up newspaper an article one after the other to read about what a lovely place this is to be all the time you know there's a lot of bad negative publicity and deceit. A day like today just pop with so much. Genuine happiness it was beautiful I mean it really it it it touches me it it touches my heart whittled it really really does. Today was awesome it was gorgeous it was was profound. I think the raiders and not for leaving Daryn I just wanted to sneak that in. They are nuts for leaving I mean we saw that today just I agreed gaming he felt the energy from everyone there we are. There's a million people there we were all of their for the same being cheering on the same team we were all on the same side and that. That is a beautiful thing and I I have filled blessed have been a part of it in Hampshire the arrest of the million people feel just as likely. Oakland I'm proud you are not they needed me to be Braude but I'm proud are you proud of all the Golden State Warriors are proud of our station I'm proud of the people who work here I'm proud of the people who run this place. And today was a really good day. A really really good day and it was an awful lot of fun and we're about to have a little staff curry for you here. It says he stepped off the parade float the rope first let's talk to a couple people who were hopefully there got to see it today and we'll start with a one of my favorites and in Oakland how are you an inch. Are you Barbara do a great man. I am proud. Of government and the doctor thought that I broke. Okay audit where we're not found out that I want going to be a lot more bold man and golden ball. I'm out there and yeah yeah yeah let me go. I know exactly what rob put casts around that mentality amassed some denounce and where you did you get to the parade they get to see any other. And at a bit but it. Bought. Atlantic yeah. Don't meet your wherever they're very. Good job so. Well. Iran also are only good. I was I I tried you know if I could rig a contest for you I would the fact that you weren't on the flow with the sands is obvious I'm not over here rigging contest. I tell you hit it. But the record I. Would call. Me a leopard that do whatever. It. A Q and you are the best appreciate you. Anjelica given us a call from the Leopold Angelica Megan down to the break today. And I. X. What time. I I had a great I let your point about community you know we got there we are at then. And then at the great RE a little bit wanna get a front that we let on and what it all about now. It was great I'm glad that you know people were pity is that a small kitten is he having trouble seeing put it on my shoulders put them up front rocket. People were being good to kids that's a whole bunch of kids climate nonstop the brow that weren't allowed to climb. On the federal trying to get a better view. It was just prayed and Natalia the only thing I saw was kids today. I saw kids sort of like bonafide kids I saw high school kids I saw a college kids I saw kids the age of about 7080 years old. Kids everywhere. The one kid. Who is without a doubt the prodigal kid. Of the Golden State Warriors is staff curry stepped curry is a huge part of the reason why we just enjoyed it yet another parade through Oakland. And when the parade was over the staging area for the end of the parade was at the Oakland Museum. Buses started to arrive we weren't bare when staff curry just got off his parade route bus and he was nice enough to give us about five minutes of time. On a party here. There's not a sense. All the nation. Good. Today is not a good about. OK okay. Okay. Just gotta celebrate the city that supports its own hero in the it's seven and 61 last year spoiled everybody a little bit too much into it at all. You come into the NBA and far. This week the cavaliers is at the perfect ending to a season that was just fine by an awful lot of struggle for. There's and it. That is summarize year basis. The expectations were going. She's accomplished. It's news anything. This is totally different. It's. Seal chase contention bullies very. Injuries. Are best. Okay fourteen games together it's. And we had some worthy opponents. In the clothes they. Your existing wind even pros like it is it's. Oh winning a championship. This year we check plus plus. It. God save. The war. All right zone now wins championships come experience you are now experienced on the court your experience in the parade route. Tips for a championship parade would you know would implement today. Didn't know the last couple years but today your crappy yeah. There's a great question because. I had a moment we're about to turn off. We'll always. Kind of knew what to expect some other way. Had a really tell myself. This is amazing. About it how much you know good neighbor boy listen yeah. And maybe come. And I'm. And that's cents a enjoy the people. Who knows everything back. I got off the bus and they ran about two miles today I guess Bob let's just look at your. Hours over the globe and all of them raw whale than the shootings. Was on the news of me just all full. Little salute these. Absolutely and long journeys today your draft it's amazing to see. All the little things all the magical godsey a lot of people just thought subsequently brought into anybody's seen it all decreased. As your extension your ankle injury. All the trees that Bob May get it would volunteer to send you guys finding its right mind in the second round like the amount. People insane things had to happen brings together. Are things that I lost domination of the media just wanna say it's very during its unfair. Exactly why were they. The audio video you can. I don't Wear my rookie year yeah sure it