DB Show - 3 - Towny & Steiny - Warriors grades, Warriors fatigue

The Damon Bruce Show
Friday, February 16th

Chris Townsend & Matt Steinmetz fill in for Damon on vacation - they continue to grade the Warriors first half and discuss when and if the Warriors can flip the switch and play up to their ability. 


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Metadata members Downey's dining JR I. So we did little as do our good friend guru at say. Let's put the rat on the table on the split the back on the table are right it's like by the three wise men were gonna go Andre the dollar Shaun Livingston and David West the first. Little member berries. Oh my god this. And slam great day. My wife down Broadway walked on dug my way test back this Jon Johnston. You get down with the rebound in traffic Montreal Busch coming right down one way to lure him. Don't leave breathless. RIE. Andre Iguodala Towne team battling father time. I'm gonna go. I was contemplating between. OK tell me why I'm. She's been bad and you know what it. Can we had Anthony Slater on. Just them I just a few minutes ago he kind of just pointed it out you know she's he's been bad and he hasn't even been close to himself how many gimmick. Because he's been a good student and student the past and he has tried he's shown efforts so. It if you were a player let's say that wasn't. Didn't care I flunked him. I. You know he's conscientious argument. Human. I'm on. Point where he does not even take shot back that's the thing hitting your shot last game 29 minutes no shots amusement park. Almost worse than going oh for four. Because. Yeah he's he's a shell of himself right now he's key the second half of the second part of the season and this is an end this is part of the other is gonna turner Karen there's gonna flip the switch. So cruel especially honoring Dallas I think. It's a fair question if let's just say. I wanna say get hurt. And I. I'm here with Slater saying like if Andre Iguodala plays the second half of the season or from this point onto the end. Like he has the first victims still might win it they still might went. He might. And that's what's that's what's a little bit scary. Because he used to be they're real glue guy was a key to their defensive unit. He's he's a big factor and he's got to get better in the second half. I would Shaun Livingston. Give him a B minus. I think he slipped but not. A great deal. The number of B minus Shaun Livingston. He's been he's been pretty good but it hasn't like I don't remember a lot of signature stuff from him this year. If you know what I mean he's become a little less automatic. On his mid range. How comfortable given him a B minus Shaun Livingston and. Intel I think Shaun Livingston is like my my career my scholastic career. A C. A gang real way I see. Column. In these scored as well. Think he's brilliant and I think he's been OK you don't want a that's kind of where I'm from I'm with on living things. Especially those that vote much this year. I mean we're so he is so deadly was his true midrange jumper Ernie can get so I need can't block in measures she's been okay. And sees okay see skid degrees seems got me into college you know DOD's can get you degree studio. Really really. Sorry to women. In the right proportion absolutely so just a couple of few here and there is sincere OK doubling completes never heard anybody. And I cannot I had here's more down that here's some more advice. Very judicious when you take pass fail. Got to be really Smart about your pass fail. What are my best friends are we can shoot for the I'll never forget him getting out weird limit in the same premise for business apartment. And eat wakes up and needs to goes underneath his bed and he's like regions arm underneath in your newspaper. Any pulls out the green sheet every green sheet a us. How I got my final yesterday Alan. Our fan and I think now I'm now off and that with a flight before. We got three airport I was like oh no action we are as a family denied news flash. Where and and where were we Toronto I think we're come back from Canada yet they're like yeah check in and like. For what flight and 20/20 two. Yes I was yesterday. I don't like oh voice and Helm and we had a we went from Toronto or Washington. Activated. By. Denver and then back to the lives. That's a journey steady journey journeyman David West what do you think about him what do you name again he's given day and he gets a flat out there have been terrific these days he's been a prized pupil is here in great. He's been our he's been our rock of the classroom. I agree no doubt about very affected this year are what do you think about the bench as a whole may challenge avail McCall Linney Cathy young. I order I'm not gonna get through grade Nick Young do you want an end of anonymity Leary I. Since I know that to go I don't know you know on this YE three bandwagon Nick Young gets a C minus must that is I. He just can't shoot I'm gonna go. C plus. Is a little bit better on average I'm gonna go I'm gonna go see minus. Yes C minus because west has been great but it would dolls the most important venture peace and he's been awful. Livingston slipped to nick young's been disappointing. Let me spend pretty good test same test he's been a disappointment am pretty high you know what I'm given the ventured. C minus and are lucky it's not a. Seriously. You grazing minus non C plus your IC Bosnia just random and earn an average. One or lets you trade Jordan bell has been