DB Show - 3 - Towny, Steiny, Guru on Reuben Foster's arrest

The Damon Bruce Show
Monday, February 12th

Towny, Steiny, and Guru fill in for Damon and continue to discuss Reuben Foster's arrest on domestic violence charges and whether the 49ers should release the young linebacker. 


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Go back to New York Stein mats and toughen its. Doesn't correlate to anything I know I does not make me wonder what that music down. I enjoy the process would see Chris Townsend mass diamonds Darrell the guru Johnson Gianfranco. Yeah I'm giving away. That number is triple A 95795781. Or the other for matter. Wanna hear from me. You're the owner you know the GM how would you handle this what do you do. Would they cute has been arrested for the second time in 41 days in his first ever NFL offseason I got into brands into things. That were interesting. As we don't know I've never been a general manager I've never worked up front office so he casts. And he said tis we even thinking about it Mike. All we've got to talk about is how are they gonna handle it right how did you save their investment. I don't know if you guys picked up on this but I wrote this down. That inside the organization somebody's gonna be looked at San hey you vouch for this guy whom. So we'd just been thinking how we protect Ruben Foster. Here's somebody who said draft him. Let's not only draft him let's move up in trade up engage him. Less that's John Lynch. Even if somebody vouched for him and John Lynch said OK I'm gonna trust you. I'm gonna draft that's still on John Lynch and he's he's he's got to deal with this and then Andrew Brandt brought out. People star point fingers. So there's going to be people on the organization on ten and I had never knew this kid I didn't like this kid I said don't take him. Or was secure contracts. And the stand that guy that wins list. Seems to be he did you say Stephanie I'll only I did out sure I made in the air you know that doesn't mean do people have called for your head. But it would send a strong message for me. If they were to just cut ties with them a police officers just called and said any domestic violence case weapons get confiscated. And they were taken a chance on him anyway I mean they're good they can point any finger they want but the bottom line is there were a list of things that happened before. He was part of the team and they knew they were taking a chance on and so they. Cannot be that surprised. Are you surprised that I go to 49ers got common I don't seeing about those this is why picture is still on the roster though. But foster's name on the roster we may stumble onto something big this is why we always need to understand. I I love how teams are. Crawling their own message now. You know the raiders do that I mean I do the silver black show it's it's it doesn't care for the people now you eat people don't like that yes and that's why you need the EU need you need people outside the organization ET because right now. All I CE. On 49ers dot com is all of a great guy and this is the end Jimmie you're out below it's also about Rob Lowe and it's crazy guys. How the feeling and Andrew said. Andrew Brandt about. You're out there you get your chest out we signed Rob Lowe we got our guy we're going forward the momentum everything is just going our way right now. And then all of a sudden it's like that. That album. Scratch in the album in sight of god now we got to do a desk as this kid's supposed to be one of the pillars of this franchise going forward they talked about one of the good things about signing go Rob Lowe. Front loading the contract was so you can sign some of the younger and younger players the reason why the 49ers. Ab so much money is they wouldn't sign guys to second contracts they just get rid of them sand all this money well the good thing was. You heard this last week hey you know what Jimmy G takes a good deal five years front loaded. And that allows us to have money for when this next crop of guys we got to pay like proven Foster. And that was kind of like the bit so they went from. Everything's smooth gray Eaton and so now it's now you talk about your number one pick a guy that. You'd expect a lot out of it and you're you're not sure you and you you do though bush is stalled amid this. New York NFL will make. There will be some time almost. Oh and it's terrific right now Hornaday won out of this coming out as we don't know when the calculator will be punched. And what that number will be but you talked about a draft night why did he slip how many teams right now are having the tolls did dating draft. One Rubin Foster when this news it last night I was shocked like how many guys are like call when you're Texan style any. Man I'm so glad you stopped me from from put nanny and and here it is right the niners laps. Well I'm seeing us on the tax line. You are even allowed to import assault weapons to another state oh geez I even it's even if it's registered. So that's worse sign when you when US and U Brandt I mean you're you're looking at three different things are re so we'd arrest. Domestic violence. And assault weapons so that's what that's what the authorities are dealing with the NFL's gonna see all of that and I don't know why he said is it six games for domestic violence than we'd arrest is another two games. Dizzying maybe this season. Maybe you only get what we we we don't now but I wanna hear from me Tripoli 9579578. If you were running the 49ers. You've been through this