goes into all schooling glorious hideaway where over reason alone in this moment. And jackets who have. Organizational transition. Like you said. How many years it's. They Roy. The ceiling progressively get better. We don't playoff team. The second round playoff team championship teams we've fifteen. Getting so close to sixty. And be able to have established the post your identity card organization does god like. You feel comfortable. Make it that we're. Warrior we're very proud about it. I'm always mr. mom also. Not to mention he's a little something on I'm not a big deal right it's yeah. Hey congratulations couldn't happen to a better guy and a team that went out and work for a really hard obviously the expectations he through the roof next year. Enjoy this one kick back relax and maybe sometime during the offseason the money and you've shown that. He's got an active. It's. Kind of crazy. Plus my. Yeah would drop off the baby would Yana my wife is here as well they can babysit. The girls can all get together and we just all the shots good thank you very much Jeff congratulations. Absolutely fantastic stuff was stuff curry just off his float from riding through a parade did he city. His team. Just did a great job pollen off today in Oakland it was an awesome date there are some people. There are people who said the desist this parade would be defined as less then you know it's the third in four years it's not a specialist he used to be. And there's no rally point at the end of the parade route. I don't know funding all I all I don't know what the official crowd estimate was. And I'm not here to guess a number I'm just gonna tell you. The crowd was officially listed as large and very large large that was a large. Crowd by any standard of measurement. In any area. That was a large crowd there was big. And the fact that there wasn't a rally point. Made the entire parade route the rally point. Guys got off buses to high five to talk to people to. Really go out and in and make people feel like they were a part of the parade even though they weren't walking along in it like this is a this is a parade that I think is pretty much let all these other parades that have followed the formula of quickly get to an X marks the spot point and then it X marks the spot tip your cap say yankees in speeches and then go by everybody. This was so much cooler. I would rather get high five to buy any Golden State warrior. Then listen that it you know more speeches and more things and like is really cool to see people having fun not. Settled down and calm down and stop having fun so they can say perfectly measured prepared thing. Into a microphone while everybody's looking at them so it's not really their personality. Again. At the rally point we would not have gotten there. Compared and we are expecting more champagne that's going on here. You know when we sent him there. And I. Yeah I don't think we're gonna see this at the rally point long. Hey. It. That is unbelievable. Nick Young a Jordan bell all that sound courtesy of NBC sports who really was a very very special day Kevin Durant. Another season another job well done. Just joining us very well these guys every game. You know she's just learn to love friendly so. And I've gone over the last few years in the it's only the strong initial Mission Impossible. Course and you know it's just an unbelievable response from this team when people sort of questioning. What they could do what they do with they'd promise what they sort of took their eye off the ball and now they've they've got it done they gotta Don and spectacular. Decisive fashion when it mattered the most Klay Thompson. It's not ease your mind made it look easy help time greatest songs every vehicle. And and just focus. Just let love fighting complacency because you get the playoffs it's. You expect to be there instead they're enjoying every great season game. What's the backup back to Baghdad and at Denver's swim in Milwaukee he got a love what you do and we're so lucky fans across the country. You got a warning don't see anyone kind of a bad performance they didn't automatically take it. Just thousand exit and just normal team stuff guys get into. Small bigger means you know you you rub shoulders rather spend way to much time together so it's going to be like brother love unified a couple of times. Stuff that this was pretty normal for any team trying to go through. Hello guys given the small determines. I'm sure there are some bickering when you are. In a high stress situation around each other in tiny rooms all of you very large men all the time. Keeping it together staying together how seriously how many teams in the NBA. Fracture from within with the zero outside pressure even necessary how many teams splinter. In their own locker rooms before their opponent. Even shows up in scores a single basket against them there's a third of the NBA. That pretty much has seizing go to a putt. Over at night in the club or gambling debt or girlfriend. Every single year a third of the NBA starts arguing with each other and that means that is sabotage from within the fact that the warriors. Never have that. Is as amazing. As the copious amounts of talent that they get to enjoy. It's insane. The warriors are not only. More talented. Than everybody else there's so much less dramatic. Than everybody else. The bare fingered is gonna keep rate cut look at this like I don't know how long this window lasts. I don't know what the rule is. On the cosmos. Has and it's Tumblr is for the Golden State Warriors. But they are built to keep this going officially as long is anyone could be built to keep something like this going. Mike impede not Iran