injured since January 17 he'll be reassessed hopefully back after the all star I think this is where I can bring in mind complete. I think that's fair. I will okay I'll grade him. Not take a wall not penalize him for his image and injury he did for curry. I know but he's. Chris Geisel every day as governor Sarah Yemen kind of a break his first year. Suggs got a great him how he's played. I give a mode. Between you and I mean why I don't be plots. And we'll be plus. Maybe a beat. Yeah probably give him be volume would be because. Advertising he's been great but as he's played a little more he's been exposed but he's still been a positive no doubt about it he's still been. It's contributed I think more than people thought. He would have given a movie Jack give him a big. Steve guard Steve Perry head coach Steve Kerr how would you grade Steve Kerr so far. I'm really interest to see what you sale NASCAR that if you're on the would be worse than you. How many get Monday. I was Iranians seem plus wryly gas. Part of part of what I don't like going on right now. And he's been a part of it or two thanks. The issue is what the rafts. And the other I love Steve but the other one is he is played into this so tired so land being need the all star break I mean. We're human beings were taught to literally talk about or talk about. We talked about being positive right now we started last seen Pozen name what the law of attraction I would talk about. What you wish for is what you get as they say in the secretive in her watch announced ally and I read the book watching video right. Well classic case Ali's talked about is how tired these guys are in the run in their entirety here about that. I'm so I'm tired of hearing about how tired JR I really am and it's so Curtis played into the hole and he's admitted it. He's admitted the LA I'm Biden and part of the broaden sue so the issue is what the rap act arrests and just. Harboring this whole everybody's tired saying. That's when this is kind of mud mile but what's so. Theme of the secret. That was a book the love I trust your driveway and put out into the universe is what you'll get back. So if you put out positive do you get back Posner credit. For the Austria because you can put out I don't see any of you put out I'm tired we're Limbaugh is raising the blue. Dragon asks that's why. I mean it's a little harsh but I just I wanna get done and now I I had to have my and one harsh great. And NIDs there and let's face it Satan argued his third on Steve he said the players are listening to him. Right but then go to bump them up for that great tactical move letting a coach is pleased right and we think it outside the box to do something different to maybe change that you know it's like. Does it this is really going to do. He a tough thing for him going forward is what indicate these guys and yes. As every team I don't care how great they are I don't care what you help. It's not everybody. I think like two guys eating like Barry Bonds anything like Michael Jordan they are in their just well you never had big kick that they were they were radio every game. And bonds is ready and how every feel about bonds bonds is rating go every game Jordan was right you know but some of the great ones even need to be kicked in the button. I don't know there's just. We keep hearing that you're not motivated Durham bull or there it says there is that so I mean I don't curse followed the head coach cheerleader of the ship. Disability who they are. Yeah I mean they're gonna they're gonna approach the game with as they are my guys who are so he's I mean I. Little to change my daughter thank H a little bit Ozzy he's been a little although. The tax like thinks she should get a C minus and to get penalized for continuing to play Zaza actually I don't know since you look like they're complaining parent might grade on a bump it up to be my semi feel better as the doubt there are people that are I really did teach your parent your compliance eyes when it's your ass out here targeted a C minus. It is there no matter what about Bob Myers. I'm Myers. That's weird given the G immigrated to this point. I'm gonna say I'm gonna give Bob. An A minus. His job was debasing bring the band back and he did it. That's way that's basically what she did I mean he's built a team let's let's not forget their forty foreign fourteenth term reality of the rockets credit. That's something we're gonna get into coming up here in just a little bit for some things have been said about the Houston Rockets amoled plus tiny. This is gonna make Stein he's just been that wild horse has been cooped up and where is gonna look I'm election gal. We're gonna let you go coming up there but for Bobby did what. Everyone ended if they want to bring the band back he did it. On the take a slightly different look at Bob miners. I'm give them a C plus. You ready yes why. Are right. And give him credit for the rant he got during have to take less money. He resigned curry but. I mean. Your job you did what you were supposed to do. Did did you it would dollar 48 million over three years that one already is looking a little bit iffy I'm a little concerned about big dollars contract. Oh recast speech. Hasn't worked. Nick Young. Hasn't worked even though you're on his bandwagon right now. Late. I mean I'm you know I've grabbed on to the the trailer hitch I wouldn't say I'm sick now and that's sitting in the bed of the truck let's put it that way and young hasn't worked so. The