before. Rain McDonald's. Alden Smith. Guys get in trouble and becomes a pattern. And becomes a really bad pattern. And it wasn't that long and all this was going on. And there was a lot of bad press there was bad press for Santa Clara count me. The district attorney is ugly yet there's all there's a whole thing is San Jose Mercury news Bay Area news group about the district attorney assistant district attorney let these guys off easy. You know the relationship with the police because there's police at the 49ers paid for. There was a guy can't remember the guy's name you peace I don't know if he's a share referees San Jose PD but he's bodies of all these guys works for the niners he would show up. Before the actual on duty police officers were shot it just made it really looked bad the relationship. The 49ers the players. San Jose Santa Clara County you're hoping this was all behind Jules. And now here you go again let's go to 211 in Fremont here on 957 again. Stroke what Fatah and he has no means. Because football can't stand matters now is go beyond that it'd be Arnett. This guy. You talk about him planes is red it's just keep your romanticism about the woman was possibly be our group and household last couple market beat until it's an age relevant enough trouble. So much and that there were scampered economic Asia where our guys tomorrow to even meet. They can meet or roasting meat woman or in abused it goes on. Now regarding its site. We got to try to menu you can but you got to send a message they got to cut in the discount if you can't give them ask you can't say GT. It is a grown man you've got to cut and well. Thank you to eleven. Adam I'm hearing more about this assault rifle viewed bring it ended the state of California got in his favor is as well are not now man. They got the Navarro Bowman firm for taking this guy was going to be the next yeah just doesn't add up point. And Daytona from a Tesla did you this day on woman and Sarah. Everybody steals in his business yes and Nate Nate they tried to play like Kiki he was done. And you know we found out with a raider Carl Carl's not done yet at some laughter. How about that you've got rid Navarro Bowman. Someone who is a tremendous leader of men. For this guy. This guy is going to look like a leader a man. He looks apart like when he's when he's out there you look at legal that's a linebacker looks like. You saw mean he's he he looks like a master half man half monster. But the pro but I mean. I'm not gonna be shocked Amanda begins like this would also do a two months from now brutal foster's arrested. Not one of you will be shocked drank. No and I think I mean the hardest part about this is that he is incredibly talented on the field bag. This is where you have to draw the line and it may be the -- easy to use it as an example that they're not gonna tolerate this because. You know 211 caller we just had made it very good point you know at some point you have to separate yourself that this isn't just about the game in March about a person who was physically. Beaten reportedly. By someone who she was putting with a potentially so there's I mean there's just so much to it that it's not just about. What's happened mean indie gaming on the field it's about someone's life and so it's at at a Sony did separated it goes beyond that I think and at this point with the list of things that happen before he was in the NFL another couple things that happened in the last month no I won't be surprised and I will be incredibly disappointed. It's day don't cut him let's go to Lance in court Madeira Lance your turn on the game. Hey guys thank you I'd love to show so. A couple of shots. I believe that the support system after you distracted when there for him. In fact I think I might even seen. A former niner incarnate kicked him off from the jail about yesterday. Would pretty sure I thought you turner and that Arctic Lamotte. At which would indicate to me that they party needed investment in time energy and try and mitigate against these types of things from occurring with this player. As far as what I would do if I was GM. Or the owner of routine. First can't do is make sure I get the facts. I would do that independently. And with not wait for Rihanna fell to do the same make sure that I'm sure that minute piece. On the hook for. What sounds feel like three issues that we need. Domestic violence or confession of an illegal weapon and he's got to go. Out change catching go to dean and I personally if he's guilty of any or all three of those and they. Take its hand down the road like the executive that was on the year earlier suggested the possibility. I had to and I won't watch him I think that we live in a different time and age and take society. Or that type of behavior cannot be tolerated. And there's one other thing that the exact from the NFL said earlier about you know this guy who has. Undrafted backup and he'd be gone already what's with a double standard why is that any different then somebody's first rounder. And I think it's that type of decision making. That's hurting the NFL brand and the niners need to get ahead in this quickly to protect against that eroding out and are ready diminishing fan base. You Lance. While. Good stuff by layouts. I would say this though I'm not I'm not saying this is right. There's no reason for the 49ers to cut him right now. There's there's just no reason forward they can cut him six months from now after they learned new information. I tied itself surfing but there really isn't