not quite seven the game might. Hey Eric. Young might you Earvin I got you hey man. That crap that operated the Martin if you migrants are out there right there being you know are out there. And heir apparent appeared very interactive per day right. Yes. I mean besides I'd gone out there and given my eye off the but I didn't being powerless. There in Iraq is I mean it is a lot Eric I buy it today. We thought. And I love the rate they're you know part I celebrate. But. Mike did you want a lap dance. Don yes I'd like damion Jones gave you a lap dance would that have been interactive enough for you as like Ron Adams started just coming grind it on your eyes. Yeah that would be done it for me. I'm sorry might well we'll try to get that have been four in next year let's get a Ron Adams lap dancer for Mike next year we could please. On Enron should have any problem would that. Mike in Oakland tell our in my. I do brutal to a great man there what an awesome day on the by virtue of being able to Belgrade. I've got up a spot in the morning and drove out there are volatile place Mark Lowe went away and then go set out to out normal body and sought out. And I know what you are saying about the whole community and then I didn't look to Oprah. You know those. There are young married to a certain barred stand behind it. New light note. Should virtual program note we are doubt it note like that water come up front we looked at about put him right in between those mystery was you know. I did not far as when they're talking up a little cult or whatever. Marble or golf or any candidate to look. Two young man. And it turned out bit that I don't win when Lombardo crowbar. We recognized motivator is eager and debuted granddaughters are close out those got a cool you know. It was just a great you know great today. Anybody yourself out of the parade will boost your walker. Or he didn't wanna go wherever there are no real plans I mean I don't want to go to the parade every year. And that brought merger being able to go I'm so grateful. And. I got out I I'm glad you went I'm glad the had a great time and I'm glad you shared your story with everyone because I think everybody had. A spectacular time people say they wanted to more interactive. G on hers points in the parade. Where I could lean out of the vehicle that we were in and high five other people like that's about as interactive is a parades gonna get right like when you can reach out touch the people and it. That means there's some interaction you good players coming off the float we would stop along the route for like 34 minutes of the clips so players could. Yeah jump back out awful. Bosses and we eat. What have conversations of people I mean what's more interactive then all my gosh I'm talking to you on in the parade you're watching the parade now we're talking about it while it's happening. Pretty interactive to many. I enjoyed it I hope you did two more your calls eight at 89579570. And more sound from a memorable day in Oakland. Not 57 a game. Now. Except. It's been a very fun day I getting guys as they came anything we could talk about a little football little baseball below. Warrior fatigued. Well. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I promise you tomorrow. We're gonna do. A flat out baseball segments. We haven't done one of those that are oil on time we are going to talk. A little football tomorrow heck we might even talk about hockey and why just just guys just keep you on your toes. But I can promise you that other stuff is coming today. After. The parade. The third parade the warriors have thrown in for years a beautiful day. Weather cooperating. All gosh darn day long I mean what more do you want to say it was perfect. I kept on hearing it everywhere we went fresh. Yeah. Like these shows working G on the show get this stuff out there to the people at what happens here on the show turns in the stuff to people. That's the EU so guys are really really grace it was just stand tasks state. Absolutely spectacular. Eight plus afternoon that warriors parade is well parade should be all about. Disney didn't run to its end point twos to stage a rally for VIPs. It really. It's marinated out on the route. And we got sunburned. I do okay did OK it's not every one of those I wake up tomorrow morning Alberto lobster no I think your guys are going to be OK yeah I think again I hope I'm going to be okay I'm man now. You want your cocoa butter tenth that's totally honest this is a just a great day a great afternoon. And you hear some of the concerns already hear about next year well how about Kevin Durant alleviating any concerns about him going anywhere else next year. Okay discuss a little. Okay. They're gonna do this thing again sounds good to me Joseph little Jacob had to say this about this run. To the championship this year. I will say it's been since the last few days about them as an amazing stat. Exactly played. Instantly for another season. 830 there's something. The last several years and it's really amazing I mean it's now beyond even might expect divisions which are pretty high and so it's we're very proud of our organization our players. Our fans were really driven us to besides you know after six. And in one there was no like also when your backs were against the wall you really came on responded their backs were never against the wall. At sixteen and one. They're backs were put against the wall by Houston and they came off that Walter respondent fight back to some people still wanna scored that is a de merits it's not when you go when you win a seven game series on the road. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing it's actually a testament to how tough fuel our people say well they're so soft they got of that situation. Soft teams roll over and die in that situation the warriors didn't staff Currie. We usually respond well now it's a law and that was another situation we have no evidence. In the states and should have to win soon. I'd sooner road without having home court advantages to get some final photo journalist championship. And so much. President Obama series when I was at a point that we can turn. Obviously we did assume. It's at all or did you put into it. And the bus oranges you leave on the floor. I'll show is over the right time. Very cold very very cool without a doubt the single best sound we got today comes from one. Nick Young its lagging champ is here. And as wags have been as the you know to build become a little. Yeah. Sometimes. All good. We'll have a good. And it's now. Okay. And don't. And I real look I don't know what had happened. I wanna Trace it back to JR Smith last year or two years ago in Cleveland was even wanna start the shirt off style at these trades. With JR Smith who started the shirt off thing because. So lagging share was off JaVale Cher was off isn't sure it was Golden State Warriors today luckily. Steve Kerr Bob Myers Joseph Laker of all kept their shirts on. You know it's funny I didn't even see Steve today. You know what he was getting off just as we work cutting back to the station I did his best just pulled out you have course they got him you know it would where's where it thinks he's going to be in the parade will you be Santa Claus at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade is gonna and the parade right he got a bring in those guys last the big hitters. You know now what starts the concert with stairway to heaven. Yeah I think people around you wanna keep that for the encore so Steve finally does cross the finish while we're gonna talk to Steve on Wednesday I'll be is that the is that that the plan. It's a TBD situation. Thursday could possibly happen on Thursday it'll exit interview with Steve Kirk. We did an interview with the staff curry today as he was exceeding the bus having just gone off the parade route will have that for a little bit later Ron what do go on take some of your calls aided 8957957. Known especially. I'd like to hear from new if you were there today but that doesn't disqualify you from calling. If you weren't there today did the watcher just listen on radio would love to hear yet today's day for celebration. For warriors fans and tomorrow. All that other stuff. But today. We let him the but the effects let's go to Stacey in Oakland Stacy thanks for the call. Tank. 800 are brought the what do you can't you know. Hope we did I wave right back T Stacy did we have. It's. But the check that out I would never listen to you guys on the radio until like. Three months ago I would like spores to listen don't I don't Alec area within the carts. He gave up gross. I reckon about how much Harry. You're. Would you. I'm always said the same but no no women. Oh yeah and Ali if I did public right in the right. I can reach out and catching it. Our Stacey I'm so sorry that we missed our moment RI scan of lot in Butte. It could've been so I think you know it feels special even though you got your guy with you right there I'm glad we're having this moment right now. That's beautiful thank you Stacey what do you like. He may need Lipton you. Every day on the way home a wire tap into our everyday and we drive all the way home and you broke yeah. I broke this Ehrlich a short order the article in a week ago you get a good job. Appreciate Brad thank you very much I tell you what Alex Stacy. If anyone asks you are now the official couple and Damon Bruce show it had been. I don't anyone we. We got it's called Stacey announced he could. You. Ballot are rob I thought everything Allan why imprint made car that's awesome that's fantastic group. It would it would it would it would be adequate interactive my bed to bed it was meant I'm with you Dickey wanted to do Latin dance card and a because they were totally dig into the crowd I love bit. I thought it was great Stacy thank you so much Alex thank you I appreciate it let me tell you that hole. I was forced to listen to you would first but then I started doing it of my own free will I I hear that story a lot. The epic events Dario a lot of people are forced in to listening to their show before they speed up like all like Stockholm syndrome the eventually start having sympathy for her captors yes. Stockholm syndrome. It might be the key ingredient of the show's success at night as I say why do what sorts not thank you very very much I'm glad she is adorable. The show now has an official couple Stacy Alex. Welcome. To share and an Alamo how are you Sherron. High grade Murray today excellent thank you did we make I contacted to bring you know unfortunately. That's our. Time I've been able to make it to the parade and I tip my and I didn't matter where you where along the route we are current trial on nineteen reached and I and the only interaction their lab where where Jordan bell. Arm and he made he made by un dead are getting high five him. And do you know broad buyout about it I'm not going to the previous. Parade I didn't know it does. Can you are on TV where it looked like they thought about it. Or opera or would that didn't seem each of the pipes that they're thinner app. And I edit out yet and that's where you were a lot of great out. Yeah there is that there is a little locks certainly involved with whose hand you got the high five or what player got off the bus while they were stopped right in front of you are you know up. A little. A little