war they keep the war when the title this year he doesn't automatically get an age. Because some of these moves might be felt down the line on me ask you this and discuss about it did a dollar deal this is. Right now probably the warriors biggest concern moving forward in terms of their payroll. Let's stick up for Bob on this counselor. And the reason why is you can say. That their head coach. The Reiman reasoning of how he uses advanced from night tonight. It's a very tough for any type of player. Clue you don't know when you're getting men. There's no set rotation it changes all the time. Whose client who's not client ties Regina and I understand I respect the fact and in that let Steve say listen there are signs browser bench player mine played for three weeks I did it. But sometimes it plays sometimes you don't there's a lot of inconsistencies. And that's one thing we do know about professional athletes. They thrive when things are consistent. They do they do so you may say Meyers picked of these guys and add a word but. Had they not worked because of who they are as players or is the lack of consistency may be wider. Games haven't been up to par I think I didn't like the Nick Young signing from the get go and I think I was assigning that was pushed by the players. I'm more so than Bob Meyers actually wanted to do it and there. Everybody. Thought of Nick Young is going to be great this guy can fill it up this is Vinnie Johnson coming off the bench. But the warriors the reason that the words your special is because they're scorers in their shooters also do other things there are also good passers they can play defense. Nick Young one dimensional and he's. So that's why you know I'd I'd I'd. I didn't think Nick Young was gonna be great pick up for this team now again I'll say this again he asks I still think he's gonna help win some ball games. Because there are going to be games would be puts the ball a whole it's and it's going to be very important. Can't speak. He's been hurt but that's not really. You know that's. Kind of on monitors. It's kind of you know what though when they give buyers C plus. Let me bumping up to a B minus because I forgot about Jordan bell. Didn't Jordan bell in the second round he's got to get credit for that. So there is B minus for Obama. RG. Very what do you think. I think. I think could be is fair for Bob Myers there's been a couple decisions that we might question and that but overall I think the team is still on track I think work. There's a little bit of worried aired just a bit in the last eight gains but overall they get reset. And Rolen well that that was. You know well we talked about yesterday when Medina. Now. They're fry OK and but he is that gonna change if they gonna be a different team coming out the break. It's as a defense get better to they had the officials bettors is they have less turnovers. Is that you know and and for me one thing I always think about as the hunter vs the hunted. So how they have acted in those roles. And their first championship they are the high honor. Second championship or they lost they were the hunt dead. And I think even though they got to rant other favorites they still had that chip on their shoulder. Winning last wish I agree so I would make an honor so they're two and lawn. They're two goes off Connor as a hunted their own one now this year they've been the hunted. But I just wonder if they can flip that now that Houston got the number one seed. And the Western Conference. So. Is it possible that they're gonna come out of the break instead of being the hunted they played more than hunter role in the last 24 games Houston's got Tony five. They've got Tony form I do know this. They're tool and though when it comes when the title when they're the Hun Ter. And it's it's it's two different roles really is when you're the one going forward and then really you're just trying to fight everybody off. I look at it as. Kind of a hunger. And what's their hunger level and in year one. They wanna title obviously there hunger. Year to do. They are also thought they were hungry maybe overly hungry because. They don't feel they got the credit for their first title like they should have. Because if you'll remember that year. Hi we Irving was hurt for Cleveland love got hurt Mike Conley was hurt and so everybody kind of saw all the warriors they had. Brakes on the way to the finals. So they came back the next year I thought they were still hungry that's why they want 73 games. And they ended up losing to the cavaliers but I don't think that was because they got complacent. Then Durant came last year. And I thought that added a new element of quote unquote hunger and wanted to prove an eight there was almost an us against everybody else mentality because. Everybody started to hate the warriors because they they were great team and they got to rent this year is different what's what's kind of laughed the novelty of the rant has worn off. Everybody now says they are the best team they're great they'll get it to get they got to find their own. They've got to find motivation and I do think that they're gonna come back. More focused and at least. They're gonna look at each other in the eyes and say all right let's go we all know it now's the time whether they can then. Play better it is another story I think they'll play a little bit better but what they get back up the championship level. We'll see mostly. Now there's been the argument. OK seriously it's still