a reason to cut him right now. Just this and I mean because they won't he's arrested for domestic violence. Well you know what they're let they're gonna let the legal. Think players I don't know and. And they're probably and what Andrew said. Is that they like the NFL. Seems like the NFL the third on the punishments but you brought this up earlier. And we are very interesting Colin we're gonna get to in just a moment who actually may have some more answers to this fight. What if you cull out the NFL you call Roger your gender your Jed York and you say you know lack. We've had a problem there's no doubt. I want I want I instead of you putting out the punishment. I wanna put out the punishment. Scott is I think which you can be scared as I go out punish women in the NFL goes up that's great and we're gonna do this. So but if you can make kind of like a deal with Roger if you're Jed York saying where you suspend him for. Eight games. But let us do it to show our players to show our fan base that were in control. And it's not going to be you I don't think that's gonna happen there and wait probably for the NFL to come down wall though what. I mean what I would do is. Look let's just say the 49ers. Suspended for 1010 weeks let's just say I'd say that's what he's punished. If that's that's just separate that's what the nine urged to do are doing now the NFL got to deal that may say. This guy's got eight games are we doesn't get eighteen games. You make the eight game a ten game. Because you're saying we're gonna go above and beyond with the NFL did to show some kind of good faith here. And then you know what if you said if you if you suspended ten games in the NFL goes yellow. We've looked into the world they're suspended for life well then you hold the line as an organization and you'll actually. Look good our looked better than the NFL. It's not a case of double jeopardy I'm not looking at it like that I'm saying that the 49ers put on put on some kind of suspended list. He goes through the normal. Avenues with the league they hit him with the punishment. And then you. You either work within that parameter you extend it a little more. To make yourself look good or because you say you take it more seriously. Let's go to Casey used an assistant legal attorney for Alameda County Casey you've been hearing a stock about like what's been going on. And you can probably help us navigate through this doesn't try some stuff war or completely officers try some stuff or right you know listening Emmett what do you make of all this Rubin Foster. A news coming out and what we've been talking about. Well so to correct you I'm an assistant district attorney would be on the district attorney offered. Also the head of domestic violence unit. So I just wanted to put it into a little perspective followed me the domestic mild can be either a felony or misdemeanor. Depending on you know the history of the person. And the severity of the injury. If there is today Andrea so misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in county jail at the felony up to four years in prison. Given that he has no significant criminal history that we learned it's probably not looking at yet return it to beaver. And the bill of about 75000 dollars sort of suggest me that they are these are. Okay and take us through he. Because there's a lot has gone on about the assault rifles supposedly there's too they only found line. A police officer called and said there's ever call for domestic violence they show up they take any type of firearms. Could you really in trouble with the firearms if they're not registered in the state of California. And so it. You can gain a an emergency protective order is the result of being a victim of domestic violence in the result of that. And the weapons and slide back home would be taken just in the normal course to protect the victim of the crime. But possession of an assault rifle is a crime and enough itself and it's potentially a felony unto itself. And it has nothing to do with whether it's registered to adopt the costume with other the weapon meets certain characteristics. And if he's caught with an assault rifle he's looking potentially at a felony. The weapons was used in the context of the domestic violence that could be a thought it could be a strike. So these are very serious charges potential. Yeah I was gonna say case here we are we miss in the big picture. We're talking about suspensions were talking about eight games. This is there are more real possibility. He's going to jail. I don't I can't say that to that on note the allegations are many instances of domestic violence are. You know pushing shoving. But he could be in the you know real injury as well. Chemical weapons use that game changer as far as I'm concerned the the big picture really years. You know looking at I don't forget to women and not worry about game. And that's kind of what motivated me to call that is that we're now living in the situation where were much worked into what's coy about which. Men and women and the NFL's got this dirty little secret that have been dealing with the and there are probably gonna come down hard on them that they should. But it's time for us as men and act better. No question about it written are no claim Casey let's send on this so. If the woman so the woman made the call they come out they arrest him gonna. I heard you guys say it was a neighbor. No no I believe it was you reports that he's. He. That his reported girlfriend reportedly is one you made the