serendipity certainly will help your afternoon. But you know yeah right your son sharing your Sen got a high fives from a drunk NBA rookie celebrating a championship that's a pretty good day right. I guess a light tight and are. Unaware up on top they outright by quickly here are talking. And there are you know family or eat when they're up go invite oh Allah is a little bit worrying because you would hope that they be waving the whole way of looking at. Our aunt Sharon share let's just be totally honest. Would you and I failed to make eye contact the entire day was ruined right there right. Yeah yeah yeah I'll yeah. Drug card out and that there. That's good I hope you had a good time I really really do I got a guy here on the tax like you said you want more interaction what about lives roaming games of course. Be greatly may be horse is a little bit too long what about alive and roaming game of pig. Maybe days old today how about a a live roaming game to 33. On three. That goal yeah no shooting contest for very long way. It was it was it was billed as a more interactive contact parade obviously not every single person. Got to have a one on one conversation the Golden State warrior today. But they really I think did a good job. Condensing the parade narrowing its length a little bit. And narrowing the streets I thought I'm off there was construction that did that in some places but it really felt like. We were going down tight alleyways in lands not just big broad. Streets at times so it's definitely felt that way you could reach out actually touch people never lineup. There to see the parades so yeah it was definitely I did the bus is maybe next in the low with a do something different so you can have a better visual. I am sticking up right. I understand they want to the players up there are so everyone conceived them in the you know at some of these intersections. Like I think you have to be. Up above the crowd to realize the depth of that crowd yeah I mean there're certain intersections where the crowd is thirty deep. It's crazy thirty deep it's thirty rows of human beings before you get the last row where there's always some guy hold the kid up from Tampa. South. AA it was it was really it was a special day I hope you all had a great time whether you got the exact player in the exact moment in the exact location you were standing or not I hope feet. Overall. Theme of the day washed over and you went home totally satisfied this is Dave. Davis called us from Martinez was update. Hey David and HE RT what it was pretty hot so I started the morning there was some in my basement. I think we regret the one last then towards the end of the great. And when not quite content team over and showered us god only knows will be at that follow. Cooling down real important to us right back into the game so there was there was also get that experience and depth sketchy guys not you later. There are so I was pretty. Not thank you day thanks her thanks thanks for being there thanks for wave and thanks for shout out. The man that a lot of eye contact people if you and I. I think definitely. Lot of pointing at people. Gionta gave me all sorts of beauty pageant waving tips I was good at making figure rates he got a involved that lower you got to involve the elbow it's not just old wrist action. In Mellon employee Ninan yeah a lot of pointing let's check. That could pick it up it's a lot of that look look I Eli got Baghdad guy. Kids too good when you made I conscious of the contact with a talk started wade mean. They could not have been more excited because I'm gear I guarantee half and didn't know who we were read their parents probably mad listen you know because of the parents were excited but because like. You know you by doing nothing gets more fired up then a seven year old kid he's like on his fourth pixie stick in the afternoon and he makes eye contact with the in the parade need to starts jumping and screaming at nothing is so cool. Expected that excited to see Dan deadly. We told Andre Iguodala gets here. Fun time on the float and I mean it was great hang out the morning show. And everybody. Jesse and Paula our listeners who won an opportunity beyond their it was really meaty fine it was great here's what we're doing next year. We're doing the whole thing drunk. We read into that and now we didn't even get as we did not do that this year because we are profession when your name next year get drunk next year were thrown stuff off the parade float weather were asked to or not we're told not to we couldn't throw stuff. I mean I obviously can't throw bricks into the ground yeah. Let me get down and think that just that pershing says they did down and hang out to hide everybody because we couldn't get on an off of our float we are high. I thought to deal. Five and say hello to excel feast but unstuck. It was. The rate next year in such Sandra day let's go to our yet we do we would like her own car Nightline and you don't want a man take a step further. Joseph lake over by the way Joseph Lagos card today hasn't even been invented yet Joseph lake of arrived in something from the future today. Crazy anti conservatives and things like this crazy BMW thing it was this BMW did honestly it looked fast as hell sitting parked. It was so quiet. You couldn't hear it when it term when they turned it on with. It had the labor Dini doors on it. It was gist is this thing wise. Would it this way. My wife went home with the car. Now until like a nomination just took the car home like. Seriously it was hot hottest thing there was the car that late it was and with the exception of the car the Bob Myers hasn't. There was a group of northern California