February rag that's going to be margins can be bombed then a second season. Winds should they foot did they need to flip the switch coming out the break because 44 games really. You add events Hamas there's still days off between these games too but twice for games not a lot of games. It's going to be here in gone before you know it has. Because one thing you'll notice that this time of the year that the sports calendar as pitchers and catchers report we start to spring training. And then all of a sudden the conference tournament shot for college basketball. Then we get into the tournament and then bang it's April and in April. Mean just looking at it April's what there's a law means Mike six games or someone down in April on the look at a right now. Aprilia 12345. C a little six games and April yes so march. As we will of course be you and I will be doing wars warm up and wrap up. But he had that the sport Scania which we also we just get so hooked into. March Madness. March Madness ends and then boom you know like six games left. Yeah I think. I don't think when they come back from the break and I think it's Thursday against the clippers yes. I don't think we're gonna say wow they are back look at that water performance. But I do think that. Over the course of the last 24 games we're gonna see him get better and tighten things up and I think by the playoffs. People feel more confident. Than they do now fans that is. Something where the rockets after Tony five games. Our doors are gonna end up with home court he's a damn right I do I do not only that think they're. Some they're gonna go out of their way before I just think they're gonna have. Think they're better and they're gonna win a few more games in the rockets and sea there's Iran of trying to heading in the break of 110 and are now and you know what it eat. Medium to take that back I don't know I don't know if the rockets Tony. Back home court is more important the rockets and it is the warriors clearly. And actually this is the way I set it in in order for the rockets to beat the warriors I think they have to have home court. And the warriors on the other hand if they don't have home court they can still beat the rockets. So that's why. The more I think about it I could see Houston really putting a lot of effort in to get that home court advantage so I don't know what I'm answering their thing is true. Here's here's my pick he's a fantastic who joined us yesterday he had the big articles Klay Thompson talk about clay wanna be here for the rest of his career. And x.'s latest person Maine for for clay I mean there's there's a lot of memories for him being back in Los Angeles no vote. Road is a very lucky. My dad never lose YouTube is some way outside this card show players come out now you. Lot of good. Yeah I think about that main. Skylight bonds bonds grew out shag balls and Willie Mays in center field drag you're not stunned by any of those still. But the big question is how did they respond. After the break mark Medina from the San Jose Mercury news joined us yesterday. Well broke period between how these guys are spot backer of the glory in terms of you know of the what are they wanted to do you have more you know obviously the top four guys spent all our week at Hershey Kurt and Hawaii. Walden issues of just. Before lied to the Bane to pick a word or other thing about wet enjoy it and I'm sure that that factor but I think the danger is. The war led the warriors possibly having some assumption that jobs because they get through the all star break all the audit. They've become all of a different team could be off by demon fell about not the issue part of the issue for sure is. The energy level blog the other part of the issue has just terror refusal to address. Turn it over salary and how they address or how they handle being officiated what we're also grow the way. On a consistent basis deciding when or how woken up a partisan vote the vote the war associated like two. Different things. That water is you know attached to the offer breaking of the others there's not related at all. I think I think will look like right out of the gate is okay. Where are they in the first quarter in these games. That will be something and needs to flip like they need dead there needs to be. I may be totally wrong this map there needs to be a little more sense of urgency. Ice and be a little more sense to start out the games. Guys this is not the and in this the end of the season. Stopping. I hear about fried I am tired iron about Libby had your break you had a nice long break it's time to go out and win NBA title and it starts now. Well. I get that school of thought but I there's another. School thought that I have and that is. Three years ago he went to the finals. Two years ago you went to the finals a year ago you went to the finals you've played the Summers in the Olympic trials you went to the Olympics. I think there's a chance. That they are out of gas right now that. They're doing the best they can and what they they can get to reach the level of of two or three years ago. Because it's just not that friend chase and then a question would be. Mean what teams a bona four straight finals. In the course of basketball history. I don't know the Celtics pride in the sixties and their eighteen they went every year it's not really really hard even with the same team. So I'm I mean I'm a little worried that. They almost. Don't have it all to give right now. OK. I understand that. Bad