phone talk was I don't know one call so so take us there is so it's as if the woman does not agreed to go forward. Was going after RM what then happens it seems like he usually gets dropped after that the woman's not to cooperate is that true. That's not the way it should be treated. The truth is that women men to have a choice if they're victims of domestic violence so as to whether they want to participate in the prosecution. But it. That doesn't preclude the prosecution going forward if we can prove otherwise I miss being committed. Can think of it this way every domestic violence murder doesn't have a victim at the tops of our. Yeah we got to go forward. Fascinating stuff Casey thank you so much for calling in I appreciate it comma grew what are where he got a wild ass is a loss on your credit. He's credibility. It's just my poor. Yeah war. Only generally limited in rubble when it com for you can. I didn't even know all you millennial like normal you know you need to be here so pre 88 years some nine Easter Sunday and visit him there. I drew fans do. World world yet that's not all that SA and hail Cammie has the weapons thing maybe. Once against tough when you're on the radio oh this is not our expertise name is not Saber metrics for God's sakes you know we're not talking about your expertise either rally and I I wish I tell you and I just reminded her eyes fireball Friday on good dad I know. I didn't at all yet Iceland's like Townsend is ruining the south bay outside my San Jose brother and a this can be bigger don't think. There's there there I think there's a lot more to it. We're gonna find out and not signing your probably right. You know it that there's a ways to go here but then again lately of me how I like is eagle Elliott when they came out. Gurus a cowboys fan mural is final how long was it to dole. They came down on and how long was the investigation how long did it well thinks he might. It's sixteen months bully can't put it off but but the first time they came and said you're getting suspended. From when we heard about it to that first. Punishment thrown down how long was it. That was actually week two of last NFL season and he set out what week twelve to a week eleven to. Fourteen saw about ten weeks. This is different and like Stephanie said this is about due process because I think I'm like Zeke. Coup the woman didn't cooperate there's more at stake here than just games if this rifle thing and did you do this can get ugly. Yeah that he would be off the field if he were fighting for him did tonight even go to jail. No we didn't talk about that he's not gonna be 08 on the practice no way he's unavailable. It's crazy I mean it it. The other thing is. Just like the lead he did just like you Casey was saying. Even if the woman doesn't press charges and if there's enough evidence. To suggest the crime then they have the right to go forward with it even without her her testimony so. Did the 49ers. Are are in a spot to where they can do the same thing. Made the 49ers just. Once they gather all the information. They'll determine how real they think it is and maybe at that point they'll be like yeah we're heat we gotta get rid of this guy and maybe it'll be don't we can maybe you'll be in a month I don't know how long these things take. It's amazing amazing how two weeks of completely changed last week it was like this is sent honors for these guys. They signed they're they just signed their franchise quarterback they signed their guy. Now they have that person to put on the billboards they had that personal and they put on the on the website neither the website right now 49ers dot com insight you now. Look what we won we've got the beautiful Jimmy Bradley he's he's like every picture on the web site. Full serve business are not sure the bad stuff on their web site. Yeah of course you wanna focus on the getting to where the media is putting it out there colony for the and we on the without a leg it's just amazing how. Middle of last week and where we are today that's like a rollercoaster and it's unfortunate and I think fans are actually getting to play tonight are right. This looks good next season's going to be in May deem legal action EG but now Rubin Foss served. Unfortunately reports of alleged domestic violence and assault rifle allegations I mean these big. This big deal it's a very very big deal and it's not and I I appreciate it Casey says it's not just about what's happening on the field. He could go to jail at potentially could be one. Might happen I mean I know he's leaving nothing's been proven you know we got led the Dino due process play out. But that's a possibility. And it doesn't look like due process will be played out by April so what are the niners do when they do go to their draft. Do you do you think they look at it like we have a whole or there could be a hole on our team sometime soon here. There is unfortunately. The football side of this. More importantly. I think Casey. Keon you guys hit on the head this should be about its violence against women. Well we do have to talk about the football side. And there's one example that they've done less that I think they really need to truly think about. When you start thinking about going forward if you believe the U organ have a chance to be a playoff football team this is a vital position. How should you go forward from a football standpoint. Today demon drew show on 9570. I do wanna say this. And it's Chris downs and mats dime mets' Darryl the guru Johnson and Gianfranco. What