low riders who came in to be part of the float today part of the parade. These low riders all mine god they are gorgeous this year there was this jet black Chevry Impala that was just. Yeah gorgeous is pretty gorgeous. And I'm not even a car guys don't get goofy about cars I really don't that. That was office. This is Raoul and severance Cisco row lol what a gap. Gave me a bruise Giguere or are all the crying. And I know those guys there were a little lower writers. Why and why did my brother he had the 1975. Trophy. And that's what a bit lower writer. That was cool I did some yeah. Those are writers were an area in the old trophies as well that was very very cool I was your brother coal. Now Barbara remains a little bird burned and is. He's the low rider counsel for the northern San Francisco. And. Like you you've got you have to be a little you know be in this club Greg thank you wouldn't let a white guy like me in this club would you. Aria. My bedroom there. Do you monitor out I want now on he's a lot of writers. At just nineteen the F sort of guard I would not heard yeah it's that no problem. But you know why then mart prescribes good I've always. We're. Barely grew up to grow old buildings and rattled off just heard you radio down and talk to us. I didn't I restarted all and so warriors parade to grab turned I don't work. Well. Well yeah waited program they're just go. Liquor and they're just. Yet look I've the only other parade I've ever been and has been up market street and in this that was dramatic his salary that was cool. That was amazing. And again I don't I do not know what the count was today that was a million people I don't know what today wise. I don't know what today once but that certainly in 201012. That was a million people that was something else but I am I here to measure one against the other or compare one against the other. They were two totally unique. Entities and it got the thing that they shared in common was just. Miles of smiles man yeah I mean there was not one that. Faced today that wasn't beaming with happiness it was really do what do what a special day. And you know we we we got this gig in radio that allows us to never really go to work and outlines. Like that's that's. How my most successful while most successful. Because I never deal with career stress because I love coming in here if I won the lottery tomorrow and money or never questioned. I do my show at 3 o'clock tomorrow we are lucky enough to our job is our passion we love what we did yes we do we love what we do we get to play. We we get we get to play in the toy section our entire adult lives. The fringe benefit of what we do will never be living in them and a mansion ineligible moment we'll never take that two year's sabbatical to travel the globe. We'll never have money like that our children won't be submarine in Italy or anything like that none none of that will never. We'll never be rich wealthy powerful people. Which sucks Kazaa a 101. However however. The amount of rich wealthy powerful people that'll never get to Ryan float. In a championship parade. It's endless. We are so appreciative. The opportunity we got today of the opportunity I got in 2012. And I want you to know that it's not wasted on us we really really. Cherish every moment of today. And Oakland you are a great sports city. I know that we have set otherwise on this program and other times I know that. We have used some of the conditions that exist in Oakland to render a judgment upon these fans and for that I apologize and I'm sorry. And I will never do that again. The city of Oakland is a great sports town I wish they had greater sports owners and it's I really did. I really do. It was fantastic today and I don't know how many more versions of today. That city has left. So. These are always special cause you never know when they're gonna come and they certainly become even more special when you know that their number. So today it was very very special and we are thrilled to be there this is Joseph into the Knoll Joseph earlier on 957 again. Hey David great show they have lifted. You know and of itself and that the Celtics have a problem with the war. I think Barack get a little article and their grips I gave where the street who was Jarrett Jack get our jacket at the coach that was about it. Oh yeah all the warriors have won five in a row I mean stop up for us this. Well we what are we were ready to give Mark Jackson coach of the year with they would have a good month I mean. And look mark actually did more for this franchise and we wanna admit he did in stole some defense of values which have crept. Into the east championship seasons of define these championship seasons in the warriors played zero defense for Don Nelson before Mark Jackson started so it was really it. Joseph Johns I'm glad you brought that up thank you so much for the call today we're at the top of the hour we don't have any more time to take any calls here what we're gonna do is come on back. And we're gonna end today with the man who pretty much gave us a big portion of today. My one on one width Stefan curry the minute he got off the parade float. Is coming up to you at 6 o'clock after that what we're gonna do is sell you. A commemorative basketball to celebrates the warrior championship. Teams win things people Celtics that's. How it works I think all of you for tuning in today don't she go when you're still planning coming up and of course Rick tittle pass a little aides dug out show for you. At 615 tonight we're gonna come on back with the champ himself the three time champ stepped curry. Fresh off the flu fresh out of the parade coming up next here on 957 the game.