gags. Romo at Romo is ready to play every game. Romo Romo played pre season I was Super Bowl Romo played defense he would have to play the whole game so then I'm gonna bring this to you then. If there at a gas. When possibly can they fill up. The demon drew show. On 9578. Is this really news. The all star draft. Isn't really news. Let's trendy in some people who grace and that's why they didn't all know who was. Landing where we are now having a little less players worth. Others in Hartford sound sensitive little butterflies. All stars wrong. Picked the last time. I'm telling you the best thing in the world would be. Lion everybody out there's like you know Tony mr. for the game. So you have like at the end of boxing jerseys on one side of boxing Jersey saw the other line them all out right right before the game. And no love all right we act as our drafting guys you walk overnight Ernst STC had no idea you go to bed Saturday night. I can make it bigger then a bit on Saturday night and I just like the fact it's got Alex that would truly believe the playground style. Tell me did we urge kids. Lima dodge ball. TV broadcast is that and you can you tell these guys are right we got to get the song gotta get commercials and and everything and line them all up and staff LeBron right flip a coin heads whoever gets it you pick first let's go you take you taking this. And then you go to the bench. And you get your New Jersey have but the Q okay that's life. There's another way we used to do it on the playground. In the mean streets. I'm ready councilman Jose Scranton now up. Shoot for I mean if you have ten guys. Ten guys in the first five guys to make a foul shot our own one too. And the guys who don't are on the other. Problem is I can get yeah we have television theater here we've got rain you know via. I understand why would that be less compelling than LeBron go and I'll take Russell Westbrook because it would just be the fact they he selects a guy may know. All right I guess that ended the day there. All all stars like to yeah matter what I was talking earlier this will move through earlier talk about this before the show I said Pelletier. And Major League Baseball stars you've seen your being voted it's published how your voted how many votes. They got they guys it's kind of like that the play and vote they got guys were so like I mean you got to be slighted by the manager I have. Meeting get voted in they seem to be okay when it. They seem to survive not being voted in by the public plus a little different though because you can always say fans don't know what they're talking about. But if you're already all star. You've been selected to the all star game near an all star I mean in the NBA NBA dirty they're yearn all stars is to draft. But. When LeBron picture last may be gets self esteem issues by saying north LeBron doesn't think I'm all star picked me last well maybe give them a Kia. Just be happy to be there whoever is strapped in last get sick and new Kia. From the sponsor. Keep in mind the reason these guys are pros is because of how competitive they are. And how they don't like the look bad and all that kind of stuff I I agree with the by the way that would be the best way to do it. OK mark just mentioned energy level you just mentioned maybe they're at a gas. Where's the gas station when it common 24 games left his gas station coming in the post season record for the end of the season and win won't win it again they'll fill up. I don't know that they came and I really don't. They have reserves they have the reserve well each and every one of those individuals. I don't I don't know that they can I don't know that they can't and even if they don't try to catch that. Inner fire again this time I be good enough to win anyway. It's just a matter of it's just a matter of how important at all is active I think they can get it. I think they're gonna win it I really do. But I don't think it's gonna be because. They've recaptured their hunger I think it's gonna be. Because they're playing better together I think. Don't get an idea now is it possible to recharge. At the all star game because you're now hanging around the best of the best. Now hanging around you're going to be playing in this game and obviously games meeting us. But now a year you know there's LeBron there's the best players you're all gathered into that recharge players that. You know. As I love all as reference and Harbaugh iron sharpens iron you know you're around the best in the bass and I get back to you teaming up today. We just saw these turkeys at the all star game now let's go to their grass isn't chatter going on Selig house seats they did. My mentality into some hot head I don't know I wish they had little more block and tackle. Well you mean more competitiveness yes I want out of Iowa I wanna come out and Iowa and ending that was the thing about short. Jordan want to come out and he wanted he wanted to punch you in the mouth there. That's that was his deal it's like he didn't want anybody. I mean he was so competitive it was almost as latest sickness like he wanted to bury every single individual. Even if dearest friends he didn't there was no hint kiss and light and magic and Isiah he wanted to bury everybody in it didn't matter what. Can he play again now you're right by the way did you see the story. It's your calls by the way triple A 95795 setter was back in 86 I guess. We're Larry Bird. Essentially played left handed against the Portland