do we say it's not SD decent price teams Tsquared. That's not easy squared. I'm good I'm. I'm seeing the difference. In our audience. From the last time we really dealt with us. And gee you're with us at that time. And that was win this stuff was coming out about Ray McDonald. And. If you took back then if you took the approach then that you were. This guy should not be in the organization this guy should not be on the field there's a major problems here. People came down our road. In our society now would everything that's going on I can just see today be different the major difference in the calls. In the text. Mi Ray McDonald. Had a 101 of the incidents it was a multiple incidents. One of the charges was child endangerment. Now and there were forty niner fans is set I don't care I don't care that his. I issued colors his girlfriend. I don't care that she was roughed up I don't care if that child was endangered I want him on the field is about one in the Super Bowl that really I would say it was almost like 82 wanna. Oh yeah I don't winner camera match Diebler oh they re live it they were anger. That we'd even have the thought that OK well maybe there's something a little bit more important what's happening on the field. But now I feel like things are different. I feel like I say that people are becoming more aware. We see me to movement with the continuous problems with domestic violence associated with NFL players and I think people are just getting fed push said. You do not need the violence you don't ensure there's been conversations about may be CTE could be a cause maybe there's issues but there's a lot of players who don't. You know. Abused their wives or their girlfriends. They're doing OK I mean it's a possibility but there's players out there who doing the right thing to see you have to pay attention that an unfortunate heard impostors just been. One thing after another and here we are with domestic violence reportedly an assault rifle allegations it's it's a. This is serious stuff. There's no question that if I seventy game presents the Bay Area sports hall of fame all star fly away experience. NBA all star weekend in Los Angeles roundtrip airfare hotel stay tickets to the all star game plus you and three guests will get. To play golf at the famous Olympic club's lake course followed by dinner with the warriors hall of Famer Rick Perry bidding starts Tuesday. Amid mare. February 13 at 7 AM all pros see all proceeds go to the Bay Area sports all thing helping at risk kids. For more info visit 957. Big game dot com the question is. Your. Nor John Lynch. You're running this organization you on this organization. Is dedicated men arrested twice in the last 41 days. What do you do Mike in Powell allowed to coach your turn on 957. Hey guys thanks for having around our little background on his Ramirez. Did you know. Here's the thing. I would actually try to help the young man but I do believe this is going to be the last chance. All this business about men hitting women or loss on from their child. Usually people who do that are people who didn't feel that they themselves in thick that it views or traumatic experiences. They made the art therapist this guy who so nobody could relate to that guy somebody could help them beat somebody almost into the same thing that he had in order to get this guidance and help. Either count the guy that you know like. How many tendons being the music these people all depressed can't a guy also been traded or decency they horribly they don't deal with it the end. Or they can't get help if they eat and then we have this story. I actually hope he gets healthy heaping helping matters actually help it stand by me. Located at and purity I mean if I'm out here actor. But these guys are dealing with situations that are out of the norm community they need help emotional and spiritual help it that makes decent city. Now it doesn't you for the call that was the thing that I always got me about all and Smith. Is he suspended. And he cannot beat the facility. I know as you know that's that the the way they are working it I just I don't agree was that I mean these guys were saying. This player needs help. Suspending him and telling him to go wages deal would it is not really helping the guys because where they feel comfortable. Where they feel loved and time sat might be overstating it but. Being at the facility with their teammates with the coaches in the coaches care about these guys these coaches know some of these guys have gone through a lot of heavy stuff while they are growing up donates it scarred them. And it's dysfunction all. And by just saying you're adding here you can't count of the facility no one can contact you know one can give you a call you put him out there on that island by themselves and that's why say if this comes down for Ruben Foster. That's what what we so golden Smith will be kind of the same deal if they say Ezekiel Alley you're out you're out you're the building. No support no support and it's this kid will support has been arrested twice in 41 days what do you think it's gonna be like him a zero support. Well I mean what kind of support was you have an in Alabama I guarantee there was a forty niner employee down there with them. Yes it's telling this guy has a chaperone 24/7. So we we don't really even know what I'll monitor means what amend term means what are. What person in the organization. Does or how available he is still the person mess that's the other thing here again I'd I agree