trailblazers did she was the anniversary of that game yeah that was when they're in Portland in Dalton was reference again yeah so. Put that in context in which Steve Kerr did and how the suns were. Embarrassed and PO. What. How do you think the blazers felt that night when Burke played and I mean shouldn't they have in theory clothes lined him at some point that game you try to embarrass some. How about the Kevin Mikhail story when they ordered. Which all the all the guys on TNT like Shaq could not believe that they supply commercial right pandemic sales Leo we're stuck in the airport. I think they're going to play the nets. And Larry Bird they were old dragging ass they'd be in the airport all day long you're flying commercial. And Larry Bird stands up and says I organ he'll take it out on these guys. And labor preaches that the targeted. I can't remember who the player was annie's idea where he can manage secure asset money not nods all day because I was out of the mid may. Michaela eleven and now we AD not I was all day long. And we're go take it now somebody that's kind of what I would like. To see let's see them go to get out on some people bird used to as so many birds stories you have to have. Locker room attendants what are they calling the clubhouse closing out the clubhouse guys. Birdies always. Go into place and gala ball what matters segment we favor. Go find out the record for points in this arena. And make him go 149. Good okay. You know we're always wanted to know what the rule with the record was. And many got to have the edge let's go to Joseph in San ho. Salmon joke. I'm guarding your arm. Let's. They've picked. It went practicing for the vision that worn. Out there. Obviously there are player they're fled perished there a loan you know. The bed in the lead but it you know a lot more noticeable Reese Internet. It. Allen and it will all that. No one key this year. They can definitely cause two. You know an emphasis on winning because if there's space continue to mood and keeping continued you know to win. They're gonna say you know go away would go one feet and you never know I've seen my friend connect to catch our. You know maybe all liberation army. Yeah. I shave because I don't think they're gonna fall pass to the warriors. I think the spurs right now are number three. And they're pretty far behind them the truth squad Leonard all year you know they're loyal but coming Lance. Yes I am so. I think the war I just I I can't abundant males play each other again. Doubt and find a dangerous on the rockets. Their love they gotta love where they're out right now if you told the rockets. It at the all star break. You'd be ahead of the war you're gonna be half game ahead of the warriors and though in the tiebreaker. He's your your ecstatic no doubt that Roy and Martinez welcomed the game. I'd ever been I love this three weight probably got going Gary gray. What I want to say this I agree totally with you guys I also think that. That the other teams especially if they locked there and in the rockets'. Eight they've been watching him. The warriors play. They know how they play and they've been trying to eat like that out. And I think they've got to a point where they are more competitive with them and the warriors I think with accurate they heard what pulled out the other night. We're gonna let the guys coach themselves. That was like I want equality in the but it was like an incentive that actually got him Chad I think that they need to pull out and do. Some new thing. Because they you know until Jordan doubt comes back they don't have any really young blood it has become a I think with some luck. And you think that other teens seventeen and I think. But it seems project got them right now they know what they took back. Yeah you know what Roddick that's a good point to tell you the truth because I think you know what let's let's just go back two years. Or maybe even last year with a rant over the last two or three years I don't warriors had to advantages. There are more talented. And everybody in the NBA. And they also played a style. That was different than everybody in the NBA. So it almost gave them two advantages they were not only better but they played a better brand of basketball. I think what's happened over the last three years is they still more talent than most of the teams. But you know what this guy all that other teams are playing. It is catching up to the warriors not just offensively but defensively. You watch fellow warriors play. And you really study him there are a little tricks you can employ it to slow one down beat you can't give up. Easy buckets after your own score for example the other just little and I think that's I still think they have more talent than everybody. But I don't know that that they have the age in the style of play that they used to have that's really what's evening out I think. Teens are getting married and getting enough time now and it's been yeah it's where they can serves are figuring all the stuff that no doubt no I mean. It's like when you play as a team and a seven game series county by the fourth or fifth game. You know what they're doing you know they're offense. And so you're able to defend it a little better now they know the same about you. But my point is is that. The warriors style of play isn't the novelty it was three or four years ago. And anytime you see some kind of of sky know more and more and more woman get better and better and better at. At Tel