can't babysit these guys 23 years old. Just. Wait see now what happens. And you just slick ads. Dalton Smith situation all the people that came before him. John Lynch do our call him the captain I know is not York. It just me personally I'm going Marshawn Lynch I would like to see Groupon files to cut. Who Foster then. Would would hopefully get the message go get the right help he needs and what do we do and America we give second chances but Gionta that would be another team. He's got enough talent to where she rectified the situation and in really wanted to tell me there would be about as kids who don't work. But if they cut him tomorrow you think he's gonna go get help. He's not gonna go get help on the way he's gonna get helpers at the 49ers say here's Richard gonna do. Right after you leave this office today are going to rehab or you're going and if substance abuse. Because that clearly is at least one of the issues anger management. The whole gambit. You know world will you and if you don't wanna do it then your cut we're just getting this process started right now I mean that's what I think. But where's the line. And irony is that if arguably the day care are you trying to win championships. I mean what do you eat or how much do you got to care about the person. If you're not bored he wouldn't brought this all on himself what the niners all Ruben Foster outside of hey we drafted yet and we took a chance on his son he still hasn't gotten that message my point is. What do they all heal and they're trying to win and move unless we have had no less. He's fair. There are women. Who have called. The police and on our men and in so you do have to do we don't know his side there's two sides of the story we have to be fair that is every. Absolutely and I think we need and we gotta be sure to see how it all plays out as well I mean maybe who knows so we'll see if charges are dropped and that's that it's definitely a fair way to look at it died. Good actually sign he said what is. Even here's the thing windy if you takes something away from someone that they absolutely love and need. And they don't have anymore don't you think you would fight for I know play I love my job. If I didn't have this job. I would I would fight for it I fight for something very similar. You know I mean what Jason in about Ruben fosters a person that if they didn't cut them and they say go get yourself clean up and try to get another chance and another team any didn't. He can take you mean he's a grown man he's gonna make these decisions himself he's been making them far. All while Allen he's not making the best decision so. I get it everyone deserves a second chance but at some point you have to take the toy away from the kid for them to understand what they're missing out on. Understand what it. What would be wrong about you know Sam look and you can you need to get yourself some help first again. Listen what I can promise you you're gonna be on the team and six months we gotta let we got to see what's going on here in the meantime you do have two choices. We can touch you now or you can start right now to. Get yourself some help and if you don't. So like that's the that's the first player since since. We had a major brand on timing is not it's not gonna happen quickly nothing's gonna happen. In the next unless the 49 just cut him nothing's gonna happen right away so nothing's gonna help them happen right away. Start the process right now. Of trying to get the guy help. And you might end up doing two things you might have given them another chance but you might you know let him anyway so why I think it's kind of like the best of both worlds. Let's get a Dylan and San Jose it's your turn on 957. I got a big finish. A couple quick comments on the road imposter here. Obviously on the that this is special player very talented unsealed. I we can all appreciate that. This young now obviously I'm Jerusalem. Security trauma diving straight into the glass. And you know John mentioned men among men I really would like to see him. Yeah as I believe are the niners. Public posture you know when my nobody is a data that's an opportunity for the miners out this kid get packages peak I think there could be back. The net a huge win support from the lead from Jeff sent to CNET how can they keep. But you hear this situation to where. You do only gets so many strikes. And right now. I mean there I mean it's even though Andrew Brandt told us that the calm mind doesn't matter. 'cause you're not employee of the NFL they're still looking at that and the fact that he had. The deluded test. Then he was Gionta put into. Coming into the league RD in the program UN OK so he enters a leak in the program. And now he's been arrested twice this is banned a pattern fur basically a little over a year. Is he does something again in a couple months. Or does something again next season you start putting your actual career in jeopardy like legit leak. Is your only gonna get so many before they east they say see you later and normal sign you because we've seen guys that have the issues and that's they have the talent. And they still don't get side you only get so many chances. I don't know you know he is a man. Even still be really immature 23. And he needs someone needs to get to him. And be able to say you to truly understand. You're on your last lay out here that have there right now and his living room wherever he's at well today the facility when he showed up because they already has. According to John Lynch they