combating it. Yeah when you do the same thing. Year after year after year. There's always going to be adjustments in any sport we'll talk to Dow sprayed by late coming up here at the top of the hour but sports is always about adjustments. And how your opponents. Adjust to you once you get in the league all the way tool. The end of your time there's so it's always the adjustment games right. Yeah I'd be great. Everybody be Nolan Ryan and just throw 99 miles and are your entire career but I mean for the most part. Everybody has to make adjustments and they're they're people clearly made adjustments. To what the warriors are doing and then. Warriors. They've changed a little bit while there is why they've changed a we've always side about that the smaller line up. And Andre Iguodala. Mean there's a and changes in the team did things. No teams DNA is the same I was like to say that does that put a cal I'd like. With with the giants and it may goes like last year people like that the giants are going to be fine because of their core. When you're trying to say the team in 2007 teens DNA is the same of 121012. And fourteen. Every year the team changes people changed nothing stays the same. Wondered just take should take curry and play for example. Three or four years ago when they were planned and they were shooting from. Not just beyond the arc. Bush from three feet beyond the arc okay. The whole season and was happening and curry would push the ball up the court any pull up from 25 feet. Beyond the line he would walk up to aligned he shooter from beyond the line. And after a YLU say holy cow this guy can shoot from further than that. Well what do you do what we got to go out and guard him further. So. That mere. Change of defense now impacts current location now it's curry curry can't pull up from 27 anymore okay what you gonna do what we should he can now go by you and go into the lane. Well that's different that's already make in the warriors. Adjust in some way they haven't adjusted. So they're just think it's a concert then you're seeing where the warriors excel and you're trying to do something. Who did the escalate. How low could they are really I mean you're trying to just. Pulling it down a little bit about how efficient they are. That's why you know it's it's it's tough to stay light years ahead it really is. But the warriors founded new thing they found a you know whether it was by chance or by or on purpose I think you'll both. Don't think they stumbled upon or they concocted this team that did things differently. And part of it was because of the talent they had put part of it was because. They decided. And then the personal Billy what's what's takes more threes let's pass the ball get open threes. Why don't they change the style basketball now people are beginning to change with it all that happens there's going to be some cash or not. Let's go to David NL's abroad say you're on 95 senate. Their guard thanks for taking my call. Bomb ideas on a mission about the warriors and well PM petite America right up. Eight lakers who have been eighties Celtics and ninety's schools they didn't play a course straight final work orders. But they were always claim in the late may early June with a user comes Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold. Medical are important finals appearances. So all these excuses about them being a strategic. Arm when we need to start making excuses for this seem to local Rick this is the best team ever. We need they need to step up and prove it go what somebody in the models and reclaimed their titles. And one more thing I sneak a look at or are human guru to be back at noon to two. Or yen to three. And that's what ours does you guys make my work they go by so as far as your banter is also key cannot keep up the good work weeks. Thank you very operational that I appreciate that let me let me get in. Let's talk about the guru for a minute let's get you're I would do miss it you're a couple things about the guru one is slid and I got a ticket. Dickinson use this term about the guru and I'll tell us exactly it. They consider how to work with to root the other day. And Dickinson says you got a Amman work with two at all yet he brings a positive that he to home like a positive energy. And it's like that that that's exactly what it is guru comes in he's a very positive guy he's he's upbeat. These are usually good movies always in good mood and like that you can feed off that and as far as the banter. She can take it and I know I worry about sometimes is that. I hope we never thinks and take it personal shots that like you impersonating him in as. Now I think yeah that she gets bored and I would hate for him to be like you know a sudden she's you cuts to close to the core every once in awhile. But anyway I love to do Rio pull the rat on the Ted. But there and he's got he's got a million of those he's got a million rats on the table I think he's chess not checkers. In the rose. Give me what I said. So all day long when he got rolled. Oh is. Lois took talking what's the say rose rob. As solid do the wrong day. A couple of other quick after the planet many so close let's say Raza is waiting for her hand at right end guru is the play by play guy and now let's throw it down to Ras on the winds blew road day. He should know he can try to butcher it a hundred more times that it won't be that perfect day. It's back there could spice it up when he. I. I think it's candidates that they use so yeah