already had that conversation after he was arrested for weeks so they already had their. You know a good way to put it. They already had to come to Jesus would and they are you have that and now you got to do it again you only get so many come to jesus'. Before and and once. Well it's does that. There's a didn't god forbid there's another domestic violence charge against him later on I mean that's. It's now where we are in our society that allowed these NFL owners will be like I don't care who we are here and I'm not science guy. My thing is it. Does the forty nut does it does whatever the 49ers decide here. Does it make him less likely. Or more likely. To be an abuser again. You you don't say in there or like it if there's a forty others don't cut him now that he does something in three or four months. Does that make the 49ers look worse. Or if they color right now what he still does 73 or four months. What people say see you look the 49ers knew all know now how there's a scoreboard Stein yes and that's why yes I get out in front of it. And I hope I'm not coming off harsh saying I think they should cut him but if we can just for a minute remove Ruben Foster is the niners you got this bad black eye history from your players and that's one say and headed did in the other. Our team would do you second and third chances we've been embarrassed and I know Leo wasn't part of our total forty niners look worse than any other team in the NFL. I don't think I don't think you're in the past five years with everything that I. That any both angles the cowboys. Of the 49ers. To. If they don't want to tell you dream is to culture and I think they're not the I've had a worse. Standout send that message of the day he took the NFL world were not tolerating this kind of behavior even if you because we know there are some bosses if I hear about it I don't care if you're right or wrong you are in it it's over. I don't need I don't need to process this negative publicity has been brought on the diners you don't need due process. Do you needed but. You give won't come in from the niners look bad regardless how this plays out. What do wizard and Foster would we be having this conversation when they have when they keep them if it was not mean we know we're impostors talented he's a special player for it wasn't him. Let's if he URL is exactly why I don't you are ready haven't far beyond. I really we ought to know your own there's exceptions and John Lewis center right that it's a case by case basis and I get every sir. And is different so check this out this comes in from the 510 please give the man. An opportunity is life together. Well that's your act like that's one strike. Promise of this guy's got multiple strikes pace Friday's. Desk in New York it says we need it. He was deal that now he's the only domestic violence and assault rifle. We're talking about this is this is not a one off with this guy. And the NFL's speak he's been on my career. Her animal house double secret probation favorites he's been on my double secret probation for awhile now I mean it's like. You know they're gonna sums gonna happen so it's not like we're talking about. This is this guy made a mistake people make mistakes that's true. Shards seam pattern. Son I was Ray McDonald. Still Solomon Smith so. Hypothetically let's just say he's already been oil like we don't know it but. He's got here as he's been on the radar yes lesson on the radar down and I also believe that. And there might be other stuff that we don't even know about you. So let's just say loot the NFL says you know what there's a lot going on here that this guy were suspended for a year. One year mean if you 49ers at that point. He did you cut him. Org or do you just say well look. He's suspended for a year come back and you'll see if the guy's got his life together. You know it's like I don't. Mean I guess she did they can cut him. But. I don't see how that helps anybody I read I really don't. Well can you can you can still steer him where you want him to go and maybe you even have more control over him. If he's still under contract you can start this you've got all the leverage in the world who this guy right now. You got one last chance to get your act together. And if you don't wanna take it you don't want it then it's good luck you're on your own. And god bless you because who knows what's gonna happen to you. Let's go to aired in Fresno and welcome to the end. And you never. He can't he go let's go to Oscar and Pleasant Hill good afternoon Oscar. Our rank and great food great. So what I would do is. So then they'll move forward the entire season. And then they would make them play our. Only IPO by that time they'll be about a full calendar year. Thank you would have no into it and then you would show obviously. We know it didn't today he improved ladies. Getting better very gotten help with the minor or by himself. And that. I think that would be a pretty good solution and now wait there also the minor is sending a message. They hammer and future NFL players that are going to be coming from school on that it. He can be messing around and doing things they shouldn't be doing. Day you know you should probably think twice because you know mention all the previous miners and their can preview and a ballplayer that I and doing things like there's. And can use that as like a stronger method and just. Let you know Butte college kids nowadays and the fell in unfair especially the money on really nothing heroic defenders should be like the last