it's. Yeah yeah UK the bolts are phones is there won't. Our double bill particularly from great point about teams are picking up on what it until I mean the awards are interest ultra almost argues now they didn't do anything maybe change a little bit bush. Nonetheless even though they didn't put this same game they have open shot they have opened their arms I think drama agreed and only debate. The right decision when he gets open when he when he gets all the wide open. And that's what we thought the talent I don't think you got to look at the picky entertainment overload somewhere you know where's staff. Maybe a and therefore create audience in an outright grant money unemployment I think those are gonna go down in the playoffs and they're going to get all the essential like that. Little bit extra concentration an extra push. And you know Andre end it may be didn't step up a birdie on you know that last shot they each they could. I I'm not I'm not concerned at all but confident and Al pitchers are also has culture. You. I can't say he's wrong I mean I can't say he's wrong I think there is does a metal fatigue to going on here what they can't. Some men. The effort they need right now because deep down they know it's not added. This season's not at its most critical time. That's one of the things I think's going on date they. Yeah they're like you know what we should be playing better. You later sand put. Why should we put all that effort into playing better. Okay how much does have a desk and let's take the warriors out of the equation all right hey we're not timeout the warriors. Were tied about professional athletes. That is a really dangerous game to yes sir. As we've seen far too many times where. People have this it's kind of ridiculous how little flip the switch in teams can't flip the switch. So little little wind is someone who really know it's time to go and what is the entire group no. It's time and weren't out of the lawyers are the any team in any sport that's a dangerous game. I think it's less conscious then I just made it sound though. You know I I don't think to a man they're all thinking you know we're where we know we can flip the switch we know we can flip the switch. I think they are. How did you win the best they can right now. And for some reason. I feel the other thing it's not. The whole team for example. Kevin Durant didn't look tired. Against the blazers so it's really it's I never like to say. While it's ten guys who are off fatigue all it takes is one or two guys to feel fatigued 198. And that can screw everything up and you might lose a game. Isn't this what is actually bum Miami Heat went to four finals right if I recall correctly asks for they did probably yeah this is what got them because it was not time not say excited. I said Iran and specifically but at some point they were done. LeBron left. Then there is something to. You what Steve Kerr may joke of it but it's true when he's like we need to get away from each other. I think they're I think that is absolutely positively right how about this then. They did. Certain teams they did no favors by making this all star break so late to me also every supposed to be. Somewhere and care that it's two thirds of the way into the season I think it's wrong because usually just baseball's not at gained 81 obviously right it's it's after it's still kind of gives you. Two halves where we don't have to pass. You know what I think you know what I think's really go wrong. Is that if you let's say you put her right in the middle. In any sport but let's just say basketball you put it right in the middle. So 41 games you go on break then you come back for 41 more and then it's the playoffs. Twice when you have the playoffs you'd you'd drown again. May so if you bump it back to 58. They you have less then by the time the playoffs come. The playoff teams are gonna be may be fresher. Maybe the quality of playoff basketball the basketball will be better guy the elephant and get just get back to. I can see guys get sick of each other meant. Guys don't get sick address mine green after awhile day after day him I don't I'm sick do you and it's only been a week but I'm saying you know Seth Curry night out you gotta love him I'll bet. I'll bet some as you guys on the team it's like you don't get sick. Knowledge note or they spend way they actually do spend way too much time the other thing. Now on the plane together you're on the buses together you in the Iranian together hotels and me again at some point. And oh by the way your play and nine months together not like a lousy team. Lousy teams get to say goodbye at the end of April you and I we never played in the big leagues you never played the NB edit but we played college ball. Yet there's some guy you love on your job. There's sometimes like at the end of the year you're like I'm glad Somerset no not ought to see this SOB total fall there there is something to that. No doubt about it I mean. Brad marquee used to drive me crazy column and out yeah I mean my seat no I'm not gonna wrap right now tell the tell you about Brad marquee when I was a senior. He came in as a freshman start taken a few minutes of mine. Oh boy probably blow me. Rob we'll all your big. It's dying Mets by the way. You have a big problem only we had Dallas Braden coming up we're excited Dow's bring about a lot of different things especially. These guys who don't have a job right now this spring training bras Arnold wins he got the raw day.