straw. You. I I think there's no way for the the 49ers to. The given some tough love without. Without wade and number without cut no. It doesn't diminish what he did but. I mean what are. Physically unable to perform was put it for awhile. This is physically unable to perform an emotionally unable to perform what if he's guilty. A collision though what if he's guilty then he got to get rid of them. I mean you do. But. Now let's say he didn't do a like I there's a couple things going on here and I don't need to wait to find out. He's guilty to start to punish him already. That's kind of what I mean before I should they should hitter right now well liked to suspend him right now. And let it all play out. And then go from there and then once you have another player with another incident like this. Then what you do want well it was in the NFC and I was gonna say is it all depended on how good Iraq got cut the day after. He had those issues so and I'll tell us in America is not very bright Iran how work when not playing around. And and that's what out more now with this but I did it this is a big part a big investment for the niners but damage Jian at some point. It sounds like these guys Vietnam War and this is just his first road Yelp. I mean what point do you say damage you know what we may be less or will will take this loss but took the fan base. We're not going for this and I think every player in medal admit that facility would be unnoticed we hear people talk to talk but they never walk. Organizations I mean. And they may only they knew that he had a history of issues before bingo that saw you always know I go you always can't that's a staff yeah you lol it is day paying with a million. Because. Here he was on and Damon talking about sliding in the draft. Well that might not offensive to note that put their but I'm really glad you know I don't know if I would say you know I was while we're both I gave him all. Where I'm home home folk for the automatic pick me. They don't regret the folk. Anyone that interview with. I remember when it was over dame and I talking about like he was he came across is a really good guy. He was a great interview hit a great personality he he's said all the right things. That he sat back into well here's a young kid who's got a lot of talent he's got a bright future ahead of them. I'm I know the thing and I have a hard time and obviously with John Lynch. Eaton is also affects your football allies and I know let's have to talk about his domestic violence is much bigger bite yet you have sir can I got a bunch of money for free agency. Mean can I count on this guy long term or does that mean I now need to a position I thought was a strength has become a weakness. How might unifil was positioned my unifil free agency might have sold in the draft. And this changes how you go forward for this season because there's going to be expectations. The finger and I have a hard time getting over. Is how fast he's been arrested twice in 41 days he's got problems there's not there's this you know it is. You're getting into an altercation. With a woman. Girlfriend. Lady friend put it I don't know exactly their relationship. And if it's true he's dragon journeys physically assaulting her. If it doesn't click in his mind but I was just arrested. In Alabama for possession of marijuana. And everybody came to mean told me hey you've got to stop this you got a bump bump bump on block. And then now you're doing a great twice in 41 day most people don't get arrested twice in 41 days. They don't and again I don't. Want to minimize the weed thing. Boy it. And I know you can't you know you do it's illegal to smoke we didn't drive but I think the weed thing is do we think this other stuff is. These two is more important to put my my question is this at that if the foot for niners cut him tomorrow. Let's be honest he's gonna get signed right away right away he's gonna get side and the team that signs him also look what. This guy's not only great talent I tried. I helped him through this process so. He's clearly not gonna play for us for a while we're gonna let the NFL do their thing but you don't watch it while the NFL's doing their thing. We're gonna try to get this guy help for the next eight to twelve months. And they're gonna end up doing with the 49ers could have done which really the worker not work. So I just don't it was if you truly about trying to help this kid I don't I don't think there's I don't think it's wrong. To. Not cut it right now. If you know what I mean yeah there's always scares me is and always scares me and it's looks like it's gonna go down this road. They'll be a suspension. And he's not allowed to be with the team. Salad all the Smith. Who support groups gone. And it's sad that's when Josh Gordon yeah I mean they need that support group vice not a good pal you don't have that support group and then you get in trouble again and you know all dismissed just kept getting in trouble he has never career anymore after this guy could have probably signed on the biggest deals in. Had an unbelievable career and he's trying to reel play football again so you keep getting in trouble. Vague they will handle it and it's not going to be good it's going to be said he wants his little warriors. Are ready yes. A quick three hours have fun so tiny new roof on top. It matador I would have fun. We will be back tomorrow will be here all week coming up next on any night it's you're ready for the suns and the warriors all of the warriors 957 again.